Santa Anna didn't care about the rules of war.
lf he had executed Davy Crockett,
he would have considered it a point of pride.
ln 1836 Crockett was 49, quite old for the standards of the time.
His days as an lndian fighter were well behind him.
This is not a man about to fight to his last breath.
He was out of ammunition,
the Mexican army was storming the battlements.
He would have surrendered. lt's as logical as that. Simple.
l'm not saying it couldn't have happened, just that there's no proof.
The question is whether you believe in the legend.
lf you do, then you should not doubt that he died a hero's death.
lf you do not believe in the legend, then he was just a man
and it does not matter how he died.
- l guess that settles that. - l guess so.
- Kor? - lt's good to see you, my friend.
l welcome you to my home.
May l offer you some refreshment?
l would be honoured to share a bottle of bloodwine with the son of Mogh.
l heard the news about Jadzia.
- She died a warrior. - l expected nothing less.
To absent comrades.
- Mm. 2309. Very good. - Sit.
The war goes well for you, Worf?
A long list of victories to your credit, l trust?
l have been fortunate.
The way of the warrior is not a humble path.
Show some pride in your accomplishments!
l will try.
And does the war go well for you, Kor?
No, Worf. lt does not go well for me.
lt seems my services are not required in the present conflict.
But you are Kor, a Dahar Master,
the man who held the Korma Pass against T'nag.
Your reputation should have assured you a command.
l also have a reputation for a certain ruthless quality
towards those who would stand in my way.
lt's not entirely undeserved.
l rather enjoy being feared by my fellow officers.
However, there's a price to be paid for such devotion to one's ambition.
l've made enemies, perhaps more than were necessary.
l have no influence left in the Empire.
Even as our entire race grapples with the Dominion,
there's no place for an old man
with too many enemies and not enough friends.
That's why l've come here tonight.
lt is not easy for me to beg you for help...
...but l have nowhere else to turn.
Help me fight again, Worf.
Help me end my life as l've lived it.
As a warrior!
- How many reports do they require? - As many as last time.
And Starfleet is still waiting for your signature on these repair requests.
There will come a day, Darok,
when your services as my aide are no longer required.
l look forward to that day with great anticipation.
Until then...
Worf, good to see you.
Thank you, Darok.
lt's a pity Captain Sisko frowns on summary executions.
What can l do for you?
Kor, the Dahar Master, came to see me last night.
He has been unable to find a command...
You're not asking me to give that man a ship!
- l had hoped that... - Your hopes are in vain!
That man is not welcome. l will not have him commanding a ship in my fleet!
- Kor is a friend. l have already... - Not another word!
Do you hear? Not one word!
Now get out of here before l forget we are brothers.
l plan to attack the Trelka V starbase and push into Cardassian territory.
l'll hit the Manora shipyards,
the Jem'Hadar breeding facility,
the supply depots...
lt would take half the Ninth Fleet to destroy Trelka V.
l don't intend to destroy the base, just damage it.
Throw them off balance then move on to the next target.
lmagine the chaos we'll cause once we're in behind their lines.
A cavalry raid. Ancient Earth soldiers on horseback.
They had the speed to charge behind enemy lines
and the mobility to keep from being caught.
- How many ships will you take? - Five birds-of-prey.
Battle cruisers are too slow and unwieldy.
- Do you want to take the Defiant? - The Defiant should remain here,
just in case the Jem'Hadar try their own cavalry raid.
But it may be prudent for the Defiant and a dozen other starships
to be waiting for us when we return.
You might bring company back?
l'm sure you'll be ready to welcome them.
With phasers charged.
Our targeting sensors and guidance system relays need to be replaced.
Make a note for Chief O'Brien to give the Ch'Tang first priority.
lf you have something to ask, do it before l'm buried in paperwork.
l wish to speak with you about Kor.
Clear the bridge!
l did not expect to hear anything further on this subject from you.
And l did not expect to be forbidden to speak with you on any subject.
Have l become a "shuVak" to be ordered about like Darok?
No, of course not.
Very well. Talk and be done with it.
Kor came to see me, asking my help as a friend.
He is an old man, with no family and no influence left in the Empire.
He asked nothing except for the chance to fight and die as a Klingon warrior.
l told him l would speak with you about finding him a command.
l would not give that man the gnawed bones of my last meal,
- much less command of a ship. - But why?
There is no feud between our Houses. And Kor has not even met you.
You can wound a man without ever seeing his face.
When l was a boy, my family lived in the lowlands of Ketha Province.
We had very little, but it didn't matter. We were a family of warriors.
15 generations had served as soldiers of the Empire.
But my father had higher hopes for me.
He wanted his son to become an officer.
lt took a great deal of effort,
but eventually he found someone willing to sponsor me.
l passed my entrance exam on my first attempt.
