Last time on Deep Space Nine:
This is the emblem of the Alliance for Global Unity.
- They call themselves ''The Circle''. - Why mess up our station?
They're an extremist faction who believe in Bajor for the Bajorans.
l can't loan you a runabout without knowing where you're taking it.
To Cardassia lV to rescue a Bajoran prisoner of war.
Come on. We have a ship waiting.
What if l knew someone who could bring stability to Bajor?
Someone who could unite the factions, give us a chance to do our job.
Bajor doesn't need a man.
lt needs a symbol. That's what you are.
The Navarch returned here to assume his new post.
He's been made the Bajoran liaison officer to Deep Space 9.
- l already have a liaison officer. - Not any more, you don't.
Major Kira is no longer assigned to this post.
She's been recalled to Bajor.
lt's over. Everything.
Bajor, the provisional government, the Federation... We've got to leave.
The provisional government will stand only if the military supports it.
We are all patriots, Commander.
- l am the Circle, Major. - You're betraying your government.
The Circle's being supplied by the Cardassians.
l borrowed the proof. lt's got a Gul's thumb scan on it.
The Circle hates the Cardassians.
They don't know it is the Cardassians.
They think they've been buying from Kressari traders.
Think of the prestige of having the new leader of Bajor
being a member of your order.
lf you are the new leader.
Two assault vessels headed this way on direct course from Bajor.
They've given all non-Bajorans seven hours to evacuate.
And now, the conclusion.
Starfleet has no other choice.
The Federation was invited by the Bajoran government.
No government, no invitation.
Governments can break off relations with an edict.
lt's not so easy when it comes down to our level.
Lieutenant Bilecki is engaged to a young man from Bajor.
Ensign Kelly's daughter worked with a young Bajoran girl
on a science fair project.
All of us serving on the station have made Bajoran friends.
We care about what happens to these people.
l know l do. So l've decided to stay.
Just to make sure the evacuation is conducted properly.
Someone has to oversee the inventory process.
Packing away my medical supplies could take quite a while.
Before you volunteer too quickly, understand what you're getting into.
We'll try to delay the takeover of the station.
As long as it takes to expose the Cardassians' involvement in all of this.
lt won't be easy.
The Bajoran forces have been told that the Federation is their enemy.
Jaro and the Circle would love to have my head and yours
and present them to the Chamber of Ministers.
This is your last chance to leave here in one piece.
Some of you have families. Some are on temporary assignment.
l wouldn't blame anyone for getting out while you can.
l mean that.
Anyone who wants to evacuate is dismissed.
Non-Bajorans won't be safe here.
Our families have to be evacuated.
l'm sure many of the Bajorans will want to leave too.
There's a lot to get done.
The assault vessels will be here in less than five hours. Dismissed.
Hundreds of people to evacuate
and three tiny runabouts available.
Do you know what that means?
lt... lt means...
a lot of people will be left behind.
Tragic. Yes, Brother.
Your compassion amazes me.
- We're going to make a fortune. - We are?
People will pay anything
for a seat on those ships.
You can't make me...
l won't sell my seat.
No! l won't stay and be killed
just to fill your pockets.
Rom, do you actually believe
that l would sacrifice my own brother's life...
for personal profit?
lt would have to be the deal of a lifetime.
- My lifetime! - We're both going to escape.
But our bags will be filled with all the gold-pressed latinum we can carry.
- Nog! l've been looking for you. - What ship are you on?
- Rio Grande. - l'm on the Ganges.
We'll see each other at the Hanolan colony.
- That's not where l'm going. - But Dad told me...
My ship's going to the Korat system where they're taking Starfleet families.
This will be over in no time.
We'll be driving Mrs O'Brien crazy again in a few days.
Just when l find a new home and friend
- it always seems l have to leave. - Hey, hu-man!
Cut it out!
Has there ever been one of your kind and mine who were better friends?
lf our fathers couldn't break us up, no stupid coupe...
