This wasn't part of our agreement.
You failed in your last mission. The Klingon Empire is intact.
You knew there would be consequences.
Please, I won't disappoint you again.
We'll restore it, but only if you succeed in your next mission.
But you're disabling me.
You won't need enhanced vision where you're going.
Proceed with the extraction.
Hold the door.
Hey, where were you last night?
I decided to turn in early.
Well, you didn't miss much.
- What'd they show? - Night of the Killer Androids.
That bad?
We've got 50,000 movies in the database.
There must be something worth watching.
You could always read a book.
- Lieutenant. - Ensigns.
Enjoy the show last night?
Those were two hours of my life I'd rather have back.
Good morning, sir.
Morning, Daniels.
- I thought this was Taylor's shift. - I switched with him, if that's all right.
No problem.
Sir, I noticed we changed course. May I ask why?
There's a stellar nursery not far from here.
We detected several ships inside.
We thought we might go say hello.
- Very good, sir. More orange juice? - No, thanks, I'm fine.
What have you got?
We've found one of the ships, sir.
Put it up.
It appears to be a transport vessel.
Hail them.
They're responding.
Can I help you?
My name is Archer. I'm captain of the starship Enterprise.
We're from Earth.
We thought we'd introduce ourselves.
Pleased to meet you. What do you want?
We're new to this region
and we're eager to make contact with other species.
If you don't mind my asking...
...what brings you here?
A job.
I'm escorting a group of spiritually minded men
on a pilgrimage to the Great Plume of Agosoria.
The what?
Every 11 years, one of the protostars gives out a neutron blast.
These gentlemen believe it's a sacred event.
If you ask me, it's just another ball of hydrogen.
When is this Great Plume due to erupt?
- Mind if we join you? - It's your time to waste.
I'd like to extend an invitation to you and your passengers to visit Enterprise.
I'll ask them if they're interested.
I prefer to stay with my ship.
- Mr...? - Fraddock. Captain Fraddock.
Looks like we could be having guests.
Tell chef to prepare...
Seal's good.
Welcome aboard.
Captain Jonathan Archer.
It's customary on Earth to greet someone with a handshake.
I'm Prah Mantoos.
May Agosoria embrace you into his cycle of renewal.
These are my fellow celebrants.
We've travelled many light years from different worlds to watch this event.
I'm Commander Tucker, chief engineer,
and this is our science officer, Sub-commander T'Pol.
For you, captain.
It's beautiful.
- What exactly is it? - A clock.
It charts time from the beginning of the universe.
It's a spirit traditionally consumed as the Plume reaches its full brilliance.
You'll find it enhances the experience.
I'm sure it does.
You're very generous.
I'm afraid the only thing we have to offer you is our hospitality.
That will be more than enough.
Our chef has prepared a meal in your honour.
Normally, we fast during the Time of Agosoria.
But in this case, I suppose we can break with tradition.
- Four months, three weeks, and...? - Six days.
You've travelled a great distance in a short period of time.
Warp 5 will get you where you're going pretty fast.
We've seen a lot since we left Earth,
but I have to say that this place is definitely one of the highlights.
I'm pleased you appreciate its beauty, captain.
To us, it's more than just a simple stellar nursery.
According to our sacred texts, this is where the universe began.
- And the Great Plume of Aga...? - Agosoria.
Agosoria. How does that fit in?
It represents the continuing cycle of creation.
It's not unlike the Hindu faith, commander.
They also believe that the universe goes through repeated cycles of rebirth.
I didn't realize you were familiar with Earth religions, doctor.
Oh, yes.
In fact, while I was there, I made a point to study a number of them.
I spent two weeks at a Tibetan monastery,
where I learned to sing chords with the high lamas.
I attended Mass at Saint Peter's Square.
I was even allowed to observe the Tal-Shanar at the Vulcan consulate.
I understand Vulcans are a deeply spiritual people.
Our beliefs are based on logic and the pursuit of clarity.
Do you follow a particular faith, captain?
I guess you could say I try to keep an open mind.
Many who see the Great Plume are often inspired by it.
Perhaps you will be too.
