Previously on Enterprise.
Jonathan Archer.
What brings you here?
Someone attacked a Klingon bird-of-prey.
The entire crew was massacred. The ship's missing.
They were augments.
When you rejected our father's wishes,
you stopped being one of us, Raakin.
- They're dangerous. - They're the future.
Thousands of your brothers and sisters are waiting to be born.
Let's go get them.
Eleven Years Earlier.
Some claim humanity rose up against the Augments.
Others say the Augments began fighting among themselves.
Whoever started it, the war devastated Earth.
Millions perished.
And when it was over...
people like you were feared.
Humans will always fear you.
They fear your power, your intellect.
They fear you because you're everything they want to be, but can't be,
which is why I brought you here where it's safe.
I've raised you like my own.
You call me father...
but I'm only watching over you.
You belong to the future.
And someday...
you will fulfill humanity's promise.
- Malik. - Are there others like us?
Many others. Waiting, asleep.
And someday, it'll be your duty to wake them, set them free.
We'll have to reach this sublevel.
Security personnel are located here and here.
A direct hit to this power conduit would demolish their life support systems.
- All we'd have to do is wait a couple of hours... - No.
But we could walk in unopposed.
We're not going there to take lives.
What if they don't give us a choice?
No one is to be killed.
Is that understood?
- Malik? - Yes. Understood, Father.
Captain's Starlog, supplemental.
Dr. Soong and his Augments have escaped on a Klingon bird-of-prey.
Without any other leads, we've proceeded to the coordinates
Soong gave us when we began this mission.
Cold Station 12
Protein resequencer.
Water purifier.
Everything you'd need to keep a small colony of humans alive.
Looks like this place doubled as a classroom.
Imagine having Soong as your teacher.
Yeah, with that and their screwed up genes, it's no wonder they turned out the way they did.
They look a lot like the ones we have in our Sick Bay.
I'd say they took medical equipment with them.
I need to know exactly what kind. It's important.
I'll see what I can find out.
We'll check out the rest of this place.
I'll be damned.
Hold it!
- Leave me alone. - We're not gonna hurt you.
Get out of my way!
We just want to talk.
We're friends.
- Who are you? - I'm Captain Jonathan Archer.
We're from Earth.
This was Raakin's.
I gave it to him when he was five.
He was a good student.
He loved astronomy.
We'd sit at night, and I'd point out the stars.
He could name every one.
Where's your brother, Malik?
I don't know what you've been told...
No one will say anything.
I only know he's not here.
He's dead.
- Tell me what happened. - He turned his back on your word.
He didn't want to liberate the others.
What happened to him!?
I killed him.
We were... arguing.
He pulled out a knife.
I drew mine.
He-He came at me.
The next thing I remember, there was...blood everywhere.
It was an accident.
I-I tried to save him, I...I tried.
He was your brother.
I'm sorry...
Father, I didn't mean to hurt him. I'm sorry.
it's my fault.
- I left you alone... - N-No.
I should have stayed with you. You were just children.
- N-No, F-Father. I... - Shh. I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry, Malik.
I'm sorry.
He's dehydrated,
suffering from slight malnutrition,
but otherwise, he's in good condition.
For an Augment, he didn't put up much of a fight.
He isn't an Augment.
He's, um, an anomaly.
His DNA is similar to the others, but not identical.
He was born with none of their enhanced abilities.
- How's the jaw? - It hurts.
I'm sorry about that, but you didn't give me much choice.
I told you my name.
My real name's Udar, but my brothers and sisters call me "Smike."
That's an unusual nickname.
It's from Nicholas Nickleby.
His handicapped friend.
Is that why you were left behind?
Because you're different?
I would've slowed them down.
- Udar... - Smike.
I need to find out where they went, the others.
- I'm not telling you anything. - I'm trying to help them.
You're from Earth.
You don't want to help them, you want to kill them.
That's not true.
I won't betray my brothers and sisters.
Your brothers and sisters are in danger.
They attacked a Klingon ship.
- If the Klingons find them before we do... - Then more Klingons will die.
You'll never stop them, Captain.
No one will.
Tucker to Captain Archer.
Go ahead, Trip.
The missing equipment--
they were incubators, artificial wombs...
He's different than I remember.
