l didn't expect to find you here.
l thought you'd be on the Promenade helping Mardah
with the decorations for the Bajoran Gratitude Festival.
That was the plan,
but it turns out l don't have much to be grateful for.
- lsn't that the earring you... - l bought for Mardah.
You want it? You could give it to Major Kira for her birthday.
All right... Tell me about it.
Mardah's gone, Dad.
She got accepted to the Science Academy on Regulus lll.
- That's a good school. - lt's 300 light years away.
You're 1 6. Take my word for it, you'll survive.
Sooner or later, you'll find someone else.
Who knows? Maybe you'll find someone tonight at the Festival.
Yeah, sure.
The point of the Festival is to make a new start.
l could use one.
- OK, l'll go. - That's the spirit.
But l'm not going to have fun.
- Nervous, Chief? - What are you talking about?
That's your fifth cup of coffee in 20 minutes.
- l didn't realise you were keeping track. - Nervous and irascible.
lf you hadn't seen your wife and child for two months, you'd be irascible too.
l'm looking forward to Keiko and Molly's visit as much as you are.
How many games of racquetball have we played?
l don't know. 1 5, maybe 20.
Try 70. l've been keeping track of that, too.
And you know what those games have proved?
l'm a poor substitute for your wife.
l could have told you that 60 games ago.
They're only going to be here for two days.
That's barely time to say hello.
And then they're back to Bajor for four more months.
Four months. That's 1 50 games of racquetball.
My elbow can't take that kind of abuse.
Maybe you can convince her to stay.
No, l can't do that.
l'm the one who suggested she go on that agrobiology expedition.
We just have to make the best of the time we have.
Which means...we can't waste a second of the next two days.
"Peldor joi," Odo.
"Peldor joi" to you too, Major.
lt's hard to believe the Promenade is this empty at midday.
Calm before the storm.
ln a few hours it will be packed with Bajorans celebrating the Festival.
Actually, l was thinking of joining you this year.
- Really? - l don't see why not.
None of my deputies work during the Gratitude Festival. Why should l?
Besides, if l'm going to live here with you humanoids,
l may as well immerse myself in your rituals.
- Then we'll see each other later. - l'd like that...
if you're not too busy being the Presider of the Festival.
For you, l will make the time, Odo.
Just look for me. l'll be with Bareil.
l thought he'd be celebrating the Festival on Bajor.
So did l, l'm glad l was wrong. He's arriving on the next shuttle.
You'd better go. lt will be here soon.
You are right. l'll see you at the festival.
- Chief? - Major.
- Good luck. - You too.
Nerys. l'm so glad to see you.
- l've missed you. - l've missed you too.
Miles? Miles?
l'm so glad to see you.
l've had the worst trip.
Really? l'm sorry to hear that. Everything is going to be great.
Hello, sweetie. You ready to have a great time with your Dad?
- No. - Why not?
l don't feel so good.
Really? Tell Daddy what's wrong.
Oh. You poor dear. l should never have given you all that candy.
l usually drop by Quark's three or four times a day at intervals,
to let him know l'm thinking about him.
But seeing today is a holiday,
and he'll be busier than usual,
l suggest you station a man there full-time.
l think that covers it.
l'll be on the Promenade.
But don't call unless it's an emergency.
The constable will be occupied.
Madame Ambassador...
Do we have to be so formal?
Didn't they teach manners
at Starfleet Academy?
Be a dear. Run along.
We have a lot of catching up to do.
Come back in five minutes.
Make that half an hour.
So, what brings you to the station?
Officially, l'm here as the Betazoid representative to the Gratitude Festival.
But the truth is, l came to see you.
You poor, sweet, tortured man.
Excuse me?
l know the torment you must be going through.
To spend your life searching for your people
only to discover that they're the leaders of that awful Dominion.
- You heard about that? - Odo, don't worry.
l'm here to help you.
What kind of help do you mean?
A sympathetic ear. A shoulder to cry on.
A lap to melt in.
That's very considerate of you, but unnecessary.
My people are who they are, and l am who l am.
- l have learned to accept that. - You brave soul.
