Do you understand me?
I think you do.
Can you see me?
Ensign Sato to Security!
Go ahead.
Is everything all right?
I thought I was the only one who lived here during my off-hours.
I'd like you to see this.
These are the locations where we've encountered spatial anomalies.
I analyzed the sensor logs from the Xindi database.
These are the coordinates where that vessel was affected.
Seems pretty random.
That's what I thought, until I ran a vector analysis
of the gravimetric waves coming from the Sphere we discovered.
The interference pattern implies another wave source.
A second Sphere.
It appears so.
The simulation suggests that the anomalies occur where the waves intersect.
If you're right, then we should be able to start predicting
where we're going to run into trouble.
If we're going to create an accurate map,
we'll need precise measurements of the Sphere's gravimetric fields.
Assuming there is a second Sphere, how far away is it?
Less than four light years.
Set a course.
I ran every scan in the book.
There's no sign of any intruder anywhere on the ship.
Maybe our sensors missed something.
I went through all the logs for the past 24 hours.
To say they were uneventful would be an understatement.
This is good news.
That I'm imagining things?
When you're a little on edge, it's not uncommon to see "the enemy" out of the corner of your eye.
I thought that was called paranoia.
Whatever it is, it's not uncommon.
Just the other night, I thought I heard clicking sounds in my quarters.
For a moment I could've sworn there was a Xindi-Insectoid lurking in the shadows.
What I saw wasn't a shadow.
All right.
I'll keep an eye out.
There's some mild vasodilation in the prefrontal cortex...
that would account for your headaches.
Other than that, you're in perfect health.
Are there any more tests that you can run?
What do you expect me to find?
The last few days, I've had the strangest feeling
that I am being watched.
I've heard whispering down corridors... in my quarters.
Could I have been exposed to something
that's making me hallucinate?
There's no evidence of any mind-altering substances on board.
So basically, this is all in my head.
It appears to be.
I suppose you believe you're dealing badly with stress.
It's not a good sign when you start to see things that aren't there.
That's a matter of opinion.
On Denobula, when a person under stress hallucinates,
it's considered healthy-- a harmless way for the subconscious
to release nervous energy.
I've always envied those who had that facility.
I tend to keep too much bottled up inside.
I should get going.
T'Pol's asked me to translate a section of the Xindi database.
That's where I'm waiting for you. That's where I'm waiting for you.
Ensign Sato to Lieutenant Reed.
I need help in the Command Center.
- Hoshi. - Who are you?
Don't be frightened.
How did you get aboard?
I'm nowhere near your ship.
What do you want?
You're searching for something.
I can help.
Are you all right?
I'm not picking up anything out of the ordinary.
We still haven't found any ships nearby, or any "uninvited guests" on board.
I'm not imagining it, Captain.
You have to admit, it's a possibility.
With respect, sir, I know that my mind can be overactive sometimes,
but that is not what's happening.
This is real!
I want you to keep Hoshi under observation until we can sort this out.
Post a security detail outside,
and assign teams to Engineering and the Armory until further notice.
Are you expecting an attack, sir?
Around here, you never know.
I'll see you both in the morning.
Isn't it about feeding time?
I'll take care of it after I get you settled.
Would you mind?
I'm really not that tired.
Be my guest.
The Vulcan root leaf's in the container.
That's strange.
When the alien communicates with me, it's...
it's almost like he's inside my head
looking at things through my eyes...
experiencing what I'm experiencing.
Talking to him is like talking to myself.
Does that make any sense?
It makes perfect sense.
Listening to your thoughts has been very pleasurable.
I've been with you for several days,
studying your mind, your memories--
learning so many things about you.
Why me?
My telepathy only works in rare instances.
It takes a unique mind to process it.
Yours is the first I've found in many years.
What do you want?
I'm only three light years away.
My home is what you're seeing right now.
All I want is to meet you.
I don't think that'll be possible.
I know you're on an urgent mission.
That's what I want to talk to you about.
What did he tell you about the Xindi?
He's saving that for my visit.
He could've given you something as a show of good faith.
This could be another attempt by the Xindi to infiltrate Enterprise.
I think he wants to help.
He was horrified that seven million of us were killed.
He says he's willing to use his abilities to help us find the Xindi.
I think that's reason enough to meet with him.
- Archer to Mayweather. - Go ahead, sir.
We're taking a slight detour.
I asked Hoshi to come alone.
The captain's always a part of first-contact missions.
Starfleet regulations.
I hope that's not a problem.
Not at all, Captain.
I'm pleased all three of you could come.
My name is Tarquin.
I'm obviously not what you expected.
I didn't want to frighten you, so I created a human image when I contacted you on Enterprise.
Thank you for coming to me.
You said you could help us with our mission.