The man who raised us would never risk our lives to protect humans.
He knows the station.
He used to work there. He knows what he's doing.
We'll find out.
You shouldn't doubt him.
- Why not? - He's our father.
- He's human. - He's not like other humans.
I used to believe that.
You were leading us before.
And now he is.
- You can't accept that. - Why shouldn't I lead?
Augments should be led by Augments.
I won't listen to this.
- Let me go. - Don't be angry with me.
I'm just thinking out loud.
I don't like what you're thinking.
Then I'll stop.
Stay with me.
I think Soong is headed to Cold Station 12.
Isn't that where he used to work?
It's a medical facility run by Starfleet and the Denobulans.
Highly virulent diseases are stockpiled there for research purposes.
It's the embryos from the Eugenics Wars that Soong's after.
I thought Soong stole the embryos.
He took 19, but there are over 1,800 more.
That's why he took the incubators with him.
Why weren't these embryos destroyed after the war?
At the time, it was too controversial.
Earth's governments couldn't decide how to handle the issue,
so they put them into cold storage.
I just got off with Admiral Forrest.
We've been authorized to use whatever force necessary to stop Soong.
I need all the speed you can give me.
You'll have it.
This is cargo ship Corsair. Repeat, medical emergency...
- It's... critical... - Corsair, this is Barzai, a Denobulan medical ship.
What's the nature of your emergency?
Reactor leak...Ten crewmen radiation...
I have a fix. I'm about six minutes away from you.
Barzai, stand down and prepare to be boarded.
- How's the patient? - He's doing fine.
- Ready to be discharged. - Good.
I just reviewed the crew manifest for C-12.
One of the names is Doctor Jeremy Lucas.
He's Senior Medical Director.
In his last correspondence, he mentioned he was being transferred.
He didn't say where.
I thought you should know.
I appreciate it.
I spent a few months at C-12 myself.
I know the security protocols, I'm familiar with the technology.
I'd like to be included in the landing party.
Consider it done.
Thank you.
Phlox tells me he's ready to free up this bio-bed.
So I've been told.
If you've had enough Sick Bay food, I'd like you to join me in the Captain's Mess.
- Do I have a choice? - No.
See you in an hour.
Cold Station 12, this is Medical Ship Barzai,
transmitting security code.
Barzai, we are currently on heightened alert.
Slow to one-quarter impulse and transmit security code.
Code confirmed. You're clear to proceed.
Why are you flying a Denobulan shuttle?
Why not?
You aren't Denobulan.
That's true.
We don't have enough masks.
You don't need masks.
- Doctor Lucas... - Yes.
- I asked you... - Never to bother me
when I'm watching a viropathiccytolysis.
Defense Protocols just came on.
- Did you contact Security? - I can't reach them.
The com's down.
The system's been taken off-line.
What the hell...?
Phlox tells me you'd been living on your own for quite a while.
I left the camp about a year ago.
You must be pretty resourceful...
to survive by yourself out there.
It wasn't that hard.
Didn't look like a very friendly planet.
When you get back to Earth, you should consider going to school.
You've got a lot of catching up to do.
How can I go to school if I'm in prison?
What makes you think you're going to prison?
I'm an Augment.
I don't know what you've been told about Earth.
You're not going to be punished.
That's not what my father said.
Soong is not your father.
What do you mean?
Your biological father was Miklos Karlovassi.
He was a geophysicist.
How do you know that?
We got the information from Soong's computer.
Your mother's name was Irina.
She was an athlete...decathlon.
Won a silver medal in the Olympics.
We've got a lot of historical data on both your parents.
You're welcome to look at it.
I'm approaching a new sleep cycle.
When does your hibernation begin?
Oh, not for another few weeks,
but I would like to increase my body mass by at least ten percent.
Tell you the truth, I'm not very hungry.
You're worried about Dr. Lucas?
We've been friends a very long time.
We're getting there as fast as we can, Phlox.
You might be interested to know Smike's become quite a student of Earth history.
He's been reading up on the Eugenics Wars.
I doubt Soong gave him the whole story.
I'm quite familiar with the subject myself.
Human intellect and human instinct were out of synch.
So many people were killed.
The official number was 30 million.
Some historians say it was closer to 35.
I can understand why Earth banned genetic engineering.
