Previously on Enterprise.
We don't have a complete casualty list yet ...
but so far the news isn't good.
Five people are confirmed dead, dozens wounded.
If you destroy Earth, you won't just be eliminating my species.
You'll be eliminating your own!
Do you have any idea why they released you?
I think I may have gotten through to one of them.
We were told the Reptilians attempted to build a bio-weapon.
Who told you this?
We've also learned that they were building this bio-weapon in the past on Earth.
When I was exposed to trellium it affected me in a way I wasn't prepared for.
I discovered I was able to access certain emotions.
I wanted more.
I devised a way to inject it into my bloodstream.
You must have known it was dangerous.
Trellium exposure is deadly to Vulcans.
Elizabeth, get out of there!
We're in bad shape... I can't deny that.
But we're still in one piece.
Enterprise is a tough ship.
She took more than anyone could ask her to, and then some.
And so have all of you.
I wanted to say thank you.
I only wish I could thank the 18 crewmen who were lost.
Like you, they understood how important our mission is...
and they accepted the risks.
We came into the Expanse not knowing what we'd find,...
with no one to rely on but ourselves.
But we're going to succeed...
To accomplish our mission...
for everyone on Earth who's relying on us...
and for the 18.
We managed to get into Sections Six and Seven on C-Deck.
We found Taylor and Kamata.
That accounts for everyone.
What's our status on weapons?
Mr. Reed has both...
forward phase-cannons back on-line in addition to the aft torpedo launchers.
Hull plating is up to 80%.
That'll have to do.
We could wait--
hang back until we've had a chance to make more repairs.
Degra's message was clear--
we're to meet him ten hours from now.
And I don't intend to be late.
Maybe that's what he's counting on.
Lure us into an ambush while we're still licking our wounds.
I've made my decision.
We have got a lot of work to do. I suggest we get to it.
Aye, sir.
Crewman Taylor was one of yours, wasn't she?
She was an EPS control specialist...
a damn good one.
I'd like you to write a letter to her family.
She worked on Rostov's team. I can ask him.
I asked you.
I'm barely holding the ship together.
I don't have time to sit down and write a letter.
It doesn't have to be long, ...
but her family deserves to know what happened to her.
You're busy. I'll come back.
have a seat.
I'll have to use a hand-scanner.
The Imaging Chamber is still off-line.
Commander Tucker reassigned the repair team that was working here.
He said the Armory was a "higher priority."
We'll see how low a priority I am the next time he burns his fingers on a plasma conduit.
You've experienced no further withdrawal symptoms?
I'm only detecting trace amounts of trellium in your system...
hardly worth mentioning.
That's good news.
What is it?
These emotions...
have grown more difficult to control.
My usual techniques for suppressing them haven't been effective.
On Earth, there's a cautionary tale about the dangers of releasing...
a magical creature called a "genie" from a bottle.
Once it's out, it's extremely difficult to put back in.
Are you saying these emotions may never subside?
You used trellium for three months.
It caused significant damage to your neural pathways.
You may have to learn to live with these emotions.
We're approaching the coordinates, Captain, right on schedule.
No ships out there, sir.
Scanning all frequencies.
Nothing so far.
Maybe they're running late.
Tactical alert!
It's a spatial anomaly.
We've entered a dense field.
Tucker to the Bridge! This is not the best time for this!
Stand by, Trip.
Reports of injuries on B-Deck.
No one's out there, sir.
-Get us out of here. -Aye, sir.
We're receiving a transmission.
It's Degra and he's telling us to follow him.
-Stay with him, Travis. - Aye, sir.
They're hailing us.
I see you found my message.
We have a great deal to discuss, and I don't have much time.
Come aboard my ship.
If we'd left you with the Reptilians, they would have killed you.
Degra arranged for the Aquatics to return you to your ship.
Then you also called off the attack on Enterprise?
The Reptilians weren't very pleased about that either.
You've taking a big risk.
If you're telling the truth, the future of my people is at stake.
Everything I've told you is true.
Forgive me, ...
but the Council will need more than your word.
Perhaps you can demonstrate your ability to time travel.
That might be a bit difficult.
But if you come aboard my ship,
I can give you all the proof you want.
Very well.
But there are some things I want to know first.
Such as?
When will your weapon be launched?
The precise date hasn't been determined yet.
-days? - That's up to the Council.
I'm trying to help you, ....
but I need to know my world isn't being destroyed while I'm doing it.
The weapon won't be launched for several days.
Show us your proof...
and we'll do what we can to stop it.
What did you get?
