Last time on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine...
One of our listening posts in the Gamma Quadrant
picked this up a few minutes ago.
It looks like a Cardassian military code
but the computer doesn't recognize it.
It was a call for help...
from Enabran Tain.
We must warn the station.
There is only one reason for the Dominion
to hide such a large fleet this close to the wormhole.
You think they're planning to attack the Alpha Quadrant?
There's no way we can beat the Dominion.
Our only hope is to prevent their fleet
from entering the Alpha Quadrant.
You're going to destroy the wormhole?
You have to trust me.
Things are going to change on Cardassia.
- What things? - I don't have
time to explain.
You're leaving now.
I can't go.
It's him, isn't it?!
That despicable tailor.
You don't want to leave because you're waiting for him?
This is Internment Camp 371.
You are here because you are enemies of the Dominion.
You're not my son.
Father, you're dying.
For once in your life, speak the truth.
General Martok.
The changeling that replaced me
has caused the death of countless Klingons.
It is a grave dishonor.
I can only imagine what my replacement
is up to on the station.
We're losing it.
What happened?
Someone sabotaged the emitter array.
Battle stations!
And now the conclusion.
Release docking clamps.
Clamps released.
Shields up.
Power to phasers and quantum torpedoes.
Weapons ready.
Bring us around.
Dukat's bird-of-prey is in position.
Maintain communications blackout.
Nobody fires until we have our orders from Captain Sisko.
There sure are a lot of them.
That'll just make it harder for us to miss.
They're still not responding to our hails.
I think they're trying to intimidate us.
It's working.
I don't believe it.
The Dominion ships are turning away from the station.
They're laying in a new course.
Straight for Cardassia.
Dukat's ship is breaking formation.
He's going after the Dominion fleet.
Open a channel.
Dukat, stop trying to be a hero.
Get back to the station.
Your concern is touching, Major.
But I think you misunderstand me.
I'm not attacking the Dominion fleet.
I'm joining it.
What are you talking about?
I'm afraid I have a confession to make, Major.
For the past few months
I've been conducting secret negotiations
between the Dominion and Cardassia.
And as of last week, Cardassia has agreed
to become part of the Dominion.
You can't be serious.
Good-bye, Major.
You and I on the same side...
it never seemed quite...
right... did it?
Lock phasers. Open fire.
Too late. He's gone.
All clear.
The transmitter Tain used to contact the station
where is it?
You have to crawl through that hole
and kind of slide your way up into the wall.
It took him over a year
to modify the old life-support system
into a transmitter.
How did he operate it?
He wired the message
and the transmission coordinates
directly into the system's circuitry.
That way, all he had to do was connect the transmitter
to the power grid and let it run.
Could the coordinates and the message be changed?
You're planning to contact the runabout.
We could activate the transporter
and beam ourselves onto the ship.
And run like hell.
Re-encoding the transmitter won't be easy.
We'd have to reconfigure the array
one circuit at a time.
Can you do it?
I'm no engineer.
Neither is Mr. Worf here.
You, on the other hand, my dear Mr. Garak
are a man of many hidden talents.
- Hmm. - Lf you can't do it
nobody can.
It's nice to feel needed.
All prisoners assemble immediately.
I repeat:
All prisoners assemble immediately.
Who is that?
Deyos. The Vorta that runs this camp.
No talking.
Touchy, aren't they?
All Cardassian prisoners step forward.
I am pleased to announce
that hostilities between our peoples have ended.
As of today, Cardassia has joined the Dominion.
Therefore, you're all being sent home.
Congratulations on your new status as Dominion citizens.
Not you, Mr. Garak.
Excuse me?
You're staying.
Well, there must be some misunderstanding.
The last time I checked, I was a Cardassian.
But not a very popular one, I'm afraid.
At least not with the head
of the new Cardassian government.
And who would that be?
Gul Dukat.
You might ask, should we fear joining the Dominion?
And I answer you, not in the least.
We should embrace the opportunity.
The Dominion recognizes us for what we are...
the true leaders of the Alpha Quadrant.
And now that we are joined together
equal partners in all endeavors
the only people with anything to fear will be our enemies.
My oldest son's birthday is in five days.
To him and to Cardassians everywhere
I make the following pledge:
By the time his birthday dawns
there will not be a single Klingon alive
inside Cardassian territory
or a single Maquis colony left within our borders.
