O'Brien to Sisko.
Go ahead.
We've swept all of Level 17. No sign of the changeling.
Move down to 18.
We'll meet you there
after we finish checking the guest quarters.
Watch yourself, Chief.
This changeling knows the station as well as we do.
He could be anywhere... or anything.
Aye, Major.
We found him!
He's headed to the Promenade!
All right, I want phaser sweeps of everything on the Promenade.
He's here somewhere. Let's find him.
On three.
One... two...
Bang. You're dead.
And so is Dr. Bashir.
Computer, elapsed time?
Three hours, 27 minutes.
That's not good enough.
If one of my people were loose on the station for that long
there's no telling how much damage they could do.
Schedule another surprise drill.
If the Dominion tries to infiltrate the station
I want to be ready for them.
And remind everyone
that next time, they'd better sweep everything.
A changeling can be anything-- a post, a pillar
even a patch of reflective surfacing.
We get the message, Constable.
I hope so, Chief.
Just remember that the Founders
are even better shape-shifters than I am.
Excuse me.
If you're done scaring my customers away
I'd like to open the bar.
Go right ahead.
Thank you.
it just occurred to me that, if I knew in advance
just how long it will take
for them to catch you during the next drill...
Well, let's just say
you and I could share a substantial profit.
Think about it.
Performance reviews will be held tomorrow
starting at 0800 hours in the Wardroom.
Check your team leaders for the schedule.
How about some dinner?
Oh, not tonight.
I have a previous engagement.
Oh, that's right--
Captain Yates got in this morning.
Give her my regards.
I will.
Come in.
Hello, Ben.
I hope I'm not too late.
Some things are worth waiting for.
I'm glad you like it.
For you.
Isn't that a coincidence?
I have something for you, too.
Where did you find Tholian silk?
The Tholian Ambassador owed me a favor.
May l?
It's... not silk
but l-l think you'll like it.
It's from my brother's team.
The Pike City Pioneers.
My brother says if you're ever on Cestus Ill
he'll get you seats in the dugout.
How far is Cestus Ill?
Eight weeks, at maximum warp.
To see a real baseball game...
it might be worth the trip.
If you ever decide to go, I'll take you there myself...
as long as you don't mind traveling by freighter.
I just might take you up on that.
Did you do this all yourself?
Well, my father always says the way to a woman's heart
is through her stomach.
So it's my heart you're after.
I never could keep a secret.
In that case, uh, maybe you could tell me
what all those maintenance crews are doing in the docking ring.
Just some retrofitting.
Now you are keeping a secret.
Let's just say... we're preparing a few surprises
just in case the Dominion comes through the wormhole.
It seems like everyone's got the Dominion
on their minds these days.
I hear the Cardassians have even sealed their borders.
What do you say we forget about... business for a while?
I'd say that's a good idea.
Dax to Sisko.
Go ahead.
I think you'd better get up here.
On my way.
I'll be back as... soon as I can.
I know you will.
Benjamin, take a look at this.
We've got some unexpected company.
It's just de-cloaked.
Ah, the new Klingon flagship.
The Negh'Var.
There's a General Martok on board asking to speak with you.
Put him through.
Captain Sisko, I bring you greetings
from your allies in the Klingon Empire.
Welcome to Deep Space 9, General.
Is there something I can do for you?
It has been a long journey.
My men require shore leave.
Certainly. They can come aboard any time they like.
Sowee TAH!
Oh, Chief...
I'm beginning to think there's no limit
to the wonders you can perform.
That's what I like about you, Julian--
you're easily impressed.
Thank you, Quark.
Can we get a little yamok sauce for these sand peas?
-Quark? -Listen.
Do you hear that?
I don't hear a thing.
Exactly. The ambient noise level in this room
is less than 30 decibels.
On an average day, it's 65.
When there are Klingons in the room, it can go as high as 85.
So what you're trying to say is... it's quiet in here.
Too quiet.
Something is terribly wrong.
Well, like what?
I don't know
but have you ever met a quiet Klingon before?
Look how they're watching the room.
It's like they're picking out targets.
Where are you going?
Well, I thought
I'd ask the Klingons what they're up to.
Don't do that.
Why not?
Because I don't want them to know we're onto them.
Well, suit yourself.
No, the secret is positioning the pea correctly on the hand.
But I thought I had that.
What are you two doing?
I'm telling you, the Klingons are up to something.
Calm down, Quark.
The Klingons are our allies.
They might be your allies, but they're not mine.
Relax. If there's something up with the Klingons
Captain Sisko will find out about it.
Yeah, but will he tell me?
So, what brings you here, General?
A valid question.
But first...
Iet us be sure we are all who we say we are.
You think we're changelings?
What I think doesn't matter.
The blood will tell.
Now that that's over with...
We have been sent here to fight alongside our Federation allies
against the Dominion.
I appreciate your gesture
but I'm not sure it's necessary.
The Klingon High Council thinks it is.
Our communications relay in the Gamma Quadrant
hasn't detected any signs of Jem'Hadar activity
for quite some time.
They seem to be giving the wormhole a wide berth.
They will come
and when they do, we will be ready for them.
Oh, there you are.
We've been looking all over for you.
Malko here just gave me the most...
amazing massage
and I'm sure, if you ask nicely, he'll do the same for you.
No, thanks.
Because Malko's not real.
He's a puppet made out of holographic light
and replicated matter.
can you wait outside?
Are you afraid I hurt their feelings?
Oh, you really should try to get into the spirit of things.
Oh, you really should try to get into the spirit of things.
People come from all over Trill to visit the Hoobishan Baths.
If I'm ever on Trill, I'm sure I'll visit them
but we're not on Trill
and this isn't the Hoobishan Baths.
It's a holosuite, and none of it is real.
I'm sorry. I feel silly.
Good! That's what a holosuite's for--
to have a good time.
All you have to do is relax and use your imagination.
I guess I don't have much of an imagination.
Of course you do. Everyone does.
Didn't you play make-believe when you were a child?
Yeah. I used to make believe the Cardassians
would stop killing the Bajorans
and just go away.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to...
Oh, no. I'm sorry.
I... I guess I never had much use for my imagination.
I mean, look at me.
You plan a fun evening for us
and all I can do is sit here and worry about Klingons.
You can worry about the Klingons tomorrow.
