Another three centimeters to the right
and you would have severed your brachial artery.
Autosuture, please.
And if that had happened,
you would have bled to death right there in the holosuite.
The human fascination with "what might have been"
is tiresome, Doctor.
The artery is not severed and I am not dead.
Oh, well, forgive me for boring you.
Let me get straight to the point.
You're acting like a fool.
Your observation is noted.
But spending two years in a Dominion prison camp
has dulled my reflexes.
This only proves that I need further training.
Turning off the holosuite safety protocols
during a battle simulation is, at best, dubious.
For a man with only one eye, it's positively idiotic.
Now, if you would consider ocular replacement...
I do not want an artificial eye!
Then you must accept the fact that you have a disability
and stop acting like...
There are limits as to how far I will indulge you, Doctor.
General Martok, there is
a priority message for you from the Klingon High Council.
We're done here.
Route the message to my quarters.
Doctor... thank you.
If you really want to thank me
don't walk in here dripping blood anymore.
It takes days to get it out of the carpet.
Check it now.
Still no increase in phaser relay efficiency, sir.
The through-put reading is steady at 148.7.
Have you initialized the interface program?
Yes, and then I charged the prefire chamber
and recalibrated the emitter stage.
This thing just doesn't work!
Very well.
We'll start over.
Go to the Engine Room
and download the operating system
into the computer core
but, this time, do it one file at a time.
Aye, sir.
Good evening, General.
I did not expect you until 2200 hours.
I must cancel our appointment.
I've received new orders from the High Council...
a mission of some importance.
I must prepare.
Of course.
May glory and honor follow you on your journey.
Ah... excuse me, sirs?
Could I just slip by?
How is the shoulder?
Oh, Dr. Bashir made the necessary repairs.
I told him it was a holosuite accident.
He would not understand the need to draw blood
in a warrior's training exercise.
Few humans would.
However, I do apologize again for the inconvenience.
I did not intend to cause so much damage.
I was the one who did not parry the blow in time.
A simple, foolish mistake
one that I would not have made two years ago.
Can you discuss the mission?
Three days ago, the Battle Cruiser B'Moth
began a patrol along the Cardassian border.
They have not been heard from since.
They are now reported as missing.
It is possible she was destroyed by the Dominion.
The Jem'Hadar attacked a Federation starship
near the border less than a week ago.
That is our assumption as well, but we must be sure.
So I have been given command
of a bird-of-prey... the Rotarran...
to conduct a search for the B'Moth.
This is the first time
I will have led troops in the field since...
my confinement by the Dominion.
It must be an exciting prospect.
I tell you, Worf... without shame...
there were days in that prison camp
when the thought that I would never again
set foot in a Klingon vessel made me weep like an old woman.
I envy you the days ahead.
It will be a glorious adventure.
An adventure that we could share, my friend.
I need someone I can trust at my side
someone whose loyalty I can count on.
Worf, son of Mogh
I ask you to join me on this mission
as my friend...
and as my First Officer.
I've told the General that I'm inclined
to grant his request for your services, Commander.
I can certainly understand why he wants you along.
You're a fine officer.
But I'm not sure
why you want to go on this mission.
It is a great honor
to be asked to serve under General Martok.
And he saved my life in the Dominion prison camp.
Oh? You didn't put that in your mission report.
It was a personal matter.
Not something that belongs in an official report.
Go on.
You know that I was forced to fight
the Jem'Hadar guards in the camp.
Each day they would call me to the ring
and each day I would fight
but then there came a day when I... wavered.
You mean you didn't want to go back into the ring?
No. I mean I considered letting them kill me.
It seemed like the only way out.
Just before I went into the ring
Martok turned to wish me success
and then he saw what I was planning...
he saw it in my eyes.
It was a moment of tova'dok.
Of what?
There is no human word for it.
It is a moment of... clarity
between two warriors on a field of battle.
Much is said without the need for words.
