The loss to the Vulcan people is incalculable.
P'Jem was one of our most revered sanctuaries.
we are very sorry for your loss. But with all due respect,
the High Command has to take some responsibility.
You were using the monastery as a surveillance station.
We were observing a dangerous and aggressive neighbour.
The Andorians wouldn't have found the station
if your people hadn't interfered.
They've been in space for six months,
and they've already destabilized an entire sector.
I'm afraid I can't agree with that, ambassador.
This was a volatile situation long before Starfleet got involved.
Perhaps, if you'd been a little more open with us,
this tragedy might've been avoided.
We warned you something like this would happen.
He's too impulsive.
Captain Gardner would've made a far more suitable commanding officer.
The Vulcan consulate doesn't make command assignments here.
There was a time when your people sought our guidance.
I regret that time has passed.
I've been recalled to Vulcan for consultation.
In the meantime, our joint fleet operations have been suspended.
- Yes, admiral? - Get me Captain Archer.
Aye, sir.
I noticed we changed course overnight.
I found a new system in the Vulcan database: Coridan.
They're only a few light years away, so I thought we'd take a look.
Just over three billion humanoids.
Apparently, the Vulcans have a mining agreement with them.
I had Hoshi send a message to their chancellor,
and she invited us to visit their capital city.
Then I'll start shining my boots.
I think I'll just take Hoshi.
This time.
The chancellor asked me to limit the number of people I bring down,
until they get to know us better.
It's really too bad.
According to the database,
they've got the largest starship construction yards in the sector.
They're supposed to have ships that can run circles around the Vulcans.
Better than six-five?
They say some Coridan ships have reached warp 7.
But that's just a rumour.
Warp 7?
You should lend Hoshi your camera.
I'll be sure she takes lots of pictures.
You had me going there for a minute.
- You're just too easy a target. - So you're taking me, right?
Bridge to Captain Archer.
- Go ahead. - I'm receiving a transmission
from Starfleet Command. It's Admiral Forrest, sir.
Was anyone killed?
The Andorians gave the monks three hours
before they started their bombardment.
Fortunately, they all got out in time.
How are the Vulcans taking this?
Not well.
I can't really blame the Andorians for reacting this way...
If the roles were reversed,
the Vulcans might have done the same thing.
The Vulcans may have good reason for keeping an eye on them.
I've seen the reports.
These Andorian commandos are a dangerous group.
That's the same crap the Vulcans used to say about us.
Jon, you're doing a lot of good work.
But you've gotta be more careful.
Earth can't be getting involved in inter-species conflicts.
I understand.
I'm afraid I've got some more bad news.
Come in.
Have a seat.
I just spoke with Admiral Forrest.
There's no easy way to say this.
The Andorians destroyed the sanctuary at P'Jem.
Were there any survivors?
Fortunately, the monks
and the intelligence operatives were given advance warning.
They're fine.
Was there time to remove any of the relics?
I don't know.
The High Command believes we're to blame for this.
...sending a ship to take you back to Vulcan.
It'll be here in two days.
I won't have time to complete my scans of this sector.
I'll ask Ensign Mayweather to finish them.
Maybe I wasn't clear.
This isn't a temporary transfer.
They're reassigning you.
I understand the situation, captain.
I'm certain the High Command will find you a suitable replacement.
Am I the only one who has a problem with this?
Because you seem perfectly fine.
My assignment to the Enterprise was only supposed to last eight days.
It was unrealistic to expect it to continue indefinitely.
The High Command is looking for a scapegoat,
someone to blame.
They can't punish me, so they're taking it out on my science officer.
Sounds like an emotional reaction if you ask me.
I am largely responsible for what happened.
Don't give yourself too much credit.
I was the one who found P'Jem in the database,
and I led the landing party.
I want you to know I'm filing a protest with the High Command.
- That won't make any difference. - You don't know that.
Captain, I was assigned to Enterprise not simply as an observer,
but to represent the interests of the Vulcan people.
It's clear in the eyes of my superiors, I haven't done that.
They have no right to do this to you.
You're a part of my crew.
For another 48 hours.
Was there anything else?
This is just another part of the joke, right?
I'm sorry, Trip, I've gotta take T'Pol on this one.
I need to spend some time with her alone.
Now I know you're pulling my leg.
T'Pol's being transferred.
A Vulcan ship's on its way to take her back.
Meet me for lunch. I'll fill you in.
May I?
I just heard about your transfer.
I'm sorry you'll be leaving us.
I'm sure you'll excel at whatever new assignment you're given.
I haven't received another assignment.
I assumed you were being promoted.
My superiors believe that I'm responsible
for the destruction of the P'Jem sanctuary.
Do you agree with their assessment?