From what I hear, they're not going anywhere.
And as for your underdeveloped imagination
I prescribe a strict regime of exercise
starting immediately.
All right.
I'll give it a try.
That's all I ask.
Come on. Malko couldn't have gone far.
Fascinating. So both the cup and the liquid
are merely extensions of your body.
That is correct.
And if I want to, I can even drink the liquid
reabsorb it
and produce new coffee in the cup.
This way, I can give
the illusion that I'm sharing the dining experience.
Very thoughtful.
Tell me, Odo, have you heard any news from Cardassia lately?
Not since they sealed their borders.
Well, I have, and frankly, I don't like what I've heard--
rumors of uprising, civil disturbance.
It's all very alarming.
I didn't know you still had friends inside the Empire.
One or two, but I can't even get through to them now.
That's what worries me.
With the destruction of the Obsidian Order
and the threat of the Dominion
these are unsettling times for Cardassia.
They're unsettling for everyone...
Stop! What are you doing here?
Let me see that!
But if I hear anything, I'll let you know.
I'd appreciate that, Constable.
Excuse me for a moment. far away from the Firelight Nebula.
So what is it that you do on this station?
Can I help you?
Lohd Zoss-lee chaw-KU sohkjaTAL?
Actually, I'm not sure Constable Odo has a mother.
Morn, I believe Ensign Saunders was looking for you.
Gentlemen, if you have business on this Promenade
I suggest you get on with it.
I'd listen to him, if I were you.
I don't take orders from shape-shifters
or their Cardassian lapdogs.
I may be a shape-shifter, but I am also
Chief of Security of this station
so either move along
or you'll be continuing this conversation
from inside a holding cell.
As long as you wear that Bajoran uniform
we're allies.
Make sure you never take it off.
I didn't know you spoke Klingon.
Oh, you'd be surprised at the things you can learn
when you're doing alterations.
Well, let me guess--
you're either lost
or desperately searching for a good tailor.
Guess again!
I can't believe you're not pressing charges.
Constable Odo and Captain Sisko expressed a similar concern.
But really, Doctor, there was no harm done.
They broke seven of your transverse ribs
and fractured your clavicle.
Ah, but I got off several cutting remarks
which no doubt did serious damage to their egos.
Garak, this isn't funny.
I'm serious, Doctor.
Thanks to your ministrations
I am almost completely healed.
But the damage I did to them will last a lifetime.
What I can't understand
is their inexplicable hostility toward me.
Maligning Constable Odo is one thing--
after all, he's a changeling.
The Klingons don't know him as well as we do.
But relations between the Klingon and Cardassian Empires
have never been anything but amicable.
With the exception of the Betreka Nebula lncident.
A minor skirmish.
It lasted 18 years.
It was ages ago.
Perhaps they decided they just didn't like me.
Not like you?
You're right.
As always, Doctor.
They must have mistaken me for someone else.
The Klingon ships keep cloaking and de-cloaking
so it's impossible to get an exact count
but so far, we've been able to identify
at least 20 different warships
in the vicinity of the station.
Captain, we're receiving
a priority one distress call from the Freighter Xhosa.
Kasidy's ship?
She left the station an hour ago.
Put her through.
This is the Freighter Xhosa to Deep Space 9.
We're under attack by--
Her signal's been jammed.
Get a fix on her location.
Tell the crew on the Defiant to man their stations.
We'll meet you on the Bridge.
Forward scanners are detecting the Xhosa
at bearing 017 mark 346.
I'm picking up another ship.
It's got a tractor beam on the Xhosa.
On screen.
A Klingon ship?
I can't get through to Kasidy.
They're still jamming her communications.
Hail the Klingon vessel.
This is Commander Kaybok of the M'Char.
What is it you want?
I want to know why you stopped that ship.
We have orders
to search all vessels attempting to leave Bajoran space.
Search them for what?
For shape-shifters.
Each ship will be scanned, its cargo searched
and its crew members and passengers
subjected to genetic testing.
On whose authority?
On the authority of Gowron and the Klingon High Council.
The Klingon High Council has no jurisdiction
over ships in Bajoran space.
We assumed you would welcome our assistance.
Do you have any evidence that there are changelings
aboard this particular ship?
How can we have evidence until we conduct our tests?
Commander, Bajoran law strictly prohibits any unwarranted
search and seizure of vessels in our territory.
I have my orders.
The Klingon ship has increased power to its tractor beam.
It looks like they're preparing to board the Xhosa.
Major, raise shields.
Power up the forward phasers.
See if that gets their attention.
Shields up.
Forward phasers standing by.
They're still not releasing the tractor beam.
Fire a warning shot 200 meters off their starboard bow.
Yes, sir.
Commander Kaybok would like to speak with you.
Let's hear what he has to say.
Captain, this is outrageous!
I agree.
But you leave me no choice.
You're violating Bajoran law.
Now, I will ask you one last time.
Release that ship immediately.
We are your allies.
Major, lock phasers on M'Char's engines.
Prepare to fire on my command.
Phasers ready.
K'trek im stram.
Gowron will hear of this.
I'm receiving a hail from the Xhosa.
It's Captain Yates.
Put her through.
Captain, I don't know what you said
to those Klingons but it must have been good.
Is everyone all right?
Everyone is fine.
I'm glad to hear it.
We'll keep you on sensors as long as we can
but I doubt the Klingons will give you any more trouble.
I appreciate that, Captain.
I'll see you in about two weeks.
You know where to find me.
According to our long-range sensors
the Klingon task force has withdrawn
to just outside Bajoran territory.
So now they're in unclaimed space.
And if they decide to continue searching ships...
There's nothing we can do about it.
Unless they try to stop a Federation or Bajoran vessel.
Which so far, they haven't done.
Captain, General Martok is here to see you.
Send him in.
Yes, sir.
Ah, General.
We need to talk.
It's Commander Kaybok's.
Why did he give it to me?
He's letting you know Kaybok's dead.
Martok probably had him executed for disobeying orders.
Which means, our next confrontation
with the Klingons won't be resolved so easily.
Any suggestions, old man?
The longer the Klingons are here
the worse things are going to get.
Whatever you decide to do, you'd better do it soon.
Curzon told me once that, in the long run
the only people who can really handle the Klingons
are Klingons.
Get me Starfleet Command.
