There it goes again.
That's the seventh time in the last two hours.
Still no idea what's causing it?
It seems to be opening and closing
completely at random.
No unusual readings.
No ships coming through.
For all we know, the Bajorans are right.
Maybe it is a message from the Prophets.
Hmm. If it is, they didn't tell me.
Maybe the Prophets don't recognize you
with the new beard.
There must be a scientific explanation for this.
Here we go.
Something funny, old man?
Hmm? No, nothing.
Ops to Captain Sisko.
Sisko here.
Captain, we are receiving a priority one message
from Starfleet Security.
On my way.
Then the Andorian says, "That's not my antenna."
Why do I bother?
What can I do for you, Constable?
Dax... where is she?
She's not here.
Is there anything else I can do for you?
You find all this very funny, don't you?
You and Dax probably planned it together.
Planned what?
Moving my furniture.
Is that what this is all about?
Someone moved your furniture?
Not someone-- Commander Dax.
It's the fourth time she's done it this past year.
She breaks into my quarters while I'm regenerating
and moves all my furniture out of alignment.
Shifts one piece three centimeters to the right
the next four centimeters to the left.
Not one object in my quarters
is where it's supposed to be.
And... is that a bad thing?
Everything I own is carefully and painstakingly arranged.
Dax knows this
and yet she takes a perverse delight
in throwing my quarters into chaos.
I'd hardly call three centimeters "chaos."
Maybe you wouldn't, but I do.
You humanoids are all alike.
You have no sense of order
and Dax is the most humanoid person I know.
Sisko to Constable Odo.
Odo here.
Please report to Ops mmediately.
Uh, when you see Dax
say hello to her for me.
How many people were at the conference?
27, including the Tholian observer.
27... it's unbelievable.
Federation President
Jaresh-lnyo has declared a planet-wide day of mourning.
Constable, take a seat.
Of course.
Ten minutes ago, we received a recording
of a high-level diplomatic conference
that took place between the Federation
and the Romulan Empire on Earth two days ago.
Computer, begin replay at time index 5-9-1 1.
A bomb.
Of unknown composition.
A crime like this hasn't been committed on Earth
in over a hundred years.
Go back and show him what you showed us.
Computer, restart recording at time index 5-9-1-6.
One-tenth normal speed.
Freeze picture.
Enlarge section F-3 and enhance.
Keep your eye on the piece of pottery.
Computer, resume at one-tenth speed.
That's a changeling.
No sign of a changeling was found in the aftermath.
We must assume that it escaped unharmed.
I was hoping that this would never happen
but it finally has.
The changelings have reached Earth.
How's that?
Another centimeter to the left.
Shouldn't you be on the Lakota?
The Lakota won't depart for another hour.
Which gives us plenty of time
to repair the damage you've done to my room.
And while I'm gone, I want your solemn word that you'll
stay out of my quarters.
You've got it.
So, how long do you think
you and Captain Sisko will be on Earth?
I have no idea.
I just hope this trip isn't a waste of time.
I'm not sure what Captain Sisko and I
can tell Starfleet about my people
that hasn't already been in our reports.
Believe me, Odo, with changelings on Earth
Starfleet's going to need all the help it can get.
There. How's that?
A little more to the left.
Whatever you say, Constable.
Wait till you see the size of the eggplant
I'm getting out of my garden this year.
As big as Crenshaw melons
and twice as heavy.
So, how is Judith?
She still helping out in the restaurant?
I sent her home to Portland.
Your sister's got her own life to worry about.
Besides, she never puts enough cayenne pepper in the jambalaya.
Just like Mom.
Which means she has no business in the kitchen.
It'll be good to have you home again, Benjamin.
Jake, too.
Dad, you know that this isn't exactly a vacation.
I'll be spending most of my time in San Francisco
at Starfleet Headquarters.
Whatever you do during the day is your business.
But at dinner time
you better get yourself down to New Orleans.
No son of mine is going to eat that replicated slop
Starfleet calls food.
Not if I have anything to say about it.
You won't get any argument from me.
So, Dad...
you feeling okay?
Oh, let's not start that again.
It's just a question.
You look a little tired.
How's the new aorta holding up?
The doctors say I am a medical marvel.
