Previously on Enterprise.
Jonathan Archer.
What brings you here?
Someone attacked a Klingon bird-of-prey.
The entire crew was massacred, the ship's missing.
They were Augments.
You were leading us before.
And now he is. You can't accept that.
Why shouldn't I lead?
Augments should be led by Augments.
We've been authorized to use whatever force necessary to stop Soong.
We know you can get to the embryos.
Give us what we came for.
You'll tell us what we want to hear, or you'll watch him die, too.
Every stasis field in this station will shut down,
releasing hundreds of pathogens.
I wonder which one will kill you first.
There's no way to stop it from here.
- Somewhere else? - The primary junction.
And now, the conclusion.
Containment breach in 40 seconds.
He's almost there.
I'm at the primary junction!
You'll have to divert the secondary relays.
The panel to the left.
I see them.
20 seconds.
He's isolated this room.
The pathogens can't reach us.
What about the captain?
The ventilation grid is going to carry the pathogens
through the rest of the station, including the central core.
How long do I have?
Less than a minute.
- Archer to T'Pol. - Go ahead
Can you get a transporter lock on me?
There's too much interference from the core.
You'll have to get farther away.
Arm the phase-cannons.
Target exterior hatch J-nine.
- Captain, the core will decompress. - That's the idea!
Stand by on the transporter.
You'll only have a few seconds.
Warning. Pathogens detected in the central core.
- T'Pol! - We're ready.
Commander, do you have him?
Yeah. We need a medic down here!
4x06 The Augments
We've crossed into Klingon space.
- Where's Enterprise? - They're holding position.
Archer's not foolish enough to follow us.
We won't be seeing Archer again.
What are you saying?
He's dead.
No one was to be killed without my express order!
I had no choice. He attacked us, tried to escape.
You disobey me again, I'll lock you in the targ pit.
You won't see the light of day for a month.
- Do I make myself clear? - Yes... Father.
- What's our speed? - Holding at warp three-point-eight.
Not fast enough.
The port inducer assembly's been damaged.
Go to Engineering and repair it.
I'm not an engineer.
You're a bright boy, Malik. I'm sure you'll figure it out.
First Officer's log, Supplemental.
We've evacuated the Away Team and all personnel from the station.
The Captain shows no sign of infection.
He's recovering in Sick Bay.
They crossed the Klingon border approximately two hours ago.
Soong's not even bothering to cover his tracks.
He knows the Klingons will intercept us if we follow him.
They have half a dozen patrols in the area.
Is there something we can do to keep us from showing up on their sensors?
I could paint a bird-of-prey on the hull.
Perhaps we could fake a Klingon warp signature.
I'd have to reconfigure the coil assembly.
It would take a few hours, but it should be doable.
What's the status of C-12?
Dr. Lucas and his team would like to return
and begin decontamination procedures.
That's quite a mess they got to clean up.
He estimates it will take more than a year.
Once we're safely through Klingon space,
we'll set a course for these coordinates.
The Klingons call it Klach D'kel Brakt.
I call it the Briar Patch.
It's a little catchier, don't you think?
"Briar Patch"?
You should have read more of the books I left for you.
The region is flooded with radiation from supernova remnants.
The Klingons have never mapped it.
But there are signs of at least two habitable planets inside the Briar Patch.
It's unlikely anyone will find us.
This is your plan?
To hide again?
The embryos need to mature in a safe environment.
Starfleet isn't gonna give up so easily.
They'll send other ships. This gas cloud won't protect us.
All right.
What course would you set?
I'm not certain.
But I know that running away isn't the answer.
Are you familiar with the name Botany Bay?
It's a penal colony on the shores of Australia.
It's also the name of a pre-warp vessel,
launched at the end of the Great Wars.
The ship carried many of our brethren,
including Khan Noonien Singh.
Botany Bay is a myth.
There's no evidence it ever existed.
All records of the launch were destroyed.
They didn't want to be followed.
Even if you're right, the ship was lost,
never to be heard from again.
That's exactly my point.
