Previously on Enterprise:
Insectoid ship's been damaged.
Target the second one.
Is that what this is all about?
You think I want to replace you?
Aw, you just can't stand taking orders from me, can you?
Tell me something.
Why won't you let me do my job?
I want to know where you're building the weapon.
I don't know what you're talking about.
The hell you don't.
There is a reference to a planet he visited recently.
Azati Prime.
The coordinates match the location of one of the red giants.
Set a course for Azati Prime.
Maximum warp.
It's definitely Xindi, Sir.
The hull composition matches the other ships we've seen.
It doesn't look like a Reptilian or a Primate design.
None that I can detect.
There's no atmosphere aboard.
Anyone else in the system?
No, Sir.
Put a team together.
Aye, Sir.
We'll take them back to Enterprise.
Tell Phlox I want a complete autopsy.
The Major and I will search the port side.
See if you can access their ship's database.
It's a computer interface.
See what you can download.
My father'd love to get a look at this place.
He's fascinated by insects.
Always filling the house up with bugs he's collected.
Drives my mother crazy.
Maybe we can bring home something new for his collection.
It's heavily reinforced.
It's pressurizing.
Oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere.
After you.
A little stale.
But breathable.
Very faint.
Coming from in here.
Some kind of shuttlecraft?
More like an assault vehicle.
I'm reading a half-dozen particle cannons...
...torpedo launchers...
You'd better get over here, Sir.
The DNA is identical to the bodies we found.
They would appear to be the crew's offspring.
A hatchery.
They built this place to take quite a beating.
Reinforced bulkheads, backup power systems.
31 eggs are still viable.
They won't survive for long. Their bio-support's losing power.
Do you think you can repair it?
I wouldn't even know where to start.
There's a shuttlecraft in their port bay. Get it back to the ship.
I want an analysis of their tactical systems as soon as possible.
Aye, Sir.
Did you find their bridge?
I'm not certain there is one.
The command functions appear to be distributed through various...
I'm all right.
We should get you to Sick Bay.
Hmm! A mild neurotoxin.
Likely part of an autonomic defense system.
The egg probably considered you a threat.
Humans seem to have that effect on the Xindi.
Eh, an analgesic should take care of the irritation.
Malcolm's bringing you two dead Insectoids.
I want you to learn as much as you can about them.
We've located their armory, found several particle weapons and torpedo casings.
- What about the data you recovered? - Ensign Sato's translating it.
We'll be ready to leave orbit as soon as the Xindi shuttle is aboard.
We've cleared the thermosphere.
You might want to do a better job securing our guests.
I think it's safe to assume it's dead.
Just being cautious.
Certain insects on Earth are known to hibernate.
Do you intend to shoot me, Major?
It's not you I'm worried about.
I've been going over the results from the last training session.
Your senior officers have shown a lot of improvement, but I think they can do better.
With your permission, I'd like to schedule...
...some more target practice for Monday evening.
That won't go over well with Commander Tucker.
Monday night is movie night.
Maybe he can sacrifice some leisure time for the sake of this mission.
The senior officers do have other duties.
We can't all spend our time playing holographic games in the Armory.
I'm not sure that's how the Captain would see it.
Enterprise to Shuttlepod Two.
You're clear to approach.
Deploy the docking arm.
Come in.
I think we've figured out what happened to them.
One of their nacelles fractured while they were coming out of a subspace vortex.
They probably tried to make an emergency landing on this planet.
According to Phlox, the Insectoids we found weren't killed in the crash.
They suffocated?
Most of the crew appear to have died...
...when they transferred their life support to the hatchery.
They sacrificed themselves to save their children.
You said the hatchery's losing bio-support.
How long will it last?
Another day, at most.
I want you to assign a team to repair it.
- What about Azati Prime? - It's not going anywhere.
This is a sentient species.
We can't abandon them.
Captain... with all due respect, why the hell not?
I've got half a mind to take a plasma torch to that place.
What if we found a nursery filled with thirty-one infant Primates?
Would you want to torch them?
The Xindi are trying to destroy Earth, because they heard that humans are ruthless.
This is a chance to prove them wrong.
We can bring the eggs aboard reconfigure one of the cargo bays.