At the rate things are going, in a year or two
I won't have an original organ left in my body.
They'll write me up in the medical books.
Well, but you're feeling okay?
Just point me in the direction of a party and a pretty girl
and I'll show you how good I feel.
Make sure you call me as soon as you and Jake get in.
Your rooms are always waiting and ready for you.
I know that, Dad.
We'll be there before you know it.
You just missed Grandpa Joe.
Did you tell him we're staying in San Francisco?
Uh, I didn't quite get around to it.
Ah. Dad.
You know if we stay with Grandpa
he's going to put me to work in the kitchen.
Is that so bad?
Well, chopping vegetables for nine hours a day
isn't exactly my idea of a vacation.
Well, Jake, you're not a child anymore.
Grandpa will not expect you to chop vegetables.
He'll want you to wait tables.
So, what can I get you two flyboys?
A Scotch, neat
and a pint of your finest bitter for my mate.
Make it quick.
The cabbage crates will be coming back
over the briny any minute now.
All right, all right.
I'd hate to let the Jerries
strafe that green and pleasant land of yours
while the two of you were taking time out
to get a drink.
No choice, man. Ritual, you know.
To Clive, the best bloke
ever to prang his kite into the Channel.
Ah, got to keep a stiff upper lip.
Hear, hear.
Down the hatch.
Now, remember what I said about throwing glasses.
So, you want to go back up
and have another crack at the Jerries?
Oh, I don't know.
To tell you the truth, my heart isn't in it.
Aren't you taking Clive's death a little seriously?
After all, he was just a holosuite character.
It's not Clive. It's Earth.
You probably wouldn't understand this, Quark
but when you care about a place
and it's in trouble
and you want to do something about it
and you can't
it's very frustrating.
I know exactly what you mean.
When the Great Monetary Collapse hit Ferenginar
I was hundreds of light-years away
serving as a ship's cook on a long-haul freighter.
I can't tell you the heartbreak I suffered
knowing that rampant inflation and currency devaluation
were burning like wildfires
through the lush financial foliage of my home.
It still depresses me even today.
I remember thinking my accounts needed me
and there was nothing I could do.
I-l-l felt so... so helpless.
So you see...
I do understand.
Somehow, you telling me that
doesn't make me feel the least bit better.
All you care about is yourselves.
Hang on a second.
Well, I take it the Battle of Britain
has been won yet again.
There's a Spitfire with your name on it
waiting in the hangar.
When you get back from Earth
you can take Clive's place in the squadron.
Somehow I doubt it.
Look, Odo, do me a favor.
If you get a chance
stop by and visit my folks in Dublin.
Just make sure they're okay, you know?
I'll try to find the time.
Good. I'll let them know you might drop by.
Anyone I can look up for you, Doctor?
Uh, no, no, that'll be fine.
Um, just wish I was coming with you.
Well, to be quite honest, Doctor
I wish both of you were going with me.
I could use the company.
I... I doubt that a shape-shifter
will be welcome on Earth at the moment.
No one can hold you responsible for what your people are doing.
Oh, really?
Well, I'd better get over to the Lakota.
We'll be leaving shortly.
Good luck.
I don't believe in luck.
But I appreciate the sentiment.
Well, we better get out of these uniforms.
The Lakota 's gone to warp.
When was the last time the wormhole opened?
12 hours ago.
Perhaps it has returned to normal.
I suppose so.
You sound disappointed, Major.
I guess I am.
Part of me was hoping that the Prophets were behind it
that they were finally going to show themselves
to the Bajoran people.
I prefer Klingon beliefs.
I supposed your Gods aren't as cryptic as ours.
Our Gods are dead.
Ancient Klingon warriors slew them a millennia ago.
They were more trouble than they were worth.
I don't think I'll ever understand Klingons.
Don't worry about it, Major.
Nobody does.
That's the way they like it.
Admiral Leyton.
Good to see you again, sir.
Captain Sisko.
This is my adjutant, Commander Benteen.
Benjamin was my executive officer
aboard the Okinawa
and a damn fine one, too.
I did all right.
Ah, don't be modest.
Admiral Leyton has had his share of executive officers
and you're the only one he ever speaks fondly of.
Present company excluded.