Khan was a great leader, but he made one fatal mistake.
He ran from his enemies rather than face them.
We've spent our entire lives running and hiding.
When are we going to make a stand?
The matter is not open for debate.
Alter our heading-- course 184,mark 3.
We're going to the Briar Patch.
I'll be in my lab.
I wasn't aware the doctor discharged you.
He didn't. What's our status?
Holding position near the Klingon border.
Bridge to Engineering.
Are we ready?
I've realigned the warp coils.
We should look like a Klingon battle cruiser to their sensors,
but this trick's not gonna work if we get within 80,000 kilometers.
Tactical Alert.
Take us in, Travis. Warp four.
Come in, Malik.
You asked for me?
You have to stop challenging my authority in front of the others.
Well, can't a son disagree with his father? I thought we were family.
I'm willing to overlook the things you've done.
But you have to trust that what I'm doing is best for all of us.
You used to have faith in me.
I was a child. I didn't know any better.
- I know it wasn't easy after I left. - How are the embryos?
I'll be ready to incubate the first of them in a few hours.
You are manipulating its DNA.
These base-pairs sequences regulate the neurotransmitter levels in their brain.
If I can modify them,
aggression and violent behavior will be removed.
You're changing its personality.
I'm correcting a defect in its genome.
Genetic engineering was in its infancy when you were created.
They weren't able to repair all the mistakes.
Did you fix these "mistakes" in the rest of us?
I didn't know how until recently.
What right do you have to tamper with their genome?
Trust me.
- I know what I'm doing. - You don't know that this is a defect.
Maybe this is the way our creators wanted us to be.
Father, you're needed on the bridge.
There's a ship approaching at high warp.
- Have you identified it? - It appears to be Klingon.
Let's see them.
- This ship has minimal aft weapons. - Increase speed.
Arm torpedoes.
Open a channel.
This is Captain Archer.
Drop out of warp, or we'll disable you.
Sounds pretty confident for a dead man.
Aft torpedoes. Target their propulsion systems.
Forward plating's holding.
Return fire.
- Aft shields at 50%. - We should engage them.
Mm-mm. They outgun us three to one.
The Denobulan pilot--put her aboard the shuttle.
Scan for any planets along our flight path.
Their warp field's fluctuating.
Concentrate all fire on their engines.
They've altered course. They're heading for a planetary system.
- We've reached the coordinates. - Take us out of warp.
They're moving into a low orbit.
They're opening their shuttlebay doors.
Hold your fire. Magnify.
Bio-signs on the shuttle?
One. Denobulan.
Can you get a transporter lock?
The atmosphere is too dense.
We're being hailed. It's Soong.
Murdering hostages is turning into a new hobby for you.
No one's been killed, Captain.
That ship is caught between two thermal layers.
It should be relatively safe for four or five hours.
Enough time for you to mount a rescue mission.
This isn't over, Doctor.
Good-bye, Captain.
He's gone to warp.
Disconnect that circuit before you power the relay; you might damage it.
The warp trail's been dispersed.
Enterprise won't be able to follow us.
- Excellent work. - There's something else we... Father!
- I need to speak with you. - What is it?
We've underestimated them.
Starfleet isn't going to stop until they find us.
Well, what do you propose we do, turn ourselves in?
Before we left C-12, I beamed aboard two dozen canisters of biogenic agents.
You did what?!
We can modify a torpedo to carry the pathogens.
A single torpedo would never make it through their hull plating.
I wasn't talking about the Enterprise.
We'll use it against the Klingons.
The Qu'Vat colony is less than four light-years away.
If we detonate the torpedo inside the upper atmosphere,
it'll scatter the pathogen across the entire planet.
Every organism on the surface will be dead within days.
When the High Council hears that humans have decimated their colony,
they'll launch a counterstrike.
The Klingons will keep Starfleet busy for years.
What you're proposing is mass murder.
There is no other choice.
How long before Starfleet turns to the Klingons for help in finding us?
This is the only way to guarantee our survival.
Go back to the bridge.
