Last time on ''Star Trek - Deep Space Nine''...
lf you could do any science project you wanted to, anything at all...
Visit the Gamma Quadrant?
We've never heard of the Jem'Hadar.
Then you've been fortunate.
Negotiations with the Dominion can be dangerous.
The Dominion will no longer allow ships from your side
to violate our territory.
Starfleet's orders are simple.
No traffic through the wormhole
until we can investigate the Jem'Hadar's threat.
- What about Benjamin and the others? - Don't worry.
Commander Sisko's return is a top priority.
lf you're going to rescue them, we're coming.
Here they come.
A Jem'Hadar ship is making a direct run at the Odyssey.
The Jem'Hadar wanted us to escape?
You have no idea what's begun here.
She'll be back. The question is who she'll bring with her.
lf the Dominion enters the wormhole,
the first battle will be fought here,
and l intend to be ready for them.
And now the continuation.
We're in trouble.
We've run seven simulations, and they all come up the same:
the Jem'Hadar board the station within two hours.
That doesn't give us time to get reinforcements from Bajor.
We must have overlooked something.
l'm the last to say it's hopeless,
but given DS9's structural limitations, our power supply,
and the difficulty of defending a stationary target
against a mobile force, two hours is optimistic.
The casualties would be appalling.
lf we let them board, that doesn't mean we have to surrender.
What are you suggesting?
We can hide in the conduits,
set up booby-traps, prepare ambushes,
hold out until we get reinforcements.
We can try, but there won't be much of a station left when they get here.
That leaves us with two options:
abandon the station and make a stand on Bajor,
or collapse the entrance to the wormhole.
l want a third alternative. l cannot believe that we can't...
A large subspace surge has just activated our security sensors.
- Where is it? - Bearing 1 48, mark 21 5.
- Distance 300 metres. - 300 metres?
That's almost inside our shield perimeter.
From the intensity, it could be a cloaked ship,
but l've never seen an energy dispersal pattern like this.
lt's too close for comfort, whatever it is. Red Alert. Raise shields.
Energise phaser banks, stand-by to lock...
The energy signature's fluctuating. lt's decloaking.
lt's a Federation starship, but l've never seen that design before.
A Federation ship with a cloaking device?
- lt's hailing us. - On screen.
Hello, Major. Sorry to startle you.
l wanted to test the Defiant's cloaking device.
- The Defiant? - l have a surprise for the Dominion.
Officially it's classified as an escort vessel.
Unofficially the Defiant's a warship.
Nothing more, nothing less.
l thought Starfleet didn't believe in warships.
Desperate times breed desperate measures.
Starfleet explored the possibility
of building a new class of starship.
This ship would have no families, no science labs,
no luxuries of any kind.
lt was designed for one purpose only -
to fight and defeat the Borg.
The Defiant was the first ship
in what would've been a new Federation battle fleet.
What happened?
The Borg threat became less urgent.
Also, some design flaws cropped up.
Starfleet abandoned the project.
What sort of design flaws?
You'll get the ship evaluation reports,
but to put it simply, it's overgunned
and overpowered for a ship its size.
During battle drills,
it nearly tore itself apart at full capacity.
This is the ship Starfleet sends us
to fight off an attack by the Dominion?
We're not going to fight the Dominion.
At least, not yet.
We must go into the Gamma Quadrant
and find the leaders of the Dominion, the Founders.
We must convince them that the Federation represents no threat.
- What if they don't believe us? - That's why l asked for the Defiant.
She may have flaws, but she has teeth.
l want the Dominion to know that we can and will defend ourselves.
l've posted two security officers
at the Defiant's docking port.
No one will get near the cloaking device without us knowing about it.
l wasn't informed about any special security arrangements.
The security arrangements were by my request
to protect the cloaking device.
A few introductions are in order.
This is Subcommander T'Rul.
She will operate the cloaking device which her government loaned us.
Romulan interests will be served through cooperation.
l keep unauthorized personnel away from the cloaking device.
May l present my officers? This is Major Kira...
l know their names and l'm not here to make friends.
Well, l am here to make friends.
l'm Lieutenant Commander Michael Eddington, Starfleet Security.
Major Kira Nerys.
Odo. Head of station security.
May l ask what your function is here, Commander?
There will be a mission briefing at 1 800 hours,
but be prepared to depart at 0700 tomorrow.
Don't brace yourself to give me unpleasant news,
l'll save you the trouble. l've been relieved as Chief of Security.
Wait. You have not been relieved.
You're in charge of all non-Starfleet security matters.
