Oh, come back here.
Return. Oh, oh, uh, heel! That's it.
Oh, Porthos.
All right, but just for a moment.
That's enough.
You can come and see him again tomorrow.
it says here that, uh, canines can be quite territorial.
Is that why you keep returning to the Captain's quarters?
On Earth,
a dog called "Scruffers"....
traveled 3,000 kilometers attempting to ....
reunite with its human keeper.
I heard of a Pycan space moth ...
that drifted half a light year trying to return to its homeworld...
but I don't believe it had a name.
I could use a walk.
How about you?
Dear Dr. Lucas...
I apologize for the delay in responding to your last letter.
As you can imagine, the crew and I have been quite busy.
In you go.
I was deeply saddened...
to hear about your colleagues lost in the Xindi attack.
You have my condolences.
It's unfortunate you were forced to cut your time on Denobula short, but,
uh, obviously, you are needed on Earth.
Perhaps when our mission is successfully completed,...
I'll see you back in San Francisco?
The Expanse...
an extremely curious place.
For example, we've, uh...
recently encountered a phenomenon that, uh...
Do you want one of these?
I doubt you'd like it.
It's a leech, you know.
It will clean out your intestinal tract.
Don't tell the captain.
I, uh, currently find myself in somewhat unsettling circumstances, Dr. Lucas,...
although they have allowed me the luxury ...
of catching up on my correspondence.
We first encountered the phenomenon responsible for this situation two days ago...
It's directly on our route to Azati Prime.
Why didn't sensors pick it up before now?
Because it wasn't there before now.
It's similar to the phenomenon we encountered several weeks ago.
A trans-dimensional disturbance?
This region is being rapidly reconfigured as we speak.
-How long would it take to go around it? - Two weeks.
Another detour.
Perhaps not.
Since this region was formed only recently,..
it hasn't been completely reconfigured.
We should still be able to cross it safely.
You said nothing from our universe could survive inside these things.
That's true... unless we take the appropriate precautions.
The reconfigured space disrupts the human neocortex,
but I can counteract the effects ...
by dampening the crew's neurological activity. It would be like,
shutting down the main computer to protect it from an ion storm.
How do you plan to "shut down" our neocortexes?
Quite simply, I can place each of you in a comatose state ...
until we've passed through the affected region.
How quickly can we get across it?
Less than an hour at warp four.
I don't want to risk going to warp in there.
Who knows what kind of effect this disturbance will have on our warp field?
We'll be safer sticking to impulse.
You'll have to keep us in comas for...
at least four days.
That's still less time than it would take to go around it.
Can you keep us under that long?
It shouldn't cause any problems.
Commander Tucker was not too keen on my plan.
However, I was able to convince the captain.
Since my Denobulan physiology is immune to the effects of the disturbance,
I volunteered to, uh, watch over the crew.
So far...
They've been no trouble at all.
While the computer is controlling most of the ship's systems, I was given a quick tutorial...
just in case.
Despite the dire circumstances, I must say I relished the challenge...
and soon developed a newfound respect for Ensign Mayweather.
You need to check this every two hours... minimum.
Every two hours...
If the impulse manifolds get clogged, the engines'll overload.
That would be very bad.
-I imagine it would. -No offense, Doc,
but under normal circumstances,
I wouldn't even let you in here without four years of Starfleet training under your belt.
These are hardly normal circumstances.
if something happens...
something you can't handle, I want you to wake me up.
I can't do that.
Even a few minutes of exposure would cause permanent damage.
If it comes down to saving me or the ship...
I'm making it easy for you...
-How's the rest of the crew doing? - Sleeping peacefully...
except for you.
Now... lie back.
Please, Captain, I've told you the procedure is completely safe.
I'm sure it is,
-but I... -Captain,
I have already had this discussion ...
with Commander Tucker, Lieutenant Reed and virtually every other officer on the ship.
I'm not comfortable being incapacitated. I really should be at my post. I'm willing to risk staying awake. Well, you can't...
nor do you need to. I assure you...
I have everything well in hand.
I know, Doctor.
I'm the one who's responsible for everyone aboard.
There aren't many people I'd willingly turn that responsibility over to.
You're one of them.
Well, uh, thank you, Captain.
I just wanted to say that before you put me under.
I must say, Dr. Lucas, that I appreciated the Captain's vote of confidence...
I had, in fact, been feeling some trepidation over the responsibility I'd been handed,
but after two days at the helm, the ship is running perfectly.
I'm not ashamed to admit I'll be relieved...
when I can wake up the crew in, uh...
...two days, 16 hours, and 43 minutes.