In that moment, he knew what was in my mind.
Once I realized that he saw my intention to give up
I could no longer go through with it.
I went back into the ring and fought once more.
He had given me his warrior's heart.
Perhaps it is something a human cannot understand.
As of this moment
you are relieved of all Starfleet obligations
and placed on detached service
to the Imperial Klingon Defense Forces.
Thank you, sir.
Mr. Worf.
The revised duty roster.
Read it and weep.
Small arms recalibration?
Does that mean all the small arms on the station?
Afraid so.
And I need an experienced combat officer to do it.
Worf has already set up the parameters.
All you need to do is just make sure it gets done.
I'm the new Intelligence Officer?
It has to be a Starfleet officer
with a level-4 security clearance.
That means either you or Dax
and I need Dax to take over as Fleet Liaison Officer.
Beats retuning phaser rifles.
Well, I certainly hope Worf's enjoying himself
while we're stuck here taking over his duties.
Julian, have you ever been on a Klingon ship?
If you think the Defiant is cramped and uncomfortable
try spending a week on a bird-of-prey.
Worf isn't exactly taking a luxury cruise.
Serving on a Klingon ship
is like being with a gang of ancient sea pirates.
You advance in rank by killing the people above you.
So everywhere you turn
you're surrounded by potential assassins.
Well, that's crazy.
How can a ship function like that?
It's not quite that chaotic.
The social and military hierarchy of a Klingon vessel
is very strictly enforced.
A subordinate can only challenge a direct superior
and only under certain conditions.
What sort of "conditions"?
Dereliction of duty
dishonorable conduct, cowardice...
Cowardice? A Klingon?
It's been known to happen.
The Klingons are as diverse a people as any.
Some of them are strong, and some of them are weak.
I'd say those two
definitely fall into the strong category.
Not yet.
I can see why they caught your attention.
Are they off Martok's new ship?
Just docked.
They seem quiet enough.
For the moment, maybe
but you see the one on the left wearing the necklace?
Those are neck bones...
Cardassian neck bones.
Decided not to wear the sash after all?
Officially, there is no House of Mogh in the Empire
so I saw little point
in wearing its emblem on a Klingon ship.
How do you think the crew's going to feel
about serving under a man without a House?
How they feel is unimportant.
All I require from them is obedience.
Spoken like an uncaring, hard-nosed autocrat...
the quintessential First Officer.
L-I do not wish to have a lengthy good-bye.
I wasn't planning on having one.
I think it would be better
to part company here on the station.
Oh, I'm coming with you.
The Rotarran is shorthanded
and I still have four months leave coming.
And I've already cleared it with Martok and Benjamin.
I'm your new Science Officer.
Why did you not tell me?
It's more fun this way.
And after getting a good look
at a couple members of the Rotarran's crew
I don't think we're going to be having a lot of fun
on this mission.
Ros-te-ka cha'Domak ootha Trill?
I am Tavana, Engineering Officer.
I'm Jadzia Dax, Science Officer.
Are you related to the great Curzon Dax?
Curzon was the last host for my symbiont.
I carry his memories.
My mother met the great Curzon on the Homeworld once.
She said he was very taken with her.
Curzon was very "taken" with many people.
So was my mother.
I am Worf, son of Mogh.
I now take my place as First Officer.
I serve the Captain, but I stand for the crew.
Who brings the record of battle for this ship?
I, Kornan, son of Shovak
Weapon's Officer of the ship of Rotarran
present the glorious record of our honor
and hope that you may find us worthy of your leadership.
If you're looking for victories, you won't find any.
Not for the last seven months.
I do not need help recognizing a list of failures.
It is clear to me
that none of you are worthy of my blood or my life.
But I will stand for you
and together, we will restore honor to this ship
and bring glory to the Empire.
I have accepted the crew's battle records
and on their behalf, I pledge you our lives
and ask that you lead us as Commander of this ship.
I accept your lives into my hands.