Why don't we go someplace quiet and you can tell me all about it?
Actually, l was planning to attend
the opening of the Gratitude Festival this afternoon.
Well, even better.
First, a little fun and relaxation,
and then we can delve into the depths of your pain.
l'll freshen up. l'll meet you in front of the Bajoran Temple
for the Presider's opening address.
l promise you, Odo. You'll never be alone again.
Level 23, Section 8.
We need to see each other more often.
l wish we both weren't so busy.
l never expected Kai Winn to make me one of her principal advisors.
She asks your advice so she can do the opposite of what you recommend.
l know you don't like Winn,
but the office has changed her. The Prophets chose well.
So why don't we leave spiritual matters in their capable hands
and concentrate on enjoying ourselves?
l have to go.
But the Festival doesn't start for an hour.
l have to set up the Renewal Scrolls along the Promenade.
lt won't take long. Jadzia will help me.
Jadzia, of course...
l've never understood how the two of you could be such good friends.
She's so unpredictable and you're so...
- Predictable? - l didn't mean it like that.
She can spend so much more time with you than l do.
Jadzia and l have been doing this for the past two years.
lt's becoming a tradition.
l was hoping we could start a few traditions of our own.
We will. Later tonight.
ls she asleep?
Looks like the medicine Dr Bashir prescribed is working
That's a relief.
- Rough trip? - lt was a disaster.
l thought it would never end.
- l'm glad you're home. - Me too.
We should get ready for the Festival.
- The babysitter will be here any minute. - Ah, the Festival.
On the other hand...
we could spend the rest of the day locked away in our quarters.
What l really want to do is sleep.
Then maybe you should.
l just meant l could use some.
That's OK. lf you need to sleep, go ahead. l'll understand.
No, you won't. You'll be disappointed
and you'll start brooding and stomping around like an Andorian Bull.
Look, go or stay, sleep or don't, it's all the same to me.
Just tell me what you want to do and we'll do it.
l've been making decisions all day long. You decide.
OK. We'll go to the Festival. But we don't have to go right away.
You can relax and change into something nice.
Yeah, like your red dress.
My red dress? Really?
ls there something wrong with your red dress?
No, it's just a little tight, that's all.
That's why l like it.
lf it will make you happy, l'll wear it.
Forget the red dress. Wear whatever you want.
Look, let's just try to enjoy the next two days.
l'll change into something nice and we'll go to the Festival, OK?
l can hardly wait.
{y:i}Tesra Peldor...
{y:i}impatri bren.
{y:i}Bentel vetan...
{y:i}ullon sten.
And now, l have the honour
of placing the first Renewal Scroll into the fire.
As the Scrolls burn, may our troubles turn to ashes with them.
And now, for the next 26 hours,
l expect you all to enjoy yourselves. l know l will.
May the Prophets walk with us.
Jake, you all right?
Just felt funny there for a second.
You sure you're all right?
Yeah, Dad.
Never felt better.
- Bareil? What are you looking for? - Hm?
Oh, nothing. Just... Just looking.
{y:i}Peldor joi.
Jake, how thoughtful. Thank you.
l know you're busy, but can l talk to you?
- Sure. - ln private. lt's kind of personal.
Oh. Er...l'll be right back.
- Now, Jake, what can l do for you? - l need some advice.
There's this older woman and l think we're perfect for each other.
- And she doesn't. - l don't know what she thinks.
My advice to you is to tell Mardah how you feel.
- We broke up. - You broke up? Then who?
- You. - Me?
l love you, Nerys.
Want to go out with me?
lt's hard to believe that a handsome guy like you
could have so many problems.
My advice is to burn this as quickly as possible and don't look back.
- Sage advice. - Vedek Bareil, it's good to see you.
You have such a wise, generous spirit.
l only wish l had a friend like you.
- l think of you as a friend. - Do you mean that?
Of course.
l'm glad.
Because l was hoping that you and l could get to know each other better.
A lot better.
Excuse me.
l love Bajoran music.
lt's so intelligent, so vital. lt reminds me of you.
- Dance with me, Odo. - l'm sorry. l don't dance.