Coup d'état. lt's French.
No stupid French thing will, either. We'll see each other again soon.
That's a promise.
This is no time to be fooling about.
Get yourselves to wherever you're supposed to be.
- ls that everything? - Sure.
- Keiko, don't go like this. - Like what?
- l don't have any choice. - Don't you?
He needs me. We can't just let the Cardies have the wormhole.
They could have the whole Gamma Quadrant for all l care.
- Come with us. - Where are we going?
- On a ride, sweetheart. - Are you coming too, Daddy?
Soon, baby. l'll come as soon as l can.
l'll walk you to the airlock.
l've scanned every subspace communication window to Bajor.
They're completely jammed.
We have to take the proof to the Chamber of Ministers.
Jaro's forces will be scanning for vessels.
A runabout could handle a Bajoran patrol, but l don't have one.
- The Lunar V base? - You think there's still a ship there?
We got some subimpulse raiders, but that was ten years ago.
Could an evacuation vessel drop me off?
- What if the raiders won't fly? - l'll wait until l hear from you.
You may have to wait a long time.
Dax, do any of your former hosts
have experience with subimpulse thruster configurations?
- Yes. Tobin Dax. - Tobin?
- l don't know about this one. - My second host.
Barely a sex life, no imagination, but he knew phase coil inverters.
Major Kira could use his experience today.
l have no time for this foolishness. l have to pack!
He's been brokering seats on the evacuation vessels.
- Where did you get more seats? - People always ask brokers that.
lt's my business to find preferred seating for select...
More than 200 people want to get off this station.
- Where did you get more seats? - A few trades.
A person here or there who changed his mind about leaving.
Bashir to Commander Sisko.
We're having a panic at the airlock. More passengers have shown up.
They all claim to have made arrangements to leave.
l might have overbooked slightly.
On my way.
lt's an accepted Ferengi transit practice.
l feel perfectly justified.
l have complete faith in the commander's ability to sort this out.
He'll be pleased to know he has your confidence.
As l'm no longer needed...
my brother is waiting for me on the ship.
Hey, Odo.
You'll miss me. Say it.
- l'll miss you, Quark. - You said it.
l'll miss the aggravation, the petty theft...
Odo, take care of yourself.
There isn't room for everyone.
We have to get our families, our children and non-Bajorans...
Where are you running to?
This is Bajor. We are Bajorans.
We fought a war to regain our homeland.
How can you abandon it like frightened Cardassian vole?
These ships are for our guests,
who must leave because it is no longer safe for them here.
However, we are Bajorans.
And l say that we stay and solve our own problems...
...together. Are you willing to join me?
When the passengers are confirmed, get these ships out of here.
- Both ships are full, sir. - Get them launched.
- Are you ready? - lt would be better if l stayed.
l don't want anything to happen to you.
That makes two of us.
- What's this? - A letter l wrote you.
- A letter? - Just some things.
- l'll read it on the ship. - Wait a while.
l'll see you in a couple of weeks.
That's everyone, sir.
Sisko to Ganges. Proceed with launch.
Acknowledged. Good luck, Commander. Kira out.
No! Wait!
My ship, the Rio Grande.
My brother's on it. He's got my ticket.
The ship was full. Quark wasn't on the list.
His brother Rom did board with a dabo girl.
A dabo girl?
Looks like he sold your seat.
No, you don't understand.
You don't understand! l can't stay here!
l'll be hung. Call the ships back!
l'll pay anyone five bars of gold-pressed latinum for a seat.
Ten bars.
No resistance. Minister Jaro was correct.
The Federation has conceded defeat.
Where are the Bajoran officers who work with Starfleet?
Where is Li Nalas?
Perhaps they knew the station couldn't withstand a siege
and left with Starfleet.
The most strategic position in the entire sector:
at the mouth of the wormhole.
Had l been Federation commander,
l would not have abandoned it so easily.
