They don't have a problem with us dropping by?
On the contrary.
The operations foreman said they haven't had visitors
in nearly six months.
Is it really a matriarchal society?
I mean, the women make all the decisions?
Until recently. But in the last decade,
the Paraagan males have made great strides to acquire equal rights.
Still, it'd probably be best if we didn't get too flirtatious.
I read that this colony started off 20 years ago with just 30 miners.
Now there are over 3,000.
They've got schools, landscaped communities,
even some kind of museum.
You think 20 years from now there'll be Earth colonies out this far?
Human kids growing up on New Sausalito?
If my father were alive, he wouldn't doubt it for a minute.
- We're making history with... - Every light year.
You know, I think I've heard you say that at least half a dozen times.
Archer here.
The Paraagans have given us clearance to enter orbit.
Have you received their landing protocols?
- They're coming in now. - We're on our way.
This should take a bit longer than usual.
It wouldn't be very polite to ignite their atmosphere.
When are you supposed to close the plasma ducts?
The protocols said 50 kilometres.
But to be on the safe side,
I'm gonna lock them off at about 75.
Although the matriarchal elements of the culture have diminished,
it might be best if I were to ask...
I closed both plasma ducts. I'm certain of it.
Are you sure there's nothing left?
We could see the colony in full magnification, sir.
The ground was scorched for at least 100 kilometres in every direction.
Could one of the dampeners have been malfunctioning?
I closed both ducts.
Any kind of malfunction would've triggered an alarm, two alarms.
There are backups to prevent these kinds of accidents.
The ducts were closed.
This is no time to be placing blame.
A thorough investigation should explain what happened.
- How is he? - He has a mild concussion,
but he should be fine.
Have you tried hailing the colony?
There has to be someone down there.
Sir, I tried to explain, there's nothing left.
No buildings, no trees, no people.
That's impossible.
There were 3,600 colonists.
Have you finished the diagnostics?
I've analysed six of the pod's sensor logs. I have two left.
Well, get them done. You've had three hours.
What about the Enterprise sensor logs?
They must've recorded how much tetrazine was in the atmosphere.
Was the concentration greater than the Paraagans specified?
Was it present at higher altitudes than it was supposed to be?
That's the weird part, sir.
The tetrazine levels were less than three parts per million.
That's half what the protocol specified.
What about the point of ignition?
The flashpoint was directly beneath the shuttle, sir,
but it seems to have originated at the starboard plasma duct.
A plasma duct you're certain was closed.
Every log on the shuttle indicates that both ducts were sealed and locked.
Then you'd better start re-examining those logs,
because something doesn't add up here.
Get me Admiral Forrest.
This is not gonna be fun.
It's a by-product of their mining operation.
It settles between 45 and 50 kilometres in their atmosphere.
Exhaust plasma is about the only thing hot enough to ignite it.
But you said your plasma ducts were closed.
Yes, sir.
We're doing everything we can to determine what went wrong,
but that's not gonna change the fact
that there are 3,600 corpses down there.
Continue to analyse your logs.
I'm going to call an emergency meeting at the command council.
You realize they'll undoubtedly bring the Vulcans into this.
We'll have to figure out who's going to contact the Paraagan homeworld.
That should be my responsibility, sir.
You're right, it should.
But let's take this one step at a time.
How do you tell all those families that...
You followed all the protocols that you were given.
We came here to meet these people,
to learn something about them, not to kill them.
You followed the protocols.
You've got a crew that's going to be looking to you
to figure out how to react to all this.
Don't let them down.
I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
Sorry, Jon.
His behaviour has been erratic.
He seems to alternate between agitation, despondency and guilt.
He spends most of his time alone.
I've tried to remind him that this was an accident,
but his responses have been illogical.
He seems to be ignoring his responsibilities as captain.
To be Vulcan.
It's been my experience that humans have a great deal of difficulty...
separating emotional despair from what you call responsibility.
Nevertheless, as his physician,
you should monitor him closely
to be certain he remains fit for command.
I understand how uncomfortable...
his behaviour must be for you, but trust me,
it would be unnatural for the captain not to be affected by grief...
under these circumstances.
