Previously on Enterprise.
Admiral Forrest has been killed.
The Syrrannites were responsible and they'll be dealt with accordingly.
Your position is terminated immediately.
You're seeing the past through my eyes.
The culture you've come to know isn't the one I helped to create.
Syrran did something to me before he died.
He chose you.
[ gasps ]
He has Surak's katra.
We can't reach them, and they can't reach us. The may be in grave danger.
Find what my people have lost.
Find the Kir'Shara.
Blanket the area. Use all necessary force.
Make sure there are no survivors.
You're presiding over a massacre. The High Command is planning to attack Andoria.
He's going to start an interstellar war. Set a course for Andoria.
Maximum warp.
And now, the conclusion.
The Andorians have deployed most of their fleet in defensive positions around Paan Mokar.
We gave them that planet when we signed the treaty. Why would they move their forces there?
They believe we're preparing to retake it.
We've been using unmanned probes to generate false warp signatures in that system.
Why weren't we informed of this?
It's possible that Andorian agents have penetrated the High Command.
It's necessary to limit access to this information.
Our forces are actually stationed here--
preparing to launch an invasion of Andoria.
There are members of the Council who are not convinced an invasion is necessary at this time.
We know they have the Xindi technology. You've all seen the data. Data can be falsified.
We received this sensor telemetry two days ago.
It was recorded by the Andorian ship that stole the Xindi prototype.
Our operatives tell us the prototype was taken back to Andoria, where it was disassembled.
We have reason to believe the Imperial Guard plans to equip their vessels with similar weaponry.
Do you have evidence of this?
They didn't steal the prototype because they were merely curious.
I'm certain of one thing-- sooner or later, the Andorians will make use of this technology.
Is it logical for us to wait for that day?
We've sent word to the Syrrannites in the mountains. They'll care for the wounded.
How far to the capital? Two days. We need to get back to Enterprise...
tell Starfleet what we've learned about the embassy bombing. We have a more important mission.
We've to get this to the capital.
I don't understand. The Kir'Shara contains Surak's original writings.
It's the only surviving record of his true teachings.
It would have an enormous impact on the High Command and all of Vulcan.
I've got two teams working on it. Both launchers should be on line in a few hours. Anything else?
Permission to speak freely?
Admiral Gardner ordered us to return to Earth,
yet we've set a course for Andorian territory.
We are going back. We're just taking a small detour first.
Have you told Starfleet you're planning to warn the Andorians?
Have you any idea what the admiral will do when he finds out?
I'll save you a seat at my court-martial. Is there anything else?
The Vulcans have legitimate reasons for launching this strike.
If we alert the Andorians, we will be betraying our closest ally.
I'm trying to prevent a war, Malcolm.
A war that Earth could get draw into. With all due respect, sir, we shouldn't get involved.
We're already involved.
[ door chimes ]
Come in.
That'll be all, Lieutenant. Sir...? Dismissed.
You asked for me, Commander? I've been thinking...
there's no guarantee the Imperial Guard's gonna believe us.
We've got no evidence your people are planning this attack.
But there is one Andorian who might trust us...
at least he does some of the time. Commander Shran.
Problem is, I have no idea how to find him.
I may be able to help.
Lieutenant Reed appeared unsettled.
Some of the crew are wondering if I'm doing the right thing.
Can't say I blame them...
I'm not so sure myself.
I have no doubt Captain Archer would pursue this same course of action.
That's what I keep telling myself.
Enterprise will be scanning for us at the transport coordinates. One of us should go there.
It's too dangerous. We're staying together.
Taking the artifact to the High Command will accomplish nothing.
It might be the only thing that can stop the war. What war? Between Vulcan and Andoria.
We settled our dispute with the Andorians nearly two years ago.
V'Las was just stalling for time.
He's been preparing a large-scale attack ever since. Where did you get this information?
Where do you think?
Assuming, for the moment, you possess Surak's katra...
he's been dead for centuries. How could he be aware of plans for a war?
Some of Syrran's memories must have been transferred in the meld.
You think I've lost my mind? I'm not certain your mind is the one making these decisions.