All that remained was approval by the oversight council.
A simple formality.
My application was rejected by one member of that council.
Why? Kor's family descends from the lmperial Court itself.
Kor is of the blood, born to rule by the divine will of Kahless!
And what was l? A boy from the Ketha lowlands.
He couldn't bear someone like me joining the elite officer ranks.
So to my father's embarrassment and my everlasting shame,
my application was denied.
With the mark of Kor on my record, l could not join as a common soldier.
l spent five years as a labourer aboard General ShiVang's flagship.
Then, as fortune would have it,
the Romulans made a foolhardy attempt to board our ship.
l earned a battlefield commission.
my father did not live to see that glorious day.
lf Kor had had his way,
l would still be a civilian on that ship, cleaning the officers' mess.
l understand. But l must tell you that using my own authority,
l appointed Kor an officer in the Ninth Fleet.
Made him an officer, just like that.
That's the difference between his name and mine.
His opens doors, mine closes them.
- l did not anticipate... - lt's done.
Your apology is not sought.
But know this, Worf.
Kor is your responsibility.
l want nothing to do with him.
Do you remember breaking into the Duke's harem on Renavi?
How could l forget?
That is one of Curzon's favourite memories.
- Hello. - Come and join us, my friend.
l am on duty. l'll see you later.
lt's good to see you again, Kor.
Still the same old Dax. And yet not.
General Martok will not give you a command.
You struck him from an officer's list because he's from the Ketha lowlands.
Did l?
l don't recall.
There were so many officer lists. l suppose it's possible.
lt is an unworthy reason to bar a man from serving the Empire.
Worf, you've been living among this democratic rabble for too long.
l know your bloodline. We both come from noble Houses.
That still counts for something.
- Martok should appreciate that. - He does not.
- Did he revoke my commission? - No.
You will serve aboard the Ch'Tang as Third Officer.
Oh, well.
No matter. l've overcome greater obstacles.
Thank you, Worf. You're a true friend.
You will report aboard at 0700. And stay out of Martok's way.
He will not even know l am there.
- What was the name of that ship? - The Ch'Tang.
Ch'Tang! Of course. l'll see you there.
All decks report ready.
Transporter room reports that our last crew members have beamed aboard.
Signal the squadron. Prepare to get under way.
- Stand by to cloak. - Aye, sir.
Helm, set course 325, mark 003.
Full impulse till we clear the outer marker, then go to...
Third Officer Kor reporting for duty.
The Dahar Master.
Take your station.
Return to your duties or l will find a crew that can!
Helmsman! l gave you an order.
Kor, here.
On our ship!
Don't you have something to do?
- No. - Then find something!
lt's an honour to have you aboard.
- Thank you very much. - Welcome, Dahar Master.
What did Kor say when he met you?
The usual. l have the same conversation over and over again.
Everyone's shocked at first, then they scan my face
for signs of the person they knew as Dax.
''lt can't be! ls it really you?
''l do see a little Jadzia in the eyes, a little Curzon in the smile.''
lsn't there a period of adjustment that Trills go through
where people compare them to previous hosts?
l'm sure it'll pass.
You're right. The last five Dax hosts went through this.
That wasn't bad. You'd make a pretty good counsellor.
People would love it. ''You dreamed about what?
''You're crazy. Get out of my office! Next patient!''
Funny you should mention dreams. Since my conversation with Kor,
l've had the most intense dreams about him.
Being on a Klingon bridge together, drinking bloodwine.
Which still makes me gag, by the way. Singing songs...
Part of me wants to be out there with him now.
l'm contradicting what l said
about wanting to set myself apart from my previous hosts,
but the memories l have of being with him are so vivid.
l'd give almost anything for the chance to be together one more time,
the two of us side by side. Just like it used to be.
Do you need something?
So, what's your professional opinion?
- You're crazy. - Next patient!
What's the matter with you? Someone forget to leave a tip?
lt's Ezri. She... l can't even say it.
She wants to get back together with Worf.
Before the Cardassians knew we were there,
we destroyed the entire camp and the relay station!
To General Martok, victor of Felton Prime!
Let me have the honour to welcome the Dahar Master.
Sit, sit. You do me too much honour.
l am but the Third Officer. l expect no special treatment.
Have you settled on an attack plan for the starbase on Trelka V?
l'm sending the Malpara and Ning'tao in ahead of the squadron.
They'll strafe the base then head out of the system.
When the enemy sends out their repair crews,
the rest of the squadron will decloak.
With luck, we'll catch them with their damage control effort under way.
Excellent! An excellent plan, General.
l'm glad you approve.
lt's the same tactic Kang and l used in the Battle of Caleb lV.