Commander Worf.
Chief. It has been a long time.
Too long.
Welcome aboard.
Just what this station needs...
another Klingon.
Come on.
Lieutenant Commander Worf reporting for duty, sir.
It's good to have you aboard, Commander.
Thank you, sir.
At ease, Mr. Worf.
I was sorry to hear about the Enterprise.
She was a good ship.
Yes, sir.
I understand you've been on extended leave.
Yes, I have been visiting the Klingon monastery on Boreth.
I found my discussions with the clerics there
to be most enlightening.
Well, I hope you'll forgive me
for pulling you away from your studies
but I doubt that this assignment will take very long.
My leave was almost over, sir.
Do you have any idea where you'll be stationed next?
I am considering resigning my commission.
May I ask why?
I have spent most of my life among humans.
It has not always been easy for me.
And since the destruction of the Enterprise
it has become even more difficult.
I am no longer sure I belong in this uniform.
Mr. Worf, if I told you we didn't need you here
I'd be lying
but if you don't want to take this assignment, I'd understand.
Thank you, sir, but until I make my decision
I intend to do my duty.
I'm glad to hear that.
I assume you've read my situation report.
Yes, sir.
I can't help but feel that General Martok
isn't telling the whole truth about this Klingon task force.
There are too many unanswered questions.
Then I will find you some answers.
If you need any help, let me know.
Yes, sir.
I once thought about resigning from Starfleet, too.
I know if I had, I would have regretted it.
Don't make any quick decisions.
I will keep that in mind.
Let me guess-- Klingon bloodwine.
Prune juice, chilled.
Prune juice?
I-lf you say so.
Commander, over here.
Dr. Julian Bashir, Lieutenant Commander Worf.
Care for a game of darts?
I do not play games.
It's like poker, but with pointed tips.
All right, think of it as target practice.
The object is to throw this dart
and hit that board over there.
Aim for the dot in the middle.
Well, you saw how he was acting!
I can't believe you did that!
Well, he didn't leave me any choice.
Wait, wait, wait.
What did she do?
She knocked out Lancelot.
He kissed me.
He's supposed to kiss you.
But I was playing a married woman.
Uh, Lieutenant Commander Worf--
this is Lieutenant Commander Jadzia Dax
and Major Kira Nerys--
our First Officer.
Nice hat.
I, uh...
I don't usually dress like this.
We were in the holosuite.
So I gathered.
You used to be Curzon Dax.
That's right, and I don't usually dress like this either.
Curzon's name is an honored one among my people.
Louk, ajeek CHIM-ta law.
I suppose so.
And hurry!
Excuse me.
What did you say to him?
It loses something in the translation.
This bloodwine is cold!
Get me another one!
You are Drex, son of Martok.
That's right.
I am Worf, son of Mogh.
He's good.
What did I tell you?
I have come for my son's d'k tahg.
Give it to me... or I will take it from you.
Now that you are here...
I have no further need of it.
You robbed my son of his honor just to get my attention?
You cannot take away what someone does not have.
You're saying my son is without honor.
I am saying your son is a coward and a liar.
And what of his father?
That remains to be seen.
Tell me, what have I done to earn your disrespect?
The misdeeds your troops have committed speak for themselves--
attacking a Cardassian tailor
detaining and searching ships in neutral space without warning
or provocation... and you executing one of your Commanders
because he refused to fire on a Federation ship.
Whatever we have done
is in the best interest of the Alpha Quadrant.
You must think me a fool to make your lies so transparent.
I do not wish to quarrel with you, Worf.
Nor I with you.
The House of Martok is an honored one
with a proud tradition
but I must know why you are here.
I am here under the authority of Gowron himself.
I am carrying out his orders.
That should be all the explanation
a Klingon warrior needs.
You forget, I am not only a Klingon warrior
I am a Starfleet officer
and Starfleet deserves an explanation.
They will get one soon enough.
Until then, know this:
My mission will determine
the fate of the Klingon Empire.
Interfere, and you risk destroying us all.
You shouldn't drop your left arm like that.
I do not remember asking you for advice.
I'm just trying to help.
So, how did you like the program?
I found it adequate
although I was surprised to find
a Klingon exercise program on the holosuite.
It's mine.
You mean Curzon's.
No. I mean it's mine.
Computer, bat'leth.
I thought you might be tired of fighting holograms.
It would not be a fair match.
I'll go easy on you.
Very well.
Defend yourself.
I hope you're not holding back because I'm a woman.
If it makes things any easier, think of me as a man.
I've been one several times.
Feel better?
I take it your conversation
with General Martok didn't go all that well.
He was not forthcoming, and he is not the only one.
I tried to contact Gowron, Emperor Kahless
even my brother, who sits on the High Council.
No one will speak with me.
Maybe you're going about this the wrong way.
With so many Klingons around
there must be someone who owes your family a favor.
Ej IM-ta fey DE-ja i
ejadahk-so-TAS ghos va Skral byteek
Empajaj law-mochjaj-pusH
jaj Kayless Molor-migh hohk-chew koo.
Your father and I used to sing that song
when you were just a small boy.
Did I ever tell you how your father saved my family's honor
during our blood feud with the House of Duras?
Many times.
It is a good story.
Yes, and you tell it well.
Your father was a great warrior.
My family owes him everything we have.
I wish there was some way I could repay him.
There is.
Tell me why the task force is here
the real reason, not the one Martok gave the Federation.
The real reason?
I suppose you have a right to know.
You are a Klingon warrior
and it would be wrong to keep you away from battle.
And it's going to be a glorious battle.
It all seems simpler from up here, doesn't it?
If you are looking to start a conversation
Iook somewhere else.
I would prefer to be left alone.
That may be, but you can't stay up here forever.
Sooner or later, you're going to have to talk to Captain Sisko.
Whatever it is you've found out about the Klingons
he should be the first to know.
You have been spying on me.
As Chief of Security
it's my duty to observe the inhabitants of this station.
Since your arrival, you've transmitted an average
of five messages a day to the Klingon Homeworld.
None of which has gotten a response.
Then last night, you met
with a Klingon officer in your quarters.
Since then, you haven't sent a single message.
In fact, you've done nothing
to further your investigation of the Klingon task force.
None of which is your business.
The security of this station is my business.