What about matters that are Starfleet?
You'll coordinate your efforts with Commander Eddington.
''Coordinate'' is another way of saying, ''l'll report to him.''
l'm sorry, Odo. This wasn't my idea.
l'm sure it wasn't. You were just following orders.
An order l strongly disagreed with. l did everything l could to fight this.
l even took it to the Chief of Starfleet Security.
- But their decision was final. - May l ask why?
There were concerns about several recent security breaches.
lf l was given the authority l asked for,
instead of being tied to Starfleet regulations,
there wouldn't have been any security breaches.
Your resistance to Starfleet regulations is part of the problem.
There might be a simpler explanation, Commander.
Starfleet decided to bring in someone they could trust,
someone besides the shape-shifter.
This is not a racial issue, Odo.
l understand how you must feel, and l...
Commander, l don't require your understanding.
My resignation will be logged within the hour.
- Hey, l thought you were unpacking. - l am.
l was, but l kept looking at the replicator and...
You had to have some l'danian spice pudding.
l couldn't get a decent bowl on Earth.
That didn't stop you from ordering it at every replicator you saw.
So, is it good to be home?
l can't wait to sleep in my own bed again.
- l wonder when that happened. - What?
When did l start thinking of this Cardassian monstrosity as home?
l think it happened last Thursday, around 1 700 hours.
When you took this stuff out of storage back on Earth.
That's a 2,000-year-old Yoruba mask,
and that ''stuff'' is one of the finest collections
of ancient African art you'll ever see.
l know. And l know how much it means to you.
But to me this will always be the stuff in your library at home.
When you took it out of storage so you could bring it here,
it meant that Earth wasn't home anymore, this was.
So, what do you think?
Odo, there you are.
l've talked to the Provisional Government.
They want you to go with us to the Gamma Quadrant
as an official Bajoran representative.
- l'm no diplomat. - That's why they want you to go.
lf we locate the Founders, we'll need more than diplomacy.
We'll need to see what kind of threat they pose to Bajor, analyse...
You're the military expert, Major, not me.
And l doubt that the Provisional Government contacted you
and asked for my presence on this mission.
lf l'm not mistaken, this is a misguided attempt to make me feel better.
Maybe it is.
Maybe l'm your friend.
Maybe l want you to see that you are still needed here,
no matter what some idiot Starfleet admiral might think.
The Defiant leaves at 700 hours.
l'm a little confused, Commander.
You want me to go with you to the Gamma Quadrant
to help you locate the Founders?
See? lt's not so confusing after all.
You're joking, aren't you?
- l'm serious. - You can't be.
l'm not a diplomat, or an explorer,
or a tactical officer, or whatever you might need on this trip.
Now, if you need a caterer,
l'll loan you a new replicator that l just got from...
Eight months ago, you helped the Nagus
establish a trade agreement with the Karemma -
tulaberry wine, l believe.
The Karemma are part of the Dominion.
A minor part, a very minor part.
They might still be able to help us contact the Founders.
You're experienced in dealing with the Karemma.
You're the logical person...
My brother Rom would be better suited for this mission.
- Not Rom, you. - But why?
Rom only has a son to think about, l have a business.
l'm sorry, Commander, but l must refuse.
My last experience with the Jem'Hadar was not pleasant,
and l have no intention of repeating it.
Now, there's no way you can legally force me to do this.
The sceptre of the Grand Nagus.
l discussed this mission with him on my way back from Earth.
He agreed with me -
unless peaceful contact can be established with the Founders,
business opportunities in the Gamma Quadrant might dry up.
He also agreed that you are the perfect man to help me.
- l don't believe it. - Which is why he sent this along.
He thought it might convince you of the high value
he holds for the success of this mission.
Now, are you going to defy the wishes of the Grand Nagus himself?
No, no, of course not. l'm happy to serve the Nagus any way l can.
Thanks, Quark. l knew l could count on you.
Quark, aren't you forgetting something?
l thought you'd like to know, the Defiant will be ready at 0700 hours.
- Did it pass the Chief's inspection? - Does anything?
He has a long maintenance list,
but he said it'll take us where we're going.
- And back, l hope. - He said that was up to you.
l'd never have volunteered unless l thought we could come back.
How often did Curzon tell you, Never volunteer for anything?
Curzon broke that rule a few times himself.
- And regretted it every time. - This is different.
l'd be regretting it even more if we just waited around for an invasion.
Starfleet must have run at least 200 probability studies on this mission.
What are the odds we succeed?
