Previously on Enterprise.
We're 400 years in the future.
You know about the alien we found...
the test subject?
He belongs to the same race that built the Spheres.
They're altering this space to make it habitable for their species.
You have to make the Xindi understand that humanity isn't the enemy.
The weapon won't be launched for several days.
Show us your proof.
You're saying the Expanse will no longer be compatible for us.
For any of us.
We're destined to form an alliance to stop them.
You need to speak to the Council.
With the evidence you've shown me, they'll have no choice but to take us seriously.
If it weren't for my assistance, your species would be facing destruction.
Is it true your species built the Spheres?
Where is Degra?
What kind of weapons do you have?
You expect me to attack a Reptilian warship?
The Reptilian ship has been destroyed.
They would have contacted the Council and exposed our alliance.
He'll be killed the moment he steps into the Council chamber.
If Archer is telling the truth,...
then all the Council's efforts will be for nothing.
We've been successful.
The Xindi weapon is days away from completion.
The timelines don't support that assessment.
What have you seen?
The number of lines with favorable outcomes has diminished.
There is now an increased chance that the Earth ship...
will prevent the weapon from being launched.
Not necessarily.
Timelines are sensitive.
They're prone to temporary fluctuations.
This is no fluctuation.
This is a trajectory away from our desired outcome.
See that you take definitive actions to correct this.
The weapon must be launched. Earth must be destroyed.
I'm not detecting any trellium in your system.
How are you feeling?
The emotions are still difficult to control.
Meditation isn't helping?
Somewhat. But I'm still experiencing frequent...
You okay?
Just a mild headache.
I thought Vulcans didn't get headaches.
I'm needed in the command center.
You ever see anything strange about the way she's acting?
There isn't anyone on the ship who hasn't been affected by recent events.
What can I do for you?
I think I pulled a muscle.
Pain's pretty bad.
Have a seat.
We've been running double shifts in engineering.
Captain's in a hell of a rush to get to this damn Council.
He believes he can get the Xindi to reconsider their attack on Earth.
We owe him a little faith.
Oh, I have faith in the captain.
But not in the people he's trying to convince.
Degra seems to be a reasonable man.
I don't think many people back in my hometown would go along with that.
Thanks, Doc.
The Spheres are controlled by a network of artificial intelligence.
This section houses the redundant memory core.
It should contain a significant amount of information.
We're hoping that'll include data on the Sphere-Builders.
That could help us with the Council.
Our present course will take us close to another Sphere.
I'm sending a crew in a shuttlepod.
They'll join up with us later.
How do you plan to get inside it?
We're pretty sure we've found a way in.
You've mentioned the Xindi have been studying the Spheres for decades.
We're interested in any information you have on the construction of their outer shells.
I'll send over whatever's in my database.
I've been reviewing service transcripts.
You've got over a thousand hours in an EV suit.
I did six months on the Janus loop.
Are you interested in running this mission with us?
I'm always ready to stretch my legs, sir.
Get prepped.
Uh, the Janus...
-That includes EV combat training? - Yes, sir.
Are we expecting a firefight?
Don't know what to expect.
When it's finished compiling, send it to Enterprise.
It's not too late.
Not everyone has forgotten what we've done for your people.
What do you want?
You've turned away from us.
Come back.
I can't.
I hear it in your voice.
You've betrayed everything you believe in, and now you're in turmoil.
I don't regret what I'm doing.
At one time or another, you must have asked yourself why we've protected the Xindi for so long.
Many of us have wondered that.
It's because we can see a future where the Xindi are no longer fragmented.
No longer struggling for existence.
You are destined to become a great civilization, ...
and now it's all in jeopardy ...
because of you.
You created a device that will prevent a devastating attack.
Your name was to be spoken with reverence for generations to come.
And, instead,
you've chosen the role of betrayer.
How I'm remembered isn't for you to decide.
What have we done to lose your faith?
You never deserved my faith.
The Sphere-Builders have lied to the Xindi.
They've manipulated us for decades. I see that.
Perhaps the Arboreals will, but the others...
We have the evidence to back it up.
The evidence may not be enough.
The Sphere-Builders saved the Xindi from extinction.
When our homeworld was destroyed, ...
they began appearing to the survivors.
