Previously on Enterprise.
We're in bad shape. I can't deny that.
Perhaps my crew can help.
My emotions are growing more difficult to control.
You used trellium for three months.
You may have to learn to live with these emotions.
These are the coordinates for the council chamber.
It'll take us weeks to get there.
It's a shorter route, a subspace corridor.
I'll meet you at the far end in three days.
See you in three days.
Come in.
The probe...?
We couldn't stop it from entering the vortex.
It's on its way to Earth.
Seven million people...
Everything is happening as it did before.
Then you have no choice.
You must find Jonathan Archer.
Come in.
I'm sorry to bother you.
I'm having a little trouble falling asleep.
I think my insomnia's come back.
You're here for neuro-pressure.
It's been weeks since our last session.
We've all been under a lot of stress lately.
I thought it might do us both some good.
I think we should discontinue these treatments.
You've become quite skilled with the postures I've shown you.
You told me it takes years to master neuro-pressure.
I'm not that quick a study...
I've taught you all I can.
...the truth is I'm sleeping fine.
I didn't come for neuro-pressure.
I came because I'm worried about you.
You've been keeping to yourself a lot lately, even more than usual.
You spend every free moment in your quarters.
You even asked Chef to bring your meals here.
The Mess Hall's heavily damaged. Where would you suggest I eat?
Come on,...
you gotta admit you've been avoiding me ever since the two of us...
You know, when we...
Had sexual relations.
Wow, that's real romantic when you put it that way.
I told you what happened was an exploration,
not the prelude to an intimate relationship.
I never said I wanted a relationship.
Neither did I.
You helped me get through a rough patch and I'm grateful.
I just stopped by to see if I could return the favor.
I appreciate your concern.
But I'm fine.
Degra said these Kovaalans had only one or two ships inside the nebula.
It would appear that his information is out of date.
There are at least half a dozen ships.
According to Degra, they're not very tolerant of trespassers.
How close are they to the corridor?
Within 60,000 kilometers.
We'll ionize the hull.
That should mask our approach for a while.
I suggest we enter here above this layer of metreon gas.
It should reflect our engine signature,...
create multiple sensor ghosts, false readings...
if we're lucky, they won't know which one to fire at.
You gave them the coordinates?!
They could launch an attack against the Council!
Archer's ship was heavily damaged.
They wouldn't stand a chance against one of our cruisers.
There may be other human ships in the Expanse.
Those readings were never confirmed.
This discussion is pointless.
You won't be allowed to bring Archer before the Council.
Then we won't ask their permission.
He'll be killed the moment he steps into the Council chamber.
They have to listen. His allegations are too important to simply dismiss.
Do you believe Archer's being truthful?
I don't think he's told us everything, but...
I can't explain the evidence that we saw.
The humans could have manufactured this evidence.
They'd do anything to save their planet.
If Archer is telling the truth, ...
then all the Council's efforts will be for nothing.
The Reptilians patrol this side of the corridor.
They'll destroy the human vessel as soon as it comes through.
I've already considered that.
We can protect them.
What makes you think the Reptilians won't fire on us?
Tactical alert.
Take us in.
Aye, sir.
A ship is dropping out of warp.
-Can you identify it? - This can't be right.
It's Starfleet NX class.
Are you sure it's not a sensor reflection?
We haven't entered the nebula yet.
Whoever they are, they're on an intercept course.
We're within visual range.
Must be the NX-02 Columbia.
It's still under construction.
I don't think that's Columbia.
We're being hailed.
Captain Archer, you must reverse course immediately.
-Who are you? - There's no time to explain.
Alter your heading.
Come about, Ensign.
Would you tell me what the hell is going on?
Your weapons won't be necessary.
I'd like some answers first.
I'm Lorian, commander of Enterprise.
Karyn Archer, my First Officer.
We should find a place to talk.
Perhaps the Conference Room.
You'll want T'Pol to join us.
You can't take your ship into the subspace corridor.
If you do, it'll be thrown back in time 117 years.
How would you know that?
Because it's already happened.
We're here to make certain that history doesn't repeat itself.
The Kovaalans attacked Enterprise as soon as it entered the nebula.
Phase-cannons are off-line.
Torpedoes, full spread.
How long until we reach the corridor?
