We stumbled on it by accident.
At Chin'toka, our entire fleet was disabled
when the Breen engaged their energy-dampening weapon.
311 ships, Federation, Romulan, and Klingon, all lost power.
But one didn't - a bird-of-prey called the Ki'tang.
- What was different about the Ki'tang? - We're not sure.
Just prior to the engagement, their chief engineer adjusted the tritium intermix
to compensate for a warp core problem.
l've ordered every Klingon ship to adjust its reactor the same way.
Our vessels are of a different design.
Can this technique be adapted for them?
Unfortunately, no. Your ships are still vulnerable, and so are ours.
l've sent all we know to the Romulan Ministry of Science
and to Starfleet Engineering.
But it will be a while before they can find a way to protect our ships.
Thank you, Mr O'Brien.
Gentlemen, it seems as if the Klingon fleet
is the only thing standing between us and the Dominion.
What have we come to?
By tomorrow, we'll have 1,500 Klingon vessels ready for deployment.
With the Breen, Cardassians and Jem'Hadar you're still outnumbered.
l'm aware of that, General.
The Klingons can't go head-to-head with the Dominion.
But they could keep them distracted.
We'll operate in small groups, going in under cloak,
engaging the enemy and provoking them into pursuit.
With luck, they'll prevent the Dominion from launching an offensive.
- They can't keep them at bay forever. - No, they can't.
But we're not the only ones the Dominion has to contend with.
- Damar's resistance movement. - What's left of them.
Half his troops were killed in the Rondac assault.
They may have failed but their attack sent a message to Cardassians.
lf the rebels show them that they can succeed, their support will grow.
Does the rebellion have a chance of succeeding?
Yes, but they must adjust their tactics -
concentrate on small-scale hit-and-run attacks,
sabotaging key facilities.
Does Damar have any experience waging that kind of campaign?
No. Which is why we need to send him someone who does.
You want me to go behind enemy lines to teach Cardassians
how to be resistance fighters?
l'm aware of the irony. The tactics you used to drive the Cardassians off Bajor
are exactly what this situation calls for.
But to work with Damar?
When he killed Ziyal, he murdered an innocent girl.
You'll have to put your personal feelings aside.
Whether you like Damar or not is irrelevant. We need him.
The Dominion knows they have to stop his rebellion before it spreads.
lt's your job to make sure they don't. lt's as simple as that.
Yes, sir.
l understand Damar and his men went into hiding after the Rondac attack.
- Any idea how we can locate them? - Talk to Mr Garak about that.
- Garak? - He still has contacts on Cardassia.
lf l were you, l'd ask him to join your team. He may be useful.
Damar and Garak. lt should be an interesting mission.
lt's difficult to keep a supply of synthetic organs in hand in a battlefield situation.
You never know how many livers you will need.
Or how many hearts.
l can imagine.
But what does that have to do with me?
The Holy Grail of organ replacement is to find a way to inject patients
with tissue that can become whatever organ is needed.
Doctor, get to the point.
l need to borrow a cup of goo.
Excuse me?
Please? l'll give it back.
l must study your morphogenic matrix to synthesise organic tissue
that can change form.
To use for organ replacement.
Can't you just scan me or something?
l need a sample. lt's for a good cause.
All right, Doctor.
Just a tad more.
Thank you.
l'll want that back when Kira and l return from our mission.
- You're going with her? - She thought l might be useful.
- When do you leave? - As soon as Garak locates Damar.
l'm very concerned. lt's not like Solbor to disappear this way.
Do whatever it takes to find him.
Yes, Eminence.
Well done. l almost believed you myself.
How like a Cardassian to find amusement in an old man's death.
You don't know how much l regret having to kill him.
He was going to expose us.
No one can be allowed to stand in our way.
- Remember your place, Dukat. - l thought my place was in your bed.
That was before l knew who you were.
l'm not the same man l was during the occupation.
- The "Pah-wraiths" have changed me. - But they can't change what you did.
Do you think l could let myself be touched by a man
whose hands are stained with the blood of my people?
When we release the "Pah-wraiths" from the fire caves,
your hands will be stained as well.
The "Pah-wraiths" will spare those who are worthy.
The rest are of no consequence.
You've been studying that for days. Perhaps l could help?
The text of the Kosst Amojan is for my eyes alone.
Have you learned what we have to do to release the "Pah-wraiths?"
Only that it's not a simple matter.
Leave me. l've had enough of your distractions.
