Medical log, supplemental.
Major Kira and l have opened the hospital on New Bajor,
a Bajoran colony in the Gamma Quadrant.
- Could you take it? - Sure.
- Can l listen to music? - l want to meditate.
Of course. l didn't know you meditate.
Every day.
l studied meditation with lsam Helewa when l was at college.
He took me under his wing.
He was a master at rhythmic breathing.
- Give me a few tips some time. - Gladly.
And l'd like to learn any Bajoran techniques you might show me.
We usually just like to sit...
What are you doing?
Bellows breath. lt's quick intakes
followed by one long intake of air.
lncreases the energy flow. Let me show you.
- How about some music? - What's your pleasure?
My musical knowledge is limited to Bajoran composers.
Computer, play us a little something by Tor Jolan.
You know Tor's work?
l've listened to Bajoran music since l arrived.
Tor strikes me as the best.
Slightly derivative of the Boldaric masters of the last century
but pleasantly diverting.
This is nice. l'm glad we're finally doing this.
Talking to one another. Finding common interests.
- Burying the hatchet. - Hatchet?
A human expression. lt means we're putting past conflicts behind us.
- Making way for brand-new ones. - Right.
- Nerys... May l call you Nerys? - Sure.
Even when we weren't getting along
l've always felt you were one of the most interesting women l've ever met.
l'm very serious.
- Thank you, Doctor. - Julian.
Go on, say it. Julian.
- Julian. - lt was hard for Chief O'Brien as well.
But now we're like this.
One minute to the wormhole.
Do you want to have dinner sometime?
l think you'd better stick with Dax.
l'm sorry?
You thought that l was trying to... No, no.
- My mistake. - But if l...
- Forget it! - Right.
Take us out of warp.
- What's wrong? - The warp field isn't collapsed.
- Plasma injector leak. - lnjector controllers are locked.
lnjectors opening, velocity falling.
What was that?
lnitiating emergency stabilisation control.
- Are you all right? - A little dizzy.
Me too. l guess we're lucky to be in one piece.
We'd better get Mr O'Brien to take...
- What the hell? - Where's the station?
What happened to the station?
l have it on long-range sensors. lt's...
orbiting Bajor?
Major, vessel approaching on an intercept course dead ahead.
- What is this? - l'm sorry, ma'am.
- We were not told you'd left. - Who are you?
We were on patrol when your vessel appeared.
lf you allow us to withdraw, we will escort you back.
She cannot be an impostor.
But she is.
What is going on here?
- Garak! - Yes, my name is Garak.
The question is...
Who are you?
This may sound like an odd question but could you tell us where we are?
This is the Terok Nor station.
Centre of authority for the Bajoran sector.
Centre of authority.
Whose authority?
The Alliance, of course.
We took a wrong turn in the wormhole.
- Wormhole? - The wormhole to the Gamma...
lt's difficult to explain.
lt would be best if we got back to our ship.
- l don't think so. - Wait!
Don't take that tone with us, Terran.
lf you are who l suspect you are
l can't run the risk of letting you go.
Put that one to work.
Tell the supervisor to keep an eye on him.
What is it you need, Telok?
This Terran was stowing away on one of the freighters leaving the station.
What is your designation?
- Theta. - Yes, ma'am.
You worked so hard to earn your theta designation, to earn our trust.
Why do you throw it away like this?
Reassign him to lambda. Send him to the mines.
We should make an example of him.
You have made a career out of setting examples, Garak.
l think you enjoy it too much.
He couldn't have boarded the ship without help.
This is the third incident in a month.
Allow me to interrogate him.
Fine. lnterrogate him.
But if he dies under your interrogation l will make you my example.
ls that clear?
Very, lntendant.
lf you don't upgrade the thorium containment cells
there'll be an accident.
And l'm not going to be responsible for the consequences.
Another worker, a Terran who doesn't know the rules.
We'll see to it that he learns them.
- What's your designation? - Bashir, Julian.