Cardassia will be made whole.
All that we have lost will be ours again.
And anyone who stands in our way will be destroyed.
This I vow with my life's blood.
For my son...
for all our sons.
Somebody tell me this is a bad dream.
It's no dream.
Well, I've got a vow to make, too.
Next time I see Dukat, I'm going to kill him.
Right now, we have a more immediate concern
such as... who sabotaged our graviton emitters?
I don't know who it was
but they did a pretty thorough job.
The emitters had the exact opposite effect
of what we'd intended.
They were supposed to collapse
the wormhole's spatial matrix and close it forever.
Instead, they made the matrix even more stable.
Not even trilithium explosives could destroy it now.
So the Dominion can send reinforcements
through the wormhole whenever they want.
Looks like it's time
for another round of blood screenings.
Obviously, we have
a changeling infiltrator on the station.
What makes you think it's a changeling?
That's who I'd send.
I think Julian's right.
Odo tells me that a Bajoran maintenance engineer
has been missing
ever since the Dominion fleet
arrived in the Alpha Quadrant.
And if that was our changeling
he's either gone or assumed a new identity.
We can't afford to take any chances.
I want blood screenings and phaser sweeps.
If he's out there
we've got to find him.
He's taking too much time.
How long has he been in there?
Close to an hour.
Garak, how's it coming along?
I only wish I were still a member of the Obsidian Order.
This would make a wonderful interrogation chamber.
Tight quarters.
No air, bad lighting, random electric shocks.
It's perfect.
Sounds like you're enjoying yourself.
If you'd like, I'd happily trade places with you.
I suppose you could
give me a crash course in Cardassian field engineering.
I should be ready to take over from you in what?
Five or six weeks?
It's time.
I am ready.
I've been looking forward to this.
So have I.
Give me a hand.
Hold on, Garak.
Wait. The guards are still too close.
Just a little while longer, Garak.
I thought I would be fighting Ikat'ika.
I would not be so eager if I were you.
This is his handiwork.
He has much to answer for.
His time will come.
Now, remember
every time you hit the ground
you must touch one of these posts
or else you forfeit the match.
Today, we train against a worthy adversary.
Observe, analyze, remember.
Soon we will face his people in combat.
The lessons you learn here will ensure victory.
- Victory is life! - Victory is life!
Oh... come on.
Oh! That was thoroughly unpleasant.
Are you all right?
I am fine.
It's just much hotter in there than I thought.
I got a little light-headed.
Give me a minute and I'll go back in there.
No, you need more than a minute.
Your pulse is racing.
I don't want to think about your blood pressure.
Maybe you should wait until tomorrow.
Do you want to get
- off this hellhole? - You know I do.
Then let me get back to work.
For five minutes, and from here on in
you can take a 15-minute break every hour.
Doctor's orders.
Was that the best you have to offer?
He was our youngest and least experienced.
I promise your next opponent
will provide more of a challenge.
View's even better from Upper Pylon 2.
I keep hoping that the wormhole will open.
That Garak's runabout will come through
and everything will be all right again.
Maybe it will.
My father says Garak's dead.
Right now, I wouldn't believe your father
if he said rain was wet.
I used to think my father was a hero.
That even when he did something bad
he had a good reason.
Everyone has their reasons.
That's what's so frightening.
People can find a way to justify any action
no matter how evil.
You think my father is evil?
I think...
you can't judge people by what they think...
or say...
only by what they do.
Captain's Log, Stardate 50564.2.
A large contingent of Klingon warships
has arrived from Cardassian space
but its intentions
at least for the moment, remain unclear.
We're being hailed.
It's Chancellor Gowron.
He's requesting permission to dock.
They've got wounded.
Permission granted.
I have the feeling
the Klingons' war against the Cardassians
has taken a turn for the worse.
This is a dark day.
Not only for the Klingon Empire
but for the Alpha Quadrant itself.
So what are we going to do about it?
I will do what must be done.
Fall back, pull my forces out of Cardassian space
fortify the Klingon Empire
and prepare for a fight to the death.
Maybe there's a better way.
The Khitomer Accords?
The treaty between the Federation
and the Klingon Empire is dead.
But we can bring it back to life again.
This is the most fortified position
between here and the Klingon Empire.
