Resistance is futile.
You will disarm your weapons
and escort us to Sector 001.
lf you attempt to intervene,
- we will destroy you. - Red alert!
Load torpedo bays, ready phasers.
Move us to position alpha, Ensign.
- They've locked on. - Reroute auxiliary power.
Our shields are being drained!
64 percent... 42.
Recalibrate shield mutation.
Modulation is having no effect.
- Shields have failed! - Full reverse.
Maintain on.
Damage report.
- Damage report! - Damage to warp core.
Containment failure in five minutes.
Direct hit! Decks one through four.
Let's get the civilians to the escape pods, Lieutenant.
Get to your assigned evacuation area now.
Damage to warp core. Containment failure in four minutes.
- l'll take care of her. You go on. - Have you seen Jennifer?
Damage to warp core. Containment failure in three minutes.
l'm gonna get your mom. You're gonna be OK.
OK, Jake. We'll get your mom out and we'll get out of here.
- Commander! - Help me!
Jennifer, hold on.
- Help me get her free! - There's nothing we can do.
We have to leave!
Warning. Damage to warp core. Containment failure in two minutes.
Ensign, take the boy.
- We've got to go now, sir. - We just can't leave her here!
Jake, you're OK.
- Stand by to launch. - Ready.
Jake, there you are.
- How are they biting? - Small fries. Threw them back.
- Want to go for a swim? - We have to get ready.
lt won't be so bad. l've heard that Bajor is a beautiful world.
Why can't we live on the planet instead of some old space station?
The station is in orbit of Bajor. lt will be just like shore duty.
- Will there be kids there? - Absolutely! Lots of kids.
- Bridge to Sisko. - Yes, Captain?
We're approaching Deep Space 9, Commander.
- Docking in seven minutes. - Acknowledged.
Come on.
What do you say? We'll take the pond with us.
Computer, end programme.
ls that it?
Commence Station Log, Deep Space 9.
Commander Benjamin Sisko. Stardate 46388.2.
At the request of the Bajoran government,
Starfleet is to establish a Federation presence in this system
following the withdrawal of the Cardassian forces.
The first officers, including Chief of Operations, Miles O'Brien,
arrived two days ago on the Enterprise.
The Cardassians had some fun the day they left.
Four Bajorans were killed trying to protect their shops.
Why hasn't anybody cleaned up?
All available personnel are repairing primary systems.
The Cardassians took everything of value.
We're virtually defenceless.
l discussed this with Major Kira,
the attaché of the Bajoran government...
- What about the civilians? - A lot of them lost everything they had.
A few are trying to rebuild but most are packing up to leave.
Welcome, Commander. Please enter.
The Prophets await you.
- Another time, perhaps. - Another time.
When my wife Keiko saw our quarters,
she spoke about visiting her mother in Kumamoto.
l wouldn't let the boy go roaming.
We're still having security problems.
Dad, there is nothing to sleep on except a cushion on the floor.
We can get you a real bunk off the Enterprise.
Captain Picard wants to see you as soon as possible.
He does?
Any word on our science and medical officers?
They're expected tomorrow.
Jake, l want you to stay here until l come back.
ls this the food replicator?
They're all off line.
- There's plenty of emergency rations. - Dad...
We're going to have to rough it until we get things up and running, OK?
- OK. - OK.
What was the designer thinking about when they built this place?
l still haven't been able to find an ODN access.
That's the Prefect's office up there.
All others have to look up with respect. Cardassian architecture.
Yes, sir. Major Kira's been using it.
ls it my imagination or is it unusually warm?
The environmental controls in Ops are stuck at 32C.
We're working on it.
l guess it's time to meet Major Kira.
Sir, have you ever served with Bajoran women?
- No. Why? - l was just wondering, sir.
- They've become meaningless! - l don't agree, Kira.
You are throwing it all away. All of you!
- You're being a fool! - Then don't ask my opinion next time!
- Yes? - l'm Benjamin Sisko.
l suppose you want the office.
l thought l'd say hello first and then take the office,
but we could do it the way you like.
- ls something bothering you, Major? - You don't want to ask me that.
l have the habit of telling the truth even when people don't want to hear it.
Perhaps l want to hear it.
The Federation has no business being here.
The provisional government disagrees.