Nonsense. l saw you moving to the music.
That wasn't dancing. That was swaying.
Then sway with me, Odo. Sway with me.
l just remembered, l'm needed in Security.
l'll come with you.
Hello, Lieutenant. Having a good time?
That's right. Genuine latinum-plated Renewal Scroll inscription pens.
Blessed by Vedek Redab himself, shortly before he passed away.
Each pen is engraved with the words
''Deep Space 9's Third Annual Gratitude Festival'', today's date,
and a lovely portrait of the station by Ermat Zimm.
So get them while you can, they will become collector's items.
So, should we take a walk on the Promenade for a little while?
l'd rather stay here.
l never thought l'd say this, but l kind of miss Quark's.
The noise, the excitement, our table.
You know... l haven't sat here since you've been gone.
- That's so sweet. - So how is the survey going?
The terrain is rougher than we expected,
the ecosystem is a lot more diverse than it looked from the orbital scans.
- lt's been pretty gruelling. - Really?
Don't get me wrong, l'm having a wonderful time.
That's good.
There is one problem l have to talk to you about.
lt looks like the project is taking longer than we hoped.
- What do you mean, longer? - You have to understand.
Every valley has an entirely different ecosystem.
- There is a lot of work to be done. - How much longer is it going to take?
l'm not sure.
Try a guess. An extra couple of days, a week or two?
More like two or three months.
You're telling me you're going to be on Bajor for another seven months?
lt's either that or ask them to find another botanist.
Maybe that's something worth considering.
Are you asking me to resign?
No. But seven more months?
- l don't like this either. - You said you're having a great time.
l'm sorry. l suppose you'd be happier if l was miserable?
l didn't say that.
Sebarr was right. l never should have mentioned it.
Who's Sebarr?
He's one of the zoologists.
He warned me not to talk to you until after the Gratitude Festival.
- Who's he to be giving you advice? - He's a friend.
A friend? l thought you were down there working.
We are working.
With time out for intimate chats about our relationship.
What else do you tell him about us?
Miles, you're behaving like a child. What do you want me to say?
l want you to say that you're not going back,
that you're going to stay here with me.
Right now, l don't even want to sit at the same table with you.
Fine. Go on.
Leave. Go back to Bajor and your plants and Sebarr.
See if l care.
Whoa. Slow down.
- Hi, Dad. - l've been looking all over for you.
We are hosting a Gratitude dinner in the wardroom.
- l could use help. - l'm busy. l have to find someone.
Major Kira? l just spoke to her.
- Really? Where is she? - Hold on.
You were right about me meeting someone at the Festival.
- l did not mean Major Kira. - You like her, don't you?
- Of course l like her. - So do l.
Jake, what you are feeling now is just a crush.
Look, Jake...
Right now you're confused, vulnerable, hurt.
- You miss Mardah... - Mardah was a mistake.
She was too young, too immature for me. Major Kira is a woman.
Major Kira is in love with Vedek Bareil.
lt won't last. He is always on Bajor.
She needs someone who can be with her all the time. Like me.
l don't want to see you hurt again.
l appreciate that, but this is between Nerys and me.
Don't worry. Everything is going to be fine. Thanks.
l really can't accept this.
lt's my gift to you.
That's thoughtful, but l have nothing to give in return.
Being with you is the only present l need.
Now, come on. Let's go write our Renewal Scrolls.
"Peldor joi," Chief.
- You look terrible. - Just a little headache, that's all.
- Here, have a free pen. - What for?
To write down your problems on a Renewal Scroll.
There isn't a Scroll long enough.
Really? l thought you could sum them up with one word -
Tell me l am wrong.
lf you ask me, it's your own fault.
You never should have let her go to Bajor.
Should l have forced her to stay with me?
That would have been a good start.
You humans never learn.
You let your women go out in public, hold jobs, wear clothing,
and you wonder why your marriages fall apart.
That's your solution? Treat women like property?
Criticise it all you want.
But on the Ferengi homeworld, husbands and wives never argue.
