Previously on Enterprise.
We just pulled three .50-caliber bullets from the shuttlepod.
We are 200 years in the past!
Your colleague has managed to evade us.
I assure you, whatever I want to know, you'll tell me.
Where are we?
We are in Brooklyn.
The weapons I'm preparing
will make you immune from any counter attack
anywhere in the world.
Germans are offering $10.000 for informations leading to your capture. Why?
All I can tell you is we're on the same side.
Holy mother of...
We're trapped.
The Germans are helping us construct a conduit so we can find our way home.
I've sent you to this point because it's here that Vosk can be stopped.
If you succeed the timeline will be restored.
One of this people told me they were building a conduit.
Find it, destroy it.
He must not succeed.
Stop him!
And now the conclusion.
News on parade.
America and Germany together in the fight for freedom.
In his first visit to the home of the brave,
the German chancellor received a warm welcome from the Big Apple.
He greeted enthusiastic crowds in Times Square
and took in the view from the top of the Empire State Building.
Watch that first step.
Later the Führer paid a call to lady Liberty,
where he was given the keys to the city.
The whirlwind tour was capped off by a 4 hour speech
to city leaders where the Führer outlined his vision for a prosperous alliance
between Germany and America.
Now in to root out the parasitic elements
that have crippled our economy since 1929,
and to liberate the masses from the grip of financial profiteers,
together, we will pull Americans back to work.
Two great nations marching side by side,
toward a bold future.
Intelligence sources are convinced that the American counterattack
will be launched within days.
It's no longer rumor, it's fact.
I assume you're taking the necessary steps.
- What is that? - An intelligence briefing.
According to this, your squadron performed
- flawlessly in recent field tests. - You've been spying on us.
We're protecting our interests.
I suppose I would have done the same.
Tell your Führer he'll receive the squadron
- when I deem it ready for deployement. - It says it is ready for deployment.
With all due respect, your intelligence is flawed.
We are tired of your stalling!
And I am tired of your threats.
You and your men have taken a oath to defend Germany!
We take that oath seriously.
Do you?
You've made certain promises to me, as well.
We've provided everything you've asked for.
You'll not receive a single truckload
of additional supplies till you fullfill your part of the agreement.
You might consider what would happen
if my weapons were to fall into the hands of the Allies.
Imagine Berlin,
oblirated by plasma cannons.
I should have you arrested for treason.
You are a fool.
You think we're equals because I allow you to participate in the struggle.
You fight to control nations,
We dominate entire worlds.
We extend our will accross time.
If your race were to endure for a million years,
you could'nt begin to approach what we've accomplished.
The next time you feel urged to threaten me,
remember this:
I can erase you from History.
As if you never existed.
She was around my age.
Ensign O'Malley.
How did she die?
In a battle with a hostile species.
There's still war in the future?
On Earth, between human beings, war has been eliminated.
But the galaxy is a big place,
with thousands of species. Not all of them have the same values we have.
People from...
other planets. People from...
the future?
It's all a little too much for Alicia Trivers from Bensonhurst.
Besides, I'm afraid of heights.
I can send you anywhere in the world,
to a place that isn't occupied by the Germans.
Seems to be fewer and fewer of thoses places every day.
I want go home.
To my neighborhood.
There are a lot of people in trouble down there,
and I'm not going to just turn my back on them.
You knew I was going to say that, didn't you?
I had a feeling.
Two of my men are missing.
They could be hiding out, they might have been taken prisonners,
they could be dead.
We've got eyes on on every street corner,
I can put a word out.
With this ship,
with all this power, you can help us.
You can help us stop those bastards!
- I know. - Then do it.
Start with Berlin, wipe that damn place off the map!
And don't stop until you've killed every one of them because...
We're going to stop them.
That's one of the reasons we are here.
But we're going to do it another way.
I guess you know what you're doing.
Are you going to start by sending me down with that dissolver thing?
Shuttle pods are damaged, the transporter is all we have.
You promised me I would'nt have to go through that again.
I'm going to have to break that promise.
How does that thing work anyway?
On second thought, I'd rather not know.
Begin the test sequence.
Based on the interrogations, I believe the prisoners are not temporal agents.
I've arrived at the same conclusion.
Their technology suggests they're from a period too early for time travel.
They don't even seem to know how they got to this century.
It's curious.
Still, I refuse to believe their presence here is an accident.
There is a surge in one of the power modules.
Run a complete system scan. Isolate the fault.
Our time is running out. The Germans are becoming impatient.
Why not give them what they want?
I don't trust these people. I never have.
I'm not about to furnish them with weapons that could be use against us.