But better odds than fighting off a Jem'Hadar assault on this station.
lf the station falls, then Bajor falls,
and l will not let that happen.
You know, after Jennifer died
l never thought l'd see you so passionate about something again.
Two months ago, l would've agreed with you.
Then l went back to Earth,
and l spent all those weeks debriefing at Starfleet Headquarters.
And l... l used to get a thrill just walking into that building.
l'd look at the Admirals and think, ''One day that's going to be me.
''One day l'm the one that's going to be making the big decisions.''
Curzon always thought that was funny.
Did he?
What l mean is, he could never see a set of Admiral's stars on your collar.
He thought that just making the decisions would never satisfy you.
You had to implement them, see the results,
face the consequences.
Curzon always thought you were the kind of man
who had to be in the thick of things,
not behind some desk at Headquarters.
He was a smart old man, wasn't he?
He liked to think so.
You'd better get a good night's sleep.
l was just about to say the same to you.
l'll see you in the morning, Benjamin.
The medical database is practically nonexistent.
l've downloaded many of my files from the station,
but this ship wasn't designed to handle many casualties.
Let's hope your new database won't be put to the test.
- Yes, sir. - Quark is settling into his quarters.
He asked me to relay his disappointment in the accommodations,
and to inform you that he'll get you in touch
with several reputable interior decorators for a modest fee.
l'll take his offer under advisement.
- Stand by to get underway. - Tactical and Communications ready.
- Navigation and Operations ready. - Weapons ready.
lmpulse engines on line, warp power available.
Very well.
Seal the airlock, release docking clamps...
Just a moment, sir. There's someone in the airlock.
lt's Odo.
Sisko to Odo. ls there a problem, Constable?
No, Commander. l would like permission to come aboard.
l'm here at the request of the Bajoran government.
- Permission granted. - Thank you, sir.
Dax, we must arrange some quarters for the Constable.
l'll do it. l need to go down to what is laughingly called the sickbay.
Odo's aboard, sir. The airlock's clear.
Release docking clamps, aft thrusters at one quarter,
port and starboard at station keeping.
- We've cleared the station. - Lay in a course to the wormhole.
l want to cloak when we reach the Gamma Quadrant.
Course laid in, sir.
The cloaking device is operating within normal parameters.
Set course for the Karemma system, warp seven.
- Aye, sir. - Engage.
- ls this the best you can do? - l'm afraid so.
Most of the crew quarters don't have life supports yet.
Besides, we'd all feel better with someone here to watch over Quark.
- l take that as a personal insult, Doctor. - You should.
Now, l think l'll let you two bunkmates get more comfortable.
Am l glad to see you.
l've been stuck in this miserable hole ever since l came aboard.
Bunk beds, no view,
and l can't tell you what came out of the replicator when l asked for synthehol.
So, what's your role on this little adventure?
Providing security, no doubt?
Well, of course you are. l mean, why else would you be here?
l feel much safer now, just knowing you're along, because l know...
l have been holding this shape for 1 6 hours.
l have to revert back to my liquid state,
but l don't want you to watch and gawk at me.
l understand, completely.
This is a very private moment, and l won't interfere.
This won't be so bad, sharing...
l have no interest in speaking to you,
or in listening to your witless prattle.
So stay out of my way,
or you'll regret the day you ever met me.
Commander, long-range sensors have picked up
two Jem'Hadar warships directly ahead.
- They're heading this way at warp five. - How close will they pass us?
1 00,000 kilometres.
That's within range of their weapons.
- Should l alter course? - No.
We need to know if they can see through the cloaking device.
- Maintain course and speed. Red Alert. - Aye, sir.
Here they come. They'll pass us in five seconds.
On screen.
Track them.
They're continuing along their original heading.
No indication that they saw us.
Wait. They're changing course, heading this way.
- They must've seen us. - They're powering their weapons.
Prepare to decloak. Lock phasers...
- No. We may not have been detected. - Explain.
A cloaked ship radiates a subspace variance at warp speeds.
l've never heard of that.
lt's not something we've been eager to reveal.
l suggest dropping out of warp. That will eliminate the variance.
When they reach our position, they'll find nothing.
- Do it. - All stop.
They're sweeping the area with an anti-proton scan.
They're being very thorough about it.
Will an anti-proton scan penetrate the cloak?
- That's a good question. - l'm not sure.
They're getting closer.
The Defiant's power signature is unusually high for a ship this size.
The cloaking device may not be masking everything.
Cut main power.
The other one has broken off its search. lt's headed this way.
