Raimus isn't going to be happy about this.
What are you going to do?
l don't know.
Don't you mean what are we going to do?
Raimus told you to get the merchandise.
- l'll figure something out. - You'd better.
l said l'll figure it out.
- l'm hungry. - Let's have Krellan food.
- No. That gives me heartburn. - That's because you eat too fast.
l eat when l'm hungry, and when l'm hungry, l eat fast.
That appetite of yours is going to kill you someday.
Don't get your hopes up.
- We're using that com booth. - Go.
Order some nozala sandwiches.
Computer accessed.
Get them to deliver some extra vilm sauce.
- Who should l bill this time? - l don't care, just so long as it isn't us.
- How about the police? - We billed them for last night's dinner.
Municipal sanitation. Do you have their account code?
l will...in a minute.
Don't touch him! He's being spiked!
Are you all right?
They spiked him over a free lunch!
- What's this city coming to? - Look at this! Fused.
Too bad. That's an expensive piece of hardware.
What are we going to do?
Don't you mean what is Krole going to do?
l can't go to Raimus and ask him to pay for a replacement.
lt might not be as bad as it seems.
Are you saying you can fix it?
- lt depends. - On what?
How much you're willing to pay.
- Do you know who l am? - No.
lf you did, you wouldn't ask that.
All right. Who are you?
- Listen, Mr... - Connelly.
l've seen you around. You're always tinkering with some piece of junk,
which tells me that things are not going too well for you.
Now, here's my advice to you.
Give it to me!
You take these.
Bring them back tomorrow morning, fixed and polished.
Tomorrow morning it is.
- Bilby asked me to fix these for him. - l'm impressed.
No one's made contact with the Orion Syndicate so quickly.
How'd you do it?
l spiked one of his men while he was interfacing.
That was a risky thing to do.
Maybe. But l had to get noticed.
l want to get this mission over with and go home.
l realise you didn't exactly volunteer for this.
l wish we hadn't had to ask someone outside Starfleet lntelligence for help.
Me, too.
The Syndicate killed another of our undercover operatives last week.
- That's five in a year. - We need you to find out
who their informant in Starfleet is.
Give me the name and l'll put you on the next transport home.
So what do you want me to do now?
Bilby will check into your background.
He'll find that you're a fix-it man down on your luck.
Stick to that. The Syndicate needs people with your skills.
Bilby offers you more work, take it.
- Get as close to him as possible. - Right.
Don't take any more unnecessary risks.
These are dangerous men.
lf they find out who you are, they'll kill you.
- Excuse me, Major. l... - Major, l'm sorry...
- Go ahead. There's... - Go ahead. l need a...
You first, then you.
l need an engineering crew to run a diagnostic on the security sensors.
There have been lots of false alarms.
l'll have someone take a look at it. Now, Quark.
Something's wrong with my fire-suppression system.
Every time l serve a flaming cocktail the system snuffs it out.
- l'll put it on the list. - Please do.
People will pay a fortune for a glass of burning alcohol.
- Excuse me. Major... - Let me guess.
- There's a malfunction in the lnfirmary. - How did you know?
There is something wrong with the turbolift.
- l can see that. - We're having a lot of system glitches.
lt happens every time O'Brien goes away.
Why can't his staff keep the station running?
- My idiot brother must be in charge. - The crew is doing its best.
No one knows how the Chief keeps all the technology working together.
We've got to do something. This can't go on.
l can't discuss the Chief's whereabouts.
l understand that, sir, but it's getting ridiculous.
How much longer can we put up with this?
l wouldn't be surprised if Major Kira or Commander Worf demanded answers.
- But you? lt's not your style. - Apparently it is. Here l am.
l'm not buying it. You didn't come to complain.
You are worried about your friend and you want me to set your mind at ease.
l wish l could.
But l will tell you this:
The Chief can take care of himself as well as anyone l know.
You're right about that, sir. You're right about that.
Did you fix it?
