Previously on Enterprise.
- A parallel universe? - According to some theories,
everything that exists in our universe should also exist there.
Another Terran Empire, another Starfleet?
- I am not a slave. - You're Vulcan.
Never forget that.
The things a girl will give up for her career.
This ship is not only from another universe, it's from another time.
About 100 years into the future.
Imagine the technology we can find on that ship.
Ours for the taking!
Enterprise is under attack.
The Tholians can see us!
This is the captain. All hands to escape pods.
Abandon ship!
You've got thrusters.
- Release the docking clamps. - I can't.
What about weapons?
This power grid's a mess! It's gonna take a few minutes.
- Shields are functional. - Raise them.
Our shields are weakening the clamps.
But they're still holding.
I'll alternate port and starboard thrusters.
That should shake them loose.
We're free.
Firing aft thrusters.
Six Tholian ships moving toward us.
How much longer for weapons?
The power couplings have been removed. I don't know if I can bypass them.
- Mr. Tucker?! - Stand by!
I could use some help over here.
When I tell you, shunt the plasma to the forward emitters!
- 3 more ships approaching. - Just a few more seconds!
- What was that? - They locked on a tractor beam.
We're being pulled back into the dock.
- It's now or never! - Stand by!
Tactical systems are on line.
Full thrusters.
The remaining ships are retreating.
The station has opened fire.
Does this thing have aft torpedoes?
You'd better believe it!
They're armed.
Escape pods...
12 kilometers off the port bow.
They're ours.
Bring them on board.
We need warp drive.
Engineering's been stripped to the bulkheads.
But the good news is,
most of what they took was still sitting on the hangar deck.
I need time to figure out how to put it all back together.
- How much time? - 2 or 3 days.
I'm not even sure what some of these systems are supposed to do.
It's like I'm Chief Engineer on a steamship ...
coming aboard the first interplanetary transport.
If we don't have warp capability in 12 hours,
I'm going to find a new Chief Engineer.
I suggest we make use of the alien workers.
They may know something about these systems.
Keep them under close surveillance.
Once warp drive is restored,
we'll set a course to rendezvous with the assault fleet.
We're in no condition for battle.
We made quick work of the Tholians.
This ship is designed to be operated by a crew of 400.
There are only 47 of us.
The logical course of action is to take Defiant to Earth,
allow Starfleet to study it,
- reverse-engineer its systems. - There's no time!
The Empire could lose this war in a matter weeks ...
if we don't get the Defiant and its weapons to the front lines.
not you.
I should shoot you for betraying me.
The orders giving you command of Enterprise were obviously fabricated.
It was my duty as a Starfleet officer ...
to help Captain Forrest regain control of his ship.
You swore your loyalty to me.
You should be aware Captain Forrest ordered me to kill you.
- Why are you telling me this? - Forrest is dead.
His orders are no longer valid. You are my commanding officer.
I never had a problem with your people...
until they became a part of this rebellion.
If I had another officer capable of doing your job,
I'd show you to the nearest airlock.
I need you...
to get this ship up and running.
But if I hear so much as a rumor that you're working ...
- behind my back... - Understood.
Get out.
- What are you wearing? - I found it in...
the Captain's wardrobe.
These people had some strange ideas about uniforms.
I can't find a mention of it anywhere.
- A mention of what? -The Empire.
As far as I can tell, it doesn't exist in the other universe.
No Empire?
A lot of the names are the same, but...
their history has been rewritten.
Instead of building an empire,
Earth became part of an interspecies alliance.
The United Federation of Planets?
More like a federation of fools.
What about us?
Do we exist in this universe?
Computer, access biographical file, Starfleet Officer Hoshi Sato.
Hoshi Sato.
"Com Officer on Starfleet's "first warp five ship.
"In her late 30s, she created the linguacode translation matrix."
At least she was remembered for something.
I can tell you who she married.
It even says how you died.
I don't want to know.
- But this isn't you. - I don't care.
display file on Starfleet Officer Jonathan Archer.
"Son of famed warp specialist Henry Archer,
" Jonathan was appointed Captain of Starfleet's first warp five ship."
"His name is among the most recognized in the Federation."
"He earned an impressive list of commendations during his career."
"Historians called him the greatest explorer of the 22nd century."
"Two planets were named after him."
There's nothing great about that man.
He sold out Earth's future to a group of subhuman species.
Great men are not peacemakers.
Great men are conquerors.
Forget about him.
Your future is just beginning.
