- How many? - I saw at least 30.
This place is pretty big.
There could be more.
Any idea who attacked the shuttle?
I didn't exactly have time to get a good look.
The energy readings we got from the other side of that moon...
...could have come from the Helix.
There's a wall, about five metres high.
It looks like it surrounds this entire building.
I see something that might be a guard tower, but I can't be sure.
Any people?
No, sir.
You up for another walk?
You're the new arrivals.
- Why are we here? - Why are any of us here?
Follow me.
Thank you, major.
Please, sit down.
I can understand why you're upset.
No doubt you've had a difficult afternoon.
To say the least.
I meant to speak to you earlier, but I had urgent business to attend to.
I apologize.
We don't see many starship captains here.
- Jonathan Archer. - That's right.
You must be Travis Mayweather.
And you are?
- I'm Colonel Grat. - I take it you're the man in charge.
I took the liberty to examine the database in your shuttlecraft,
so I know that you're from a planet called Earth,
and that you serve on a vessel called Enterprise.
What I don't know is what you were doing within our military zone.
Military zone?
You entered orbit of our second moon. You must have detected it.
We picked up some unusual energy readings,
but we had no idea where they were coming from.
We were simply curious.
Your curiosity almost got you killed.
Fortunately, our patrol ship didn't vaporize your shuttlecraft.
You might think about putting up a "no trespassing" sign.
I'll pass that along.
- Where are we now? - This is a detention complex.
It's several light years from where we found you.
Does everyone that violates your territory
get thrown into a place like this?
We're at war with a species that can mimic
the appearance of almost any humanoid.
We had to make certain that you weren't infiltrators.
If you're worried we're Suliban, trust me, we're not.
I know. We've already tested your DNA.
You're familiar with the Cabal?
Then you must know about their genetic enhancements
and how dangerous they can be.
I hope you didn't suffer too many casualties.
We've been lucky so far.
We're eager to get back to Enterprise.
If you'll take us to our shuttlepod, we'll be on our way.
I'm afraid I don't have the authority to release you.
We have very strict regulations.
You'll have to appear before a magistrate on Tandar Prime.
But the hearing should be brief.
I'll explain that this was just a innocent misunderstanding.
- When's this hearing? - A transport will be here in three days.
Three days?
I wish I could offer you more comfortable accommodations.
Unfortunately, this detention complex is overcrowded at the moment.
I would advise you to keep to yourselves.
If the Suliban give you any trouble, simply tell one of the guards.
I'd like to contact my ship, let them know we're all right.
I can't permit that, captain.
But I will call them personally and explain the situation.
Escort these men back to their quarters.
Make sure they get a proper meal.
I'm sorry we couldn't have met under better circumstances.
So am I.
They call this a proper meal?
I should save it for Commander Tucker.
It'd make a good valve sealant.
Why don't you get some sleep. I'll take the first watch.
This thing doesn't hold much.
I'll be right back.
How about waiting your turn?
I can't believe you'd do this to a child.
Do what?
She's a little young to be a member of the Cabal.
You don't know what you're talking about.
I know that you're given genetic tricks as payment.
What are they giving her?
I don't know who you are, but you're wrong about us.
- Is that so? - We're not genetically enhanced,
and we're not members of the Cabal.
If that's true, then what are you doing here?
Didn't Colonel Grat tell you? We're dangerous.
All Suliban are dangerous.
It's past curfew.
We were just on our way back.
Sorry, Danik.
It's the second time this week.
- Klev, please. - It's only for one night.
It's my fault.
- I'm the one who kept them here. - Get back to your cell.
Where are you taking him?
Unless you wanna join him, do as I say.
Will you make sure she gets back?
I'll see you in the morning. Don't worry.
I'd like to speak with them.
I'm sorry, but regulations forbid that.
Nothing to be concerned about.
They've been placed in comfortable quarters, and they're safe.
If it's the same to you, I'd rather hear it from the captain.
I'm afraid that's not possible.
- May we attend the hearing? - Of course.
Will they be given legal representation?
They're also free to choose their own counsel.
