Previously on Enterprise.
I'm starting to wonder if the ship even has life support.
They must have atmosphere on their bridge.
The humans have seen too much. We can't allow them to escape.
Evasive maneuvers. Get our people back.
Did we get everyone? Just the MACOs. Trip, we've lost the transporter.
Sit tight until we come back for you. Understood.
If this is a Romulan ship, why would they be stirring up trouble so far from home?
Stay out of this, pinkskin. Shran, listen to me. The ship that attacked you wasn't Tellarite.
You're both being set up.
Someone didn't want this conference to go forward.
They've entered the bridge. There's no one here.
They won't last much longer.
[console beeps] It'll have to wait. We're approaching our next target.
Stabilize the Drone for battle.
Activating the holographic skin.
Use this configuration.
You still in one piece? I'll let you know when my head stops spinning.
Feel that?
We're dropping out of warp. Target acquired.
Engage visual sensors.
The Rigellians are hailing us.
Answer them.
We're firing at someone. Well, brace yourself. Whoever it is, they'll be sure to fire back.
[grunting] The Drone is taking damage.
Give the Rigellians time to send their distress call.
[board beeping]
Now... destroy them.
Captain's Starlog, supplemental.
For now, the truce between the Andorians and Tellarites on Enterprise is holding.
But Starfleet has informed me of a new diplomatic crisis.
It was a heavily-armed scoutship with a crew of 17.
There were no survivors.
Why does Starfleet think this is connected to the other incidents?
The Rigellians transmitted a visual record of the ship that attacked them.
I'm told their Trade Commission is demanding compensation...
and my arrest.
Whoever's behind these attacks--
they're trying to do more than provoke a war between Andorians and Tellarites.
This is an attempt to destabilize the entire region.
We need to find the marauder before it attacks again.
I've found a way to detect their warp signature.
And Travis designed a sensor grid that should extend our range.
How many ships will it take to make this work? Only 128.
There's just one way we can get that many ships to help us.
Have you come to take me home?
I think this Denobulan doctor is secretly in love with you.
He wants to keep you to himself.
You said my wound was superficial.
You were only grazed.
But the phase-pistol was set to kill.
That Tellarite pig.
Is there any other kind?
I've seen what phase-pulse infection can do to Andorians.
You're going to be fine.
We'll be home soon,
the two of us.
Don't let me die unavenged.
I won't.
I'm sorry.
She needs to rest.
See what I mean?
He can't get enough of you.
I'm jealous.
How is she? Lucky to be alive.
I have a proposal.
If it involves killing Tellarites, I'm all for it.
Your ship is adrift in enemy space,
damaged and defenseless,
because of a single Rigellian scoutship?!
Is that what you want me to report to the Senate?
The Drone has taken damage before. It's designed to self-repair.
If our enemies find it...
That's the point of this project! No prisoners to capture, no bodies to recover.
These Drone ships can never be traced back to us.
This prototype's a modified warbird.
The Vulcans would identify it the moment they inspected the propulsion matrix.
The Vulcans won't get anywhere near it.
Don't underestimate our distant brothers.
Bring your ship home.
I'll tell the Senate that your test has been a success.
Otherwise, they'll make someone pay for this failure.
And I promise you,
it won't be me.
Jolan true, Admiral.
[door chimes] Come in.
Admiral Gardner just called.
He's sending every ship available, but at top speed, it'll take weeks for most of them to get here.
What about Columbia? She's stuck in dry dock. Engine trouble.
Did you get through to your people? Minister T'Pau is dispatching 23 vessels.
That's all? The High Command has been disbanded. Many of our ships no longer have full crew compliments.
T'Pau could have picked a better time to clean house.
Andorian and Tellarite fleet deployments? I'm thinking of asking them to join us.
Without more ships, our center net's going to have a gaping hole.
The marauder could fly right through it, and we'd never know.
Have you discussed this with Commander Shran? Or Ambassador Gral? Not yet.
Even if both sides were to agree, which seems unlikely,
the deployments would have to be coordinated. A command hierarchy established.
An Andorian captain might have a problem taking orders from a Tellarite? Precisely.
There's one species that's on friendly terms with both of them.
Enterprise could serve as the command ship. Relaying all orders.
The other ships would only have to exchange communication codes.
It might work.
You don't sound too optimistic. These have four species have never cooperated on a mutual endeavor.
As far as I know, no one's ever tried to get them together before.
From what I've heard about these Romulans, they mean business.
If they're behind these attacks, we have to find some way to stop them, or next time,
they might come back with 1,000 of those ships.
Some of these circuits are live,
but I don't know what they're for.
And I can't figure out what half this stuff is. What about the other half?
Well, I think I've found an environmental system. That'd make sense.
These consoles look like crew stations. Here goes.
[rush of air]
Well, how about that.