De-lak DoH!
Clear all moorings.
Release docking clamps.
Docking clamps released.
Bow thrusters ahead one half.
We have cleared the docking ring.
Ahead one-quarter impulse.
Helmsman, plot a direct course
to the last known position of the B'Moth, maximum warp.
No. That would take us through the Tong Beak Nebula.
I want to go around the nebula.
General, that will add a full day to our journey.
I'm aware of that.
There are reports of the Dominion
operating ships in the nebula.
I would like to avoid a fight with the Jem'Hadar.
You wish to... avoid a fight?
Your tone does not sit well with me, Helmsman.
Our mission is to find the B'Moth
not to satisfy your warrior's pride.
My apologies, sir.
I meant no disrespect.
Then follow your orders and lay in a course.
Maximum warp.
Yes, Commander.
Maximum warp, around...
the nebula.
Helm ready.
Kol KeH less pooK loaD
Kol pooK beH poo
Yoch bow math bow je Shuv weee
Say moach chu may ew
mah Shoov, maH nong, ej ma choch chew
nee beH yln maHj ach wov, coo!
Bath ma cheth bejj, ej yo'
Keej DaHk, vav poo ma Dee muv
pa-rech ma Shoov tach Koo
ma mev Ko'ma Shoov tach ma ov...
Kol KeH less...
Maybe you didn't read
the crew roster, but my name is Dax
and I'm the new Science Officer on this garbage scow
and you were in my seat.
I'm glad we understand each other.
Now get... down to the other end
where you belong.
Stewed bok-rat liver?
It's not very fresh.
With a little bloodwine, it might be acceptable.
Ha. There's been no bloodwine on this ship for six months.
Then I'm glad I brought three barrels aboard
before we left Deep Space 9.
Three barrels?
"Dishonorable conduct.
"Dereliction of duty.
"Inattention to orders.
Insufficiently aggressive."
These personnel reports read like prison records.
We should remember
that the Rotarran has been defeated
again and again by the Jem'Hadar.
It is not surprising the crew morale has suffered.
It's more than a case of low morale, Worf.
This crew has been defeated so many times
they expect defeat, and that is dangerous.
They need a victory.
One decisive battle against the Jem'Hadar
would do much to lift their spirits.
And mine.
No one hungers for a victory over the Jem'Hadar
more than I do... no one...
but we must be cautious.
We cannot risk taking this crew into combat
before they're ready.
They will be ready.
I will see to that.
I know you will, my friend.
Together, we will make the Rotarran
an honorable ship again, a ship worthy of the Empire.
You may return to your station.
The Cardassians were trapped
between us and the asteroid field.
It was perfect.
Their power was failing.
They had no other ships nearby
and our weapons were fully charged.
And we were still denied a victory.
Three Jem'Hadar ships appeared from out of the asteroid field.
Three to one are long odds.
I'd say you did well just...
getting away with your ship in one piece.
Getting away is something we've become very good at.
The Rotarran can run away from battle
faster than any ship in the Quadrant.
You never could handle your bloodwine, Leskit.
You sound like a sniveling Ferengi
crying about lost profit.
That's supposed to wound my pride
but Tavana has forgotten
that no one serving on the Rotarran
has any pride left.
Does that include me?
I do not wish to insult someone who brought me wine
but one does wonder
why the successor to the great Curzon Dax
would consent to serve upon a ship like this.
It's no mystery.
She's the parmach'kai of our new First Officer.
I heard it on the space station before we left.
Worf is only part of the reason I'm here.
I think it is an honor to serve under General Martok.
You mean the one-eyed giant?
I wouldn't let him hear you say that.
He won't.
Unless Worf is not the only one
you're sharing a bed with this trip.
On this trip
my bed is as empty as yours, Leskit
except mine is empty by choice.
Now, that is a sound I haven't heard
on this ship for a long time.
It won't last.
This ship is made for tears, not laughter.
