Bridge to Engineering.
Engineering, respond!
This is the warship Kumari calling Imperial Command. We've been attacked by a Tellarite vessel!
Primary systems have failed! Request immediate...
Warp containment breach in two minutes.
Tellarite swine!
They'll pay for this.
This is Shran.
All crew to the escape pods!
Abandon ship.
The food on this ship isn't fit for animals! That mangy pet of yours would probably taste better.
You can either take me home or find a new chef-- it's that simple.
Oh, something else: I want new quarters. Is that so.
For one thing, my room is too small; there are plasma conduits running across the ceiling.
It's noisy! It keeps me up all night.
Maybe you'd sleep better in the cargo bay. What did you say to me?
This is a starship, not a luxury liner.
If you're not satisfied with the accommodations, we can leave you behind in a shuttlepod.
Maybe you'll have better luck with whoever picks you up!
And if you don't like Chef's food, don't eat it.
From the looks of things, you should probably skip the dessert table while you're at it!
That was a nice touch. [sighs]
I can't believe I'm supposed to speak to their ambassador like that. Tellarites always have a litany of complaints.
It's how they start arguments with people they've just met.
Even if they have nothing to complain about? In that case, they'll just insult you.
Whatever they say, you have to respond in kind. Otherwise, they'll take offense. [wry laugh]
A species that actually thrives on arguing.
They probably make good politicians.
Thanks for the dry run. Sir...
I wasn't kidding about Porthos.
You think he's mangy?
No... but you might want to keep him out of sight.
Tellarites consider canines something of a, uh... delicacy.
Captain's Starlog, November 12, 2154.
We've arrived in orbit of Tellar Prime. Starfleet's ordered us to transport their ambassador
to a neutral planet designated as "Babel,"
where Earth mediators will try to settle a long-standing trade dispute between the Tellarites and the Andorians.
Everything ready for our guests? Oh, just about.
But my people are working triple shifts trying to finish that mud bath they wanted. Mud bath?!
Apparently, the ambassador likes a good soak in the morning.
Something I don't understand--
these Tellarites have warp ships, so why do we have to take them to the conference?
Babel's on the far side of Andorian space.
They won't allow Tellarite ships to pass through their territory.
Now we're a shuttle service.
When are we going to get back to exploring? This trade dispute is a little more urgent.
It could turn into a shooting war, if the conference fails.
You people are even uglier than I remember.
Captain Jonathan Archer. Welcome aboard.
Ambassador Gral.
I'm told this ship is the pride of Starfleet.
I find it small and unimpressive.
I was about to say the same thing about you.
You may show us to our quarters.
It's far too cold in here. We're expected to stay on this ship for five days?!
[laughs] So he says, "Well, I'm not really a pilot."
Ah, you don't get it.
Warm enough?
The ambassador requested the temperature be increased. Again?
Yeah, I like these people more than I thought I would. They don't hold anything back.
It's refreshing, speaking your mind for a change.
You don't feel free to speak your mind with the rest of us?
Oh, you know what I mean. No... maybe you'd like to explain it to me.
Why don't you change your uniform before you stink up the place.
Ah, practicing your Tellarite.
I get it.
When in Rome...
I beg your pardon?
Forget it.
The ambassador wants to speak with you.
What a surprise.
Have we crossed into Andorian space?
A few minutes ago.
The last time I was here, I was on the command deck of one of our cruisers...
driving those blue demons back into their territory.
The Andorians came to your aid during the Xindi crisis.
They helped save my planet.
So why should we trust humans to mediate this dispute?
You owe them your lives. Earth wants a peaceful outcome just as much as you do.
That isn't going to happen if we choose sides. Your people have no experience in interstellar affairs!
It doesn't seem that you have a lot of other options.
Your chef obviously went to a great deal of trouble. I'm told these are authentic Tellarite dishes.
If I'd wanted to eat like this, I would've stayed at home!
I was expecting to sample Earth cuisine on this journey.
I'll have him whip something up. Ah!
[com beeps] Captain Archer to the bridge.
We've picked up a message on an Andorian channel.
... mari calling Imperial Command. We've been attacked have failed! Request immediate...
That's it.
They have no ships within range.
How long to intercept them at maximum warp?
Two hours.
Alter course.
Contact Babel. Let them know we're going to be delayed.
Judging by the debris pattern, I'd say their reactor breached.
I'm detecting significant quantities of duranium alloy.
This was most likely an Andorian combat vessel.
Escape pods. Multiple bio-signs.
Bring them into the launch bay.
Tell Phlox to stand by for casualties.
This would be easier if you'd take a few steps back.
I hope you've studied Andorian physiology.
[door opening]
How many of my crew did you rescue?
Our complement was 86.