They'd guide them to habitable planets.
Show them the location of valuable resources.
They're practically worshipped.
We call them "The Guardians."
It's no wonder you had a hard time accepting this.
I was brought up to revere them.
I taught my own children to give thanks to them at the end of each day.
That is what we're facing.
I've stood before a Klingon tribunal.
I can handle a tough room.
Klingons weren't determined to destroy your world.
But the evidence is strong.
Perhaps it will be enough.
We'll face the Council together.
I may take my seat at the Council table,...
but I'll be at your side no matter what happens.
Bridge to Captain Archer.
Go ahead.
We've picked up several Xindi vessels.
They're closing on our position.
Humanoids, Arboreals and Aquatics-- they're with us.
When we reach the Council's location, we'll need their protection.
Certain members have more influence than others.
Anything you can tell me about them? I need to know what I'm up against.
You know Jannar, the Arboreal.
He's fair-minded; a scientist.
He'll listen to the facts. I count him as a friend.
Unfortunately, the other members are somewhat more complicated.
The Aquatics, for instance.
Kiaphet Amman'sor is a member of the Ibix dynasty...
a very wealthy, very powerful family.
Her opinions carry considerable weight when she arrives at them.
There's a saying:
"It's easier to count the stars in the sky than it is for an Aquatic to reach a decision."
As for the Insectoids, well, their names grow longer the older they get, ...
so they become a little difficult to pronounce.
In many ways, the Insectoids are the opposite of the Aquatics.
They're quick to take sides.
We've run into them.
Which brings us to the Reptilians, and Commander Dolum.
There's a story about him.
I don't know that it's true, but I'd like to believe it isn't.
His daughter gave birth to a son.
He had a deformity in his right arm. Not life-threatening, but ...
enough to preclude his ever joining the military.
Commander Dolum had his own grandson poisoned.
>From what I've seen, that's not hard to believe.
As I said, it may be just a story.
But, as a father, ...
it's always in the back of my mind whenever I have dealings with him.
-What is it? - We've located debris.
It's from the ship we sent to find Degra.
-Where? - Seven light years from here, ...
within the cloaking barrier of a Sphere.
I want to know how it was destroyed.
Begin an analysis.
It's underway.
Preliminary findings suggest they were attacked.
Commander, there are six vessels approaching.
One is the Earth ship.
Contact the lead ship.
This is Degra.
I was just thinking of you.
How many prisoners have you taken?
We're escorting Enterprise to the Council.
For what purpose?
Power down your weapons and withdraw.
What makes you think I would let you bring an enemy ship into a security zone?
Power down your weapons-- now.
I don't take orders from you!
They've launched a torpedo.
300 meters off the port bow.
You would fire on a Xindi vessel?
We're prepared to destroy your vessel if necessary.
They're locking weapons.
Prepare to return fire!
You're outnumbered and outgunned.
There's no need for this. I assure you, the Earth ship poses no danger.
I'll see you in the Council chamber.
I look forward to it.
Five seconds.
RCS inverter.
Shut it down.
Nothing we need to worry about, sir.
Adjust heading.
026 mark 3
I'd breathe a whole lot easier if you had a couple of MACOs watching your back.
Don't worry.
Keep my chair warm.
Good luck.
-How's your Insectoid these days? - That depends on which dialect.
There are 67.
Is that all?
Aquatics respect boldness and confidence.
They view hushed tones with suspicion.
I'll make sure I project.
Not too loudly. The Insectoids...
interpret raised voices as a sign of hostility.
When Aquatics use the past tense, they switch to sonar.
We should see it in a moment.
We're still two kilometers up.
The only way in is from the air.
These cloud layers are present throughout the year. It's perfectly concealed.
Oh, it's beautiful.
The sixth Xindi race.
This was built centuries before they became extinct.
According to our archaeologists, it's over 4,000 years old.
Kinda feels like being called to the principal's office.
I was never called to the principal's office.
I was once.
Move aside.
What for?
When we're done here.
You've brought humans into this chamber, Degra.
Explain yourself, ...
if you expect them to leave here alive.
I'm fully prepared to explain my actions.
There's no cause for threats.
We've reviewed the data you've sent.
We are prepared to listen to what you have to say.
