All right, everyone, gather around.
We're about to start.
When a young Ferengi goes out on his own
he traditionally raises capital
by selling his boyhood treasures.
As you know, my son, Nog
will be leaving shortly for Earth
and Starfleet Academy.
I'm going to miss him, and I know you will, too
and what better way to remember him
than to purchase one of his very own personal belongings.
I don't know about you, but I'm buying these pajamas.
That'll be three strips of latinum.
Let the buying commence!
No reasonable offer will be refused.
I didn't expect to see you here, Mr. Worf.
Captain Sisko made it a personal request that I attend.
He seems to have taken some interest in the young Ferengi.
Well, the Captain sponsored
Nog's application to the Academy.
A Ferengi at the Academy-- I'm not sure that is wise.
Oh, I don't know about that.
Not so long ago, someone might have
said the same thing about you.
You two better hurry
or there won't be anything left to buy.
Nog, what is this?
My favorite holosuite program
"A visit with the Pleasure Goddess of Rixx."
Yours for a mere ten strips of latinum.
He'll take it.
Well, consider it a gift.
Well, you're too kind.
where did you get this springball racket?
Out of a replicator?
Try out of my quarters. This is mine.
I've been looking for this for two years.
And it was sitting here on the bar all along.
That's incredible.
It's a Ferengi tooth sharpener.
How much?
Brother, you're here.
If you hurry, there still might be
some choice items left for you to buy.
I'm not here for the sale.
Nog has no business going to Starfleet Academy
and I'm not doing anything to encourage him.
Now, come with me.
But the sale...
It's over as far as you're concerned.
The ship, it's here.
What ship?
The ship, our ship--
my ship?
The shuttle Cousin Gaila owed me?
He's owed you that shuttle for ten years.
Ever since I loaned him the latinum
to start up his munitions consortium.
He always said that if he became a success
he'd buy me my own ship.
Now it's here.
But why do you need me?
Because knowing our cousin, it's probably
defective merchandise.
I'd better have a look at it.
What a wonderful idea.
Now get going.
And leave the clothes... here.
All right, tell me what's wrong with it.
The ship is perfect!
Gaila must have paid a fortune for it.
You mean it'll actually fly?
This ship could outrun a Romulan interceptor.
We could take it halfway across the galaxy
before it would even need a maintenance check.
You don't say.
And it's all mine.
I can go anyplace I want.
Maybe it's time you considered
that early retirement we talked about.
I could take over the bar
and you could fly off into the great unknown
never to return!
Unless you wanted to.
Don't get your hopes up.
The first thing we need to do
is take this thing for a test flight...
someplace reasonably far away but safe.
Someplace like...
If the boy wants to go to Starfleet Academy
he might as well do it in style.
Yes, Brother!
Thank you, Brother!
I'll go tell Nog.
A trip to Earth-- this is going to be fun!
Not to mention profitable.
All I ask is a tall ship
and a load of contraband to fill her with.
Here are the codes to operate the holosuite programs.
Now, remember, don't extend any lines of credit
don't touch the dabo girls
and make sure you keep your eyes on him
because he'll be keeping his eyes on you.
Good choice, Quark.
I'm sure Morn will do an excellent job
as long as he doesn't drink up all your profits.
Better him than one of my Ferengi waiters.
They'd rob me blind.
Very generous of you, taking Nog to Earth.
I'm a generous person.
So I've noticed.
Try not to miss me too much while I'm gone.
I'll be counting the days until you get back.
I wonder how many hours you and I spent
hanging around up here?
Just kidding, but it was a lot.
You know, aside from playing dom-jot
and watching the Bajoran transports dock
it seems like we spent most of our time doing nothing.
Maybe so, but I can't think of anyone
I'd rather do nothing with than you.
Same here.
Doctor, if you're trying to return
something from the sale...
It's a going-away present.
To help you get around easier on Earth.
A guidebook?
It's not just a guidebook.
It's a completely interactive program
detailing Earth's customs, culture, history, geography...
Everything you ever wanted to know about Earth
is right there in that padd.
You mean, it'll teach me how to attract human females?
Well... almost everything.
I'm sure it'll come in handy. Thank you.
Well, I'd better be going.
My father and Uncle Quark are waiting for me.
Good luck, Nog.
Make us proud.
I'll, uh...
I'll walk you over to the airlock.
That was a good spot.
The best.
The Ferengi Shuttle Quark's Treasure
has just departed the station.
