Previously on Enterprise.
We only want to be your partners, to work together in common cause.
Admiral Forrest has been killed.
The DNA on the bomb's controls was left by this woman: T'Pau.
The answers you need are on Vulcan, and however far you have to take this investigation,
you have my support.
This is a desert called the Forge. The route's the one Surak supposedly followed.
The guard recognized the person who brought in the bomb we found in the rubble. T'Pau. No.
It was you.
What's a katra?
Syrrannites claim it's the essence of a Vulcan mind,
that it can be transferred from the body before death.
V'Las was involved with the attack on your embassy.
He was responsible for blaming it on the Syrrannites.
Before we announce our decision, is there anything you wish to say?
My actions were taken in the best interest of Vulcan
and the High Command. Keeping secrets from us is in our best interest?
Had I revealed my abilities as a melder, my years of service would not have been possible.
Your accomplishments have been noteworthy.
They don't justify deception. Deception has never been a stranger to this room.
I caution you.
One of our own members was responsible for bombing the Earth embassy,
an act we tried to blame on the Syrrannites. That assessment was correct.
Our investigation of Stel has revealed he's a Syrrannite.
I find that difficult to accept.
Numerous documents were discovered in his home. The evidence is irrefutable.
The Syrrannites were responsible and they'll be dealt with accordingly.
Regarding the matter at hand-- your position is terminated immediately.
You're to surrender all classified materials to the Security Directorate before leaving.
I remind you that your loyalty
oath is still in effect.
A violation of that oath... I'm aware of the penalty. Good.
Is there anything else you'd like to say?
There's a great deal that needs to be said, Excellency.
But no one's willing to listen.
Who are you?
I'm Jonathan Archer.
Captain of the Earth vessel.
And you must be T'Pol.
You are a long way from Enterprise. I'm here to find the person who bombed the Earth embassy.
Her name is T'Pau.
And she looks a hell of a lot like you.
I am T'Pau.
You murdered my friend.
Along with 40 other people.
I had nothing to do with the destruction of your embassy. The evidence says you did.
I haven't left this desert for two years.
What does that tell you about your evidence? It tells me that you're lying!
You have a lot to learn about Syrrannites. You have a lot to learn about humans.
We don't sit back and do nothing while our people are attacked.
No, you traverse vast wastelands based on false information.
What did you plan to do when you found me,
place me under arrest? Something like that.
It seems everything I've heard about your species is accurate. Mother.
I'm pleased to see that you're all right.
We have a great deal to talk about.
You told them where to find us. Yes.
Is there anyone else with you?
To have crossed the Forge by yourselves, with the sandfire storms this time of year... We met a Syrrannite.
He helped us find shelter. Who was this person?
His name was Arev.
He was struck down by an electrical charge.
He didn't make it.
He's dead?
Are you certain his name was Arev?
That's what he told us.
His true name... was Syrran.
He was our leader.
Captain, are you all right? I'm okay.
Right before Arev died,
he grabbed me, he...
put his hand on my forehead. I felt something inside... my head.
Do you think he was trying to meld with you?
I don't know.
But ever since, I haven't been myself.
You put us all in danger. What if they'd been followed?
I only wanted her to know I was safe.
You could've accomplished that without revealing our location. I can't change what I've done.
She doesn't deserve imprisonment. I want her released. Not until we've confirmed their story.
My daughter wouldn't lie. She's not merely your daughter.
She's a member of Starfleet and Starfleet has allied with the High Command.
They'll both remain where they are until I'm satisfied they can be trusted.
Search patrols are flying day and night. They're the least of our worries now.
If Syrran is dead...
then everything we've worked for is lost.
I can't believe they threw you out.
Just because you helped us?
I knew the risks. There's gotta to be some way you can fight this. I could protest,
but it wouldn't accomplish anything.
V'Las isn't one to change his mind. Who the hell put him in charge anyway?
Our society rewards merit.
V'Las has demonstrated a singular talent for governing.
What are you going to do now?
If you're referring to my career, I haven't given it much thought.
There's something more important we need to discuss.
Have you made contact with T'Pol or your captain? We can't reach them and they can't reach us.
V'Las is determined to wipe out the Syrrannites.
He's particularly intent on destroying their encampment in the Forge.
Where the captain and T'Pol are headed.
They may be in grave danger.
You must have questions for me.
I can't understand how you could join these people.
I've been growing disillusioned with Vulcan society for some time.
When I was forced to resign from the Academy,
I began seriously to question my beliefs.
And this is where you came for answers?
Syrrannites believe that Vulcans have strayed from the teachings of Surak.
Considering what the High Command has done in recent years-- the listening station at P'Jem,
the suppression of dissent--
our position isn't so hard to accept.