Admiral Leyton is the one who recommended me
for the job on Deep Space 9.
One of my better ideas.
You must be Odo.
That's right.
Forgive me for staring
but you're the first changeling I've ever met.
That you know of.
I sympathize with your problem.
Uncovering changeling infiltrators is no easy task.
Well, with the help of the two of you
I trust it'll be a little easier.
What exactly do you want us to do?
We'd like to confer with you and Odo.
See if there's anything about the Founders
you left out of your official reports.
I'll help in any way I can
but I think you'll find my reports were quite thorough.
Admiral, I doubt you brought us all this way
just for a debriefing.
Of course not.
Ben, Earth is in danger--
maybe the greatest danger it's faced
since the last World War.
Something has to be done about these shape-shifters
which is why you're here.
You know more about the Dominion than anyone in Starfleet.
And so, effective immediately, I'm making you acting head
of Starfleet Security here on Earth.
Congratulations, Captain.
This is one beautiful fish.
Seems a shame to eat a trout this pretty.
Why, you should thank me for the privilege
of simply looking at it.
Well, go on, take a bite.
It won't bite you back.
Now, I don't want to see
anybody studying the dessert menu.
If you order anything but the bread pudding soufflé
you'll be making a mistake you will regret
the rest of your lives.
You should listen to him.
The man knows his bread pudding.
When are you going to stop growing?
If you keep this up, you'll be bumping your head
on that alligator before too long.
I remember when you used to tell me
that alligator was just in stasis
and you let it out every night to guard the restaurant.
Oh, I had to stop doing that.
It got to be too much trouble
wrestling it back up to the ceiling every morning.
Come on, I'll get Nathan to bring you both
something to eat, and we can catch up.
Nathan, some gumbo for these fine, young men.
Yes, sir.
So... where's this shape-shifting fellow
you were coming with?
With things the way they are, Odo thought it would be better
if he stayed at Starfleet Headquarters.
I don't blame him.
I haven't seen people so nervous since the Borg scare.
Me, personally, I'd like to meet him.
Though I have to admit
I-l'm a little suspicious about anyone who doesn't eat.
Well, aren't you going to eat anything?
I ate before you got here.
Son, don't look at me that way.
You've lost weight.
You think so?
The doctors said you have to keep your weight up.
Don't you start, too.
I have a vat of crayfish in the back
that needs cleaning
and it's got your name on it.
Now, I'm going to say this one time and one time only.
I am fine.
I'm happy, I'm healthy and I'm planning on celebrating
at least 50 more birthdays.
Mmm. Gumbo is as good as I remember.
Starfleet must be taking the shape-shifters
pretty seriously
to have you come all the way back here.
It is serious, Dad.
27 people murdered right here on Earth.
Never thought I'd see the day.
But now that my son's on the case
I feel a lot better.
Captain Sisko.
What do you think?
You look good, Cadet.
You think so?
Nog, I thought I was going to see you
tomorrow at the Academy.
You are.
I'm just here for dinner.
Nathan, the usual.
I didn't know you liked Creole food.
I don't. I like tube grubs.
And your father is the only person on this planet
who can get me live ones.
I've been thinking of adding them to our menu.
Of course, I'll have to cook them
for our human customers
serve them with a nice remoulade.
Cook them?
What good are tube grubs
if they don't wiggle on the way down?
So, how's everything at the Academy?
Jake, they call it the Academy
but what it really is, is school.
Well, I want to hear about it.
It's a lot of work--
Iots of classes, lots of studying--
I'm doing okay.
Now, where are those tube grubs?
Good night.
You come back soon.
Come on, Ben.
I've got a nice bottle of cognac
I've been saving for a special occasion
and I think this qualifies.
I think you're right.
Ah, there's nothing like a full stomach
to make life worth living.
So, you going to tell me what's on your mind or not?
What do you mean?
I mean, you didn't stay here until closing
just to get one more root beer.
Something's up.
My friend, the writer...
always looking for a good story.
If you don't want to tell me, fine, don't tell me.
It's nothing.
It's stupid.
All right.
Forget about it.
It's just...
the Academy's different than I thought it would be.
Different how?
Some of the cadets--
they're kind of standoffish
especially the upperclassmen.