Your behavior leads me to conclude
that either you've given up your investigation
in which case, it's my duty to take over
or... you found something--
something so disturbing that you're hesitant
to inform Captain Sisko.
I am not interested in your... conclusions.
I just wanted to say that I understand
what you're going through.
I've also had to choose between duty
and loyalty to my people.
Yes. I've read your Starfleet security file.
Frankly, Mr. Worf, I don't care which choice you make
but you owe it to Captain Sisko to let him know
which side you're on, before it's too late.
Enjoy the view.
Mr. Worf, what can I do for you?
Where is Captain Sisko?
I think he's in a briefing session with--
I need to talk to him now.
Why would the Klingons want to invade Cardassia?
According to my source
there has been an uprising on the Cardassian homeworld.
The Central Command has been overthrown
and power transferred to civilian authorities.
Even if your source is correct
what does that have to do with the Klingons?
Gowron and the High Council believe the coup
was engineered by the Dominion.
Do they have any proof?
None that I know of, but they are convinced
that civilians could not have overthrown
the Central Command without help.
So, by attacking Cardassia, they think they're protecting
the Alpha Quadrant from the Dominion.
Sisko to Dax.
Contact General Martok.
Tell him I need to meet with him immediately.
Yes, sir.
Mr. Worf, I know this hasn't been an easy assignment for you.
No, it has not.
But I knew this day would come again
when I'd be forced to choose
between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.
Maybe you don't have to make that choice just yet.
I don't think there's any need
for you to be there when I meet with Martok.
I would prefer to be there.
I cannot avoid responsibility for what I have done today.
I must compliment you on your intelligence network, Captain.
One day, you must tell me how you learned of our plans.
How I got the information isn't important.
I think it is, and so will Gowron.
General, I want you to call off this attack.
And what do you propose we do instead?
Stand by and allow the Dominion to take over the Alpha Quadrant?
You have no proof that there are any Founders on Cardassia.
The change in government is all the proof we need.
And what if you are wrong?
That would be unfortunate... for the Cardassians.
General, the Federation Council has made it clear to me
that they cannot support your plans to attack Cardassia.
Are you saying the Federation will sit back and do nothing
while Klingon soldiers give their lives
to protect the Alpha Quadrant?
Starfleet will not participate in an unprovoked invasion.
Then the victory will be ours alone!
General, I would advise you to reconsider.
The Federation Council has informed Gowron
that if the attack goes forward, it will jeopardize our treaty
with the Klingon Empire.
Believe me, Captain, we have no wish to antagonize your people.
Then call off the attack.
I will consult with Gowron.
You will have his decision within the hour.
Captain, I think you better take a look at this.
As soon as General Martok beamed back to his ship
he sent a message to the Klingon fleet.
It was just one word-- "In'Cha. "
I'm picking up a huge distortion wave
in subspace.
The Klingon ships are going to warp.
Can you plot their course?
Judging from the vector on the subspace disturbance
I'd say their heading is... 269 mark 032.
Straight to the Cardassian Empire.
The Federation Council has been trying to contact Gowron.
So far they've had no response.
So until they've had a chance to speak with him
we've been ordered not to get involved.
The Bajoran government has agreed
to abide by the decisions of the Federation Council.
So that means we're not going to warn the Cardassians?
The Klingons are still our allies.
If we warn the Cardassians, we'd be betraying them.
Besides, what if the Klingons are right?
What if the Dominion
has taken over the Cardassian government?
If my people wanted to seize control of Cardassia
that is how they would do it.
The coup could have happened
just as easily without the Founders.
The Cardassian dissident movement
has been gaining strength for years.
With the Obsidian Order out of the way
they might have finally succeeded.
The issue is not
if there are any Founders on Cardassia.
There are many Klingons
who say we have been at peace too long
that the Empire must expand in order to survive.
Fear of the Dominion has given my people an excuse
to do what they were born to do--
to fight and to conquer.
If they're so eager to fight
who's to say they'll stop with the Cardassians?
Next target could be anyone, even the Federation.
If I were you, I'd be more worried about Bajor.
Think about it.
What good would it do the Klingons to defeat
Cardassia if they don't control the wormhole?
If my people return to the old ways, no one will be safe.
Then we'll have to make sure that doesn't happen.
But how?
The way I see it, we only have two choices.
Both of them bad.
If we stand by and do nothing
we run the risk of being the Klingons' next target.
But if we disobey Starfleet orders and warn the Cardassians
we may end up starting a war with the Klingons.
Which means... we need a third option.
Trust me, you won't regret this.
When it comes to keeping warm
nothing beats Vitarian wool undergarments.
And in case you change your mind about those earmuffs
I'll keep them on hold for you.
Mr. Garak, I'd like to see you in the Wardroom immediately.
Bring your tailor's kit.
All together, we're talking about well over a hundred ships
just in the first wave.
Excuse me.
I hope I'm not interrupting.
I'd like to be measured for a new suit.
Right now.
But, Captain, I do have your measurements.
Take them again.
You were saying, Commander?
I was saying that between ground forces and warships
the Klingons have committed
almost a third of their military to this invasion.
How long before they reach their target?
According to our estimates
the task force should enter
Cardassian space within the hour.
Don't forget the waist.
I think I've lost a little weight.
Well, thank you, Captain.
I believe I have everything I need.
The Klingons?
Why would the Klingons invade us?
According to my sources, the Klingon High Council believes
that Cardassia has been taken over by the Founders.
That's ridiculous.
Is it?
Garak, you have got to talk to Sisko.
Tell him he has to find some way to stop the Klingons.
Cardassia has enough problems right now.
Having trouble keeping the civilians in line?
How do you know about that?
I'm afraid that since the fall of the Obsidian Order
Cardassian security isn't what it used to be.
Shame about the Order.
I suppose there won't be much demand
for your services anymore.
Looks like you'll be hemming women's dresses
for the rest of your life.
We can stand here all day reminding ourselves
just how much we hate each other
but you don't have the time.
The Klingon fleet will reach Cardassian territory
in less than one hour.
I suggest you prepare for them.
Based on Klingon transmissions
we've intercepted, the outlying Cardassian colonies
were overrun almost immediately.
But now that the Cardassian fleet has mobilized
the Klingons are meeting stronger resistance.
You'd almost think somebody warned
the Cardassians they were coming.