- Did you get to meet them? - Two, briefly.
- What were they like? - Quiet.
They're taking a tour of the ship.
Looks like the captain's going all out.
I hope he's not planning to show them the armoury.
Don't worry, lieutenant.
They didn't look like the types who'd go around stealing military secrets.
Still, we're not familiar with these species.
Tactical systems should be off-limits.
Starboard targeting sensor's out again.
- Should I call Engineering? - No, I'll take care of it.
It'll only take a moment.
You have the bridge, ensign.
Aren't you gonna take the chair?
You're in command.
I'm fine right here.
Haven't you ever wondered what it's like?
I can wait till I'm promoted.
Nice fit.
Bridge looks a lot different from here.
Think anyone would mind if I fired a torpedo?
Permission to take my station.
Sorry, sir.
The gravimetric field displacement manifold,
commonly known as the warp reactor.
Just think of it as a great big engine
but instead of using electricity or chemical fuel,
it runs on antimatter.
See this swirling light?
When matter and antimatter collide, it creates a whole lot of energy.
And we channel that energy through those conduits over there,
they lead to the two large glowing cylinders
you may have seen on the outside of the ship.
- The nacelles. - That's right.
Which contain warp coils that create the subspace displacement field.
I see you already know a thing or two about starship engines.
I'm a warp field theorist.
Well, I guess that covers the basics.
Any questions?
How do you regulate positron flow in your dilithium matrix?
Good one.
I'll bring up the schematic of the reactor assembly,
and you can see for yourself.
If you'll just come with me.
We use a series of magnetic constrictors
to align the positron stream.
If any stray particles escape, backups automatically kick in.
During one of our training tests,
we momentarily lost the primaries and the backups.
About a billion positrons cut through the plating on three decks.
Nearly caused a hull breach.
We spent a month redesigning the system.
It hasn't given us a single problem since.
We're being hailed by Captain Fraddock.
He's probably calling about the weather.
On screen.
You might want to focus your sensors on that plasma lightning up ahead.
We're aware of it.
- You ever been in a plasma storm? - Twice.
Then you know it can get a little bumpy.
I suggest we try and go around it.
- Ensign. - I'm already on it.
There's your heart, lungs, liver, another heart. Every organ.
This imaging device also allows us to examine your genetic structure.
You'll be happy to know you're in perfect health.
Who would like to go next?
Excuse me.
Archer to the bridge. Report.
We're circumnavigating a plasma storm, captain.
It's just turbulence from the outer edge.
They're very common in this region.
I'm sure there's nothing to worry about.
That one hit our port bow.
Power's down on C Deck, subsection four.
- No other damage. - Ensign?
The storm's moving in our direction. I'm having trouble getting around it.
What about the transport ship?
He's far enough ahead.
He made it past.
We've got a power surge in the impulse relays.
Here's a good example of how we can reroute the energy flow
to protect our critical systems.
I'm afraid we have to cut the tour a little short. I'll be on the bridge.
- Report. - We're losing main power.
Trip, what's happening?
That last bolt struck the warp manifold.
We've got an antimatter cascade, sir.
If it reaches the warp reactor, we're gonna...
I think we're all right, captain. The cascade stopped in its tracks.
Good work, Trip.
It wasn't me, sir.
Sorry about the bad weather.
We're used to it. I'm just grateful there was no serious damage.
If any of your group would like to watch the Great Plume from our mess hall,
they're welcome to come back tomorrow.
I'll let them know.
- Have a great time, doctor. - I plan to, captain.
- Have a great time, doctor. - I plan to, captain.
Thank you for letting me spend the night with these people.
- I'll expect a full report in the morning. - Aye, captain.
Hope to see you tomorrow.
- Tucker to Captain Archer. - Go ahead, Trip.
Can you come down to Engineering for a minute?
On my way.
What is it, Trip?
Take a look at this.
Right up there.
- See that conduit? - Yeah.
It's an antimatter junction.
It stopped the cascade from reaching the warp reactor.
What are you getting at?
Somebody got in here and disconnected it
from the primary antimatter feed.