- You were at Caleb lV? - Of course he was.
Forgive the ignorance of these children.
l was a young officer once. l know how irrelevant the past can seem.
We would be honoured if you would tell us about Caleb lV.
There's not much to tell.
The battle was over almost before the Federation knew it had begun.
l commanded the first division from the Klothos.
Kang commanded the second division. You must remember
that in those days the cloaking device was a new piece of technology.
Only a handful of engineers in the Fleet knew how to operate them.
Before we left Chronos, l spent three days
taking the device apart with my bare hands
and putting it back together again. This would come in handy in the battle.
lt is not the fault of the crew.
They are not used to serving with a legendary figure like Kor.
- Bridge to General Martok. - Yes?
- We are approaching Trelka V. - Set Defence Condition One.
Defence Condition One. All hands to battle stations.
- l'm supposed to be somewhere. - Dahar Master.
- Where are you going, Lieutenant? - To the bridge.
- The bridge! - Are you all right?
What are you waiting for? Report to your station!
Their shields are at 65%. Three cruisers are orbiting the planet.
Two are under way. The Malpara and Ning'tao have completed their attack.
The Malpara is gone.
No survivors. The Ning'tao is heading out of the system.
- The Cardassians are pursuing. - Leaving their base unprotected.
Helm, take us in. Bring us to a hover 300 metres above the base.
Stand by to decloak on my command. Scan the base.
They've dispatched damage control teams. Two defence batteries are out.
- They've dropped their primary shield. - Decloak and open fire.
Shields are down to 85% !
Emergency power to secondary shield emitters!
Fire torpedoes! Helm, lay in an escape course.
Aye, sir!
Continue firing! Target their primary reactors.
- Bring us around for another pass! - No, only one pass.
Leave the system!
- Do not worry. All is well. - You old fool!
The Orantho reports their captain and first officer are dead.
lnstruct them to continue firing. Open a channel to Kang.
- To Kang? - Tell him we've succeeded,
that the Federation outpost on Caleb lV will be taken within an hour!
Kang has been dead for years.
Prepare a boarding party. We're taking the base.
- They have a garrison of 10,000. - Get us out of here!
Victory is ours! The Federation will rue the day
they dared to challenge the Klingon Empire!
We will take Caleb lV
and raise our banner over the smoking ruins of their outpost!
Escape course. Now!
Engage cloaks.
Orantho and Slivin have cloaked. No pursuit from Trelka V.
No time to waste.
Proceed to the rendezvous, then on to the Manora shipyards.
- Medical team to the bridge! - Worf, get that man out of here.
- Hi. l think l'm in the mood for... - Wait.
l have something to say.
Now...you may think this is none of my business,
but someone has to speak up and that someone is me.
- So here it is. l'll just say it. - OK.
You're making a mistake by pursuing another relationship with Worf.
l know how Jadzia felt about Worf, but that was her life.
You're Ezri Dax. You need a chance to explore other relationships.
You're young and beautiful and full of life.
Why go after a man who's only a memory?
l've had my problems with Worf, but this is not about me.
This is about you.
Worf has done nothing, and l mean nothing, to deserve you.
Shouldn't you find someone who's willing to win your heart,
not just inherit it? You deserve better.
There. l've said my piece.
Can l say something now?
l'm not interested in another relationship with Worf.
l care about him and probably always will,
but he's moved on with his life and so have l.
l'd also like to say that what you just did was one of the kindest, dearest
and for you one of the most embarrassing things l've ever heard.
You're a real sweetheart.
- Can l order now? - Mm-hm.
- A Moscow mule. - Coming right up.
Did you hear that? She called me sweetheart.
- She loves me. - What?
- Sweetheart. - You're certifiable, you realise that?
She loves me.
Find out what's wrong with the Ning'tao.
Captain Lurkan is young, but he must realise the importance...
...the importance of keeping formation.
l've been thinking about our next objective.
Perhaps we should go after a bigger target.
What about the base on Caleb lV?
- l have duties to attend to. - Your duties are right here.
Someone was telling me about the Caleb lV defences.
- Who was that? - l believe it was our Third Officer.
That's right! Third Officer, tell us about Caleb lV.
ls it manned by Jem'Hadar or Cardassian troops?
l thought it was a Federation outpost.
The Federation is our ally. Surely Kor is aware of that.
- Perhaps he's confused. - Confused? A Dahar Master?
Surely not. We must be the ones who are confused.
Who mans the base on Caleb lV?
Dominion or Federation?
- l think he's forgotten. - l think he's asleep.
Stop it, both of you!
Don't you have any respect
for one of the greatest heroes of the Empire?
He's thinking it over. Give him time.
The last son of the House of Kor should not be rushed.
- How long should we wait? - Perhaps we should ask Kang.