The government and l don't agree on a lot of things,
which is probably why they sent me to this godforsaken place.
l have been fighting for Bajoran independence
since l could pick up a phaser.
We drive the Cardassians out and what do our new leaders do?
They call up the Federation and invite them in!
- The Federation is only here to help... - Yes, l know.
The Cardassians said the same thing 60 years ago.
When l was ordered here, l requested a Bajoran as my First Officer.
lt made sense. lt still does, at least to me.
You and l will have to find some way to...
- Yes, Major? - Odo, are you reading something at A-14?
My security array has been down for two hours. l'll meet you there.
We've had a lot of break-ins.
No need for you to come along, Commander.
Hurry up!
Just stand where you are!
Hold it!
- That's enough! - Who the hell are you?
Odo, this is our new Starfleet Commander.
l don't allow weapons on the Promenade. That includes phasers.
Nog? What's going on?
The boy's in a lot of trouble.
Commander, my name is Quark.
l used to run the local gambling establishment.
This is my brother's boy.
Surely you can see he has only a peripheral involvement in this.
We're scheduled to depart tomorrow.
lf we could take him, l promise you he will be severely...
That won't be possible. Take him to the brig.
Quark probably sent them here to steal the ore samples.
There's a Ferengi legal tradition called plea bargaining.
l might let the boy go, but l want something from Mr Quark.
Something very important.
- O'Brien to Commander Sisko. - Go ahead.
Sir, the Enterprise hailed us again. Captain Picard is waiting to see you.
Acknowledged. This won't take long.
Commander, please come in.
- Welcome to Bajor. - lt's been a long time, Captain.
- Have we met before? - Yes, sir. We met in battle.
l was on the Saratoga at Wolf 359.
l assume that you have been briefed
on the events leading to the Cardassian withdrawal.
Yes, sir. l understand they spent the last half-century
robbing the planet of every valuable resource before abandoning it.
They've left the Bajorans without a means of being self-sustaining.
The relief efforts we've been co-ordinating are barely adequate.
l've come to know the Bajorans.
l'm a strong proponent for their entry into the Federation.
- ls it going to happen? - Not easily.
The ruling parties are at each other's throats.
Factions united against the Cardassians have resumed old conflicts.
Sounds like they're not ready.
You must do everything short of violating the Prime Directive
to make sure that they are.
l have been made aware by Starfleet
of your objections to this assignment.
l would have thought
that after three years at the Utopia Planitia Yards,
you would be ready for a change.
l have a son that l'm raising alone. This is not the ideal environment.
As Starfleet officers,
we cannot always serve in an ideal environment.
l realise that, sir.
l'm investigating the possibility of returning to Earth for civilian service.
Perhaps Starfleet Command should be considering a replacement for you.
- That's probably a good idea. - l'll look into it.
- ln the meantime, however... - ln the meantime,
l will do the job l've been ordered to do to the best of my ability, sir.
lt's quite simple, Quark.
- You're not going to leave. - Not going to leave?
- We're packed and ready to go. - Unpack.
l don't understand, Commander. Why would you want me to stay?
l'm curious myself. The man is a gambler and a thief.
- l'm not a thief. - You are a thief.
- lf l am, you haven't been able to prove it. - Please!
My officers, the Bajoran engineers, all their families
depend on the shops and services of this Promenade.
lf people like you abandon it,
this is going to become a ghost town.
We need someone to step forward and say,
''l'm staying. l'm rebuilding.''
We need a community leader and it's going to be you, Quark.
- Community leader? - Seems reasonable.
You have the character references of a politician.
How could l operate my establishment
under Starfleet rules of conduct?
This is still a Bajoran station. We're just here to administrate.
You run honest games, you won't have any problems from me.
Commander, l've made a career out of knowing when to leave
and this Bajoran provisional government is far too provisional for my taste.
When governments fall,
people like me are lined up and shot.
There is that risk.
- But then you are a gambler, Quark. - And a thief.
That poor boy
is about to spend the best years of his life in a Bajoran prison.
l'm a father myself.
l know what your brother must be going through.
The boy should be with his family, not in some cold jail cell.
Think about it.
lt's up to you.
At first, l didn't think l was going to like him.
Everyone else is busy repairing the primary systems.
l suppose Starfleet officers aren't used to getting their hands dirty.
ln the refugee camps, we did whatever needed to be done.