If they hadn't, that cascade would have continued right into the reactor core,
and this ship would have gone up just like the Great Plume of Agosoria.
- One of your staff? - I already asked.
Nobody seems to know anything about it.
Sounds to me like you've got a hero
who's a little reluctant about taking credit.
Talk to them again.
Whoever did this deserves a commendation.
I'm telling you, sir, I don't think it was one of my people.
They would have said something.
I spoke with every one of them.
- How about the warp theorist? - Him too.
None of them went anywhere near that conduit.
If I told you I did it, would there be some kind of reward?
Thank you, captain.
Well, maybe it was the cycle of renewal.
If anyone comes forward, you'll let me know?
Oh, you'll be the first.
Sir, I need to speak with you.
Why don't you talk to one of my bridge officers. I'm a little busy now.
- It's important. - I'm sorry, I've got my hands full.
It's about the Suliban.
What about them?
I believe that one of the pilgrims who came aboard today
is a Suliban soldier.
His name is Silik.
He's the man you fought with on the Helix.
How the hell do you know what I did on the Helix?
It might be best if we discuss this in private.
- My ready room. - Better if we went to my quarters.
You'll understand when we get there, sir.
Oh, please, have a seat. I'm sorry about the mess.
Sometimes I think my bunkmate majored in chaos theory.
What is that?
That doesn't look like Starfleet issue.
That's because I'm not a member of Starfleet.
Not that I wouldn't be honoured to be one, sir, especially after spending time...
Who are you?
How do you know what happened on the Helix?
Did Silik tell you who he was working for?
I'm the one asking questions, crewman.
Did he mention the Temporal Cold War?
What do you know about that?
A great deal more than you do, sir.
If you're not a member of Starfleet, then who are you?
I work for a different kind of organization.
We make sure that people like Silik don't interfere with historical events.
I've never heard of a group like that.
That's because it doesn't exist yet.
So you're telling me you're some kind of a time traveller?
That's one way of putting it.
Maybe this will help clear things up.
This is how we keep an eye on what's going on.
You might call it a temporal observatory.
I know this must seem a little overwhelming.
Overwhelming doesn't quite cover it.
I come from right about... Right about here.
Approximately 900 years from now.
Are you human?
More or less.
And the people giving Silik orders?
They are from an earlier century. From about here.
They can't manifest themselves physically in the past.
They can only partially materialize to deliver information.
But not you.
In the years that followed, we eventually perfected the process.
Sounds dangerous.
When time travel was first developed,
it wasn't long before people realized that laws had to be made.
All the species who had the technology
agreed it would only be used for research.
But it wasn't.
That's what the Temporal Cold War is all about.
Look at this.
This is a group of anthropologists from 2769
observing the construction of the Great Pyramid at Giza.
They're doing it using the proper procedures
set forth in the Temporal Accord.
But there are factions that ignore those procedures.
Why are you telling me all this?
Silik is the one who prevented the reactor breach.
Are you implying Silik was sent here to save my ship?
And if he hadn't, we would have been destroyed today?
I am not implying anything.
All I'm saying is that I was assigned here
to capture Silik when he came aboard.
He is a threat, and I need you to help me capture him.
You're from 900 years in the future, and you need my help?
The Suliban have been given genetic enhancements
that allow them to evade most sensors.
- They're nearly impossible to detect. - I've noticed.
I have special equipment that can help track Silik,
but it'll be far more effective
if I can tie it into your internal sensor grid.
I'll need access to Main Engineering and your command codes.
But we have reason to believe
that the 22nd century is a front in this cold war.
What happens here could affect millennia to come.
It's imperative that we find out who Silik is working for,
and what they're trying to do.
If I decide to help you...
...I can't do it alone.
I need to inform some of my crew.
The fewer the better.
You're asking me to capture someone who just saved my ship.
Why should I trust you?
You like your scrambled eggs soft.
Have I ever brought them to you any other way?
- You're sure you don't want a glass? - I'm sure.
The Vulcan Science Directorate
has studied the question of time travel in great detail.
They found no evidence that it exists, or that it can exist.
The Suliban woman I spoke with, Sarin,
she also used the phrase "Temporal Cold War."
