Captain's Starlog, December 27, 2154.
We're on course for the Berengarius system,
a potential site for the first in a series of proposed Starbases.
A Vulcan science vessel surveyed the seventh planet over 50 years ago.
The file states it's an M-Class world...
with a flourishing ecosystem, no intelligent life.
Sounds promising.
They did report one distinctive feature which bears mentioning.
And that is...?
A species of flying reptile,
some reportedly over 200 meters long.
They're also said to breathe fire.
There's been lingering questions over the accuracy of this report.
I can't wait to find out.
There's a ship.
It's on an intercept course.
I don't recognize the configuration.
Let's see it.
Doesn't look very friendly.
Tactical Alert.
Let's see what they want, Hoshi.
They're responding.
Captain Archer.
- And you are? - Harrad-Sar.
Deactivate your weapon systems immediately,
or I'll be forced to open fire.
You're still targeting my ship.
And you're targeting mine.
It seems we're at an impasse.
Not for long.
Instead of sitting here pointing guns at each other,
why don't we deactivate our weapons together?
Very well.
- What can we do for you? - I have a proposal to make.
I'm listening.
I prefer to discuss business in person.
You're invited aboard my ship.
We've dealt with your people before.
The experience wasn't one I care to repeat.
If you could give me some idea what this is about...
What I have to say could smooth relations...
between your Starfleet and the Orion Syndicate.
My hospitality is renowned, Captain.
I don't offer it to everyone.
And once I have been refused,
I never offer it again.
The last Orions we ran into almost turned nine of our crewmembers into slaves.
Let's at least ask him to come here.
I have a feeling he'd see it as an insult.
I can live with that.
Any chance to improve relations with the Syndicate,
I'm willing to take that risk.
Anything to have one less hostile species out there.
Seven of the transfer conduits are back on line.
The eighth is still giving us some trouble.
- Did you run a phase diagnostic? - Came back negative.
Better work up a bypass.
Already underway.
- We have a problem? - I'm not sure what you mean, sir.
Look, the Captain asked me to stick around.
As soon as the repairs are done, I'm back on Columbia.
And it's no reflection on me that the Captain wants you to over see the work.
That's right.
I was his chief engineer for four years.
Well, it doesn't look like he's ready to let you go.
I'd better get on it.
He thinks he's going to lose his promotion.
Is there anything I can do to help?
- With Kelby? - With the engine.
I could use a second pair of eyes on the field matrix.
The pattern's bothering me, and I can't figure out why.
- I'll take a look at it. - Thanks.
have you been experiencing any unusual daydreams?
Accompanied by intense auditory and visual sensations.
They would involve me.
You're wondering if I've been having any daydreams ...
- about you? - Essentially.
Well, let me think.
No. Nothing comes to mind.
Forget I mentioned it.
Have you been having daydreams about me?
It's not important.
Are you going to tell me what this is about?
I am a privateer.
My allegiance is to myself alone.
I earn my living in various ways...
buying, selling...
When the situation calls for it.
Piracy is a risky business.
I prefer commerce.
This is ...
from a planet in the Gorn Hegemony.
The Gorn?
The less said about them, the better.
But they do brew the finest Meridor in the five systems.
It's delicious.
I'm pleased.
You have acquired something of a reputation, Captain.
Favorable, I hope.
Well, you're wanted in...
the Klingon Empire, the Orion Syndicate.
I don't know.
I would imagine such a man would have ...
a more robust appetite.
With all those people after me, I need to stay quick on my feet.
You said you had something important to discuss with us.
It's poor custom to...
discuss business before entertainment.
If the food didn't arouse your hunger...
this should.
What do you think?
I can't think.
I'd have to agree with my tactical officer.
I think she likes you.
Her name is Navaar.
She's the most experienced of the three.
They're sisters.
I purchased them at a trading post you once visited.
Incredible, aren't they?
They can make you forget most of your troubles.
Of course, creatures such as these ...
come with troubles of their own.
Women are the same through out the galaxy, aren't they?