Return the prisoners to their holding cell.
See they get medical attention.
Bring the Doctor.
- Immediatly. - Jawohl.
I think I have pinpointed where the timeline changed.
Someone assassinated Lenin in 1916.
- Who took his place? - No one.
So without Lenin, the Bolsheviks never gained power.
Russia didn't become communist,
and Germany never considered it a threat.
Hitler was able to concentrate on the West.
After France, Belgium and the Netherlands fell.
Hitler quikly took England,
and then the eastern United States.
But Vosk and his men arrived on Earth recently,
a few years ago.
Then they couldn't be responsible for the changes that took place in 1916.
The police never captured Lenin's assassin.
Some bystanders claimed that the killer vanished, into thin air.
Daniels said that different factions in the temporal war
are changing History throughout the timeline.
Maybe this assassin was working for one of them?
I thought we were here to prevent Vosk from starting the Temporal War.
Chicken or the egg.
Bridge to Captain Archer.
Go ahead.
I'm receiving a transmission. It's Vosk.
This is Captain Archer.
Your voice sounds familiar Captain. Have we met?
- What do you want? - I believe I have 2 of your men.
Are they all right?
I think it will be mutually beneficial to discuss this face to face.
We can bring you aboard.
I was thinking of a more neutral location.
There's a remote area outside the city.
That's not what I'd consider neutral.
You have scanners.
Examinate the area before coming down.
I'll have 3 men with me, and your crewmen.
A few hours ago, you tried to kill me.
The situation has changed.
I'm sending you the coordinates. If you're insterested, meet me in one hour.
Got them.
Its good to see you again Captain.
Where are my men?
I don't believe it.
- How can... - Are you all right?
We weren't exactly treated like royalty.
I apologize for the aggressiveness of our questioning.
We were operating under a false impression.
We're okay.
- Get back to the ship. - Wait a minute.
- You're coming with us. - Trip.
Beam them up.
You have your men Captain.
Now it's your turn to reciprocate.
I wish to discuss something with you.
Go on.
A species with your level of technology
doesn't possess the capability for time travel.
- We had a little help. - As I suspected.
What do you know about me?
I know that you're trapped here,
and that you're trying to get back to the 29th century.
I also know you've made a deal with the Germans.
They're giving you supplies, helping you build a time machine.
I see I was both right and wrong about you.
You're not a temporal agent.
But you're here to do their bidding.
If you carry out your mission,
if you make it back to the 29th century,
you'll ignite a war that will devastate the time line.
You've only heard one side of the story.
The temporal agents who sent you here are a tyrannical sect
imposing their will on countless cultures throughout History.
They inforce the Temporal Accords,
preserve the time line.
They manipulate the timeline to serve their own needs.
If you've ever dealt with them,
then you know they do much more than watch history unfold.
They interfere with events, they have an agenda.
So do you.
At least I don't hide my intentions.
It's true, I don't agree with the Temporal Accords.
I believe that time travel is a technology no different than your warp drive,
to be utilized for the benefit of all species.
Societies, cultures, can be improved through
careful manipulations of historical events.
Who decides what improvements are needed?
I won't be drown into a philosophical discussion.
There is one simple reason why you should help me Captain.
And what's that?
I can send you back to your century.
History has been changed.
The century I left will be completely different.
Once I've defeated the temporal agents,
I'll reverse the damage done to your time line.
Your History will return to the way it was.
I am severely limited by 20th century Earth technology.
The ressources aboard your ship
will greatly accelerate my task.
Go back, reunite with your crewmen,
and consider what I have said.
How are they doing?
A few cuts and bruises.
What happend after we beamed up?
You've make some kind of deal?
He thinks we're considering it.
- Are we? - Captain.
What did you see down there?
We were in some huge buidling, like a factory.
They're constructing something big.
Germans are helping them.
I overheard them talking.
They mentionned something about a temporal conduit.
I know it sounds crazy, but I think it's a time machine.
Daniels sent us here to stop them from completing it.
The problem is,
it's protected by some kind of...
energy shield.
Who dressed this?
Nicky Jorjo.
What do you want? He's a mechanic.
He should stick to cars.
At least it doesn't look infected.
Could have been worse.
I could have ended up like Sal.
It's a miracle you got away.
I guess you should know.
What's that supposed to mean?
I know.
I heard a rumor.
When the soldiers cornered you and Archer, you disappeared into thin air.
like ghosts.
- It's crazy. - That's what I said.
But then again, I didn't believe in Nazis martians.
Not until I saw one myself.
Want to tell me what this is?
- You went through my jacket? - I was looking for a cigarette.
What is it?