I already talked to Phlox.
He says they're integrated into the hatchery walls.
If we remove them, they'll die.
Sir, this is crazy.
- These people are trying to kill us. - This isn't open for discussion.
I'll lead the engineering team.
I need you up here to help Travis figure out how to operate that Xindi shuttle.
I've made my decision.
Get to work.
Captain's Starlog, January 8, 2154.
We've been in orbit for more than a day.
The crew is restless, eager to resume our mission.
But I'm certain my decision to stay was the right one.
They may know how to build a weapons system, but, ah...
...these people could learn a thing or two about designing a comfortable chair.
For an Insectoid, maybe they are comfortable.
The power grid doesn't make much sense.
Almost half of it's routed to structural integrity.
You could probably fly this thing inside a gas giant.
Assuming you could figure out how to fly it.
This icon looks like it might represent the impulse manifolds.
Give it a shot.
I don't think this ship likes us very much.
You're going to have to remove these relays here and here.
That should disable the security protocols.
We can't initialize the engines without them.
What about the ship on the surface?
We might be able to salvage what we need.
Any word on how much longer he's planning to stay in orbit?
The repairs are moving slow.
I'd be the last to question the Captain's orders...
...but doesn't it seem a little odd that we're staying here to save a nest of Xindi?
The Captain thinks it's the right thing to do.
We may be at war, but these creatures need our help.
Meanwhile, their big brothers are trying to destroy Earth.
Every day we stay here gives them more time to finish their weapon.
There's a chance we'll run into more Insectoids when we reach that red giant.
Spending an extra day or two studying their tactical systems might be useful.
Ah, Captain.
I've, uh, learned quite a bit about this fascinating fellow.
Perhaps "fellow" is the wrong word. Their species is genderless.
Then who made all those eggs?
They reproduce asexually.
Each adult appears capable of producing multiple egg sacs.
I wouldn't be surprised if every Insectoid vessel had its own hatchery.
I'd estimate their life span is no more than, uh, 12 Earth years.
This individual may be one of the elder members of the crew.
It was nearly ten years old.
What about the hatchery?
When will the eggs mature?
Without knowing more about their incubation cycle, it's impossible to say...
...but probably no more than a week at most.
Captain, if you don't mind my saying, you look as if you could use some rest.
We've got to get the repairs finished.
Well, surely a few hours sleep wouldn't...
Contact me if you find anything else.
- Is there a problem, Corporal? - No, ma'am.
- Why are you guarding this chamber? - Captain's orders.
Lieutenant Reed's report.
You requested a tactical analysis of the Insectoid ship.
- Are we ready? - Just a few seconds, Captain.
There are two MACOs posted outside.
I asked Major Hayes to assign them.
These eggs are vulnerable.
There are breaches in the outer hull.
There could be predators around.
Aside from microbes, we've found no evidence of life on this planet.
We're ready.
Start at 40 megajoules, but keep an eye on that matrix converter.
Take it up to 50.
Shut it down!
What happened?
Must've been a surge in the power grid.
I'll need a few minutes, Captain.
Archer to Enterprise.
Medical emergency!
There was nothing I could do.
I'm sorry.
How's Hoshi coming with that translation?
Their iconography is different from the other Xindi species.
It's taking some time.
When she's done, ask her to search their database.
See if she can locate anything about their burial rituals.
Do you plan to hold a funeral?
Tucker to Captain Archer.
Go ahead.
I think I've figured out the problem.
Their power grid can't handle our converters.
It's going to take at least three days to make them compatible.
What about their reactor? Any way to bring it on-line?
It's possible, but they lost most of their antimatter in the accident.
Work with Trip.
Help him get their reactor up and running.
We're going to transfer our antimatter to their ship.
Use as much as you have to.
Our reserves are at less than sixty percent...
I'm not going to let any more of them die.
To get that reactor running again, we're going to have to use a...
...third of our antimatter reserves.
Why so much?
Every system on that ship is integrated.
The only way to bring bio-support back on line is to power up the whole thing.
That's not going to leave much antimatter for our torpedoes, never mind our engines.
Did you inform the Captain?
I wanted to run it by both of you first.