- Any feedback? - Feedback gives him a headache.
No, there's no feedback.
We'll see, won't we?
l told you.
Very impressive.
You know, if l was a suspicious man
l might ask myself how a tinkerer living in one room in Jinami Street
managed to fix such a complicated piece of hardware so quickly.
- Good question. - How do you know where l live?
l know a lot about you. Maybe more than you want me to.
- Come with me. - Where are we going?
For a walk.
Have a seat.
Not there. Chester doesn't like people sitting in his chair.
Don't touch anything.
- Something wrong? - You tell me.
Did you think l brought you here to kill you?
Why would l kill someone that can fix things for me?
A man that's been knocked around as much as you always expects the worst.
Well...l've had to get used to the idea that l've got bad luck.
That was a tough break on Dayos lV. Two years for dealing in stolen goods?
l didn't know they were stolen. l should have asked the guy l bought them from.
He may not have told you the truth. Take this.
My employer asked for three Klingon disruptors.
The man l bought them from didn't tell me they didn't work.
Have a look.
- The induction coil is burned out. - Can you fix it?
- Sure. - l'm glad to hear it.
lt's going to make my employer very happy.
What does he want with Klingon disruptors?
l didn't ask him. When Raimus tells you to do something, you just do it.
- You hungry? - A little.
Have some cake. My wife sent it.
- No, thanks. - Go ahead.
- lt's good. - Yeah. She makes it herself.
This is her. These are my children.
Great. Where are they?
They're in New Sydney.
l'd love to have them here on Farius
but considering the business l'm in, it's not a good idea.
- You got a family? - No.
You should. lt's the most important thing.
l send them everything.
l pay my fare to Raimus. The rest goes straight to my wife.
- Your fare? - Yeah, to Raimus every month.
That's how it works. He's above me in the organisation.
You know what organisation l'm referring to, don't you?
- l think so. - Good.
Krole and Flith, the gentlemen you met earlier? They're below me.
Lucky them.
lf you fix these disruptors for me, you could be lucky, too.
l'm not promising you anything.
l just need to be sure l can trust you first.
Have some more cake.
- No, thanks. - You said you were hungry.
- l'm all right. - Don't you like my wife's cake?
- l didn't say that. - So answer me.
Do you like my wife's cake?
To tell you the truth, it's...
it's a little dry.
You're right. lt is.
Had you wondering which way to jump, didn't l?
Krole and Flith always act as if it's the best thing they ever tasted.
What do you make of that, Chester? l've found me an honest man.
Must be my lucky day.
The induction coils you asked for,
courtesy of the Klingon ambassador to Farius.
There's a Klingon ambassador here? Gowron mustn't like him much.
Do you know why Raimus wants these disruptors?
No. Bilby doesn't even know.
Listen, is there... any way l could talk to my wife
and let her know l'm all right?
We can't risk it. l'm sorry.
l'd better be going.
Flith...go and stand over there.
- l want to see if he really fixed this. - Very funny.
Contact Raimus and tell him we have the disruptors.
Good job.
l'm curious about something.
How did you get replacement parts?
Klingon technology isn't easy to come by.
You know, you... have to know who to go to.
Why don't you enlighten us in case we need to procure something else?
l've got a better idea. Why don't you stay out of my business?
Tell us. We can always use a good contact.
- l can't. - Why not?
My supplier wants to be anonymous.
l don't care. l'm asking the question.
- l told him l wouldn't. - Where did you get the parts?
- l stole them. - You stole them?
Yeah. From a warehouse on Degora Street.
Why didn't you just say so?
l thought it was better if you didn't know,
you know, in case the police caught up with me.
You lied to me because you didn't want me to be implicated?
Yeah. l'm sorry.
Did you hear that? He's willing to protect me if he gets caught.
Try hard as l may, l can't imagine either of you willing to do that.
You know something?
l think it's time we did something about the way you look.
Now that's more like it.
l think you look great, Connelly. What do you think, Krole?
