Is all this really necessary?
The Klingon invasion has all but destroyed
the Cardassian health system.
They're suffering outbreaks of all kinds of diseases
and in epidemic proportions.
Besides, you've only got 12 more inoculations to go.
Sorry, but if you want to go to the conference...
I don't want to go. I'm no diplomat.
Going to some obscure Cardassian outpost
to share Bajoran intelligence about the Klingons
isn't exactly something I'm good at.
I don't know why I even agreed to go in the first place.
You agreed to go because it was a personal request
from the First Minister of Bajor.
Oh, it was a personal request, all right.
Shakaar took me to my favorite restaurant in Jalanda City
poured me glass after glass of spring wine
and then took me to his home and gave me a massage
with Kolaish spice oil.
Well... nice to know he's keeping in touch
with his constituents.
It wasn't fair.
I mean, I would have said yes to anything at that point.
Ah... Ah...
What is it?
I'm seeing spots.
Big, green swirling ones?
The size of Alvinian melons.
And is the room beginning to spin?
Good. It means the vaccine's beginning to work.
Everything will settle down in a moment.
Major, may I speak with you?
Uh, I'm not going anywhere.
This one's going to make you feel a little queasy.
If you have something to say to the Major
you better make it fast.
The Federation has some concerns
about your upcoming meeting with the Cardassians.
So do l.
There are certain technological advances
that we have shared with both Bajor and the Klingons
that we'd prefer to keep out of Cardassian hands.
Such as?
Photon torpedo guidance systems...
Iong-range sensors...
enhanced warp core overdrives.
This is a complete list.
Oh. Well...
I think the Cardassians are going to be
a little disappointed.
Is that all?
Oh, good. I'll be right back.
I'm glad I'm not going to Cardassia.
Come in.
Hello, Major.
what are you doing here?
I'm to escort you to your meeting on Korma.
You're commanding the Groumall?
Thanks to you.
If you had not convinced me
to bring my half-Bajoran daughter back to Cardassia
I'd still be Chief Military Advisor
to the Detapa Council.
They demoted you.
Exactly one week after my mother disowned me
and my wife took our children and left.
You still did the right thing, Dukat.
And as a reward for following your advice
I have been relegated to ferrying freight.
And, occasionally
various foreign dignitaries, such as yourself.
Look, if it makes you feel better to blame me
go right ahead.
No, no, no.
I blame no one--
but myself.
I was indiscreet.
I compromised myself and have been punished accordingly.
If someone under my command had behaved so outrageously
I would do the same thing to him.
Besides, I assure you, this is only a temporary setback.
Everything I have lost... I will regain.
It's only a matter of time.
may I take your bags?
Come in.
I didn't know you were on board.
Hello, Major.
Oh, please, call me Nerys.
So, I take it living on Cardassia
didn't work out very well.
I wasn't exactly welcomed with open arms.
There were some Cardassians
who could see past the Bajoran ridges on my nose, but not many.
I'm sorry.
I know it must have been very difficult for you.
The only good thing about living on Cardassia
was being with my father.
I'm glad the two of you are getting along.
He's been wonderful.
And so brave.
He never tried to hide me away.
He never acted like he was ashamed of me.
We'd go out to dinner together, take long walks.
And now that he's been exiled?
Wherever he goes, I go.
He's the only family I have.
And this is the only home I need.
Your father isn't the only one who's brave.
What's that?
It's a battle drill.
On a freighter?
Target at 400,000 kilometers and closing.
Shields at maximum. Maintain scan.
Engineering and tactical ready.
Waiting on weapons, sir.
What's taking so long?
The phaser banks are still charging.
I want those weapons on line now.
Phasers ready.
Lock on target.
Target set.
Three forty-seven.
That's pitiful.
A crew of Ferengi scrap peddlers could do better than that.
Select another target.
We'll do it again.
Aye, sir.
This may be a lowly freighter, Major
but it's still a military vessel
and will be run in a military manner.
You know...
you could speed up your phaser recharge time
by routing power through an anodyne capacitor.