You're really not much fun at parties, are you, Kornan?
Make your jokes.
Hold off fate for another day if you can
but this ship and all the souls within its hull are cursed.
Death and dishonor
walk these corridors like members of the crew.
Aw, you talk too much, Kornan.
Tell me you don't believe it, too.
We've cloaked.
Alert Status One.
A Jem'Hadar patrol ship is directly ahead.
Prepare for combat operations.
Now you will see.
Either death or dishonor will visit us this day
and there will be nothing that you or I
or any of us can do about it.
What are they doing here
this far from the Cardassian border?
They're conducting
active polaron scans of this sector.
It's likely they're on some kind of reconnaissance mission.
Can their scans penetrate our cloak?
I'd say there's less
than a three percent chance of detection.
What's our weapons status?
Torpedo bays are loaded. Warheads are armed.
Disruptors are locked on target.
They've increased speed.
They're beginning to pull away.
Shall I match velocity?
Take us back to our original course.
Forgive this unworthy officer's poor hearing
but what was your order?
Take us back to our original course!
Our priority is to find the B'Moth.
Sir, we have them in our sights.
They cannot escape if...
No, Worf.
But letting the ship go...
Do not question me!
Is the course laid in?
Yes, Captain.
I await your next command.
Stand down from Alert Status.
You have the Bridge.
That was a mistake.
We shouldn't have let them go.
Our orders are to find the B'Moth, not seek combat.
It was a prudent decision.
To hell with prudence.
This isn't a Federation starship.
This is a Klingon bird-of-prey.
We could've had an easy victory
and in case you haven't noticed, this crew could use a victory.
You may be my parmach'kai
but that does not give you the right...
I'm an officer on this ship
and I am trying to warn my superior
that a dangerous situation is developing
and that he'd better do something about it.
What do you mean "dangerous"?
Take a good look around you, Commander.
Maybe it's just me
but I think we're in trouble.
I brought you here to support me
not to undermine my authority.
I am simply trying to point out that we had an opportunity
to destroy an enemy ship with little risk to ourselves.
Little risk?
What if they'd have gotten off a distress call
before we could destroy them?
They could have given away our position
called in reinforcements.
We would have spent the next three days
avoiding Jem'Hadar ships
instead of carrying out our mission.
No, my friend.
This was not the right time for battle.
You question my judgment in this matter?
Without your support, I cannot command this ship.
Tell me...
that I have not made a mistake
in making you my First Officer.
You have my full support, General.
I knew you would not fail me, Worf
and you can rest assured, I will not fail you.
Two years, I spent on the Cardassian border.
Two years fighting Guls and Legates and Glinns.
They were cunning enemies.
Always had us chasing
holo-projections and sensor ghosts.
Everything was a game with them.
Always had a plan within a plan within a plan
leading to a trap.
It was an honor to kill them.
The Cardassians.
But you can respect a Cardassian
because he fights for his people
and he follows a code just like we do
but not the soldiers of the Dominion
not the Jem'Hadar.
No. They don't fight for anything.
They fight because they're designed that way
because they're programmed to fight.
They have no honor.
You're right.
That's why they're better than us.
That's enough.
You're on duty in an hour, and you...
Ah, the Trill doesn't want you to know the truth
my young friend
but you deserve to know... the Jem'Hadar are smarter
they're faster
and they're stronger than we are.
How can you say these things?!
He's drunk.
Ignore him.
No! You listen!
Listen and maybe learn something!
The Jem'Hadar are the future!
Shut up, Leskit.
You know why?
Because they can break us.
Just like they broke Martok.
That's enough!
She doesn't want you to know the truth.
Martok fears them.
That's why we didn't attack them.
Martok fears them!
Dax. Dax?
What happened?
Are you all right?
I had to take Ortakin to surgery.
Kornan almost killed him.
Because Leskit was drunk.
I do not understand.
No, you don't understand
because you're too busy worrying
about Martok while the crew is falling apart.