It's human nature.
He'll be fine.
What is it?
It's Admiral Forrest, sir.
Thank you.
The atmospheric analysis of the probe is coming through.
Put it up here, would you?
- What is it? - The air near the surface
is filled with traces of boro-carbons.
When tetrazine is ignited by plasma exhaust,
there's only one outcome you can be sure of.
- Traces of boro-carbons. - You got it.
I don't care whether that probe picked up traces of bread pudding.
Both our plasma ducts were locked down,
and there were no leaks in the system.
Not unless they miraculously mended themselves afterwards.
The mission's been cancelled.
From what the admiral tells me,
Ambassador Soval will use this to convince Starfleet
that we need another ten or 20 years before we try this again.
Twenty years?
Starfleet won't buy that for a minute.
Won't they?
Tell him he's crazy.
Tell him that's guilt talking, not Jonathan Archer.
A Vulcan ship will meet us in three days to get you and Dr Phlox.
Please inform Mr Mayweather to head for these coordinates.
I can't believe you're letting them do this to us.
You've waited all your life to command this ship.
- But, sir... - I said, you're dismissed.
Both of you.
You think they've replaced you in Brazil yet?
Even if they have, they'd take me back.
I'm a prodigy, remember?
How about you?
After a year on Enterprise,
the thought of a cargo ship is pretty unappealing.
What if they made you captain?
You're gonna be the most famous boomer around, you know?
Or maybe infamous.
From what Commander Tucker tells me, people back home think
we're doing nothing out here but getting in trouble.
Then it's our job to let the people back home know what really happened.
Anyone tries to badmouth Captain Archer is gonna get an earful
in any language they want.
Come in.
What was so important it couldn't wait till morning?
If you'd prefer, I'll come back.
No, I'm sorry.
What have you got?
Lieutenant Reed and his team have discovered
an unidentified EM signature on the ventral hull of Shuttlepod One.
It could be anything.
- Mr Reed felt you'd be interested. - In what?
Does he think Starfleet Command's gonna take a look at this, apologize,
and send us on our way?
Tell him it was a nice try.
Is this what humans refer to as feeling sorry for themselves?
You're out of line, sub-commander.
I apologize.
I wish I was simply feeling sorry for myself.
But actually, I'm feeling sorry for a whole lot of people.
Every member of Starfleet, in fact.
Their futures depended upon my ability to succeed at this mission.
As soon as we learned about the consequences of the explosion,
I knew the Vulcan High Command would take advantage of the situation.
What's your point?
You have a responsibility to dispute their recommendation.
Starfleet already bought their recommendation, hook, line and sinker.
Then you have a responsibility to convince them as well.
And how do you suggest I do that?
You are very adept at listing the questionable decisions you've made.
But there have been other decisions.
Many of them that no one would question.
I'm willing to try to convince my government of that.
Are you willing to try to convince yours?
You know...
...this has gotta be the first time a Vulcan
has ever attempted to cheer up a human.
I'll see you in the morning.
That's all right, commander.
Your company is appreciated,
but it would be best if you left the packing to me.
I would've thought you'd be a little more upset about leaving Enterprise.
Well, I did expect this posting would last a while longer,
but I'm sure an equally adventurous opportunity will present itself.
I wish I had your attitude.
Humans seem to be naturally optimistic.
I'm surprised you don't share my outlook.
That something exciting is always waiting around the next nebula.
That's just the point. There won't be any nebulas in Starfleet's future.
At least, not for a decade or so.
Oh, I wouldn't be so sure of that.
You're wrong, doc. You worked with Vulcans.
You know what they think of us.
Enterprise coming back to Earth with its tail tucked between its legs.
It'll be Soval's crowning achievement.
They'll probably give the son of a bitch some gaudy medal...
and then cart him off to wherever they send bitter old Vulcans to retire.
Ambassador Soval's service record...
contains an impressive list of accomplishments.
You have to find something good in everybody, don't you?
I gotta tell you, that's one of your unique qualities
that drives me crazy.
I'll certainly miss your outspoken personality, Mr Tucker.
I'll see you later, doc.