Can you imagine the look on the Emperor's face when he sees this ship?
You'll be declared Hero of the Empire.
Starfleet'll have to give you a command of your own.
I already have a command of my own.
- What's the problem? - Commander...
somebody pulled both plasma regulators out of these housings.
Why are you bothering me with this?
They're probably on the hangar deck.
No, sir, you don't understand. They were here 10 minutes ago.
I went to get this coupler, when I came back, the regulators were gone.
You better find them,
because if this junction's not on line in 10 minutes,
I'm gonna tell Archer you're the reason we don't have warp drive.
Yes, sir.
Who's in here?
I found traces of reptilian saliva in the Ensign's wounds.
Something bit him?
The bite radius would suggest a particularly large reptile.
More than 2 meters in length.
Can you find this thing on internal sensors?
It's not in the primary hull.
Sensors are still off-line on the Engineering decks.
Perhaps it was a pet owned by one of the original crew.
Unless one of them owned a velociraptor, I find it extremely unlikely.
There's no sign of the regulators.
Without them, we can't initialize the reaction chamber.
We're stuck at impulse.
Whoever sabotaged us knew exactly which components to steal.
The slaves we captured...
bring one of them to the Briefing Room.
Certainly, sir.
What attacked my crewman?
He promised he'd kill us if we told you.
I'll kill you now if you don't.
Stand aside.
T'Pol to Major Reed.
Bring another prisoner to the Briefing Room.
From what I'm told, the maximum setting can actually...
disintegrate a person.
I've been looking forward to trying it.
His name is Slar.
- Who's name? - Our slave master.
He was in charge of the salvage operation.
When you boarded the ship, he hid in the service crawlways.
He was planning to sabotage the ship.
Where in the crawlways?
Possibly near the ...
power transfer conduits on Deck 22.
It's warm there.
His species likes it warm.
What species?
He's a Gorn.
We had it cornered in turboshaft 3...
but it appears to have escaped through this access tube.
That's when we lost contact with McKenzie and Browne.
They're taking too long.
When my ship was in jeopardy,
I didn't let Security handle the situation.
I took care of it myself.
I'd have better luck sending a squad of Tellarites to capture this thing.
Put an assault team together. I'll lead it myself.
Sir, I'm picking up a signal from inside the ship.
I think it's the reptile.
- Can you pinpoint its location? - The frequency's scrambled.
I want to talk to it.
The translator matrix is tied in.
This is Captain Archer.
Return our plasma regulators now.
I want to leave this ship!
Give me what I want, and we'll talk.
No! I'm familiar with your species.
Humans are not trustworthy!
You will give me a shuttlecraft!
Once I'm away from this ship, I'll tell you where to find the regulators.
This is not a negotiation!
The regulators, now!
If you don't comply, I'll give the order...
He closed the channel.
get the team together. Your best men.
The Gorn's offer is reasonable.
He has no intention of returning the regulators.
If we give him a shuttle,
he'll contact his people and come back here with a warship.
Without warp drive, we'll be an easy target.
Defeat this Gorn...
and you'll finally earn the respect you deserve.
There's a bio-sign. It's very faint.
In Access Tube 7-Alpha, near Junction 3.
I'll seal off the bulkhead here.
That'll leave him with only one escape route.
Flush him out, drive him into this junction.
I'll be waiting for him.
Reed to Captain Archer.
Go ahead.
It's not here.
He's modified a communicator to emit a false bio-sign.
- Meet us in Junction Three. - Acknowledged.
Shut that bloody thing off.
It's a trap!
I've failed you, Captain.
Archer to T'Pol. Where is it?
The Gorn's moved into the primary hull.
It's on...
Deck Nine.
We're going to Plan B.
Access the environmental controls on that deck.
- Wait for my signal. - Acknowledged.
Archer to T'Pol.
Section Four-A, on my mark.
Standing by.
- Now! -Enhancing grav-plating.
Grav-plating's at 20 G's.
Give me your weapon.
Defiant Starlog, January 18, 2155.
We've recovered the missing engine components...
and I've ordered a course to rendezvous with the assault fleet.
What's Major Reed's condition?
At this point, he could go either way.
No doubt there'll be several discreet celebrations if he should expire.
I notice you've been making extensive use of the library database.
I was merely researching classical literature.
I wanted to compare our major works with their counterparts in the other universe.
I skimmed a few of the more celebrated narratives.
The stories were similar in some respects, but their characters were...
weak and compassionate.
With the exception of Shakespeare, of course.