There will be a Starfleet task force here soon.
If you could bring your fleet here...
Then we could stand united against the Dominion.
And if we do...
We might have a chance.
Think of it.
Five years ago, no one had ever heard
of Bajor or Deep Space 9
and now, all our hopes rest here.
Where the tides of fortune take us
no man can know.
They're tricky, those tides.
Five matches...
and five victories.
You truly have the spirit of Kahless within you.
Until tomorrow.
I'll be waiting!
You've got three broken ribs...
maybe four.
They will heal.
Not if you keep fighting, they won't.
You're lucky you didn't puncture a lung.
A body... even a Klingon body...
can only take so much punishment.
I will fight.
It is the only honorable thing to do.
He'll lose, and in this condition
he might even die.
Then I will die.
But I will not yield.
You heard him.
Bandage his ribs!
I'm sorry, but that's absolutely unacceptable.
I'm under enough strain as it is.
I can't have you quitting on me.
Get ahold of yourself, Garak.
After all, you haven't had one of these attacks in years.
Yes, this is a tight, enclosed space.
Yes, there's not a lot of room to move.
But a disciplined mind does not allow itself to be sidetracked
by niggling psychological disorders like...
Besides, this isn't like Tzenketh.
The walls won't collapse in on you.
Your friends are nearby.
There's plenty of air.
So there's nothing to be concerned about.
Focus on the job.
You're the only person who can contact the runabout.
People are depending on you.
Ziyal is depending on you.
You promised her you'd come back
and that young lady has had quite enough disappointments
in her life without you adding to them.
control yourself.
You're stronger than this.
A disciplined mind...
I'm afraid that's the best I can do.
Does it feel any better?
Much better.
You're not a very good liar, Mr. Worf.
What was that?
It's coming from inside the wall.
How long has he been in there?
About half an hour.
Garak, Garak, what is it?
Tell him to stop before they hear him.
Garak, the panel's open now.
You can come out.
We've got to get him out of there.
Garak, you have to stop.
You're making too much noise.
The light...
the light went out.
I know.
Come on.
I think you can
take your break a little early.
It would appear that he suffers
from an acute form of claustrophobia.
It's a wonder that he lasted as long as he did.
Then one of us will have to finish
reconfiguring the transmitter.
And who would you suggest could do that?
If Garak can't contact the runabout
we're not going anywhere.
The last of Gowron's ships have arrived.
I'll have a repair crew get to work on them right away.
Any word from Starfleet?
Admiral Gilhouly's task force
is less than four light years away.
I'll feel a lot better when they get here.
You're not the only one.
Yes, Major.
I just spoke with Odo.
Someone overrode the security blocks
on the industrial replicator on Level 17.
Sounds like our saboteur.
Did they catch him?
No such luck.
Do they know what he replicated?
He wiped the memory core.
Tell Odo I want all security details
to pull double shifts as of now.
If he wants more men, have him talk to Gowron.
I'm sure the Chancellor will be willing
to assign some Klingon troops to guard key facilities.
Klingons helping to protect Deep Space 9...
what an interesting concept.
These are interesting times, Major.
Incoming message.
It's Gul Dukat.
In my office.
Please, Captain...
show a little respect...
you are talking to the head of the Cardassian government.
I don't recognize that government.
Your recognition is irrelevant.
Well, if that's what you think
why are we having this conversation?
Because the fact is, Captain
I feel a certain obligation toward you.
After all, I freely admit, you saved my life
on more than one occasion.
Don't remind me.
No, no, you should be glad you did
because now I'm going to return the favor...
and give you a chance to save your precious Federation.
All you have to do is convince them
to follow Cardassia's example.
You expect us to join the Dominion?
I expect you to behave rationally.
Joining the Dominion will save billions of lives
and keep the Federation from fading
into the mists of history.
By allowing it to exist under Dominion rule?
No, thank you.
I'm afraid you'll like the alternative even less.
Dukat, if you have something to say to me, say it!
Then I'll make it simple.
A few days ago, I swore
all Cardassia lost would be regained.
That space station you're so fond of...
was built by Cardassia.
Funny, I thought it was built by Bajoran slave labor.
Either surrender the station
or I'll take it by force.
The choice is yours.
If you want to retake this station, Dukat
you are welcome to try.
Seven battles and seven victories.
What hero of legend could have done as well?