Hopefully, it'll make the Klingons
think twice about what they're doing.
Unlikely, Major.
Now that the battle has begun, Martok and his troops
will settle for nothing less than victory.
what did the Federation Council say?
They've decided to condemn the Klingon invasion.
In response... Gowron has expelled
all Federation citizens from the Klingon Empire
and recalled his Ambassadors from the Federation.
You're saying he cut off diplomatic relations?
He's done more than that.
The Klingons have withdrawn from the Khitomer Accords.
The peace treaty between the Federation
and the Klingon Empire has ended.
You're never going to believe this.
A Klingon ship just de-cloaked off Upper Pylon 3
and is requesting permission to dock.
They claim they have Chancellor Gowron on board
and he is demanding to speak with Mr. Worf...
Chancellor Gowron.
You wished to speak with me?
It is good to see you.
I always said that uniform
would get you into trouble one day.
It seems you were right
but I do not apologize for my--
Yes, yes, I know.
You did what you thought was right.
And even though you may have made some enemies
I assure you, ha, I am not one of them.
I am glad.
Your friendship means much to me.
And yours to me.
It has been too long since you last fought at my side.
Now the time has come again.
We will do great deeds in the coming days.
Deeds worthy of song!
You want me to go to Cardassia with you?
What better way to redeem yourself
in the eyes of your people?
Come with me, Worf.
Glory awaits you on Cardassia.
Worf, why do you stand there like a mute d'blok?
I have offered you a chance for glory.
All you have to do is take it.
If there's any glory to be won, Gowron
it'll have to be yours alone.
I cannot come with you.
Of course you can.
It is where you belong.
I cannot abandon my post.
You no longer have a post.
You have no place on that station
and no business wearing that uniform.
I have sworn an oath of allegiance.
To the Federation!
You would have me break my word?
Your word?
What good is your word
when you give it to people who care nothing for honor?
Who refuse to lift a finger
while Klingon warriors shed blood for their protection?
I tell you, they are without honor
and you do not owe them anything!
It is not what I owe them that matters.
It is what I owe myself.
Worf, son of Mogh, does not break his word.
And what of your debt to me?
Are you saying you owe me nothing?
I gave you back your name, restored your house
gave your family a seat on the High Council
and this is how you repay me?
It is true.
I owe you a great debt.
I would give up my life for you.
But invading Cardassia is wrong, and I cannot support it.
Worf... I have always considered you
a friend and an ally.
And because you are my friend
I am giving you this one last chance to redeem yourself.
Come with me.
I cannot.
Think about what you are doing.
If you turn your back on me now
for as long as I live, you will not be welcome
anywhere in the Klingon Empire.
Your family will be removed from the High Council
your lands seized and your House stripped of its titles!
You will have nothing!
Except my honor.
So be it.
-Dabo! -Dabo!
You look like you could use some company.
Chief, do you remember the time
we rescued Captain Picard from the Borg?
How could I forget?
It was touch and go there for a while.
There were a couple of moments
when I thought we were all going to wind up being "assimilated."
Well, I never doubted the outcome.
We were like... warriors from the ancient sagas.
There was nothing we could not do.
Except keep the holodecks working right.
I... have decided to resign from Starfleet.
What are you talking about?
I have made up my mind.
It is for the best.
Look, l-l know how much you miss the Enterprise
but I'm sure they'll be building a new one soon.
It will not be the same.
The Enterprise I knew is gone.
Now those were good years.
But now it is time for me to move on.
And do what?
I do not know.
I thought I would be returning to Boreth
but now that is impossible.
I have made an enemy of Gowron
and every other Klingon in the Empire.
All the more reason to stay in Starfleet.
This uniform will only serve to remind me
of how I have disgraced myself in the eyes of my people.
I suppose I could get a berth on a Nyberrite Alliance cruiser.
They are always eager to hire experienced officers.
The Nyberrite Alliance?
That's a long way.
And what about your son?
Alexander is much happier
Iiving with his grandparents on Earth
than he ever was staying with me.
And one thing is certain...
the sooner I leave here, the better.
My continued presence on Deep Space 9
would only be a liability to Captain Sisko
in his dealings with the Klingons.
Do you hear that, Chief?
72 decibels. Music to my ears.
I think I liked it better when it was quiet.
You want quiet, go to the Replimat.
This is Quark's the way Quark's should be
the way it was meant to be.
Am I glad we finally got rid of all those Klingons.
Uh... present company excepted, of course.
I got to hand it to you, Quark.
You really know how to make your customers feel welcome.
What do I care?
All he ever drinks is prune juice.
I'm sorry, Mr. Worf
but I can't accept your resignation at this time.
I do not understand.
What further use could I be here?
I'm not sure yet.
But as long as the fighting continues
between the Klingons and the Cardassians
I need you here on the station.
If you think that is wise.
I don't know if it's wise or not.
But I do know that you're a good officer
and right now, I need every good officer I can get.
Captain, we just got word from Bajoran lntelligence.
The Klingons have broken through the Cardassian fleet.
How long before they reach Cardassia Prime?
52 hours.
If the Klingon Empire has reverted to the old practices
they will occupy the Cardassian homeworld
execute all government officials
and install an lmperial Overseer
to put down any further resistance.
I think it's about time we had a talk with the Cardassians.
Captain, I'm a little busy at the moment
so whatever you have to say, please make it brief.
I was trying to reach someone in the civilian government.
And you have succeeded.
You are speaking to the new Chief Military Advisor
to the Detapa Council.
Does this mean you've turned your back on Central Command?
It means that as a loyal officer of the Cardassian military
I am pledged to serve
the legitimate ruling body of the Empire
whoever that may be.
In other words, you saw which way the wind was blowing
and switched sides.
It seemed like a good idea at the time.
Dukat, you have got to get those council members to safety
before the Klingons reach Cardassia Prime.
I am open to suggestions, Captain.
If you can get a ship and meet me at these coordinates
I'll do what I can to escort you out of the war zone.
That is a very generous offer.
I must say I am touched.
By saving the members of the Detapa Council
you will be saving some very...
Forget the speech, Dukat.
Just meet me at the rendezvous point.
And if the Klingons try to stop us?
Then I'll be there to reason with them.
I doubt the Klingons will fire on a Federation ship.
I'm not sure I share your optimism.
