How serious?
If the swelling gets worse, it could inhibit her breathing.
I told you to notify me if there was any trouble.
Now, you say this has been going on for days?
Well, the monitoring equipment didn't detect the symptoms until this morning.
It isn't calibrated for this type of patient.
The fever's diminished.
She's fighting it off.
That's good news...
for both of you.
Intravascular pressure has stabilized.
Blood oxygenation is good.
She looks so innocent.
It's almost possible to forget what she represents.
We don't want to disturb her.
Captain's Starlog, January 19, 2155.
Enterprise has been called home for what could prove to be...
a pivotal moment in human history.
Having endured a catastrophic World War,
Earth's governments can to this city ...
for the purpose of creating a just ...
and lasting peace among nations.
Today, we have assembled here again,
representatives of numerous worlds,
to forge an unprecedented alliance.
With this "Coalition of Planets",
we seek to strengthen our bonds of friendship,
render permanent the peace that now exists among us...
for the ongoing exploration of our galaxy.
Let us dedicate ourselves to these worthy goals ...
so that future generations can look back upon this moment with pride...
and eternal gratitude. Thank you.
People are watching.
Nobody knows that better than him.
Clap louder. That's an order.
Ah! I thought it was a fine speech.
Just missing a few names.
You'd think this was all his idea.
It's not about who gets credit.
He could've at least mentioned Enterprise.
Who does he think got the Andorians and Tellarites talking?
I'm sure history will reflect our contribution.
Not if he's writing it.
That's enough.
I hope I didn't embarrass myself too much.
Far from it, Minister.
Call me Nathan.
I want to thank you again for attending.
Having Enterprise here seems to put evyone at ease.
People feel comfortable in the presence of heroes.
Whatever we can do to help.
Well, it certainly helps that the delegates can understand each other.
These universal translators work perfectly...
Thanks to you.
I just updated them with a few things we picked up on the mission.
Whatever you did, they're extremely precise.
Though when I'm listening to the Tellarite ambassador,
I wish they were just a little less precise.
You've set a formidable goal...
the drafting of a charter in 6 weeks.
I've always believed that formidable goals produce formidable results.
I decided to stop waiting.
- For what? - You to come over and say hello.
You were busy working.
We never had a problem mixing work and pleasure.
I never could get you to smile for the camera.
How have you been, Gannet?
There haven't been many slow news days since the Xindi attack.
I hear you're gonna be in the neighborhood awhile.
At least until the conference is over.
We should get together.
If we wait another 4 years, we're going to have too much catching up to do.
Can't argue with that.
I'll pretend that was an enthusiastic yes.
Back to work.
Commander Tucker does have a point.
Enterprise laid the foundation for this event.
Perhaps it should be you they're photographing.
Samuels likes the spotlight, and he's welcome to it.
They're going to kill her.
- Excuse me? - Don't let them.
I-I'm sorry.
It's a phase-pistol wound.
She's going into shock. Get me a med kit!
I just received word from Starfleet Medical.
The wound was too severe. She didn't survive.
Do they think it could have been self-inflied?
They didn't say. Do we know who she was?
Her name was Susan Khouri.
She was a medical technician.
She'd been having some emotional trouble.
Took a leave from work over a year ago.
Any idea who the hair belonged to?
I have a very good idea.
It was from a child no more than six months old.
I used every DNA identification protocol I'm aware of.
I even used a Klingon procedure.
Go ahead.
It contains Vulcan and human DNA.
I had the computer search for any matches in the Starfleet databank.
When I got the results,
I ran the search 3 more times just to be certain.
According to every analysis, this...
child is the offspring of Commander Tucker and Commander T'Pol.
Come in.
We got to talk about this.
It's difficult to talk about something that doesn't make sense.
- Phlox said DNA doesn't lie. - Neither do I.
I've never been pregnant, Trip.
Then how do you explain all this?
I can't.
Do you believe me?
Phlox must be wrong. That's all there is to it.
If you've never been pregnant, then...
you can't have a baby.
The moment Phlox said that the child was ours,
I knew it was true.
- But you said yod never been... - I haven't.
Then what are you saying?
I can't explain how it exists, but I know it does.
There's a child out there, and it's ours.
- How do you know that? - I'm Vulcan.
Fortunately, the news hasn't spread to the general public,
and I'd like to keep it that way.
If we made an announcement,
someone might come forward with information.
An announcement of this nature could derail the conference.
You haven't spent much time on Earth lately.
After the Xindi attack,
there was a dangerous increase in xenophobia.
We got a taste of it.
It died down somewhat, but not completely.
There are still people out there who want us to stay in our little corner of the galaxy.
The news of a Vulcan-human hybrid could ...
inflame them, give them something to rally against.
I can't believe we're talking about more than a small minority.
As I said, you've been away for a while.
Maybe I just have a little more faith in humanity than you do.
We can't afford to operate on faith.
There's more at stake here than a simple trade agreement.
You fought the Xindi.