Now we can talk business.
He claims he's discovered a planet with large deposits of magnesite...
enough to build a thousand warp reactors.
And that's just what his scanners could detect.
He's offering to give us the coordinates.
Why would he divulge this information?
He doesn't have the infrastructure to get the magnesite out of the ground.
So he wants Starfleet to construct mining facilities.
And he'll get a ten-percent share.
He's also promised to help establish a dialogue between Starfleet...
and the Orion Syndicate.
- Are you going to accept his offer? - I already have.
I thought you were here seeking my advice.
Harrad-Sar insisted that I accept a gift to ...
celebrate the transaction.
Given the situation, I, uh...
couldn't refuse.
We're on D-Deck now,
where most of the crew quarters are located.
- Where does Captain Archer stay? - On E.
That's one deck below us.
How many levels are there?
a total of... Seven decks.
We've arranged these for you.
You need something to do?
the other two rooms are right next door.
I'll show you in a moment.
Captain Archer has a very large ship.
It's roomy.
But everything's so functional.
There's no color.
Hadn't really thought about it, to tell you the truth.
At least it's private.
What's your name?
Lieutenant Reed...
Pleased to meet you, Lieutenant Reed Malcolm.
Malcolm is fine.
Well, um,
someone will be by shortly to show you ...
how everything works.
In the meantime, just try to make yourself at home.
This way, ladies.
Captain's Starlog, supplemental.
Harrad-Sar has turned over the coordinates of the planet he described.
We're en route to verify his claims.
I've been hearing some concerns from the crew.
- Concerns? - The Orion women...
their presence is becoming disruptive.
You're telling me.
The crew isn't used to having Orions on board.
It's more than that.
Our "guests" visited the Mess Hall this morning.
As a result, 12 crewmen reported late for their shifts.
I get the picture.
It's primarily their attire.
Or lack of it.
I'll see about assigning them some clothes.
It might also be a good idea if you had a word with them.
They're still under the impression they belong to you.
Unless ...
a new policy has been instated,
I believe Starfleet doesn't condone slavery.
- I'll speak to them first chance I get. - Thank you.
Have you seen them yet?
I ran into one of them in the corridor.
They're really...
Yeah, I know.
I know...
What are you trying to do?
Get 'em out of my head.
The pain helps.
You should try it.
When I was on my parents' ship,
we picked up some Deltans once.
Their ship was having engine trouble...
I don't know that species.
The females are unbelievably attractive.
Very open about...
I was 15...
I couldn't think straight.
I could barely breathe.
Only thing that got me through it was weight training with my dad.
He said if I was exhausted...
Idle hands and all that...
Well, did it help?
Helped my biceps.
I'd go heavier.
- What are you doing here? - I wanted to thank you.
You were very kind this morning...
helping me find the Mess Hall.
It was no problem. Look...
- Is that the engine? -It's the warp reactor.
You can feel the power.
You promised you'd show me Engineering.
I know.
Harrad-Sar never let us leave our rooms.
I've never seen anything like this place.
I could show you around.
If it won't get you into trouble.
Come on.
What've you got for a headache?
That depends on what's cause it.
How long have you been experiencing this?
A few hours.
What is it?
Ensign Keeley was here with a headache several minutes ago.
- Is she all right? - Perfectly...
...just as you are.
It's probably just stress.
There's been plenty of that going around.
Or it could be our new passengers...
The Orion females? Why should they give you a headache?
I'm just not used to seeing guys trip over themselves like that.
Just a little healthy sexual energy...
helps keep the blood pumping.
If you ask me, it's pumping a little too hard.
I'm surprised at you, Ensign.
- Why? - You never??? up me being prone to jealousy.
This... should do very nicely.
- Phlox! - It's all right.
I must be nearing a sleep cycle.
I thought you just had one.
You're right, I did.
A week ago.
It's a good bet the problem's right there.
Take it apart.
...the injectors feed into the dilithium chamber.
That's where the matter and antitter mix.
That's right.