A year ago l was living in a camp like this,
only not quite so nice.
Have l mentioned how allergic Trills are to insect bites?
The biochemical connections between the host and symbiont can't tolerate...
- What's that, a spider or dog? - Palukoo.
The Bajoran moons are full of them.
You used to make them your pets and sing songs about them?
No, we used to eat them. There it is.
- This thing is supposed to fly? - l've been in a lot worse.
The Bajoran resistance had a lot of short pilots.
Just short engineers. They always built these things without thinking.
- Encouraging. - Just bend your knees.
The real trick will be to fire up these thrusters after all this time.
We'll get them fired up. Don't worry.
You're sure?
Yes. l have no intention of getting stuck here
eating palukoos.
We should inform Minister Jaro of our success.
You're too eager to receive his plaudits.
- lnternal security net status? - Completely disabled, General.
Scan the operations centre for organic material.
The station's security chief is apparently missing.
The shape-shifter.
lt's possible he left with the evacuation ships
or perhaps there's something more here than meets the eye.
Scan six times an hour at random intervals.
Minister Jaro on subspace, sir.
We've encountered no resistance so far.
Good news. The Federation has withdrawn.
We monitored the evacuation of three vessels.
When l announce we've secured the station...
Minister, l urge caution.
The battle for this station hasn't even begun yet.
- Do you expect the enemy to return? - l'm not convinced they left.
The internal security net has been sabotaged.
We cannot track the movements of anyone on board,
which suggests someone didn't want to be that easily found.
- Kira? - Perhaps.
She is unaccounted for. So is security chief Odo.
- So is Li Nalas. - You're right.
Li Nalas would never abandon Bajor. He must still be there.
You are to take every necessary step to keep Li Nalas alive.
Dead, he's a martyr. Alive, he seals our victory.
Once you have him, Li will see the wisdom of supporting you.
l'll offer him anything he wants,
short of becoming the next Kai, of course.
You have a unique ability to build a consensus, Essa.
Bajor has been waiting for a leader like you.
Leaders like us.
lf l am so favoured by the Vedek Assembly.
You don't have to worry about that.
26 hours after l'm sworn into office,
l'll direct the Vedek Assembly to elect you Kai.
Together, we will rebuild Bajor.
You got it.
- Don't turn the engines off. - Let's go.
- Thank you, Tobin. - Dax, come on.
lf it's going to fly, it's going to fly.
- Problem? - No. Everything's wonderful.
- Ow! - The knees.
That sound brings back some memories.
- How did you win a war in these? - We were the insects.
The Cardassians were allergic, too.
ls the proximity system working?
l think so.
Let's try to get out of here without bouncing off any walls.
You're playing right into their hands.
lf you're convinced they're still here, why wait for them to attack?
- They have no interest in attacking. - What makes you so sure?
Because l understand military tactics.
They're vastly outnumbered. lf we divide our forces...
The sensor array was sabotaged. The subnet shorted out.
Your engineers can play with the machines.
l'm sending out search parties.
Eat hearty. The replicators crash in 16 minutes.
This will have to last.
Combat rations, Chief?
Couldn't you have replicated something more palatable?
French onion soup would have been nice.
A miracle of science, these combat rations.
All the nutrients the body needs for three days. l love them.
The only thing l miss about the Cardassian front.
Sisko to all units. You can thank Chief of Operations Miles O'Brien
for your repast this afternoon.
You haven't made any friends here, Chief. Or should l say chef?
You don't appreciate the nutritional value of combat rations?
ln med school, l designed a candy bar
which was far superior in food value.
Am l the only one who doesn't find this funny?
- Odo to Sisko. - Go ahead.
There's a patrol approaching. l'll get back to you.
A five-man unit is searching the cargo deck.
- That puts them closest to me. - Stand by, Doctor.
Maybe we should send someone who can run the show, like Li.
l need him here with us.
Doctor, move your unit to cargo bay 6. You know what to do.