Come on, Porthos.
Time for bed.
Porthos, up.
What's the matter, boy?
Don't tell me you're...
What's going on here?
- Hello? - Sorry to call so late, captain,
but all three inspection pods are getting their weekly overhauls tonight.
They're telling me they won't be ready until noon,
- so I figured you might wanna sleep in. - Might wanna sleep in.
What do you say to breakfast at 9:30, Spacedock Cafeteria?
You must be reading my mind.
I was just about to suggest the same thing.
See you in the morning.
If you're trying to tell me the last ten months was a dream...
...l'm not buying it.
IME, can I help you?
This is Captain Jonathan Archer. Starfleet authorization alpha six four...
I know who you are, captain. What can I do for you?
Do you have a Denobulan doctor in the Interspecies Medical Exchange?
Yes, a Dr Phlox.
He's assigned to Starfleet Medical here in San Francisco.
Would you like me to contact him for you?
No, that's all right.
Thanks for your help.
I didn't even know Phlox existed before they brought Klaang in.
And that was the day after the late-night call from Trip.
You're not dreaming, captain.
- Daniels. - This must be very disorienting.
I apologize, but I had no choice.
Commander Tucker told me you were dead, that Silik killed you.
He did, in a manner of speaking. We have to talk, captain.
And it's essential that none of the other factions know about it.
I doubt any of them would think I'd bring you here.
So you're telling me you brought me back.
What, ten months ago?
How about Jonathan Archer ten months ago? Where's he?
He's you.
Then who just climbed into bed aboard Enterprise?
That hasn't happened yet.
That's a load of crap, and you know it.
I've had this conversation with half a dozen people.
- It always ends up the same way. - Can't you ever give a straight answer?
It depends on the question.
All right.
Try this one.
Why am I here?
I thought you were supposed to protect the timeline, not screw with it.
It's already been screwed with, captain.
That explosion at the Paraagan colony wasn't supposed to happen.
Of course it wasn't. It was an accident.
That's not what I mean. History never recorded the disaster.
Someone violated the Temporal Accord.
Someone who doesn't want your mission to succeed.
Are you telling me that Enterprise didn't cause that explosion?
Do you remember the Temporal Cold War I spoke of?
It's kind of hard to forget.
Then listen to me carefully. We don't have much time.
All senior staff report to the situation room in 15 minutes.
Mr Reed, I'd like you in my quarters immediately.
It was just where we detected the EM signature.
But I don't understand. It was completely invisible.
How on earth did you know that a phase discriminator would expose it?
If I'm not mistaken,
you'll find this thing was designed to generate a plasma stream.
Put a team together, Trip. I'll need two quantum beacons.
They'll have to be positron-based and have an output of 200 gigawatts apiece.
- Positron-based, sir? - Just get started.
I'll bring you the specs in a few minutes.
We're gonna need our com frequencies on the fritz for a day or so.
- See to it. - Aye, sir.
Put the armoury on full alert.
Turn the ship around, Travis.
We're going back to the Paraagan colony.
What are you all waiting for?
It wasn't us, Trip.
We didn't do it.
Take a look at the dispersal curve here and here.
You'll have to isolate the sub-assembly tolerances from the emitter algorithms.
Whoa. Hold on a minute.
You're saying the assembly's independent of the emitters?
- Exactly. - That's impossible.
Not if you generate a stable flux between the positron conductors.
Then all you'll have to do is renormalize the tertiary wave functions.
With all due respect, sir, this is a level of quantum engineering
that's beyond anything I ever learned.
- How the hell do you know this? - Remember Crewman Daniels?
Yeah. I saw him get vaporized by our friend Silik.
Well, for a cloud of vapour, he's one wealth of information.
I just spent two hours with him.
He's on Enterprise?
Not exactly.
Listen, I'll explain later.
Right now we've gotta get back to building these beacons.
Whatever you say.
The circuitry in there isn't compatible with our technology.
We'll have to create an interface.
What for?
We're going to be retrieving some Suliban data disks.
I have no doubt you'll be able to handle the content.
But before you can do that,
we'll have to find a way to access the data.