We should return to the ship. T'Pau can take the artifact to the capital. I was chosen for this.
Interesting choice of words.
If I were in your shoes, I'd be just as skeptical.
I'm not possessed...
and I'm not delusional.
There are forces at work on your world right now, trying to undo everything Surak taught your people.
If we fail, Vulcan will be consumed by them.
That's why have to get this thing to the capital. And I'm going to need all three of us to try and find...
Archer, don't move.
Gallicite deposits.
Are you in possession of anything metallic?
Just this.
[ crackling ]
Thanks for the warning.
Our patrol has returned.
They captured eight Syrrannites from the sanctuary. Was Syrran among them? No. He is dead.
The Syrrannites say that there were three other survivors, including a human.
They say that he is carrying the Kir'Shara.
The Kir'Shara never existed.
There are scholars who believe it does and that it was hidden in the Forge.
The Syrrannites claim that they are following the true path of Surak.
If the Kir'Shara is real,
it could prove them right. It doesn't exist!
You've been listening to Syrrannite propaganda.
That will be all, Minister.
Sub-Lieutenant, order Major Talok to find the remaining Syrrannites.
We're dealing with radical insurgents.
They're to be eradicated.
Do I make myself clear?
Open a channel.
To who? The nebula.
This is Ambassador Soval. I've come on an urgent mission.
I must speak with Commander Shran.
The High Command has decrypted your security protocols.
We're well aware that your task force has been hiding in this nebula.
Maybe your information's out of date.
He's in there.
This is Commander Tucker of Enterprise.
We've got some information you're gonna want to hear.
[ console beeping ]
We're being hailed.
Commander Tucker, you have a poor choice of friends.
An invasion?!
That's correct.
We keep a very close eye on your fleet. We would know if the High Command were preparing to attack.
V'Las has been assembling ships near Regulus, beyond the range of your listening stations.
Your leaders may be fools, but they're not suicidal. They know we will respond.
They were told you're adapting Xindi weaponry and that you're planning to use it against Vulcan.
That's absurd. Captain Archer destroyed the Xindi prototype before we could examine it.
That fact was conveniently omitted.
You people are so used to lying, you don't even tell the truth to each other.
How do I know you weren't sent here as a diversion? You don't.
Do you have any idea what will happen when the Imperial Guard retaliates?
It will be a disaster for both our worlds.
Which is why you must convince them to intercept our fleet.
You're betraying your own people by telling me this. I'm aware of that. Why are you doing it?
The High Command is counting on the element of surprise.
If they meet resistance, I believe V'Las will be forced to call off the invasion.
When does this "invasion" begin?
That's the best you can give me-- "soon"?
Do you believe him, pinkskin? I wouldn't be here if I didn't.
I'll need to consult with my superiors.
I suggest you do it fast.
That's the fourth patrol today. There's an extensive security grid around the capital.
It's unlikely we'll get past it.
We'll find a way.
Surak will help us.
You don't believe in the katra.
It's irrelevant what I believe.
The captain could be permanently injured if we don't get him to a doctor soon.
He doesn't need a physician, he needs a priest. One experienced with katras.
It's irrational that we're following someone in his state of mind.
What if he dies before we can get help?
I apologize.
My mother's death has affected me more than I realized.
It was a great loss.
We disagreed frequently, but I valued her counsel.
I could allow you to experience what she shared with me.
You melded with her.
I cannot meld.
I would initiate it.
That's not what I mean.
I was forced...
to participate in a meld several years ago.
I was infected with a neural disease.
Pa'nar Syndrome.
Do you still suffer from it?
There's no cure.
Another lie perpetrated by the High Command.
Pa'nar has been known since Surak's time.
It's caused by melders who have been improperly trained.
One with great experience can correct the neurological imbalance.
Is this something you can do?
My mind to your mind.
My thoughts to your thoughts.
Our minds are merging.
Our minds are one.
Bridge to Commander Shran. This is Shran. We've isolated the Vulcan's bio-signature.
He's alone.
You're certain Enterprise won't detect the transport? All they'll see is a brief energy surge.
They'll think it came from the nebula.
Energize when ready. Yes, sir.