Kornan needed to attack someone and he lost control
but this is only the beginning.
This crew has lost half a dozen separate actions
to the Jem'Hadar.
The casualty list is as long as my arm
and now they're serving under a man
who seems to have left more behind
than just an eye in that prison camp.
Do not speak of the Captain in that manner.
Not while I am First Officer.
Look, I like Martok
but this crew needs a leader
someone who'll remind them of their duty
as soldiers of the Empire
and they need that leader right now
or I promise you, they will explode.
It will not come to that!
I know Martok.
He is a great man.
He will not fail us, but we must give him time.
Time may be the one thing we don't have, Worf.
What happened in that mess hall could happen all over this ship
and if you think the blood looks bad on my uniform
wait until the decks are dripping with it.
Commander, I'm picking up a Klingon distress call.
It's very faint, but I might be able to...
It's the B'Moth.
They were attacked...
by the Jem'Hadar and lost main power.
Heavy casualties.
At least 30 survivors.
In need of assistance.
Emergency power's failing.
The message repeats.
The signal is coming from 055 mark 342.
at least seven light years.
Helm, alter course to 055 mark 342.
I will inform the General.
Engineer, you have the Bridge.
I want to thank you for what you did
in the mess hall.
Is Ortakin your parmach'kai?
Things are coming to a head on this ship.
When the fighting breaks out, stay with me.
I'll protect you.
I was still hoping there wasn't going to be any fighting.
Something is wrong here, Worf.
I can feel it.
If the B'Moth was attacked by the Jem'Hadar
why would there be survivors?
Since we do not know any details of the battles
it is difficult to speculate.
We both know the Jem'Hadar do not leave a task half-finished.
If they left the ship intact and part of the crew still alive
they did it for a reason.
There could be many explanations.
The B'Moth could have inflicted heavy damage
on the Jem'Hadar ships, forcing them to withdraw.
The Jem'Hadar could have been recalled...
How is it that I have only one eye
but I can see more clearly than anyone around me?
They deliberately left survivors on that ship.
Because they want someone to try to rescue them.
Oh, do not take this personally, my friend.
I spent two years with the Jem'Hadar.
I do not expect you to have the same insight into them
that I do.
They're soulless creatures, Worf.
Fighting for no goal, no purpose except to serve the Founders.
They take no pleasure in what they do.
Nothing is glorified, nothing affirmed.
To the Jem'Hadar
we are nothing more than... than targets to be destroyed.
I must not let them destroy us, Worf...
With all due respect, General
we do not know the tactical situation of the B'Moth yet.
We should guard against making any premature judgments.
Of course.
Rotarran Combat Log
the 53rd day in the year of Kahless 999.
We have reached the Cardassian border
and begun our search for the B'Moth.
Helm... keep us at least
five million kellicams from the border.
I think I've got something.
It's hard to make out through all the interference
but the thermal signature looks like a ship.
It's bearing direct to starboard
at an elevation of 25 degrees.
It's coming into visual range.
On screen.
The B'Moth.
Helm, lay in a course to bring us alongside.
Bridge to Medical Ward. Prepare to receive casualties.
Assemble an armed boarding party in Transporter Room 1.
Make a complete search of all the habitable areas...
Commander Dax
what side of the border are they on?
They're 500,000 kellicams inside Cardassian territory, sir.
They must have drifted across a couple of days ago.
There are probably five Jem'Hadar warships
out there right now
just waiting for us to cross the border.
General, if they are nearby
they do not care what side of the border we are on.
They will simply attack.
I have explicit orders from the High Council
not to enter Cardassian territory.
I am certain the High Council
will not object under these circumstances.
There are still survivors aboard the B'Moth.
We do not know that.
All that we know is there is an automated distress call.
They could all be dead by now.
And if they are not?
Then there is nothing we can do for them.
General, you don't intend to just leave them there?
I will not throw away the lives of this crew
in a futile rescue attempt.