It's the logical conclusion.
I'm certain the High Command would reconsider your transfer
if they knew everything you've done for this crew.
You realize you're not the first Vulcan officer
to be posted aboard a human starship.
The High Command has tried this before,
but none of the others lasted more than a few weeks.
They found their crewmates too chaotic and unpredictable.
But you've been here more than six months,
and you haven't merely tolerated this crew.
You've become part of it.
Isn't it "logical" to take pride in that accomplishment?
Pride is a human indulgence.
I suppose it is.
Oh, I have it on good authority that several crew members
are planning a gathering in your honour.
I believe it's called a "going-away party."
I'd keep on alert if I were you.
what do you know about Coridan?
There are three billion inhabitants,
mostly concentrated in several cities in the equatorial region.
I wasn't asking for the statistics.
Your people have been coming here for decades.
You must know something about their culture,
the kinds of food they eat, what they do for fun.
The Vulcan database doesn't contain that information.
Of course not.
I'm uncertain why I was chosen for this mission.
These people have never seen humans before.
It makes sense for someone with a familiar face to make the introductions.
I have a lot of work to complete before the Vulcan ship arrives.
Don't worry.
I'll get you back in plenty of time.
I just...
...thought you might enjoy one final mission with your captain.
Or maybe I should just take you back to Enterprise.
We're only a few minutes from the capital.
Returning to the ship now would be a waste of fuel.
Enterprise to Captain Archer.
Go ahead, Trip.
We're reading a ship closing on you, fast.
- I got it. - Some kind of fixed-wing aircraft.
Did the chancellor say anything about sending an escort?
I don't think they're an escort.
Alien vessel. Reduce to one-quarter power
and adjust heading to 317-mark-5.
I'm taking evasive action.
Bring the plasma weapons online.
- Ready. - Fire.
Houdini could get out of this.
Perhaps you should invite him on your next mission.
Harry Houdini was a magician,
an escape artist.
He was famous for being able to free himself from any kind of restraint.
Rope, chains, anything.
That seems unlikely.
That's why he was called a magician.
Some people say he was double-jointed.
I don't suppose Vulcans are double-jointed.
Unfortunately not.
A Vulcan. What brings you to Coridan?
If you want answers, talk to me.
- You're her superior? - That's right.
I don't recognize your species.
I'm human, from the planet Earth.
Never heard of Vulcans taking orders from anyone.
There's been a misunderstanding.
We're here at the invitation of your chancellor.
She's not my chancellor.
That government is kept in power by the Vulcans.
If you're with them, you're on the wrong side.
What kind of weapon is this?
- If you won't tell me... - It's a phase-pistol.
We'll put these to good use.
I'm curious about your starship. What can you tell me about it?
Our protein resequencer can make chicken sandwiches.
Stop! He's not a tactical officer.
He's the ship's steward.
We're here to prepare a banquet for your chancellor.
Your people have a reputation for truthfulness.
You wouldn't be lying to me, would you, Vulcan?
Oh, now I understand. You're the captain, aren't you?
Whoever you are,
you picked the wrong time for a visit.
A steward?
We believe your shuttle was forced down
by members of a radical faction.
But since the attack took place outside our sensor grid,
your oficers won't be easy to find.
- You didn't tell us about any factions. - They're a small group.
We had no idea they were capable of an attack like this.
But be assured, commander,
your people are almost certainly still alive.
"Almost certainly"?
The radicals will want something in exchange for the hostages.
They always do.
Sidearms, dicobalt explosives.
It's important that you don't give them anything.
Is this how you protect your visitors?
You might have told us about your little war before you invited us down.
We're not at war, commander. This is an isolated incident.
I don't care what you call it. We just wanna know where our people are.
We are doing everything in our power to find them.
We're not gonna sit on our hands and wait for a ransom note.
Start scanning for human and Vulcan bio-signs.
There are billions of people down there. It could take days.
It might be easier to locate the shuttlepod.
I'll try, but if the pod's been powered down,
it's almost impossible to pick up its signature.
We've gotta start somewhere.
- Ready? - Yes.
Come on. Go.
I think we got a little higher that time.
Only a few centimetres.
That's not frustration I hear in your voice.
- No. - Good.
Let's try it again.
One, two, three.
- Ready? - Yes.
I think these are starting to come loose.
How about yours?
If we can turn around, face each other...
We might be able to untie these knots.
You'd think that Vulcan database
might've mentioned these people were fighting a civil war.
The database is accurate.
The Coridan government doesn't view this as a civil war.
I imagine your people are gonna want their database back too.
Well, they can have it.
Can you reach the knot?
I believe so.
Without the database, you wouldn't have found this planet.
Or P'Jem.
You're not responsible for what happened.