- ls that a joke? - l don't know. ls it?
No jokes.
That's my Rule of Obedience number 14.
Now, what's your designation?
l don't have a designation.
l don't have a designation, sir.
Another Rule of Obedience?
l don't have a designation, sir.
l don't have a designation, sir.
- Now why is that? - l don't even know why l'm here.
You're here to process ore. Have you ever done that before?
No, l haven't.
- Have you ever worked in the mines? - No.
- Then what have you done? - l've been practising medicine.
Did you forget Rule of Obedience number 14?
lt's not a joke. l am a doctor.
Well, Doctor, don't forget to scrub before you operate.
Sit down.
You are me, aren't you?
l am Kira Nerys.
That makes two of us.
Where you come from things are very much like this, aren't they?
There's a station, a Bajor, Cardassians, Terrans, Klingons.
The players are all the same
but everyone's playing different parts.
- You didn't recognise the Alliance. - No.
Perhaps you'd recognise the name Kirk.
No, l'm sorry, l don't.
Kirk is one of the most famous names in our history.
Almost a century ago
a Terran starship captain named James Kirk
accidentally exchanged places with his counterpart from your side
due to a transporter accident.
Our Terrans were barbarians then but their empire was strong.
While your Kirk was on this side he met a Vulcan named Spock
and somehow had a profound influence on him.
Afterwards, Spock rose to commander in chief of the Empire
by preaching reforms, disarmament, peace.
lt was quite a remarkable turnabout for his people.
Unfortunately for them, when Spock had completed all his reforms
his empire was no longer in any position to defend itself against us.
- Us? - The Alliance.
The historic coming together of the Klingons and the Cardassians.
And Bajor is a part of this alliance?
We'd been under Terran occupation for decades.
Then we petitioned for entry and were accepted.
We had become quite an influential power within the Alliance.
ls it similar at all on your side?
No. My Bajor is not so fortunate.
l'd be interested to hear more.
l can't stay here. You must see that.
Well, you see, that's part of the problem.
l don't know how to send you back.
But more than that...
There is a certain protocol l'm supposed to follow.
l'm not sure what you mean.
After the first crossover
we were afraid others might interfere in our affairs.
lt was decided that if it happened again
we would promptly dispose of anyone who appeared from your side.
l see.
Unlike my first officer, Mr Garak,
l have no taste for violence.
l regret using it even when it seems necessary.
l know exactly what you mean.
You do, don't you?
l know you don't want to kill me
and you're searching for a reason not to.
Got any ideas?
My side needs what you have - a strong Bajor.
lf you knew the struggles we've been through.
Who's to say you won't influence us this time?
- Me? - My side once changed your history.
Maybe this time your side can change mine.
Maybe you can teach me what l need to know
to become the leader of Bajor.
That appeals to me.
- lf l can get back. - But l will kill your friend.
No, don't. lf you knew him...
He's an arrogant Terran who's lived a privileged life.
- Let him see how others live. - No, it's too dangerous.
The Cardassians and the Klingons would never allow it.
Are you the leader of this sector or not?
- You know how to manipulate me! - l know how l'd feel in your place.
l wouldn't give a damn what the Cardassians or the Klingons thought.
You're right.
l don't.
Find this...attractive young woman some quarters.
Kira Nerys...l'll call for you later.
The lntendant informed me you'd be inspecting the facilities.
lf there's anything l can explain...
l've worked in ore processing myself.
ls my Terran friend behaving himself?
They all behave themselves when l'm in charge.
Good. lf you don't mind, l'll speak with him.
- Are you OK? - Learning a trade. What happened?
Have you ever heard of a Starfleet captain named Kirk?
Of course. The transporter accident. Read about it at the Academy.
That's where we are. ls there another me?
Not on this station.
O'Brien's been tinkering around with the machines.
Could we get back by transporter?
l know nothing about transporters.
- No one knows them like O'Brien. - Ours. Who knows about theirs?
lt's worth a shot.