I never imagined Captain Archer would put the welfare of a few Xindi...
...before his own people.
Do you know he's spent nearly two days in that hatchery?
From what I'm told, he hasn't stopped working long enough to even sleep.
Delay the transfer for now.
The Captain gave us an order.
I'll speak with him.
Where's Trip?
Did you bring the antimatter?
What's the problem?
Initializing their reactor will deplete our reserves by one-third.
We can spare it.
We're only a few light years from the red giant.
We'll still have more than enough fuel to get there.
We don't know for certain if the weapon is in that system.
There are lives at risk here.
Billions of lives are at risk on Earth if our mission fails.
I'm well aware of that.
These Xindi are innocent.
If we let them die, we'll be proving to the others that they're right about us.
I don't know much about Vulcan ethics... but humans don't throw morality out the window...
...when things start getting a little rough.
Commander Tucker and Lieutenant Reed also believe...
...that this would compromise our mission.
Your opinions have been noted.
Now, get back to Enterprise and start the antimatter transfer.
I'm sorry, Captain, I can't obey that order.
You may not be wearing a uniform, but you can still be charged with insubordination.
Perhaps we should contact Starfleet and discuss this with Admiral Forrest.
You're relieved as First Officer.
Major... escort T'Pol back to the ship and confine her to her quarters.
- Sir? - I gave you an order.
Come in.
The first shuttlepod's on its way.
How long will it take to transfer the antimatter?
Using both shuttlepods about...
...four or five hours.
I didn't realize how badly I needed a shower.
I've been spending too much time in that hatchery.
If you're looking for a new First Officer, you should consider Malcolm.
You're going to want someone on the bridge full-time. I'm a little busy at the moment.
I'm happy with the command structure the way it is.
This is only temporary.
T'Pol just needed a slap on the wrist.
She's question your orders lots of times, but you've never locked her up before.
You have to admit it's a... little out of the ordinary.
These aren't ordinary circumstances.
T'Pol refused a direct order in front of the crew.
I can't have senior officers behaving like that...
...especially not on a mission this important.
Maybe you ought to confine me to quarters, too, Sir.
Because I'm still not sure we're doing the right thing here.
If the roles were reversed, I can't imagine these Xindi would do the same for us.
My great-grandfather was in North Africa during the Eugenics Wars.
His battalion was evacuating civilians from a war zone when they came under attack.
There was a school full of children directly between them and the enemy.
If his men had returned fire, they might have hit it.
So he called the commander on the other side...
...got him to agree to hold his fire long enough to evacuate the school.
There are rules, Trip, even in war.
We have to help these children.
This is what you wanted to show me? A battle simulation?
Scenarios like this can tell us a lot about the enemy's tactical capabilities.
Much more than we'd learn from a standard analysis.
I asked you to look for weaknesses in their shields, not to play more games.
This isn't exactly a game, Lieutenant.
The simulation found that they're vulnerable here.
They've got minimal shielding around their impulse manifolds.
A pair of torpedoes should be enough to take out the engines.
Those manifolds are pretty narrow...
...but our targeting scanners should be able to get a lock.
Nice work.
Thank you, Sir.
I apologize.
I overreacted.
A lot of the crew's on edge lately.
They certainly are.
I heard things got pretty ugly down there.
It's not every day I'm asked to confine a senior officer.
I can't say I disagree with the Captain's decision.
If one of my men disobeyed orders, I'd throw them in the stockade.
Well, I've got to get back to the bridge.
Let me know if your simulation finds anything else.
I need to see T'Pol.
She's not supposed to have any visitors, Sir.
This isn't a social call. I'm here for my neuro-pressure treatment.
Doctor's orders.
You don't want me to bring Phlox down here, do you?
- What's our status? - The antimatter's on its way.
I had a talk with him.
Everything's going to be all right. This whole thing'll blow over in a day or two.
Our antimatter supply will be depleted by then.
The captain's behavior is becoming increasingly illogical even for a human.
He's preoccupied with the hatchery.
He's displaying signs of paranoia.
I think you're overstating things just a little.
You can't allow him to use our antimatter.
What do you suggest I do, start a mutiny?
You have to speak with Phlox.