You killed seven million of my people.
I want to be honest with you.
I don't much like standing here.
We did what we felt was necessary.
I know.
You've been told that at some time in the future, my world is going to destroy yours.
That's a lie.
He said, "The Guardians have never lied to us."
The Guardians built the Spheres.
They're reconfiguring the Expanse, preparing it for colonization.
You reek of desperation.
You would say anything to save your world--
as evidenced by this manufactured data.
It's the truth!
The data is accurate.
Anyone with an objective eye will come to the same conclusion.
You have no idea what the truth is.
Your sympathy for these....
humans has corrupted your judgment.
My judgment is perfectly sound.
Were you using sound judgment when you attacked my ship?!
You were trying to prevent us from reaching this Council.
I was protecting this Council!
"This is not relevant.
-We're here to discuss the human's claims." - Agreed.
We need to return to the subject at hand.
I am trying to save my world.
But it's not just Earth that's in danger.
If you wipe out mankind,...
you'll be destroying yourselves.
I refuse to listen to any more of this!
Earth is going to lead a battle that defeats the Sphere-Builders.
They know this.
That's why they manipulated you into attacking us.
I demand the immediate seizure of the Earth ship.
Any vessel that attacks Enterprise...
-will be fired upon. -You will not defy this Council.
We haven't arrived at a decision, yet.
And we never will as long as we listen to this human's lies.
If this Council will not defend its people, ...
then it has no reason to exist.
You don't want to know.
Hold this position.
The exhaust vent.
-Where? - Set a course.
031 mark 4.
I don't see an exhaust vent.
-You sure about this? -Half thrusters.
Hold your course.
-I'm telling you! -Hold your course.
Some kind of hologram?
You could have warned us ahead of time.
Proceed along this conduit.
60 degrees starboard.
80 degrees Z-axis.
We should prepare for EVA.
Let's break out the suits.
We've had difficult sessions before.
In the days following the founding of this Council.
This is different.
The Council is on the verge of tearing itself apart.
You underestimate us.
We were all in the same room.
-You saw what happened. - We knew it wasn't going to be easy.
We are never going to convince the Reptilians.
Or the Insectoids.
Then we'll focus on the Aquatics.
The Aquatics weigh every argument in excruciating detail.
For a long time, they were against building the weapon.
What changed their minds?
The Guardians addressed the Council.
They presented what they claimed was a visual record taken from the future.
It showed mankind destroying our new home world.
That convinced the Aquatics.
It was powerful evidence.
The Avians.
Once, they darkened the skies of Xindus with their numbers.
We formed the Council to prevent other Xindis from sharing their fate.
Your Council just might have the opposite effect.
Perhaps not.
There might be a way to convince them.
I'll require the services of your ship's doctor.
The Council is preparing to betray its own people.
Archer has achieved nothing.
He has succeeded in raising doubts about us.
The Arboreals, Humanoids and Aquatics are considering what he had to say.
He should never have been allowed before the Council.
I couldn't prevent it.
And now they may decide against launching the weapon.
The weapon will be deployed.
For that to happen, three of the Xindi species must agree.
If we could prove to them that your people didn't build the Spheres...
Prove to them...
or you?
My lieutenant simply wants to know if there is a way to persuade the Council.
Persuasion is no longer a viable option.
You must act with the Insectoids.
Secure the weapon.
The weapon's well guarded.
The casualties on both sides would be heavy.
We'd be risking civil war.
A temporary schism cannot be avoided,
but eventually, Reptilians will preside over a stronger, ...
unified Xindi empire.
We will guarantee Reptilian dominance...
if humankind is eradicated.
If you ever question the Guardians again...
your skin will adorn the bow of this ship.
This will be very helpful.
I'll have it sent over immediately.
I've never heard of this procedure.
It was developed by the Aquatics.
They have an innate distrust of the spoken word. They respond more strongly to visual stimuli.
You need me for something?
The transport pod that carried this alien.
It's in the cargo bay.
There are some modifications that need to be made to it.
The Captain would like you to assist me with the work.
Lucky me.
Your Captain thinks there's no one better to make these modifications.
I agree.
Do me a favor.
Don't try to get on my "good side."
I understand that you and I will always be enemies.
You got that right.