Heroes of legends don't ache so much.
Your Federation friends have taught you modesty
but this is no time for modesty.
When we return to the Klingon Empire
I will seek out Keedera himself
and tell him of your glorious tale.
He will write a song worthy of you.
Well, be sure to send me a copy.
I'll do better than that.
I can make sure that he mentions you.
The healer that bound
the warrior's wounds, so he could fight again.
Right now, the only part of the song that I wish to hear
is the verse that tells of our escape.
What good is defeating
every Jem'Hadar soldier in this compound
if it does not bring us closer to our freedom?
We have to come up with a new escape plan.
That won't be necessary.
The original one will work.
I just have to finish what I started.
After all, a verse about the Cardassian
who panicked in the face of danger
would ruin General Martok's song.
That would be unfortunate.
Now, if you'll excuse me...
my dungeon awaits.
There is no greater enemy than one's own fears.
It takes a brave man to face them.
What can I do for you, Chief?
Wasn't Lieutenant Japar brought in here?
The Klingon engineer? You just missed him.
The plasma burns weren't as bad as they looked.
I better go find him.
I can't make head nor tail
of the power-relay systems on his bird-of-prey.
We're never going to get
all these Klingon ships up and running.
I have every confidence in you, Chief.
Well, that makes all the difference then, doesn't it?
How are Keiko and the kids?
They made it safely to Bajor
but I'm worried about Molly.
She's getting old enough to know when something's wrong.
I think she's scared.
It's only natural.
It'll pass.
Oh, by the way, I ordered two sets
of those new duridium-alloy darts I told you about.
They should be here next week.
We're facing a major interstellar war
and you're thinking about darts?
Well, life must go on.
Besides, I have a feeling
things are going to turn out for the best.
I hope you're right.
Your asparagus with yamok sauce.
The last of my fresh asparagus, I might add.
Not that I'll need to stock it anymore.
Somehow I get the feeling
there won't be much demand for human food
once the Jem'Hadar have finished with this place.
Aren't you being a little pessimistic?
Am I?
The Jem'Hadar don't eat, don't drink
and they don't have sex
and if that wasn't bad enough, the Founders
don't eat and don't drink
and they don't have sex either.
Which, between you and me
makes my financial future less than promising.
It might not be so bad.
For all we know
the Vorta could be gluttonous, alcoholic sex maniacs.
I never thought of that.
I wonder what their favorite food is.
Good news.
The Starfleet task force under Admiral Gilhouly
has entered Bajoran space.
Hope they know what they're in for.
First, they demand we come out here.
Then they make us wait.
They are worthy fighters
but they have no sense of honor.
Is there no Jem'Hadar willing to face me?
Even after all he's been through
the Klingon still thirsts for battle.
Doesn't he ever tire of it?
I never do.
You fight because that is what you were designed to do.
All that motivates him is some barbaric sense of honor.
And that is something you will never understand.
Prepare yourself.
I've found you a worthy opponent.
Where is he?
Right in front of you.
Victory is life.
Today is a good day to die.
Tain, I don't know if you can hear me.
But if you can, I just want you to know
you may not have been much of a father
but I really wish you were alive right now.
That way, you could be in here instead of me.
Can we get him out?
No time.
The Cardassian... where is he?
I suppose.
He is not outside.
What do you want with him?
He is to be put to death.
If you wish to live
explain this.
The Bird-of-Prey Y'tem is in position.
That's everybody.
Major. Commander.
Report to the Defiant.
Yes, sir.
Good luck.
To all of us.
Deploy the runabouts.
Runabout Yukon, prepare for departure.
Runabouts Rio Grande and Volga, stand by.
Yukon ready.
Engines engaged.
Good luck, Yukon.
Sir, I'm picking up a large tachyon buildup.
Multiple vectors.
Ships de-cloaking.
They're requesting permission to join the fleet.
I'll be damned.
Permission granted.
Defiant to Ops.
Go ahead, Major.
Sensors have just detected Dominion and Cardassian ships
entering Bajoran space.
ETA ten minutes.
I'll ask you for the last time... what is this?
It's either a self-sealing stem bolt
or a reverse-ratcheting router.
I'm just not sure.
She is next.
If you'll allow me...?
honor has been satisfied.
Stay down.
Finish this.
What do you see?