You could have told me all this when I came to visit.
The High Command was just beginning to hunt down suspected Syrrannites.
I was afraid I would be next. I wanted to keep you out of it. I know your marriage to Koss was for my sake.
To help me regain my post. I don't want your apologies, Mother.
I want you to come back with me.
I can't do that.
When you gave me that map, you knew I'd try to find you.
I thought that if you could see what we were trying to accomplish... That I'd understand?
That I'd join you?
I held out that hope, yes.
It's possible I was being foolish. Extremely.
War is taking its toll.
Vulcan is tearing itself apart.
Who are you?
You know who I am, Captain.
Oh, so much death.
Hard to believe this will become known as the "Time of Awakening."
That was 1,800 years ago.
This doesn't feel like a dream.
You're seeing the past through my eyes.
Syrran did something to me before he died.
He chose you.
[ chuckles ]
You don't trust Vulcans, Captain.
And given your experiences with them, I can't say I blame you.
The culture you've come to know isn't the one I helped to create.
My people have strayed, and someone must restore them to the path.
You've got the wrong man.
Sorry, Captain.
There's an Earth expression, "We're stuck with each other".
Don't fight what's been given to you.
Open your mind and your heart and the way will become clear.
We've pinpointed their location near the northeastern border of the Forge.
How accurate is this information? It's based on data collected by search patrols.
They've been conducting missions for several days.
We're going to bombard the camp... with photonic weapons.
Our goal isn't to exterminate these people.
Our goal... is to maintain order.
They're in the deep desert.
What possible harm could they do us? They've already destroyed an embassy.
Eventually, they're going to have to leave the Forge, and when they do,
we can apprehend them with little or no loss of life.
It's very likely that Syrran himself is inside the compound.
With one decisive thrust, we can cripple this
insurgency-- perhaps... end it.
We can't let an opportunity like this pass us by.
A surgical strike could minimize the loss of life.
The geomagnetic anomalies make a precision attack impossible.
This is the only way.
We'll begin preparations immediately.
This man, did he tell you his name?
He seemed to think I knew who he was.
Did you?
It was Surak.
We believe you.
Syrran possessed the katra of Surak. Katras are nothing more than a myth.
I used to think that.
Until I learned to open up my mind to other possibilities. If Syrran knew he was close to death,
he would've tried to transfer the katra to someone else.
I was near him when he died.
There is only one way to be certain.
I have to meld with you.
I've had my fill of mind-melds. The prospect doesn't appeal to me, either.
I've never melded with a human before.
Your... unchecked emotions will, no doubt, prove distasteful.
However, I ask your indulgence.
My mind...
to your mind.
My thoughts to your thoughts.
Our minds are merging.
Our minds are one.
We're in the desert...
There's a storm...
We find refuge
i-in a cave...
Our minds are not alone...
There's someone else here with us...
I sense his presence...
[ gasps ]
[ exhales ] He has the katra.
[ sighs ]
We can trigger a malfunction in this satellite's imaging node.
It'll take six minutes for the central processor to correct the error.
That should be enough time to slip through the net. Won't they wonder what caused the glitch?
Errors occur frequently near the Forge. It shouldn't raise suspicion.
Mind if I ask you something?
Why are you doing this?
I never got the impression you cared that much about humans.
Seems like... you were always finding something new to complain about.
I lived on Earth for more than 30 years, Commander.
In that time, I developed an affinity for your world and its people.
You did a pretty good job of hiding it.
Thank you.
Launch Bay to Commander Tucker.
Go ahead, Travis.
We should be ready within the hour. What about helm control?
I've rigged up a stick-and-rudder system.
It'll get us where we want to go, but I can't promise a smooth ride.
Just don't tell Malcolm about that part until you're underway.
Centuries ago, a set of Katric Arks were discovered at the P'Jem monastery.
Katric Arks? Polycrystalline vessels.
Allegedly used by ancient Vulcans to preserve katras.
They were scanned, analyzed.
One of the scientists even attempted to meld with them.
They found nothing to indicate the presence of a katra.
The Vulcan Science Academy was just as skeptical about time travel.
Do you really believe you possess the living spirit of Surak inside you--
a man who died 1,800 years ago?
Not when you put it like that.
There is a logical explanation. I'm listening.
Syrran melded with you before he died.
What you're experiencing is the residue of his thoughts.
So I'm suffering from...
a mind-meld hangover?
I wouldn't characterize it quite that way... but essentially.
It feels like...
...more than that.
You have no basis for comparison.
You've never undergone a mind-meld before. Seeing Surak is only a part of it.
I could swear I've been here before, in this sanctuary.
It's like coming back to the house you grew up in.
