Did I wake you?
It's all right.
-Is something wrong? -We've located Menos.
Less than three days from your present location.
-Are you certain it's him? - Yes.
Good morning.
What can I do for you?
Admiral Forrest will be calling you this afternoon, sir.
Oh, really?
(And how would you know that?
I was contacted by the Vulcan High Command last night.
They've requested my services regarding a matter of security.
And they've already asked Admiral Forrest?
He should be contacting you this afternoon.
"A matter of security"?
The Admiral will inform you...
that Enterprise will be asked to alter course to the Pernaia System...
where I will need a shuttlepod and a pilot ...
for three to five days.
You didn't answer my question.
What kind of matter of security?
A Vulcan ship will rendezvous with the shuttlepod when my mission is completed.
They're sending you to get somebody...
somebody you'll be handing over to the Vulcans.
Why you?
Admiral Forrest will be contacting you this afternoon.
Thanks for being so enlightening.
Captain's Log, supplemental.
As anticipated, I was contacted by Admiral Forrest...
who has ordered us to accommodate the Vulcans' request.
-Did you find the coordinates? - Pernaia Prime.
Yes, sir.
Set a course.
When we arrive you'll be piloting the shuttlepod.
Where exactly will we be going?
Somewhere in the Pernaia System, no doubt.
As far as the exact location ...
Admiral Forrest doesn't even know that.
Seems the Sub-Commander's on a highly classified mission.
Is this Pernaia Prime inhabited?
The Vulcan database says it has a methane-based atmosphere.
So, she's going to another planet in the system.
Are we supposed to play some kind of guessing game?
We're supposed to wait at Pernaia Prime...
for T'Pol and Travis to finish their mission.
And do what in the meantime?
I could use a few days to recalibrate the torpedo launchers.
I could polish all the handles and rails in Engineering.
I guess I could...
purge the impulse reactors.
It's only for a few days.
We've got plenty to keep ourselves busy.
Is there anything specific..
you and Travis are going to need?
Cold-weather gear.
Restraints and phase-pistols.
Come in.
If the Vulcan High Command doesn't approve of the water polo match I'm watching I'd be happy to find another.
Your orders to bring me to Pernaia came from Starfleet not the High Command.
What can I do for you?
I have a personal matter I'd like to discuss.
Before I joined the Science Directorate...
I was assigned to the Ministry of Security.
I was trained in reconnaissance and retrieval.
Move over, Porthos. Let the lady sit down.
Sounds like this is going to be good.
Come on, sit down.
How long ago are we talking about?
I completed my training 17 years ago.
Go ahead.
Are you familiar with a planet called Agaron?
They're close allies with the Vulcans, right?
Not always.
Agaron was a very corrupt world.
When their leaders were first trying to forge an alliance with Vulcan ...
they asked for our assistance.
That was nearly 30 years ago.
Hundreds of our agents were surgically altered...
and sent to infiltrate the most criminal factions of Agaron society.
Eventually, they were instrumental in the overthrow of those factions.
You're not going to tell me...
you're one of those agents.
I'm not that old, Captain.
After the alliance was formalized the Vulcan agents were recalled.
They all returned voluntarily...
all but 19.
I guess even Vulcans can fall prey to temptation.
The Ministry of Security sent a team of newly-trained operatives to retrieve them.
I was only able to apprehend five of the six fugitives assigned to me.
So, tomorrow, you get to pick up number six.
Why couldn't someone else do it? Why you?
The Ministry considers it a matter of honor.
How very Vulcan.
why have you decided to tell me all this?
I'd like you to come with me.
The man I'm being sent to apprehend is extremely dangerous.
It would be wise for me to have assistance.
You said there's a Vulcan ship coming.
I'm sure they can provide all the assistance you'll need.
I'd prefer it if you'd come with me, Captain.
I need to be with someone I can trust.
If you don't wish to help me...
I understand.
Good night.
What's his name?
The man we're going to apprehend.
See you in the morning.
If you agreed to go with her you must know something about what she's up to.
We'll be back in three to five days, Trip.
If that Vulcan ship comes snooping around...
the last thing you want to tell them is that I'm with T'Pol.
Why's that?
Why would you being with her be a problem to them?
Three to five days, Trip.
Come on, Captain.
Last night, you were just as frustrated as I was about having to sit on your hands while she goes off and does...
whatever it is she's going off to do.
This isn't just a case of curiosity ...
but what if you get hurt, kidnapped?
You put me in charge of this ship. You won't tell me where you're going?
How am I supposed to be a good temporary Captain if I don't know where my people are?
Tell me that.