Talk to him. l'll see if l can find anyone else who might help.
You certainly are the spitting image of the lntendant...
just as they said.
- Hello, Quark. - You know my name!
- Quark runs a bar on my side, too. - Really?
Am l doing good business? Must be better than here.
The Alliance taxes are killing me.
What can l get you? The lntendant likes jumja tea.
Well, l'm not her, but that does sound good.
Coming up.
So are we close friends on your side?
Yeah, as a matter of fact, we are.
Quark does me a lot of favours.
The Quark l know...
He has the ability to get things done when no one else can.
He even gets things done behind the backs of security people.
- What kind of favours do you ask? - All sorts.
- Getting me things l need... - Like...
For instance, a transporter for a few hours.
Didn't l hear that a transporter was involved in the first crossover?
That's right.
Do you have a way back to your side?
Under the right circumstances
l might help you get access to a transporter.
l don't have a strip of gold-pressed latinum.
Gold-pressed what?
What is it you want?
The ability to send others across to your side.
- What others? - That's not important.
- l can't open a revolving door... - Quark!
Mr Garak!
What can l get you? Drinks are on the house.
Come with us.
- ls there a problem? - Yes.
You've been helping Terrans escape from the station.
l'm a barkeep and a coward. l don't stick my neck out for anyone.
That's not what the Terran we caught told us during his interrogation.
This is all a misunderstanding. l assure you...
l'll miss him. He let me win at dabo.
- Bartender! - He's been arrested.
What a damned shame.
Who wants a drink on the house?
Miles O'Brien.
- l know you on my side. - Yeah?
Actually, we're best friends.
- You and me? - That's right.
What am l? Some kind of doctor, too?
No, you're chief of operations.
- Me? Go on. - lt's true.
Chief of operations.
You know your way around machines.
l know some things.
What else is he like?
He's married. He has a five-year-old daughter.
He's a decent man.
We fought our way out of a few scrapes together. l admire him.
He got the lucky draw between me and him.
Have you ever done much work on transporters?
Me? Yeah, some. Why?
The Chief O'Brien l know is an expert in transporter technology.
l'm not an expert. But l know as much as any Terran.
- l hope that will be enough. - For what?
A transporter will help us get back to our side.
You're filling me up with this stuff just to get me to help you?
- Everything l've told you is true. - l don't know you.
l'm not your friend.
- l'm not your friend. - Meal break is over.
You're wanted in the bar.
- lf l don't finish here... - You're wanted by Mr Sisko.
Yes. Look at this.
Do you believe it?
She called me all the way from the Fowla system to see you.
Not only do you look like her, you have the same temper.
You don't seem like the other Terrans l've seen here.
The lntendant honours me with a ship and a crew.
l honour her by collecting duties, of a sort,
from vessels that pass in this direction.
And why do you deserve this special treatment?
l suppose because l amuse her,
and she's not easily amused.
And it seems that you amuse her, too.
You wanted to see me, Mr Sisko.
Hello, Smiley. How are you?
- lt's Miles. - l don't like Miles.
That's why l named you Smiley.
Are they treating you OK, Smiley?
Just fine. What do you need?
You don't like me, do you, Smiley?
Not really, Mr Sisko.
You're not afraid to show it? That's why l like you so much.
My impulse driver coil isn't operational. Take care of it.
l've got a serious problem in ore processing...
l don't care what's going on in ore processing.
Fix my engine.
- Kira to Sisko. - Go ahead.
l'd like to discuss your recent mission.
Please report to my quarters.
There she is. Have you met my friend, Benjamin Sisko?
Tell us, is there another one of him on your side?
- Yes, there is. - ls he as loyal and true as mine?
- He's a good man. - l'm sorry he didn't come.
Wouldn't that have been something, Benjamin?
Two of you by my side.
- l need to check my ship. - Benjamin!
Did l hurt your feelings?
l never had any to hurt, lntendant.
Now, what is this l hear about you wanting a transporter?