Syrran spent a great deal of time here.
Let's say you're right, and it was just a mind-meld.
He still put something in my head.
And I want it taken out.
That may not be possible.
What can we do for you? Where is your captain?
He's indisposed at the moment. Can I help you?
The investigation of the embassy bombing is nearly complete.
You have a suspect.
The evidence against him and the Syrrannites is compelling.
There's no longer any need for your presence here.
If it's all the same to you, we'd like to stick around. We'd prefer you didn't.
This is an internal matter.
We'll keep Starfleet apprised if there are any subsequent developments.
Excellency... Again, you have my deepest sympathy for your loss.
All of Vulcan grieves with you.
With all respect,
we aren't leaving... not until we know exactly what happened.
I've also contacted Admiral Gardner. I'm sure you'll be hearing from him soon.
A pleasant journey.
Son of a bitch hung up on us. Should I try to get him back?
No one here has ever performed this ritual. I've studied it for some time.
I believe I can conduct it successfully. You'd not only be placing Surak's katra in jeopardy,
you could kill Archer. The risks are acceptable.
I doubt Surak would agree. What alternative would you suggest? That we follow this human?
I believe your prejudice toward humans is clouding your judgment.
You question my logic?
Syrran chose to place the katra in Archer.
Now, he must have had his reasons, even if we don't understand them.
The reason is obvious: he was dying. Your daughter couldn't reach him in time. He had to choose Archer.
That may be... but we do have a choice.
Now, for the sake of everyone involved,
I ask you to reconsider.
I've made my decision.
I'll perform the procedure in one hour.
And if Archer dies?
I won't sacrifice our future to protect the life of one human.
You know...
I'm the one with a Vulcan ghost in his head,
depending on who you believe.
But I don't feel half as bad as you look.
I'm considering our options.
At least we know your mother's okay.
She's joined a violent cult.
She's not okay.
I don't think these people had anything to do with the embassy.
You sound convinced.
Let's just say it's more than a gut feeling.
We've come to a decision--
the katra must be removed.
I can't argue with that. There's a procedure, a ritual.
It will transfer the katra to another person. It's not without risk.
Vulcan neurology is exceptionally resilient,
but a human's...
The shock to your nervous system will be severe.
It could kill you. You must decline.
We're not offering a choice.
You'd do this by force?
We'd prefer that you undertake the ritual willingly. It will stand a better chance of success.
However, if force is required, we won't hesitate to use it.
Let's get started. Captain...
It's my call.
Admiral Gardner followed the Vulcan line straight down the middle. He wants us out of here yesterday.
Did you tell him about the captain and T'Pol? I left that part out.
Enterprise was supposed to leave orbit an hour ago. V'Las is not a patient man.
There's not a whole lot he can do about it.
Hell of a job, Travis. Thank you, sir.
Let us find'em and bring'em back. No sightseeing along the way. Understood.
We've got a recon satellite to jam.
Enterprise hasn't left orbit. They're maintaining a stationary position above the Forge.
Keep monitoring them. Yes, Excellency.
We can't proceed with the operation while the Earth ship is there.
You're concerned about witnesses.
Gardner gave them an order to leave. I heard the transmission.
So we're now monitoring their communications?
They wouldn't disobey an order without a reason.
I intend to find out what it is.
Passed down through the ages,
the katra of Surak,
father of all we hold true,
lives on in this man.
Let it now live on in me.
[ groans ]
Good to see you again, Captain.
My appearance must be quite disconcerting. I apologize.
Radiation sickness?
We're paying a heavy price for our foolishness.
Logic has not won this day.
But this day won't last forever.
Logic is at the heart of every Vulcan.
Even as the ashes fall, my people are discovering a new way.
You can accomplish what Syrran could not.
But Syrran...
...was a Vulcan
and you're human,
which means you are untouched by a culture that can no longer see its own imminent destruction.
We cannot let what happened to the Vulcans of my time take place again.
Find what my people have lost.
[ groans ]
Find the Kir'Shara.
[ both gasp ]
[ gasping ] I failed.
Surak chooses to remain where he is.
The satellite's been disabled. They've got six minutes to get through.
Travis, it's all yours.
Probably should've skipped breakfast this morning.
They're through. We're losing contact.
These thermals are only going to get stronger.
That was no thermal.
The plasma-cannons are still working. But I can't say the same for the targeting sensors.
We must be getting close to the geomagnetic field.
Doesn't seem to be affecting them. They must have better shielding. I'll have to aim manually.
Can you get us on their tail?
They've slipped below us.
We've lost part of the starboard wing! We have to abort. I think I can get us down.
You won't be able to get us back up.
Thrusters are off-line. We'll have to fire the chemical rockets. Hang on.