The crystals let you control the reaction.
That's right.
talk to you a second.
What's going on?
You're supposed to be recalibrating the EPS taps,
- not giving a tour. - She's only been here a couple of minutes...
Not to mention the fact that she doesn't have clearance.
You should've checked with me first.
Well, I guess I can't do anything right.
ask her to leave.
No, sir.
I'm not through talking to her.
- That was an order. - And I'm refusing.
What the hell's the matter with you?
You've been on my case since the second you got back.
That's what the hell's the matter with me.
And I'm telling you, it stops here.
You're walking a fine line.
So are you, Commander.
You're confined to quarters.
And what if I don't wa to go?
It's either your quarters or the brig.
Now, get out of here, now.
Come in.
I was wondering when you were going to come see me.
After all, I've been your property for two days.
you and your sisters don't belong to me...
or anyone else.
I don't understand.
On my world, slavery's been illegal for hundreds of years.
Are you saying...
that you don't want us?
I'm saying...
that you're here as our guests...
not our property.
I've been a slave my entire life...
on different worlds, for different owners.
What's gonna happen to me?
You're free to start a new life.
In the meantime, I've asked my protocol officer, Hoshi Sato,
to brief you on ship's operations.
There are certain areas that are reserved for Starfleet personnel.
I know what happened in Engineering.
I've already spoken to D'Nesh. I'm sorry.
There's no reason to apologize.
It's a big adjustment for the three of you.
May I ask you something?
Do you find me attractive?
I'd be lying if I said no.
I've known so few honest men.
And even though you don't wish to own me,
I still wish to please you.
If I choose to do this...
...would that violate your ship's protocol?
Not necessarily.
Bridge to Captain Archer.
Archer here.
We're coming up on the planet.
I'll be right there.
I recommend we go to Tactical Alert, sir.
We can't be certain this isn't some kind of a trap.
Go ahead.
We're already picking up large deposits of magnesite.
Harrad-Sar was telling the truth.
- It would seem so. - Keep scanning.
I want to know how much is down there.
- Are you feeling all right? - I'm fine.
A power reading.
Not on the surface.
- In the upper atmosphere. - A ship?
Try hailing them.
The cloud layer is highly ionized. It's obscuring our scanners.
Get us closer.
Within ten kilometers.
They're not responding.
There it is.
It's an unknown configuration.
They're locking weapons.
Extremely low yield.
Barely scratched us.
It's equipped with numerous sensors, most likely a science vessel.
Its presence here could simply be a coincidence.
They're firing again.
No damage.
They could shoot at us all day.
Phase cannons.
A phase cannon hit will destroy them.
Which means they won't be shooting at us anymore.
If we simply withdraw, they'll most likely cease their attack and move off.
And maybe they won't.
Target them.
Lock phase cannons!
Sir! They're moving off.
I have just as much experience.
I'm smarter, younger.
You're better than him.
We're the only ones who think that.
Tucker's going to take back his position?
He denies it, but I know he's planning on staying.
Doesn't seem fair.
It isn't.
Let's not talk about it anymore.
I'm used to being with men who take what they want.
What are you talking about?
You can't let him treat you like this.
He's my superior officer.
- Where are you going? - I thought you were different.
Don't leave.
What would you do to keep me forever?
What would you do?
Anything you want.
What the hell are you doing?!
Blow the dampeners!
He blew out every junction in the EPS system.
If we hadn't gott to him, we might not have a ship under our feet.
- When can we get underway? - I'm not sure we can get underway.
He did a pretty thorough job.
Kelby. I didn't do anything.
Tell me what happened.
Whatever he told you, it's a lie.
Three other people were there. They all saw you.
- Tell me why you did this. - He's trying to get rid of me.
- Don't listen to him! - Kelby.
His adrenaline levels are dangerously high.
I need to administer a sedative.
Not till I get some answers first.
In his current state, he can't give you coherent answers.
I just want to go back to Engineering.
What's wrong with him?
It's the same thing that's affecting everyone on this ship.