- That's what Daniels called it? - The same words.
That proves nothing.
What about the Suliban's genetic engineering?
Phlox says it's far beyond their abilities.
That doesn't mean that it was given to them by visitors from the future.
Until Daniels can offer you concrete proof,
I'd remain extremely sceptical.
I'm telling you, he pushed a button on this device
and the whole room changed.
On the Xyrillian ship, I was in a holographic chamber
where I could have sworn I was in a boat at sea.
If what Daniels says is true, than Silik saved Enterprise.
Maybe we shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth.
If there's even a possibility that this cold war exists,
we can't ignore Daniels' request.
Bridge to Captain Archer.
- Yes, Hoshi. - We're approaching the protostar, sir,
and the transport ship is requesting permission to dock.
Some passengers would like to take you up on your offer
and observe it from the mess hall.
Initiate docking procedures. I'll be right there.
One of them might be Silik.
We don't have time to debate this any longer.
I want you to help Daniels.
I always knew we'd be meeting people from other planets,
but other centuries?
You're not buying any of this, are you?
If Daniels could travel through time,
why not simply go back one more day into the past,
and prevent Silik from boarding this ship in the first place?
Maybe that's plan B.
Or maybe he's really not from the future.
Then why make up such a crazy story?
He could be trying to conceal his true intentions.
I thought you scientists were supposed to keep an open mind.
There's a difference between keeping an open mind
and believing something because you want it to be true.
What the hell is that supposed to mean?
Captain, that is a traditional greeting on the morning of Agosoria.
It means, "May the Plume light your way."
- I take it you enjoyed your visit. - Oh, it was mesmerizing.
Four hours of ritual prayer, followed by the Kaana-sah,
a series of exercises designed to purify the body.
I think I strained a leg muscle, but it was well worth it.
- How many decided to join us? - Eleven, I believe.
The others wanted to observe the star from their ship.
So that leaves six on the transport?
I didn't take a head count, but that sounds about right.
Did any of them seem out of place?
How do you mean?
Did they all take part in the rituals?
As far as I could tell, but our eyes were closed most of the time.
Is there something wrong, captain?
No, just curious.
You seem a little preoccupied.
It's been a long night.
Glad you had a good time. Enjoy the view.
I will.
My equipment draws a lot of power.
I'll need another 20 megawatts routed to your sensor grid.
- Commander? - The grid can handle it.
So I take it your brother isn't really an orbital engineer at Jupiter Station.
Actually, I don't have a brother.
- And you didn't grow up in Illinois? - I'm from a place called Illinois, sir.
Just not the one you're familiar with.
It's good to know Earth will be around in 900 years.
That depends on how you define Earth.
- Beg your pardon? - You might want to initialise the grid.
I'm ready to download the biometric parameters.
What's this?
It's very delicate. Please don't...
Please don't touch it.
You know, we've got a little pool going in Engineering
where we try to guess how far the ship will travel each day.
I don't suppose you could give me a tip on tomorrow's distance.
I'm afraid we don't monitor events quite that closely.
One of the power relays is off-line.
Must have been damaged during the plasma storm.
J-37. It's about three meters behind that bulkhead.
I'll take care of it.
Try it now.
I know, I know, your breakfast is two hours late.
Don't give me that look.
If it's any consolation, I missed my breakfast too.
What's the problem?
You're not getting any cheese.
If you're thinking of calling for help, I'd advise against it.
I'm not the one you should be worried about, Jon.
What are you doing here?
I thought you might want to thank me. I saved your life.
The least you could do is return the favour.
There's someone here trying to find me. I need to know who it is.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I detected tachyon radiation.
You don't have anything that emits tachyons.
Who's looking for me?
I don't know.
Did they tell you that ridiculous story
about their noble efforts to protect history?
The great Temporal Accord?
They're lying to you, Jon. None of it is true.
Whoever contacted you is working for another faction.
They didn't come here to protect history, they came to alter it.
Who do you think was responsible for the antimatter cascade
that nearly destroyed your ship?
It was them.
I was sent to prevent it.
And why would you wanna do that?
The first time we met, you tried to kill me.