- Ask him to run a full exam on the Captain. - What good would that do?
If the Doctor can find something wrong...
...we may have medical grounds to relieve him of command.
Relieve him?
I know you're upset about what happened, but I think you're taking this personally.
How long before their reactor's brought on-line?
Assuming Hoshi can translate the interface, about 12 hours.
You have to delay it until we can verify the Captain's mental state.
If he finds out what we're doing, we'll both end up in the Brig.
You're asking me to betray him.
You can't allow your personal feelings for the Captain to affect your decision.
We both know that he's endangering this ship and our mission.
What is it?
A subspace vortex is opening off the port bow.
Tactical alert.
Captain Archer, report to the bridge.
It's an Insectoid. Three bio-signs aboard.
They're firing!
They're moving away at full impulse.
Pursuit course.
Arm phase-cannons.
Disable their engines.
No effect.
Their main deflector's charging. They could be trying to open a vortex.
Torpedoes, maximum yield.
Target their impulse manifolds.
- Ready. - Fire.
- What the hell's going on? - An Insectoid ship, Sir.
- You destroyed them? - They were opening a vortex.
They would've escaped.
The crew might have been able to take care of the hatchery.
We could've kept our antimatter and continued the mission.
They would have told their superiors, Sir, given away our position.
If you'd explained to them why we were here, you might've avoided a firefight.
With all due respect, they didn't seem particularly interested in talking.
Archer to Major Hayes.
- Go ahead, Captain. - Report to my ready room, on the double.
Aye, Sir.
I'm relieving you as tactical officer.
From now on, you'll report to Major Hayes.
I did what was necessary to protect this ship and its mission.
You'll be confined to quarters until further notice.
- Captain... - Dismissed.
Yes, Sir.
- Are you done with that translation? - Almost.
I want you to put together a distress call in the Insectoid language.
Transmit it on all frequencies as soon as you're ready.
There's nothing more important than the success of this mission.
- Do you agree, Major? - Of course, Sir.
My senior officers don't seem to understand what I'm trying to do here.
I guess I have myself to blame. In the past...
...I've encouraged them to ask questions, but we don't have time for that now.
I need officers who respect the chain of command and can follow orders.
It won't be a problem, Sir.
I thought what happened with T'Pol...
...might have been an isolated incident, but I'm not so sure now.
Lieutenant Reed destroyed a ship that could've helped us.
I'm starting to wonder if he deliberately tried to sabotage this mission.
You're in command while I'm on the surface.
You answer to me and me alone.
Is that understood, Major?
Perfectly, Sir.
That'll be all.
Can we talk to you for a minute, Sir?
What is it?
I'd like you to go to Sick Bay with Phlox.
Do I look sick to you?
Hoshi says you ordered her to transmit a distress call.
That's right.
Don't you think that's a little dangerous?
We'll be light years from here before the Xindi respond to it.
We don't know how far away their ships are.
If we send that message, we'll be taking a hell of a risk.
We can't afford to play it safe anymore.
This mission is too important.
This mission is to save Earth, not an alien hatchery.
Captain, you haven't eaten or slept in almost two days.
You've shown signs of obsessional behavior and paranoia.
If it'll make the two of you feel better, I'll go to Sick Bay for a complete physical.
As soon as that reactor's on-line.
That's not good enough, Sir.
Phlox has the authority to order you to Sick Bay.
T'Pol's manipulating you, isn't she?
If I'm declared unfit for duty, then she takes over.
Captain, if you won't come with me, I'll be required...
...under Starfleet Order 104, Section C, to relieve you of command.
I expected something like this from her... but not from the two of you.
I've already confined two senior officers today.
His neurochemistry appears normal.
- There's nothing wrong with him? - This scan is hardly conclusive.
I'll need to get him into the Imaging Chamber and run a complete neurological series.
When Hoshi sends that distress call...
...every Xindi ship that picks it up will start heading this way.
He's got Hayes on the bridge...
...MACOs posted all over the ship.
Whatever we do, we're going to have to do it fast.
What are you proposing, Commander?
I think it's time we throw the rule book out the window.
- I'm sorry, Sir, no visitors. - You let me in before.