Didn't matter who you were.
l was just talking with our good neighbour, Quark.
He's laying odds that the government's going to fall.
Quark knows a good bet when he hears one.
This government will be gone in a week and so will you.
What happens to Bajor then?
Civil war.
You think it's inevitable?
The only one who can prevent it is Opaka.
- Opaka? - Our spiritual leader.
She's known as the Kai.
Our religion is the only thing that holds my people together.
lf she called for unity, they'd listen.
Leaders of all the factions have tried to get to her,
but she's reclusive, rarely sees anyone.
...it is time.
l apologise for the condition in which we greet you.
The Cardassians?
Your arrival has been greatly anticipated.
Have you ever explored your "pagh", Commander?
A Bajoran draws courage from his spiritual life.
Our life force,
our "pagh", is replenished by the Prophets.
- Kai Opaka, if we could discuss... - Breathe!
One who does not wish to be among us is to be the Emissary.
Please, come with me.
You are correct that Bajor is in great jeopardy,
but the threat to our spiritual life outweighs any other.
- But l am powerless until... - Commander...
l cannot give you what you deny yourself.
l'm sorry?
Look for solutions from within, Commander.
Come with me.
What is it?
The Tear of the Prophet.
What the hell...?
l'm sorry. lt's just that this...
- Jen? - Yes?
l'm sorry. Did we meet last night at George's party?
Wait a minute.
- This is impossible. - Are you OK?
l know this place. This is Gilgo Beach, where we met.
We met here before?
l was carrying three lemonades.
The sand was burning my feet,
and l stopped here to...
Do you realise how incredible this is?
No, of course you don't.
...have a lemonade.
l'm afraid l don't accept drinks from strange men on the beach.
So tell me the truth. Have we really met before?
Then how do you know my name?
George told me at the party.
Are you going tell me your name?
Ben Sisko. l just graduated from Starfleet Academy.
l'm waiting for my first posting.
- A junior officer? - Yeah.
My mother warned me to watch out for junior officers.
Your mother is going to adore me.
You're awfully sure of yourself.
lt's not every day you meet the girl you're going to marry.
Do you use this routine a lot with women?
No. Never before and never again.
How about letting me cook dinner for you tonight?
My father was a gourmet chef.
l will make for you his famous aubergine stew.
- l don't know. - You're supposed to say, 'Yes!'
l'll probably be sorry.
Nine Orbs, like this one,
have appeared in the skies over the past 10000 years.
The Cardassians took the others.
- Find the Celestial Temple before they do. - The Celestial Temple?
Tradition says the Orbs were sent by the Prophets to teach us.
What we have learned has shaped our theology.
The Cardassians will do anything to decipher their powers.
lf they discover the Celestial Temple, they could destroy it.
What makes you think l can find your temple?
- This will help you. - Kai Opaka...
l can't unite my people till l know the Prophets have been warned.
You will find the Temple.
Not for Bajor, not for the Federation,
but for your own "pagh."
lt is quite simply the journey you have always been destined to take.
l was just thinking how much you look like your mom.
Kira to Sisko.
- Go ahead. - Sorry to disturb you, Commander.
There's something on the Promenade you might want to see.
On my way.
Step up, step up!
Fortune's fates are with you today, friends.
That's fine.
l'll be right back...
- What will you have, Commander? - How's the local synthale?
You won't like it. l love the Bajorans.
Such a deeply spiritual culture,
but they make a dreadful ale.
Never trust ale from a god-fearing people
or a Starfleet Commander that has one of your relatives in jail.
Station Log, Stardate 46390.1.
The Enterprise has been ordered to the Lapolis system.
They're to depart after off-loading three Runabout-class vessels.
Our medical and science officers are arriving,
and l'm looking forward to a reunion with a very old friend.
lf you'd like me to give them a tour...
You and Dr Bashir go ahead. l have to put Lieutenant Dax to work.
Maybe we could... get together later for dinner?
Or...a drink?
l'd be delighted.
He's a little young for you, isn't he?
- He's 27. l'm 28. - 328, maybe.
Did you tell him about that slug inside of you?
He knows l'm a Trill. He finds it fascinating.
He's never met a joined species.
l wonder if he'd be as fascinated
if you looked the way you did last time l saw you.
Perhaps not.
This is going to take some getting used to.