Quark, Rom and Nog, together on that ship
all the way to Earth?
Glad I'm not going with them.
Only thing that worries me...
no one warned Earth that they're coming.
It says here that humans
didn't even have currency until 5,000 years ago
Iet alone banking, speculative investments
or a unified global economy.
They're a primitive, backward people, Nog.
Pity them.
But think about it, Uncle-- that means they went
from being savages with a simple barter system
to leaders of a vast interstellar Federation
in only 5,000 years.
It took us twice as long
to establish the Ferengi Alliance
and we had to buy warp technology from the...
10,000... what's the difference?
The speed of technological advancement
isn't nearly as important as short-term quarterly gains.
Can't this thing go any faster?
We're already exceeding the safe maximum cruising speed
by 2/10 of a warp factor.
Push it another tenth.
This trip is taking long enough as it is.
Relax, Brother.
I know kemacite is unstable
but another day or two, won't make any difference.
What are you talking about?
The shipment of kemacite
that you're smuggling in the cargo hold.
Uncle, are you smuggling kemacite?
Isn't that dangerous?
Dangerous... and highly profitable
especially if we make a side trip to Orion
on the way home from Earth.
What tipped you off?
When I engaged the impulse engines
I noticed the ship's weight distribution was a little off
so the last time you went to waste extraction
I snuck back to the cargo bay and took a look around.
When did you get to be so smart?
I've always been smart, Brother.
I've just lacked self-confidence.
Of course, I could forget everything I saw.
How much?
20 percent of the profits.
I suppose you'll want a cut, too?
As a Starfleet Cadet, it's my duty to report
any violation of Federation law to my superiors immediately...
but then again, I haven't been sworn in yet.
I'll take 10 percent.
It's a deal.
I thought I told you to go faster.
Faster it is!
Brother, wake up.
We're approaching Earth's star system.
Take her out of warp.
Father, have you ever heard of the Bell Riots?
Don't bother me now.
But doesn't this Gabriel Bell human
Iook just like Captain Sisko?
All hu-mans look alike.
I thought I told you to take us out of warp.
I'm trying, Brother, but the warp core isn't responding.
It looks like the command sequencer has been disabled.
I don't understand. I tested everything!
The only way this could've happened is...
if the command sequencer was designed to fail.
You mean sabotage.
Cousin Gaila.
He never did like you very much, Uncle.
Okay, okay, no need to panic.
So the warp drive won't shut down.
What's the worst thing that could happen?
The ship could continue accelerating
until it tears itself apart
and scatters our remains halfway across the Quadrant.
There must be something we can do!
Jettison the warp core?
No, I tried that already.
Emergency overrides are frozen.
Then we'll have to try something else, won't we?
The kemacite!
If we vent plasma from the warp core
into the cargo hold, we may be able to start
a cascade reaction in the kemacite.
Then we can modulate the reaction
to create an inversion wave
in the warp field and force the ship
back into normal space!
If I time it just right, I should be able to get us
close enough to Earth to make an emergency landing!
Rom, you're a genius!
Think so?
How should I know?
I have no idea what you're talking about.
Just do it.
Hold on!
Get me General Denning.
Tell him one of the Martians is awake.
We've got the farmer who found their ship.
He's locked up in the BOQ
but I don't know how much longer we can keep him there.
You keep him there until I tell you to let him go.
Did you take care of that idiot in Roswell
who told the press we captured a flying saucer?
We've convinced him to issue a retraction.
Turns out it was just a weather balloon.
Weather balloon?
We had to come up with something quick.
Last thing we need is a bunch of reporters snooping around.
You can't keep this from the public forever, General.
Beings from another planet have landed on Earth.
This is one of the most important events
in human history.
Maybe, but we can't risk causing a panic.
I'm not telling the public anything
until we find out exactly what we're up against.
Pip im gren tovat.
Yop bree
gren skin law po far.
Yop im too, yoba.
Yop sko ta yop ma.
It's locked.
What is this place?
Where are we?
I wish you'd stop asking that.
I told you I don't know.
The last thing I remember
was Father taking the shuttle in for an emergency landing.
Well, we must be on Earth.
But where?
One thing's for sure--
this isn't Starfleet Academy.
I wonder what happened to the ship.
My ship.
Where's my ship?
Is anybody out there?!
What did you do with my ship?!
I want my ship back!
Goss uffwok ton! Goss uffwok ton!
