Live long and prosper.
Board their ship!
Take everything you can!
Captain's Starlog, January 13, 2155.
We've left Gorlan Station and have set a course to rendezvous with our assault fleet.
Major Reed and the doctor have asked for a few minutes to show me their latest project.
The Booth will be far more effective than our previous disciplinary methods.
It can stimulate the pain center of virtually any humanoid.
A synaptic scan calibrates it for each species.
They call this progress.
There's something to be said for a good, old- fashioned flogging.
Well, that's what's so exceptional about this device.
Traditional forms of punishment can overwhelm the nervous system.
After a time, the brain ceases to feel anything.
These sensors continually shift the stimulation from one...
nerve cluster to another, keeping the subject in a constant state of agony.
I think you enjoy your work too much, Doctor.
What, exactly, did Mr. Terev do?
I'm not certain.
I suspect he was late for his duty shift.
Aren't all Tellarites guilty of something?
- Did you get a chance to look over my proposal? - I read it.
We're going to rendezvous with the fleet as ordered.
I'm not going into Tholian space based on data from some anonymous "source."
Maybe you haven't heard, but we have a rebellion to put down,
- and the Tholians aren't part of it. - You saw the data.
This technology would give us a tactical advantage.
We could end the war tomorrow.
You see this as your big chance, don't you?
You bring that ship home, and you'll be a hero.
Emperor pins a medal on your chest.
You might even get that command you've always wanted.
My only concern is saving the Empire.
Resume your station.
Captain, you're making a mistake.
You can either go back to the bridge...
or take the place of that Tellarite.
- Which do you prefer? - Understood.
What do you think you're doing?
I'm viewing status reports.
This is supposed to be your sanctuary...
a place to get away...
from status reports.
You're the one person on this ship ...
that I don't mind giving in to.
And I'm probably the only one...
who doesn't want to slip a knife in your back.
I heard the battle went well at Tau Ceti.
Is that what you heard?
Word on the ship is the war may be over soon.
I'll go back to Brazil, start teaching again.
You'll accept a comfortable desk job at Headquarters.
We'll have the weekends...
You've been listening to propaganda.
Things went badly at Tau Ceti.
Very badly.
We lost 12 ships.
Keep this to yourself.
If the crew learns what really happened...
Forget about the war.
This is our time.
You'll hang for this.
- Lock him in the brig. - Sir...
let me take him down to the cargo bay.
I'll finish him quickly and quietly.
I want him alive.
Still, it'd be tragic if there was an "accident" on the way to the brig...
If anything happens to Forrest,
I'll shoot you myself.
- Are we clear, Major? - Perfectly, sir.
Stand aside, Commander.
- Where is Captain Forrest? - Contact Security.
This is First Officer Archer.
In accordance with Starfleet orders this date,
I've relieved Captain Forrest of duty..
and assumed command of Enterprise.
My orders are to take the ship into Tholian space...
for a mission of vital importance to the Empire.
I can't reveal the details of our assignment,
but I can tell you this: if we're successful,
Starfleet will crush the rebellion once and for all.
No crew in Starfleet has been tested more in battle.
I know I can count on each of you...
to perform your duty to the best of your ability.
Nothing will impede our march toward victory.
Long live the Empire.
Long live the Empire.
We've received no such communiqué from Starfleet Command.
It was sent on a private channel.
- I'd like to see those orders. - All in good time.
Alter our heading.
215 mark 13.
- Maximum warp. - Yes, Captain.
Corporal, escort Commander T'Pol to cargo bay 2.
You'll find a Suliban cloaking device there.
Bring it to Engineering and help Tucker install it.
We're going to need the cloak to complete this mission.
Enterprise Starlog, Captain Jonathan Archer.
The crew has accepted the change of command without incident.
Chief Engineer Tucker reports we'll have cloaking capability within 6 hours.
These orders appear to be authentic.
All I require from you is your loyalty.
- Do I have it? - You are in command.
I'm glad we can agree on something.
Do you recognize this? It belonged to Zefram Cochrane.
He used it to kill the first Vulcan who stepped onto Terran soil.
I wonder how history would've played out ...
if Cochrane hadn't turned the tables on your invasion force.