Because you're a Ferengi?
That's what I thought at first
but then I heard some of the other freshmen
complaining about the same thing.
Complaining about what?
Little things.
For instance, there's this group called Red Squad
made up of all the top students.
They're always going off on trips
getting special training.
None of them will even talk to me.
You've only been in the Academy for a month.
You can't expect to fit in right away.
Who knows? One of these days, you might even be in Red Squad.
I'm sure if you let them get to know you
show them you're a really good guy to be around
everything'll work out.
I am a good guy to be around, aren't l?
I always thought so.
Mr. President, I'd like to introduce Captain Sisko.
Captain, I've seen your record
most exemplary.
Thank you, sir.
Captain Sisko has several suggestions
on how to combat Dominion infiltration.
I think you'll find them very interesting.
I understand the need for increased security, but...
blood screenings, phaser sweeps?
They've proven very effective on Deep Space 9.
I'm sure they have
but I hope you'll keep in mind that this is Earth
and not a military installation.
Which means it's a lot more vulnerable.
We have to take precautions.
Precautions may be advisable
but I will not disrupt the lives of the population
despite what happened at Antwerp.
I believe the changeling threat to be somewhat less serious
than Starfleet does.
Mr. President, I assure you, the threat is real.
For all we know, there was only one changeling on Earth
and he may not even be here anymore.
But, if he is here, we have a problem.
There's no telling how much damage
one changeling can do.
Forgive me for saying so, Captain
but you sound a little paranoid.
Do l?
Forgive the intrusion, Mr. President
but as you can see
Starfleet has every right to be concerned.
Allow me to introduce Odo, my Chief of Security.
A very effective entrance, Mr. Odo.
One that never should have been allowed to take place.
Admiral Leyton and Captain Sisko walked in here
without being searched, without being blood-tested
and without having their possessions
subjected to phaser sweeps.
If Odo was
a Dominion infiltrator, he could've killed you.
Or replaced you--
the way security is now
a changeling could get anywhere on Earth
replace anyone, even you.
Mr. President
all we want is your permission to increase security
at Federation and Starfleet installations here on Earth.
Blood tests will be limited
to high-ranking Federation officials
Starfleet officers and their families.
The average citizen
won't even notice the difference.
I wish these security measures were not necessary
but the safety of Earth and the entire Federation
depends on them.
You present a convincing argument, Captain.
It seems I have no choice but to accept your proposals.
Thank you, sir.
Don't thank me.
If I could think of another solution
I would use it.
It took centuries for Earth to evolve
into the peaceful haven it is today.
I would hate to be remembered as the Federation President
who destroyed paradise.
We're not looking to destroy paradise, Mr. President.
We're looking to save it.
Activate the phaser.
That's enough.
How do you feel?
that time I definitely experienced discomfort.
What was the setting?
Three point one.
If we set the phasers at 3.4
we should be able to stun any changeling we hit
and force them back into a gelatinous state.
I'd push it to 3.5, just to be on the safe side.
But, if you want to do any more tests
you'll have to get another guinea pig.
I've been shot quite enough for one day.
3.5 it is.
I want these units installed
in every room at Starfleet and Federation Headquarters.
Then start working on the orbital stations.
We'll have them in place by tomorrow night.
I want to thank you, Captain.
Thank me? For what?
For convincing the President
to implement these security measures.
It feels like we're finally on the right track.
Ha. You'd think she would have thanked me as well.
I'm the one who got shot 13 times today.
Captain Sisko.
I hope I'm not interrupting anything.
We were just about finished.
Can I speak to you for a minute?
In private?
Captain, I just want to say
I appreciate everything you've done for me so far, and...
Jake says you're having difficulty in school.
He told you that?!
He tells me everything.
I don't want you to get the wrong idea!
Nog, you and I both knew
that it was going to take a while
for you to adjust to the Academy
and for the Academy to adjust to you.
I know, but it turned out to be
even more difficult than I expected.
You're just going to have to stick with it.
And I intend to.
In fact, I think I've come up with something
to help me make some new friends.
-Good. -But I need your help.
I want to join Red Squad.
Red Squad?
What do you think?
I don't know what to think, I've never heard of it.