He's trying to break out.
Don't let them hurt him.
He's just scared.
General, these creatures come
from a race far more advanced than our own.
There's no telling what they can teach us.
We have to try to communicate with them.
Well, you're in luck.
The President agrees with you
and he wants us to try and talk to them.
So that's just what you're going to do.
Look, Professor, we didn't ask you here
just because you're Nurse Garland's fiancé.
I need someone to talk to these Martians.
You're elected.
I knew Earth was a bad idea.
Ferengis and humans have no business being together
but you had to go to Starfleet Academy.
Don't blame my son.
It was your idea to use Gaila's shuttle.
And you were the one who said it was safe.
Leave him alone!
If it wasn't for my father, we'd all be dead.
Maybe we are dead.
What are you talking about?
Maybe this is the Divine Treasury.
Oh, don't be ridiculous.
The Divine Treasury is made of pure latinum.
Besides, where's the Blessed Exchequer?
Where are the Celestial Auctioneers?
And why aren't we bidding for our new lives, hmm?
You don't think we're in the other place?
The Vault of Eternal Destitution?
Don't be ridiculous.
The bar was showing a profit.
Welcome to Earth.
We mean you no harm.
We're sorry we had to separate
you from your ship, but I'm sure you can
understand we have lots of questions for you.
Did you understand a word of that?
Our universal translators must be malfunctioning.
What are they doing?
Maybe it's some kind of greeting.
She may be onto...
What are they doing?
Maybe their universal translators are broken, too.
No! They don't have universal translators.
I recognize those uniforms
from my guidebook, they're from the 20th century.
The 20th century?!
You mean we traveled back through time?
More than 400 years!
Those are military uniforms
from one of the old nation states.
Uh... Australia or something.
So if they don't have universal translators
then why are they banging their heads?
They're just mimicking us.
Brik yop tal hopdrew, ki los hoem bog?
I think he likes you, Captain.
I'd always heard primitive humans lacked intelligence
but I had no idea they were this stupid.
They weren't just stupid.
They were violent, petty, bigoted and selfish.
And we're stuck here with them.
Maybe for the rest of our lives.
The three of us and millions of primitive hu-mans.
I like those odds.
Gren fatarik oo-mox?
Ya ta fa.
I've given them every medical test I can think of
but the only thing I can tell you for sure
is they're not human.
Well, that's a start.
I think these two are involved
in some kind of a grooming ritual.
Look how the older one
is taking care of the younger one.
That's sweet.
Maybe they're father and son.
Wouldn't that be something?
They've come from so far away, but they still have
the same basic family structure that we do.
I wonder if the third one's related, too.
For all we know, it could be the mother.
Gren fa hoe loth pex-pil?!
If she is the mother, she's quite a shrew.
I'm working as fast as I can, Brother
but there must be some kind of interference
disrupting our translators.
What kind of interference?
I'm not sure.
Could be solar flares, or maybe ionic interference
or I suppose it could be beta radiation
but that's only produced by nuclear fission.
Don't be an idiot.
Nuclear fission doesn't happen within planetary atmospheres.
It does here.
In the 20th century, humans used
crude nuclear reactors as weapons.
They called them "atom bombs."
They used to blow them up all the time.
They irradiated their own planet?
If Nog says so, they did.
He knows all about Earth history.
You better fix those translators fast.
The sooner we start talking to these savages
the better off we'll be.
Vo yop toe pah?
He seems to want something from you.
You'd better tell him I'm your girl.
Yop triska gleep do-sta gren-la.
I think he wants your hairpin.
If you say so, Professor.
Here you go.
Now, where's that reset button?
Ouch! That looks like it hurts.
Well, he doesn't seem to mind.
I wish I could get some help.
I don't know why we can't bring in a few more experts.
Let's face it, Jeff--
when it comes to beings from another planet
we don't have any experts.
You'll find a way
of communicating with them, darling.
I know you will.
Imagine the possibilities.
Who knows what they could teach us?
A few years from now
mankind could have rocket ships of our own.
We could travel the galaxy, exploring new worlds
and new civilizations.
Always the dreamer.
That's why you love me.
It's funny, isn't it?
Here we are in the middle
of one of the greatest discoveries in human history
and all I can think about
is what you're going to look like in your wedding dress.
My mother keeps asking
where we're going on our honeymoon.
She thinks we should go to Niagara Falls.
Well, who knows?