She's got some unfinished business, Trip.
I'm not sure why, but she needs me to go along.
We'll be okay.
There are a lot of definitions of "unfinished business."
-Could you be a little more specific? -You're in charge, Commander.
-Have you given Travis the coordinates? -Yes.
Have fun.
Before he was sent to Agaron the dorsal lobes of his ears were surgically altered.
The ridge on his forehead was added sometime afterward.
Why didn't he want to come home?
He was assigned to infiltrate a cell of smugglers.
He learned their craft.
He became very proficient at it, amassed a large fortune.
Smuggling what?
Synthetic bio-toxins used to manufacture transgenic weapons.
I spent three months trying to find him.
He used his wealth wisely.
Whenever I'd get close I'd find he'd left a day or two before.
You never found him?
Only once, on Risa.
They thought they were invulnerable.
-They? -He.
He thought he was invulnerable there ...
that no one would think to look for him on such a peaceful place.
What happened?
I got very close...
20 meters...
maybe ten.
I never found him again.
No one did...
not until now.
He's here.
Within 30 meters.
If he sees T'Pol, he may try to get to his ship.
He saw me.
-Which way? - I'm not certain.
I couldn't agree more.
Don't move.
You have no jurisdiction here.
Follow me.
Come in.
Gentlemen, come in. Glad you could join me.
Water polo?
Very exciting sport. You should learn more about it.
Please, sit down.
I had Chef prepare a special lunch...
bangers and mash for you and,...
uh, Denobulan sausage for the doctor.
Are you sure the Captain wouldn't have a problem with you using his dining room?
Well, Acting Captain, Captain's Mess I don't see a problem.
Thank you, Crewman.
-Enjoy. - Thank you.
Oh, I detected a lymphatic virus on board this morning.
Most likely it sneaked in with one of the, uh, deuterium canisters.
We should probably inoculate the crew.
Why didn't the bio-scanners detect it?
Well, it's a very reliable device but it's not perfect.
The inoculation does have some, um, side effects.
What kind of side effects?
Headache, nausea, diarrhea but they would subside in a day or two.
Do I have your, uh...
I'd hate to be responsible for giving the crew the...
the runs.
Maybe you should wait till the Captain gets back.
I'm afraid the virus will have spread by then.
I really need an answer today.
Why don't I get back to you later, Doc?
Not, uh, too much later, hmm?
While we're on the subject of approvals ...
I promised Captain Archer that I'd recalibrate the torpedo launchers.
I'll need to divert computer access from Main Engineering.
That would mean we'd have to power down the warp core.
It'll only be for a day.
We're not exactly going anywhere.
Well, we're also not at war.
I'm just not comfortable taking thengines off-line right now.
Is that the Chief Engineer talking...
or the Acting Captain?
Let me get back to you.
We were just hailed by the Vulcan ship Nyran, sir.
It's approaching the system at high warp.
They're asking to speak with Captain Archer.
Tell them, um...
the Captain's indisposed at the moment.
-He'll get back to them in a little while. - Yes, sir.
The Captain said not to tell the Vulcans he went with T'Pol.
He was, um...
he was very emphatic about that.
It's going to be difficult to convince them he's,...
uh, indisposed for the next four days.
Go ahead.
Captain Tavek says he has a message from Admiral Forrest.
He seems very anxious to speak with Captain Archer.
What shall I tell him?
I'll get back to you.
Your warrant is valid but you won't be able to take him...
not for at least four hours.
We've begun thermalizing the landing deck.
We just need to get him to our ship.
There's a half centimeter of xylathoric acid on that deck.
I wouldn't recommend it not if you value those pretty feet of yours.
Do you have somewhere we can put him until we leave?
Does this look like a prison to you?
Any one of these people could be working with him.
The Ministry of Security was very clear about that.
He works alone.
I haven't always.
You're human.
And you as well.
They wanted to rehabilitate...
me bring me home...
flatten my forehead...
and re-point my ears.
They wanted to teach me to forget the life they had taught me so carefully how to live.
They assumed I had become corrupt...
and that left to my own devices I would...
remain corrupt.
Three years in a Vulcan clinic.
Can you blame me for running?
I'm not a thief.
I'm not a smuggler. I never was.
I worked with smugglers.
I worked very close with them for a long time.
It's what I had been trained to do.
Do you know how I've survived...
the last 20 years?
How I've fed my family?
I haul spent warp injector casings...
not a very popular occupation but a necessary one.
A doctor on Andoria says that my hemolytic cell count is over 3,000.
You don't find too many old men hauling spent injector casings.
in my left front pocket, if you don't mind.