But, then, I don't have much choice, do l?
We'll meet you there.
if the Klingons are right--
if the Cardassian government
has been taken over by the Founders--
Then we'll be helping them to escape.
That's the chance we'll have to take.
I know you want to be out of that uniform
but right now, I need you with me.
I understand.
Make sure the Chief double-checks
all our new systems.
We may need them.
I'll tell him, but knowing the Chief
he's probably doing it already.
Keep the station on Yellow Alert.
And just to be on the safe side, I'd recommend that you send
some of the civilian population down to Bajor.
I was planning to.
I wish I was going with you.
So do l.
But I need you here.
I'm, uh... glad I caught you before you left.
So am l.
When'd you get back?
Uh, less than an hour ago.
Jake told me you were about to go off on...
some kind of mission.
The Defiant leaves in a few minutes.
And you can't tell me about it.
I'll be back in four or five days.
I'm leaving tomorrow.
I guess our timing hasn't been too good.
No, it's been terrible.
I'm not even sure when I'll be back.
Make it soon.
Don't get killed.
I'll do my best.
Activate the cloaking device.
Cloaking device is functioning within normal parameters.
Set a course for the rendezvous point.
Maximum warp.
Course laid in.
Mr. Worf, keep an eye out for Klingon ships
cloaked or otherwise.
Aye, sir.
Is something wrong, Mr. Worf?
No, sir.
Yes, sir.
It is just...
I have never been on a Federation starship
that had a cloaking device.
It is... a little strange.
You'll get used to it.
Sir, I hate to bring this up
but our agreement with the Romulans
expressly prohibits use of the cloaking device
in the Alpha Quadrant.
You're right, it does.
But there are hundreds of Klingon ships
between us and Dukat
and I intend to make that rendezvous in one piece.
Well, I won't tell the Romulans if you don't.
I never thought I'd say this
but right now... I'm glad the Dominion's around.
Otherwise, we never would have started these upgrades
Iet alone have them almost finished by now.
Well, there's something to be said for incentive.
I just hope everything works okay.
You're saying you're not sure?
The way I see it, there are two possibilities.
Either everything will be fine, or...
Or we'll end up blowing the station to pieces.
Well, let's hope we don't have to find out.
I am detecting some debris.
Bearing 025 mark 319.
Commander, drop us to one-quarter impulse.
Aye, Captain.
It appears to be the wreckage
of a number of Cardassian vessels.
On screen.
Are there any signs of survivors?
I suppose it's possible.
But there's no way to know without de-cloaking
and using our primary sensor array.
Sir, I strongly recommend against that.
It is likely there are cloaked Klingon warships
in the vicinity lying in wait.
Well, that doesn't sound very honorable to me.
In war, there is nothing more honorable than victory.
Commander, keep us at one-quarter impulse...
until we've cleared the wreckage.
Then take us to warp.
But, sir... if there are survivors...
I'm sorry, Doctor, we can't risk it.
We have to reach Dukat.
And double-check the secondary power grid.
It's still not performing as well as it should.
Yes, sir.
What's our status?
We're approaching the rendezvous point.
Captain, I am detecting weapons fire ahead.
It appears to be three Klingon birds-of-prey
attacking a Cardassian vessel.
The vessel is badly damaged.
Captain, I'm picking up a distress signal
from Dukat, audio only.
Put it through.
This is Gul Dukat of the Cruiser Prakesh.
We're under heavy fire.
Our shields are failing.
I don't know how much longer we can hold out.
Send reinforcements immediately.
I repeat, this is--
We're in visual range.
On screen.
Maximum magnification.
Two decades of peace with the Klingons
and it all comes down to this.
Orders, Captain.
Dukat's ship isn't going to last much longer.
Arm quantum torpedoes...
drop the cloak, and raise shields.
We're going in.
Red Alert.
Commander Worf, transmit a priority one signal
to the Klingon ship.
Tell them to break off their attack
and stand down immediately.
Message sent.
Captain, I find it highly unlikely
that the Klingons will heed your...
We've been fired upon by the lead bird-of-prey.
Shields are holding.
I see your point, Mr. Worf.
Let's show them what they're up against.
Attack pattern omega. Target their engines.
Incoming message from the Cardassian ship.
Put it through.
I must compliment you, Captain.
You're nearly Cardassian in your punctuality.
Fire phasers!
Dukat, power up your engines
and prepare to follow us back to DS9.
An excellent suggestion, Captain
assuming we had any engines left.
What's your status?
Our engines are gone, our shields are down
and we have no weapons to speak of.
Prepare to evacuate.
We'll start to beam you over as soon as possible.
You'd have to drop your shields to use your transporters.
Let me worry about that. Sisko out.
Sir, restricting our fire
to their engines has not proven effective.
Very well. Target at your discretion.
Aye, aye, sir.
Dukat's ship is under fire.
I don't know how much longer they can hold out.
Another Klingon ship has just de-cloaked.
It is a Vor'cha-class attack cruiser.
Sisko to Transporter Bay.
Stand by to beam aboard survivors.
Sisko to Bashir.
Prepare to receive casualties.
And, Doctor, have Security standing by.
I want our guests to undergo blood screenings.
Blood screenings?
Just in case Martok was right.
Benjamin, it's going to take at least two minutes
to evacuate Dukat's ship.
Even with the Defiant's new armor, I don't think
we can last that long with our shields down.
I have a suggestion.
You were right, Mr. Worf.
The modulated tractor beam's deflecting
some of the Klingon's disrupter fire.
Disrupter's effectiveness at 50 percent.
Well done, Mr. Worf.
Lower shields.
Sisko to Transporter Bay.
Begin emergency transports.
Transports underway.
The ablative armor is holding.
Klingon ships are closing.
Armor on the port side is losing integrity.
Transporter Bay, what's our status?
Captain, this is Dukat.
Almost half the council members are still aboard my ship.
We need at least another minute.
Looks like we're going to find out
just how much of a pounding this ship can take.
The Klingons have closed to point-blank range.
Ablative armor has failed.
We've got plasma leaks on decks 2, 3 and 5.
And we've lost our aft torpedo launchers.
Dukat to Sisko.
Go ahead.
The council members are aboard.
Raise shields. Activate the cloak.
Shields up.
I'm not getting any response from the cloaking device.
It's not working.