I know, I know. I'm sorry I'm late.
Did you hear that?
Computer, mute sound.
That doesn't sound normal, does it?
I suppose we should, investigate?
I'm not going alone.
Come, Porthos. Come!
I'd be better off talking to my Pyrithian bat.
Perhaps we are letting our imaginations run away with us.
I should never have let Mr. Tucker talk me ...
into watching The Exorcist last week.
It's Dr. Phlox.
Porthos, come back here!
Well... now, don't you feel foolish?
I called out.
Didn't you hear me?
I was running a diagnostic.
Do you require my assistance?
What are you doing here? I thought it was movie night.
I can hear that all the way from the mess hall.
I'll make a note of it in the maintenance log.
squeaks... rattling chains...
is this a starship or a haunted house?
Are you all right, Doctor? You seem somewhat agitated.
Considering you nearly sent me into cardiac shock...
I apologize if I startled you.
You're certain that's all?
Well, I have had a slight headache since we entered this region.
Perhaps Vulcans and Earth canines are better able to adapt to it than Denobulans.
How are you, hmm?
I've barely seen you the last two days.
I've had my duties to attend to.
The rest of the time, I've spent time in my quarters...
reading, meditating.
Then you're due for a night out. Why don't you join Porthos and me?
I'd like to complete the diagnostic.
The movie is quite amusing.
No, thank you.
I, um...
perhaps you'll share a meal with me later?
If you like.
Is that you?
Phlox to T'Pol.
Go ahead.
Would you mind not creeping around the ship like a Draxxan cloud viper?
-Doctor? -Please...
I wouldn't have imagined that Vulcans engaged in childish games.
I don't understand.
What were you doing in Engineering just now?
Doctor... I'm on the Bridge.
I hope you don't mind eating here in the galley.
The mess hall seems a bit melancholy.
All the empty chairs.
This is fine.
My fifth grandmother made this for each of my weddings.
Chef's tried to prepare it, but he...
never gets it quite right.
His plomeek broth leaves something to be desired, as well.
I always thought so, but I was afraid to mention it.
T'Pol you sure you weren't in engineering today?
Quite sure.
What were you doing there? I'm responsible for monitoring the engines.
We're supposed to be assisting each other.
It's a large ship for two people to maintain.
Do you have anything to report?
I could've sworn there was someone in that room with me.
-A member of the crew? - No.
Everyone except us is in deep neuro-sedation.
Then obviously, you were mistaken.
You've never been to Denobula, have you?
The cities are quite crowded, by choice, not by necessity.
The atmosphere is vibrant, communal.
It sounds fascinating.
What I'm saying is that we're a sociable people.
Being alone on Enterprise...
just the two of us...
has proven more stressful than I imagined.
Two people aren't even enough for a Denobulan marriage.
A proper one, anyway.
I'm sorry I haven't been better company.
That isn't what I meant.
I know.
It is ironic, however, that I should be your sole companion.
Unlike your people, most Vulcans will go to great lengths to find solitude.
At times it has been trying for me to coexist with 80 humans.
Especially the more irrational ones.
Such as Commander Tucker.
I found the last two days to be a welcome respite.
I understand, but I, for one, will never complain again when I can't get a good seat on movie night.
Despite the tragic circumstances surrounding your homoming, Dr. Lucas,
you must be happy to return to earth.
As I've mentioned before, I have no regrets about accepting my position on Enterprise.
However, it has struck me recently how much I miss the familiar pleasures of my home.
You've experienced the nightclubs in our Kaybin district,
so you know the excitement of meeting a-a new companion or two.
The intimacy that can develop so quickly when all parties are receptive.
You humans are a truly remarkable species, Dr. Lucas,
but when Enterprise has accomplished its mission, I look forward to being among Denobulans again.
The more of them the better.
Good afternoon, Captain.
How are we feeling today?
Neuro-chemistry looks excellent.
Theta waves are good.
You should wake up extremely well-rested.
Phlox to T'Pol!
Internal sensors don't show any additional bio-signs.
I told you, it was outside of the ship on the hull.
There are no life-forms anywhere in this vicinity.
What about alien vessels?
You can see for yourself, there's nothing there.
You said this reconfigured space could be affecting our systems.
-What if it's interfering with our sensors? - That's possible.
But we should consider another explanation.
You mentioned you were having difficulty adjusting to the solitude of the past few days.
I didn't imagine it! I saw something.
Outside the ship, crawling on the hull.
What about what I saw in engineering?
You ran the scans yourself.
There is nothing unusual on board.
You said you haven't slept much since we entered this disturbance.
Perhaps you should return to your quarters, try to rest.