From what I could tell, his plays were equally grim in both universes.
Examine their historical files.
You may want to learn more about their Federation.
Did you know in the other universe,
humans and Denobulans are considered equals? As are Vulcans.
You don't find this interesting?
I find it dangerous.
If I were the Captain, I'd restrict access to that database.
I'm certain he wouldn't want to give his crew any ideas.
Perhaps you should reconsider the...
This is the Captain.
All hands to battle stations.
Hull breach on B-Deck.
Emergency bulkheads are engaged.
Concentrate your fire on the Andorians.
Hull plating's at 32%.
Admiral, there's another vessel approaching.
More rebels?
Direct hits.
Tellarite ship's opened fire, no damage.
Lock on to their reactor.
Fire when ready.
Target destroyed.
The Vulcan ship's trying to escape.
Pursuit course.
Captain, they're no threat to us.
- I recommend we... - Fire when ready.
The last Andorian ship is retreating.
Weapons are locked.
No. Let them go.
I want the other rebels to know what happened here.
Get me Admiral Black.
Sorry we're late for the party, Admiral.
Where's Enterprise?
Is Captain Forrest with you?
It's going to take some time to explain, sir.
Perhaps you'd like to see the Defiant for yourself.
A most impressive vessel, Commander.
With the technology on this ship at our disposal,
the rebels won't stand a chance.
I'm glad you agree, sir.
I intend to recommend that you get your own command at the earliest opportunity.
Respectfully, sir,
you have the authority to grant a battlefield promotion.
Unfortunately, we don't have a ship to give you at the moment.
The Defiant.
I'm sure the Fleet Admiral has other plans for this ship...
They're never going to give you this ship, you know that.
They'll tear it apart, try to learn its secrets.
You're lucky, you'll end up commanding a moon shuttle.
Don't you see what the Admiral's planning?
He's going to present this ship to the Emperor himself.
He'll take all the credit,
and you'll end up a historical footnote.
...altered the course of the war.
The people of the Earth are in your debt, Commander.
That's Captain.
You're relieved, Admiral.
Our entire assault fleet...
wiped out by a rebel attack.
Thousands of your fellow Starfleet officers dead.
If the Defiant hadn't arrived when it did, all of you...
would be among them.
And who are we to blame for this?
Not the brave men and women who gave their lives for the Empire.
The criminals...
who are losing this war are sitting...
in their comfortable offices back at Starfleet Command.
Their weakness invited our enemies to strike,
and their corruption and arrogance have brought the Empire to the brink of defeat.
I've been a soldier all my life,
and I will not stand by ...
and let these people destroy an empire that has endured for centuries.
I ask you...
all of you...
to join me.
We cannot put down this rebellion ....
so long as our forces are commanded by dishonorable men.
Before we can defeat the rebels, we must defeat them.
That ship out there is the key to our victory.
With the Defiant on our side, there will be nothing to stop us.
It's not wise to make that gesture, even behind closed doors.
It is agreeable to see you again.
Did you review the historical files?
The implications are intriguing.
This "alternate universe" is very different from ours.
I'm not certain a Federation could ever exist here.
I thought you were an idealist.
That was many years ago.
We have to take action. Archer intends to overthrow Starfleet and the Emperor.
Archer is right.
The Empire has become corrupt.
A new leader may change things for the better.
Not for our people.
The weapons on that ship will annihilate the rebels, including thousands of Vulcans.
We can give them an advantage.
I can download the data on Defiant's engines and tactical systems.
We'll give it to them.
Data will be of little value.
Archer still controls that ship.
I'm going to destroy that ship.
I can disable Defiant's power systems, but I'll need your help.
Do you want to spend the rest of your life serving the Empire?
I'm too old to become a revolutionary.
I know Archer.
He blames our people for inciting the rebels.
And if he becomes Emperor, he'll lay waste to Vulcan.
I can't do this without you.
My senior officers...
don't think I can do this.
They'll come around.
T'Pol doesn't approve, either. I can see it in her eyes.
Maybe it's time to get rid of her, now that the ship's operational.
Not just her.
We'll get rid of all the non-Terrans.
I'll transfer them off Defiant.
- All of them? - The rebels have spies everywhere.
I can't afford to have a single alien aboard my flagship.
Uh, I hope you're not planning on getting sick anytime soon.
In case you haven't noticed,
your doctor is an alien.
I've got nothing against Phlox.
His people aren't rebels.
It's not...
in their nature.
He can stay.