I have new orders from Major Hayes.
Look, T'Pol was a little rough with me during the last session.
- I think she caused some nerve damage. - You'll have to speak with the Major, Sir.
This is a Starfleet ship. I don't have to ask Major Hayes for anything.
Step away, Sir.
Stand down, Corporal.
The captain gave Hayes control of the bridge, posted MACOs on every deck.
- Is he still on the surface? - Yeah.
Retrieving him and the antimatter should be a priority.
I'd advise securing the bridge first.
If Hayes gets wind of this, we could have a firefight on our hands.
Perhaps we should approach the Major and explain the situation.
- He seems like a reasonable man. - That'd be risky.
If Hayes sides with the captain, this mutiny will be over before it begins.
We'll need more people.
- Who's on duty in the armory? - Ensign Walsh and two of my men.
They'll side with us. But Hayes posted two MACO there.
Take the shuttlepod back to Enterprise.
- What about you, Sir? - You heard me.
Hold it.
That's going to leave a bruise.
All right.
- Here with me. - Yes, Sir.
We won't get to the bridge this way.
Captain, it's Trip!
You shouldn't have weapons in here.
Go ahead.
Major, Corporal Chang's been found unconscious in T'Pol's quarters.
- Where's T'Pol? - Not here, Sir.
Hayes to the Armory.
Armory, respond.
Stand down!
You intend to shoot me, Lieutenant?
Tell them to stand down.
The captain relieved you of duty.
Both of you.
We don't want anyone injured. Put down your weapons.
Until the captain says otherwise, I give the orders on this bridge.
Go back to the ship.
You have to come with us.
Shh, it's all right.
- Contact the captain. - Belay that.
I gave you a direct order, Ensign.
I'm sorry, Major.
It's over, Major!
- Take him to his quarters. - Aye, Sir.
- It's Commander Tucker. - Put him through.
- Go ahead. - We've got the captain.
What's going on up there?
The bridge is secure.
Tell Phlox to get the Imaging Chamber ready.
We've got a patient for him.
Acting Captain's Starlog, Supplemental.
We've resumed our course for Azati Prime.
Major Hayes and his men have been temporarily relieved of duty.
Dr. Phlox believes he's found an explanation for the captain's behavior.
Where is he?
In his quarters, resting.
Do you recall when the captain was attacked by one of the eggs?
It sprayed something in his face.
Mmm. I thought it was a defense reflex.
But it was actually something far more sophisticated.
The substance contained a unique neurochemical.
It infiltrated the captain's synaptic pathways...
...causing him to reverse imprint on the baby insectoids.
It's the opposite of what happens when a young animal bonds with its mother.
What, are you saying he thought he was the mother of those things?
More likely a caretaker.
Of course, the captain didn't realize this on a conscious level.
Eventually, he became obsessed with protecting the eggs...
...to the exclusion of everything else.
Including our mission.
I'd like to speak with him, if you don't mind.
He'll be ake in few hours. He should be fully recovered by then.
I want you and your men to return to duty.
Yes, ma'am.
Not the sort of thing they trained us for at West Point.
I imagine not.
You could have come to me, explained the situation.
We couldn't take the chance that you'd side with the captain.
I probably would have.
Come in.
I didn't mean to wake you, Sir.
It's all right. I was getting up anyway.
How you feeling?
Oh, I've been better.
You sure you had that pistol set to "stun"?
...I hope you understand if there'd been any other way...
You were protecting our mission, Trip.
I would have done the same thing.
Still, I never thought I'd find myself pointing a weapon at you...
...no matter what the circumstances.
Let's put this behind us, okay?
Yes, Sir.
What's our status?
We just recovered the last of our antimatter reserves.
The hatchlings?
Phlox says there's 19 of them running around down there.
Chances are they'll survive until the next Xindi ship comes along.
It time we got back on the road.
I want you at your post.
We're going to be pushing the engines pretty hard.
I'll be on the bridge.
Aren't you supposed to get some rest?
I've had plenty.
I'm sorry, Sir, but the Doctor was insistent.
I guess I don't want another mutiny on my hands.
Tell Travis to set a course for Azati Prime, maximum warp.
Right away, Sir.

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