Quark mentioned something about it during his interrogation.
- l did ask him about a transporter. - But why?
l need a way back. A transporter caused the first crossover.
lf you'd come to me l would have told you
all transporters were redesigned afterwards
to make sure the same thing would never happen again.
lt won't work. So...why didn't you come to me?
You're very busy.
You don't trust me.
l'm...a little afraid of you.
Then you fear yourself.
l don't want your fear.
l want your love.
lf you can't love me, who can?
Don't be in such a hurry to go.
There is so much we can learn from one another.
lntendant, Garak is here with the prisoner.
Send him in.
He's made a full confession and implicated two others,
who have been arrested.
l have always liked you, you know that.
l have nothing but respect for you, lntendant.
- l'm so sorry. - You felt sorry for these Terrans.
- You hate to see them suffer, as l do. - Yes.
But where would we be without them?
Who would perform the labour for the Alliance?
A quick death. Don't make him suffer any more.
No, lntendant, please.
l made a mistake. Have mercy. No, please!
l've planned a party for us tonight.
What shall we wear?
Lovely. l do admire a well-tailored gown.
What are you doing in my quarters?
She'll never let you leave, you know.
Can't you tell? She's in love.
- What? - ln love with you, my dear.
She's all atwitter about you. Can't talk about anyone else.
You're the perfect gift for the girl who has everything.
She's taken you into her heart
like a Drathan puppy lig left on her doorstep.
Who else could she share her deepest secrets with,
tell her troubles to, trust with her life?
There's a guard outside. She trusts me?
l arranged the guard.
She trusts you.
As much as she trusts anyone.
So who better to betray her?
You're taking quite a risk coming to me like this.
True career advancement requires risk.
Consider my offer carefully, my dear.
She'll never let you go. l will.
lf you want to leave, you'll assist me.
- How? - By taking her place.
- What? - Tomorrow morning she will be gone.
- Gone? - She will be gone.
Please, don't make me use some foolish euphemism.
You will assume her place as intendant
and announce that your counterpart from the other side
has returned to wherever she came from.
Soon you will step down
to embark on a spiritual journey,
to explore your "pagh" or whatever.
And l will take your place as intendant.
- What about my friend? - The good doctor. Yes.
He'll be treated to as much hospitality as we Cardassians can offer
until you resign,
and then you can be happily reunited.
l've arranged with his supervisor
that if you should decide to decline my offer,
tomorrow it will be your doctor friend who will be gone.
- We've got to escape tonight. - Why?
l don't have time to explain. You're in danger.
We've got to get back to the runabout.
- They control the quadrant. - The wormhole!
l'm not sure it will get us back but we can't stay here.
- How do we get past security? - l'm looking for help.
- Quark helps Terrans escape. - lt's too late for him.
lf our chance comes there won't be much warning.
Tell her l'm busy.
- l have something important to tell you. - l'm listening.
l have valuable information and l want something in exchange.
You've gone into business for yourself?
All l want is to get off this station.
l want my runabout back.
And you expect me to help you? She'll have my head...
Or something else.
- Not if you save her life. - Her life?
Garak is planning to kill her. Tonight.
That's it? That's the valuable information?
He's been trying to kill her since he got here.
He wants me to take her place.
Well, now. That's more creative than he usually gets.
l wouldn't worry about it.
- What kind of a man are you? - You're disturbing my nap.
The Benjamin Sisko l know would never sell his soul
and allow himself to become part of this tyranny against his own people.
Terrans don't believe in souls.
What do Terrans believe in?
Raising their children to dig ore?
l worked in mines until l started fighting for freedom.
What do you care about Terrans?
l care about freedom.
l don't understand why you don't care.
The only one on this station who cared was a Ferengi named Quark.
You're looking in the wrong place for a hero, ma'am.
l've made the best of a bad life for my crew. That's my contribution.
Yes, you charmed your way out of the mines.
But we both know you're no less a victim than anyone else here.