Don't be ridiculous. l'm still the same old Dax.
More or less.
l'm afraid we've had some security problems.
- Looks like looters got in here. - This'll be perfect.
...frontier medicine.
Frontier medicine?
Major, l had my choice of any job in the fleet.
Did you?
l didn't want a cushy job or a research grant. l wanted this:
the farthest reaches of the galaxy, a remote outpost.
This is where the adventure is.
This is where heroes are made.
Right here, in the wilderness.
This ''wilderness'' is my home.
The Cardassians left behind injured people, Doctor.
Make yourself useful by bringing your medicine to the natives.
You'll find them a friendly, simple folk.
The monks have been studying these things for 10000 years.
Our computers can interface with their historical databanks.
That should give us something.
Soon as possible, Dax.
The eight other Orbs are probably in a Cardassian laboratory,
being turned upside down and inside out.
l was happy you accepted this assignment.
- l've been worried. - lt's good to see you, too...
old man.
Computer, create a database for all references to the Orbs,
including reports of any unexplained phenomena in Bajoran space.
Time parameters?
- Ten millennia. - lnitialising database.
Requested function will require two hours to complete.
The Captain's in the ready room, Chief. Should l tell him you're here?
That's OK. Thanks.
- Transport me to the Ops pad, Maggie. - Yes, sir.
Mr O'Brien? l understand that l just missed you on the Bridge.
Yes, sir.
l didn't want to disturb you, sir.
- This is your favourite transporter room. - Number three. Yes, sir.
Yesterday l called down here and l asked for you without thinking.
- lt won't be quite the same. - lt's just a transporter room, sir.
Permission to disembark, Captain.
Permission granted.
Message coming in from their Commander, Gul Dukat.
He used to be the Cardassian Prefect of Bajor.
He's requesting permission to come aboard to greet us.
Surely a coincidence that the Enterprise just left.
Mr O'Brien,
tell Gul Dukat l look forward to meeting him.
Good day, Commander.
Gul Dukat.
Excuse my presumption,
but this was my office only two weeks ago.
l'm not used to being on this side of the desk.
l'll be honest with you, Commander.
l miss this office.
l was not happy to leave it.
Drop by any time you're feeling homesick.
You are very gracious.
And allow me to assure you
that we only want to be helpful in this difficult transition.
You're far from the Federation fleet,
alone in this remote outpost with poor defence systems.
Your Cardassian neighbours will be quick to respond
to any problems you might have.
We'll try to keep the dog off your lawn.
So tell me. What did you think of Kai Opaka?
l know you went to the surface to see her.
l understand you brought back an Orb.
We thought we had all of them.
Perhaps we could have an exchange of information,
pool our resources?
l know nothing about an Orb.
We will be in close proximity if you wish to reconsider my suggestion.
ln the meantime, l assume you have no objection
to my men enjoying the hospitality of the Promenade.
What do you know about the Denorios Belt?
A charged plasma field.
No one gets near it unless they have to.
ln the 22nd century, a ship carrying Kai Taluno
was disabled in the Denorios Belt, where he claims he had a vision.
Let me guess. He saw the Celestial Temple of the Prophets.
Not quite.
But he said that the heavens opened up and nearly swallowed his ship.
Are we reduced to chasing metaphors to solve this?
That's not all.
At least five of the Orbs were found in the Denorios Belt.
There were also 23 navigational reports over the years
of unusually severe neutrino disturbances in the same area.
l've correlated all these reports into one analysis grid.
Our Celestial Temple?
Worth a look,
but we've got Cardassians on our back doorstep.
We need to get by them undetected.
May we have your attention? This establishment is being closed.
What do you mean? You can't do this.
lf you have a problem, take it up with Commander Sisko.
l intend to. This is outrageous.
Friends, my apologies.
A minor misunderstanding
that will be rectified shortly.
Give them something to put their winnings into.
Because we were winning too much, of course.
Leave it to Starfleet to ruin a fine day.
Rio Grande to Ops. lnitialising pre-launch systems.
Scanners are picking up fluctuations
in the Cardassians' energy distribution net.
Their computers are crashing.
Shields and sensors are down. Odo's done it. Ops to Rio Grande.
- You're in business. - Beginning launch sequence.
- Odo's reached the transport site. - Trying to lock on.
l've never done this with a Cardassian transporter.