- When is Gowron's ship due to arrive? - ln the morning.
Martok seems nervous about the ceremony.
Chancellor Gowron is travelling from Kronos
to induct him into the Order of Kahless. l'd be nervous too.
Come in.
Good news. Garak was able to contact Damar.
He provided us with his location and requested immediate assistance.
- l'd like to depart first thing tomorrow. - By all means.
- There is one other thing. - Yes?
Damar expressed concern when told that Kira would be leading this mission.
lf he wants to defeat the Dominion he'll have to put his feelings aside.
He's willing to do that. He knows the value of your skills.
Damar is concerned that his men will see your uniform as an affront.
We Cardassians are a proud people.
Losing Bajor to a ragtag band of terrorists, no offence, was a humiliation.
Simply put, taking on a Bajoran officer as an advisor
would undermine his authority.
Sorry, Colonel. We need someone else for the mission.
No, sir. Colonel Kira is the best person for the job.
There's another way around this problem.
Will it make a difference to the Cardassians
that you've been given a Starfleet commission? You're still a Bajoran.
With authority to speak for the Federation.
You'll have to do something about your uniform as well?
l was afraid you were going to say that.
- Well? - lt's a little drab.
lt's how l appeared when l worked for the Cardassians.
lt should put them at ease, anyway.
l wonder if Dr Bashir could help us with that nose of yours?
l'm only willing to go so far.
Damar's men will have to get used to the idea of having me around.
They'll tolerate you. To a point. lf l were you, l'd watch my back.
See you in the morning.
- You see the problem. - Food supplies are low.
We need to cut back on rations until we get replicators.
- l told Garak to bring some. - Federation food replicators?
We're in no position to turn down help.
Taking help from the Federation is bad enough,
but having to take it from that Bajoran terrorist.
Kira Nerys has certain skills she's willing to teach us.
Skills we need to defeat the Dominion.
When we were stationed on Terok Nor,
you spent hours telling me how much you despised her.
l did hate her. But that's a luxury l can no longer afford and neither can you.
l need your support in this, my friend.
General. Mr Worf.
Welcome to Deep Space 9, Chancellor.
lt's been too long, Captain.
- You know Admiral Ross. - We met at Khitomer.
Admiral. Of course.
Martok! The man l came to honour!
- The son of Mogh. - Chancellor.
They say you've made him part of your House.
lt's true.
Then what is past is past.
lf Martok considers you his brother, that's all l need to know!
l brought a barrel of bloodwine and it must be drunk tonight!
l guess we're not invited.
l tracked her down to Quark's and said, ''Ezri, why are you avoiding me?''
She was going to answer when l got called away.
l haven't noticed her avoiding you. You're sure you're not imagining it?
- Our paths haven't crossed in days. - lt's a big station.
The truth is you want to spend time with her,
so it seems that she's never around.
There's something going on and l'm going to find out what it is.
l told her l want to discuss her last medical exam results.
- lsn't that unethical, or something? - Well...
- ls that Odo? - Part of him, anyway.
Never mind, l don't want to know.
Computer, begin a morphogenic enzyme analysis.
- Hi. - Ezri.
- You wanted to see me? - Yes. Come in.
lt was good running into you. l haven't seen you in days.
- Something about my test results? - Of course. Here it is.
You know, we never finished our conversation the other day.
- Our conversation? - Yes, in Quark's.
You were telling me why you were avoiding me.
l guess now is as good a time as any.
lt goes back to when Worf and l were held prisoner by the Breen.
- We spent a lot of time together. - Naturally.
You can imagine that it would bring up all sorts of old feelings.
- Sure. - Well, one thing led to another...
Ezri, you don't have to say any more.
- But l want to. - No, really.
l wish you both all the happiness in the world.
- Who? - You and Worf.
- Julian, that's not... - There's no need to explain.
You don't understand. l'm telling you that l'm in love with...
- Oh, my God. - Julian, what's wrong?
l was running a scan on your sample, when l noticed something unusual.
Unusual in what way?
The disease that's killing your people. You're infected.
My guess is it happened when you linked with the female shape-shifter.
Are you sure about this? He doesn't have any symptoms.
So far. The virus is replicating quickly.
Symptoms may start to surface soon.
- We must get you back to the station. - No.
- l intend to accomplish this mission. - Odo.
lt's all right. At this point there's not much l can do.