You didn't have any idea that your people
had installed a listening post,
or that there were Andorian commandos there.
Enterprise had no good reason to visit a Vulcan sanctuary.
I had the opportunity to protest, but I chose not to.
It's clear that living among humans
has caused my reasoning to become compromised.
Well, I think I understand.
You're running away
because you're afraid to become one of us.
I am not running away.
Then why aren't you fighting this transfer?
Your people took something away
from my father that meant a lot to him.
They're not gonna do the same thing to me.
Go get his weapon.
It's definitely a ditanium signature,
about four kilometres outside the capital.
It's practically under their noses.
From what we can tell, the entire capital is surrounded by a shantytown.
There are almost as many bio-signs on the outskirts
as there are inside the city.
Looks like these people have a lot to learn about building a free society.
Have you found human or Vulcan bio-signs?
- Not yet. - What about the pod's transponder?
They must've switched it off. Sir,
I've got a rescue team standing by in the launch bay.
Now, hold on, Malcolm. We don't even know if this is our pod.
I don't wanna go down and find it's some alien tractor.
It's our shuttlepod. I'm certain of it.
All I'm suggesting is we go down and have a look around.
Sir, we're being hailed. Audio only.
- Who is it? - I can't tell.
Put them through.
- Is this Enterprise? - Yes.
And you are?
We're holding your captain and your steward.
In exchange for their safe return, we want 40 of your phase weapons,
the same type we found aboard your shuttle.
You'll be hailed at this time tomorrow.
Wait, let me talk to the captain.
I'm sure you wouldn't want any harm to come to her.
We'll rely on your full compliance.
- Hello? - They've cut transmission.
- Were you able to trace it? - They were using a triaxilating signal.
They called the captain "her."
Are we sure they've got the right hostages?
- It sounds like they're still alive. - For how long?
We don't have 40 phase-pistols. We've got 15.
And even if we give them, there's no guarantee they'll keep their word.
We know where the shuttle is.
We have to send a team down while we still have the element of surprise.
- We're getting another transmission. - Probably thought of something else.
It's not from the planet. It's coming from a Vulcan ship, the Ni'Var.
Put it up.
Where's Captain Archer?
He's not here right now. Can I help you?
Inform him that we'll be arriving within the hour.
You guys made great time.
We weren't expecting you until tomorrow.
You obviously made an error in your calculations.
Please have Sub-commander T'Pol ready to depart when we arrive.
We've got a bit of a problem.
She's not here either.
They were on their way to the capital city when they were kidnapped.
- How convenient. - I'm telling you, they were kidnapped.
How do you know this?
Maybe the ransom demand we just received gave us a clue.
They threatened to kill them both if we didn't give them what they want.
It would be irrational to kill the hostages.
They would lose their negotiating position.
Maybe we're not dealing with the most rational people, you consider that?
Since the situation involves a Vulcan oficer,
we will take over the investigation.
It would be best if you refrained from any foolish endeavours.
What the hell's that supposed...?
I'm getting real sick of being cut off.
Your vessel is ill-equipped to mount a rescue mission.
You would, most likely, become captives yourselves.
My team will penetrate their base of operations.
- What does that mean? - You're planning an assault.
Did it ever occur to you that that could get them killed?
We've dealt with this sort of threat in the past.
Swift, decisive action is the logical response.
You're awfully trigger-happy for someone
who's repressed his emotions.
They've threatened the life of a Vulcan officer.
We must discourage any such incidents in the future.
This isn't your planet.
Maybe the Coridan government has something to say about this.
I've been in contact with the chancellor.
She's given me full authority to implement this action.
You don't really care what happens to them, do you?
You probably wouldn't mind if they got caught in the crossfire.
You'd consider it payback for what happened at P'Jem.
It's not Vulcan policy to negotiate with terrorists.
Not even if it saves lives?
Any data you may have
on the location of your captain and the sub-commander would be useful.
Sorry. We don't have anything.
Warm up the shuttlepod.
We can't eat like this.
Can you pick up yours?
Dig in, sub-commander.
I don't think you'll be able to send this back for some Plomeek broth.
- I'm not hungry. - I didn't ask if you were hungry.
You need to keep up your strength.
So eat. That's an order.
Look at this.
We're being hailed.
It's the Vulcans.
Here we go.
This is Sopek. Where's Commander Tucker?
He's unavailable at the moment. Can I take a message?
I wanna know where that shuttlepod was going.
What shuttlepod is that?
The one that left your launch bay nine minutes ago.
I really wouldn't know, sir.
We get shuttlepods coming and going all the time.
It's a little like Union Station around here.
I want to know where Commander Tucker is.
I'm sorry, your transmission's breaking up.