I need to finish my rounds.
Get away from her!
-Phlox to T'Pol. -Go ahead, Doctor.
It's the Xindi. They're on board.
We'll need to arm ourselves. I saw two and there could be more of them.
Then the sensors must be wrong!
I thought you were going to get some rest.
They were real! I saw them!
If that's true,...
then how did they get on the ship?
All external hatches and docking ports are sealed.
They could have transporter technology.
There were no transporter signatures.
What difference does it make how they got on board?
If we wake up Lieutenant Reed or the MACOs, they will be incapacitated within minutes,
dead within hours. It's up to us to deal with the situation.
I plan to start on G-Deck and work my way up.
I'm going to stop them whether you help me or not.
We've searched four decks.
That leaves three to go.
If there are Xindi aboard, why are they concealing themselves?
They could be trying to destroy Enterprise.
What better time than while the crew is incapacitated?
- A bio-sign. -There are over 80 bio-signs aboard,...
not counting your pets in Sick Bay.
This isn't human.
Neither are your pets.
I can't lock onto it.
There must be some interference, possibly from the reconfigured space.
You said it wasn't affecting our sensors.
I said it wasn't affecting main sensors.
That hand-scanner is far less powerful.
I have it.
It's just ahead.
It's all right.
Fortunately, I'm not very proficient with hand weapons.
How did he get out?
I-I believe I, um...
We went for a walk earlier . I might have neglected to put him back in my quarters.
-And you simply forgot? - I've been distracted.
And I would've thought this could tell the difference between a giant insect and a beagle.
It can, if you use it properly.
You're the science officer. You might have offered some assistance in that area.
You feel I haven't been helpful?
How would you characterize the two hours I wasted searching for a figment of your imagination?
-I'm not delusional! - Are you certain?
As I recall, you once told Ensign Sato that it's considered healthy for Denobulans to hallucinate.
It's how you release stress.
You've been under a lot of stress lately, haven't you, Doctor?
-It's not unhead of, but I... -You said you've been having headaches.
Is there anything else you care to tell me?
-I'm fine! - You nearly shot the Captain's dog.
I'm going to recalibrate this to exclude canine bio-signs, ...
and then I'm going to finish searching this ship!
I am not seeing things, and I intend to prove it!
Ensign Sato to the doctor.
What are you doing?
I have to put you back under sedation immediately.
You'll suffer permanent damage.
You did this.
You said we'd be safe.
-Let me get you to Sick Bay. -You promised us!
Please meet me in Sick Bay immediately.
Where have you been? I was calling you.
-What are you doing up? - T'Pol woke me.
She said something was wrong.
I don't know what's happening.
She said you've been seeing things?
Something about Xindi on board the ship?
You're not concerned about that.
I'm more concerned about you.
-I obviously expected too much from you. - You're not real.
I want you to go to your quarters, lie down.
I'll take over.
-You did the best you could. -You're not real!
I was so busy monitoring the crew, I never thought to run another neural scan on myself.
The effects are subtle and difficult to detect,...
but there are disruptions deep within my neocortex.
You were right.
I was hallucinating.
Are you in danger?
I don't believe there will be any permanent damage.
However, it is obviously affecting my judgment.
I have no choice but to put myself under...
neuro-sedation and ask you to look after the crew.
I don't have the medical expertise.
With your scientific background you should have no problems.
I have my own duties. I can't possibly monitor the entire crew.
It won't be for long. We'll be coming out of the disturbance in less than six hours.
T'Pol, I'm asking for your help.
I can't.
Why not?
When we were searching the ship I became irritated with you.
-Apparently, I deserved it. -You don't understand.
I was on the verge of losing control of my emotions.
This reconfigured space is affecting me as well.
Why didn't you tell me?
I'd hoped to control it,...
but it's proven more difficult than I thought.
The crew is better off in your hands.
I doubt that.
I nearly killed Porthos, remember?
What if one of these delusions causes me to ...
open an airlock, or shut down life-support?
-You won't do that. -How do you know?
Because your duty...
is to look out for the welfare of this crew.
Why do you think the captain allowed you to sedate him...
over Commander Tucker's objections?
Because he trusts you...
as do I.
-I'm not sure I trust myself. -Just a few more hours, Doctor.
So, Dr. Lucas, while the past few days have proven challenging,
both T'Pol and I are relieved that our adventure is nearly over.
Once we've confirmed we're out of the disturbance, I'll begin waking the senior officers.
My medical staff should be next.
They can assist me with the rest of the, uh...
Well, we should've been out of the disturbance half an hour ago.
There could have been some slight navigation discrepancies.