When you arrive at Tandar Prime,
you'll be contacted by the Central Magistrate's Ofice.
- We'll need the coordinates. - I'm sending them now.
- Thank you, colonel. - Good luck to you.
I can't trace the signal. He must have scrambled the carrier wave.
Keep at it.
What are you suggesting we do? Mount a rescue?
The thought crossed my mind.
It would be a mistake to provoke the Tandarans any further.
So we just sit on our hands?
- The hearing's in three days. - And what if they're found guilty?
Sentenced to 30 years in prison?
That's unlikely.
If you want to explore alien cultures,
you'll need to learn to respect their laws.
If Captain Archer were here, I'm sure he'd agree.
If you'd like, I'll contact the Vulcan High Command.
They might be willing to send an arbitrator.
A Vulcan lawyer?
They'd be better off getting the electric chair.
Electric chair?
Never mind.
Set a course for Tandar Prime.
Hello again.
I hope isolation wasn't too rough.
It gets very cold in there at night.
Sometimes I wish I was genetically enhanced.
If you've come to apologize, don't. It was just a misunderstanding.
Actually, I was hoping to find out what's going on around here.
Maybe you should talk to one of the Tandarans.
I spoke to Colonel Grat,
but I get the feeling he's not telling me the whole story.
My name is Jonathan Archer.
- More? - I've had plenty, thank you.
It was very good.
You look like Tandarans.
Why don't you go and find your friends.
- And don't forget curfew. - I won't.
We're not criminals, captain.
And we're not soldiers.
The only thing we're guilty of is being Suliban.
They must have tested your DNA...
...figured out you haven't been genetically altered.
As far as they're concerned, that doesn't mean anything.
You believed I was a member of the Cabal, didn't you?
Didn't you?
Yes, I did.
All that seems to matter is the way we look.
Be careful of their wicked smiles Their shining yellow eyes
At night they'll squeeze Right through your door
And everybody dies
The Tandaran children used to tease my daughter with that nursery rhyme.
At least here, she doesn't have to hear it anymore.
This is an internment camp.
Detention Complex 26.
I've heard it's one of their nicer ones.
Why did this happen?
The Cabal began their attacks eight years ago.
It wasn't long before the Tandarans started to question the loyalty
of all Suliban living in their territory.
We were rounded up. Relocated, as they like to say.
They told us it was only temporary, it was for our own safety.
"Once the Cabal has been destroyed,
you will be free to go back to your homes."
We're still waiting.
There are 89 of us here, thousands more in other camps.
Every one of us used to be citizens on worlds in the Tandar Sector.
Did you know that I was born in the same town as one of the guards?
Major Klev.
I was friends with his brother when we were growing up.
What about the government on the Suliban homeworld?
Don't they have something to say about this?
I'm sure they would if they still existed.
Our homeworld became uninhabitable 300 years ago.
Most Suliban are nomadic,
but some of us have assimilated into other cultures.
My grandfather made the unfortunate decision to settle on Tandar Prime.
- What are they doing here? - It's all right. I asked them.
This came today.
What species are you?
We're human.
- Never heard of them. - Sajen, you're being rude.
Bad news?
It's my wife.
We were separated during the relocation.
She's in one of the other camps.
Her transfer was rejected again.
She tried to appeal their decision...
...but as usual, they wouldn't listen.
I'm sorry.
Midday inspection.
Try to look your best.
Thank you for lunch.
Thank you for listening.
- Why'd you bring them here? - Maybe I was tired of talking to you.
They could be working with Grat.
- Hey. - Colonel Grat wants to see you.
Just him.
I understand you were out after curfew last night, arguing with a Suliban.
It was just a misunderstanding.
You should have taken my advice, captain.
I know.
I know. It's a big problem with me.
I'm just too damn curious.
Whenever I meet new people, I can't resist trying to get to know them.
I'm certainly getting to know a lot about the Suliban around here.
I admire your spirit of exploration,
but in this case, it could get you into trouble.
Keep to yourself.
I'll do my best.
- Unless you have any more advice... - No.