Humans might be your slaves instead of the other way around.
I am not a slave.
You're Vulcan.
Never forget that.
How long until we cross into Tholian space?
It's likely we already have.
They frequently annex systems outside their core territory.
There's a warp signature encoded on this.
Notify me the moment you find it.
- If there's nothing further... - There is.
I'm promoting you to First Officer.
Major Reed's next in line.
- He won't be pleased. - Reed's a capable soldier,
but he has trouble following orders,
and I know he has ambitions of his own.
You've made it clear you don't approve of Vulcans.
Maybe this is my way of saying thank you to you and your people.
Without Vulcan technology,
the Empire wouldn't be where it is today.
Serving as my personal guard will have its privileges.
You'll have your own quarters...
better food.
You'll accept orders from me and me alone,
- is that clear? - Yes, sir.
And Captain, if I may...
I'd like to be the first to congratulate you on a brilliant strategy.
I'm certain that in years ...
- to come... - You already have the job, Sergeant.
Don't talk yourself out of it.
Don't mind Porthos.
He hasn't had his dinner yet.
Come in.
That'll be all.
You didn't receive a communiqué from Starfleet.
I would have known if something came through.
A mutiny, oh...
Didn't think you had it in you.
I'll take that as a compliment.
- Where's Captain Forrest? - He's safe.
How do I know that you didn't push him out of an airlock?
I want to talk to him.
Not right now.
He'll remain alive as long as you don't cause any trouble.
No hidden distress signals to Starfleet.
I need you and your expertise.
Is that all you need?
You've never forgiven me for leaving.
I'm sorry if I hurt you.
You saw an opportunity for advancement, and you took it.
Just as you did.
You should've been captain from the moment we left Spacedock.
You've always known that.
Oh, if it hadn't been for all those admirals conspiring behind your back,
Enterprise would have been yours.
Tradition says that whatever belonged to the previous captain...
is yours for the taking.
I've never been one to argue with tradition.
T'Pol to Captain Archer.
Maybe we should keep our relationship on a professional level.
Captain Archer, please respond.
Go ahead.
We're approaching the warp signature.
On my way.
I expect you to be in a better mood when I get back.
Captain on the bridge.
We're closing on target. 20,000 kilometers.
There's one bio-sign aboard...
Power the tractor emitters.
He's seen us.
He's arming weapons.
Disable his ship.
I don't want the pilot injured.
There's an overload building in his reactor.
- Major! - It wasn't my doing, sir.
I targeted his weapons only.
I believe the pilot may be attempting to destroy his own ship.
Lock on the transporter.
Beam him into the Decon Chamber.
We have the pilot.
Archer to Sick Bay.
We beamed a Tholian into Decon.
Modify the atmosphere in there.
It may take a moment.
Tholians have rather extreme life support requirements.
Increasing temperature to 480 Kelvin.
If you're angry now, just wait.
How is he?
How is it would be more accurate.
Tholians possess both male and female characteristics.
Its bio-signs, such as they are, appear to be stable.
Will it understand me?
I'm Captain Archer.
You're on board the Terran flagship Enterprise.
Answer my questions, or you will be harmed.
It's demanding to be released.
I want to know where you're holding the Terran vessel you captured.
"My people will find your ship and destroy it."
A minor adjustment to life support should make it more cooperative.
Decreasing temperature 50 degrees.
Tell me what I want to know.
Something about your "maternal ancestor."
Take it down another 50.
Its exoskeleton is beginning to fracture.
"I agree. I agree. "
Go on.
"The ship is in the Vintaak system...
at a facility orbiting the gas giant."
- What the hell is that? - A short-range transmission.
A distress signal.
You think it has a com device in there?
Its crystalline structure may act as a natural transmitter.
Sir, I recommend we beam it into space immediately.
I need to keep it alive for now, until I can verify what it's told us.
Find some way to knock that thing out.
Yes, Captain.
You forget something?
Get the commander a radiation meter.
You don't want to end up like me, do you?
I've absorbed enough delta rays to guarantee my grandchildren glow in the dark.
Flux coupler.
They say for every year you spend next to one of these things...
you lose a decade off your life expectancy.
Which means I'll probably be dead by the end of the week.