18 seconds.
Aft plating's gone.
We're losing speed.
Hold your course.
The trip through the corridor took only a few seconds.
It didn't take long before your crew realized something was wrong.
No sign of pursuit.
-Where are we? -We've traveled 11.6 light years.
Nothing on long- range sensors.
The stars...
they're not where they're supposed to be.
Are you sure we're at the right coordinates?
Enterprise was in the right place, but it was over a hundred years early.
We're not entirely sure why this happened, but we have a theory.
We think your impulse wake destabilized the corridor, causing it to shift in time.
Why didn't you...
didn't we go back through it?
T'Pol eventually determined ...
that ships can only travel through this corridor in one direction.
I'll notify the crew.
Let Travis know we'll be getting under way.
What course should we set?
Even if we could find a way to get out of the Expanse, we can't go back to Earth.
We'd be contaminating our own culture, our own history...
Cochrane's warp flight won't happen for another 26 years.
Maybe there's a way we can use this to our advantage.
We know the date when Earth is attacked by the first Xindi probe.
We may be able to figure out a way...
to warn them or even prevent the attack.
The probe won't be deployed for more than a hundred years
Your crew realized it would be their descendants who would have to complete this mission.
It was only a matter of time before the first child was born.
Enterprise became a "generational ship."
You showed your children how to operate and maintain its systems,...
and they did the same for their children.
You've been flying around the Expanse for over a century?
That's unlikely.
Enterprise doesn't have fuel or provisions for such a long journey.
You've hardly changed, Mother.
I beg your pardon?
You made alliances with other species,...
traded technology for food and supplies.
You even acquired a few alien crew members.
We did our best to carry out the mission you gave us, Captain.
To destroy the first Xindi probe.
But you failed.
We had years to prepare, but in the end, we were only one starship.
Our weapons were no match for the Xindi.
We couldn't stop the first attack, but we can help you stop the second.
We can make certain you reach the rendezvous with Degra this time.
You said we couldn't travel through the corridor.
You won't need to.
We've encountered dozens of species.
Some of them shared their propulsion technology with us.
We got these schematics from Haradin traders.
We can use them to modify your injector assembly.
You'll be able to travel at warp 6.9 for brief intervals.
The hull wasn't designed for that speed.
We'll show you how to reinforce structural integrity.
You'll be able to reach Degra in less than two days.
You've made these modifications on your own ship?
Our plasma injectors are too old, they can't handle the stress.
But your injectors are practically new.
You're still not convinced.
You've got to admit it's a lot to accept.
We don't have a lot of time.
You need to start these modifications.
I'm not comfortable doing that just yet.
Perhaps we should go to Sick Bay.
Phlox can confirm our identity.
They are who they claim to be.
Most of the young woman's ancestors were human but there are also ...
chromosomes from three species I've never seen before.
These genetic markers belong to you, Captain.
She would appear to be your great-granddaughter.
I've compared your genetic profile with Lorian's.
These base pair sequences could only have come from you.
These chromosomes are human.
That's correct. They came from his father.
That's impossible.
Humans and Vulcans have never been able to reproduce.
According to Lorian, I discovered...
or rather, I will discover....
a method of successfully combining human and Vulcan genomes.
Who's the father?
Commander Tucker.
Captain's Starlog, Supplemental.
I've decided to proceed with Lorian's plan to modify our warp engines.
Both ships have moved a safe distance from the nebula ...
to avoid conflict with the Kovaalans.
It's the strangest thing.
I look at you and I see my father.
Right here, around the eyes.
Now, the ears, those, those are your mother's.
Wait a minute. You smiled.
I wasn't raised with the same inhibitions most Vulcans have.
My human side has allowed me to find a balance between emotion and logic.
I've even been known to tell a joke on occasion.
Would you hand me the coil spanner?
You seem to know your way around an injector assembly.
Pretty dry reading.
I hope I gave you some hands-on training as well.
I'm sure you would have.
We should reinitialize the startup routine before going to warp six.
There's something you're not telling me.
You died when I was 14.
What happened?
I'm not sure we should be discussing your future.
It couldn't have been easy growing up without the old man around.
I'm sorry I wasn't there.
You were a good father.
It's strange being able to tell you that.
We've doubled the efficiency of our atmosphere processors.