Welcome aboard, Ambassador.
If you're expecting me to plead for mercy, you'll be waiting a long time.
I simply want to know your fleet's actual location.
I've already given it to you. Then consider this our way of confirming what you've told us.
You didn't expect the Imperial Guard to mobilize its entire fleet based on nothing more
than the word of one loyal Vulcan diplomat?
We spent weeks arguing over details in our treaty negotiations.
Did I ever mislead you?
You must know that torture is rarely effective against Vulcans.
Our mental disciplines allow us to suppress pain.
Our security division has had a great deal of experience extracting information from Vulcan operatives.
This machine doesn't cause physical discomfort.
It uses a neuro-synaptic field to lower your emotional threshold.
[ groaning ]
How do you feel?
[ anxious gasping ]
I've seen Vulcans who were broken by this device.
They were never the same again. I have no desire to see that happen to you.
Where is your fleet?!
I told you!
Our ships are assembling near Regulus!
Release me! I can't.
Not until I'm certain you've told us the truth.
Then I suggest you increase the setting and get this over with.
[ screaming ]
What is it?
The ambassador seems to be missing.
He's not in his quarters or anywhere on D deck.
Tucker to Soval.
Ambassador, please respond.
Internal sensors. Scan for his bio-signs.
He's not on board.
Scan the Andorian ships.
There's a Vulcan signature on their lead ship.
Go to Tactical Alert. Open a channel.
This is Commander Tucker. We know Ambassador Soval's aboard your ship.
I want to speak with him now.
Sir, the Andorians are moving toward the nebula. Target Shran's ship, disable the engines.
Navigation just went off-line. It's the particle flux in the nebula, it's overloading the sensors.
I've lost them. Can we compensate for the flux?
It'll take a few hours.
You have the bridge.
Captain, you need to rest.
Thanks, but I'll be fine. The atmosphere's thinner than you're used to.
If you don't stop soon, you'll collapse. If you need a break, T'Pol, you should say so.
I'm going to scout ahead.
Have you had any more conversations with Surak? Not in a couple of hours.
[ chuckles ]
Something's amusing?
Of all the people who could've carried this katra...
I doubt you were Syrran's first choice. Ever since the meld,
I've felt more... centered.
It's hard to explain.
My whole life, I've never really understood Vulcans--
why they work so hard to suppress their emotions.
Now, it all seems to make sense.
Next thing you know, I'll be taking up meditation.
You might find it beneficial. [ laughs ]
After we get back, maybe you'll want to take a closer look at the Syrrannites' philosophy.
It was important to your mother. There might be something to it.
There are many groups who claim to follow the true path of Surak.
I find no evidence that this one's any different.
I would've thought you'd be more sympathetic to their cause.
You never seemed too happy with the status quo around here.
I may have had disagreements with the High Command, but that doesn't mean I'm going to join a radical faction.
You signed up with Starfleet.
A lot of Vulcans I've met consider us a radical faction.
As a scientist, I just thought you might want to keep an open mind... This has nothing to do with science.
Am I interrupting?
Let me out of here! I can't.
I'm sorry. Not yet.
I'll tear the antennae from your skull!
If this interrogation continues,
your suppression system could be permanently damaged.
Tell me what I want to know! Aren't you enjoying this, Commander?
Have you imagined having me in this chair many times?
That's not far from the truth.
But after our rather lengthy peace talks,
I came to trust you.
Then trust me now!
You would never betray your people!
I'm trying to save them!
[ grunting ]
Where is your fleet?!
Do you know the story of Nirak?
He was a soldier who lived a long time ago.
He was standing watch over the gates of the city of Gol
and he saw a cloud on the horizon moving toward him.
He thought it was a sandstorm, so he told no one.
It was an army.
They destroyed the city, but they let Nirak live.
His name now means "fool" in our language, just as yours will in Andorian!
[ grunts ]
[ screaming ]
Give the Kir'Shara to us.
You won't be injured.
This isn't your world, human.
Surrender, and you won't be harmed.
I'm not leaving her.
What the hell were you doing? Protecting the Kir'Shara.
Where are they taking the Kir'Shara?