...I do have a question.
Have you ever been to Oklahoma?
I guess you could say I'm a curious man myself.
After you mentioned that you were familiar with the Cabal,
I decided to speak with our intelligence agency.
They've uncovered some interesting facts.
Apparently, two Suliban soldiers crash-landed
near a town called Broken Bow, Oklahoma.
They were chasing a Klingon, of all things.
I was wondering if you could provide some insight
into what they were doing there.
I wouldn't know.
- You'd have to talk to my superiors. - Oh, I think you know a great deal.
Enterprise took the Klingon back to his homeworld.
Isn't that right?
Rigel Ten.
You made a detour there.
From what I'm told, you contacted a woman named Sarin.
You remember her?
Well, I'll remind you. She was the head of a Suliban resistance cell.
She was killed by the Cabal in a firefight at the trade complex.
Several of our people saw you there, captain.
I believe you were injured, a shot in the leg.
Do I have to ask your superiors about that as well?
- What exactly do you want? - Information.
What do you know about the Cabal?
What genetic enhancements you've seen.
Helix deployments. Who's giving them their orders?
You've got plenty of Suliban here. Why not ask them?
- We know they wouldn't be helpful. - Then why are they in prison?
- That's a discussion for another time. - There are families here, children.
One man hasn't seen his wife in years.
Tell me what you know.
- They don't deserve this treatment. - They're here for their own protection.
Oh, really?
The last thing we wanted to do was build these detention centres
but we had no choice.
When the Cabal began their activities,
there was a great deal of fear among the Tandarans.
There were instances of violence.
Fourteen innocent Suliban were killed in one day alone.
We had to find a way to keep them out of danger.
Then why not just let them find another place to live?
They wouldn't get very far.
It's ironic, but once they're out of Tandaran territory,
the Cabal will hunt them down, and turn them all into soldiers.
- They're better off here. - I've met a few Suliban who disagree.
One of the Cabal leaders is a man named Silik.
He infiltrated your vessel approximately three months ago
posing as a Borothan pilgrim. What did he want?
Did he speak of the Temporal Cold War?
Answer me!
This conversation is taking longer than I expected.
I'd hate to see you miss that transport tomorrow morning.
The next one won't arrive for another 60 days.
I'm afraid the hearing's been postponed.
- Why? - The magistrate assigned to the case
is in the middle of a very complex proceeding,
and it's taking more time than he expected.
How much longer are they gonna have to wait?
Hopefully, not more than a few days.
If you stay on course for Tandar Prime,
I'll arrange for an ambassador to show you our capital city when you arrive.
We're not interested in a tour.
- We just want our people back. - I'm doing everything I can.
Try to be patient. You'll hear from me soon.
I've isolated their carrier frequency.
- Do you see it? - I'm tracing it now.
Bearing 178 mark 12.
- How far? - Five-point-two light years.
All I'm saying is we go take a look for ourselves, make sure they're okay.
Most of the people we meet have been pretty eager to get to know us,
but we've had our share of unfortunate encounters.
I guess you could say this is one of them.
I've lived with Tandarans all my life.
They're decent people for the most part.
What about you? What did you do before you ended up here?
I was director of research at an engineering institute.
It's in the Querella Province.
You should see it...
...assuming your hearing goes well.
I've got a feeling we could be here for a while.
Why not tell Grat what you know? Get yourself out of here.
I don't like being strong-armed.
And I don't like what he's doing to you and the others.
Has anyone ever tried to get out of here?
You mean escape?
A couple of years ago, three men pried open one of the security grates.
They tried to get to the docking bay.
- Docking bay? - Yes.
It's about 100 metres away.
It's where they keep Suliban ships they've impounded.
- What happened? - Oh, they managed to get inside.
But before they could reach a vessel, all three of them were killed.
Colonel Grat made a ridiculous claim that they were armed.
They might have succeeded with a little help from the outside.
It won't be long before Enterprise comes looking
for Mayweather and me.
I appreciate the offer, captain,
but I doubt many people here would be willing to take the risk.
Have you asked them?