Use deadly force only if absolutely necessary.
- We're on our way. - Happy hunting.
Don't get too close to that. lt's thorium isotope.
Prolonged exposure could have nasty consequences.
- Bashir to Sisko. - Go ahead.
Mission accomplished. We have our first five prisoners of war.
Preparing to establish a high altitude orbit of Bajor.
Navigational sensors aren't functioning.
- Big problem. Without sensors... - We fly by the seat of our pants.
Great. Seat-of-the-pants technology.
You Starfleet types depend on gadgets.
You lose your instincts for survival.
My survival instincts told me not to climb aboard this thing.
l know the terrain of Bajor.
We should be able to recognise a landing site...
- What was that? - The sensors aren't functioning.
Someone's firing at us. lnitiating evasive manoeuvres.
- l'm reading an impulse engine. - Let's see what we're dealing with.
- Welcoming committee from Jaro. - We'll never outrun them.
- We'll have to even the match. - How do you intend to do that?
l'm taking us into the atmosphere.
They can't use their impulse engines.
lf they want to fight, they'll fight on our terms.
Come on. Get down.
O'Brien to Sisko. They've got us pinned down in here.
On our way, Chief.
They've gone to thrusters.
- That evens things up a little. - lf two against one is even.
- There is one problem. - One?
The guys flying those ships used to fly these ships.
- Phaser banks? - Full power.
Phaser locks are dead. There's no way to aim.
l know. Seat of the pants.
With your eyes. Just point and fire!
- You fly, l'll shoot. - Hang on.
Where's the other one?
- l think we found him. - Thruster power is falling.
- Got any fire gear? - Under the seat.
l think l've got something.
- That's it? - That's it.
- Jettison the plasma tank. - Plasma tank ejected.
Can you see any openings to put down?
- Six kilometres ahead at 2:00. - Anything a little closer?
How about right here?
Sir, up here. One of the Ferengi's holosuites is in use.
Don't try it. Get their weapons.
This is Commander Benjamin Sisko. Please listen very carefully.
The Cardassians are supplying the weapons for this coup.
No Bajoran would accept help from them.
They're using the Kressari to deliver weapons to the Circle.
- That is a Federation lie! - 'The proof is on its way to Bajor.
Once this evidence is presented, the coup will end.
We don't want to fight you or hurt anyone.
Your officers will be our guests for a while.
l hope they won't mind Starfleet combat rations.
- Day, what the hell is going on? - l was taken prisoner.
The Federation is behind all this. Sisko spoke to me.
So, Commander, you didn't abandon your post, after all.
- What did he say? - Nothing of consequence.
- Why did he let you go? - l promised them amnesty.
A promise l have no intention of keeping.
- The security net is online. - Scan for communication devices.
- Not picking up a thing, sir. - They must be shielded.
The Cardassians used duranium to shield the conduits.
Then that's where we'll find Commander Sisko.
They've found the raider. We can't stay here.
l'll slow you down. All that's important now
is to get the evidence to the provisional government.
lt would be more convincing if it came from you.
The evidence speaks for itself. You have to leave me.
That's an order, Lieutenant.
The Federation left Bajor yesterday.
You're not my commanding officer.
- l can't walk. - Yes, you can.
- You are being a fool. - Don't talk to your elders that way.
You two check over there.
- l hope you're not on level five. - We're on three. Why?
They're about to fill the conduits with gas, starting with level five.
Good idea. Kind of thing l might have come up with.
We'd better get out of here.
We should have heard from Kira and Dax by now.
lf they didn't make it, we're fighting for a lost cause.
We still have an ace in the hole.
Mr O'Brien, get the units ready to move out.
Jaro depends on military support. Without it, the coup fails.
- You think l can sway the generals. - One general.
The one that's here.
We have to convince him he's picked the wrong side.
Would you rather follow a politician or Bajor's greatest war hero?
l've done everything l can to help. l'd die for my people...