Your distress call said you were attacked. Tellarites.
We were escorting our ambassador to the trade conference when they dropped out of warp.
The ambassador's ship was destroyed in seconds; the Tellarites crippled us with their next shot.
I've never seen one of their vessels maneuver like this one.
While those barbarians have been talking peace, they've obviously been improving their warships.
Why would the Tellarites agree to let Earth mediate your dispute if they were planning this strike?
Perhaps you should ask them.
I suggest you scan for our data recorder. It'll contain the sensor logs of the attack.
We seem to keep running into each other, Captain.
It's fortunate Enterprise was close by.
It's not a coincidence.
We're carrying the Tellarite delegation.
They're aboard this ship?
These aren't the people who attacked you. They may know who did.
You're on my ship.
You better keep them away from us, or there will be bloodshed.
I've analyzed these hull fragments. The damage is consistent with Tellarite particle cannons.
What about the black box?
The memory core was damaged, but I was able to reconstruct the last few seconds of sensor data.
Set course for Andoria, best speed.
These accusations are absurd.
We had nothing to do with this alleged attack.
The Andorian sensor logs...
look them over yourself. Logs can be fabricated.
You saw the debris field.
For all we know, they destroyed the ship themselves.
Andorian technology is more advanced than ours.
One of our cruisers wouldn't stand a chance against two of theirs!
I want you to speak to your people.
Find out what you can. I am not comfortable with so many Andorians aboard.
Contact your superiors. Have them transferred to another vessel.
Let's get something straight...
you're just a passenger on my ship. I give the orders.
Where are you taking them? Back to Andoria. You can't!
They'll arrest us. They'll hold us responsible for this incident! If you're innocent,
I'm sure you have nothing to worry about.
To the Kumari.
From what I saw...
she was a fine ship with a good crew. I was in command for 12 years.
First ship of her class.
Most of the crew I served with even longer. They were more than colleagues.
I knew their spouses...
their children.
I'm grateful Talas survived.
If I'd lost her...
I didn't realize there was something going on between the two of you.
It's a recent development.
In the past, I never would've considered a relationship with someone under my command.
What changed?
Andorian women are far more aggressive than Earth females.
She made a...
an overture.
I had a choice:
charge her with assaulting a superior... or mate with her.
I hope you made the right decision.
I regret that you're drawn into another of our conflicts, Captain. I seem to have a knack for it.
I doubt that war can be avoided this time.
When that sensor data is seen by Imperial Command...
It doesn't make sense.
Why agree to a conference, then attack your ambassador?
Tellarites don't think like you or I do.
They've been provoking us for months. We've lost six freighters along the border.
We know they're responsible.
Tellarites claim they've lost ships of their own.
You'd accept their word over ours?
[com beeps] T'Pol to Captain Archer.
Go ahead. There's a ship on an intercept course. It's Andorian.
You expecting company?
Hail them.
They're not responding. [beeping]
I'm reading a power buildup. They're opening fire!
What in the hell are they doing?
Our warp field's destabilizing. We're dropping to impulse.
Call them off.
Let me talk to them.
This is Commander Shran of the Imperial Guard. Call off your attack!
My crew is aboard this ship! Do you hear me?! Abort your attack!
Phase-cannons, return fire!
No damage.
We need to get through their shields... how?
They're going to kill all of us if you don't do something!
I need to access your targeting array.
These are the coordinates to their shield generator. Fire when ready.
Direct hit.
Their shields are still at maximum. Impossible.
Our dorsal plating's almost gone. Starboard thrusters are down. Torpedoes... maximum yield!
They're moving off.
There's a fluctuation in their power grid.
Good work.
It wasn't my doing, sir.
I didn't target their power grid.
Your government asked us to be a part of a conference. Now you're attacking us!
This makes perfect sense, Captain.
They sent a distress call to lure you into a trap.
We have no argument with Starfleet. Your people tried to destroy this ship!
Captain, I assure you,
what happened does not represent the will or intent of my government. Admit the truth.
The Imperial Guard never wanted this conference to take place.
They've obviously taken matters into their own hands.
Are you implying the Imperial Guard's been disloyal?
I don't have to imply anything. The facts speak for themselves.
That may not have been an Andorian ship.
What? Its shield matrix had a completely different configuration.
What is that supposed to prove? Several of our warships have been reported missing over the years.
The Tellarites could have taken one of them-- enhanced its systems. [laughs]
He's suffering from paranoia, Captain. I'm not paranoid. Your people are trying to kill us!
I've had enough of your lies!
That's enough!
You want to fight, I'll throw both of you in the brig. You can tear each other to pieces.
What happened? Archer claims to be impartial,
but it's obvious he's inclined to believe the Andorians.