Maybe we'll go to Mars.
What's that disgusting smell?
I think it's called "tobacco."
It's a deadly drug.
When used frequently, it destroys the internal organs.
If it's so deadly, then why do they use it?
It's also highly addictive.
How do they get their hands on it?
They buy it in stores.
They buy it?
If they'll buy poison, they'll buy anything.
I think I'm going to like it here.
Uncle, I hope you're not thinking
of doing anything that will disrupt the timeline.
Perish the thought.
Changing the history of Earth
could affect the entire galaxy.
The Federation, Deep Space 9--
your bar-- could all cease to exist.
Wouldn't that be a shame?
Rom, hurry up with those translators.
The alien ship has a small control area in the front
and rudimentary sleeping quarters in the back.
So far, we can't even figure out what drives the engines
Iet alone how they work.
Hey, how you doing, big fella?
You making any headway, Professor?
It's fascinating.
I would've expected creatures
of their technological sophistication
to communicate telepathically, but they seem to have
a structured verbal language just like we do.
Given enough time
a good team of linguists could probably decipher it.
We're not bringing in anyone else.
Too many people know about this as it is.
Besides, we don't have the time.
President Truman's an impatient man.
He wants answers and he wants them now.
Jeff, General Denning
I think you'd better come inside right away.
My name is Quark, Chief Financial Officer
of the Ferengi Alliance
and... I've got a business proposition for you.
I don't see any universal translator.
Trust me. It's in there.
So this gadget of yours is
what makes it possible for us to understand each other?
How's it work?
It's simple if you know how.
You'd be surprised at the kind of things you can do
with the right technology.
Which brings me to why I'm here.
I was wondering about that.
I've been sent by my people to open up a market
for advanced Ferengi technology.
What kind of technology you talking about?
How would you like to travel beyond the stars
at speeds you never even dreamt were possible?
Or to transport yourselves from one place to another
in the blink of an eye?
You know how to do that?
That's only the beginning.
We can give you the medical knowledge
to cure your deadliest diseases.
We have machines that can produce food and clothing
out of thin air.
What about weapons?
If you want weapons, I'm the man to see.
We could teach you to make phasers, disruptors
photon torpedoes... or even quantum torpedoes--
a little more expensive but worth it.
What do you want in return?
That depends.
What do you use for currency around here--
Iatinum, dilithium?
We use dollars.
Dollars? Never heard of them.
Don't you have any gemstones or precious minerals?
You mean like gold?
Gold is good.
How much gold are we talking about?
Seeing how were going to be advancing your culture
about 400 years overnight, I'd say
a couple of million bars would be about right...
as a good faith deposit.
You know, Quark, you might be some kind of Martian...
Whatever, but the more we talk
the more you remind me of my brother-in-law.
Is he a businessman?
He's a car salesman and not a very good one.
Then he's nothing like me.
The bottom line is, I don't trust him
and I don't trust you.
So before we sit down and sign any contracts
you are going to tell me
just what the hell you people are really doing here.
I just told you.
We're here to open up trade negotiations.
If you're not interested, just say so.
I'm sure I can do business
with one of your planet's other nation states.
In other words, if we don't play ball, you're going to sell
these advanced weapons of yours to the Russians.
I'd rather it didn't come to that.
To be honest, I'd much rather work with you Australians.
But, if you won't do business with me and the Russians will
who am I to say no?
I-l'm not saying we can't do business
but I don't have the authority to make this kind of decision.
I'll have to get, uh...
Well, I'll have to get clearance from the President.
I can wait.
In the meantime, let me give you some free advice
just to show you I'm on your side.
You people should take better care of yourselves.
Stop poisoning your bodies with tobacco
and atom bombs.
Sooner or later, that kind of stuff will kill you.
What do you know about atom bombs?
My people have been watching your world for years.
We know all about you--
baseball, root beer, darts, atom bombs.
It's quite a fascinating culture you hu-mans have here.
And with a little Ferengi technology
it could be even better.
Now, why don't you go talk to that President of yours?
Let me get this straight, Rom.
Are you saying that all the women on your world
walk around naked?
Uh-huh. It's the law.
You don't say.
Well, I guess I'm never going to visit your world.
And neither are you.
Uh, Nurse Garland...
I'm having trouble with my ear again.
Could you massage it some more?
Are you sure you don't want a Doctor to look at that?
No. I feel more comfortable with you.
Ah... ah...