My dear...
How breathtaking you look tonight.
l do hope you'll save a dance for me later this evening.
After four years as a guard for the house of Duras
l'd do anything to get out.
You never knew if Lursa and B'Etor...
Clumsy fool.
Stupid Terran pig.
What's wrong, Terran?
Lost your nerve?
Afraid to die today, eh?
Get out of my sight.
lntendant, what is your pleasure?
Play something bright.
l'm in a happy mood.
You're not accustomed to this workload, are you, Doctor?
You have much to learn.
lt's a shame this is going to be your last night on the job.
Engineering, we have a thorium leak down here!
Release the security locks!
Establish security fields on the levels above and below.
Station guards at all turbolifts.
- You've got to help me. - l don't see you. You're not here.
l'm just trying to seal this thorium leak.
l don't know my way around but you do.
- My O'Brien does. - Uh-uh.
Tell me where the runabout pads are.
l know you. lnside you is a shred of decency.
l am a decent man, l just...
l just...
You don't understand. l can't help you. l can't.
- They'll kill me. - You're already dead.
l'm sorry you don't see that.
The life inside every human being here, every Terran,
died a long time ago.
That's not the right way.
Just tell me one thing. ls there room on your ship for me?
- You want to come? - l've no reason to stay.
Starfleet would probably have a big problem with that.
To hell with them. Let's go.
Stop right there.
The new Terran killed the shape-shifter
and O'Brien tried to help him escape.
This is my fault for listening to you.
For keeping him alive in the first place.
l know very little about where you come from
but from what l've heard l think your kind has a lot to learn.
We've got a lot to learn? What a laugh.
On this side, Terran workers do not speak to their superiors as you do.
They certainly do not murder them.
He was the only one of his kind, the man you killed.
He is irreplaceable.
No one ran that operation as efficiently as he did.
No one kept order as he did.
This is my reward...
for treating you Terrans with the least bit of respect.
Very well.
l can learn from my mistakes.
You want to set an example? Use him.
Set an example for all Terrans.
Let him die slowly on the Promenade.
Let his pleas for mercy echo through the corridors
- for all Terrans to hear. - lntendant...
Another word from you and you will die right beside him.
And you...
You tinkerer and putterer and fixer of broken things.
You've been the perfect theta for years.
What could possibly have gotten into you?
What were you thinking?
Do you want an answer, lntendant?
This man... This man is a doctor where he comes from.
And there's an O'Brien there, just like me,
except he's some kind of high-up chief of operations.
They're Terrans.
Can you believe that?
Maybe it's a fairy tale he made up but it started me thinking... each of us might have turned out
if history had been just a little different.
l wanted him to take me with him...
because whatever it's like where he's from,
it's got to be better than this.
There's got to be something better than this.
Not for you, Mr O'Brien.
He's going to be taking you with him.
Just not exactly where you thought he would be taking you.
No, l don't think so.
Have you lost your mind?
l didn't lose it, l just...changed it.
- She'll track you down. - You should follow us to our side.
l might not fit in over there.
We'll stay one step ahead of the law. Don't worry about us.
- You're welcome to come. - l have something to stay for now.
l can always use a good tinkerer and putterer.
Good luck. Thank you.
Disengage the docking clamps.
- Firing thrusters. - Thrusters engaged.
- Taking us to impulse. - lmpulse engines on.
- 45 seconds to the wormhole. - Plasma injector leak.
l'm hoping that leak takes us back where we came from.
Klingon cruiser approaching.
Shields are down to 60%.
- 40. - Ten seconds to the wormhole.
- We're hit. - Hold on.
- Anything? - Search vessels picked up traces.
And an indication of a plasma leak.
But no wreckage.
Elevated neutrinos. Something's coming through the wormhole.
- lt's them! - Benjamin! They're showing damage.
Put them on screen.
We've got ships out looking for you.
Where have you been?
Through the looking glass, Commander.
lt's good to be back.

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