And Daniels claims this is Suliban technology?
Everything he's told me has checked out so far.
I have no reason to doubt him on this.
We'll do our best, captain.
The Vulcan ship we were headed for,
it's no doubt detected we've altered course.
Have they tried to hail us?
I wouldn't know, sir. Our com is on the fritz.
Why did Daniels leave it in his quarters?
I don't recall him having much time to pack before he left.
Well, if it is there and it contains what he said it does,
it could be invaluable to Starfleet.
I gave Daniels my word, Malcolm.
We download the schematics for the Suliban stealth cruiser.
- Nothing else. - Pity.
Assuming he's right, and we manage to find the cruiser,
what makes you think the Suliban won't come after us?
Just like those old Bible movies, Malcolm.
It wasn't written.
So far, Daniels is batting 1,000.
Wait a minute. Did you see that?
They've got schematics on half a dozen different Klingon ships.
The stealth cruiser, lieutenant, nothing else.
There it is.
I feel like a chef who's just made a meal
with ingredients he's never tasted.
- You follow the instructions? - To the letter.
Bridge to Captain Archer.
- Go ahead. - We're approaching the colony.
Have Mr Mayweather locate a binary system 2.5 light years away
- and set a course. - Understood.
Let's get these mounted on the grappler arms.
Head for the smaller star,
then the inner moon of the second planet.
- Bridge to armoury. - Reed here.
Have you plotted all the target points?
Aye, sir.
Stand by.
I'll meet you two in the Launch Bay. If this goes well, I shouldn't be long.
Lower the beacons.
Modify the view screen. Bring up these coordinates.
Full magnification.
Activate the beacons.
Right where they're supposed to be.
Aren't we in range of their sensors, sir?
They can see us, but they have no idea we can see through their cloak.
Just keep on the same course, Travis.
- Malcolm? - The closer the better, sir.
- They're charging weapons. - Now, Mr Reed.
- Their cloaking generator's down. - All four weapon banks, as well.
Port and starboard engines disabled.
Okay. Here's the tricky part.
Reed to Shuttlepod Two.
- Archer here. - She's all yours, captain.
Good luck.
That last shot should've sealed off the two lower decks.
If Daniels is right,
there shouldn't be more than 20 Suliban for us to deal with.
Is that all?
Stun grenade's on a three-second delay.
Just ten more metres.
Which one?
Captain, they're all around us.
- Archer to Reed. - Go ahead.
- We need some help here. - I see them.
You better take cover.
- What's the problem? - I can't release the docking clamps.
Ignite the thrusters.
Go to full power.
- Archer to Mayweather. - We see you, captain.
Set a course back toward the Vulcan ship.
Go to warp 4 as soon as we're aboard.
Yes, sir.
It took a while before we realized that the three disks had to work in unison.
The interface seems to be holding.
The stealth cruiser was definitely in orbit of the Paraagan colony...
when the explosion took place. They were monitoring us very closely.
There are sensor logs that tracked our course, our altitude,
even our hull temperature. Look at these.
I can't believe how close they got.
They got a lot closer than you think.
Those cloaking devices sure come in handy.
They were docked with the shuttlepod for nearly two minutes.
Just long enough to attach this and cloak it.
Good work.
Keep at it.
Get me Admiral Forrest.
Sounds like solid evidence. Where the hell did you get it?
It's all on three data disks we took from a cloaked Suliban cruiser.
But how did you know about that cruiser?
And if it was cloaked, how could you find it?
I've got friends in high places.
This is going to be a very interesting debriefing.
Get to the Vulcan ship as quickly as you can.
I'll let them know what you've got.
I can't tell you how pleased I am, Jonathan.
After all you've done, I would've hated to see this end.
Thank you for believing in us, admiral.
Archer out.
They boarded a cloaked vessel
and they knew exactly where to find the disks.
They weren't acting alone.
My ships are fast. We can overtake them and destroy Enterprise.
Have your ships bring me Archer.
Allow Enterprise to continue.
- But we need to recover the disks. - Archer.
You know what happened the last time you failed me.
It was ten months ago.
He brought me back ten months.