I thought space travel was supposed to be precise.
Not always. Check long range sensors.
What do you think I'm doing?
-There's more than a slight discrepancy. -This can't be correct.
We're nearly a quarter of a light year from the far edge.
At our current rate of speed we won't be out of this for another...
ten weeks.
Auto-navigation is still engaged.
Engines are on line. Why aren't we through?!
-The reconfigured space has expanded. -But we knew it would.
Travis said our course and speed would compensate.
Obviously, the rate of expansion has accelerated.
We need to increase speed.
-We're already at full impulse. - As you can see, that's insufficient.
We need to go to warp.
Commander Tucker said it would be too dangerous. We don't know what might happen.
Keeping the crew comatose for the next ten weeks?
All right. What do we do first?
I'm afraid I may not be of much assistance.
Do I need to keep reminding you you are the science officer?!
I already told you, I'm finding it difficult to focus.
On your worst day, you're more qualified to operate the warp engines than I am.
Unfortunately, this is by far one of my worst days.
I'm a physician, not an engineer!
-You hold a dozen scientific degrees. - None of them are in warp theory.
The procedures for restarting the reactor are in the database.
Are you suggesting I read the manual?
Output must be confined to within 300 and 312 millicochranes to prevent fusion of the dilithium matrix.
That seems simple enough.
Unless the spatial- compression index ...
is greater than 5.62% or the ship is within ...
two parsecs of a Class-C gravimetric field distortion.
I realize this is a complex procedure.
This is utterly baffling. It might as well be written in ancient Klingon for all the sense I can make of it.
I'm sorry.
I understand. I just wish I could be more helpful.
You're doing fine.
We have to close the plasma relays before we can begin the start-up sequence.
Would you mind?
What the hell are you doing?
I told you not to mess with the warp engines.
-I don't have time for this. -You better make time, Doc.
I told you.
You can't start the warp reactor inside this disturbance.
Actually, you told me it would be difficult, not impossible.
That machine was designed to manipulate space.
To violate the laws of motion.
You make the tiniest mistake,...
you'll collapse the warp field. You'll crush this ship.
Thank you for the warning.
-You're gonna screw this up, Phlox! -Go away!
-You're gonna kill everybody. -Can't you see I'm busy?!
Are you all right?
I can't find the plasma relays.
I'll do it myself.
Deuterium pressure is nominal.
Antimatter constrictor coils are on line.
Warp two? Should be sufficient?
Shall we try it?
Well, the intermix is stable.
A warp field is forming.
-What's wrong? -I don't know.
I followed the procedures exactly.
-What did I do wrong? -You need to...
What, T'Pol? Help me!
Is it the particle confinement?
-Perhaps you should increase it. - Well, how do I do that?
Particle confinement.
Particle confinement.
Perhaps we should wake Commander Tucker.
He'll die.
If we destroy the ship, we'll all die.
If we can't accomplish our mission,...
billions of people on Earth could die.
Isn't it logical to sacrifice one life to save so many?
I'm not willing to make that sacrifice yet.
Particle confinement!
Increase power to the magnetic constriction coils.
The field is stabilizing.
It's holding.
Then I suggest we go to warp.
Engaging warp engines.
Warp 1.1.
Point two.
Pressure on the hull is increasing.
What are you doing?
Lieutenant Reed insisted on showing me how to transfer power to the hull plating just in case.
It seems to be working.
Warp 1.8.
Warp two!
Lie still.
Your neo-cortex may need a few moments to warm up.
Are we through the disturbance?
I'll begin waking the rest of the crew shortly.
Oh, a few minor glitches.
It will all be in my log.
If you're feeling up to it, you have a visitor.
Thanks, Doctor.
How are you feeling?
A little woozy.
I'm not surprised. You haven't eaten anything in four days.
Get to the mess hall.
Aye, aye, Doc.
I'll assist you in waking the others.
Oh, that won't be necessary. I appreciate the offer, but...
you need some rest.
Let me walk you to your quarters.
Doctor's orders?
Thank you.
I'll stop by and check on you in a few hours.
As you might guess, Dr. Lucas, I had considered deleting this letter and starting over,
since large sections of it are now, obviously, fictitious.
However, I decided that my delusional account would probably prove entertaining.
As always, you have my best wishes.
Your friend and colleague, Phlox.
May I join you?
Of course.
Commander Tucker was complaining that it will take him days to realign the warp coils.
Yes. He gave me quite a talking to.
He also said, and I quote, ...
"Phlox did one hell of a job."
Excuse me, Doctor.
You must have enjoyed having the ship to yourself.
It wasn't nearly as empty as I anticipated.

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