I wouldn't. It may be a weapon.
It's a hologram...
of my family.
They won't hurt you.
The injector casings are going to take me away from them soon enough.
I don't want to die in a Vulcan prison.
The information that I was given says that you buy high-grade bio-toxins and sell them to anyone who will meet your price.
If all of the Ministry's reports about me were true I could easily shape-shift..
and slip out of these restraints or...
sprout wings and fly to my ship.
Why should she believe a fugitive ...
and not her own government?
Because her government sent 109 agents to Agaron ...
30 years ago and they want all 109 accounted for ...
right or wrong, dead or alive.
If you're innocent I'm sure you'll be given a chance to defend yourself.
Well, I'm guilty.
I'm guilty of not returning when I was told to.
I'm innocent of selling bio-toxins but I'm ...
guilty of being a fugitive...
but I don't deserve to go to prison and I don't deserve to be shot.
We're here to take you to Vulcan.
No one's going to shoot you.
What about her?
You're a liar.
What are you doing?
-T'Pol? - He's not telling the truth.
Where the hell are you going?
He says he has a ship full of injector casings.
The platform's covered with acid!
You're sure?
There's no record of them ever having spoken but I can't be certain.
Has he ever been to Earth?
If he has, the Vulcan database doesn't mention it.
Well, I hope they haven't put Starfleet yearbook photos into that database.
let's get this over with.
Captain Tavek, is there...
something I can do for you?
-Captain Archer? -Yes?
Is there a problem?
You seem very young for a Starfleet Captain.
Healthy living.
You have a message from Admiral Forrest?
I'm not certain what this means but the Admiral asked me to inform you that...
"Cal beat Stanford, seven to three."
I'll be sure to tell him.
Tell who?
Um, I'm afraid it's confidential.
Thank you for relaying the message.
Archer out.
That wasn't too smart. You could have been hurt.
What did you find?
Spent injector casings.
You'll have to go through Decon when we get back.
I want to speak to Menos alone.
Would you allow me to do that?
Come on, Travis.
Let's see if we can find something to eat.
Who is Jossen?
You didn't find what you were looking for, did you?
Who is Jossen?
If this is your idea of humor...
Tell me who he is.
Jossen was no different than me.
He didn't want to be rehabilitated, either.
Where did I meet him?
Meet him?
On Risa.
Jossen and I were on Risa in the Tropical Zone.
We were innocent of the crimes...
the Ministry had accused us of but we were running all the same.
Why do you want me to tell you things you already know?
You're telling me lies.
The truth.
I followed you to Risa no one else.
I bribed the Tellarite transport captain who brought you there.
Heold me exactly where to find you.
I wasn't looking for anyone else.
Then why are you asking me about Jossen?
He never hurt anyone.
He didn't deserve to be hunted down like an animal.
I killed him.
And he didn't deserve to be killed.
He was an innocent man, just like I am.
You really don't remember.
How is that possible?
Why did you kill him? He never would have hurt you.
Please stop talking.
You're a Vulcan.
You're trained to repress the emotion of killing not the memory of the act.
I said stop talking!
Look what it's done to you,taking an innocent life.
Bringing me back to Vulcan will be no different.
You'll be destroying another life.
How will that affect you?
Will you conveniently forget what you're about to do to me?
Where's Menos?
Get back over there.
What happened?
There were seven.
Seven what?
I was sent to bring back seven fugitives, not six.
I don't understand.
Menos had a partner...
or a friend, I'm not sure.
His name was Jossen.
I followed them both to Risa, not just Menos.
The day I told you I saw Menos...
and lost him...
I saw Jossen as well.
They tried to escape.
Jossen fell to the ground.
He began to reach for his weapon.
But you fired first?
I'd forgotten all of it...
until today.
Have you heard of the Fullara?
It's an obsolete Vulcan ritual ...
where the memory of an event is repressed ...
along with the emotions associated with it.
And you had this...
...this Fullara ritual performed?
When I returned to Vulcan, I was...
I resigned my position with the Ministry...
and sought guidance at the Sanctuary of P'Jem.
For months, one of the Elders worked with me to control the guilt to...
restrain the despair of having taken a life...
but the feelings remained.
Why would you feel guilty if this...
Jossen was about to fire at you?
I suppose I was never certain what his intentions were.
The Elder had no choice but to perform the ritual.
When I left the Sanctuary I didn't remember anything about Jossen or the Fullara.
When did it start coming back?
When the first call came in about this new mission.
Maybe that's why I wanted you with me.
What if Jossen wasn't a smuggler? What if he was innocent?