- l feel confident that'll change. - What do you mean?
l'm running tests on your sample.
l've asked Starfleet to send the test results they ran on you a few years ago.
By comparing results, l may figure out how the virus works.
- That may lead to a cure. - Thank you, Julian.
We should be crossing into Dominion space in a few minutes.
l'll start scanning for enemy patrols.
What have you been keeping from me, my sweet? What dark secrets?
- Dukat? - Adami, help me!
- You fool! - l can't see.
l warned you, the text of the Kosst Amojan is for my eyes alone.
Today we honour our brother, Martok, in the manner Kahless taught us.
l accept this honour in the name of the House of Martok.
And l ask only to be allowed to continue to serve the Empire.
Martok! Martok!
We're next.
- You're kidding? - l wish l were.
- You have done well. - Thank you for the help, my friend.
- lt still stings. - That's what the bloodwine is for.
Congratulations, General.
Martok! How does it feel to be the most famous warrior in the Empire?
l am grateful for the opportunity to serve.
And you've served well, but have borne the burden of this war for a long time.
l do it gladly. And l'll keep fighting until victory is ours.
No, my friend. l can't ask you to carry this weight forever.
lt's time for me to take a more active role in this war.
As of today, l'm assuming direct command of our forces.
Chancellor, l don't understand.
Are you unsatisfied with the way l've performed my duties?
Would l have given you the Star of Kahless if l wasn't satisfied?
Be happy. You're a warrior again.
No more meetings, no more reports to file.
You'll be out there, savouring the heat of battle. l envy you.
l intend to see an end to this war, and soon.
The Dominion will rue the day they heard my name!
l don't want to talk to Lieutenant Douglas.
l've already talked to him! l need a copy of these test results.
- My patient's life is at stake. - The files requested are classified.
Why would Odo's medical records be classified?
- They are. That's all l know. - l want to talk to your supervisor.
You did. Lieutenant Douglas.
Then l want to speak to her supervisor, Ensign!
l'll patch you through, but he'll tell you the same thing.
- Commander Hilliard here. - Commander.
l was hoping you could sort out this situation.
l realise that the files are classified.
But l was hoping you would understand the need for expediency.
Of course. You wouldn't mind answering a few questions.
Of course not, if it's necessary.
You've requested security chief Odo's medical records from stardate...
49419, sir.
You state that he has contracted the morphogenic virus.
- Correct. - How did he contract it?
Presumably when he linked with one of them, sir.
- He's been in contact with the enemy? - Not recently. lt was over a year ago.
l assume you've done your own scans of Odo over the years?
- Of course. - Then why do you need ours?
To use as a comparison, in the hopes of finding a cure, sir.
- A cure? - That's right.
- ls there anything else, sir? - No, that pretty much covers it.
Good. So when can l expect to receive a copy of these files?
Those files are classified.
l thought you asked me these questions in order to clear me.
l can't release those files to anyone without Sigma 9 clearance.
l don't give a damn about Sigma 9 clearance!
All l care about is finding a cure for this disease.
Why are so keen to cure a disease that infects our enemy?
- We're at war, Doctor. - Odo's life is at stake!
Odo, who has been known to consort with the enemy.
Sir, you have to understand the circumstances.
l don't care about circumstances. A cure could fall into Dominion hands.
That's a risk that Starfleet Medical will not take.
Request for the files is denied. lf l were you, l'd drop this matter.
Otherwise, l'll have to refer to Starfleet Security.
Sounds like a typical bureaucrat flexing his muscles.
He practically accused me of being a traitor.
He made it sound like l was in league with the Dominion.
Maybe the attack on Starfleet Headquarters has them spooked.
Guys like Hilliard are used to sitting behind their desks, not under them.
lf only l could get hold of that file. Maybe the captain can request it?
- Does he have Sigma 9 clearance? - For Odo's sake, we better hope so.
Welcome to the headquarters of the Cardassian Liberation Front.
- lt's been a long time. - Yes, it has.
Did you bring the supplies?
Food replicators, weapons. Everything you asked for.
Excellent. The Cardassian people won't forget the Federation's generosity.
And now that the formalities are over with,
let's try to remember that our enemy is the Dominion, and not each other.
l don't need to be reminded of who my enemies are.
A resistance organisation is structured into cells,
autonomous groups of 10 or 20 people.
That way if anyone gets captured,
their ability to compromise the organisation is limited.
They can't be forced to name names they don't know.
The Obsidian Order worked the same way.