But I knew everything I know now. How is that possible?
As I've told you,
the Vulcan Science Directorate has concluded that time travel is impossible.
Well, good for the Vulcan Science Directorate.
Maybe they can tell me how I woke up yesterday
knowing exactly where that Suliban ship was.
Or how I suddenly had the ability
to construct a quantum beacon to see through its cloak.
And while they're at it,
they might as well tell me how I knew where to find those disks.
All valid questions.
But to conclude that the only answer is that you acquired this information
from a dead crewman who transported you back through time is illogical.
Why don't you give me another explanation.
- I can't. - Because there isn't one.
I got a call from Trip, something about inspection pods.
It was the exact same call I got the day before they found Klaang.
- Word for word. - Perhaps you were dreaming.
...I never thought this was possible, either.
I travelled through time.
And I need you to believe me.
Because it's hard enough trying to fathom all this
without having my science officer,
a colleague who I trust and rely on,
the person who got me to stop feeling sorry for myself,
accusing me of being an hallucinating madman.
I don't remember accusing you of anything.
Bridge to Archer.
We're getting some strange readings, sir.
It might not be a bad idea for you to come out here.
I've taken the liberty of asking Commander Tucker to join us.
What's the problem?
We're having trouble balancing the warp field.
- Looks okay to me. - It's odd.
It'll be stable one moment, and then, for no reason,
it'll go slightly out of alignment.
What are you guys doing to my engines?
The auto-stabilizers aren't functioning properly.
The computer ran its last diagnostic on them less than ten minutes ago.
- They look fine. - Well, they're not.
We've had to realign the field a dozen times over the last hour.
Load torpedoes.
And stand by all weapons.
Deploy the beacons, Travis.
Modify the viewscreen, and aim the beacons aft.
Swing them down slowly.
It looks like we're in a swarm of cloaked bees.
Charge the phase cannons.
We're being hailed.
Put it through.
I wouldn't advise using your weapons, Jonathan.
Perhaps if we decloak, you'll understand why.
They're all armed with high-yield particle weapons, sir.
- How many could you take out? - Before they open fire?
Not enough, sir.
One of my ships is approaching your starboard docking port.
I'd like you to board it immediately.
What do you want with me?
You have five minutes.
If you don't comply, I have permission to destroy Enterprise.
How do I know you won't destroy Enterprise either way?
You have my word, captain.
And you also have four and a half minutes left.
I'm placing you in command.
I advise you to maintain your present course and speed.
I don't know what's going to happen...
...but try to keep an open mind.
Especially when it comes to things
the Vulcan Science Directorate says are impossible.
I'll try.
Captain, this is crazy.
- How do you know what they're...? - T'Pol's in command now, Trip.
Do whatever you can to help her.
That goes for all of you.
Keep an eye on Porthos for me, would you?
No cheese.
Your captain's playing a very dangerous game, sub-commander.
- Game? - He has 30 seconds left.
Did he think I wasn't serious?
The turbolift's on E Deck. It's empty.
Where is he?
I'm not reading his bio-signs. He must be on the Suliban ship.
Captain Archer is no longer aboard Enterprise.
Perhaps you should check with the vessel you sent for him.
I thought he was smarter than this.
He could've saved all your lives.
What a waste.
The docked ship is moving away.
It's targeting our warp core.
They're all targeting the warp core.
Ten minutes ago, that vista was more beautiful
than anything you could imagine.
Where am I?
L... I had breakfast in that room less than half an hour ago.
Then I was instructed to bring you here.
They told me that the timeline wouldn't be safe
if you boarded that Suliban ship.
Someone was very mistaken.
Where is here?
You're in the 31 st century, captain, or what's left of it.
You said the Suliban wouldn't follow us,
that we'd make it safely to the Vulcan ship.
As far as I was told, that was exactly what was supposed to occur.
So you're telling me this just happened?
It doesn't look like it just happened.
It looks like it happened a long time ago.
If bringing me here caused this...
...then send me back. I'll take my chances with Silik.
You don't understand.
All our equipment, the time portals,
they've been destroyed.
Everything's been destroyed.
There's no way to send you back.

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