What do you know about Clarke's syndrome?
Oh, it's a degenerative brain disorder that afflicts humans.
My father died of it when I was 12.
I'm sorry.
He had frequent pain...hallucinations...
He'd talk to people who weren't there.
Often couldn't recognize me or my mother.
The last two years of his life...
Ah, and you're thinking if genetic engineering had been permitted...
Maybe Soong has a point.
I've had time to examine his work more closely.
I'm forced to admit, some of it is extremely inventive.
He's really quite brilliant.
It's a shame such a man has to remain incarcerated.
He broke the law.
That's why he was in prison.
And that's why I'm going to make sure he goes back.
Denobula perfected genetic engineering a long time ago,
but you never came close to destroying yourselves.
Perhaps we were simply fortunate.
Or maybe your instincts had caught up with your intellect.
Your food's getting cold.
I don't have the code.
When I was Senior Medical Director, I had access to those embryos.
They changed the policy after what you did.
The access code can only be obtained through Starfleet Command.
He's lying.
I'm telling the truth.
Do the lights in your office flicker every now and then?
Every two hours... drives me crazy.
It's a faulty power relay.
You wouldn't believe how many times I asked them to fix it.
Ten years later, they still haven't done a thing.
- Put him with the others. - Father!
I believe him.
- Tell me. - It's a hexadecimal password.
to compute the possible combinations...
a few hundred thousand of them.
May take a few minutes.
I can't believe I held you back in math.
A ship's entering the system.
Range 20 million kilometers.
Any sign of the bird-of-prey?
It could be hiding behind any one of the larger asteroids.
We're being hailed.
Put it up.
Captain... I wish I could say it's been a long time.
This only ends one way, Doctor.
I think you've underestimated the variables.
About 11 of them.
No one will be harmed if you leave this system immediately.
I'm betting you're not a cold-blooded killer.
Turn your ship around... now.
I want proof that the hostages are unharmed.
Let me speak to Lucas.
Go ahead.
Uh... we're all right. No one's been hurt.
That's about to change.
You're still approaching this station.
Do you have any idea what a Klingon disruptor will do to a human skull at this range?
You're going to leave me with an awful mess to clean up.
- Doctor... - Conversation's over.
- He dies. - All stop.
Now turn around.
Bring us about.
That's a good captain.
There's another layer of encryption.
- It appears to be on a quantum level. - How long?
Longer than I thought, maybe a lot longer.
Keep working.
He lied.
Doctor Lucas, about the embryos.
Station access log.
Get him in here.
I've modulated the transporter frequency to match the station's containment field.
If you register at all on their sensors, it'll look like a field echo.
Do you really think I can help?
If I didn't, I wouldn't have asked you to come along.
We're nearly out of transporter range.
Malik, Malik.
- I want to put an end to this, Doctor. - So do I.
We know you can get to the embryos.
You accessed the stasis chamber just last week.
That's a mistake in the log.
I implore you...give us what we came for...
and we'll leave you in peace.
What's that?
That language is unbecoming of a man of science.
Some men are braver with their own lives than they are with the lives of others.
- Bring in one of his colleagues. - No, not here.
In there.
There are thousands of pathogens stored here. Some kill within minutes.
The longer we're in this facility, the greater the chance
that more ships will come and they might not back down like Enterprise.
It isn't necessary.
It's the only way to make him talk.
Is one human being worth all our lives...
and everything you've worked for?
If that's what it takes to stun them...
what have you got to do to kill them?
Are you familiar with Symbalene blood burn?
The vascular lining literally boils away.
You son-of-a-bitch.
Actually, Mother was a chemist.
You can't do this.
Believe me, I don't want to, but I'm out of options, Doctor.
The code!
This is on your conscience, then, not mine.
Life support runs through this relay.
How long before they run out of air in the control hub?
Half an hour. They should start feeling the effects within ten, 15 minutes.
We're not talking about normal human beings here.
Even an Augment needs oxygen.
His temperature's rising quickly.
Blood pressure's approaching critical. There's still time, Doctor.
Just say the word, I'll release the antipathogen.
There's fluctuation in Life Support Relay Number Four.
Right about now, his extremities feel like they're on fire.
But it's the capillaries, starting to burst...
Please...let me out!