Well, that should make the trip home
a little more interesting.
Set a course for DS9, maximum warp.
Thank you, Doctor, but if you don't mind
I would like to go to the Bridge now.
This will only take a minute. Your arm, please.
What is the meaning of this?
Just a simple blood screening.
I assure you, Doctor, I am not a changeling.
Then you have nothing to worry about.
I find this whole procedure offensive.
And I find you offensive.
Now hold up your arm
or I'll have a Security Officer do it for you.
Captain, would you kindly inform
this security guard
that he does not have to monitor my every move.
It makes me feel unwelcome.
Looks like I won, Benjamin.
You owe me dinner.
And what is that supposed to mean?
Captain Sisko bet me that you would thank him for the rescue
before you started complaining.
I lost.
Captain, are you aware there's a Klingon
on your Bridge?
He's not the Klingon you should be worried about.
Switch to aft view, maximum magnification.
I'd suggest you cloak immediately.
We lost our cloaking device rescuing you.
Might I trouble you for a glass of kanar?.
Help yourself.
It's on the house.
Well, how uncharacteristically generous of you.
I'm in an uncharacteristic mood.
Besides, I've got 80 cases of this stuff
sitting in my stockroom.
And the way things are going, I'll never unload another bottle
unless it's to you.
How thoughtless of me not to consider the effects
the destruction of my homeworld would have on your business.
These must be trying times for you.
Be brave.
I should have listened to my cousin Gaila.
He said to me, "Quark, I got one word for you... weapons."
No one ever went broke
selling weapons.
But did I take his advice?
And why not?
Because I'm a people person.
I like interacting with my customers
Iike you and I are doing right now.
Talking to each other
getting to know one another.
I can see the attraction for you.
But when you're dealing in weapons
buyers aren't interested in casual conversation.
They just want their merchandise
no questions asked.
So impersonal.
Your charms would be wasted.
So now, Gaila owns his own moon
and I'm staring into the abyss.
And the worst part of it is
my only hope for salvation is the Federation.
I know precisely how you feel.
I want you to try something for me.
Take sip of this.
What is it?
A human drink.
It's called root beer.
I don't know.
Come on.
Aren't you just a little bit curious?
What do you think?
It's vile.
I know.
It's so bubbly and cloying
and happy.
Just like the Federation.
But you know what's really frightening?
If you drink enough of it, you begin to like it.
It's insidious.
Just like the Federation.
Do you think they'll be able to save us?
I hope so.
-Any luck? -Not yet.
Hold on.
I'm picking up something on long-range scanners.
It's the Defiant.
They made it.
Yeah, but they've got two Klingon ships
on their tail.
The Captain's hailing us.
On screen.
Chief, our ETA is in five minutes.
Are the new systems on line?
Yes, sir.
I think we're going to need them.
I wish we could have tested them first.
No time like the present.
Raise shields.
Red Alert.
Now what?!
Well, I can't be sure, of course
but my guess would be Klingons.
The Klingons?
First, it was the Cardassians, then it was the Dominion
now it's the Klingons!
How's a Ferengi supposed to make an honest living
in a place like this?
Drop out of warp.
Reverse thrusters at maximum.
Prepare for docking.
Aye, sir.
Well, it looks like the Klingons
chased us all this way for nothing.
That remains to be seen.
Klingons do not give up easily.
Two ships against a station?
I don't think they'd risk it.
It may not be much of a risk.
Why do you say that?
They've got friends.
Status report, Major.
I'm detecting several dozen Klingon ships
including the Negh'Var.
They're in an attack formation.
While you were gone, we spoke to Starfleet Command.
They sent a relief force under Admiral Hastur.
When will they get here?
Not soon enough.
The Klingon ships have raised their shields
and charged their weapons.
What are your orders, Captain?
Battle stations.
The thing to remember is that the Klingons prefer to use
their knives and bat'leths in close combat.
So if we get boarded, you can expect severe lacerations
broken bones, and blunt force traumas.
All I can say is keep calm, remember your training...
and do the best that you can.
Report to your posts.
Constable, what can I do for you?
I just wanted you to know I'll be assigning
a security unit to the lnfirmary for your protection.
Well, thank you, but I'd rather you didn't.
I'm going to have wounded people in here.
The last thing I need is a team of deputies
having a fire fight in my doorway.
I understand.
Just do me a favor.
Don't count on that blue uniform to protect you.
In the heat of battle
Klingons aren't very choosy about their targets.
Doctor or no doctor
you might end up having to defend yourself.
Well, hopefully, it won't come to that.
But if it does, I promise you I'll be ready.
That's all I ask.
And while we're on the subject, Constable
I'm sure there's more than one Klingon
who thinks that slaying a changeling
would be worthy of a song or two.
Doctor, if a Klingon were to kill me
I'd expect nothing less than an entire opera on the subject.
I just don't want to have to listen to it.
Watch your back.
Come on, Quark, move it along.
You should be in the emergency shelter by now.
I'm not going to any emergency shelter.
This is my bar and I'm going to defend it.
Really? And how do you plan to do that?
With this.
You're going to hit them with a box?
No. This is my disrupter pistol.
The one I used to carry in the old days
when I was serving on that Ferengi freighter.
I thought you were the ship's cook.
That's right.
And every member of that crew thought he was a food critic.
If the Klingons try to get through these doors
I'll be ready for them.
"Dear Quark
"I used parts of your disrupter to fix the replicators.
Will return them soon. Rom."
I will kill him.
With what?
That's close enough, Garak.
I wanted to make sure that the council members were safe.
Hoping, no doubt, that your concern
would curry some political favor?
Oh, and I take it
your concern is motivated strictly by patriotism.
Oh, the council members are well aware of my patriotism.
And the sacrifices I was willing to make in order to save them.
Now, why don't you go back to your little tailor shop
and sew something?
Because if the Klingons do invade this station
you may just need... my help.
Who would have thought
that the two of us would be fighting
side by side.
Just remember when you fire that thing
you're aiming it at a Klingon.
I'll try to keep that in mind.
We're receiving a transmission from General Martok.
Put him through.
Captain, I demand you surrender
the Cardassian council members to us immediately.
They're not Founders, Martok.
We tested them.
You were wrong.
It is of no consequence.
All that matters is the Alpha Quadrant will be safer
with the Klingon Empire in control of Cardassia.