We have to decentralise. Having your men in one place is too risky.
lf we scatter our resources, we won't be able to defend ourselves.
Stay in one place and they can wipe out your entire movement in one attack.
Smaller groups are safer. They're harder to track down.
l'll have my men investigate locations for other bases.
Odo and Garak looked over your intelligence reports
and have listed vulnerable facilities for us to target.
The weapons depot on Adarak Prime is protected by only a single garrison,
and there's a weakness in their perimeter defences.
A small group could infiltrate the compound and...
Adarak Prime is defended by a Cardassian garrison.
- That's correct. - You expect us to attack Cardassians?
- lf necessary, yes. - That's out of the question.
l agree. We'll limit ourselves to targets defended by the Jem'Hadar and Breen.
Believe me, l understand how you feel.
During the occupation,
l didn't want to attack facilities where Bajorans were working. But l did.
Because they were collaborators. They were working with the enemy.
We're not Bajorans. We don't kill our own.
Then you might as well give up now.
Because the minute the Dominion knows you will not attack your own people,
they'll station Cardassians at every base they have.
She's right. The Founders won't hesitate to play your own against you.
Anyone who isn't fighting with you, is fighting against you.
You were saying the Adarak perimeter defences are vulnerable.
- Damar. - Not another word, Rusot.
We need to disable
- the garrison's security protocols. - l believe that's where l step in.
l'd love to have seen Hilliard's face when he knew Sisko has Sigma 9 clearance.
So is the file worth all the trouble you had to go through?
There's more data than l expected. Starfleet Medical were thorough.
By the way, what happened with Ezri?
- Don't ask. - Go on.
- She got involved with Worf. - What?
- She told you that? - Not in so many words.
Julian, l had a drink with Worf the other day.
He told me they are just friends. You must have misunderstood her.
l suppose it's possible. She never came out and said it.
Did you find out why she's been avoiding you?
That's odd. The dispersal pattern in this resonance scan.
- l've seen it before. - What do you mean?
When l started here, l had to familiarise myself with Odo's physiology.
Dr Mora shared his data with me.
This looks like a scan he did when he first found Odo.
Are you sure?
l saw it with my own eyes not seven years ago.
You really are genetically enhanced.
This scan was done when Odo was at Starfleet Medical.
Two different scans can't have exactly the same dispersal patterns?
lt's impossible.
Someone took Mora's results and built a phony medical workup around them.
This isn't Odo's file. They sent a fake.
l can't believe Starfleet Medical would make a fake file just to throw you off.
You're right. lt isn't something Starfleet Medical would do.
- Are you thinking what l'm thinking? - Section 31.
They will do whatever it takes to protect the Federation
and wouldn't blink at doing this.
They don't want me to find a cure.
They're afraid the Founders will get hold of it.
To keep that from happening they're willing to let Odo die.
He gives me a medal, then takes over my command. lt makes no sense!
Our people have come to see you as the saviour of the Empire.
Gowron cannot tolerate that. He wants to be its saviour.
ls he afraid l'll challenge his position?
l have no interest in politics. l'm a soldier.
By the hand of Kahless. l've earned my position,
l've risen through the ranks and fought countless battles. What has he done?
Schemed and plotted his way to power.
His military experience is limited. He is not half the tactician you are.
Many brave warriors have given their lives in this war.
Whatever Gowron's motives are,
it's our duty to help him defeat the Dominion.
We owe it to our fallen comrades.
l am honoured to be part of your House.
l'd better gather my things.
This office belongs to Gowron now.
- How's the food? - Replicated.
- Are you going to ask him or not? - l wouldn't recommend it.
lt's a legitimate question, Garak.
l don't think it's a subject for discussion if we're meant to be getting along.
Well, if you won't ask him, l will.
Odo, when you were the head of security on Terok Nor,
what did you think would happen to the Bajoran prisoners that you arrested?
- You don't have to answer that. - Why not? lt's a legitimate question.
- lf you want to provoke an argument. - Just as l said.
l expected my prisoners to be dealt with justly,
but l came to realise that Cardassians have little interest in justice.
Then why didn't you resign in protest?
- What are you getting at? - Nerys, don't.
l believe you struck a nerve.
Commander Kira doesn't like to be reminded
that her lover collaborated with her enemies.
Odo was not a collaborator.
That depends on your definition of ''collaborator''.
- Nerys, it isn't worth it. - Odo's right, Commander.
l guess we have a difference of opinion.