How many ships are in that docking bay?
Writing a letter?
It's a journal.
Could be valuable some day.
People will wanna know what happened here.
I doubt anyone will ever read this.
Then why are you writing it?
Why do you care?
I see how you look at us. Suliban terrify you.
You wouldn't be surprised if I slithered up this wall,
or turned my face inside out.
Cabal. Suliban.
It's all the same to you.
That's not true.
- What took you so long? - Are you all right?
- More or less. - We're picking up Suliban bio-signs.
It's not what you think.
Are you sure this is a secure frequency?
I'm triaxilating the signal, sir.
If we were in Starfleet headquarters, no one would pick it up.
Good. Where are you?
In orbit. It won't be long before we're detected.
I'm getting a transporter lock on you now, captain.
Say the word and we'll bring you both home.
Hang on, Trip.
We're not ready to leave just yet.
Those Suliban you detected are prisoners too.
But they're no more guilty than we are.
I wanna help them get out of here.
Have you ever heard of Manzanar, sub-commander?
- I'm not familiar with that planet. - It's not a planet.
It was an internment camp on Earth during the Second World War.
Japanese-American citizens were imprisoned there,
even though they didn't do anything wrong.
The same thing's happening here.
I thought you decided not to interfere with other cultures.
In this case, I'm making an exception.
- Understood? - Yes, captain.
I've met a Suliban who knows this camp inside and out.
We've been working on a plan, but we're going to need your help.
We'll need a few of your people,
anyone with experience with particle weapons.
We won't make it ten metres outside the complex before we're shot.
- Like the others. - And even if we did get to the ships
and managed to lift off, there are patrol vessels in the area.
Enterprise can handle them.
And once we've made this miraculous escape,
where do you expect us to go?
All we have to do is get out of Tandaran territory.
After that, we can set a course for the Niburon Colonies.
I know some people there. They might be willing to help us.
It's too dangerous.
Would you rather spend the rest of your life in prison?
You're placing a lot of trust in people you've only known for three days.
For all we know, they've been planted here to stage this revolt,
so Grat would finally have a reason to kill all of us.
- We're not working for the Tandarans. - Think of your daughter.
Are you willing to risk her life too?
We're getting out of here, Sajen.
I'm not going to help you plan our suicide.
I hope the others were more enthusiastic.
This is the wall that I was telling you about.
It's only 40 metres from the docking bay.
Have you had a chance to reconsider?
I'm willing to compromise, captain.
Just tell me what you know about Silik.
Well, he's about this tall, a little on the scrawny side.
Bad teeth.
If you're unwilling to discuss the Suliban,
maybe you can help me with something else.
We detected some unusual energy readings last night.
At first we thought it was random interference,
but after examining the readings more closely,
we discovered they were coming from your quarters.
You should check your sensors. They're obviously malfunctioning.
I'm told they're working perfectly.
Sorry, captain.
We found this in Ensign Mayweather's pocket,
but he wouldn't say how it got there.
I was hoping you could tell me.
Take him to isolation.
Coming in low from the east, I could evade the proximity sensors.
This appears to be a pulse cannon.
It'll be my first target.
Bridge to Sickbay.
- Phlox here. - What's your status?
Finishing as we speak.
Though I'm not completely happy with the nose.
- It's almost time. - Understood.
It's Captain Archer.
Put him through.
Go ahead, captain.
You seem to be of-course. I thought you were headed for Tandar Prime.
What brings you here?
Where's Captain Archer?
If you're thinking about trying to circumvent our legal system,
I advise against it.
You come any closer to our planet, and my patrol ships will open fire.
What happened to you?
What do you care?
Danik's been looking for your captain. Have you seen him?
You might try isolation.
Still think we're working with the Tandarans?
You know, we could have left this place a long time ago
if we hadn't decided to help you.
I never asked for your help.
Because we're not Suliban?
Because we look a little too much like Tandarans?
I'll admit, when I first came here,
it wasn't easy to see past my preconceptions about the Suliban.
But I did.
Why can't you?
We're being hailed. It's him.