You're searching for a weapon that could annihilate your planet.
I may be able to find it... but I'll need an object that's associated with the Xindi.
Every artifact retains an imprint of the people who made it...
who used it...
I have the ability to sense those imprints.
I could arrange to have something sent down.
How much time would you need with it?
No more than a few days.
We didn't pick up any other bio-signs.
I take it you live here alone.
It's an awfully big planet for one person.
I've lived here for a very long time, Mr. Reed.
My only contact with the outside world has been through telepathy.
Bring me the artifact.
I'd like to get started.
We'll be back as soon as we can.
Captain... one small request.
I'd like Hoshi to stay with me while I'm working.
I'm afraid that's not appropriate.
Nonetheless... it's a condition of my helping you.
If I'm comfortable with this...
I don't get the sense that he would harm me.
My instincts tell me otherwise.
He's hiding something.
If he's insistent, we could put off looking for the Sphere...
stay in orbit.
It's only for a few days.
the luxury of dealing with one problem at a time anymore, sir.
If he can tell us something about the Xindi weapon, it's worth the risk.
I can take care of myself, Captain.
This is from the weapon that attacked your planet.
We think it was a prototype for a much larger weapon.
This will be very useful.
- May I? - Thanks.
- I need a minute. - Take your time.
Do I have to tell you to stay on your toes?
I think that falls under the "goes without saying" category, sir.
Did you did bring a phase-pistol?
I'll keep it under my pillow.
You know how to reach me.
Do you always eat like this?
Only when I have company.
Thank you.
I thought you might enjoy something familiar.
Programming these dishes was a challenge.
I had to recreate their tastes and textures from your memory.
It should approximate the recipe from Fiorella's on Fountain Street in San Francisco.
You've certainly done your homework.
I've enjoyed it.
Mmm, what's this?
It's a delicacy from the Arakon System.
I think you'll like it.
You know, my stomach is a little unsettled.
You told your grandmother that every time she tried to serve you soba noodles.
Now, it's one your favorite foods.
Since you seem to know so much about my past,
I think it's only fair that I know a little about yours.
Where are you from?
My home world is 30 light years from here.
A wonderful place to live... provided you're not born telepathic.
The odds are one in 50 million.
I was among the unlucky few.
We're considered a threat to the rest of the population.
There's only one solution for people like me...
to live out our lives in exile.
So we're sent to places like this.
To solitude...
I think you're familiar with it.
What do you mean?
Your parents learned you were gifted, so you spent your childhood
with private tutors, studying languages.
You thought it was normal to go through your days alone.
I'm sorry... I forget you're unaware of how much I know about you.
Are you reading my mind... continuously?
Not since you've arrived.
Now that you're here with me,
I would rather get to know you the way other humans do.
This is great, but I'm pretty tired.
Of course.
If you need anything else, you let me know at supper tomorrow.
I'll be working most of the day.
Feel free to wander.
There are a lot of interesting things here.
But I strongly suggest that you stay inside.
The winds can be treacherous.
I'm sure there's enough to keep me occupied.
If you'd like, you could spend some time looking at this.
It's written in a dead language, over a thousand years old.
Everything about these people:
their homeworld, their culture, has vanished into time.
Thank you.
You don't have to feel alone.
I won't.
I'll be busy with this.
That's not what I meant.
You often feel isolated, even around other people.
You don't have to.
- Archer to the Bridge. - Yes, Captain.
I assume we're getting close.
You assume correctly.
Take us out warp.
- I'm on my way. - Yes, sir
We're getting reports of anomalies on all decks.
Breaches on decks B, C and E.
Emergency bulkheads are in place, but three subsections have decompressed.
We're losing structural integrity in the forward hull.
All stop!
The anomalies are stronger here.
If there is another Sphere in the region,
it's emitting a lot more gravimetric energy than the first one.
Which means if we continue,
there's a good chance this ship is going to get torn apart.
If it is there, how far?
Approximately 75,000 kilometers.
It might as well be 75 light years.
- Bridge to Commander Tucker. - Go ahead.
How are your engines holding up?
So far so good, but I wouldn't recommend
putting them through a lot more of this.
How long would it take you to insulate a shuttle pod with trellium-D?
I'd need a day to refine enough ore, and, uh,
at least 12 hours to reconfigure the hull.
Get started.
Aye, sir.
Hold our position.
You might want to steer clear of the Launch Bay for the next couple of days.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to disturb you.
Not at all.
Have you had a chance to look at the book I gave you?
I'm about halfway through.
I didn't expect you to translate it so quickly.
Aren't you supposed to know me better than that?
And what did you think of it?
It's an interesting language.
Reminds me of medieval Klingon.
Any progress?
A few images... impressions.
Did you know that there are five Xindi species?
That's what we've heard.