Damn it! What's the problem?
Nice work, Constable.
- Approaching grid perimeter. - Slowing to one-quarter impulse.
Computer, give me visual, bearing 23 mark 217.
Range 3,100 kilometres.
Sensors are picking up high proton counts.
Setting a new course.
External wave intensities are increasing rapidly, but checking...
There is no corresponding increase inside the cabin.
How is that possible?
- Sensors are not functioning. - We've lost contact with the station.
Scanners are reading major subspace disruption
at their last co-ordinates.
What the hell is happening out there?
l don't know.
They're just gone.
Are your navigational readings going crazy?
- l'll recalibrate when l can. - Take your time.
Can you get a fix on our co-ordinates?
There is a star five light years away. No M-Class planets.
Computer, identify closest star system.
ldran, a ternary system consisting of twin O-type companions.
- That can't be right. - Basis of identification?
ldran is based on the analysis conducted in the 22nd century
by the Quadros-1 probe of the Gamma Quadrant.
70,000 light years from Bajor?
We just found our way into a wormhole.
lt's not like any wormhole l've seen.
There were no resonance waves.
Could this be how the Orbs found their way to the Bajoran system?
Not an unreasonable hypothesis.
lf it's true, this has been here for 10,000 years.
We might have discovered the first stable wormhole known to exist.
Bring us about, Lieutenant.
l'm modifying the flight programme to compensate for the spatial discontinuities.
We should have a smoother ride this time.
Did you reduce impulse power?
- No. Why? - We're losing velocity.
Forward velocity down to 80 kph.
Warning. lmpulse system overload. Auto shutdown in 12 seconds.
- Disengaging engines. - Velocity at 20 kph.
l'm picking up atmosphere.
lnside a wormhole?
Capable of supporting life.
- We've just landed. - On what?
lt's beautiful.
You have a strange eye for beauty, Dax.
This isn't one of the most idyllic settings you've seen?
We are standing on a rock face!
Do you see the storm?
lt's as clear as a summer's day.
- You see it, too? - Yes.
Low-level ionic pattern. lt's probing us.
Someone's idea of shaking hands, maybe.
l am Commander Benjamin Sisko of the United Federation of Planets.
Another neutrino disruption.
Scanners are picking up an object near their last co-ordinates.
lt isn't a ship.
Major, there's something inside it, some kind of life-form.
Are the Cardassians picking it up?
They should be back on line by now.
Yellow Alert. Secure Ops.
Beam it aboard, Mr O'Brien, but put it in a level-1 security field.
Aye, sir. Locking on.
Who are you?
Who are you?
lt is corporeal! A physical entity.
What? What did you say?
lt is responding to visual and auditory stimuli.
- Linguistic communication. - Yes, linguistic communication.
Are you capable of communicating with me?
What are you?
My species is known as human. l come from a planet called Earth.
- Earth? - This is what my planet looks like.
You and l are very different species.
lt will take time for us to understand one another.
What is this...
First Officer's Log, Stardate 46392.7.
We're launching a rescue mission to find Commander Sisko,
but must recalibrate our sensors to work under the conditions
reported by Lieutenant Dax.
lt is no ordinary wormhole.
My analysis suggests that it isn't even a natural phenomenon.
Not natural? You mean it was constructed?
lt's very possible whoever made the Orbs also created this wormhole.
The Cardassians are on a course toward the Denorios Belt.
Mr O'Brien, what would it take to move this station
to the mouth of the wormhole?
This isn't a starship. We've got six thrusters to power us.
160 million-kilometre trip would take two months.
- lt has to be there tomorrow. - That's not possible.
That wormhole might reshape the future of this quadrant.
The Bajorans have to stake a claim to it.
That claim would be a lot stronger if there's a Federation presence.
Couldn't you modify the subspace field output of the deflector generators
to create a low-level field around the station?
To lower the inertial mass?
lf the station is lighter, those six thrusters are all we need.
The station could break apart if it doesn't work.
Even if it does work, we'll still need help from Starfleet.
The Enterprise is the nearest starship.
They could reach us in two days.
We should advise Starfleet that we require assistance.
You have Ops, Mr O'Brien.
- Lieutenant, you're with me. - Aye, sir.
You too, Doc. Time to be a hero.
Yes, sir!
- Constable... - l'm in charge of security.