What happened to you in prison?
You're not the man who raised us...
the man who was willing to do whatever was necessary.
Return to your station.
Captain's Starlog, Supplemental.
We've rescued the pilot of the Denobulan shuttle.
Fortunately, her injuries were minor.
Trip and T'Pol are trying to enhance our sensors in an effort to find the bird-of-prey.
Target the directional array on grid 459.
How are your parents?
They're fine.
They moved into a new house in Mississippi.
It's not like the old place in Panama City, but...
it's pretty nice. Why do you ask?
You haven't spoken of them recently.
In fact, you've said very little since I returned from Vulcan.
There hasn't been a lot of time to catch up.
You also haven't joined us at the captain's table since we left Earth.
- What are you trying to say? - You've been avoiding me.
Well, maybe I have.
But you got to admit, it's a little awkward.
I mean, you're married.
I know you did it to help your mother, but...
It's gonna take me a little time to adjust.
I'm still adjusting to it myself.
This is going to sound strange, but, um...
as tough as it was watching you go through with the ceremony...
I was proud of you for what you did.
Yep, I guess it's probably for the best.
- What do you mean? - Come on.
It's not like we would have made an ideal couple.
A Vulcan and a human?
Romeo and Juliet probably stood a better chance.
A subspace distortion--0.4 light-years.
There's no sign of a warp trail.
They might have concealed their engine emissions.
- Engineering to bridge. - Go ahead.
I think we've found him, Captain.
You don't sound 100 percent sure.
Well, it's the best we've got.
Send the coordinates to Mr. Mayweather.
Lay in a pursuit course, maximum warp.
I don't have a lot of time.
The aft launcher's still off-line, and Father wants me to fix...
You won't have to answer to him any longer.
I'm taking command.
You can't.
I've already spoken with everyone on the bridge. They're behind me.
But I need to know where you stand.
You helped me before.
That was different. This is our father.
He may have raised us, but that doesn't make him our father.
- He'll never be one of us. - Don't do this to him.
He's given me no choice.
I have a plan to protect us from Starfleet and the Klingons,
and he won't even consider it.
Do you know what he's doing with the embryos?
He's altering their genome--
making them weak and docile, like ordinary humans.
- That's not true. - Go to his lab; talk to him yourself.
I know how much he means to you.
I have feelings for him, too.
He'll be treated with respect. You have my word.
Are you with me?
Father, please come with us.
- Four of you to subdue me? - The crew is united behind me.
Is that so? There's no time for this.
You all have work to do.
Don't make this more difficult than it needs to be.
And if I refuse, are you going to kill me?
No one else has to die.
What about the millions you plan to kill with that bioweapon?
Please, Father.
There's no other way.
Lock him in his quarters.
A Klingon battle cruiser, point-three light-years away.
They're on an intercept course.
Archer to Engineering.
Is there a problem with the camouflage?
Not that I can see.
Our Klingon warp signature's holding steady.
They'll be in visual range in less than two minutes.
The universal translator--did you update the database?
It's been programmed with seven Klingon dialects.
Let's hope this guy speaks one of them.
Open a channel.
Attention, cruiser.
If you come any closer to my ship, you'll be fired upon.
Who is this?
My name isn't your concern.
You've entered restricted space.
Drop out of warp, and prepare for inspection.
The last time I checked, this was still Klingon territory.
No ship is allowed to pass through this system without authorization--
on the orders of Governor Klag!
I don't take orders from a mere governor.
We're on important business for the High Council.
What sort of business?
That matter is classified.
I'm not detecting a Council transponder signal.
Perhaps you forgot to activate it.
You expect me to turn on a transponder...
and let every ship in the area know that...
we have the Chancellor on board?
Chancellor M'Rek is on your ship?
He had important negotiations with the Orions.
We're taking him back to Kronos.
The Orions.
I've heard rumors of his "negotiations" with their females.
Tell me... is it true what they say about them?
If I were you, I wouldn't be making allegations
about Chancellor M'Rek over an unsecure channel!