Stand by weapons and shields.
They've gone into warp and resumed their original course.
The first thing to go right in the Gamma Quadrant in a long time.
Let's hope it's not the last.
Ship's log, stardate 4821 2.4.
We have arrived and are talking to one of Quark's business partners
in an effort to contact the Founders of the Dominion.
The Grand Nagus himself has sent me as an emissary on his behalf.
lf you aid us in our mission, l am authorised
to increase our purchases of tulaberry wine
from the Karemma by 3%.
Looks like a poly-duranium alloy blend.
lnteresting, but the metal has no real value.
A 3% increase is negligible.
l have considerable leeway to bargain in this circumstance.
- Name your terms. - Nothing, nothing, nothing.
The terms are not the issue.
l cannot help you locate the Founders
because l don't know who they are or if they exist. Nothing.
Ah, here's something interesting.
lt appears to be diamide-laced beritium.
- l'll give you 52 diraks for it. - Done.
- Quark. - One bargain at a time, Ornithar.
- We were talking about the Founders. - There is nothing further to say.
lf the Founders exist, they do not wish to be contacted.
That is good enough for me.
Who's your contact in the Dominion,
regarding administration, trade, defence?
Our only contact has been through the Vorta.
l have no idea who they report to.
All l know is that the Vorta say to do something, and you do it.
lf you do not, they will send in the Jem'Hadar.
And then you die.
Will you put us in contact with the Vorta?
We do as we're told, nothing more.
We have not been told to help you.
You haven't been told not to either.
No, but l prefer to be cautious.
ln this case, being cautious will cost you a substantial profit.
The Ferengi will cease purchasing tulaberry wine immediately.
lf you lost a contract with the Alpha Quadrant,
it might displease the Vorta.
They may even send the Jem'Hadar to find out what happened.
l will need to access one of our computers on the surface.
This is the Callinon System.
The Dominion maintains an unmanned subspace relay on the seventh planet.
The Vorta told us to direct all communications there.
Where the messages are sent after that is not our concern.
What is that?
lt is the Omarion Nebula.
The Omarion Nebula.
lf there is nothing else, l would like to leave now.
- Of course. - Commander...
l have fulfilled my role on this mission, so if you don't mind...
- You want to stay behind. - That was our agreement.
How can you be sure he won't turn you over to the Dominion?
He may serve the Dominion,
but l'm lining his pockets with latinum.
l'll book passage on the next ship going through the wormhole,
and l'll make a profit in the process.
All right, Quark. Good luck.
Same to you, Commander.
Lay in a course for the Callinon System.
Aye, sir.
Come in.
- Did l wake you? - Not quite.
- What can l do for you, Major? - lt's about Odo.
- You're worried about him. - ls it that obvious?
No, l'm worried about him too.
But at the moment, l don't know what to do about it.
Can l speak freely?
What is wrong with Starfleet? How could they do this to him?
This has been a long time coming.
Starfleet have been pressing me to replace him for two years.
Because he worked for the Cardassians.
lt goes deeper than that. Odo is no team player.
Because sometimes he doesn't go through the proper channels?
That's a start. Odo enjoys thumbing his nose at authority.
He files reports when he feels like it.
His respect for the chain of command is minimal.
- He gets the job done. - Starfleet likes team players.
Starfleet likes the chain of command, and so do l.
- You agree with their decision? - No, but l understand it.
After this mission, you're going to let him go?
l want him to stay as much as you do, but he has to want to stay.
Bridge to Commander Sisko. We've reached the Callinon System.
On my way.
Ship's log, supplemental.
The Defiant has cloaked and assumed standard orbit.
l'll send Dax and O'Brien to survey the relay station on the surface.
lt looks like Ornithar was telling the truth
when he said the relay station was unmanned.
Also, there are few security measures in place.
Get in, find what we need, and get out.
- Understood. - On your way.
The transporter will need six seconds to beam them down.
l want to decloak for exactly six seconds.
Dax to Bridge. We're ready, Benjamin.
All right. Disengage cloak.
- They're on the surface. - Were we scanned during transport?
- l don't think so. - Dax to Defiant.
We're in what seems to be the central computer room.
The user interface is unusual, but l think we can access it.
Keep us posted.
- l'm into the main directory. - That was fast.
Yes, it was. A bit too fast if you ask me.
Any sign that we've tripped some kind of security protocol?
No, l still have access to everything.
Then let's get the information and get out of here.
That's fine with me.
l should've taken Quark up on his offer for a new replicator.
- Sir? - Nothing.