They are Klingon warriors.
We just cannot sit...
I have made my decision!
We will not cross the border!
From this moment, anyone who questions that... - anyone...
will be charged with treasonable disobedience.
you have the Bridge.
We can't just leave those men out there to die.
So what are you going to do?
The only thing I can do...
challenge Martok for command of the ship.
I agree.
But you realize, he may not step aside willingly.
I know.
But if the General will not step aside...
I will have to kill him.
Martok must die.
That is not your decision.
He is a coward.
While he commands, he dishonors us all.
I shed no tears for your dishonor, Leskit.
Today would be a bad day to die
son of Mogh.
Take your Trill and go.
I was hoping you would say something like that.
Alert Status One.
All hands to battle stations.
We are going to rescue the survivors of the B'Moth.
Who gave the order...?
What's going on here?
As First Officer
I say that you are unfit to serve as Captain.
You what?
You are a coward
and I challenge you for command of this ship.
I never would have expected this from you, Worf.
Martok, Martok, Martok, Martok...
Tactical alert! Tactical alert!
There is a Jem'Hadar warship bearing 180 mark 215.
They will be within weapons range in nine minutes.
The Jem'Hadar will soon learn to regret this day.
Who is with me?!
Sometimes... I think I know why I love you.
Let's go to the Medical Ward.
Shields and weapons ready.
Intercept course laid in.
Kol KeH less pooK loaD
Kol pooK beH poo
Yoch bow math bow je, Shuv weee
Say moach chu may ew...
Mah Shoov, maH nong, ej ma choch chew
nee beH yln maHj, ach wov, coo!
Bath ma cheth bejj, ej yo'
Keej DaHk, vav poo ma Dee muv
pa-rech ma Shoov tach Koo
ma mev Ko'ma Shoov tach ma ov...
Now, we go below.
Kol pooK beH poo
Yoch bow math bow je, Shuv weee
Say moach chu may ew
mah Shoov, maH nong, ej ma choch chew
nee beH yln maHj, ach wov, coo!
Bath ma cheth bejj, ej yo'
Keej DaHk, vav poo ma Dee muv
pa-rech ma Shoov tach Koo
ma mev Ko'ma Shoov tach ma ov.
How's the intelligence business?
Oh, I can't talk about it.
All I can do is read these fascinating reports
and analyses, and analyses of analyses
and then keep it all to myself
because no one else has "a need to know."
So I have to walk around this station
feeling like I, uh...
You don't really care, do you?
A vessel's de-cloaking 15 kilometers off the station.
It's the Rotarran.
Martok's ship.
Yes, sir, and there's an incoming transmission.
On screen.
Major, we've rescued 35 survivors
of a disabled Klingon battle cruiser.
Request permission to beam them directly to your Infirmary.
Permission granted, General.
You're also cleared to dock at Bay 4.
We'll need an engineering team
to repair our battle damage, and one other thing.
Arrange to have 15 barrels of bloodwine
waiting for us at the airlock
so that we can celebrate the first victory
of the Rotarran over the Jem'Hadar!
The High Council has issued a commendation
for the entire crew of the Rotarran.
It would seem that you were right.
They view the destruction of a Jem'Hadar ship
and the rescue of 35 warriors as ample justification
for crossing the Cardassian border.
Your... actions on the Rotarran...
at the time, I thought they were disloyal
but I have come to realize
that your intention was to remind me of my duty
as a soldier of the Empire and as a warrior.
For that, I am grateful.
You did the same for me once.
on the Bridge, during the fight when you dropped your guard
how did you know I would not kill you?
I did not know.
I see you're still wearing
the crest of the House of Mogh.
Jadzia calls it a... sentimental gesture.
Perhaps you would consider replacing sentiment with...
the symbol of a new beginning.
The House of Martok would be honored
to welcome the son of Mogh into our family
as a warrior...
and as a brother.
- Qapla'! - Qapla'!

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