There's a great deal of conflict among them.
They don't trust one another.
Do you know where they're building the weapon?
Not yet.
I'm going to need more time.
What's this?
It helps me extend the range of my telepathy.
My family gave it to me when I was exiled.
Without it, I never would've found you.
Would you like to try?
Is that possible?
With guidance.
If you close your eyes, you'll begin to sense light and color.
Let the images take shape and let the shapes become more distinct.
Can you see them?
I think so.
You're trying too hard to find them.
Let the images come to you.
How do you make sense of all that?
It takes practice.
Try again.
Maybe later.
I should let you get back to your work.
Feel free to return... if you'd like some company.
I asked you to stay inside!
Is this why you didn't want me out here?
Who are they?
They're people I knew.
The last one died over a century ago.
We should go inside.
How did they die?
Very few life spans are as long as mine.
How old are you?
I was born over 400 years ago.
Who were they?
The first one is Morianna Taal.
She was my first companion.
Like you, she had a unique mind.
And the other three?
Companions as well.
When I lost Morianna, I began to search for another...
and another.
Sometimes I don't know what is worse...
being alone, or having to bury the people I've come to care about.
It's been many years since I found someone like you.
You're right, we should go back inside.
All I'm asking is that you consider the possibility.
You know the Enterprise is on an important mission.
I just can't abandon my duties.
It's possible that with my help, your mission will be over soon.
Do you really expect me to spend the rest of my life
on a desolate world,ith someone that I have known
for less than two days?
but over time, they came to appreciate what I had to offer them.
No one will ever understand you the way I can.
I am grateful for your help,
and I'm happy to stay here while you work,
but I have no intention of becoming your next companion.
If you think that projecting yourself
as human is going to make me change my mind, you're mistaken.
You've let your fear of the unknown stand in the way far too many times.
You almost left Enterprise early in its mission
because you didn't think you could control your fears.
But in spite of that, you stayed.
It strengthened you.
This situation is no different.
You obviously misinterpreted a few memories,
because this situation is very different.
I'm giving you the chance to experience something
you searched for your entire life.
It's the reason you study languages...
to make you make connections with people.
I don't need you to help me to do that.
Then why do you seem so isolated?
You live on a ship filled with your own people...
and yet there are many times when you feel alone.
Stay with me.
I'll teach you ways of sharing thoughts and emotions no human can.
I already told you, I'm not interested.
You're lying, Hoshi.
I can hear everything you're thinking.
What I'm thinking is none of your business!
Michio. Your grandfather.
He's the last person you were truly close to,
but he died a long time ago.
Leave me alone.
You can have that kind of connection again.
Leave me alone!
I know this must seem overwhelming.
But think about what I've said.
You're going to have a great deal of time.
Sensors say we're passing through a gravimetric distortion.
No anomalies.
The trellium seems to be doing its job.
- Archer to Enterprise. - Go ahead.
We're approaching 79,000 kilometers.
Still no sign of the cloaking barrier.
Adjust your heading to 0-1-6-mark-2.
Stand by.
That felt promising.
I believe you just grazed the perimeter.
Turn starboard, 3-point-6 degrees.
I think we've found it!
Maintain course.
You should be heading directly toward the cloaking barrier.
Power's fluctuating.
Hull integrity?
Some micro-fractures, but nothing we can't handle.
Switching to back-up!
Let's get going with the scans.
Ah, hell.
Is there a problem?
The sensor relays were damaged.
How much time do you need?
Not long, but we'll have to get back to Enterprise.
I need to open up the circuit housings on the undercarriage.
No way to get to them from the inside.
Bring the descent thrusters on-line.
You're not planning to land on that thing?
Thrusters, Trip.
And get the EV suits ready.
Not exactly my idea of shore leave.
Get to work.
I'm going to take a look around.
Don't get lost.
- How's it coming, Trip? - Almost there, sir.
Just two more relays.
What happened?
The port thruster ignited!
I can see that.
When I was bypassing the last relay,
I must've triggered a surge in the propulsion system.
Son of a bitch!
It's going to be a long time before Enterprise decides to come looking for us.
Can we launch without a port thruster?
We can sure as hell try.
Whoever gets the first clear shot.
Careful, sir. That was awfully close to the O-2 recycler.
I need to spend more time in the Armory.
- Archer to Enterprise. - We're here, Captain.
It was right where you said it was, T'Pol.
We got all those scans you asked for.
Captain's Starlog, Supplemental.
While T'Pol analyzes the data from the Sphere,
we've set a course to pick up Ensign Sato
and find out if the alien learned anything about the Xindi.
May I come in?
I won't be long.
I just heard from your captain.
Enterprise will be here in a few minutes.
I have learned a great deal about the Xindi weapon.