I can't change what happened to your sister!
Or any of the seven million.
But I'm risking my life.
I'm risking the lives of my family.
I've killed members of my own species, ...
all because I'm trying to save both our worlds.
This way.
Picking up a very powerful energy signature.
We're approaching the memory core.
It's 15 meters ahead.
It's practically gift-wrapped.
I'm detecting some kind of movement.
Can you pinpoint it?
There's too much interference.
I don't know where it is, but it's close.
I suggest we work fast.
Come in.
We've completed the work.
Mr. Tucker was...
extremely cooperative.
I know it isn't easy for him working with me.
When I was on the future Enterprise, ...
400 years from now,...
there were Xindi aboard.
Humans and Xindi were serving together in the Federation.
That's a future worth fighting for.
Passing notes.
I got sent to the principal's office for passing a note in class.
It was to Katy Bentley.
I was inviting her to a party a friend of mine was throwing.
-What'd she say? -Funny thing.
She'd already turned me down, but after I got in trouble...
Some women can't resist the bad boys.
After much deliberation,...
we've agreed to listen to this new evidence you wish to present.
The Sphere-Builders--
the beings you call the Guardians--
are the same species.
Have you manufactured more data to support this claim?
A few weeks ago, we came across an alien.
He was adrift in what we believe was a trans-dimensional disturbance.
The alien was inside a pod, ...
which was constructed of the same combination of alloys...
that make up the outer shell of the Spheres.
He was a Sphere-Builder.
"You've already presented this information."
Not all of it.
Your data states that this ...
alien disintegrated when it came into contact with our universe.
He did.
What you're seeing is a biometric hologram.
It's the same technology used to train our physicians.
It was constructed from medical data collected by Enterprise's Medical Officer.
"How do we the data used to create this phantom wasn't falsified?"
Humans don't have the technology to produce a fabrication of this detail.
Tell me...
is this one of the Guardians?
The physical resemblance is hard to deny.
"It is a Guardian."
"We are not deceived by this illusion.
"Restore the dignity "of our Council.
Expel the humans from this chamber."
are open to hearing more.
So are we.
"We agree."
Reed to Shuttlepod One.
-Anything? - No, sir.
Whatever it was, it's stopped moving.
Got something.
It's heading in your direction, moving fast!
-I don't see anything. -Where is it?
-Give me a position! - It's coming down from the upper left quadrant.
-Are you sure? - Damn sure.
It's 70 meters away.
50 meters...
I see it!
Go! Go!
Five more headed this way.
I still can't pin down the problem with the converter.
I think it's an energy drain somewhere.
We're far from 100%.
There's been a development.
We have the three votes we need.
The Reptilians have agreed to postpone the launch of the weapon.
They'll need more convincing before they solidify their position, ...
but this is a significant step.
That future you spoke of...
perhaps this is where it begins.
Those portable power cells you left us.
We're having a little trouble getting them in sync.
Think you can stick around for a few minutes, give me a hand?
Of course.
We'll be in my ready room.
About all those things I've been saying.
I just want to tell you...
I know you went out on a limb.
If I'd suffered your loss, I'd feel the same way.
Shall we get to work?
It's over here.
Come in.
I wasn't expecting you.
There are some things we need to discuss.
I've never liked this place.
I've always found it to be peaceful.
It's too exposed.
Reptilians prefer to be near the ground.
And then there's the stench.
Of failure.
Of a race that failed to survive.
I was surprised by your decision to postpone the launch.
It seemed like the right thing to do.
I hope the other members will come to the same conclusion.
They'll fall into line.
I've always believed that all Xindi long for unification.
It's in our blood.
I agree.
The Earth ship.
I'm assisting them with their engine repairs.
They've found quite an ally in you.
A pity you haven't extended the same friendship to your fellow Xindi.
What do you mean?
We recovered a sensor encoder from our missing scout ship.
It was in the cloaking barrier of a Sphere.
We were able to extract the final scans ...
it took before they were destroyed...
by you.
I don't know what you're talking about.
The evidence is irrefutable.
We have an image of your ship firing.
Don't try to deny what you did.
They left me no choice.
And you've left me no choice.
The crew of that ship are the last Xindi you'll ever betray.