Pepperoni pizza.
Don't worry. You can pick the pepperoni off.
Damage reports?
The Captain wants me to write a letter to Crewman Taylor's family.
I'm sure they'll appreciate that.
Their daughter's dead.
You really think they'll care what I have to say?
When was the last time you slept?
I don't know.
Not since the attack.
That was two days ago.
All right, then.
Two days.
Go to your quarters.
Get some sleep.
Believe me, I'd love to.
I could order you.
I don't have time.
We're full of holes, the only thing keeping us flying is a stolen warp coil, ...
and now I got to write this letter.
What the hell...?
Tucker to Engineering!
Shut down the auxiliary coolant lines between Sections...
-12 and 14 on E-deck! -Aye, sir.
Tucker to Sick Bay.
Medical emergency on E-deck, Section 12.
On my way, Commander.
Reactor pressure's holding.
Good thing I wasn't taking a nap.
Friend of yours?
A colleague...
of sorts.
They're the ones we found on Earth...
in the past.
And this is the result of your "finding" them?
They were about to release a bio-weapon that would have decimated the population.
The Reptilians felt a toxin would be more effective on your species.
Damron and his team disappeared shortly after the Council rejected his proposal.
Apparently, they decided to go ahead without your Council's approval.
But, fortunately, you were able to stop them by traveling back through time.
I already told you...
we had help...
just like they did.
This proves nothing.
How do we know he didn't capture them in the present?
You need more evidence?
They had this with them.
We destroyed the toxin, but my doctor kept a sample of it in stasis.
This appears to be Xindi technology,...
but I'd like to have our engineers confirm it.
Have them come aboard...
perform whatever tests they'd like.
This proves nothing except the Reptilians disobeyed the Council.
Which comes as no great surprise.
But you also claim that ...
we've been misled by trans-dimensional aliens.
Where is your evidence of that?
Come with me.
There's a microfracture in the magnesium jacket.
-That's why it ruptured! -I ran a pressure test.
Tell it to the man lying in Sick Bay!
-Test them again-- all of them! -Aye, sir.
-Commander? -I'm a little busy, Doc.
So it seems.
I understand you haven't slept since the attack.
T'Pol tattling on me now?
She's worried about you.
Well, I appreciate that, but I'm trying to hold this ship together with spit and baling wire.
Has it occurred to you that we'll be far worse off if you collapse from exhaustion?
Your concern is duly noted, Doc, but I got to get back to work.
I don't believe so.
Come again.
I'm relieving you of duty.
You will go to your quarters, and not return to your post before 05:00 tomorrow.
-Six hours? - Please don't make me involve Security.
Archer to Doctor Phlox.
-Yes, Captain? -I need you in Sick Bay.
I'll be right there.
Well, Commander?
I could give you two hours.
I believe the number was six.
If I'm gone longer than three, there may not be a ship here when I get back.
Not a minute less.
And remind me never to buy a car from you.
-Captain's waiting for you. - I'm aware of that.
good night, then.
We found him adrift.
Do you recognize his species?
We've met one of them.
What caused his death?
Some kind of cellular degeneration.
It started the moment he was taken off his ship.
Perhaps your atmosphere was toxic to him.
I believe our universe was toxic to him.
His species evolved in a different dimension, ...
under a different set of physical laws. He simply couldn't exist here.
That's why his species built the Spheres--
to make our space more compatible for themselves.
We believe he was a test subject sent here to see if they were succeeding.
And, if they are, you're saying the Expanse will no longer be compatible for us.
For any of us.
We're destined to form an alliance to stop them.
But, if you destroy Earth, that'll never happen.
You'll be condemning your own race to extinction.
Trouble sleeping, sir?
You were killed.
This whole section decompressed.
Did you find a sealed compartment?
Then how...?
You're dead...
and I'm dreaming.
The letter...
How's it going?
I got as far as...
"I regret to inform you..."
That's a little dry, sir.
You're not real.
You don't have to call me "sir."
So what's the problem?
The letter doesn't have to be long. The Captain told you that.
You can't think of anything.
I wish it was that simple.
I served on Enterprise for three years.
You pulled me off the Saratoga to be on your team.
Captain Brody was pretty angry at you.
I forgot about that.
You told me I'd make a fine Chief Engineer someday.
You will.
You would have.
Then tell my parents that.
Tell them about the practical jokes Rostov used to play on me.
Or that one time I found that glitch in the injector assembly that everyone else missed.
Tell them how hard I worked.
How much you liked me.
Why can't you look at me?
Just remember me.