It's an elite squad of cadets at the Academy.
You know, the best of the best.
They get special classes, simulated missions
off-campus training sessions, all kinds of things.
A group of elite cadets?
They never had anything like that when I was at the Academy.
Oh, it's pretty new.
It's a way of rewarding excellence among the cadets.
I have the grades to qualify
but I need to be sponsored by a high-ranking officer.
Ah, and you want me to put your name in
for consideration?
All I'm asking for is a chance to prove myself.
I... I'm kind of busy right now, Nog.
But if I get the chance, I'll see what I can do.
Thank you, sir!
This means a lot to me.
I can see that.
Dismissed, Cadet.
Yes, sir.
Well, look who's here.
Come in, stranger.
I haven't been around much lately.
Oh, things have gotten a little busy.
You want to tell me about it?
I'm afraid I can't.
You'd think that Admiral could spare you
for a few hours a day to visit your father.
With you in San Francisco
and Jake off visiting that school in New Zealand
it's like the two of you aren't even here.
You know, Dad, you could come and visit us
at the station once in a while.
Don't start that again.
Earth's my home, it's where I belong.
Besides, what would happen to the restaurant
if I went gallivanting around the galaxy?
You think Nathan can handle this place on his own?
Nathan will be running things around here
sooner than you think
if you don't take better care of yourself.
I had a talk with your doctor.
And he tells me that you
haven't been in to see him for eight months.
The man's an idiot.
He's lived in New Orleans 20 years
and can't tell the difference
between Creole food and Cajun food.
Maybe not, but he can tell the difference
between a healthy body
and one with progressive atherosclerosis.
He says that if you don't come in
for vascular regeneration therapy
that this restaurant will be looking for a new owner.
Ben, at my age, staying healthy is a full-time job
and I am too old to work two jobs.
Now, how long until you're due back
at Starfleet Headquarters?
I've got about an hour.
Just enough time to take a walk to Audubon Park.
You up for a stroll with your old man?
I can't think of anything I'd rather do.
Nathan, don't forget to stir the gumbo.
That was really something.
I've never seen you imitate a life-form before.
Well, I was just taking a little aerial tour
of San Francisco.
It's quite nice.
Not as ancient as the cities on Bajor
but almost as impressive.
Makes me wonder how many other changelings
might be flying around up there.
If all they're doing is flying around imitating sea gulls
we don't have much to worry about.
I doubt that other changelings
are wasting their time imitating birds.
They don't all share Odo's lack of skill
when it comes to mimicking humans.
That's right, they don't.
I'm glad you're keeping that in mind.
Well, if you ask me
that was a pretty convincing sea gull.
Thank you.
Though I'm not sure the gulls would agree.
Commander, I think we've taken up enough of Mr. Odo's time.
Keep practicing.
You'll have those birds fooled in no time.
-Admiral? -Yes.
I know that Starfleet Command
has always been a little uneasy
about a changeling working in their midst.
I just wanted to say how much I appreciate
the trust you've shown in me.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Well done, Odo.
Are you all right?
I'm fine.
How did you know he wasn't me?
Oh, I'm not sure exactly.
It's as if I could feel
the changeling's hostility toward me.
You're the only changeling
who's ever harmed one of his own people.
I'm sure that hasn't made you many friends.
What I'd like to know is why was he imitating me.
You have access to all our security procedures
all our protocols, that makes you
a logical target.
I suppose so.
The bottom line is, a changeling infiltrated
the grounds of Starfleet Headquarters
imitated the Admiral, and got away scot-free.
Our security measures aren't working.
We're doing everything the President will let us do.
Maybe that's not enough.
We could talk to the President again.
I'm afraid that would be a waste of time.
Jaresh-lnyo would be a fine President in peacetime
but we have a war on our hands
and he doesn't seem to understand that.
All he cares about is not upsetting people.
But humans are tougher than he thinks.
We've created a paradise here
and we're willing to fight to protect it.
And you think the President isn't willing to fight.
I think the President is a long way from home.
This isn't his world.
We can't expect him to care about it the way we do.
Sisko here.
Captain, your son's trying to contact you.
He says it's urgent.
Put him through.
Dad, you'd better get down here right away.
What's wrong?