Thank you, Major.
That's very helpful.
And if we had an anodyne capacitor, we would use it.
But we don't.
Please forgive me.
I do appreciate your suggestion.
Any anger I may have expressed is due to my...
frustration over the complete inadequacy of this... vessel.
I hope you'll allow me to make it up to you.
What did you have in mind?
I was hoping we might have dinner together.
After all, it is Cardassian tradition
for the Commanding Officer of a ship
to entertain his guests.
Far be it from me to stand in the way of tradition.
This is Bajoran spring wine.
My last bottle.
It's one of the things I miss most about Bajor.
I talked to Ziyal.
She's a lovely girl.
I'm very glad that you convinced me not to kill her.
Despite everything that's happened?
You may not believe this, Major
but when it comes to Ziyal I regret nothing.
It's good to hear that.
By the way, Major
what it this I hear about you and Shakaar?
I don't know what you've heard.
First, it was Vedek Bareil
and now it's the head of the Bajoran government.
You do like powerful men, don't you?
First of all, Shakaar's an old friend.
Second of all, what business is it of yours?
Let's just say it's further incentive for me to regain my...
former position.
It's good to see you haven't lost your sense of humor.
I must say I've always admired Shakaar's success with women.
The intelligence file I kept on him during the occupation
is filled with reports of his conquests.
In fact, if you remember correctly
you were the only female in his resistance cell
that he didn't... charm.
At least until now.
Is that what you kept track of during the occupation?
No wonder you lost.
More wine, Major?
Another drill?
I didn't schedule one.
Sir, we're approaching the outpost on Korma--
or what's left of it.
What are you talking about?
From what we can tell, it's been attacked.
The planetary defense systems have been disabled.
Every building has been destroyed.
How many casualties?
There are no life-signs.
Then we have to assume that everyone at the outpost
including the Cardassian and the Bajoran dignitaries, is dead.
Sir, I'm reading a subspace distortion
bearing 001, mark 15.
On screen.
They're scanning us, sir.
Full power to forward shields.
At this distance, your shields won't mean much.
Sir, they've stopped scanning us.
What are they doing?
Nothing, sir.
They don't seem to be in a hurry to do anything about us.
They don't think we're a threat, Dukat.
Then why were they cloaked when we arrived?
They detected an incoming vessel.
They didn't know what it was, so they hid.
Now they know and they're unconcerned.
The Klingon ship has lowered its shields.
They're moving off at one-quarter impulse.
They'll pay for their arrogance.
Charge phaser banks.
What are you doing, Dukat?
You can't go up against a bird-of-prey.
Must I remind you, Major, they just murdered your people
as well as mine?
I know that
but getting all of us killed isn't going to change that.
We're the only Cardassian ship in the area.
I'm not going to let these Klingons escape unchallenged.
You attack them, and all you're going to do
is give them a little target practice.
They're going to blow us to pieces
with their first shot.
Phaser banks charged.
Lock phasers on target.
Phasers locked.
At least lock on to the underside of their hull.
It's their weakest spot.
You heard the Major.
Target set.
Their shields were down
and we didn't penetrate their hull.
Divert all power to forward shields.
Aye, sir.
They've gone to warp.
it would seem we're not... worth destroying.
Lucky for us.
I suppose from their point of view...
there's no honor in destroying a worthless freighter.
I have to inform Central Command.
These Klingons have been operating
behind our lines with impunity.
Someone has got to stop them.
Someone else.
How close is the nearest Cardassian warship?
Probably in the Dopa system somewhere.
That's almost three days away.
By the time they get here, the Klingons will be long gone.
That's true, but what can we do about it?
We can go after the Klingons.
A moment ago, you were advising caution.
That's because a moment ago
we were in no position to fight back.
I have no intention
of letting them get away with what they did.
Now, you said scanners showed
that the outpost disruptors were disabled
not destroyed, right?
Dukat, do you think you'd be able to repair
one of those disruptors?
What would be the point?
I doubt we can lure the Klingons back to the outpost.