Sure you would. Dying gets you off the hook.
Question is, are you willing to live for your people?
Live the role they want you to play? That's what they need from you.
Kira, you're safe. You're at the monastery.
- The last thing l remember... - The city saw your ship go down.
The searchers who found you are from my order.
- Dax? - She's fine. She's changing clothes.
We have to get to the Chamber of Ministers.
- The Cardassians... - Lieutenant Dax told me.
You've just had a broken hip mended.
- How long have l been here? - Six hours.
We have to get out of here.
Good, you're up. Put this on.
- Why are we...? - For the Chamber of Ministers.
Religious orders can travel safely in the streets.
- l'm going to escort you. - No. We have to go alone, Bareil.
l can't be responsible for your safety.
But l can be responsible for yours.
Please, don't argue.
What do you think? The nose.
- lt's flattering. - l'm thinking of keeping it.
Quark, leave it.
l can't. lt's all that l am.
My personal mementos, my family album...
- lt's full of gold-pressed latinum. - Who told you?
Your mother, the day you were born.
Never make fun of a Ferengi's mother!
- Rule of Acquisition number 31. - We're in position.
We're above airlock 14, awaiting your signal.
Make as much noise as you can before you surrender.
They'll think there are 200 of us instead of 20.
Come on. Now!
Fine! Fine.
l'm coming.
Proceed with level three.
The enemy has attacked our position at airlock 14.
We must have flushed them out. Seal all airlocks.
This is Colonel Day. All security units to airlock 14.
- What's going on down there? - Cameras have been sabotaged.
How many men are at that airlock?
- Four. - Security to General Krim.
The enemy forces at airlock 14 have surrendered.
Bring their leaders to me for questioning.
Please don't resist, General. We don't wish to use deadly force.
My name is Li Nalas. Perhaps you've heard of me.
Guards, stop that woman.
- What is this blasphemy? - l am Major Kira Nerys.
The Cardassians are behind Minister Jaro's attempt to take control.
Major Kira is an outspoken opponent of the government,
of reason, of progress, and now, finally, of me.
l'm honoured to be included, but l will not allow you to disrupt
the orderly transition of power with these wild charges.
This is a manifest pad from a Kressari vessel.
lt bears the thumb scan of a Cardassian Gul
who transferred weapons to that ship,
weapons taken by the Kressari to the Circle.
This coup will deliver Bajor back to its greatest enemies.
Do you wish to live under Cardassian rule again?
There is nothing to these accusations.
Then you should have no objection to an inspection of this manifest.
Of course not. We'll adjourn for the time being.
l completely support this investigation and intend to co-operate.
Colonel, you withheld information that was to be communicated to me.
- lnformation? - Regarding the Cardassians.
Lies. That's all they were.
The chamber is in recess
while evidence of Cardassian involvement is being examined.
The Circle is broken, Colonel.
l'm returning to the surface to consult with the ministers.
l expect l will be asked to resign.
Commander, since the provisional government has prevailed,
it is appropriate to return the command of this station to Starfleet.
Well fought, sir.
Off the hook, after all.
Somehow you figured now that he was here,
things would be better. He'd...
He'd find a way to make things better
because he was a man who could do that.
A great man.
l wish l knew where we could find others like him.
There are heroes all over Bajor.
l'm sitting with one.
l'm sorry. l don't feel like celebrating tonight. Excuse me.
Sir, can l ask you something? About Li Nalas?
Listening to Kira talk about all he was,
all he was going to do,
she makes him sound like he was some kind of military genius.
- But the Li Nalas l... - Chief.
Li Nalas was the hero of the Bajoran resistance.
He performed acts of courage for his people and died for their freedom.
That's how the history books will be written
and that's how l'll remember him when anybody asks.
Yes, sir.
Dax to Sisko.
The Ganges has just docked at pad C, Benjamin.
Excuse me, sir.

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