Mount Seleya.
Because the artifact contains Surak's original writings.
Only the priests on Seleya can translate them.
If you are deceiving me...
I'm a Syrrannite. We don't lie.
[ groans ]
I need to rest. If you're attempting to delay us, it won't work. We'll find your friends.
You've changed.
I served under you during the Tomed mission.
You don't remember me. That was a very long time ago.
You were a fine officer then.
Why did you betray us?
They must have offered you something...
or perhaps you enjoy hiding bombs in embassies? We weren't responsible.
Two of my men were killed in the embassy explosion. You have been misled.
Syrrannites are peaceful.
I have spared your life because you were once my superior. Your companions won't be so fortunate.
Bridge to Commander Shran.
What is it? The general is asking for an update on the interrogation.
Tell him I'll contact him when I'm ready!
[ laughing ]
You find this amusing?
Ordinarily, I wouldn't, but because of this device... [ laughs, coughs ]
There are three higher settings on that panel.
If I use them...
You're afraid to injure me.
If I were you, I'd leave that detail out of your report to the general.
Where is your fleet?
I was a fool to think you'd listen.
Perhaps the High Command was right. We'll be better off when Andoria falls.
It's the Starfleet ship.
Direct hit to their shield generator. See if you can get a lock on Soval.
Should we return fire?
Are you going to make enemies of the humans, as well?
Lieutenant, order our ships out of the nebula.
Commander? And tell Enterprise we'll be returning the Ambassador shortly. Understood.
Get that thing off of him!
They're heading east. Away from the capital.
She's with them.
Where are you going? To find my science officer.
And I don't want to hear any lectures about the "needs of the many."
I get enough of that crap from... from T'Pol.
There's no logic to your plan.
We have no weapons. If they take the Kir'Shara from you, they'll destroy it. I'm going to find her.
How is he?
You've got a lot of nerve, pretending you give a damn. I did what was necessary.
Soval would understand.
He should be fine in another day or so.
He risked his life coming here, and you paid him back by scrambling his neurons.
He's not the only one taking a risk.
I just spoke with the Imperial Guard.
They're re-deploying our forces.
Now you believe him.
What changed your mind?
A lesser man would've told me what I wanted to hear, even if it wasn't true.
And there's been too much suspicion...
too many lies...
on both sides.
Our fleet will intercept the Vulcans at these coordinates.
My superiors believe it may be... helpful if Enterprise were to join us.
[ guttural screech ]
[ guttural screech ]
[ grunting and groaning ]
My first officer -- where is she?
What have you done with her?
She's been taken...
to the High Command.
Your technique has improved.
Welcome home, Sub-Commander.
I no longer hold that rank. Well, you may have joined Starfleet, but you're still Vulcan...
and subject to our laws.
There are few crimes still punishable by execution,
but treason is one of them. [ console beeping ]
What is it?
Seven alien ships have taken position outside the Andorian system.
They are directly in the path of our fleet.
Are you sure this is wise? If the Vulcans find us here, they might think we're siding with the Andorians.
There's no guarantee they won't fire on us.
Sir, I'm reading a massive subspace distortion.
It's the Vulcans. They'll be here in two hours. [ console beeps ] He's hailing us again. On screen.
Our sensors show 12 Vulcan cruisers approaching.
When will the rest of your fleet get here? They won't arrive in time.
We're on our own.
I'm still not clear how the Kir'Shara's gonna stop a war.
V'Las can't govern without approval from the Council.
The existence of the Kir'Shara will persuade them to reconsider their support.
I don't suppose they'll let us just walk into the High Command.
We can transport in, but we'll need access codes.
I know someone who might have them.
The Vulcans are powering weapons. The Andorians are doing the same.
Travis, put us between both fleets.
If the Vulcans want to start a war, they're going to have to get through us first.
[ console beeps ]
It's Shran.
Commander, what do you think you're doing? In case you hadn't noticed, they outnumber us two to one.
Get back in formation! I'm trying to buy us some time!
The Andorians have more ships on the way.
They won't arrive for several hours. You told us this strike would be a surprise.
That there would be minimal casualties on both sides.