- He looks fine. - What are you talking about?
- l took him to the same tailor that l use. - You look fine, too.
l understand... you've been looking for me.
That's right.
l take it you're looking for something.
l wouldn't buy anything from a man that sold me three useless disruptors.
- You know me better than that. - l thought l did.
Those disruptors were working fine when l gave them to you.
What happened after that, l don't know.
Perhaps you dropped them.
l want my money back.
You know l can't do that. You took delivery.
Let me get something straight.
You're saying there was nothing wrong with this when you sold it to me.
- That's correct. - Well, maybe l...
just don't know how to work it.
That must be it.
What do you know? l figured it out.
lf l'd given Raimus three useless disruptors, he'd have killed me.
lf you want your money back... you can have it!
Why would l want my money back? lt works fine now.
No one takes me for a fool.
l'll do whatever it takes to protect what l have.
This life...it isn't for everyone.
Sometimes l wish l could just get away from it all.
But what would l do with myself?
l'm too old to start over.
Besides, who am l to complain?
The organisation's given me chances l never thought l'd have.
Once you're part of it, once you're accepted...
there's no limit to what you can do if you're smart about it.
- Smart and careful. - l'm glad you're paying attention.
We've got people everywhere. Even on Earth.
Hell, we've even got a man in Starfleet.
Come on. Starfleet?
That's correct. Would you do me a favour?
Would you remind me to pick up a present for my daughter?
- She's got a birthday coming up. - Sure thing.
l want to be there. Sure hope l can make it.
How did you get to someone in Starfleet?
lt wasn't me. lt was Raimus.
do you want to come to New Sydney? Meet my family?
lf you go, yeah.
- How did he do it? - What's with all the questions?
Nothing. l just find it hard to believe
that someone in Starfleet could be bought.
Makes me wonder if he's a double agent.
A double agent?
Why would he have given us the names of all their undercover operatives?
Don't worry. He's the real thing.
Raimus met him when he was vacationing on Risa last year.
Mr Starfleet was in charge of the weather.
Raimus offered him a large amount of money to make it stop raining.
Everyone has their price, l guess.
lt's Krole.
- Raimus wants to see me. - ln the middle of the night?
- Bilby. - Raimus.
l've brought someone here to meet you.
l hope l didn't get you gentlemen out of bed.
Bilby...who is this?
He's someone l know.
l've never seen him before. How well do you know him?
l know him.
Then it's settled.
ls that the extent of your precautions?
Bilby witnessed for him. That's all that's necessary.
lf you say so.
So...this is Bilby.
He seems capable enough.
l told you.
l wanted to see for myself.
- You procured the disruptors for us? - That's right.
We're going to ask you to do something else.
Something very important.
- You can count on me. - l hope so.
We'll contact you when it's time.
- Don't let me down. - l won't.
My love to your family.
- Do you know what l just did for you? - l think so.
l witnessed for you.
lf anything happens...l'm accountable.
l understand.
Nice suit.
- Bilby got it for me. - That was generous.
He's like that.
l found out who the informer is.
He was in charge of the weather-control system on Risa about a year ago.
lt should be easy enough to figure out who that was.
Something wrong?
Raimus brought somebody to meet Bilby. A Vorta.
You're telling me that the Orion Syndicate is working for the Dominion?
- Opens up a lot of possibilities. - None of them very pleasant.
- Do l get to go home now? - Not until you find out what's going on.
l was afraid you were going to say that.
All right. l've accessed the bank's data files.
l'm reading a three-tier security protocol.
l see it.
An isolation matrix is protecting the data.
Bypass the encryption lockouts.
You make it sound so easy.
Watch out for recursive dataloops. You could get diverted into a backflow.
- l'm past the lockouts. - Sweep the matrix.
Give me an access point.
Stand by.
- lnitiating data transfer. - Faster!
- l'm trying. - l can't hold the matrix open.
- Hurry! - Got it!
Get us out, Krole.