We may have made a mistake in trusting these humans. They've posted soldiers outside our quarters.
We're prisoners on this ship.
Have you stopped to consider
Archer may be conspiring with the Andorians?
T'Pol's found something you're going to want to see.
We retrieved this from your ship's data recorder.
This is the power signature of the vessel that destroyed the Kumari.
This signature belongs to the Andorian ship that attacked Enterprise.
They're identical.
That can't be correct.
Examine the data yourself. Your sensors are unsophisticated. There's been a mistake.
We've confirmed the data. What are you suggesting...
that these two vessels are actually the same ship?
I don't know what I'm suggesting,
but we need to keep our minds open.
The Tellarites have violated every accord we've made with them.
They can't be trusted.
Your desire for a peaceful resolution is blinding you from the truth! Commander, perhaps...
I've heard enough from you! Vulcans are expert liars.
Perhaps your people are behind this. You're speaking to my First Officer. [com beeps]
Tucker to the bridge.
Go ahead.
Warp engines will be on-line in ten minutes. We'll have hull plating back within an hour.
Keep me updated.
We've located the warp trail of the ship that attacked us.
We're going to follow it.
Some of my crew are in serious condition. They need attention from our physicians.
It'll take four days to get to Andoria.
By then, that ship'll be long gone.
Something wrong with your meal?
Just not hungry.
Do you think we're moving too fast?
Commander Tucker believes its safe to maintain this warp factor.
That's not what I meant.
Earth's got a lot riding on the outcome of these talks.
But I'm not sure we knew what we were getting into.
These people have been feuding for over a century.
Maybe we should've let your government handle this.
Although our relations have improved recently, it's clear the Andorians don't trust us.
Aside from breathing oxygen,
it doesn't seem to me that Andorians and Tellarites have a hell of a lot in common.
The same has been said about humans and Vulcans.
Hoshi tells me you got a transmission from Vulcan this morning.
It was a personal message.
It was from Koss.
Our marriage has been officially dissolved.
I'm sorry to hear that.
You have nothing to apologize for. [com beeps] Bridge to Captain Archer.
I believe we've found the Andorian ship, sir.
We're on our way.
I've been unable to locate the malfunction. Then I suggest you double your efforts.
This is enemy territory. We can't remain here any longer without...
[alarm sounds]
There's a vessel approaching.
Show me.
You said you found the Andorians. I don't understand it, sir. The warp trail ends right here.
Their primary systems are off-line.
Hail them.
No response.
Bio-signs are indeterminate.
Any idea what the spikes are?
They appear to be subspace transceivers.
Why would they need so many? Their hull is also lined with multi-spectral emitters.
For what purpose? I prefer not to speculate.
Find out who these people are. Take a team of MACOs with you.
Their life support's off-line. Bring Trip along. See if he can get it working.
You two start down there. Yes, Lieutenant.
This whole section's depressurized.
Let's hope the rest of this ship isn't as cramped.
I can't read anything through these bulkheads.
Stay alert!
The propulsion matrix still isn't functioning.
How much longer?
The repairs are underway.
Prepare to overload the core. What?
If we can't repair the matrix in time,
I'll do whatever is necessary to keep it away from Starfleet.
Tucker to Enterprise. Go ahead.
We haven't run into any welcoming parties yet.
We've found a computer interface, but there's no power over here.
I'm going to need T'Pol's help to bring it on line. Uplink your scanner.
What's happening? I didn't do anything.
Evasive maneuvers. Get our people back!
Captain, we're ready to come home whenever you are! They've reinforced their hull plating.
We can only transport one at a time. Take Carender and Myers first!
One of the MACOs is aboard.
They've hit our EPS couplings. Switch to auxiliary.
Target their weapons only.
We're losing hull plating. Transporter's off-line. Did we get everyone?
Just the MACOs.
T'Pol. The primary phase coil is fused. It'll take several hours to repair it.
Decompression on C-Deck, section three.
We have to withdraw.
Archer to Trip.
We've lost the transporter.
Sit tight until we come back for you.
We'll be fine, sir.
Get us out of here, Travis.
Maximum warp.
They're retreating. Pursuit course.
You're down to eight minutes.
[air hissing]
[Reed sighs, gasps] Thanks.
But we're not going to get very far only sharing your supply.
I'll try to get their life support on line. Right.
With our luck, they probably breathe fluorine.
Warp 4.9.
They're still closing.
Warp five.
They've matched our speed.
Let's see what those new injectors can do.
Warp 5.02...
They're falling behind.
The injectors stabilized. We're holding speed.
Maintain your heading.
You're going to wear out the deck plating...
Gral knows more about these attacks than he's admitting.
How can Archer be so blind.
We have no choice but to let him deal with the situation.