Security here, on the station.
l cannot justify taking you into this wormhole.
Major, l was found in the Denorios Belt.
l don't know where l came from - no idea if there are others like me.
All my life, l've passed myself off as one of you,
always wondering who l really am.
The answers to my questions may be on the other side of that wormhole.
You coming?
The creature must be destroyed before it destroys us.
- lt is malevolent. - Aggressive. Adversarial.
- lt must be destroyed. - l am not your enemy.
- l was sent by the people you contacted. - Contacted?
With your devices, your Orbs.
We seek contact with other life-forms,
not corporeal creatures who annihilate us.
l have not come to annihilate anyone.
Destroy it now.
My species respects life above all else.
Can you say the same?
l do not understand the threat that l bring to you,
but l am not your enemy. Allow me to prove it.
- Prove it? - lt can be argued
that a human is the sum of his experiences.
Experiences? What is this?
Memories. Events from my past,
like this one.
- Past? - Things that happened before now.
You have no idea what l'm talking about.
What comes before now is no different than what is now,
or what is to come. lt is one's existence.
Then, for you, there is no linear time.
Linear time? What is this?
My species lives in one point in time.
Once we move beyond that point, it becomes the past.
The future, all that is still to come, does not exist yet for us.
Does not exist yet?
That is the nature of linear existence.
lf you examine it more closely,
you will see that you do not need to fear me.
Partial field established. lnstability at 12%.
Partial field?
ls inertial mass low enough to break orbit?
- Procedure is not recommended. - l didn't ask for an opinion.
Can we get enough thrust with only a partial field established?
- Affirmative. - All right. Thank you.
lnitiate transit mode, three-axis stabilisation.
Engage thrusters.
Warning. Field integrity declining. lnstability at 21%.
We have to close the gap in the field or we'll tear ourselves apart.
Warning. Subspace field collapse in 60 seconds.
Transfer energy from the inertial dampers to reinforce the subspace field.
- Procedure is not recommended. - Transfer the energy!
Unable to comply. Level-1 safety protocols have cancelled request.
Warning. Subspace field collapse in 30 seconds.
l'll transfer it manually.
On my mark, redirect the flow to the deflectors.
Keep the power balanced.
Field collapse in 15 seconds.
Field energy now within flight tolerances.
Good work, sir.
Computer, you and l need to have a little talk.
The Cardassian warship is in visual range.
On screen.
- They're headed right to it. - They have to listen to reason,
when we warn them what could happen if they go in.
Most people wouldn't know reason if it shook their hand.
You can count Gul Dukat among them.
This is Federation Ship Yangtze Kiang. Major Kira Nerys in command.
Yes, Major?
We know you're headed for the wormhole.
Wormhole? What wormhole is that?
l strongly suggest you do not proceed.
We encountered a hostile life-form inside.
Perhaps they will be less hostile to Cardassians than to humans.
These people are trying to save you from a lot of trouble.
Are you going to tell me
that these are not the life-forms that have sent the Orbs?
Or that your Commander Sisko is not negotiating for their technology?
l thank you for your concern,
but l think we will see for ourselves.
So much for reason.
Yes, that was her name.
She is part of your existence.
She is part of my past. She's no longer alive.
But she is part of your existence.
She was a most important part of my existence,
- but l lost her some time ago. - Lost? What is this?
ln a linear existence,
we can't go back to the past to get something we left behind, so...
...it's lost.
lt is inconceivable that any species
could exist in such a manner.
- You are deceiving us. - No. This is the truth.
This day, this park...
lt was almost 15 years ago, far in the past.
lt was a day that was very important to me,
a day that shaped every day that followed.
That is the essence of a linear existence.
Each day affects the next.
Listen to it.
- To what? - The sound of children playing.
- What could be more beautiful? - So you like children?
That almost sounds like a domestic inquiry.
l heard Starfleet officers don't want families
because they complicate their lives.
They don't often find mates
who want to raise families on a starship.
That almost sounds like a domestic inquiry.
l think it was.
As corporeal entities,
humans find physical touch to cause pleasure.
Pleasure? What is this?
Good feelings.
But this is your existence.
lt's difficult to be here, more difficult than any other memory.
Because this was the day...
...that l lost Jennifer.
l don't want to be here.
Then why do you exist here?