There's no divorce, no broken homes...
nothing but peaceful conjugal bliss.
lf Ferengi marriages are so wonderful, why are you still single?
l haven't met the right woman yet.
Well, l have. She just walked out that door.
And out of your life.
Not if l can help it.
Bareil. l was wondering where you disappeared to.
You can do better than that.
Someone might see us.
We are the only people here.
Everyone else is on the Promenade.
We have two hours before we're supposed to join Sisko for dinner.
That gives us some time to be alone together.
- l can't. - Why not?
l have to find Jadzia.
Jadzia? ls there something wrong?
Not at all. Do you know where she is?
She is probably on the Promenade.
She wasn't there last time l looked.
Why is it important for you to see Jadzia?
l'll explain everything later.
- Thank you, Nerys. - For what?
For being such a good friend.
Dax, what are you doing here?
l thought you might need help getting ready.
Thanks, but that won't be necessary.
Wouldn't you rather be on the Promenade?
No, l don't want to run into Vedek Bareil.
ls there a problem between you?
He can't keep his hands off me.
That doesn't sound like Vedek Bareil.
l couldn't believe it myself, but he wouldn't leave me alone.
He is probably still out there looking for me.
Have you told Kira?
l don't know how. lt's gonna break her heart.
Someone has to tell her.
- Do you want me to do it? - Would you?
lf you think that's the best way to handle it.
l'd really appreciate it. l mean, the whole thing is ridiculous.
How could l be interested in Bareil?
We both know. lt's always been you.
Dax? What are you doing?
Making myself comfortable.
Have l ever told you that you smell wonderful?
You know, old man, l have to admit
you had me going there for a minute.
Benjamin, stop acting so coy. There's no one around.
l have an idea. You cancel the party,
and then that way we can spend the evening alone together.
What do you say?
- Sisko to Bashir. - Go ahead, Commander.
Meet me in the lnfirmary immediately.
Her vital signs are normal. Her brain activity is normal.
No sign of infection or intoxication of any kind.
- She's the picture of health. - l told you.
Then why did you put your head on my chest?
You should have seen his face. You were this far away from total panic.
We've both been victims of a joke.
At least someone around here has a sense of humour.
See you at the party, Julian.
l've never been so embarrassed, making me go through all those tests.
You took this one too far, Dax.
lf l didn't love you so much, l'd be angry with you.
See you at the party.
You look like you could use a little cheering up.
Do me a favour. Leave me alone.
- Hi, sweetie. Feeling better? - Lots better.
That's what l wanted to hear.
- Where's Mummy? - ln her room. Sad.
Why don't you play with Piggy in your room for a while
and we'll see if Daddy can cheer Mummy up?
- lt's me. Can l come in? - Not now, Miles.
You're right. l'm an idiot, sometimes.
When l don't get my way, l can be selfish, childish and pigheaded.
l said some things that were pretty stupid.
l wish l could take them back.
But even if it's too late for that, there is one thing l want you to know.
l love you. l always have, and l always will.
l've left a letter of resignation on Sisko's desk.
l am ready to move to Bajor with you tomorrow, if you'll have me.
And if you want to move back to Earth, that's OK too.
l'll do whatever it takes.
l just don't want to lose you.
Honey, did you hear what l said?
- Yes. - And?
And l need time to think.
Why don't you go to Commander Sisko's party?
We can talk when you get back.
lf that's what you want.
Major, aren't you headed in the wrong direction?
l'm not going to Commander Sisko's party.
- Why ever not? - Because Bareil will be there.
l thought you two were very happy together.
lt turns out he'd rather be with Dax than me.
And l have Jake Sisko chasing me, professing his undying love.
Strange. Jadzia had Sisko convinced that she was in love with him.
He had me examine her. Apparently, it was only a joke.
Are you sure? People are acting very strangely today.
Maybe l should take another look at Jadzia's test results.
Constable, would you tell Commander Sisko that l'll be a little late?
- l should be getting to the lnfirmary. - l'll join you.
Maybe you should examine Bareil and Jake while you're at it.
That wouldn't be a bad idea.
This won't take long.
What is it, Odo?
l can't read your emotions, but l can read your expression.