I'm not going to entrust the security of Andoria to the pinkskins or anyone else.
We trusted the Tellarites once.
I won't make that mistake again.
With the appropriate persuasion, Gral will talk.
I doubt Archer's capable of a thorough interrogation.
Then I'll have to question him myself.
There are guards outside our quarters. We don't even know what deck the ambassador's on.
Can you bypass their security protocols?
Any luck?
I can't find anything that even looks like an atmosphere recycler.
I'm starting to wonder if this ship even has life support.
They must have atmosphere on their bridge.
Well, let's hope they don't mind sharing.
The Starfleet ship has moved out of sensor range.
The humans have seen too much. We can't allow them to escape.
This vessel is a prototype.
I told you it wasn't ready for combat.
Find them!
Captain's Starlog, supplemental.
Our battle damage has been repaired, and we've resumed our search for the alien vessel.
[door chimes]
Come in.
I analyzed the data Commander Tucker sent back.
The ship doesn't appear to be Tellarite or Andorian.
Do we have any idea who built it?
There's a remote possibility.
Its power matrix utilizes boridium cells.
We encountered a similar technology more than two years ago.
The Romulan minefield.
But the power cells on those mines were much larger-- more primitive.
I did say it was a remote possibility.
If this is a Romulan ship,
why would they be stirring up trouble so far from home?
They have been known to act aggressively against species they see as a threat.
We've never threatened them. As far as I know, neither have the Andorians or Tellarites.
Maybe they're afraid of something else.
The species in this region have a history of not getting along.
This conference could've been the first step in changing that. You believe they fear an alliance?
The conference has been postponed indefinitely.
It doesn't sound like there's going to be an alliance any time soon.
Anything from Trip?
We're still too far away to detect a com signal.
Well, keep me updated.
Another access tube?! I'm starting to wonder if this ship even has a bridge. Yeah.
Your air's down to 26 minutes, Malcolm!
Perhaps it's on one of the lower levels.
There's no rule that says the bridge has to be at the top of the ship.
You see these data conduits? Uh-huh. Chances are they converge on the bridge.
So I understand our first officer's no longer married.
I was wondering what your intentions were. Well, who are you, her father? [chuckling] No.
Simply curious.
Malcolm, Malcolm, we've got something.
What is it?
A maneuvering thruster.
Perhaps they'll be kind enough to give us the specs. It's chemically fueled;
liquid hydrogen and oxygen.
We could refill our tanks.
Can I help you?
I was hoping we could talk.
I doubt you're aware of this.
How could you be?
Andorian women are...
permitted one final conquest before their wedding.
I've never had relations with a member of your species.
I was hoping you'd indulge me.
Go back to your quarters.
You won't even consider it? [footsteps]
What is it?
There's a problem with one of the liquid fuel tanks. Another malfunction? No.
The starboard transfer valve has been opened... manually.
Activate internal sensors.
How you holding up?
A little light-headed.
That's nothing new.
I should've known better. About what?
Getting involved with a fellow officer.
There's nothing going on between us anymore, if you're interested. That's not why I asked.
You said she had an "awfully nice bum."
This is true.
Pure oxygen.
Be my guest.
Magnify that image.
If they make their way to the bridge...
Are the inertial stabilizers off-line? They are.
Evasive maneuvers.
[gasping, groaning]
Magnetize your boots!
We mustn't be...
What is this?!
I want to know why my ship was attacked.
And then you're going to answer for your crimes against my people.
What'd you find?
We've discovered the function of the emitters on their hull. They're holographic projectors.
It's a camouflage system; they can use it to mimic the appearance of almost any ship.
Malcolm analyzed the Andorian debris. He said that ship was destroyed by Tellarite weapons.
Their disruptor utilizes tri-phasic emitters.
They can simulate different kinds of weapons.
The one thing they couldn't mask is their power signature.
That's why they... [com beeps] Security to Captain Archer. Go ahead.
There's weapons-fire on G-Deck outside the Tellarites' quarters. On my way.
Get the MACOs down there. Seal off G-Deck.
We know your government's behind the disappearance of our freighters.
We had nothing to do with that! You may have been able to convince Archer, but I'm not so gullible.
I don't know a lot about Starfleet weapons,
but I believe this setting will bore right through that thick hide of yours.
The truth... now!
Stay out of this, pinkskin. Shran, listen to me.
The ship that attacked you wasn't Tellarite.
I was there!
I can prove it was someone else.
You're both being set up. Your ship was attacked because someone didn't want this conference to go forward.
I'm asking you...
one captain to another...
look at the evidence
before you do something you're gonna regret.
Get Phlox down here.
How bad?
It's only superficial. You'll be fine.
The bridge should be through there!
They've entered the bridge.

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