- l don't understand. - You exist here.
What's wrong? What's happening?
We should reach the wormhole in two minutes.
Slowing to one-third imp...
Are you still there? What just happened?
More of your kind.
Another ship in the wormhole?
Wormhole? What is this?
The passage that brought me here.
lt is terminated.
Our existence is disrupted when you enter the passage.
Your linear nature is inherently destructive.
You have no regard for the consequences of your acts.
We're aware that every choice we make has a consequence.
But you claim you do not know what it will be.
We don't.
Then how can you take responsibility for your actions?
We use past experience to help guide us.
For Jennifer and me, the experiences in our lives
prepared us for the day we met on the beach,
helped us recognise we had a future together.
When we married, we accepted all the consequences of that act,
including the consequences of you.
- Me? - My son, Jake.
- The child with Jennifer. - Yes.
- Linear procreation? - Yes.
Jake is the continuation of our family.
The sound of children playing.
Aggressive. Adversarial.
Competition. For fun.
lt's a game that Jake and l play.
lt's called baseball.
Baseball? What is this?
l was afraid you'd ask that.
l throw this ball to you
and this other player stands between us with a bat,
a stick, and he...
And he tries to hit the ball in between these two white lines.
The rules aren't important.
What's important is...
...it's linear.
Every time l throw this ball, a hundred different things can happen.
He might miss or hit it.
The point is you never know.
You try to anticipate,
set a strategy for all the possibilities,
but in the end it comes down to throwing one pitch after another
and seeing what happens.
With each new consequence, the game takes shape.
You have no idea what that shape is until it is completed.
That's right. The game wouldn't be worth playing
if we knew what was going to happen.
You value your ignorance of what is to come?
That may be the most important thing to understand about humans.
lt is the unknown that defines our existence.
We are constantly searching, not just for answers to our questions
but for new questions.
We are explorers.
We explore our lives day by day and we explore the galaxy,
trying to expand our knowledge.
That is why l am here.
Not to conquer you with weapons or with ideas,
but to co-exist and learn.
lf all you say is true, why do you exist here?
First Officer's Log, supplemental.
We've met the space station at the co-ordinates of the wormhole.
Our scans have revealed no trace of the wormhole or Dukat's ship.
Three Cardassian warships have crossed the border,
no doubt on their way to search for Dukat.
Can you establish a high-energy thoron field before they get within range?
l don't want them to scan our defence systems.
They're hailing us.
On screen.
l am Gul Jasad of the Cardassian guard, Seventh Order.
Where is our warship?
With any luck, in the Gamma Quadrant on the other side of the wormhole.
What wormhole?
Our sensors show no indication of a wormhole in this sector.
- That's because it just collapsed. - What?
We believe it was artificially created.
That may be why we never picked up any quantum fluctuation patterns.
You expect me to believe that someone created a wormhole
and now conveniently has disassembled it?
That's exactly what l expect you to believe.
They're flooding subspace with interference.
- lt'll cut off our communications. - They're powering up their phasers.
Shields up.
What shields?
- They're hailing us again. - Open the channel.
We do not accept your explanation.
Somehow you have destroyed our warship.
Gul Jasad, l assure you...
We demand the unconditional surrender of this space station
or we will open fire.
l need at least a day to make the necessary preparations.
You have one hour.
l can transfer all power to establish partial shields around critical areas,
but if they hit the docking ring, we'll sustain heavy damage.
Constable, if you would co-ordinate moving personnel to safer locations.
What was the last reported position of the Enterprise?
- At least 20 hours away. - We must hold out till they get here.
The Cardassians wouldn't attack a Federation outpost.
- Ever read the history of the border wars? - Yes.
Heard of the Setlik III Massacre?
Surrender is not a preferable option.
You know what they do to their prisoners, sir.
What is the point of bringing me back again to this?
We do not bring you here.
- You bring us here. - You exist here.
Then give me the power to lead you somewhere else,
anywhere else!
We cannot give you what you deny yourself.
Look for solutions from within, Commander.
- l was ready to die with her. - Die?
What is this?
The termination of their linear existence.
We've got to go now, sir.
Damn it! We just can't leave her here.
Oh, no!
- l never left this ship. - You exist here.
...exist here?
l don't know if you can understand.
l see her like this every time l close my eyes.
ln the darkness,
in the blink of an eye,
l see her like this.