I see nothing.
It's dark.
My people have a saying:
Never turn your back on a Breen.
Doctor, would you keep the noise down?
I'm trying to work in here.
Garak, how many transtator circuits have you got left?
Well, work fast, because pretty soon
we're going to be up to our necks in Jem'Hadar.
Enough, Klingon.
You have proven your worth.
you heard him.
I will not yield!
What are you waiting for? End this.
It's over.
It is not over.
You heard him.
I yield.
You what?
I yield!
I cannot defeat this Klingon.
All I can do is kill him
and that no longer holds my interest.
Shoot them both.
Got it!
Take him to one of the cabins in the back.
I'll be with you as soon as I can.
You did well.
So did you.
Take us to maximum warp, Garak.
We've got to get a message to the station.
The Dominion fleet should be in visual range.
On screen.
Where are they?
According to their warp signatures
they should be right there.
Some kind of cloaking device?
I didn't know the Dominion had them.
Or the Cardassians, for that matter.
I'm picking up additional warp signatures
bearing 183 mark 97.
244 mark 12.
302 mark 133.
Defiant to Ops.
Go ahead.
According to our sensor readings
there are Dominion ships all around us
but we can't see them or get any kind of targeting lock.
We're reading the same thing.
They're everywhere.
What are your orders, Captain?
Chief! I need targets!
I'm trying, but I can't get anything.
We may have to wait for them to open fire and then...
Captain, I'm picking up a priority one message
from the Gamma Quadrant.
It's Dr. Bashir!
Computer, locate Dr. Bashir.
Dr. Bashir is not on the station.
What was his last known location?
Dr. Bashir's last known location was Runabout Pad E.
Sisko to Defiant.
Go ahead.
Major, you have new orders.
I want you to find the Yukon and destroy it
at any cost.
Is that clear?
Yes, sir.
The Yukon is headed straight for the Bajoran sun.
Its shields are holding.
How can that be?
Looks like someone's been doing some modifications to the Yukon.
I'm also picking up large amounts of trilithium
tekasite and protomatter on board.
A bomb.
If it explodes inside the sun...
It could trigger a supernova...
wipe out the entire fleet, the station...
And Bajor.
We have to use the tractor beams.
We're too far away.
Want to bet? Take us to warp.
Inside a solar system?!
If we don't, there won't be a solar system left.
The runabout's been destroyed.
If the sun had gone nova
it would have wiped out the Dominion fleet, too.
Chief, scan for those warp signatures again.
They're gone, aren't they?
All I'm reading is normal background radiation.
The warp signatures must have been faked.
The Dominion's real fleet never left Cardassian space.
This was all an elaborate trap...
an attempt to destroy the station and Bajor
and cripple the Federation and Klingon fleets
without ever firing a shot.
Tell our friends out there to stand down.
Armageddon will have to wait for another day.
I told you I'd be back.
I never doubted it.
Four weeks?
Are you telling me I've been hanging around
with a changeling for over a month?
And you never even suspected it wasn't me?
No, and the worst part is
the clues were right in front of me.
What clues?
Well, for one thing
he was a lot easier to get along with.
So, I suppose this means you want
your Klingon opera collection back.
More or less.
Then it's settled.
In light of the new treaty
and the continued Dominion threat
to the Alpha Quadrant
there will be a permanent Klingon military presence
on this station.
But I choose the Commander.
Mr. Worf thinks very highly of you, General.
I think very highly of him.
Then I can't think of a better man for the job
if you'll take it.
I would be honored.
Ops to Sisko.
Sisko here.
You're receiving an incoming message.
It's from Dukat.
Well, Captain, I must congratulate you.
If that protomatter device had gone off inside the sun...
Well... the death toll would have been enormous.
And your daughter
would have been one of the casualties.
Ziyal made her choice.
As far as I'm concerned, she's no longer my daughter.
You know, Dukat, I thought you'd changed
in the last five years.
I see I was wrong.
One man's villain
is another man's hero, Captain.
You should see the monument they're erecting in my honor
at the gateway to the Imperial Plaza.
Is that why
you sold out your people to the Dominion?
For a monument?!
What I did...
I did to make Cardassia strong again.
And mark my words, Captain, I succeeded.
You may have escaped defeat this day
but tomorrow...
We will see about tomorrow.
Yes, we will.

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