Say something, old man.
Or have you lost your tongue as well as your mind?
Savour the fruit of life, my young friends.
lt has a sweet taste when it is fresh from the vine.
But don't live too long.
The taste turns bitter...
after a time.
The new personnel roster.
- You've removed Kor from active duty. - l saw no other choice.
You're his friend. lt must have been difficult.
A friend would not have put him in that position in the first place.
l've hated his name for almost 30 years.
l've dreamt of the moment when l would see him stripped of his rank,
without a friend in the world, without the power of his birthright.
l've had that moment now.
And l took no joy from it.
What will become of him when we return to Deep Space 9?
l plan to speak with Chancellor Gowron
to try and find Kor some assignment on the homeworld.
l'll have a word with Gowron as well.
- Bridge to General Martok. - Yes.
Our sensors have detected a large body of enemy ships.
On my way.
- Where are they? - Directly astern.
They're Jem'Hadar fighters. They appear to be pursuing us.
The lead ship is using a scanner to penetrate our cloaks.
Does the Dominion possess such a device?
- How many ships? - l've identified ten vessels so far.
And they're gaining on us.
How long before we are in weapons range?
- 2 hours, 12 minutes. - Helm, have you located the Defiant?
They're waiting for us in the Kalandra Sector.
lt will take us 3 hours, 45 minutes to reach them.
lf the Jem'Hadar could be forced to drop out of warp,
they would not have time to catch us before we rendezvous with the Defiant.
A fine theory, but how do we execute it?
We could disrupt their warp fields with a graviton burst.
lt would force them to drop to impulse.
We would need to generate a massive burst.
A bird-of-prey could do it by diverting power to the main deflector.
- How long would that delay them? - Less than two minutes.
lf l engaged them while they're still at impulse,
that would delay them even longer.
- l know l could do it. - What do you mean, ''you''?
The Orantho's captain is dead.
The Slivin's deflector cannot generate a graviton burst.
The Ning'tao's captain is too young and inexperienced.
l am the logical choice.
But, Worf, this means that you would be sacrificing
- the entire crew of the Ning'tao. - l have thought about that.
We could beam most of the crew over before l take command.
l would only need six volunteers.
Signal the Ning'tao.
Tell them to prepare for a change in command.
- l am not hungry. - The food is for me.
l haven't eaten in hours.
Men of our generation never stood on ceremony.
We ate when we were hungry, we fought when we were angered.
l miss the simplicity of those days.
l miss a great deal about those days.
The warriors on this ship don't know what they've missed.
But such is the way with children.
They often let the promise of the future obscure the glories of the past.
ls there a point to this nostalgic indulgence?
Only that they are children.
Even Martok, who, for all his flaws, is a great man,
even Martok is but a child compared to you or me.
They are quick to judge and slow to forgive.
They still have much to learn.
We are being pursued by a Jem'Hadar fleet.
Worf believes he can stop them with a single ship.
lt's a good plan, but it has one flaw.
lt depends on Worf successfully engaging the whole enemy fleet,
if only for a short time.
lt can be done.
The key is to confuse their sensors with a spread of torpedoes.
But it would take a man with three times his experience to accomplish it.
And such a man would have to be certain of his abilities.
Such a man would not take the job
unless he were certain.
lt has been an honour serving with you, Kor, son of Rynar.
Leaving for the Ning'tao, l take it?
- Yes. - l wanted to wish you well.
l look forward to seeing you at the gates to "Sto-Vo-Kor."
As do l.
Do you have any message you want me to convey to Jadzia?
When l reach the halls of the dead, l will find your beloved
and remind her that her husband is a noble warrior
and that he still loves no one but her.
Goodbye, my friend.
Live well.
Long live the Empire!
- On the bridge? - lf they succeed, drink to their courage.
lf they fail, you can still drink to their courage.
The Ning'tao is closing on the enemy. She's initiated the burst.
Their warp fields are destabilising. They're dropping to impulse.
- How many? - All of them.
The Ning'tao is engaging the enemy.
Die well, Worf.
Today was not my day to die.
Worf! But then who...? Kor!
He surprised me outside the transporter room with a hypospray.
l hope that old fool understands what he's doing.
How goes the battle?
lt appears the enemy formation has collapsed.
The Ning'tao is manoeuvring rapidly. She's taking heavy fire.
- l've lost contact. - One ship against ten.
- lt doesn't seem possible. - He will succeed.
He is Kor, the Dahar Master.
He's done it. The Jem'Hadar are out of time.
They can no longer overtake us before we reach the Defiant.
How did that pompous old man hold off a Jem'Hadar fleet with one ship?
Does it matter?
Darok, give me that bottle.
To Kor!
A Dahar Master and noble warrior to the end.

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