The Andorians are armed with standard particle cannons.
There is no evidence of Xindi technology.
Administrator, we have to call off this attack.
Our forces are committed.
We can't turn back.
We're being hailed by the Starfleet ship.
This is Commander Tucker.
Sorry to spoil your surprise, but the Andorians know what you're planning.
I suggest you turn your ships around now. This doesn't concern Starfleet.
Leave the area immediately. I can't do that.
The Andorians helped us when Earth was under attack. We're just here to return the favor.
If you side with the Andorians, you'll be fired upon. I've already sent word to Admiral Gardner.
If Enterprise is destroyed, Starfleet's going to know who was responsible.
Order our ships to engage the enemy fleet.
Administrator, I can't allow this.
If you attempt to interfere again, I'll have you arrested.
The Vulcans -- they're locking weapons. On us?
No. Just the Andorians. Stand by phase-cannons.
Don't fire until I give the order.
We're in the crossfire. Hard about! Get us out of their weapons range!
One of the Andorian ships is in trouble. Their reactor's been hit. A Vulcan cruiser's heading towards them.
See if you can get their attention.
The Earth vessel's opened fire on one of our ships. Destroy them.
The cruiser's breaking off its attack. We're being targeted.
Evasive starboard. Full impulse.
Malcolm! We're not making a dent in their shields.
Shran's hailing.
Tell Archer that's two he owes me.
Contact Security. Stay where you are.
We need to have a talk.
Administrator, it is agreeable to see you again.
This woman is an anarchist, Captain.
Whatever she's told you isn't the truth.
T'Pau didn't bomb our embassy... did.
The evidence is conclusive.
Evidence your people gave us.
The bombing was an excuse
to round up the Syrrannites, make certain they'd never find this.
Is that...?
The Kir'Shara's a myth!
Hull plating's gone. Torpedoes. The launchers aren't responding.
Where the hell is Shran? The Vulcans are keeping him busy.
It looks like we really are on our own. Holographic trickery.
This proves nothing.
The artifact must be examined in detail.
Quantum dating will confirm that's it's from the time of Surak. You can't trust her!
She'd do anything to spread her deviant beliefs. You've spent years trying to subvert me.
The Kir'Shara will show us our true path. They'd kill us all if they had the chance!
It must be destroyed.
This is Minister Kuvak.
Get me the fleet commander immediately.
I've lost helm control.
Hull breach on G deck. We're venting atmosphere.
The Vulcan ships...
they're withdrawing.
We're being hailed.
It's the High Command.
Trip, is everything all right?
More or less.
What's going on, Captain?
There have been a few changes here. Get back to Vulcan as soon as you can.
Captain's Starlog, supplemental:
Administrator V'Las has been relieved of his position.
His role in the embassy bombing is being investigated.
For the moment, the conflict between Vulcan and Andoria appears to have been averted.
Captain Archer asked me to express his gratitude.
He wouldn't have succeeded without your transporter codes. The Captain told me you were in danger.
I wouldn't have been a very good husband if I didn't help.
I'm not certain when I'll be able to return.
I'm aware that I promised your family that we would eventually live together.
That's not why I've come.
I'm releasing you from our marriage.
I know you only bonded with me to help your mother.
She's gone now. There's no reason for us to continue.
You don't have to do this. I know.
Good-bye, T'Pol.
The katra is with me now.
How do you feel, Captain?
Like a giant weight's been lifted. Word has already spread of the discovery.
It may take years to translate all of the writings.
The people of Vulcan are in your debt.
Peace, and long life.
You may be witnessing the start of a new era-- not only for Vulcan, but for Earth as well.
The Minister intends to pursue a less aggressive policy toward your people.
The High Command will be dissolved.
You'll no longer have us looking over your shoulder. It's time for Earth to stand on its own.
We're ready.
You failed.
Decades of work have been lost. Am I to be blamed for your incompetence?
Archer should've been killed. You brought the humans into this.
I must leave Vulcan. My position here has been compromised. What about me?
Not now.
Your disappearance would cause suspicion.
This is simply a minor delay.
The reunification of our people is only a matter of time.

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