Much better.
You know, come to think of it, my ear's bothering me, too.
How did your meeting with the General go?
It's... Iate.
We should let you get some rest.
I'm not tired!
We'll visit some more tomorrow.
There's something about that female that I don't like.
She's so... cheerful.
What about the General?
Is he going to let us leave?
Don't worry.
Everything's under control.
Oh, they forgot to take that thing with them.
It seems to like you, Brother.
Get away from me.
Hello, Quark.
Odo, what are you doing here?
Placing you under arrest for attempting to smuggle kemacite.
Did you really expect me to believe
that you were traveling all the way to Earth
just to be nice to your nephew?
You hid on board the ship.
That's right.
And now I'm stuck here with you.
Now listen carefully, because we don't have much time.
Someone could come in any minute.
Your ship is in a hangar on the other side of the base.
It sustained some damage in the crash
but the engines are still functioning.
If we're lucky, we should be able
to use it to get away from here.
And go where?
Even if we get out of here
we'll still going to be trapped 400 years in the past.
Actually, I've been thinking.
If there's enough kemacite left
there might be a way to get back to our own time.
If we find
a sufficiently powerful energy source
we should be able to trigger a temporal surge
in the subspace continuum
and recreate the same kind of time warp
that brought us here in the first place!
What do you mean by
"a sufficiently powerful energy source?"
We're not going anywhere.
We're staying right here.
But, Brother, what about the bar?
Who cares about the bar?
I'm telling you, Rom, we stay here
and inside of a year, we'll be running this place.
You mean the military base?
I mean the whole planet.
"Harumph" all you want.
But these hu-mans-- they're nothing
Iike the ones from the Federation.
They're crude, gullible and greedy.
You mean like you.
Yeah. These are humans I can understand and manipulate.
But, Uncle, what about the timeline?
Forget this timeline.
The one we're going to create will be better.
Once we get things in order here
we'll contact the Ferengi homeworld
and sell them our ship.
The Ferengi will have warp drive technology
centuries before hu-mans or Klingons or even the Vulcans.
We'll establish an economic empire
beyond even Grand Nagus Zek's wildest dreams
and I'll control it all.
You do have a vivid imagination
but the only place we're going is back to our own time.
I'll have the ship ready to go in six hours
and you're all going to be on it.
I'm not going back, and neither is my ship.
We'll see about that.
What's the word, General?
That little piano-playing Democrat's
not as dumb as he looks.
He's not about to make a deal with these aliens
until we learn more about them.
And how does the President propose we do that?
He said he'd leave that in our capable hands.
Don't worry, General.
I'll find out what those Martians are up to.
See that you do.
This is the opportunity of a lifetime.
I don't know, Brother.
It seems awfully risky to me.
The riskier the road, the greater the profit.
What about Rule of Acquisition 203?
"New customers are like razor-toothed gree-worms.
They can be succulent, but sometimes they bite back."
if there's any biting to be done
we're the ones who are going to do it, huh?
Get this off me.
Get this off me!
I can't breathe!
This is an outrage!
I demand to see General Denning.
If I don't get satisfaction
I'm taking my business to the Russians.
The Russians...
that's a good place to start.
Why don't you tell me everything you know about the Russians?
Would you please stop doing that?
That's the fifth injection
of sodium Pentothal I've given him.
It's not working.
Their biochemistry is obviously nothing like ours.
Then stop sticking me with those needles!
Captain, this is wrong.
These people are our guests.
They're not people.
They're... things.
Invaders from another world.
It's up to us to put an end to whatever they're planning.
Now, if you don't tell me what I want to know
needles are going to be
the least of your worries.
You know, Doc
I've always wanted to see what a Martian looked like...
from the inside.
Don't you people
have laws against this kind of thing?
Not when it comes to national security.
Now, which one should we start with?
The loud one?
The little one...
or the quiet one?
Now why don't you tell us why you're really here?
It was an accident.
We're from the future.
The warp core was sabotaged.
It's all Cousin Gaila's fault.
I want to go home!
I want my Moogie!
You want the truth?
I'll tell you the truth.
We're advance scouts for the Ferengi invasion fleet.
I knew it!
Nog, what are you talking about?
We've been studying you puny Earthlings for centuries
and you're ripe for conquest.
It's not true!
It's no use, Supreme Commander.
They've seen through our cover
but knowing our plans won't do them any good.