It's Grandpa.
He's been arrested.
What's going on here?
Captain, we never meant for things to get out of hand.
What did you think would happen--
storming in here and accusing me and my grandson
of being a couple of shape-shifters?
We never accused you of being a shape-shifter, Mr. Sisko.
We were just carrying out our orders.
All family members of Starfleet personnel
are required to submit to blood screenings.
No exceptions.
That's the most ridiculous thing I ever heard of.
Do you believe that?
I should. I signed the orders myself.
Now why would you go and do a stupid thing like that?
Dad, it has to be done.
Grandpa, look.
I'll take the test first.
Go ahead.
Now me.
Sir, that's not necessary.
Do it anyway.
It's your turn.
Jake, do you think I'm a shape-shifter?
Come on, Grandpa.
Answer the question.
No, I don't think you're a shape-shifter.
At least somebody in my family has some sense.
I don't want to hear about it.
You take these two vampires and tell them
to either sit down and grab a menu
or get out of my restaurant.
Jake, get them a menu.
But, sir...
I would recommend the shrimp creole.
Look, Dad...
I don't want to hear it.
Listen to me...
you have got to take the test.
Why should l?
If I was an enemy spy
Iooking to replace someone, I think I could
come up with better choices than an old chef.
Yeah, you're probably right, but this isn't about you.
We've got civilian families living on starships
and Starfleet installations all over the Federation.
The only way we can secure those facilities
is to test everyone there
whether they wear a uniform or not.
I'm not living on a Starfleet installation.
Dad, if we test the family members
of one Starfleet officer, we must test them all.
You may want to test everyone
but that doesn't mean we all have to cooperate.
I didn't take an oath to Starfleet.
Neither did Jake or your sister or anyone in your family.
We have rights, Ben, including the right
to be as stubborn or thickheaded as we want.
Damn it, Dad!
Can't you cooperate just one time?
You don't take your medication.
You don't go to the doctor.
You won't let Judith help you in the restaurant.
Just one time, please do what you're asked.
I wish I could
but what you're asking me to do is wrong.
You can't go around making people prove they are
who they say they are.
That's no way to live
and I'm not going to go along with it.
Now, if you want to make yourself useful
start some water boiling for the shrimp.
Come on, Dad.
Don't be this way.
If I have to, I will get a warrant...
And what?
Hold me down and force me to give you my blood?
Because that's the only way you'll get...
Damn it!
Now look what I've done.
I've got a dermal regenerator under the...
Benjamin Lafayette Sisko.
What the hell has gotten into your head?
You actually thought I was one of them, didn't you?
I don't know. I wasn't sure.
This business has got you so twisted around
you, you can't think straight.
You're seeing shape-shifters everywhere.
Maybe you ought to think about something for a minute.
If I was a smart shape-shifter--
a really good one-- the first thing I would do
would be to grab some poor soul off the street
absorb every ounce of his blood and let it out on cue
whenever someone like you tried to test me.
Don't you see?
There isn't a test that's been created
a smart man can't find his way around.
You aren't going to catch shape-shifters
using some gadget.
The only thing you can count on in this life...
The EMTs said he'd be okay and they were right.
It turns out it was just a mild stroke
brought on by his atherosclerosis.
How's Jake handling it?
He is very upset.
He knows as well as I do
that if my father doesn't take better care of himself...
I've found that when it comes to doing what's best for you
you humanoids have the distressing habit
of doing the exact opposite.
I can't argue with that.
But what bothers me is
that for a few moments there, I really believed
that my own father was a changeling.
A reasonable assumption considering the circumstances.
I don't care if it's reasonable or not...
but when a son can't trust his own father...
That's why my people came here--
to undermine the trust and mutual understanding
the Federation is built on.
But what if my father's right?
What if all our precautions turn out to be useless?
Maybe they will, but that doesn't mean you should give up.
My people are here
and you've got to fight them with whatever you've got.
I hope you don't take this the wrong way, Constable
but there are times I wish you'd never found your people.
Believe me, Captain...
sometimes I feel the same way.
Grandpa, would you please sit down?
Enjoy your meal.
Your food will be right out.
What's that look supposed to mean?
You sat down.
Damn right I sat down.