I've never been the consort of an emperor before.
Is there anything I need to know?
I think you, uh...
I think you've got the basics down.
Put me through to Fleet Admiral Gardner.
Escort Commander T'Pol to Transporter Room Two.
Your service aboard this ship is no longer required.
What the hell is going on?
I take it you received my message.
You demanded Starfleet's unconditional surrender.
Have you lost your mind?
You've seen the specs on the Defiant.
You know what its weapons can do.
I want to speak with Admiral Black.
He's not available right now.
I suggest you order your forces to stand down.
Starfleet can't afford to lose any more ships.
This is your only warning, Commander.
Do not approach Earth or you will be fired upon!
Bridge to Dr. Phlox.
There's a medical emergency on the Avenger.
You're needed immediately.
Neither of you appears to be injured.
Sabotage the Defiant?
Have you lost your senses?
You're the only non-Terran on the Defiant.
Any of us would arouse suspicion.
You heard Archer's speech.
He's delusional.
It's not a delusion if the Captain has the power to do what he says,
and from what I've seen, he most certainly does.
I should report you both.
- Are you loyal to the Empire or not? - Of course I am.
Archer plans to kill the Emperor and take his place.
The Captain has proven himself in battle. Perhaps he should rule the Empire.
If Archer fails, his crew will have to answer for his crimes.
We'll be executed.
There's an old tradition.
If someone saves the emperor's life,
it's said there's no request he can refuse them.
Consider the possibilities.
A medical facility of your own with unlimited resources.
You could conduct experiments as you see fit.
Don't forget the females.
You'll be able to choose as many concubines as you'd like.
If the Emperor were my patient, I'd be obligated to save his life.
I suppose what you are suggesting isn't that different.
- What's this? - Save it, Commander.
The schematics you downloaded where are they?
Let's go.
I was hoping you'd put up a fight.
I'm surprised you're not exhausted from all the beds you've jumped into recently.
Commander Tucker told me I should give you a few pointers in that area.
Bring her.
Shut down the turbolifts.
Secure the Bridge.
Who are you working with?
I hope you're prepared to die.
My death will change nothing.
You will not prevail.
The Defiant will prevail.
It's simply a matter of firepower.
The Federation is our future.
You're mistaking our universe for someone else's.
It may take centuries...
but humanity will pay for its arrogance.
- These interruptions aren't helping. - I need an estimate.
The inside of this panel doesn't look anything like the schematic you gave me.
You need to remove the duotronic module.
The relays are behind it.
I've removed the module.
You have to disengage...
the flow regulators before you remove the relays or the plasma will ignite.
Someone's trying to override the Bridge lockouts.
Doctor, you must hurry!
The warp field's fluctuating.
It's a power drain...
the primary EPS relays.
I'll alert the Captain.
It's probably just a micro-fracture in the conduit.
Do you really want to interrupt the Captain for that?
I'll handle it.
Take over.
Take a team aboard Avenger.
Confine every alien on that ship.
There's no point in continuing. She's not going to talk.
We should kill her.
You've been looking forward to that for a while, haven't you?
Archer to the Bridge. Report!
Main power's off-line.
We've dropped out of warp.
Close to 10,000 meters.
Target their primary hull.
Phlox to Soval. I'm finished here.j
Stand by to transport...
What the hell have you done?
I need weapons!
Everything's off-line.
Continue firing.
Primary systems are coming back.
We have shields.
Raise them!
Soval to Phlox. Their power grid's being restored.
What's happening?
Doctor, respond!
Weapons are on line.
Destroy them!
Get us out of their weapons range!
Divert all power to hull plating!
- They've taken heavy damage. - They're trying to escape.
Photon torpedoes.
Lock on to their reactor.
Before I forget...
first thing tomorrow, I want you to erase ...
the historical database.
I don't want anyone else getting any ideas about...
this "Federation of Planets."
We'll lose all the data on our counterparts.
It'll only take a day for the fleet to return to Earth.
Do you think the Commanders will support you?
They're loyal to the Emperor.
They don't really care who it is.
By the time the fleet arrives...
the reign of...
Jonathan Archer will have already begun.
Once we put down the rebellion,
I'll expand the Empire throughout the...
Are you all right?
Open a channel to Fleet Admiral Gardner.
Channel open.
This is the Starship Defiant.
If you don't surrender immediately, we'll begin targeting your cities.
Where's Archer?
Who the hell are you?
You're speaking with Empress Sato.
Prepare to receive instructions.

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