In a few minutes, we'll have heat and air.
Do you think it's possible that there's no one else on board?
Why would a robot ship have a bridge like this?
Well, it could be a prototype. Outfit an existing ship with the latest in computer controls.
Well, that'd make things a whole lot easier for us. How's that?
If this ship's run by computer, what we need to do is find the "off" switch.
I'd rather cohabit with Klingon targs
than join forces with Tellarites.
Your personal mating preference is no concern of mine.
If you're waiting for me to stop you, don't worry, I won't.
You heard what he said. And I heard what you said.
So now it's time for both of you to listen to me.
Instead of insulting you to make you feel at home,
and putting up with your arrogance as a sign of my respect,
why don't the two of you try behaving like humans for a change?
And you said you wouldn't be insulting.
There's one thing humans seem to do better than any species we've met.
When we're faced with a common threat,
we put our differences aside
and try to cooperate.
Someone is determined
to start a war in this region.
I've shown you how we can stop them.
But if you don't understand that, feel free to strangle each other.
Just remember, that's exactly what this marauder wants you to do.
We've gone back to warp. Just when it happened, I got a power spike from one of these conduits.
Do you think warp control runs through here?
If this ship was originally built for a crew, all of its controls should connect to the bridge.
Maybe they never got disconnected. Keep your eyes on these consoles.
Did you do that?
Even money we just found the propulsion controls. What are they doing? I can't tell for sure.
Visual surveillance is off-line.
The Drone is dropping out of warp!
You've found the "off" switch. All I did was interrupt the power to the warp controls.
There's probably a backup that'll switch on in a few minutes. Can you make any sense of this?
Where's Hoshi when you need her?
That's where we are.
I'm going to guess that's the power circuit I just shut down.
If this were Enterprise, that'd be the power coupling for the entire warp control system, including the backups.
Should be right through there.
One of them's left the bridge. He's in the service junction. Why?
It appears he's located the main coupling for the warp matrix. What else is in there?
Just what we need to kill him.
Okay, Malcolm, I'm going to flip through these like circuit breakers.
Let me know how the diagram changes. Ready when you are.
There's the first one.
It went out.
He's disabling the warp system. Is self-repair still activated?
It'll take more than a day to reroute the major circuits. We don't have a day.
One is still in the service junction.
Seal him in.
I'm going to see if there's a communications circuit we can tap into. Malcolm!
Malcolm, did you touch something? Wasn't me.
Do the hatch controls work on your side? Negative. They're not responding.
Listen carefully, and you won't be harmed.
Who are you? I control the ship.
Not anymore, you don't.
Commander, what's happening?
Reactor coolant.
Radiation's at 100 roentgens and climbing. That gives you seven minutes, Commander.
Reestablish the warp matrix, or you will die.
Compliments of the Imperial Guard.
These are the communication codes we'll use for the joint operation.
Gral's informed me that the Tellarites are also taking part,
so they'll need these codes as well.
Do what you have to.
I appreciate your cooperation. You're not especially difficult to work with, Captain.
Unlike Tellarites, you understand ethics and try to live by them.
Well, nobody's perfect.
Have you served on all these vessels?
A few of them are a bit before my time...
but they were all named Enterprise.
This one sailed Earth's oceans almost 400 years ago.
My vessel, the Kumari, was named for the first ice-cutter to circumnavigate Andoria.
Perhaps future ships will be named after our vessels,
especially if we do something historic... together.
There's no reason our people can't become allies.
Pay attention to that board, Malcolm. I'm going to try to cut power to the reactor.
I've got a better idea. Make sure you're well away from the door. You're wasting time, Commander.
The radiation will be fatal in three minutes. I can save you.
Malcolm, what happened to the board? Everything's off.
That's more like it.
Radiation's falling.
They've taken the reactor off-line. Activate the backup sequencer.
I'm still in control.
There is nothing you can do to save your life except follow my instructions.
We've received the final confirmations. All 128 ships are in position.
Phlox to Captain Archer.
Go ahead. I require you in Sick Bay as soon as possible.
I did everything I could.
You said she'd recover.
Commander, what's your status?
I should've brought my helmet. Radiation's at 180 and climbing.
I can't shut it down.
You don't have to die like this. You're not getting this ship back. You're wrong, Commander.
Eventually, it will repair itself. You'll have died for nothing.
All right.
I'll reconnect the matrix. Open the hatch.
Malcolm, no!
That's an order! [panting]
Do your duty, Malcolm. Restore the matrix.
Save your commander's life.
There-- every Tellarite ship is connected to your sensor network, despite the inefficient Andorian codes.
Now comes the hard part.
We have to sit and wait. [sighs] We're not a patient people.
I've noticed.
Maybe that's something we can work... I only want to talk to him!
I only want to talk.
We're listening.
You... need to know about Talas, the woman you killed.