I saved your ship because I was instructed to.
By whom? What does Enterprise have to do with your Temporal War?
I'm not privy to that kind of information, but I can tell you this:
Whoever's looking for me is a danger to your crew.
If you want to continue on your mission...'ll help me find them.
T'Pol to Captain Archer.
Archer here.
We've finished the modifications.
- I'll be there in a few minutes. - Mr Daniels is eager to get started.
He'll have to wait a few minutes.
Archer out.
You've been very helpful, Jon.
It's beginning.
How long before we see the Plume?
Well, that's hard to predict. Every cycle is unique.
Would you care to recite the Invocation of Renewal with us?
I'd be honoured.
- Does this mean it's working? - It's working.
- What is it? - Suliban bio-signs.
He's somewhere on this deck. I can't isolate him, but he's close.
Call Lieutenant Reed. Tell him to seal off C Deck.
It wouldn't hurt if he could get down here with a security team.
What's that?
- You two should go. - We're not leaving.
Bring help. Go.
Evacuate Engineering! Everybody out!
Did they tell you that the 22nd century
was going to be your final resting place?
Still sceptical?
Tucker to Captain Archer.
Captain, are you there?
He's in his quarters.
- Tucker to Dr Phlox. - Yes, commander.
Meet us in the captain's quarters, on the double.
On my way.
Easy, captain.
Aside from a nasty headache, you're going to be fine.
You were stunned by a particle weapon.
It was Silik.
I guess he decided not to try and kill me this time.
He wasn't quite as generous when it came to Daniels.
He's dead, sir.
- Have our guests left yet? - No, the Plume is just beginning.
Enterprise to Captain Fraddock.
I'm looking for one of your passengers.
Have any of the ones who were here returned in the last hour or so?
- None. - You're sure?
The hatch has been sealed the entire time.
Thanks. Archer out.
- Mr Reed. - Yes, sir?
We've got a Suliban loose on the ship.
I want you to lock down every outer door and exit hatch.
Post security teams on all decks.
Do you think you can find him using Daniels' sensors?
I can sure as hell try.
- Get to Engineering. - Yes, sir.
Thanks, doc.
It's gone.
- He took it. - Took what?
The device I told you about.
The one Daniels used to show me all those things.
That kind of information could give an advantage
to whomever Silik's working for.
Bridge to Captain Archer.
Go ahead.
Someone just used our com system to transmit a message.
- What kind of message? - It's encrypted, sir.
I'm sorry, captain. I can't make heads or tails of most of this.
These might represent Suliban bio-signs, but I wouldn't bet on it.
B Deck. Service junction 59.
Somebody's trying to bypass the lock-out codes for Launch Bay 2.
Tell Malcolm to meet me with a security team.
Captain, I've got something that might give you a leg up.
It looks like he slipped through here.
We could remove these conduits, but it'd take some time.
Stay here.
Very clever. Careful, Jon.
It'd be a shame to trigger another antimatter cascade.
There'd be nobody here to stop it.
Put that device on the floor.
It would be in your best interest to let me take it.
You keep saying you're here to help us...
...but I can't stop wondering what kind of genetic enhancements you'll get
for bringing back that little prize.
Eyes in the back of your head? A pair of wings?
That's a cynical attitude, Jon.
I thought your species was more trusting.
There's a vessel approaching no bigger than a shuttlepod.
It's Suliban.
I'm not gonna ask you again.
Put it down.
You're going to kill me, after I saved your life?
You may have endangered your future, Jon.
- Bridge to Captain Archer. - Yeah.
A Suliban vessel just took something in and went to warp.
Should we go after them?
Let them go.
Come in.
The transport ship has left. We're ready to resume course.
Have you learned how it works?
Not a clue.
Starfleet's in store for one hell of a report.
I'm not quite sure where to begin.
I'd be glad to help.
First thing in the morning.
I don't know about you...
...but I could use a good night's sleep.
Mr Reed, assign new quarters to Daniels' roommate,
and seal off cabin E-14.
It's off-limits till further notice.
Aye, sir.
God knows what else is in there.
Let's get back on the road, Travis.

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