It's a highly potent pheromone.
When exposed to human males,
it accelerates the metabolism, causing aggression and ultimately a form of..
The Orions?
Women aboard the ship have also been affected.
I've received an increasing number of complaints about ...
headaches and listlessness.
I suspect the pheromone acts as a defense mechanism against ...
You okay?
It's impacted my sleep cycle.
I'm having to rely on stimulants ...
to stay awake.
Doesn't seem to be affecting you.
I've scanned a good number of the crew.
So far, the only people who haven't been affected are T'Pol ...
and Commander Tucker.
Why me?
I would have to run some more tests,
but for the rest of us, the effect seems to be cumulative.
The longer we're exposed,
the more pronounced the results are.
So, this is what you meant when you said we were free to start new lives?
We found this in your quarters.
It seems we have no privacy either.
It's a communication device.
You've been in contact with Harrad-Sar as recently as two hours ago.
And if I have?
You were sent here to disable my ship.
That was his plan from the start, wasn't it?
Harrad-Sar contacted me to see if we've been tread well.
Doctor Phlox believes that...
prolonged exposure to your pheromones makes ...
men delusional ...
and extremely vulnerable to suggestion. That's how you convinced Kelby..
to sabotage our engines.
Your crewman acted alone.
I had nothing to do with it.
It seems the only delusion here is your own.
Damn it!
It's time to start telling me the truth!
Oh, I'm hurried about you, Captain.
You don't seem well.
I'm not the one you should be worried about.
I can see you're not very experienced at making threats.
I'm a lot better at carrying them out.
We were a gift, nothing more.
A true commander would know how to appreciate such a gesture.
Tell me.
When's he going to attack us?
No one is coming to attack your ship.
Please, release us.
I'm obviously not the only woman with power over you.
Get down to Engineering.
Do what you can to help Trip.
It's better if I stay on the bridge.
I don't need you to look after me.
You're not immune to these pheromones.
- Your judgment is impaired. - I can handle it.
We need to get the engines back on line.
I don't want to be a sitting duck when Harrad-Sar gets here.
You have your orders.
The captain asked me to offer my assistance.
You can run through these diagnostics.
See if you can find anything that isn't fried.
- You really think they're coming after us? - It's likely.
The transmissions sent by therion females ...
suggest that Harrad-Sar's ship is getting closer.
You know, I keep thinking back to our first mission,
when we met the Suliban.
I was so damn naive.
I actually thought it was the last time we'd have to fight someone.
Hey! I said leave it alone!
Get your hands off me!
- Knock if off! - That's an order!
Start up again, and you'll both be in the brig, understand?!
Now go help Masarro with the injectors.
Get back to work.
That's the third one in the last hour.
There've been altercations throughout the ship.
The captain's been affected. I'm concerning about him
The thing I can't figure out is why I'm immune.
That might have something to do with me.
There's a long-held belief that when a Vulcan mates,
there's a shared psychic bond.
We didn't "mate."
What do you mean by "psychic bond"?
It's difficult to explain.
Feelings, thoughts, even images can be shared.
- Daydreams. - What?
When I said before that I wasn't having any daydreams about you...
it wasn't actually true.
So if we're bonded...
what does this have to do with me not being affected by the Orions?
I'm immune to the pheromones because of my Vulcan physiology.
- And you're making me immune? - Apparently.
I don't know whether to be relieved or...
really worried.
Tactical Alert.
400 kilometers.
He's hailing us.
Put him up.
Can I be of help, Captain?
- Do you need a tow? - We still have weapons.
You're not going to get this ship without one hell of a fight.
I'd rather I didn't have to kill you, but...
if that's what it takes.
The Syndicate wants your head, Captain,
and they don't really care whether or not it's attached to your body.
He's trying to knock out our weapons.
Then take out his.
Forward phase cannons are down.
Protect our aft cannons.
He's moving too fast.
Archer to Engineering.
Can we get more power to the thrusters?
I'll see what I can do.
We just lost aft cannons.