She attacked us.
The attack was over when you shot her, but I'm not here to argue that.
Her family was privileged...
...her parents wealthy.
She could've chosen any career,
never known discomfort,
but she felt the call of duty.
She pledged her life to the Imperial Guard.
Talas could've had anything...
She chose me.
I just wanted you to know.
It's her blood.
When a Guardsman dies far from home,
his companions...
her companions...
carry part of her back to the ice... of Andoria.
I wanted you to know that, too...
...before you die!
That's enough! Not until his blood pays for hers!
Keep him away! You will face justice at my hands!
That's not going to happen on my ship.
Yes, it will, pinkskin, because if you and the Tellarites don't show respect for Andorian tradition,
the Imperial Guard will withdraw its ships.
What tradition?
Unless this murderer... [growls] ...meets me in combat,
your precious alliance is finished.
I'm reconnecting the warp matrix! Shut off the radiation!
When you're finished.
Now, shut it off and open this hatch!
Stay with me!
The matrix has been reactivated.
Then we don't need the humans anymore.
Why didn't you listen to me?
We're better off here than on the bridge.
Take it to warp.
Set a course for home.
We're back at warp.
I ordered you not to help them.
I apologize for saving your life, Commander.
It won't happen again.
According to the bridge schematic, this is an access panel.
Where's it lead?
Away from the bridge. What does that give us?
We should assume that we're being monitored.
Did you ever read the manual that came with that thing?
The warning about inadvertent overload?
How long does it take? By now, less than a minute.
What access panel are they talking about?
It leads into the superstructure, away from any critical equipment.
We'll deal with them when the Drone returns.
We've got to be a safe distance by now. I wired it directly into the power conduit.
We've lost contact.
The Andorian tradition Shran wants to follow is called the Ushaan.
Basically, it's a duel to the death.
The combatants fight with these.
It's called an Ushaan-Tor.
It's an ice-miner's tool. Andorians play with them as children.
A Tellarite won't stand a chance using one against Shran. I don't think it's going to be an issue.
Ambassador Gral's refusing to let Naarg fight. The Andorians will consider that a further insult.
What else do we know about this tradition?
Please, make yourself at home.
An old friend.
I carry it everywhere.
Two hours ago, we spoke about a new partnership between Andoria and Earth.
A benefit to both our worlds.
You're throwing it away for personal vengeance.
There's more to this than Talas.
I lost my ship -- almost my entire crew.
If I do nothing to avenge these losses, what kind of leader am I?
Why should any soldier follow me again?
Besides, you should be wishing me luck.
I provide a voice for your species at the Imperial Guard.
I'm valuable to humans.
I spoke to Ambassador Gral about the rules of the Ushaan.
the Right of Substitution.
The Ambassador's decided to fight in place of his underling?
Not the Ambassador.
You wouldn't.
I'm the substitute.
You're going to have to fight me. I'm going to have to kill you.
You're my friend.
Then call it off.
I can't.
You did all this with one phase-pistol? You're good at building things.
I'm good at blowing them up. I'm thinking we should get to the outer hull.
We might be safer trying to find another area with life-support.
The hull's covered with subspace transceivers.
If I can link one of them to our communicators, we might be able to contact Enterprise.
Admiral, the Drone has restored contact. The repair systems are starting to work.
It'll take days.
Let me know when it's restored its ability to self-destruct.
[door chimes] Come in.
Updating your will?
You expect me to lose?
Shran is a member of the Imperial Guard, trained in combat from childhood.
He won't back down.
He can't.
I understand.
If you back down, the Imperial Guard will withdraw their ships.
If I kill Shran, or one of the Tellarites does, the Andorians will pull out anyway.
The Tellarites'll do the same thing if Shran kills one of them, so...
I'm the only one who can be killed because Starfleet won't withdraw.
This operation is important,
considering that it might lead to an alliance of planets.
Vulcans have a saying: "One man can summon the future."
What happens if that man throws away his life before his time?
If I've learned anything these past few years on Enterprise, it's that...
the future isn't fixed.
If anything happens to you...
Then I'd better make sure that nothing does.
Didn't expect to find you up this late. What are you doing here?
Too wired to sleep.
Hard to believe the Captain's going to be fighting a duel to the death in a few hours.
Barbaric, if you ask me.
What are you looking at? Code of the Ushaan. T'Pol wants me to go over it again.
See if I can find a way out of this mess.
Last I heard, the Captain sounded determined to go through with it.
She wants me to find a loophole--
some way to forfeit without offending the Andorians.
Two of us could get through that a lot faster.
Look at this.
"Either combatant can postpone a duel indefinitely if there are no children to continue his clan."
How does that help us? As far as I know, Captain Archer doesn't have any kids.
If he's killed, his clan would die with him.
That rule only applies if he's married.