We can give you those specs, too.
Starfleet will be glad to hear Enterprise was built to last.
Wasn't that boy Denobulan?
Many of our crew are descendants of Phlox.
He and Amanda had nine children.
You're not entirely human yourself.
My great-grandmother was Ikaaran.
-Was that...? - Your wife.
Her name was Esilia.
You rescued her ship from an anomaly field.
You know, finding your ship explains a few things.
When the Xindi took me prisoner,....
they asked me one question over and over. They wanted to know ....
how many ships Starfleet had in the Expanse.
I'm sure they've picked us up on their sensors more than once.
I thought we were going to the Bridge.
There's someone who'd like to see you first.
Hello, Jonathan.
It's good to see you.
Living with humans for so long has changed you.
They didn't tell me you were still aboard.
You mean "still alive."
You look well.
How is Trip?
He's fine.
If you'd like, I'll have him come by and say hello.
That might be awkward.
There's so much I want to ask you.
I don't know where to start.
I wish we had time to get reacquainted.
You must give this to your Science Officer.
She'll know what it means.
Two: A boy and a girl.
Toru and Yoshiko.
Who's the father?
I don't know.
It was probably in their database, but I didn't look it up.
-Why not? -You've got to be curious.
Some things are better left a mystery.
How about you? Did you get married?
Corporal McKenzie.
How well do you know her?
We talked after a training session once.
-Yeah? -You should ask her out.
-Is this taken? -Please.
So, Lieutenant, who did you end up with?
On the other Enterprise.
Did you get married, have kids?
Actually, I didn't.
Apparently, the Reed family line came to a rather unceremonious end.
You'd think on a ship quite this size I would've been able to find someone.
Women only make up a third of the crew.
There were bound to be a few bachelors left over.
It would appear I'm going to be one of them.
I'm on duty in a few minutes.
Me, too.
I'll see you later, sir.
This seat's available.
She thinks that Lorian's plan won't work.
T'Pol found a discrepancy in his calculations.
If we exceed warp 5.6, the injectors could start to overload.
We'd be destroyed.
Have you shown that to Trip?
He agrees with the assessment.
We'll have to contact Degra.
Tell him we won't be able to make the rendezvous.
There is an alternative.
The subspace corridor.
We'll be thrown back in time.
Not necessarily.
T'Pol spent ...
many years examining their sensor logs from the incident.
She believes it's possible to reconfigure our impulse manifolds.
It should prevent the corridor from destabilizing.
-How long will it take? - About 12 hours.
You should've told me.
My ship could be destroyed.
There's only a 22% chance of an overload.
I'd call that a damn big risk.
There's no alternative.
You'll be thrown into the past if you try to use the corridor.
I've got two T'Pol's who disagree with you.
The Kovaalans will attack Enterprise the moment it enters the nebula.
If they damage your manifolds, the corridor will destabilize again.
It's our best option.
You have to listen to me.
This is my mission...
and my decision.
Saving Earth is my mission as much as yours.
I didn't come over here for a debate.
I've already given the order.
Trip's shorthanded in Engineering.
If you could spare a few people, he could get the work done faster.
You're the captain.
You shouldn't have spoken to Archer.
He had a right to know the risks.
Why didn't you tell him?
If they use that corridor, their mission will fail.
Earth will be destroyed.
You're allowing your human side to get the better of you.
You know nothing about being human.
I know that for them, ...
guilt can be a powerful motivator.
Don't let it cloud your judgment.
Maybe you'd be a little more concerned if Vulcan was in danger and not Earth.
We'll meet with Degra.
I'll speak to the Xindi council.
Degra's not expecting us.
Archer's following the same course of action he did before.
He's not going to be at the rendezvous.
But their plan could work.
We can't just sit here and hope he succeeds.
Billions of lives are at stake.
H-How are we supposed to reach Degra?
We can't sustain warp six.
Our injectors are too old.
We're going to use the injectors from Archer's ship.
Do you expect him to simply give them to us?
You're going to steal them?
Their warp drive will be disabled.
My father's a resourceful engineer.
He'll be able to fabricate new injectors.
You're asking me to betray Jonathan Archer.
I know this won't be easy, ...
but we've had to make difficult choices before.