- I... meant no insult... - I'm sure you didn't.
It would be best if you made no mention of this to your superiors...
or you might find yourself commanding a garbage scow.
We're honored to have the Chancellor in our system.
- Qapla'. - Qapla'!
They're altering course.
Don't tell me it's visiting hours.
I'm sorry, Father.
If I didn't go along with him, he would've killed me.
You did the right thing.
If he deploys that weapon, he'll be confirming everything
they've said about Augments for the last 150 years.
They'll destroy all of you.
You have to help me stop him.
We can sabotage the engines or the torpedo launchers.
No, we'll never get to them.
Malik's posted guards at every vital system.
You have to get me off the ship.
I've disabled the internal sensors.
It should be some time before anyone notices one of the escape pods is missing.
Be careful. He might suspect you.
- What is it? - An automated beacon.
It's very faint. It could be a distress signal.
Can you get a fix on it?
What took you so long?
You have to alter your...!
You have to alter your course.
Is that so?
My children...
The Augments are planning to attack a Klingon colony.
What were you doing in that escape pod?
What do you think? I was waiting for you!
You're the only one who can stop them!
I didn't come back because I missed our lively debates.
Please, please, you have to do as I ask...
Your story doesn't sound very plausible.
I think we were getting close to finding your Augments.
You may have put yourself into that escape pod to throw us off.
You're not serious.
You've made it clear you'll do anything for them.
Lie, murder...
maybe even sacrifice yourself.
If the Klingons retaliate against Earth,
it'll make the Xindi Incident look like a lovers' quarrel.
What do you care what happens to Earth?
You believe your children are the future of humanity.
Captain! Contact C-12!
300 kilograms of bio-toxins are missing from their inventory.
Dr. Lucas already told me about the missing toxins.
Malik stole them without my knowledge. He's going to use them on the colony.
You saw what he did on the station. You know what he's capable of.
You didn't know.
You had to see him murder someone in front of you.
What do you want me to say?
That you were right about them, and I was wrong?
Maybe things would have been different if I'd been there for them,
if Starfleet hadn't locked me away.
None of that would have mattered in the end.
It's in their nature.
They were engineered to be this way.
"Superior ability breeds superior ambition."
One of their creators wrote that.
He was murdered by an Augment.
Work with Soong.
He'll show you how to scan for their warp trail.
I want to intercept them before they reach the colony.
He may be leading us into a trap.
- I believe him. - That planet's over three light years away.
We're gonna have to push the engines pretty hard to get there in time.
Is that a problem?
Well, at that speed, our phony warp signature might not fool the Klingons.
Do what you have to do.
You've been quiet.
Soong didn't get off this ship without help.
The sensor grid wasn't damaged in the attack.
Someone took it off-line to cover his escape.
Maybe he disabled it.
He would've needed the security codes.
I never gave them to him.
If Father didn't do it, then who?
Can you think of anyone?
Lokesh didn't seem that enthusiastic about your plan to attack the Klingons.
He's been in the weapons bay for a day and a half, modifying the torpedo.
Maybe I should torture him, just to make sure.
What do you think?
Only four of us have the codes.
Of those four, you and I are the only ones who weren't on the bridge when Soong escaped.
You think I did it?
Your heart's beating faster.
Perhaps it's trying to tell me something.
Are you going to use that on me?
If I have to.
You shouldn't have done that.
I'll miss you.
How long can we sustain warp five?
As long as the captain wants it...
or until we blow up, whichever comes first.
Adjust the scanning frequency-- 15 megahertz.
Sorry about that business with the Orions.
Hope you weren't permanently injured.
Why don't you stay focused on what you're doing?
Whoo! Someone's a little protective of Commander T'Pol.
I just don't like you very much.
- Is that them? - It is a ship, but it's not the bird-of-prey.
Captain Archer to the bridge.
It's a Klingon vessel. They're on an intercept course.
It's a lot bigger than the last one. This one's a D5-class battle cruiser.
How long until we're in visual range?
Two minutes.
Same as before, Hoshi.