Don't suppose we can find him a wife in the next four hours?
Even if we could, something tells me the Andorians would cry foul.
[sighing softly]
There are 12,000 amendments to this ridiculous honor code.
There has got to be one that can get him out of this.
Instead of looking for a loophole,
maybe we should be trying to find a way for the Captain to win.
If the Captain wins, Shran is dead.
The alliance falls apart.
Have you ever been to Nobelia Prime?
Not recently.
The tribal elders there-- they can challenge you to a duel if you look at them the wrong way.
It happened to my father. How did they get out of it?
Which one of these has the combat rules?
Don't try and block with this. When he swings, intercept, deflect, and hook it away.
Better to insert between the eyes and twist. Andorian metabolism is higher than humans'.
Keep moving, and you'll exhaust him.
How about I just win?
Take your places.
There is still time to end this. It can only end one way.
This is not what I wanted.
Things have a way of turning out differently than we expect.
I'm glad we met.
In your honor, I'll continue to support cooperation between the Imperial Guard and your species.
Let's get this over with.
I got a ship to run.
I'll take your blood to Andoria...
to the Wall of Heroes.
Not today.
You have the first move.
Give up.
A single stroke, and there'll be no pain.
You think I'm losing?
I'm just trying to make you look good in front of your soldiers.
Now do you give up? Never!
Wrong choice.
You should've cut off my head.
I considered it...
but I still need your help.
What good is a Guardsman...
without two antennae?
[sighs] You'll begin to compensate within a day or two.
They take nine months to grow back.
If left untreated.
With electrical stimulation and brisk cranial massage, you'll be back to normal in half that time.
I was told that the loss of an antenna wasn't critical...
You humiliated me.
...and that the Ushaan is settled when one fighter is rendered defenseless.
Are we done?
You respected Andorian tradition.
It's settled.
Bridge to Captain Archer.
Four ships have located the marauder's power signature.
Can you pick up bio-signs?
Not at this distance.
Travis, plot an intercept course.
Take us to maximum warp.
Intercept in 47 minutes.
Alert the fleet.
The Drone's sensors have detected Enterprise. It's closing. Activate the holographic skin.
Something's starting to draw a lot of power.
It's all those systems that went down in the explosion.
They're coming back on line. What about the warp matrix?
Not yet, but if we want to contact Enterprise, we better hurry.
Approaching visual range.
On screen.
Check their power signature.
It doesn't match. Tactical alert.
Charge weapons.
Enterprise will reach the Drone before the matrix is restored. [doors open]
Senator, I was not told of your visit.
You allowed our enemies to board and disable the Drone.
I have my sources, Admiral.
Then you know we are about to engage the human ship.
I'm here to witness its destruction.
One minute.
We have bio-signs. Two humans.
Can you get a transporter lock?
We'll need to be much closer.
Open a channel.
Archer to Tucker and Reed.
We're both here, Captain.
Target its weapons.
I can't get a lock through the camouflage.
Take out the emitters, but don't puncture the hull.
[panting] [grunting]
They do know we're on board? They're probably trying to take out the weapons.
Enterprise, any chance of using the transporter?
You have to get closer to the hull. Can you do that? We're on our way.
We've lost the emitters. Warp status?
Two minutes.
More enemy ships are closing.
If Enterprise stops the self-repair sequence... The Drone will escape.
Enterprise, we're at the hull!
The ship's movement is too erratic. I can't get a lock. They're targeting our warp core.
Hull plating's at 43%.
36 percent.
Shut down weapons. All power to hull plating. Travis, bring us about.
Trip, Malcolm, we can make one more pass. Get the hell out of there!
Their weapons are off-line.
They're vulnerable.
I can't imagine how things could get much worse!
I can!
They're clear.
Sensors are down.
I've lost them.
Six more enemy ships within range.
20 seconds to warp.
We've got company. Alliance ships. Tell them not to fire. Our people are out there.
The matrix is restored. Withdraw.
They left us.
You were right.
This is worse.
Anyone out there need a lift?
If I had to wear this helmet for one more minute,
I swear it would've fused to my skull.
I tell you,
I'd like to find the designer of this suit, make him wear it for three days.
Thanks for what you did back there. Oh, you would've done the same for me.
No, you took a big chance...
which makes what I have to do all the more difficult.
I'm putting you on report.
You're what?
You disobeyed a direct order.
I saved your life!
If you put a reprimand in my file, it could be years before I'm even eligible for... [chuckling]
Are you pulling my leg?
You're just such an easy target.
The marauder got away.
One of the Tellarite ships was hit.
An Andorian warship... rescued the crew.
it's still out there.
As you said, "a common threat."
I believe we have more to discuss than trade disputes.
Why wait until we get to Babel?
The Drone has reentered Romulan space.
Disconnect the pilot.

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