None of your past experiences prepared you for this consequence.
And l have never figured out how to live without her.
So you choose to exist here.
lt is not linear.
lt's not linear.
Their lead ship is hailing us.
Gul Jasad wants an answer.
- Are you ready, Mr O'Brien? - Yes, sir.
When they penetrate our thoron field, it should raise a few eyebrows.
All right, then, let's give them our answer.
Fire six photon torpedoes across Jasad's bow.
We only have six photons, Major.
We're not going to win this battle with torpedoes.
Aye, sir.
An urgent hail from Jasad.
Looks like we got his attention.
On screen.
This is your answer?
You think Starfleet took command of this station
without the ability to defend it?
Defend it?
Your space station could not defend itself
against one Cardassian warship.
You're probably right, Jasad.
lf you were dealing with a Starfleet officer, they'd probably admit...
we have a hopeless cause here.
But l am just a Bajoran
who's been fighting a hopeless cause against the Cardassians
all her life.
So if you want a war,
l'll give you one.
Remind me never to get into a game of Roladan Wild Draw with you.
They were using a field to block our sensors,
but we were able to penetrate it.
What are their defences?
According to our scans, an estimated 5,000 photons,
integrated phaser banks.
When did they receive these armaments?
How did they install them without our knowledge?
Somehow they have created
a massive illusion of duranium shadows.
- What if it is not an illusion? - lt is.
Why risk confrontation? The Fourth Order can be here in a day.
So can Starfleet.
Their lead ship is asking for reinforcements.
- Yes! - Too soon for a victory celebration.
Mr O'Brien?
The ships are being deployed in attack formation.
Battle stations.
Quickly, now. Calmly.
Come along.
They may just be testing us.
l could run a wave through the phaser banks.
Put out a blast that will make them think.
Do it.
- Damage report. - Direct hit, level 14.
Empty storage bays. No casualties.
Shields down to 27%.
A fuel conduit has ruptured on the Promenade.
- Can you divert the main power flow? - The controls are locked.
Odo to Ops. l've got wounded people down here!
- Have you seen that doctor of yours? - l'm on my way.
l'll shut down the power flow or the whole Promenade will go up.
Bloody Cardassians!
l just got the damn thing fixed.
Press there, hard.
Doctor, maybe l should find you someone...
Hold it there.
That should do it for a while.
Shields are at 18% and falling.
l might be able to give you one more phaser blast.
Signal the lead ship that we will proceed with...
Major, l'm picking up a huge neutrino disturbance
off the forward docking ring.
lt's the wormhole.
On screen.
Hail the lead ship. What did l tell you, Jasad?
There's your wormhole!
- Rio Grande to DS9. - On screen.
- Go ahead, Commander. - Sorry to be late.
Gul Dukat had some problems on the other side of the wormhole.
- You've had a few of your own. - A few, Commander.
Gul Dukat is signalling his ships to disarm.
- Clear me for docking, Mr O'Brien. - Aye, sir.
Cleared for Pad C.
- Casualties? - 13 injured, Commander,
and no fatalities.
Station Log, Commander Benjamin Sisko.
Stardate 46393.1.
The life-forms who created the wormhole have allowed safe passage
for ships travelling to the Gamma Quadrant.
The Cardassians have left the area.
Their warship being towed by a Federation Runabout
took the heart out of their fight.
We're not done with the Cardassians yet,
not with the strategic importance of the wormhole.
You've put Bajor on the map.
This will become a leading centre
of commerce and of scientific exploration.
And for Starfleet, one of our most important posts.
Captain, regarding our conversation about someone to replace me...
l'm sorry. l haven't had time to communicate that to Command.
l would prefer you ignore it, sir.
l'm not sure that l can. Are you certain that's what you want?
- We cannot afford to have... - l'm certain, sir.
Good luck, Mr Sisko.
So, where can someone practise with his phaser around here?
New rules?
You can't cheat every customer any more, Quark.
You are a community leader now.
Perhaps we could discuss these 'new rules' over a drink.
lf you don't take that hand off my hip,
you'll never be able to raise a glass with it again.
l love a woman in uniform.
Three vessels are requesting permission to dock.
We've been retrofitting the airlocks.
Half were damaged during the move,
the others when the Cardassians blew out the fuel conduits...

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