Now, surrender the council members
or we will have no choice but to take them by force.
And risk an all-out war with the Federation?
If a war starts here, the blame will be yours.
I doubt very much history will agree.
History is written by the victors.
Consider what you're doing, Captain.
The lives of everyone on your station are at risk.
I am aware of that.
But maybe you're not aware of what you're risking.
We've had a year to prepare this station
for a Dominion attack, and we're more than ready.
You're like a toothless old Grishnar cat
trying to frighten us with your roar.
I can assure you
this old cat may not be as toothless as you think.
Right now, I've got 5,000 photon torpedoes
armed and ready to launch.
If you don't believe me, feel free to scan the station.
It is a trick.
An illusion created
by thoron fields and duranium shadows.
It's no illusion.
We shall see.
He said, "Today is a good day to die."
Target the lead ships.
Ready even-numbered photon launchers.
Aye, sir.
Fire on my mark.
Ready odd-numbered launchers.
They're still closing.
Ready phasers.
Standing by.
Eight Klingon ships destroyed.
Several heavily damaged.
Contact Gowron.
Maybe we can put an end to this
before it gets any further.
They're not responding.
They have given you your answer, Captain.
Weapons stations, fire at will.
A TLING-on kaogh.
Zo a TLING-on HegH-lah.
YoD-wee KAW.
DuJ-va, YOD-wee-KAW!
They've disabled two of our shield generators.
Thank you, Doctor.
Any time.
I find this hand-to-hand combat really quite distasteful.
I suppose you prefer the simplicity
of an interrogation chamber.
You have to admit, it's much more civilized.
Mr. O'Brien?
Get those shields back on line.
I'll be okay. It's not as bad as it looks.
Sisko to Odo.
Odo here.
Status report.
We have Klingon troops
on the Promenade, the Habitat Ring
and Lower Pylon Three.
They seem to be contained for now
but I can't guarantee it'll stay that way.
Keep me informed.
There is another wave of Klingon ships coming in.
I've got the shields back up
but I don't know how long they'll hold.
I'm reading a cluster of warp signatures approaching
bearing 187 mark 025.
It's Starfleet, Benjamin.
Six starships led by the Venture.
They'll be here in 15 minutes.
Contact the Negh'Var again.
Maybe now Gowron will be in the mood to talk.
I've got him.
Captain, your shields
have been weakened, your station boarded
and more Klingon ships are on their way.
Surrender while you can.
I don't think so.
My shields are holding.
Your boarding parties are contained.
And my reinforcements are closer than yours.
You're facing a war on two fronts.
Is that what you really want?
The Empire is not strong enough
to fight the Federation and the Cardassians.
End this now, Gowron
before you lead the Empire to its worst defeat in history.
We will not surrender!
This is exactly what the Founders want.
Klingon against Cardassian.
Federation against Klingon.
The more we fight each other, the weaker we'll get
and the less chance we have against the Dominion.
Consider what you do here, Gowron.
Kahless himself said
"Destroying an Empire to win a war is no victory."
"And ending a battle to save an Empire is no defeat."
We can still win!
Not before those Starships get here.
Now, what do you want me to tell them?
To stand down, or to come in firing?
It is we who shall stand down.
Ach, Gowron, yay chol!
Cease fire.
Order our ships in Cardassian territory
to halt their advance.
I do not intend to hand victory to the Dominion.
But let your people know
the Klingon Empire will remember what has happened here.
You have sided against us in battle
and this, we do not forgive... or forget.
The Klingon ships have powered down their weapons.
It's over.
For now.
Captain's Log, Stardate 4901 1.4.
Gowron has returned to the Klingon Homeworld
and his task force has withdrawn from Bajoran space.
I don't know if I can fully express the pride I felt
at seeing how well Deep Space 9 and its crew
weathered this latest crisis.
Though the station suffered heavy damage
during the Klingon attack
repairs are well ahead of schedule
and life on the station is beginning to return to normal
Ieaving me with one final piece of unfinished business.
I brought your discharge papers.
I thought you might want to take a look at them
before I send them off to Starfleet.
Thank you, sir.
I understand you're headed for the Nyberrite Alliance.
Yes, I leave this afternoon.
For me, it was a job on Earth
directing construction of orbital habitats.
Why did you change your mind?
I finally realized
that it wasn't Starfleet I wanted to get away from.
I was trying to escape the pain I felt after my wife's death.
I thought I could take the uniform
wrap it around that pain, and toss them both away.
But it doesn't work like that.
Running may help, for a little while
but sooner or later the pain catches up with you
and the only way to get rid of it
is to stand your ground and face it.
But wearing that uniform must remind you
of what you have lost.
but it also reminds me of what I've gained
and who I am.
Oh, I can throw away the uniform
resign my commission, run all the way
to the Nyberrite Alliance...
but it really wouldn't matter.
A Starfleet Officer--
that's what I am
and that's what I'll always be.
And you think that is true of me as well.
What's important, Mr. Worf, is what you think.
I think Starfleet has been my home for many years.
Perhaps it still is.
There are starships out there
that are in need of good officers.
In fact, the Captain of the Venture is a friend of mine.
If you'd like, I can talk to him
see if he has an opening for a Lieutenant Commander.
Perhaps that will not be necessary.
Lieutenant Commander Worf
reporting for duty, sir.
Well, you all know our new Strategic Operations Officer.
Glad you're here.
Thank you. Thank you.
Assume your post, Mr. Worf.
Yes, sir.
You look good in red.
It feels good.
But I have a lot to learn about command.
Well, you couldn't ask for a better teacher.
Now that everyone is here, I wanted you to know
I've spoken with Dukat
and several members of the Detapa Council.
They've returned to Cardassia Prime without incident
and wanted me to convey to you their personal thanks.
Who'd have thought I'd help save the Cardassian government?
Don't worry.
I'm sure Gul Dukat will take all the credit.
Poor Garak-- Dukat's a hero
and Garak's still stuck in his tailor shop hemming trousers.
Captain, I'm receiving a priority one message
from Starfleet lntelligence.
The Klingons are refusing to give up
several of the Cardassian colonies
they seized during the invasion.
They're fortifying their positions
and deploying orbital defense systems.
Looks like the Klingons are here to stay.
Maybe they are...
but so are we.

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