Let's make good use of this time. Begin a level three diagnostic...
Dax to Defiant. We have something.
We've accessed a communications log of outgoing transmissions.
lt looks like 80% of the outgoing traffic is sent to one location.
lt's my guess it's either another relay station or a command centre.
- Do you have the coordinates? - l'm sending them to you now.
- We've lost contact with them. - Get them out of there.
l can't. A shield has appeared around the outpost.
l can't get through it.
Three Jem'Hadar ships are heading this way.
Can we punch through the security shield before they get here?
l'm not sure.
We will have to decloak.
That means we'll be seen by the Jem'Hadar.
We must do something.
That's exactly what we should do -
leave them. We came here to locate the Founders,
not to fight the Jem'Hadar over two expendable crew members.
No one is expendable.
The Jem'Hadar will be in orbit in 30 seconds.
- Prepare to leave orbit. - Commander...
As you were, Doctor.
Lay in a course to the coordinates Dax sent us.
- Course laid in. - Warp seven. Engage.
What do you think will happen to Dax and O'Brien?
They'll be held for interrogation.
Dax will use the opportunity to try to contact the Founders.
l intend to do the same.
Sisko to Odo. Report to the bridge, Constable.
l want to discuss the security arrangements for...
l'm presently indisposed. Please find someone else for the job.
- That doesn't sound like Odo. - No, it doesn't.
- l'd better have a talk with him. - Let me, sir.
l think he'll listen to me.
Three Jem'Hadar ships have entered sensor range,
bearing 037, mark 21 5.
- Any sign they've detected us? - Negative.
Bring us out of warp, then cut main power.
We'll wait until they pass.
Odo, it's time we had a talk.
l'm not going to the bridge, so you can save your breath.
And l would appreciate being left alone right now.
You've been alone, and it hasn't done any good.
Maybe it's time to stop brooding and start talking.
- Are you the ship's counsellor now? - No, l'm your friend.
You know, the one who comes to you when she needs help.
l'm trying to return the favour.
You can return the favour by giving me a shuttlecraft and letting me go.
Go? Go where? We're in the heart of the Dominion.
Where do you think you're going to go?
The Omarion Nebula.
- Why? - l'm not sure why.
l just know l have to, that's all.
You're going to have to do a lot better than that.
Odo, talk to me.
Tell me what's going on.
Ever since we've come into the Gamma Quadrant
l've had this feeling of being drawn somewhere,
pulled by some instinct to a specific place.
The Omarion Nebula.
- Why there? - l don't know.
All right.
Once we've contacted the Founders, l'm sure Commander Sisko...
No, not after we've contacted the Founders, now.
- l have to leave now. - Look, l understand.
This is important to you, but we have a mission to...
Direct hit on the port nacelle.
How did they see through the cloaking device?
They might have analysed the information from their scan
and found a way to penetrate the cloak.
Save the speculation for later.
Disengage cloak, raise shields and fire on my command.
Communications and long-range sensors are out.
- Status of the warp drive? - The power coupling is destroyed.
l'm trying to reroute main power.
He's gone. l'll take the helm.
l'm locking onto the lead ship. Ready? Fire.
The other two are moving out of phaser range.
They're coming back for another pass but they're moving slower now.
They'll be more cautious this time.
Doctor, use evasive pattern delta-five.
We need to keep them off balance until we get warp power back.
- Are you all right? - Just a few bruises.
Kira to Bridge.
Kira to Bridge.
We have to get up there.
T'Rul, where's my warp power?
l can't get the phase inducers to align with the ODN matrices...
Three more Jem'Hadar warships approaching!
Full impulse, get us out of here.
- We've lost main power. - We have to get to a shuttle.
Our duty is to get to defend the ship.
lf main power is out, then the shields are out, Kira.
The ship is defenceless.
Main power is off-line. The shields have collapsed.
l've lost helm control. lnertial dampers failing.
Ready escape pods, stand by to abandon ship.
Where am l?
You're in a shuttlecraft.
You were wounded. Try not to move around.
Odo, what happened? We were under attack?
The ship was boarded. You were wounded in the attack.
l managed to get us to this shuttlecraft,
but l don't know much more than that.
The last time l saw the Defiant
she was dead in space and surrounded by Jem'Hadar ships.
Sisko? Bashir?
l don't know.
- Where are we? - Approaching the Omarion Nebula.
You should have taken us back to the wormhole.
- You didn't object. - l was unconscious.
Have you found anything?
There's a class-M planet, no star system. A rogue planet?
Welcome home.

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