I feel terrible.
You should be in bed.
Jake, the only time you should be in bed
is if you're sleeping, dying
or making love to a beautiful woman.
I'm not tired, I'm not dying
and the truth is, I'm too old for beautiful women
so I might as well be here.
Your father's the one you should be worried about.
Dad? Why?
I've never seen him so tense.
It's like he's carrying
the weight of the world on his shoulders.
He is.
I suppose he is, at that.
What happened?
I don't know.
The whole block's dark.
Are you all right?
I'm fine.
Admiral, what's going on?
From what we can tell, Earth's
entire power relay system's been knocked off line.
Even Starfleet's emergency backup's been affected.
How could that happen? I don't know
but if you ask me, there's only one possible explanation...
The changelings.
Take out the power relays
and you neutralize sensors, transporters
surface-based defense installations...
In other words, Earth is defenseless.
If the Dominion attacks now, we don't stand a chance.
I'm not interested in excuses.
It is imperative
we get the power relay system functioning again.
Mr. President.
How did you people get here?
We contacted the Lakota and used their transporters.
Mr. President, as acting head of Earth Security
I must advise you to declare a state of emergency.
You're serious.
With the exception of the Borg incident
there hasn't been a state of emergency
declared on Earth in a century.
I am aware of that
but I have reason to believe that a Dominion war fleet
may be in the Alpha Quadrant headed for Earth.
Do you have evidence to back this up?
Just before we left Deep Space 9
the wormhole was exhibiting some unusual behavior--
opening and closing for no apparent reason.
We didn't detect any ships coming through at the time
but the Dominion might have been using
some kind of cloaking technology.
I wasn't aware the Dominion had cloaking technology.
The combined Cardassian and Romulan fleet
that the Dominion destroyed in the Gamma Quadrant
was equipped with cloaking devices.
Who knows what my people might have taken from the wreckage.
How long till the power relays are fixed?
From what we can tell, the changelings
infected the system with some kind
of self-replicating computer protocol.
It jumped from one power relay to the next
disrupting every system it came in contact with.
The only way to correct the problem
is to shut down the entire grid, purge all the operating systems
and restart the relays.
And that could take days.
Which is why it is imperative
that you declare a state of emergency.
What good will that do
when we have no way to defend ourselves?
Mr. President, we can use
the Lakota 's transporters and communications system
to mobilize every Starfleet officer on Earth
in less than 12 hours.
We've been preparing
for something like this for a long time.
We have stockpiles of phaser rifles
personal force fields, photon grenades--
enough to equip an entire army.
I can start getting men on the streets immediately.
What you're asking me to do is declare martial law.
What I'm asking you to do is let us defend this planet.
We don't know what the changelings will do next
but we have to be ready for them.
Ben, tell him.
Sir, the thought of filling the streets with armed troops
is as disturbing to me as it is to you
but not as disturbing
as the thought of a Jem'Hadar army
Ianding on Earth without opposition.
The Jem'Hadar are the most brutal
and efficient soldiers I've ever encountered.
They don't care about the conventions of war
or protecting civilians.
They will not limit themselves to military targets.
They'll be waging the kind of war
Earth hasn't seen since the founding of the Federation.
At the same time, my people will continue
to undermine Earth's defenses in any way they can.
This power outage is only the beginning.
I never sought this job.
I was content to simply represent my people
on the Federation Council.
When they asked me to submit my name for election
I almost said no.
Today, I wish I had.
We appreciate your feelings, Mr. President
but we don't have time for regrets.
You accepted the job and now it's yours.
Mr. President
there are people all over this planet right now
huddled in the dark, terrified about what might happen next.
They're waiting for a sign, something to reassure them
that everything will be all right
but they won't wait long.
Fear is a powerful and dangerous thing
and if you don't act
if you don't show them that they're not alone
then fear will surely take over.
Give us the authority we need, Mr. President
and we will take care of the rest.
Earth is in your hands, gentlemen.
Do what needs to be done.
Thank you, sir.
You've made the right decision.
I hope you're right...
for all our sakes.
Grandpa, wake up!
I'm not sleeping.
I'm checking my eyelids for holes.
You'd better come take a look at this.
Take a look at what?
Come on.

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