Is that asking so much?
These tests only confirm the equipment belonged ...
-to the Reptilians. -There's also evidence of chronometric distortion...
time travel.
The readings could have been fabricated.
You're determined not to trust him.
No more than you seem to be determined to believe whatever he says.
Now, I admit Archer's evidence is intriguing, ...
but we barely know this human.
Our contact from the future has helped us many times.
She brought this Council together.
And you've never wondered whether she might have an agenda of her own?
I am not a fool, Degra.
All I'm saying is that it'll take....
a little more than a few chronometric distortions to turn the Council against her.
Captain Archer is expecting me.
More evidence?
He claims to know a great deal about the Spheres.
I know you've had doubts about building the weapon.
Don't let them cloud your judgment.
We've been working to reconstruct our database.
The pounding your ships gave us didn't help much.
Try it now.
I'm going to reset the optical subprocessors.
That might clear it up.
When we slipped through your detection grid, ...
we got a look at the weapon you're building.
An impressive piece of engineering.
Hell, it'd take at least...
a thousand starships like Enterprise to blow up an entire planet.
You know, I'd like to see the telemetry from the probe you launched against Earth.
Increase the data resolution.
I assume you were watching the attack.
Calculating the blast yields.
You must have been pretty damn excited.
I mean, that beam cut one hell of a swath through Florida.
That's the name of one of the places you destroyed.
Did you actually see the cities burning, the houses...
the people being vaporized?
You know, I had a sister there.
How are the repairs coming?
Just need a few more minutes, Captain.
Why don't you join me in my Ready Room until they're finished.
Let's stick to the job at hand.
Aye, sir.
The Captain is trying to gain Degra's trust.
It's one of the warp plasma conduits.
It must have ruptured when our sensors were off-line.
Perhaps my crew can help.
We'll handle it.
We'll need to shut down the main plasma feeds.
The flow regulators are damaged.
There are manual cut-offs here and here, but we can only access it from outside.
That's very close to the fire.
We don't have a choice.
If we don't get control of it fast, it'll spread to the reactor.
Get going.
-I could use a hand. -That would be me, sir.
Open that panel and I'll talk you through the cut-off sequence.
-Where's the other valve? -Over there.
I need to open the emergency bypass ports first.
You can't close your valve until I release the pressure from the secondary line.
I have a problem.
I think the heat's warped the metal.
The panel won't open.
Use your plasma torch.
I'll be there in a minute.
I'm releasing the interlocks on the first port.
This is going to take a while.
Careful you don't cut through the bypass relays, Malcolm.
The manifold pressure is increasing.
We have less than six minutes before the fire reaches the reactor shielding.
Archer to Trip.
You've got six minutes.
You okay, Malcolm?
I'm almost there.
The temperature in Lieutenant Reed's suit is over 44 degrees.
He's too close to the fire.
His EV suit can't compensate.
Get back to the airlock.
I'm almost finished, Captain.
That's an order.
Get inside, Malcolm.
I can wrap it up.
I'm opening the primary bypass port.
Two more to go, and... we're in business!
46 degrees.
I'm sorry, sir.
You're breaking up
Get inside, Malcolm! I can finish.
There's no time.
Do what you have to do so I can shut this down!
A few more seconds! I'm purging the last port.
The forward valve is closed.
Okay, Malcolm, clockwise 90 degrees.
Nice work, Malcolm.
Malcolm? Malcolm!
Tucker to Doctor Phlox.
Meet us in the airlock.
We need to bring his body temperature down. Let's geto Sick Bay.
I hope he'll be all right.
What's one more dead human to you?
You had no problem killing seven million of us.
But seven million and one is more than you can...
-stomach? -That's enough.
-I guess even Xindi have their limits. -I said, that's enough!
Aye, aye, sir.
We've determined there are 59 of them.
78 at our last count.
We've had more time to study them than you have.
I apologize for Mister Tucker.
I never expected to meet anyone who'd suffered because of what I'd done.
At the time, I thought the attack was necessary to save my people.
I know.
Believe it or not, we've had this conversation before.
That's right.
Our "escape" from prison together.
The Reptilians are correct about one thing, Captain.
You have an impressive facility for deception.
Erasing your memory probably wasn't the best way to earn your trust.
Probably not.
They're all connected by a subspace energy grid.
Unfortunately our data on the Spheres' interiors is extremely limited.
Maybe I can help.
How did you get this?
The first Sphere we came across was damaged.
There was a breach in the outer shell.
We've never been able to gain access to one.
These scans are remarkably detailed for a military vessel.