Check your sensors and you'll see two patrol ships headed toward you.
We didn't come here to fight. We came to talk with you.
They'll have a weapons lock on your vessel in less than one minute.
Do you eat meat, colonel?
- What? - Our chef is preparing a meal
in your honour, and I was curious whether you're vegetarian.
I was hoping you'd join me for dinner.
It would give us an opportunity to get acquainted.
You have 45 seconds to leave orbit.
I can't believe you're really going to destroy our vessel
over a trivial incident like this.
I can tell you're an enlightened man.
All I'm asking for is a chance to show you that we're enlightened as well.
We're transmitting a copy of Earth's historical database
along with the Starfleet Charter,
and a record of all human contacts with alien species.
If you have any doubts about our intentions,
this material should lay them to rest.
Send him the Vulcan database as well.
I think you'll find that my people have a great deal in common with you too.
You're jamming our frequencies.
Break of your transmission now.
What about dinner? Should I set a...?
I'm not gonna warn you again. End your transmission and leave orbit.
Mr Tucker.
It's done.
Those patrol ships are closing fast.
Get us out of here.
I understand you're looking for a way out of here.
Who are you?
Don't you recognize me, Travis?
In the flesh.
Oh, you look worse than I do. What happened?
Long story.
- How did you get down here? - Transporter.
I think I'm finally getting used to it.
- Are you sure you weren't detected? - Thanks to Hoshi.
She kept the sensors occupied.
Congratulations, ensign.
Your case is about to be dismissed.
The isolation block is here. He's in one of these cells.
I'll find him.
- The charges? - They're in place.
Are you up for this?
Nightly inspection.
You said it wasn't for another 15 minutes.
I better get back.
See you in orbit.
Good luck.
- Reed to Enterprise. - Go ahead.
The guards are ahead of schedule. Your status?
We're 200,000 kilometres away.
We're going to need you to speed things up a little.
We'll do our best.
- Here they come. - Polarize the hull plating.
Stand by weapons.
Aft torpedoes.
- Two direct hits. They're veering off. - Take us down.
- Did they follow us? - They took heavy damage.
They're both attempting to land.
- You're clear to launch, commander. - Acknowledged.
- Go ahead. - He's approaching the compound.
- Two minutes. - Tell him...
Get out there.
If this happens again, you'll all be spending time in isolation.
Major, do you have a second?
I don't mean to cause any trouble,
but I was wondering if it might be possible to get some better food.
No offence, but the meals here are pretty awful.
Eat what you're given.
I'll try.
But I'm not sure I can hold down another bowl of that...
What do you call it? It tastes like sawdust.
Is that what they make you eat?
Because if it is, I'd think about going on a hunger strike.
- I don't know how you... - Enough!
Go, go.
Reed to Tucker.
- The wall's down. - I see it. Stand by.
Hurry. Go with the others.
Hurry. Hurry. Go. Go.
- Father! - I'll be there soon, Narra. Go.
Good to see you, Malcolm.
How'd you know it was me?
You have no idea what you've done.
You haven't freed these people. You've condemned them.
My father's back at the common area. He needs help.
- I'll go. - No, wait.
You had no right to interfere.
This isn't about my rights. It's about theirs.
They have no rights.
They lost them the moment the Cabal began attacking us.
Do you know how many people the Cabal have murdered?
How many ships they destroyed? Colonies?
You just gave them 89 new soldiers.
What makes you think they'll join the Cabal?
These people have nothing left. They're desperate.
They'll never be able to resist what the Cabal has to offer.
I haven't been here very long,
but I seem to know these people a hell of a lot better than you do.
Archer to Enterprise.
- Go ahead, captain. - We're on our way.
- Where are those patrol ships? - They won't pose a threat.
And the Suliban?
- Their vessels are breaking orbit. - Good work.
We'll see you in a few minutes.
Tell the doctor to meet us in Sickbay.
My skin is really starting to itch.
I'll let him know.
...think they'll make it?
Do I think they'll get out of Tandaran space safely?
Do I think they'll be all right?

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