I'm asking you--one doctor to another--stop this.
I can't.
Is it worth this man's life?
I have orders...
I can save him!
- How can you let this happen?! - How can you?
Tell me the code!
- The code! - Go to hell!
Release the antipathogen.
- Father? - Do it!
That should do it.
Doctor Phlox missed something when he examined me, Captain.
I do have one enhanced ability... I can hear like they do.
They're coming.
He's wrong, Captain.
We're already here.
There was a spike. Then the signal was gone.
Sounds like what happens when a communicator goes down.
To prevent us from getting a transporter fix.
They've been captured.
It's the logical conclusion.
- We have to make sure. - Agreed.
What are you doing here?
Don't move.
It's good to see you again.
Am I going to spend the rest of my life trying to get rid of you?
You're going to spend the rest of your life in prison.
How is this...
They told me you were
- that you were sick. - They lied to you.
It was Raakin's order.
- What was? - Banishment.
- Why? - He wasn't strong enough.
You all went along with this?
Why are you so surprised?
Whenever a group of people start believing they're better than everyone else...
the results are always the same.
I don't need a history lesson from you.
You need it from someone.
It's Enterprise.
We have your people. I asked you not to interfere.
- Now... - T'Pol! Execute your orders!
End transmission.
Bring up the data file.
- Enterprise, come in. - They cut us off.
What are these orders?
To initiate the station's self-destruct sequence.
In a few seconds, this place will be dust.
You'd kill us all, rather than let the embryos be born.
It wasn't my idea.
The orders came from Starfleet, but after seeing this...
I can't say I disagree.
We were defending our right to exist.
You've already killed over 25 people. Your "existence" has a pretty high price.
It could get higher.
- The sequence is coming up. - T'Pol?
Ten seconds to auto-destruct.
It's some kind of feedback pulse.
It's the signal we sent, but it's being amplified 1,000%.
The com's dead.
The station's still there.
Safe to say we're gonna need another plan.
We'll destroy it ourselves.
That thing's buried inside an asteroid.
It's not the preferred solution, but it's all we have.
Load photonic torpedoes.
- Mr. Mayweather? - Course set.
Take us in.
Looks like this place isn't turning to dust.
Sorry to disappoint you.
They're friends. I heard them talking.
Is this true, Doctor?
- Let's find out. - Leave him alone!
You'll tell us what we want to hear, or you'll watch him die, too.
5,000 kilometers.
Lock weapons.
Starboard nacelle.
Return fire.
Stop! Stop!
No! No.
I'll give it to you. Don't kill him!
I'll give it to you!
Input the code.
The stasis chamber is opening.
It worked.
Get him out of there.
You come with us.
I'm gonna stay.
I understand.
I hope you have a long, happy life.
You too, Father.
They fire, then move off.
They're trying to draw us away from the station.
A few more like that, and we're gonna be a part of this asteroid field.
Hold your course.
Target the facility.
They're beautiful.
I came here so many times just...
just to look at them.
I remember where each of you was kept.
You were there right next to Saul.
It was so hard to choose 19 out of so many.
I never thought I'd see this sight again.
- We have to hurry. - "Telurian plague."
- I like the sound of that. - What are you doing?
Identifying the most dangerous pathogens.
You're taking them with us?
Mm. Can't hurt to have a little insurance.
They've been transferred to the stasis modules.
Take two people with you, load them onto the shuttle.
Get them in the containment cell.
I wasn't sure how I could justify killing you.
Now you've given me the perft excuse.
Whatever I can do to help.
Hold onto that.
You're a competent fighter.
But that isn't good enough.
I wish I had time to continue our little match.
I'm enjoying it.
But this will be almost as satisfying.
Five minutes after we leave,
every stasis field in this station will shut down,
releasing hundreds of pathogens.
I wonder which one will kill you first.
Stick around and find out.
I like you, Captain.
I can't allow my brother to die in such a way.
This will be much less painful.
They're launching a shuttle.
The bird-of-prey's moving to intercept.
- Who's on the shuttle? - Augments and one human.
Fire torpedoes.
They launched a torpedo.
Maximum thrusters.
Four minutes to containment breach.
There's no way to stop it from here.
Somewhere else?
Uh, the-the primary junction.
Where is it?

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