Enterprise was designed to be a ship of exploration.
If we're successful, it will be again.
Computer, begin recording.
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Taylor.
I regret to inform you that your daughter was killed in the line of duty.
She was a fine engineer, ...
and she died performing her duties.
Computer, stop recording.
Delete that.
Computer, start again.
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Taylor.
As Jane's commanding officer,...
it's with deepest regret that I inform you of her death.
She was a diligent engineer.
Very hard-working...
Tactical Alert.
All hands to stations.
We've detected a ship.
They just passed through the cloaking barrier.
On screen.
-Did you invite anyone else? -We masked our warp trail.
I don't know how they found us.
With the humans?
I suppose the Council authorized these negotiations.
No one authorized the development of a bio-weapon,...
but that didn't deter your colleagues from creating one.
Undock from the human vessel immediately.
He intends to seize the human vessel.
He'll destroy both our ships if we don't comply.
We don't stand a chance against them, not in the shape we're in.
What kind of weapons do you have?
You expect me to attack a Reptilian warship?
If we work together, we might be able to disable them.
They're charging weapons.
Are you familiar with the design of that ship?
I did some work on their power systems.
Then you know where they're vulnerable, where to target our weapons.
Their ship is heavily armored.
At least we'd stand a chance.
Those Reptilians are Xindi.
You're asking me to attack my own people.
Proceed to our starboard docking port.
I want your word that my crew won't be punished.
You'll all be dealt with as the Council sees fit.
He's nearly reached the Reptilians.
He's knocked out their shield generators.
Evasive maneuvers.
Keep firing. Target their weapons.
Their weapons are down.
Degra was spot on. He knew exactly where to hit them.
Open a channel to Degra.
- Sir! - He's charging weapons.
The Reptilian ship has been destroyed.
Captain, Degra's hailing us.
They would've contacted the Council and exposed our alliance.
I had no choice.
Crewman Rostov said I'd find you here.
Repair crews are starting tomorrow.
I thought I'd try and get 'em some power.
These assemblies are all fused together.
I've spent the last hour trying to isolate the damaged relays.
You might find this useful.
Portable power cells.
Courtesy of our new Xindi friends?
Damn neighborly of them.
Is there anything I can help you with?
Not unless you can resurrect the dead.
Crewman Taylor had a real knack for this kind of thing.
But Taylor's not here, is she?
And neither is Crewman Kamata or Ensign Marcel...
or a dozen others.
So forgive me...
if I don't want the damn power cells!
We found Taylor over there outside her quarters.
She was probably trying to get to her station.
If she'd made it a few more meters, ..
I wouldn't be trying to write this damn letter.
Every time I start,...
I hear myself saying what a fine young woman she was, how...
smart and full of potential...
and I realize ...
I'm not thinking about Taylor at all,...
I'm thinking about Elizabeth.
So many people dead...
I tried not to see her any differently than the other seven million.
So I've spent the last nine months...
trying to pretend she was just another victim.
But she's my sister, T'Pol...
my baby sister.
I envy you Vulcans.
You think that the loss of a colleague ...
or friend doesn't affect us?
It does.
But if we give in to those emotions, they overwhelm us.
You're the ones to be envied.
You need to speak to the Council.
With the evidence you've shown me they'll have no choice...
but to take us seriously.
Even the Reptilians?
I'm more concerned about the Aquatics.
They can be somewhat enigmatic.
But if we can sway them, we'll have a majority on our side.
These are the coordinates for the Council chamber.
This is nearly a dozen light years away.
-It'll take us weeks to get there. -There's a shorter route, a subspace corridor.
It's located in a nebula less than half a light year from here.
That will show your helmsman how to get through it.
I'll meet you at the far end in three days.
Will it be soon enough to stop the weapon?
I'll do everything I can to delay it.
Use caution when you enter the nebula.
A hostile species is known to prey on ships that approach it.
Thanks for the warning.
See you in three days.
Three days.
Computer, begin recording.
Mr. and Mrs. Taylor,...
by the time you get this, ...
Starfleet will have already told you about Jane.
Since I worked so closely with her, ...
I wanted to add my personal condolences.
I have to confess, I've been putting off writing this for a while.
I convinced myself that...
my duties on Enterprise took precedence.
But the truth is...
I didn't want to face the fact that someone so young, ...
with so much promise...
could just be gone.
But I'm facing it now ...
and I find myself thinking how important she was to me.
She was a great engineer...
and she was my friend.
She won't be forgotten.
Good-bye, Elizabeth.

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