It's a radio!
I've never seen a radio like this.
Kind of loos like that thing Archer took off that martien guy or whatever he was.
Archer gave this to me so that I could talk to him.
Talk to him?
Where is he?
Alicia, you've been like a little sister to us.
You're going to start keeping secrets now?
Where is my engineer?
This disk you were carrying,
it contains schematics of Vosk's facility.
This what you came here for, isn't it?
You persist in asking questions you know I will not answer.
I'll try answering them myself then.
Your benefactor wants to do more than just...
project his image into the past.
He wants the technology to travel into the past.
Somehow, he found out that Daniels was sending Enterprise here.
So you were ordered to hitch a ride.
Your mission was to break into Vosk's compound and steal this.
Tell me, how was I planning to send that to the future?
Maybe that's why you came back aboard, maybe you need Enterprise.
- An impressive display, Captain. - I'm glad you're not disappointed.
Though I'm not implying you're correct in any of your assumptions.
Of course not.
But you don't have the aswer you're seeking:
the whereabouts of your missing crewman.
I think you left him somewhere inside Vosk's compound.
And for your sake, he'd better be alive.
You've changed Captain.
And not all for the better.
A large amount of data has been stolen from our computer system Captain.
We found trace amounts of bioresidue.
The thief is from your time periode.
He's Suliban.
He's aboard my ship. He's a stowaway.
We've encountered his faction before. I want to speak with him.
I can't allow that.
And I suppose you are not examining the technology he stole from us?
I reserve that right.
And I reserve the right to destroy you.
I have a plasma-cannon aimed at your ship Captain.
I have phase-cannons aimed at your facility.
I want an answer to my proposal.
The answer is "no".
Return fire.
Their shields are still holding.
They're moving out of range.
We needed them.
We'll complete our objectives with the resources at hand.
Resume your work.
Engines took a serious hit, weapons are down.
Get to work on repairs.
Keep looking over those schematics.
Find a way to disable the shields protecting that compound.
I'm getting my crewman back.
You're gonna help me get inside the facility.
And then are you going to destroy it?
I don't care about your crewman,
but I don't want Vosk to succeed any more than you do.
I'll help you.
There is one problem.
I use my genetic enhancements to get inside the building.
Your presence will negate that advantage.
We'll work around it.
You should be able to deactivate the shields from this console.
Here's the procedure.
The data from the disk was extremely helpful.
You're welcome.
When the shields are down, give us ten minutes,
then destroy the facility.
Our targeting ray is off-line.
We're in need of Commander Tucker's skills.
Do what you can.
Move in close, and fire point-blank if you have to.
Good luck.
Three American divisions have crossed the Ohio River.
Two more are advancing from the south toward Washington.
By direct order from the Führer,
the squadron is to be transferred immediately to Luftwaffe Regional Command.
I am to personally oversee the deployment.
Weapons of this complexity
require extensive training to operate.
We'll discuss the particulars once you've fulfilled your obligation.
Six hours.
Why the delay?
The planes must be readied for transport.
Six hours.
We're leaving tonight.
Begin preparations.
Each time we open a conduit, it collapses within seconds.
Human leaders often speak of...
The conduit will hold.
How do I look?
From my dealings with you and your crew,
I'd come to believe that your race was inherently unaggressive.
We've come a long way in a short time.
One thing is clear.
When necessary, humans are fully capable of reverting to old methods.
The way you handled that Xindi threat was extremely effective.
No doubt it's the reason why Daniels chose you to stop Vosk.
Speaking of Vosk,
seems to me that you both have a common enemy, Daniels.
Why haven't you decided to work together?
One doesn't join forces with Vosk.
He's found some partners here.
They're only a means to an end.
To him, his fellowers and other species exist only to serve their needs.
Sounds like you and Vosk have some history.
His faction once tried to eradicate the Suliban.
They traveled into our past,
altered it to prevent our species from attaining sentience.
Then how is it that you're here?
He was stopped
by the Temporal Agents.
Are you saying you owe Daniels' people your lives?
They still oppose us, they're still our enemy.
That will never change.
What the hell do you want?
I'm looking for Alicia Travers.
Who's asking?
My name's Archer.
Still hunting Martians?
You just missed Billie Holiday.
What are we going after this time?
The Loch Ness monster?
I'm picking up a surge of radio chatter.
Orders coming in German and English.
There's heavy bombing.
Most of it in Eastern Pennsylvania and Southern Virginia.
It could be an allied attack.
Could it pose a danger to the Captain?
The closest fighting is 100 kilometers south of New York City.
What's our repair status?
Engines are at 36%.