- Not everyone lives in Emerald City. - Yeah.
You should've listened to the Vulcan.
He warned you against doing anything foolish.
What the hell are you doing here?
Looking out for you pinkskins.
If you had gone anywhere near that shuttlepod,
you'd have been killed.
They left it in the open for you to find.
How do you know what Sopek told me?
That was a secure transmission.
Sopek is the senior Vulcan officer in this sector.
Naturally, we keep him under close surveillance.
We've been monitoring all Vulcan transmissions and ship deployments
since the incident at P'Jem.
We know.
They're preparing for a war against us.
I'm no fan of the Vulcans, but they're not warmongers.
There's already a war going on, and the Vulcans are in the middle of it.
Several rebel factions here
are working to overthrow their government, a corrupt government
that has very close ties to your peace-loving, logical friends.
So you and the rebels figure you both have a common enemy.
The hostage-takers
have no plans to return your captain or the female.
Once you deliver the weapons,
they'll be killed.
Fortunately for you,
we have a relationship with the downtrodden here.
You tried to kill us last time we met.
Why are you trying to help us now?
I haven't...
...slept well since our encounter at the Vulcan sanctuary.
I don't like being indebted to anyone, least of all your captain.
You're right.
You never would've found that spy station without his help.
Once he's free,
my debt will be repaid in full.
Show them.
Your people are being held here.
These are barracks for the guards.
- How many? - At least four inside the compound,
two more up on the wall here, and two guards outside the gate.
- All armed with particle weapons. - How did you get this level of detail?
We have an operative inside the compound.
Unless he's gonna take out these guards,
you're not gonna have an easy time getting all the way to the hostages.
It's not your concern.
It is if you get the captain killed.
You're outnumbered four to one.
Wouldn't you like to improve those odds?
They could be useful.
Give them their weapons.
Captain, can you hear me?
- Trip? - It's me and Malcolm, sir.
We're about half a kilometre away.
- Just the two of you? - Not exactly.
We met up with some old friends down here. Andorians.
Apparently, one of them thinks he owes you a favour.
He couldn't have picked a better time.
One of the people guarding you is working with them.
When he unties you, head for the gate.
It's about 20 metres from the building you're in.
Until he shows up, just sit tight.
That won't be a problem.
Cold, isn't it?
Andorian ale?
Lt'll warm you up.
- Who's that? - Oh, it's just my friend. Nothing to...
Get off me.
Hey, let me go.
What the hell is going on?
Get down.
Did you know they were planning to do this?
- You have their com system bugged. - Our escape plan's shot to hell.
We've gotta get them out of there.
Good to see you, captain.
Yeah. What's going on?
The Vulcans crashed our rescue party.
I believe this is yours.
It's the scanner she gave me from the Vulcan listening post.
- Seems you went to a lot of trouble. - I'm here for only one reason:
I need a good night's sleep.
My debt is repaid.
Your presence here is a violation of the Tau Ceti Accords.
You lecture us about treaty violations?
Put down your weapons.
I know better than to lower my guard around Vulcans.
Look, we're all on the same side here.
- Let's get her to the ship. - She's no longer your responsibility.
We'll treat her on the Ni'Var.
She's still my science officer.
- Is the pod close? - Yes, sir.
Let's go.
You should be the one dying, not her.
How is she?
Her injuries were quite extensive.
Will she live?
I wish I could say.
I know how you must feel.
She saved my life once too.
She can be a real pain in the ass.
Stubborn, arrogant.
Sometimes she makes me angry enough,
I wanna shove her out an airlock.
I can understand why the High Command's upset.
But it took a lot of courage to step in front of that plasma bullet.
Do you really wanna take her back home in disgrace?
Nothing can excuse what she did at the sanctuary.
I'm not asking anyone to pin a medal on her.
All I'm asking is that she be given a second chance.
If a respected Vulcan captain went before the High Command
and made a plea on T'Pol's behalf,
told them how she saved the life of a superior officer,
wouldn't they think twice about this transfer?
I can't return without her.
She's suffered extreme trauma.
I wouldn't advise moving her for quite some time.
I'm meeting with the High Command in three days.
Perhaps, if there's time,
I'll discuss this matter with them.
Thank you.
What happened?
You were shot.
Don't you remember?
Captain Sopek?
He's all right, thanks to you.
- I'll return to my quarters... - You're going to have to stay,
at least another 24 hours.
You made quite an impression on Sopek.
I've got a feeling he's going to talk
to the High Command about that transfer order.
I'd say the odds are pretty good you're gonna be with us for a while longer.
You should've consulted me first.
It's probably not too late if you wanna catch up to him.
That won't be possible.
Leaving Sickbay would violate my doctor's orders.

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