You should speak to Captain Archer about a promotion.
You're his First Officer. You could talk to him for me.
Why would I do that?
Well, I did you a favor once.
- We agreed never to discuss that. - And I haven't.
I'd hardly call it a favor. You enjoyed yourself.
Several times, as I recall.
So, how many years is it until your Pon farr comes around again?
Where the hell's that coming from?
Pull the matrix converters!
Can you repair the cloak?
- It'll take at least a day. - You have six hours.
There are dozens of EPS feeds on this deck,
and the only one that overloads is the one connected to the cloaking device.
The power surge disabled other systems.
Internal sensors are down, we've lost grav-plating on G-Deck...
The cloak is your first priority.
Someone's responsible for what happened.
Find out who.
My people can investigate this.
I don't need his kind crawling around, pulling relays...
Get the cloak on line!
Who sabotaged the cloak?
Was something damaged?
I know Admiral Black has an agent on Enterprise.
I want the name.
You really think that the admiral would plant a spy on my ship...
and then tell me who it is?
Go to his quarters, search his personal files.
Look for messages from Starfleet.
Follow his orders, and you'll be executed as a coconspirator!
Aye, Captain.
This isn't like you, Jonathan.
You never lusted for power and glory.
That's why I trusted you at my side ...
for all these years, because you have no ambition.
If that's right...
then why are you in the brig?
Release me...
and I promise...
your death will be quick.
You won't get that guarantee from the admiral.
Kill me...
and she'll never forgive you!
The saboteur entered this junction ...
and deliberately overloaded this EPS waveguide.
That junction's supposed to be off-limits.
- The intruder alarms were disabled. - How?
There's only one way I know of...
by running a high-level diagnostic scan.
Commander Tucker ...
initiated a scan 30 minutes before the overload.
- Who ordered you to sabotage the cloak? - I didn't!
- I'll kill you when I get out of this! - I'd like to see you try.
I checked the records.
Admiral Black recommended you for Chief Engineer.
He insisted Forrest replace his own man with you.
You're working for the admiral, aren't you?
What have you told him?
Captain, you've got it all wrong.
- It wasn't me! - What have you told him?
Please, Captain.
I've always been loyal to you!
Break him.
It hasn't been that good in a long time.
The things a girl will give up for her career.
The data I gave you...
did you transmit it to the fleet admiral?
Of course.
- What was it? - An insurance policy.
- What's wrong? - Tucker's a competent engineer.
If he wanted to damage the cloak, he could have done a much better job.
Well, it couldn't have been easy with T'Pol looking over his shoulder.
Computer, locate Commander T'Pol.
Unable to comply. Internal sensors are off line.
The sensors were damaged by the overload.
- What's going on? - Stay here!
- I wondered what was keeping you. - I needed time to find help.
No alarm?
I've disabled the internal sensors and the com system.
We'll take the bridge first.
Set a course out of Tholian space, maximum warp.
I can't alter our heading.
Full stop!
The helm's not responding.
Having trouble?
You did this.
Auto navigation can't be released until we've reach the coordinates I've set.
Restore the controls...
- now. - I can't.
They've been encrypted with a random code.
Can you override the helm?
It'll take several days to break the encryption.
We'll arrive at the coordinates long before then.
The bridge is yours...
Ten hours in the Booth.
Get him out of there.
Bring Major Reed.
I want him to spend some time in this invention of his.
You gonna shoot me now or...
wait for court-martial?
Fleet Admiral Gardner's ordered you released.
He received the data you sent him.
The Admiral finds your suggestion...
Since you've already locked us on this course,
I've been ordered to investigate your mystery ship.
You betrayed me.
Don't think for one moment I'm going to forget that.
Get cleaned up.
You're briefing the senior staff in an hour.
A parallel universe?
The Science Directorate has examined all of these theories.
They've found no evidence of alternate realities.
The Tholians are a little more open-minded than your people.
They detonated a tricobalt warhead...
here, inside the gravity well of a dead star.
The explosion created an interphasic rift...
a doorway into another universe.
- A doorway... - The rift was unstable.
It was too dangerous to send one of their own ships through,
so they transmitted a distress call into the opening,
hoping to lure a ship from the other side.