They're hailing us.
Earth vessel, surrender and prepare to be boarded!
Aft plating is failing!
Hail them again.
If we don't reach the colony before that bird-of-prey,
millions of your people will be killed.
I am not detecting any other ships.
Perhaps you plan to attack the colony!
Captain, if I may.
Quv lughaj Archer Captain Archer and his crew
HoD beqDaj je. are honorable people.
Uh... LengtaH 'e' yIchaw'. Let them continue on their way.
Drop out of warp, or we'll destroy your ship!
I tried.
We may be able to surprise them with a torpedo, if we drop to impulse.
I wouldn't recommend that, Captain.
Their sensors are far superior. They'll detect it.
They're targeting our reactor.
Power down weapons. Stand by to deploy the grappler.
Take us out of warp.
They've dropped to impulse.
- Malcolm? - A few more seconds, Captain.
On my mark, Travis.
They're closing.
They're extending their docking port.
- Malcolm? - Ready, sir.
Full impulse.
- They're targeting the grappler. - Hold your speed.
Shearing force is approaching critical.
- We're losing the grappler. - Hold your speed.
They can't create a warp field. They're disabled.
Resume course for the colony, maximum speed.
There are three population centers--
two here, and another on the northern continent.
We'll detonate the torpedo over the southern hemisphere.
That'll ensure the maximum number of casualties.
What's the weapon's status?
We've modified the warhead.
But we need to test the guidance protocols before we can...
There's a ship on an intercept course.
Increase to maximum speed. Load the torpedo.
Stand by to fire as soon as we drop out of warp.
- The guidance protocols... - Do as I say!
They've detected us. They're accelerating.
- Stay with them, Travis. - Tucker to bridge.
If we go any faster, the nacelles are going to fly off the pylons!
How long until we're in weapons range?
Two minutes...but the bird-of-prey will reach the colony in 73 seconds.
- Trip... - I heard.
I'll give you what I can.
- How much longer? - Guidance is still off-line.
- We'll need to get closer. - Take us into low orbit.
They're preparing to fire.
Another 15 seconds.
Take us out of warp as close as you can.
Weapons are standing by.
Ten seconds.
The torpedo's ready.
They've launched the weapon.
It will reach the atmosphere in 12 seconds.
Hard about.
A direct hit to the armory.
We've lost hull plating, torpedo launchers.
What about phase-cannons?
The aft cannon's on line...just barely.
Lock onto their bridge.
- No, no, no! - Stand aside, Doctor!
Their bridge is protected with dispersive armor.
Your weapons will never penetrate it.
Target your cannons here--behind their sensor array.
What good will that do?
Their main plasma junction's located there.
A direct hit would disable their entire power grid.
Trust me.
Do what he says. Fire when ready.
They're disabled.
Are they still alive?
I'm reading 12 bio-signs.
Captain, there's a power surge in their reactor.
He's overloading his dilithium matrix.
- He'll destroy their ship. - Let me talk to him.
Malik, it's Father.
Don't do this.
Some of your brothers and sisters are still alive.
Would you rather they go to prison with you?
The embryos.
There's no place for us on Earth...
or anywhere else.
Better to die here.
Please, please, please!
I'll see you soon.
I'll contact Starfleet on your behalf
Let them know that you helped us.
I can't believe they're gone.
All of them.
Uh, we're heading the wrong way.
You're not going to the brig. I'm taking you to crew quarters.
You're alive.
You betrayed us all!
Good-bye, Father.
Captain's Starlog, May 27, 2154.
Our actions at the Klingon colony appear to have satisfied the High Council.
They've called off their plans to retaliate against Earth.
You could at least let me finish my work, before you take it away and destroy it.
No one's destroyed anything.
It's being stored in a secure location.
Maybe someday,
we'll figure out how to use it to benefit humanity.
I wouldn't count on it.
I've been thinking...
...perfecting humanity...
may not be possible.
Artificial life-forms.
Good-bye, Doctor.
I doubt I'll finish the work myself.
Might take a generation or two.

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