- Faster! - The lockouts are closing.
- Move! - Come on!
l'm out.
- We did it. - Gentlemen...
we just robbed the Bank of Bolias.
l was thinking about opening an account there.
- You should go with a different bank. - One with better security!
- What do you think? - Very nice but...
- But what? - l don't want to...
What do you mean? l brought her here for you.
- l appreciate that but... - But what?
Don't tell me you don't like girls.
- l have a girlfriend. - Since when?
A few days. A week... l don't know.
Great! Why didn't you say anything?
l don't know. lt didn't come up.
Listen, l understand. But that's no reason to hurt this girl's feelings.
Um...we've got some business to discuss so...why don't you...
go on ahead home and...
l'll call you in a couple of days, OK?
Thanks for coming over. lt was nice to meet you.
So who is she? This new girl.
Her name's...Kimiko.
- Where did you meet? - She works in a flower shop.
Bring her by sometime. l'd like to meet her.
A man your age should settle down and have a family.
- lt's the most important thing. - l don't know if it's that serious.
Let me talk to her. l'll tell you if she's the marrying kind.
l can read people right away. What's in their hearts.
You, for instance. l saw through you the first time l saw you.
- Oh, yeah? - l've never seen anyone so alone.
l said to myself, ''That man doesn't have a friend in the quadrant.''
Flith and Krole, they thought you were a snake.
But l knew better.
When you came back with the dataport repaired,
l knew we were going to do great things together.
l'm about to take a step up. Raimus is giving me an opportunity.
Everything's changing. l can feel it.
lt all started when you came along. You changed my luck.
l thought you'd changed mine.
l'm going to take care of you. l don't forget my friends, cos friends...
they're like family.
Nothing's more important.
- You're late. l was beginning to worry. - Sorry.
l imagine the Dominion is keeping you busy.
No, l was doing something with Bilby.
- Anything worth reporting? - We went to the races.
l'm glad you're enjoying yourself.
You told me to get close to him.
There's no need to explain. l've been undercover.
Bilby's witnessed for me.
Sounds like you've really got your hooks into him.
- What's going to happen to him? - You don't need to think about it.
They're going to kill him?
Listen, Bilby chose this life.
Whatever happens to him is his fault, not yours.
Besides, if he's lucky, we'll get to him before they do.
He'll be safe in a Federation prison.
Just help us build a good case against him.
All right.
Good morning, Graife.
Raimus. l didn't know you were coming.
- l can see that. - Well, let me get you something.
- Graife, make us a pot of... - Bilby, not right now.
This isn't a social visit.
Which one is it? Wait. Don't tell me.
Let me see if l can guess.
They say you can tell a traitor by looking in his eyes.
Do you think that's true, Bilby?
l wouldn't know.
- What's this all about? - What does it look like?
lf you ask me, none of them look particularly trustworthy.
- Raimus... - Not now.
- But... - l said not now.
- Him. - l've been saying so all along!
Raimus, he doesn't know what he's talking about.
He was going to be my second guess.
- What did he do? - He conducted business on the side
and neglected to pay his fare.
lt's good you never witnessed for him, or you'd be lying there, too, Bilby.
Now that that's out of the way, shall we discuss the matter at hand?
We mentioned we might ask you to do something for us.
- Whatever you need. - So accommodating.
He reminds me of a Jem'Hadar.
We want you to assassinate the Klingon ambassador to Farius.
- All right. - You'll use the disruptors you bought.
So it looks like he was killed by a rival house?
- Connelly! - lt's all right.
Very astute.
Do you know much about political affairs?
- Not really. - Then allow me to enlighten you.
The ambassador wants the Klingons to end their alliance with the Federation
and concentrate on defending the Empire against the Dominion.
But Chancellor Gowron is adamantly committed to the alliance.
You're making it look like Gowron ordered the assassination.
Exactly. The ambassador will be seen as a martyr and his cause will gain strength.
The Klingons will retreat into their own territory,
and then all we'll have to deal with is the Federation.