They've been fired on.
They took damage, but they're heading back to Enterprise. I guess six minutes wasn't enough.
They must've been monitoring us.
Three ships closing on our position.
[ console beeps ] We're being hailed. It's Administrator V'Las.
Why did you launch a shuttlepod? Why the hell did you fire on it? You had no authorization.
Answer the question.
We're looking for our captain.
Archer's on the surface?
He's in the Forge searching for the Syrrannites.
You were ordered to leave orbit.
I advised them to stay.
I assume you assisted in disabling the security satellite.
I gave them the code.
Commander Tucker...
you're to break orbit immediately.
We're not leaving without the Captain. You will leave immediately,
or I'll order my ships to open fire.
How is he?
His breathing has stabilized,
but his fever is still high.
He agreed to the ritual.
If he hadn't, you would have forced him.
You claim that Surak's teachings have been corrupted by the High Command,
but you're no different.
There is a profound difference. You deceive yourself.
I shouldn't have come here looking for you...
...and I don't want anything more to do with you.
If that's your wish.
How long have I been out? More than three hours.
I feel like...
I just pulled my head out of a... plasma relay.
You should rest.
The Kir'Shara...
What do you know about it?
It was important to Surak...
and it's in there.
What's the Kir'Shara? An artifact.
Syrran led us here to find it. If he knows where it is...
Telescopes have sighted three Vulcan cruisers in orbit over the Forge.
The High Command knows we're here. We should evacuate immediately. Give the order.
I can find it.
That one missed us by 20 meters.
Tactical Alert. Polarize hull plating.
How many warning shots do Vulcans usually fire?
I'm running out of patience, Commander.
We've been over this.
Our Captain and First Officer are down there.
We'll make sure they're returned to you.
Break orbit, now.
You really think he'll do it?
V'Las will do what whatever it takes to accomplish his goal.
Vulcan and Earth have been allies for a hundred years. Surely they must have seen our ships by now.
If they evacuate into the Forge, they'll be extremely hard to track. We can't wait any longer.
Drive Enterprise from orbit. Use all necessary force.
Yes, Excellency.
Phase-cannons-- return fire.
The Vulcan ships are firing on Enterprise.
We could be next. Take charge of the evacuation. We'll meet you on the Forge as soon as we can.
You can't stay here.
I've spent two years searching for the artifact. If there's a chance of finding it...
I'm staying.
Reroute emergency power to phase-cannons. Hull breach on C Deck.
They're reporting casualties.
V'Las is hailing. Audio only. Put him through.
You're hopelessly outgunned, weapons are off-line, engines failing.
Don't force me to destroy your ship.
He's right.
We should withdraw.
Our deaths won't help Captain Archer or T'Pol.
Get us the hell out of here.
The moment Enterprise is beyond scanner range...
begin bombardment of the compound.
Yes, Excellency.
T'Klass. He was a student of Surak-- one of the first Kolinahr masters.
There's no inscription.
Nothing to indicate his bloodline.
How do you know his name?
We're getting close. [ deep rumbling ]
They've begun their assault.
It's here.
[ clicking, unlatching ]
I had my doubts whether it really existed.
Let's go.
This way.
Geomagnetic interference. We can't get a target lock.
Blanket the area.
The sanctuary's been destroyed.
Comb the desert.
Make sure there are no survivors. Affirmative.
You're presiding over a massacre. We are eliminating a threat.
Are you all right?
I'm fine.
We should keep moving.
[ groaning ]
[ groaning ]
I was afraid you were still inside.
It's all right.
We found the Kir'Shara.
You have always struggled so with your emotions.
I came here...
I did all this to help you.
I don't understand.
You will.
[ groans ] Mother...
I've always been so proud of you.
My T'Pol.
I understand we suffered casualties.
Two of them serious.
I share your concern about Captain Archer and T'Pol.
They've been in tough jams before.
What does the High Command have against the Syrrannites?
They went to a lot of trouble to frame them for the embassy bombing.
The Syrrannites believe violence to be antithetical to Surak's teachings.
So, they're pacifists.
V'Las considers that a dangerous mindset, particularly now.
What do you mean?
The High Command is planning to attack Andoria.
Wait, wait.
Vulcan and Andoria signed a peace treaty two years ago.
Captain Archer helped negotiate it.
Vulcan Intelligence claims, the Andorians are developing a weapon, possibly based on Xindi technology.
You don't believe it. I suspect V'Las is using the claim to advance an agenda.
He's persuaded the High Command to launch a preemptive strike.
He's going to start an interstellar war. One that could devastate Andoria and Vulcan
and eventually involve other worlds...
including Earth.
Set a course for Andoria. Andoria?
Maximum warp.

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