- You don't know how lucky you are. - Why's that?
- She'd have killed you. - l only wish she had tried.
l'm glad we're in agreement.
You want to knock over some supplies, be my guest.
You did the right thing, Nerys. The Dominion is our enemy, not Rusot.
l don't need you to remind me of that.
l'm sorry.
l'm sorry.
lt's just... lt's just so hot in here.
- Cardassians do love the heat. - l don't.
l'm going to see if l can find a cooling unit.
- l'll come with you. - lt's all right.
- l promise l won't hit anyone. - l'll hold you to that.
- You're not going to believe this. - Believe what?
Damar had a cooling unit waiting for us.
- What's wrong? - Nothing.
l was worried that you might have had another run-in with Rusot.
Don't worry, l'm going to keep a cool head.
Assuming l can get this thing to work.
Adami, are you there?
l'm here.
l spoke with the doctor. She said she can find nothing wrong with your eyes.
Then she's incompetent!
A Cardassian doctor would have cured me by now.
You still don't understand, do you?
The "Pah-wraiths" have taken your sight in punishment for your arrogance.
- Only they can give it back to you. - l meant them no disrespect.
l wanted to study the book to see if l could help you release them.
You wanted to see if you could do it without me.
- You can't. - Pray with me, Adami.
Help me earn the "Pah-wraiths'" forgiveness.
You'll have to do that on your own.
- Deputy Bodan will show you out. - Show me out? l don't understand.
You need a lesson in humility. l'm going to see that you get it.
By putting me out on the street?
You'll find the Bajoran people are very kind.
A blind beggar will elicit their sympathies.
With any luck, you'll earn enough to eat,
and perhaps even enough for shelter each night.
You're not serious.
You may return when you've proven yourself worthy
and your sight has been restored.
Adami, listen.
Adami, listen to me, please! Adami!
You see. Enter!
Come in, come in.
l've been studying the strategic situation.
- l want to share my thoughts with you. - Of course.
The Dominion is deploying its fleet in preparation for a final offensive.
They're destroying our ships one by one.
We must hold until Federation and Romulan fleets become operational.
No. Don't you see? That's exactly what the enemy is expecting.
- The time to act is now. - What are you proposing?
We're going on the offensive. Starting tomorrow.
l'm sending sorties deep into enemy territory
to strike at the heart of the Dominion!
We're barely holding the line as it is.
We need every ship to defend the border.
What's wrong with you two. We must seize the day!
- We're outnumbered twenty to one. - What of it?
- We'll have the element of surprise. - Chancellor, in my opinion we...
Did l ask your opinion?
Trust me, my friends. l can see it all so clearly.
While our allies sit and do nothing,
the Klingon Empire will score the final triumph over the Dominion.
We'll be the saviours of the Alpha Quadrant.
The glory will be ours and ours alone.
Julian, if Section 31 is involved in this, we should tell the captain.
We've been over this, Miles. He'll have to report it to Starfleet Command.
31 will get wind of it and once they realise we know the files were fake
they'll take steps to make sure we don't find a cure.
l see your point.
- What steps do you think they'd take? - Believe me, we don't want to find out.
- Excuse me, gentlemen. - ls that coffee?
l figured you were working on a way to help Odo.
- l thought this is the least l can do. - How did you know Odo was ill?
- l hear things. - Keep it under your hat, will you?
- Why? - Just do it.
All right. Do you still want the coffee?
Odo would be touched if he knew you were doing this.
- You're not going to tell him, are you? - lt'll be our little secret.
Good luck.
Here you go.
l'm trying to figure out when Odo became infected.
l mapped the virus' life-cycle.
The computer will calculate how long the virus took
to reach its present level of concentration.
According to that, Odo was infected over two years ago.
More than that. l don't understand.
l assumed it was when he linked with the female shape-shifter.
Why hasn't he shown any symptoms before?
Good question.
- Got it. Stardate 49419. - Almost three years ago.
Wait a minute. 49419.
That's the day that Odo was at Starfleet Medical.
- Are you sure? - Yes.
My God. No wonder Hilliard wouldn't let me to see the file.
Section 31 must have created the virus,
infected Odo, and used him as a carrier.
So that when he linked, he'd pass it on and the entire race would be infected.
31 are trying to cover up the fact that they set out to commit genocide.
lf they gave Odo this disease, then they must have a cure.
We've have to find a way to get our hands on that cure.
Before 31 gets their hands on us.

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