Then it wouldn't have mattered whether he intended to use that weapon or not.
That doesn't make any sense.
What's Menos been telling you?
Menos's ship was filled with injector casings, nothing else.
He has a family.
Our scans should be able to confirm if he's dying of radiation poisoning.
What's he been telling you?
He kicked over the table!
And you claim you're a peaceful man.
Ironic, isn't it?
Burning to death on a frozen moon?
But I'd rather die here than be brought back and punished for crimes I never committed.
Refasten them.
-Where's Menos? -Travis!
Come on.
Where's his ship?
Your mission is to return him to Vulcan not determine whether he's guilty or innocent.
Where's his ship?
He's not aboard.
Let's be sure.
We'll all need to go through Decon now.
He's not here.
Was that the only way in?
Go back to the cockpit, Travis.
Aye, sir.
Get life support fired up if you can. It's pretty cold.
He should've gotten here before us.
This ship shouldn't be here.
Why risk using his own vessel?
He'd know we'd follow him.
So, he could've left with any one of those other ships.
Any one of them.
You seem okay with that.
When we return to Enterprise...
I'll inform the Vulcan ship that Menos escaped.
If the High Command wishes they can question ...
as many of the vessels that left here as they can find.
You're giving up a lot easier than I would've guessed.
He's obviously gone.
We don't know that.
He got to you, didn't he?
You're beginning to doubt yourself.
He figured if he could get you to question what you did 17 years ago...
you'd begin to question what you're doing right now.
I may have killed an innocent man 17 years ago.
-Did Jossen reach for his weapon or not? -I don't know.
-Is that what you remember or what Menos wants you to remember? - What's the difference?
There's a big difference.
He's playing on your guilt. Don't you see that?
That's impossible.
I went to P'Jem.
-They performed the ritual... -Don't give me that!
Your emotional immune system started to collapse again the minute you remembered what happened that day on Risa.
-Captain. -What is it, Travis?
There's something funny up here, sir.
You think you could take a look?
What's up?
After I got the board running I brought life support up to level three.
As soon as I got more light in here I noticed some condensation on this sub-panel.
There's a hell of a lot of energy flowing through those circuits.
Any idea what they are?
Our scanner showed everything powered down.
Well, obviously, something's powered up.
There's one way to find out what it is.
I'm a very patient man, T'Pol.
I was simply waiting for you to leave, but...
your Captain's curiosity has put an end to that.
Would you please lower your weapon?
There's some kind of energy field running...
I don't want to harm T'Pol, Captain but I will.
Those are violent words for a peaceful man.
At the moment, I'm a man who needs to survive.
There's a locker right next to you.
I want you to both put your weapons down ...
and then walk into it.
You won't be hurt.
What about her?
T'Pol is my guarantee...
that the two of you will walk quickly and quietly into the locker.
The locking code is 1-6-6-1.
There's a very specific tone when it's entered properly.
- You okay? -Yes.
We don't do "quickly and quietly" very well...
but we are good at arithmetic.
Seems there are three of us and only one of you.
Stop! Please!
I don't trust this guy, Travis.
Find something to tie him up with.
What are you doing?
Get up!
You're not going to shoot me, T'Pol.
You're not going to kill another innocent man.
This is none of your concern, Captain.
You know nothing about what happened on Risa.
Why did you want me here?
Because I trust you.
Then trust me.
You were sent to apprehend him not to judge him.
He's not going to get out of that too quickly.
I think I know why he was so nervous about us firing at him while he was over here.
Look at this.
If one of our weapons had struck this...
I guess he was hauling more than injector casings, after all.
I guess he was.
Captain's Starlog, supplemental.
The Vulcan ship Nyran was waiting at the prearranged coordinates.
After transferring Menos to their custody we've returned to Enterprise.
What's your status, Trip?
Everything's ready to go, Captain.
Welcome back.
Thanks. We'll be going to warp three.
You got it.
now that your secret mission is over you think you could give your Chief Engineer a little hint about what you were up to?
Did I say warp three?
I meant warp four, Commander.
Not even a hint?
Warp four.
Aye, Captain.
Come in.
am I about to get another call from Admiral Forrest?
No, sir.
Dealing with these memories...
it's not going to be easy for you, is it?
No, it's not.
If you feel you need a leave of absence...
That won't be necessary.
I was much younger then.
You've also spent a lot of time around humans lately.
You do have a way of putting questionable actions behind you.
When you don't have the ability to repress emotions...
you learn to deal with them and move on.
Was there something else?
If you ever need someone you can trust...
I won't forget.

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