Their plan worked brilliantly.
How did you learn all this?
The Tholians rely on outside laborers, humanoids.
Some of them can be bought for the right price.
I hope you didn't pay too much.
My contact transmitted these images before his signal was jammed.
You can barely see anything.
Computer, enhance grid three-alpha.
An Earth ship?
According to some theories,
everything that exists in our universe should also exist there.
Another Terran Empire, another Starfleet?
So what? How does this help us?
The Tholians quantum-dated a piece of the hull.
This ship is not only from another universe, it's from another time.
About 100 years into the future.
Imagine the technology we can find on that ship.
New tactical systems, advanced bio-weapons.
Engines that can reach speeds we can only dream of.
- All of it ours for the taking! - This is ludicrous, Captain.
Someone has fabricated this evidence to lure us here.
Commander Archer is guilty of assault and mutiny.
That's enough, Commander.
Sir, I believe we should send...
I said, shut up! We're investigating this.
Get that cloaking device working.
The captain wants a progress report.
I'll need another minute to calibrate the field converters.
I spent four hours in the Booth because of you.
Perhaps you should direct your anger at Commander Archer.
You disabled the alarms in that junction and made it look like I did it.
- You're mistaken. - The hell I am!
I think I'd remember if I sabotaged the ship.
Not necessarily.
What did you do to me?
I lured you away from Engineering with the promise of a sexual encounter.
My mind to your mind.
Once we were alone in my quarters, I implanted a telepathic suggestion.
My thoughts to your thoughts.
I compelled you to sabotage the power grid.
After you completed the assignment, we melded again.
I altered your memory of what had happened.
It was my duty to help Captain Forrest regain command.
You're gonna regret what you did.
Threats are illogical.
- Engineering to bridge! - Go ahead.
We're ready.
I'm gonna have to channel everything except auxiliary power.
Engage the cloak.
We've reached the coordinates.
Autonavigation has disengaged.
Let's see where we are.
Magnify the moon on the far right.
Primary system is offline, including life support
We're reading 13 bio-signs...
all alien.
One of them appears to be reptilian.
They're clustered in this section.
- Any sign of the crew? - We've detected no human signatures.
It's likely the crew was executed.
Look at the size of those coils.
I'll bet that thing could do warp seven.
We'll send an assault team aboard.
You brought us here, you lead it.
Download whatever you can from the database...
then destroy the ship.
Destroy it?!
We have to take the ship with us.
It's too dangerous. We are deep in Tholian space.
- Sir, you can't do this. - You have your orders!
Go with him.
I don't want Archer to return from this mission.
Do I make myself clear, Commander?
Someone's removed these components.
They're gutting the ship.
If you'd like, sir, I could hold that for you.
Nap time isn't over yet.
I'm picking up a transmission.
It's coming from Decon.
Bridge to Phlox. What's happening down there?
The sedative is no longer working.
- Well, then kill it now! - With pleasure.
3 ships are moving toward our position.
- Doctor! - A few more seconds, Captain.
Will you kindly die?!
Phlox to bridge.
We won't be having any further trouble from our guest.
One of the Tholian ships is hailing us.
This must be the captain.
His neck's broken.
I should be able to overload the reactor from here.
Get started.
4 more ships.
Contact Archer. Tell him to abort the mission.
Lay in a course out of here.
They're jamming us.
Target the nearest ship...
No damage.
Torpedo launchers. Fire when ready.
They can see us!
Get us out of here.
disengage the cloak and transfer all power to engines.
The cloak's not responding, sir!
- How much longer? - Maybe you'd like to take a stab at it.
I can activate their systems.
- Stand aside, Commander. - Almost there!
Enterprise is under attack.
Hull plating's down!
We've lost power on Decks C, D...
- and E. - Engineering to bridge!
Containment fields are failing!
- Can you vent the antimatter? - Negative!
Reactor breach in 3 minutes!
This is the captain.
All hands to escape pods.
Abandon ship!
You heard my order!
What do you think you're doing?
I'll buy you as much time as I can.
Get out of here, now.
Enterprise is taking heavy damage.
Can you bring weapons and engines on line?
I'll see what I can do.
Give me a hand with them!

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