Try to divert some of the power from the grav plating.
We're gonna be a little lighter on our feet.
What the hell, I've been meaning to lose a few pounds.
Reducing gravity plating to 90%.
Thrusters are back to full.
Hard to starboard.
- We're still too slow. - Torpedoes.
That last hit just took them out.
He's powering down his weapons.
He's coming about.
Thrusters full astern.
It's not enough.
He's hailing.
Relax, Captain.
Enjoy the ride.
We're not going anywhere.
I'm afraid you have an appointment ...
with a pair of Orion marauders.
I don't intend to keep them waiting.
Release my ship.
I can see you're upset,
and I sympathize, but it's truly out of my hands.
We are both slaves to the situation.
They control you?
You finally realize that.
Yes, Captain, you've been operating under a misconception.
It is the men who are the slaves, not the women.
You seeing what I'm seeing?
His grappler's directly above our main deflector relay.
Get up to the bridge. I'll be right behind you.
The deflector?
We can use it to send a positron burst through the towing cable.
If we're lucky, it'll trigger an energy cascade.
And disable his power systems.
Do it.
T'Pol to Engineering.
I've almost got it.
You'll have to reroute the main EPS conduit.
Decon chamber, come in.
There's no one there.
What did you do to my men?
We asked them to leave, after they released us.
They were very accommodating.
Get off my bridge.
Is that what you really want?
Because if it is, I will gladly do as you say.
I only want to make you happy.
I didn't think you wanted me to go.
She's jealous.
She'll try anything to keep us apart.
She'll even destroy your ship.
Her presence is affecting your judgment.
Arrest her. Don't listen.
Do it.
Lieutenant Reed.
- Yeah? - Take T'Pol to the brig.
You heard your captain.
Aye, sir.
Stop him.
We're ready.
His engines are down. Weapons as well. It worked.
Commander Tucker.
I'm impressed.
And I'm ginning to see who's the true master of this vessel.
Oh, save it.
Captain Archer runs this ship.
You're sweet-talking the wrong guy.
Let's go.
Captain's Starlog, supplemental.
The Orion women have been returned to Harrad-Sar,
who's headed home at very low impulse.
The dizziness should fade in a couple of hours.
Glad to hear that.
At least the pheromones are wearing off.
I haven't thought about the Orions for what, a whole ten minutes?
The entire crew's been bumping into walls.
It's like someone spiked the water supply.
The after effects will be around for at least a few days.
Well done.
Thank you, Captain.
You'll be glad to know my log won't mention your firing on a fellow officer.
I appreciate that.
A court-martial would hardly be a fitting ending to this incident.
At least we've learned something about the Orions.
Yeah, the women are in charge.
It proves that even the most disagreeable species have some positive attributes.
Was that my imagination?
I don't think so.
It almost sounded like you were making a joke.
At least trying to make one.
I assure you, if I ever decide to make a joke, you'll know about it.
There it is again.
T'Pol, if I didn't know better,
I'd think you were picking up some of Trip's bad habits.
I guess we proved it again.
Proved what?
That you and I make a hell of a team.
We do seem to work well together.
Even more now that we're in each other's heads.
You're returning to Columbia?
I imagine Captain Hernandez is getting pretty antsy ...
to have her chief engineer back.
There are still numerous repairs to be carried out here.
I think Kelby can handle them.
He's been observing my work pretty carefully.
When he wasn't trying to blow up the ship.
Kelby is a fine engineer, but he lacks experience.
Why don't you just say it?
Say what?
That you want me to come back.
I believe I did.
I think your presence here would be extremely beneficial to our operations.
That you want me back.
I don't know what you mean.
Well, my mistake.
See you around.
Wait, Trip.
I want you to come back.
Then I'll think about it.
Three days ago...
I told Captain Hernandez I wanted a transfer back to Enterprise.
Three days ago.
I realized this is where I was meant to be,
and that, uh, this thing between us...
isn't that big of a deal.
I guess we got a lot of work to do.

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