Maybe not, but there's no reason
we can't make a few alterations to your ship.
What kind of alterations?
In the cargo hold?
Why not?
Well, because the outpost's planetary defense weapons
are system 5 disruptors.
They were never designed
to operate aboard a moving spacecraft.
And these cargo bays
were never designed to hold them.
Dukat, you are going to have to stop thinking
Iike a Cardassian military officer.
And more like you?
More like a resistance fighter.
You have got to make use of what you have.
If you need a hammer and you don't have one
use a pipe.
And you really think
we can make those weapons operational on this ship?
It's worth a try.
I suppose if we disable the tractor beam
we could reroute enough power
to operate one of the disruptors.
But those weapons are huge.
What do we do with all this cargo?
Get rid of it.
All of it?
I realize it's traditional for a Cardassian Captain
to take a percentage of the haul
but you are going to have to shed a lot of traditions
if you are serious about fighting the Klingons.
Some traditions are hard to break.
You'll get used to it.
You... never cease to impress me, Major.
I have a lot to learn from you.
Target at 500,000 kilometers.
System 5 disruptor on line.
Open cargo bay doors.
Doors opening.
Telemetry lock confirmed.
Are you ready?
Diverting all power to your station.
200,000 kilometers and closing.
Very impressive, Major!
Don't be too impressed yet, Dukat.
We still have some problems.
Firing the disruptor ruptured power relays
and plasma circuits all over the ship.
We have small plasma leaks in Levels 2, 4 and 5.
I want those leaks fixed immediately.
Aye, sir.
We're going to have to do something
about that recoil.
Major, I'm confident you'll have that disruptor
running so smoothly
it wouldn't wake a sleeping child.
Why is it, when you smile, I want to leave the room?
I suppose it's because of my overwhelming charm.
But you must admit it is rather amusing.
When we do destroy that bird-of-prey
it will no doubt go a long way toward restoring my reputation--
and I have you to thank for it.
I'm trying not to think about that.
why are you so reluctant to face the obvious?
We make an excellent team.
We are not a team, Dukat
and we have nothing in common.
The only reason I'm helping you
is because those Klingons killed 15 Bajoran diplomats.
There were Cardassians at that outpost, too.
But all you care about is redeeming yourself
in the eyes of the Cardassian government.
You have seen an opportunity for advancement
and you are grabbing it.
You judge me too harshly.
Maybe I am seeking to regain my former position--
one which I earned through hard work
dedication, and sacrifice.
But redemption is not my sole motivation.
I care about my people
and I don't intend to allow the Klingons
to get away with murdering them.
I'm a much more complicated man than you give me credit for.
Well, if that's true
I suppose I prefer simpler men.
Like Shakaar?
It amazes me that a woman
as intelligent and sophisticated as you
could be attracted
to such a lumbering, simplistic field hand.
I mean, what could the two of you
possibly talk about?
That lumbering field hand is the First Minister of Bajor
and he knows more about how to talk to me
than you ever will.
How can you be so sure?
After all, you don't know me well enough
to make a comparison.
I don't want to know you well enough.
And if you want to keep working with me
I suggest you stick to business.
I'm sorry, Major.
I didn't mean any harm.
I was only making conversation.
Damar, set another target.
We'll test our new weapon as soon as the Major's ready.
Let's see if we can't work out our problems
at least the ones we're having with the disruptor.
This is a standard issue
Cardassian phase-disruptor rifle.
It has a 4.7 megajoule power capacity
three-millisecond recharge, two beam settings.
How do you know so much about Cardassian weapons?
We captured a lot of them during the occupation.
It's a good weapon-- solid, simple.
You can drag it through the mud and it'll still fire.
Now, this... this is an entirely different animal.
Federation standard issue.
It's a little less powerful
but it's got a lot more options.
16 beam settings.
Fully autonomous... recharge...
multiple target acquisition...
gyro stabilized, the works.
It's, um, a little more complicated
so it's not as good a field weapon.
Too many things can go wrong with it.