Even now, 300 Marauder-class
attack cruisers are orbiting your planet
preparing for the attack.
I'm telling you this is crazy!
Nog, tell him the truth.
We're helpless. We're harmless.
We just want to sell you things.
Captain, I'm not sure I believe this invasion story.
You scientists.
You're like children--
always walking around with your heads in the clouds.
Keep talking.
When the appointed hour arrives, the Marauders will deactivate
their cloaking devices and begin
transporting Klingon shock troops
directly to the landing zone.
Landing zone?
Where? Tell me.
Why not?
Your feeble weapons will be useless against us.
We will kill all your males and take your females
to mate with.
Where's the landing zone?
Untie me and I will show you on that map.
You heard him.
Go get General Denning.
Tell him he was right about the Martians all along.
Show me.
The first landing parties will arrive here.
Here. Right by this blue blob.
You mean your people are going to invade...
No, not Cleveland.
Right... here!
Hold it!
Don't hurt him.
It was an accident. I tripped.
I didn't mean to do it.
I'm really, really sorry.
Shoot him!
Thank you.
We're all grateful
but couldn't you have done that an hour ago?
We've got to get you out of here.
Won't you get in trouble for this?
Why should they?
We forced them to help us by using our, uh...
Your insidious mind control powers.
That's not bad.
For a primitive female, she's pretty smart.
Come on.
Your ship's in Hangar 18.
Come on.
Captain Wainwright needs to see you
in Examination Room 3.
Hold it right there.
Stay back...
or I'll disintegrate this hostage.
With your finger?
With my death ray.
Looks a lot like a finger to me.
Who's he?
My hero.
Can we please leave now?
You're sure they're going
to be detonating an atomic bomb today?
That's what it said in the papers.
5:00 AM at the proving grounds in Nevada.
But I don't see how an atomic bomb
is going to help you to get home.
It's simple.
We need to harness the beta radiation
to trigger a cascade...
Save your breath.
It's much too complicated for them to grasp.
5:00 AM-- that's seven minutes from now.
Don't worry.
We'll get there.
Thanks for your help.
You may be hu-mans, but you're okay by me.
You don't have to thank us.
I only hope that one day
mankind will travel to the stars
and take its place in a vast alliance of planets.
Federation of planets.
Excuse me?
Uh, don't pay any attention to him.
He's an idiot.
Trust me, the galaxy is a pretty rough place.
You people are much better off staying right here on Earth.
Let's go, Quark.
"A vast alliance of planets."
You get the craziest ideas.
What do we do now, General?
About what, Captain?
All we ever found was a crashed weather balloon.
Now, tell me again.
What's going to happen when we get there?
We fly straight into the atomic explosion
expose the kemacite to the beta radiation
and engage the warp engines.
If we have enough kemacite, we should be able
to create a reverse time warp and ride it home.
My dad-- always thinking.
If this doesn't work
I'm holding you personally responsible.
I don't remember inviting you on this trip.
We're at the target site.
Hold on.
I don't like this!
Rom, tell your brother it's going to be all right.
It's going to be all right, Brother.
I hope.
Did we make it?
This doesn't look like the Divine Treasury.
What year is this?
Good question.
What's that flashing indicator?
We're being hailed!
Answer them, answer them!
This is Earth Orbital Control
to the unidentified Ferengi vessel.
Do you need assistance?
Yes! Definitely!
We'll send a ship to tractor you to a docking facility.
We'll be waiting.
Well, son, it looks like you're
going to get to Starfleet Academy after all.
Just remember--
under that placid Federation veneer
humans are still a bunch of violent savages.
Maybe... but I like them.
Oh, it's good to be home.
I bet you can't wait to see the bar again.
The bar?
I could have ruled the galaxy.
But now I have nothing.
I don't even have my ship anymore.
Look on the bright side, Brother.
You may have had to sell your shuttle for salvage
but at least you got enough for our passage home.
Wait till I get my hands on Cousin Gaila.
You're going to have to wait longer than you think.
Let's go.
What are you doing?
Taking you to a holding cell.
Kemacite smuggling is a serious offense.
But you have no evidence.
We used all the rest of the kemacite
to get back to the 24th century.
Tell it to the arbiter.
I'm innocent, I tell you.
This is all a misunderstanding.
Rom, get me a lawyer.
I'll contact Cousin Gaila.
I'm sure he'll know a good one.
Rom, you idiot!
See you in a few weeks, Brother.

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