Tell me what's bothering you. lt would help you.
When something bothers me, l'll let you know.
Why do l find stubborn men so attractive?
Would you please stop following me?
Gladly, if you just stop running away.
l have something very important to talk to you about.
Discuss it with Major Kira. l'm not interested.
You promised that Nerys would be here.
She will. And stop calling her Nerys.
{y:i}Peldor joi.
l didn't realise you and Lieutenant Dax were that close.
We are not. Sisko to Bashir.
Computer, locate Dr Bashir.
Dr Bashir is in the lnfirmary.
Constable, go get Dr Bashir and bring him here immediately.
- l'll be right back. - l'll go with you.
Of course you will.
l wonder what Commander Sisko wanted?
lt can wait.
- This is very embarrassing. - We have to stop.
Commander Sisko needs to see you in the Wardroom.
Tell him... l'll be there shortly.
- Now, Doctor! - You'd better go.
{y:i}Peldor joi.
Please, Commander, step aside. l need to speak to Jadzia.
l don't think she wants to speak with you.
- You tell him, Benjamin. - l only want to give her this.
A Bajoran betrothal bracelet?
- lt's been in my family for generations. - Can l see that?
Nerys, am l glad to see you.
- Doctor, l need your help. - l need yours too.
You've got to get me away from Kira. l can't keep my hands off her.
And l can't keep my hands off him.
l can't explain it either.
She doesn't love me.
You're better off. They only break your heart.
Although sometimes it's worth it.
What do you think?
You're beautiful.
Did you really mean it about turning in your resignation?
You'd better get it back before Commander Sisko sees it.
lt was very nice of you to offer.
l love you so much.
Commander, here's that l'danian spice pudding you ordered.
This is a token of my affection.
No, you don't.
- Bareil, listen to me. - l'll fight for her if l have to.
l'm sorry, Benjamin. He was just starting to annoy me.
Commander, you throw one hell of a party.
Pudding, anyone? l've got l'danian spice pudding.
Are you all right?
Pudding anyone?
- Pudding anyone? - No, thank you.
- l'll take one. - Help yourself.
Why did she hit me?
Forget about him. What about me? l need you, Keiko.
My ears tingle at the sight of you. Marry me.
She's taken, Quark.
Easy, Chief. He doesn't know what he's doing.
What are you looking at me for?
Zanthi fever? That's ridiculous, that's impossible.
That only effects older Betazoids.
That may be, but you show all the symptoms.
Zanthi fever is a virus which effects the empathic abilities of...
mature Betazoids.
lt causes them to project their emotions onto others.
Then Mrs Troi's amorous feelings for... someone on the station,
were being passed along to people around her.
Only those in close proximity to her when she had an attack.
And there would have had to been some pre-existing latent attraction.
- You're saying Dax... - Only on a subconscious level.
Best not think about it too much.
l'm terribly sorry, Commander.
l hope l haven't caused too much trouble.
l'm sure no permanent harm is done. Right, Doctor?
A simple antiviral agent should cure Mrs Troi,
and everyone else will be back to normal in a day or two.
l'm meeting Nerys in her quarters this evening.
You ought to postpone that visit for a day or two.
Commander's log, supplemental.
Dr Bashir's diagnosis has been proven correct.
My son and all the others affected by Mrs Troi's condition
have made full recoveries.
This is one Gratitude Festival they'll be talking about for a long time.
l know l'll never forget it.
l hope everything works out for you, Odo...
with Major Kira.
l don't know what you mean.
Don't worry. Your secret is safe with me.
After all, l know what it's like to be attracted to someone
who doesn't necessarily feel the same way.
lf you get tired of waiting for her...
you know where to find me.
l'll keep that in mind.
You're sure Dr Bashir said your test results were negative?
My headache was just a headache.
l never was affected by Mrs Troi.
l guess that means you don't have a latent attraction to me after all.
Nothing latent about it.
Weren't you paying attention last night?
l was. You still have the touch, O'Brien.
So do you.
- Take good care of Mummy, honey. - l will.
- See you in a few months. - l'll be here.

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