I can see why my father likes having you around.
I think, um...
you should stick with the Cardassian rifle.
It's smaller, easier to use, and if we get boarded
I don't want you to have to think too much
about the weapon you're using.
You don't like my father very much, do you?
I don't.
I understand.
He did some very bad things during the occupation.
Yes, he did.
It bothers him, you know.
Does it?
Very much.
He talks about it sometimes.
He'd never admit it to anyone else
but he thinks the occupation was a mistake.
Somehow I don't think he'd say that
if the Cardassians had won.
Maybe not.
But maybe losing made him a better person.
Well, then a lot of innocent people died
for his education.
I... I know.
I think about that a lot.
But when I look at my father
I have a hard time seeing a murderer.
And when I look at him
I have a hard time seeing anything else.
You're his daughter.
My father says that the two of you
have a lot in common.
That you both did things during the war that you regret.
That's why he cares so much about what you think of him.
Ziyal, what your father wants from me
is forgiveness.
That's one thing I can never give him.
I think we should concentrate
on getting you comfortable with this weapon.
What about the Cardassian base on the fourth moon of Rakal?
Mmm. It's subterranean.
It's much too fortified to be a viable target
for a bird-of-prey.
It would take a Vor'cha-class cruiser
to do any real damage.
How about the station on Amleth Prime?
No, the Amleth system's located inside an emission nebula.
The Klingon cloaking device would be useless.
I know where they'll go next--
That's on the other side of the sector.
A long way from the Cardassian fleet.
From what it says here
Loval is mainly a civilian outpost
with a small subspace relay station.
The Klingons have been going after a lot bigger prizes.
What it says there is not exactly true.
Loval is also a weapons research installation,
which is supposed to be a closely guarded secret.
Now, considering the targets the Klingons have hit so far
I think we've underestimated their intelligence network.
Sounds like a choice target.
Loval it is.
The question is...
even if we're right, can we stop them?
All we need is one good shot with the new disruptor.
Which won't be easy to get, considering they'll be cloaked.
We don't have to find them.
We have to make them come to us.
Lure them in.
Make them think that we're a helpless freighter.
We have to make them
think... that we have valuable cargo aboard.
How does refined dilithium crystal sound?
I can get Damar to modify the subspace transceiver array
to emit a false dilithium signal.
Now, if I know the Klingons
they'll lock their tractor beam on us
and try to take our cargo.
And we'll have a little surprise waiting for them.
Not bad.
I told you we make a good team, Major.
You are as insightful a woman as you are intriguing.
I thought we agreed
to keep this strictly business.
Major, is it my imagination
or do you have a hard time accepting compliments?
I have a hard time accepting compliments from you.
Well, I'll try to restrain my enthusiasm
but I can't make you any promises.
We better get to Loval before the Klingons do.
Set a course for Loval.
Maximum warp.
Aye, sir.
Loval system within scanning range, sir.
Any sign of them?
No, sir.
If they're not there now
they'll be there soon enough.
Begin modifications to the subspace transceiver array.
We soldiers spend a lot of time waiting
don't we, Major?
It's not easy to keep your mind from drifting.
I don't usually have any trouble concentrating
unless I'm being distracted.
Lately, when my mind wanders
I find myself thinking more and more about...
Gul Marratt.
Do you know him?
Very dashing.
One of Cardassia's rising stars--
graduate of the Cardassian Military Academy...
smooth-talking junior member of the Detapa Council...
and like your friend Shakaar...
quite a ladies' man.
Especially with other officers' wives.
Including yours?
A year ago, he wouldn't have dared, but now...
I think the first thing I do when I'm restored to power
will be to demote him.
Assign him to the Cardassian Embassy on Breen.
I hear it's bitter cold on Breen.
And we Cardassians do despise the cold.
I've got something.
On screen.
Well, Major...
it seems fate has smiled on our little plan.
They're scanning us.
Let's hope they take the bait.
Sir, they've locked their disruptors on us.
They haven't fired.
Which means they could be interested in our cargo.
They're hailing us, sir.