- Makes sense. - l'm glad you think so.
Needless to say, it is very important
that the Dominion's part in this remain secret.
lf something goes wrong and you're captured...
you never met our friend here.
l understand.
l knew l could count on you.
The Dominion and the Orion Syndicate have so much in common.
lt seems that in both organisations, loyalty is everything.
How will they get past the embassy's security?
Bilby asked me the same thing.
l'll interrupt the power grid for a few seconds.
Bilby and his men will have time to beam in.
- When is this supposed to happen? - Tonight.
l'll tell the Klingons to be ready for them.
What? lf the Klingons get their hands on Bilby and his men they'll kill them.
- That's not our business. - You're having them killed!
Bilby and his friends are the ones that murder people, not us.
We just get Klingons to do it for us.
All l'm doing is warning our allies about a possible assassination attempt.
What happens then is not my concern.
lf the Klingons go after Raimus and the Orion Syndicate l won't shed any tears.
- l'm sure you won't. - Miles...
listen to me.
You've lost perspective. You're starting to sympathise with these people.
- lt's good that we're pulling you out. - Pulling me out?
We're putting you on the next transport home.
Your assignment's over.
You said we were making a case against Bilby.
You said he was going to prison!
l didn't want to mislead you but you were wavering.
l needed to keep you on track.
Come on. Let's get you home.
There you go, Chester.
Who could that be?
- Did you come to see me off? - We need to talk.
Have to wait. l was just leaving.
- You can't go. - What are you talking about?
Look, just trust me.
- You can't go. - Why not?
lt's a trap.
- The Klingons know your plans. - That's impossible.
Someone traced my signal when l accessed the power grid.
l saw you do it. You cut off the trace.
They just made me think l had.
You're panicking. Try not to worry.
You're the one who should be worried.
Do you know what the Klingons will do to you?
- They won't catch me. - Yes, they will.
Starfleet will warn them you're coming.
How do you know that? l suppose you work for them.
What if l said l did?
Just for a minute l actually thought you were working for Starfleet.
l am.
Come on. That's enough. You had me. l admit it.
- l am working for Starfleet. - l don't want to hear that!
Do you understand me? l don't want to hear that.
Why did you have to come here?
Why did you have to tell me that?
l couldn't let you go. The Klingons will kill you.
l'm dead already. Can't you see that?
l witnessed for you. Do you have any idea what that means?
What if l get you off Farius? Find you a place to hide?
There's no hiding from the Syndicate.
Turn yourself in. You'll be safe in prison.
No! They'd go after my family!
They'd make an example of me.
Raimus may leave them alone if he thinks l died not knowing about you.
You can't just let them kill you!
What choice do l have?
How did l let this happen?
l should have known.
You were too good to be true.
l wanted so much to believe that my luck had changed, l didn't see it.
l didn't see it.
l never meant for this to happen.
l wasn't after you.
l was trying to find out how the Syndicate compromised Starfleet.
l wasn't even your target.
l suppose l'm not important enough.
l've always known something like this might happen.
The smart thing would be to kill you.
But l guess l've already proved l'm not too smart.
l'm sorry, Bilby.
You'll never know how little comfort that is.
lf it's not too much trouble, will you make sure Chester is looked after?
Be good.
Do you mind if l ask you something?
Back home, wherever that is, do you have a family?
lt's the most important thing.
l'll never forget the look on his face when he found out who l was.
You took an enormous risk by telling him. He could have killed you.
l knew he wouldn't.
You're lucky that Chadwick decided not to put everything in his report.
Julian, you don't understand what l'm trying to tell you.
Bilby trusted me.
He put his life in my hands and...
l killed him, just as surely as if l'd pulled the trigger.
That's not fair and you know it.
You did what you had to do. Your duty.
ls that what l'm supposed to tell myself?
lt is the truth.
l'm sorry that l don't have all the answers.
All l know for sure is that l'm glad you're back.

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