When the humans have been eliminated...
when the Council has been replaced by Reptilian rule...
I am going to find your wife and children...
...and do the same to them.
Your traitorous bloodline will end at the tip of my blade.
-Trouble sleeping now? -That's weird.
With things finally looking up, you'd think I'd be able to get some shuteye.
There's a section of mess hall up and running.
-In the mood for a snack? - Certainly.
I guess you heard, the captain pulled it off.
The Xindi postponed the weapon launch.
You made that sound like, uh, bad news.
Ever since the attack on Earth, all I've thought about is...
getting back at whoever was responsible.
And now we're making peace with them.
Ah, I've gotten used to the anger.
It's going to be like,....
I don't know, losing an old friend.
You have other friends.
Is it my imagination or are you losing weight?
I've been hoping someone might notice.
Yeah, I'm not the only one.
Hoshi commented on it last week.
Well, I'm pleased to see that my efforts are yielding results.
-What's your secret? -The Nexian tapeworm.
It attaches itself to the lower intestinal tract and absorbs nutrients...
Hold on, hold on.
You have a worm inside you?
It's perfectly harmless.
Well, I hardly notice it at all.
How're you going to get it out?
Well, I'll insert a standard V-probe ...
-into my... -No, no, no, no, no.
Never mind.
-Well, it's a simple procedure. -I'm sure it is, Doc.
I just don't want to lose my appetite.
Degra's dead.
He was found in his quarters about an hour ago.
He'd been murdered...
Who did this?
The Reptilians have called an emergency meeting of the Council.
I believe their recent turnabout was nothing more than a ruse to keep us off guard.
They're planning something.
I'm certain of it.
Your ship's in danger.
Keep me apprised.
Archer to the Bridge.
Go to tactical alert.
It was that last run through the cloaking barrier.
The coil assembly's been damaged.
Reduce speed.
Hold it at half impulse.
- Lieutenant? - I'm all right!
I'm fine.
Maybe that's the problem.
Maybe we're getting a bit too comfortable with losing people.
23 men and women.
On any given mission, the limit of acceptable casualties is 20%.
So says traditional military doctrine.
Well, we've crossed that margin.
There's a Vulcan axiom:
The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.
Corporal Hawkins understood that.
That doesn't make his death any more acceptable.
But it makes it honorable.
-You admit killing him? -With pride.
He was a traitor.
He was a member of this Council!
Degra destroyed a Reptilian ship.
22 crewmen died.
I only regret not doing it sooner.
You're going to regret a lot more than that.
Why did you call this meeting?
You have a decision to make.
We've taken control of the weapon.
We're going to launch it.
And you accuse Degra of being a traitor!
Either you stand with us ...
or you stand against us.
That's not a choice, it's an ultimatum.
Call it what you will.
-Neither will we! -None of us will.
Then we withdraw from this council!
Think about what you are doing.
This alliance has lasted for decades.
It's lasted too long.
You've become complacent.
The weapon cannot be launched without three of the codes.
You only have two.
Do you really believe we haven't considered that?
I can give you three-point-four with a little coaxing, ...
but some of the relays are still fried.
We're in no shape for combat.
That hasn't stopped us in the past.
You sure they're coming after us?
Count on it.
I can't believe I actually feel bad about Degra.
24 hours ago, I would've been celebrating.
A lot can happen in a day.
Bridge to Captain Archer.
Five Insectoid ships are descending toward the surface.
The weapon's been launched from beneath the surface.
The Insectoid ships are in formation around it.
Pursuit course.
We're being hailed.
The Reptilians and Insectoids have seized control of the weapon.
We're tracking it.
I've ordered all available ships to intercept.
We're right behind you.
I hope there's something in there you can use.
Most definitely.
There's a large group of ships leaving the system.
One of them is Enterprise.
I'm detecting weapons fire.
Stay with it!
Keep firing!
It's the shuttlepod.
Tell them to stay put. We'll come back for them when we can.
Open a channel to Degra's ship!
We're moving in on the weapon!
Concentrate your fire on the primary generators six meters below the aft thruster!
Forget the others!
Target Enterprise!
Get the female!
They're disabled.
The female?
Generator's at maximum power.
Take us into the vortex.
We've lost them, sir.

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