Demanding our surrender.
They're interested.
Now let's see if you can make them bite.
On screen.
Identify yourself.
I'm Gul Dukat
Commander of the Cardassian Freighter Groumall.
Who are you?
What is your cargo and destination?
We are carrying replicator and transporter parts
to the Dopa system.
You're lying!
I assure you, Captain...
I'm confiscating your ship and its cargo.
On whose authority?
On the authority of the Klingon Empire
and the disruptors I have pointed at your vessel.
Convincing, wasn't l?
I'll let you know.
They've locked their tractor beam on us.
Wait for my signal.
Open the cargo bay doors.
Doors opening.
We've breached their hull.
Their impulse engines are down.
They're adrift.
They're re-locking their disruptors on us.
All power to forward shields.
Both shields are down to 20 percent!
We can't sustain another hit!
I think it's time to improvise!
I want all power to the disruptors, now!
You, get down to the weapons room
and find out what's taking them so long.
Just give me a minute.
Hurry, Major.
Quiet. I need to concentrate.
Lock target.
Prepare to fire.
You are a magician, Major.
There's nothing magical about it.
Not when you know Klingon transporter codes.
It worked.
All our people are here
and all 36 Klingons are on the freighter.
Oh, I can just imagine that Klingon Captain
explaining this to his superiors.
He won't get the opportunity.
Was that necessary?
You're the terrorist.
You tell me.
Weapons secured, sir.
So is Engineering.
Well done.
Well, Major...
quite a prize we've taken.
The first Klingon bird-of-prey
ever to be captured by Cardassia.
I think I just found a bigger prize.
It looks like we've got the target priorities
of all Klingon raiders in Cardassian space.
I'll contact Central Command and inform them of our success.
I think I'll request my Legate title be reinstated
effective immediately.
Get me Central Command.
No, on second thought...
this is too important for them.
I want to speak to the Chairman of the Detapa Council himself
on a secure channel.
I can't do that from here, sir.
The communication terminals on the Bridge are down.
But I could reroute it to the Captain's quarters.
Good. Do so. Then make the repairs.
I want this ship fully operational
as soon as possible.
Aye, sir.
Ziyal, do you see the phase compensator
in the backup plasma manifold?
What's it look like?
Perhaps I should go help her.
Klingon technology is...
Odd. Good idea.
Hang on, Ziyal. Help's on the way.
You know something, Dukat.
These computer logs
are even more valuable than I thought.
They contain status reports
from Klingon ships and outposts throughout Cardassian space.
With information like this, Cardassia could launch a major
counterattack against the Klingons.
They could
but they won't.
Why not?
The Detapa Council has something else in mind.
They've ordered me not to engage the Klingons
in any further conflict.
The Council is looking for a diplomatic solution.
They've ordered me to return to Cardassia Prime
to resume my... post as Military Advisor.
Well, I thought that's what you wanted.
It was.
But what is the point of being a military advisor
to a government that won't fight?
Well, you can change their minds.
Convince your fellow Cardassians to go on the offensive.
Nah, I'd be wasting my breath.
They wouldn't listen to me.
No one wants to fight.
There was a time
when the mere mention of my race inspired fear.
And now... we're a beaten people.
Afraid to fight back because we don't want to lose
what little is left.
That's not the Cardassians I know.
What Cardassians?
Don't you see, Major?
They're paralyzed.
They're beaten and defeated.
I am the only Cardassian left
and if no one else will stand against the Klingons...
I will.
Look, Dukat, I know you're angry
but maybe you ought to think about what you're proposing.
I mean, you can't go to war against the whole Klingon Empire
with one bird-of-prey.
Why not?
Your people fought against us for 50 years
with much less sophisticated weaponry than this
and you beat us.
It's not the same.
The Bajoran people were united.
We were all fighting for the same goal.
You and your crew would be out there alone.
Maybe at first, but perhaps our actions
would inspire others to join the struggle.
It's not that easy, Dukat.
I know...
which is why I need you.
Who else?