Our parents and grandparents lived and died aboard this ship...
to ensure that someday, we would be able to stop the Xindi.
This is our time.
If Earth is going to survive, we have to act.
Have you spent any time talking to Lorian?
Not really.
You should.
He seems like a good kid.
He's hardly a "kid." He's more than a hundred years old.
Only in the Expanse...
could I have a son who's nearly three times my age.
Who would've thought, you and me, huh?
Lorian says we're going to be married in a traditional Vulcan ceremony.
It's gonna take me weeks to learn to pronounce the vows.
You know where we're going to have our honeymoon?
Cargo Bay Three!
He says I'll fill it up with sand that we dug up from a passing asteroid.
I'm even supposed to...
I'm even supposed manufacture a palm tree.
It's ridiculous to assume those events are going to happen.
Hand me the flux coupler.
Aren't you at all curious ...
about how you and I are supposed to end up together?
The fact that our counterparts married doesn't mean we'll do the same.
You're afraid to admit that under the right circumstances, ...
you could have feelings for me.
Maybe you have them already.
I should've known this was a mistake.
Exploring human sexuality with you.
You're obviously unable to have...
a physical relationship without developing an emotional attachment.
You know, all the other women on board must've been taken...
'cause I can't imagine any other reason why I would've married someone ....
as stubborn as you.
I'll go help Rostov with the port manifold.
You seem to have everything under control.
The injectors are still on line.
Greer? How much longer?
It's taking more time than we thought to reroute the plasma.
Stand by.
Hold off on it for now.
I want those starboard modules recalibrated first.
Hold your fire!
What the hell are you doing?!
Greer to Lorian.
The flow's been diverted.
Get back to the ship.
We won't be able to go to warp without those injectors!
Archer gave me no other option.
Take some advice from your old man:
you don't want to do this.
He'll alert the others.
I'm sorry.
What's wrong?
Warp engines just went off-line.
Our plasma injectors are disengaged.
Archer to Engineering.
Trip, respond.
Send a security team.
They've undocked.
Hail them.
No response.
They're preparing to go to warp!
Disable their engines.
-They're targeting our nacelles. -Take us to warp!
I can't they've knocked out the starboard power couplings!
Get us out of here, full impulse!
Return fire!
Hull plating at 61%!
-They're making a run for it! - Stay with them!
They have the same complement of weapons as we do.
We would appear to be evenly matched.
Get down to the transporter and stand by.
Bring us in low, underneath them.
Target their hull plating relays.
We've lost hull plating!
I can't establish a lock.
We need to get closer.
You heard her!
We lost power on C-Deck.
Weapons are gone.
2,000 meters.
Sir, our weapons are losing power.
Archer's using the transporter.
They've taken one of our EPS manifolds!
Now lock on to their primary relays.
They're on C-Deck, junction twelve.
We're losing main power.
This is Captain Archer.
Looks like we've got some things that belong to each other.
Why don't we call a truce....
and return our respective property.
Sir, they still have one torpedo in the forward tube.
It's locked on to our starboard engine.
I know you've got your finger on the trigger.
If you fire that torpedo, ...
you're going to hurt a lot of people over here.
answer me!
We can't do this.
There's too much at stake.
These people are family.
I'm not going to let you kill them.
it's over.
Stand down weapons.
Tell Archer I want to talk.
You were lucky.
Phlox says the injuries on both ships were minor.
You almost crippled us.
My mission would've been over.
Your mission is over, Captain.
You just won't accept it.
I took the only logical course of action.
Attacking your ancestors doesn't sound very "logical" to me.
You wouldn't understand.
You can't.
You don't know what it's like living with the responsibility.
Millions of people are dead because of me.
I'm sure your crew did everything they could to stop the probe...
I could've destroyed it!
Years ago, I...
I swore to my Captain on his deathbed, ...
I'd save those seven million lives.
You were the man I made that promise to.
I devoted my life to that mission.
We knew the coordinates of the launch platform, ...
the exact minute the weapon was going to be deployed.
But our plan didn't work.
I had one last chance.
Use Enterprise itself-- set a collision course with the probe.
But I hesitated.
My emotions took over.
I couldn't give an order that would kill my crew.
By the time I realized my mistake, it was too late.
The probe was gone.