I'm sure he'll find the information useful.
Thank you for all your help.
Have you given any more thought to my offer?
I can't stay here, you know that.
I understand.
I was foolish to think it was even a possibility.
The next time you invite someone for a visit,
you might want to let them know that you're looking for a lifelong companion.
I won't forget.
Please keep the book as a reminder of your time here.
I was hoping you'd say that.
I'm nearly done, and I'm anxious to see how it ends.
After I've briefed Captain Archer, I'll send him to you.
It was a privilege knowing you.
How was your stay?
I'm eager to get back to Enterprise.
I'm sure.
If it's any consolation, your time here was well spent.
We've learned more about the Xindi than I expected,
and he's offered to keep supplying us with information
for as long as we're in range, thanks to you.
Glad I could help, sir.
There is one condition.
He wants you to stay with him while he continues his work.
I assume you told him that wouldn't be possible.
I won't order you to do this, Hoshi,
but it may be our best chance of finding the weapon before it's too late.
With any luck, it'll only take a few weeks, maybe a month.
We'd come back for you as soon as the mission's over.
I don't need to tell you what's at stake, Ensign.
I'll go back to my quarters to pick up a few things.
Thank you, Hoshi.
There's no reason for you to leave.
Just give me a list of what you need and I'll have it sent down.
I should brief my replacement on the U.T. upgrades.
We'll take care of it.
Don't worry.
At least give me a chance to say good-bye to the crew.
I wish there was time.
It won't take long.
Sir, I might not see my friends again.
I'm sure Travis will understand.
Travis and the others.
They realize how important this is.
I was just thinking about Travis.
You're a regular mind reader.
We've known each other a long time.
Where is Captain Archer?
We'll be here for you... as soon as we can.
Where is he?!
Where is Captain Archer?!
Open a channel to Ensign Sato.
Our signal's not getting through, sir.
There's some kind of disruption field.
- Sir... - What's going on?
My station's down.
Everything's going off-line-- main and auxiliary power, warp engines, life support.
Nice try.
What were you planning to tell my captain when he got back?
Were you going to appear as me, and beg him to let you stay?
No, you can't do that, can you?
I'm the only one on board that you can play your tricks with!
Enterprise has already returned,
and their fate is in your hands.
What is that supposed to mean?
I can't let you leave, Hoshi.
I've waited too long to find you.
What's happened to Enterprise?
If you agree to stay, they won't be harmed.
They'll be free to leave orbit.
Let me speak to Captain Archer.
That's not possible.
Why the hell not?
You'll be happy here, I promise you.
Why can't I speak to Captain Archer?
There's no power on your vessel, and there won't be until you agree to remain with me.
You would kill over 80 people to keep me here?
I don't want to kill anyone.
That's why it's essential that you agree to stay.
You mustn't do that. It's very fragile.
I'm counting on that.
Now, undo whatever you've done to my ship,
or you will never contact anyone again with this thing!
An empty threat, Hoshi.
As long as you are with me,
I won't need to contact anyone else.
As long as I'm with you, another 60, 70 years? Then what?
What'll you do when I'm grave number five out there?
Without this, you will never find another companion.
You will be alone for the rest of your life.
Please, think of what I can offer you.
This is your last chance!
Power's returning to all systems.
Weapons are coming back on-line.
- Tactical alert. - Aye, sir.
- It's Ensign Sato. - Put her through.
- Captain, are you all right? - We are now.
What the hell's going on?
I think it's time to come get me.
Captain's star log, supplement
Ensign Sato's returned to Enterprise without any new information about Xindi
I'm hoping T'Pol's analysis of second Sphere will bring better news
What have you got?
The data you collected allowed me to create a nearly accurate map of the anamolies.
These are the coordinates where we've encountered strong anamolies.
The waves aren't intersecting where they're supposed to.
Exactly. The locations are being influenced by more than two gravimetric sources.
A third Sphere...
A third Sphere would correct some of the error but not all of it.
So I had the computer run a covariant extrapolation.
How many?
We'll need to farther into the Expanse to be certain, but... at least 50.
50 manmade Spheres, each one the size of a small moon.
And each one generating massive amounts of gravimetric energy.
Did it ever occur to you that whoever built these things
may have done it to create the Expanse?
Why would someone want to create a web of crippling anamolies?
What are you doing here?
Did you enjoy the ending?
You can't do this.
I don't want you watching me.
This is the last time. I promise.
I've brought you information to give to your captain.
Why now?
You're on a dangerous mission.
I don't want to see you harmed.
Who knows? You may change your mind about me someday.
Come in.
I thought I told you to get some rest.
He came to my quarters.
I was afraid that might happen.
He gave me these coordinates.
What are they for?
A Xindi colony.
He said they're building part of the weapon there.

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