You know how to organize a resistance cell
you're an expert in terrorist tactics
you have close ties
with Bajoran and Federation officials
and besides all that, it would give you a chance
to do what you were meant to do.
No, thanks.
I've already got a job.
Oh! What do you mean?
On that space station?
We both know your talents are being wasted there.
Coordinating docking assignments
and leading training exercises.
On Deep Space 9, you're nothing but a bureaucrat.
An administrator.
If you come with me, you can be a soldier again.
Think about it, Major-- the chance to fight
against a superior foe in a righteous cause.
To protect a defeated and broken people
from a cruel aggressor.
You know as well as I do that, if Cardassia falls
Bajor is next.
Help me stop the Klingons
before you become their next target.
You're really serious about this.
Look, Major, I'm not asking you to like me
or to be my friend.
I'm asking you to join me.
To fight at my side.
You know what I'm doing is right
and it's what you want to do as well.
I know that our past makes it difficult
for you to accept me as an ally.
I also know that every fiber of your being
is telling you to say "no, no, no"
but somewhere, I know there's a "yes."
You need to listen to that "yes."
Not for my sake, not for Cardassia's
not even for Bajor's...
but for your sake.
We've completed repairs on the navigation system
and the cloaking device.
Good. We'll leave as soon as you have it on line.
Think about it, Major.
Think about the possibilities.
I want to show you something.
Go ahead, attack me.
What are you talking about?
It's okay.
I know what I'm doing.
Damar showed me a good trick.
Try to stab me with the knife.
Guess it wasn't such a good trick.
The best way to survive a knife fight
is to never get in one.
If I'm going to help my father
I have to be prepared for anything.
Show me what you did.
I know I have a lot to learn.
I have been practicing with the disruptor rifle
but I need to know how to defend myself
in hand-to-hand combat.
I was lucky not to have to fight when we boarded this ship.
I may not be so lucky next time.
Chances are, you won't be.
Fighting the Klingons is going to take more
than knowing how to fire a rifle or use a knife.
You have to learn to be ruthless.
You have to learn to hate the Klingons...
even more than you hated the Breen.
Whatever it takes, I will do it
but I'm going to need your help.
You're right.
You do need my help.
I... am disappointed, Major.
But not surprised.
Tell me...
were you even tempted?
Not really.
Hmm. I thought I was so eloquent.
You had your moments
but the fact of the matter is
I've already been where you're going.
I've lived the life you're choosing--
fighting hit-and-run, always outgunned
Iiving on hate and adrenaline...
it's not much of a life.
And it eats away at you
so that every day a little bit of you dies.
Very inspiring, Major.
But I don't have any choice in this--
no more than you had when you fought against us.
No, I don't suppose you do.
Well... all that's left is for you to wish me luck.
That's not quite all.
There's still Ziyal.
What about her?
The life you're choosing isn't for her.
She deserves better.
She deserves to be with her father.
You taught me that.
I love her.
I know you do
and that's why you've got to let her go.
Go? Where?
She's not welcome on Cardassia or Bajor.
This is the only place she belongs.
That's not true.
She could come to Deep Space 9 with me.
Are you serious?
She's a remarkable young woman.
I'll make sure she's okay.
Why do you care so much?
Because she reminds me of myself...
and I don't want her to go through what I went through
and neither do you.
Captain, a Klingon bird-of-prey just de-cloaked off the station.
On screen.
They're hailing us.
Let's find out what they want.
Sir, it's Gul Dukat.
On a Klingon ship?
He's asking permission to dock.
When this is all over, I'll come back for you.
I promise you that.
I know you will.
I'll take good care of her.
I know.
Well, Major, it appears
that whether you like it or not
our lives have become deeply intertwined.
That really pleases you, doesn't it?
Pleases me?
Major, it gives me reason to live.
I'll show you to your quarters.
Welcome back, Major.
Odo, this is Tora Ziyal.
Gul Dukat's daughter.
She going to be living here on the station with us--
for a while.
I'll tell you all about it.
I certainly hope so.

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