I won't let my emotions get in the way again.
I will not let Earth be destroyed.
I could keep you locked up in here,...
but that wouldn't do either of us any good.
All that matters is what we're going to do next.
Whether you agree with it or not,...
I'm taking my ship into that corridor ...
and I'll stand a much better chance of completing this mission--
our mission--
if we work together.
Come in.
-Am I disturbing you? - Not at all.
-Chamomile? - Of course.
We had trouble with your modifications.
We were only able to reduce our particle wake by 86%.
The corridor could destabilize again.
If you place an isomagnetic collector here, ....
it should absorb any residual particles.
I'm not familiar with that type of device.
It's something we picked up from the Ikaarans.
I should be able to find the schematics.
Are you feeling better?
What do you mean?
Your trellium addiction.
Have the symptoms diminished?
To a degree.
But I haven't fully recovered.
You'll never fully recover.
The emotions you've accessed...
will be with you the rest of your life.
Here we are.
Don't forget your tea.
You're going to have to learn to embrace them...
live with them, as I have.
There's someone on your ship who can help.
Phlox has already given me a neural suppressant.
I don't mean Phlox.
can be an outlet for these feelings.
If you'll trust him.
The emotions he stirred in me were powerful...
and frightening.
I tried to push him away.
If Enterprise hadn't been stranded in the past, ...
it's possible I never would've married Trip.
But I can't imagine what my life would have been like without him.
What do you suggest I do?
There's a human expression.
"Follow your heart."
What if my "heart" doesn't know what it wants?
It will,
in time.
It will.
Weapons are standing by.
Take us in.
Are the signatures being reflected?
I'm reading multiple images.
How long until we reach the corridor?
Six minutes.
They've detected us.
Three ships are on intercept course.
Return fire!
The nebula's interfering with our targeting scanners.
We'll have to wait until they get closer.
They don't seem to be having the same problem.
Aft plating's at 42%!
-Malcolm! - Just a few more seconds, sir.
We have a lock!
Archer to Lorian...
Their lead ship's disabled.
The other two are falling back.
Well done, Captain.
They must have been surprised when your "reflection" turned and attacked them.
Sir, we're losing speed.
Tucker to the Bridge!
Go ahead.
That last torpedo took out the primary drive coil.
I've gotta shut down the port engine!
it looks like we're not going to be able to keep up with you.
The aliens are regrouping.
Four ships.
Bring us a hundred meters off Archer's bow.
Power the tractor emitters.
Captain, tell your crew to brace themselves.
We're increasing speed.
They've engaged a tractor beam.
Thanks for the lift.
We'll see you on the other side.
The Kovaalans' will be in weapons range in less than twenty seconds.
The aliens are closing.
12,000 meters.
Target their weapons!
Hull plating's holding.
What about Archer?
Their aft plating's almost gone.
See if we can get the aliens' attention.
Torpedoes, full spread.
We've lost aft plating!
45 seconds to the corridor!
Weapons are done.
They're targeting Archer's reactor.
Disengage the tractor beam.
New course, 1-8-0 mark 0.
We'll keep them off your back.
Your momentum will carry you into the corridor.
We'll follow as soon as we can.
Tell my parents that I'll see them soon.
12 seconds to the corridor.
Direct hit!
The pylons are starting to buckle!
Reserve power to hull plating!
Hull integrity's failing!
Forward launchers are gone!
Divert everything to the phase-cannons!
Continue firing!
No sign of pursuit.
Where are we?
We've traveled 11.6 light years.
Are we still in the right century?
The stars are where they're supposed to be.
What about Lorian?
No sign of them yet, sir.
Captain's Starlog, Supplemental.
It's been five hours, ...
and the other Enterprise still hasn't arrived.
Repairs to our impulse drive are underway.
One ship against four.
It's unlikely they survived.
Lorian has years of command experience.
Something tells me we shouldn't write him off yet.
I suppose there's another possibility.
Since we weren't thrown into the past...
maybe history somehow corrected itself.
Are you suggesting that the other Enterprise never existed?
If you're right...
then why would we remember them?
Bridge to Captain Archer.
Go ahead.
Could you come out here, sir?
A ship's dropping out of warp.
It's Degra.
He's hailing us.
Put him up.
You're early.

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