Maneuvering thrusters are off-line.
The targeting ray's fried.
We'll be shooting in the dark.
What's so important about this facility?
They're building weapons there,
extremely powerful weapons.
What I hear, you have some pretty powerful weapons yourself.
I made her tell me everything.
Not that I believe all of it.
Do we really need these people?
What do you mean, "these people"?
I don't see how they can be of any use to us.
I'll tell you how I can be of use to you.
How about I start removing your teeth with my knuckles?
All right.
Hey, get the man a prize.
Why would you do that?
I'm gonna kill this guy.
what do you want us to do?
I haven't signed off on this yet.
Sal went along with you, and look what it got him.
If I'm gonna lose any more people,
they're better be a good reason.
Look, you know what, Carmine?
I'm gonna make this real easy for you.
I'm gonna help him.
All you have to do is decide whether or not you're gonna help me.
Our greatest scientist once said,
"Every moment we live,
"We are moving through time."
We've earned the right to chose which direction.
The mastery of time has allowed us to perfect ourselves.
To reach our full potential as a people
and to vanquish those who oppose us.
There's just one last enemy to deal with.
Soon, history will belong
to us.
We will stretch out our hands
and mold it according to our will.
Not even the gods of our ancestors could have imagined
such power.
My brothers...
We are going home.
What a way to spend a Saturday night.
It only opens from the inside.
There's too many of 'em!
Come on!
It's nice to see you.
We don't know how many.
A fortuitous development.
Let the Germans deal with them.
Continue with the preparations.
We're in.
We're making our way to the console.
Our targeting ray is still down.
We're going to have to drop out of orbit to get close enough.
Have you located Commander Tucker?
Not yet.
It's second on my list, believe me.
Take cover.
They're activating the conduit. Work fast, Captain.
He did it.
Take us in.
I'm in an extremely precarious position.
I hadn't noticed.
It might help if I had a weapon.
Sorry, only one to go around.
The Earth ship has entered the atmosphere.
Activate the plasma weapon.
We can't spare the power.
Then deploy the squadron.
- Destroy them. - No!
The squadron's going to the front.
Execute my order.
I am taking command of this facility.
You are relieved.
I'm sorry, General, but I'm afraid I have to end our alliance.
Archer to Enterprise.
They're in the atmosphere.
Ionization. Signal can't penetrate.
- We'll get you out of here. - I think not.
You've proven a worthy opponent.
I would've preferred to die fighting you,
but I suppose I can settle for this.
Hold it, right there.
- Trip, it's me. - Shut up.
Drop the disguise, Silik,
or I'll blow your ugly head off.
If you do, you'll probably regret it.
It's good to see you, Commander.
You're alive?
As long as you don't pull that trigger.
I can't...
- I can't believe it. - Building's about to blow up.
This way.
- Distance? - 100 kilometers.
Our targeting scanner still can't get a lock.
I'm going to have to do this the old-fashioned way.
Switching to visual scanners.
Slow us down.
200 kph.
A group of aircraft are taking off from the base north of Manhattan.
They're headed towards us.
Nicky, cover them.
You got to pull your people out.
Oh, I'm having too much fun.
In a few seconds, this entire area is going to be bombed.
Start falling back!
We got to get the hell out of here!
I guess we have to say good-bye all over again.
It's harder the second time.
I can't argue with that.
I want my neighborhood back,
the way it was.
And my husband, I want him home.
Fix all that, okay?
I'll try.
Thank you.
Hey, you're welcome.
German dive-bombers.
Nothing too much to worry about.
However, they were fitted with sirens to frighten the enemy during an attack.
They're 57.9-millimeter rounds.
We're too far away.
I still can't see it.
It appears that bullets and sirens aren't all they have.
Photonic torpedoes.
It's holding!
I'm reading a powerful energy surge
inside the facility.
One more kilometer.
I can see it.
Take it out!
It's quite a sight.
The timeline's resetting itself.
You did it.
Vosk is dead.
He didn't make it back.
All of the damage he caused...
it never happened.
And you're here to give me a pat on the back.
- In a way. - Well, I don't want it.
I want you to leave me and my crew alone.
We're done with you and your damn Temporal Cold War.
It's coming to an end
because of what you did.
You have no idea how many lives you've saved.
I'll take your word for it.
Just send us home.
It's almost ready.
Good-bye, Jonathan.
It's been a privilege.
Everyone all right?
We're in the right place.
Let's find out if we're in the right time.
Multiple signals.
Lunar One Colony,
orbital platform, San Francisco,
they're all calling in.
I'm picking up vessels approaching.
Dozens of them.
Do they look friendly?

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