You know better than anyone how Earth's survival depends...
on alliances with other species.
We don't have the Vulcans watching our backs anymore.
This isn't about finding someone else to watch our backs.
All I'm saying is that there's strength in numbers.
All right.
I was hoping you'd have some word on the investigation.
My engineer and science officer are eager to get some answers.
I'm sure they are, but I've heard nothing new.
There's got to be something we can do.
Starfleet investigators are more than capable of handling this.
I suggest we let them do their job.
I'll notify you the moment I hear something.
I appreciate your cooperation.
- Reed. - This is Captain Archer.
I want you to talk to an old friend.
The last time we spoke, you asked me to never contact you again.
I contacted you.
Susan Khouri...
First, we need an understanding.
About what?
That by speaking to me, you're back in the game.
Simple as that.
Who was she?
She was more than just an emotionally troubled nurse.
She was a member of an underground isolationist movement,
- Terra Prime. - I've heard of them.
They want to stop all contact with alien species.
They believe it's corrupting our way of life.
I remember they made a lot of noise back when Enterprise was launched.
They had a resurgence following the Xindi attack.
We think Khouri was trying to leave the movement.
That's why they killed her?
Her defection may have had something to do with the child.
I was getting to that.
The child belongs to 2 of your crewmen.
You tell me.
They claim they know anything about it.
That doesn't seem likely, does it?
I believe them.
I admire your loyalty.
We think Terra Prime is involved ...
and that they're planning something.
You just don't know what?
We suspect it has something to do with the child.
Find it, and we'll have the answers.
You recruited her.
I needed her expertise.
I thought she was reliable.
Obviously, you were mistaken.
If she'd told them anything truly damaging,
I think we'd know it by now.
We can't be sure what she told them.
Anyway, I'm more concerned with why she turned away from us.
I think that she might have become attached to the patient.
She spent a great deal of time caring for it.
And what about you?
- Me? - Yes.
You've spent as much time with that child as she did.
I feel no differently about it than anyone else that I've treated.
This isn't anyone else.
This is an abomination.
And when the time comes, it will be treated as such.
I understand.
Well, I'm going to miss this place...
the simplicity.
There's no middle ground here...
and I can see the Earth.
Send in Greaves on your way out.
Yes, sir.
I gave the men your message.
We'll be ready at a moment's notice.
Tell them I appreciate their hard work.
They already know.
There's one other thing...
a loose end that needs tying up.
Put together a group.
Have them meet me at the third junction in,
say, one hour.
The Tellarites are pushing for an embargo against the Orions.
They claim they've been attacking their freighters.
We have traded with the Orions for centuries.
We would've known of these attacks.
- This is Tellarite slander. - You have to...
appreciate their point of view.
The Tellarites only want to deprive us of valuable commerce.
Coridan will never agree to any trade sanctions.
Ambassador, Captain Archer.
I need to contact my government about the today's developments.
Excuse me.
How can I help you?
I want everything Starfleet has on the investigation.
Why come to me?
Because the Chief Investigator turned me down.
You can change his mind.
I can't do that. I'm sorry.
Susan Khouri was a member of Terra Prime.
If that's true, it's extremely troubling.
Not as troubling as something else we learned.
You were once a member.
It seems you're doing fairly well investigating on your own.
That's why you wanted this kept quiet.
I've already explained why there was a need for secrecy.
I was very young when I joined Terra Prime.
You were 18.
Didn't you make any questionable choices when you were that age, Captain?
It was a stupid mistake. I was a fool.
My father had died in a freighter accident and I blamed the pilot,
who happened to be Denobulan.
We all have our demons.
I've exorcised mine.
I don't care what you did when you were young, Minister.
I need your help.
I underestimated you.
I suppose I'm not the first person to make that mistake.
You'll have your case file within the hour.
Thank you.
Hmm, I can't decide ...
if I like you better in uniform or not.
What are you doing here?
I've been assigned to do a story on Enterprise.
They can build a ship that goes faster than light,
but they can't give you a decent-sized room?
A story?
It's told from the perspective of the crew.
It'll cover the missions, the perils, life in space.
So, shall we start with a tour?
I've got some work to do.
You're not on duty.
Okay, so ...
maybe I wasn't assigned the story.
Maybe I suggested the idea to my editor.
He know how you feel about space exploration?
That it's the "last vestige of colonial impulse"?
I only said that to keep you from signing onto this mission.
Find another story to do.
It's too late.
It's due a week from today.
Then you're gonna have to find another source for ...
- your information. - Why are you avoiding me?
Can you give me one reason why I shouldn't avoid you?
We both called it off.
It was a mutual decision.
And it looks like you've changed your mind.
I haven't decided yet.
That's the first honest thing you've said.
Reward me by giving me that tour.
- Got a minute? - Certainly.
This baby...
can you tell if it's a boy or a girl?
- It's a girl. - A girl.
Is it okay? I mean,
it's part human and part Vulcan.
Vulcan and human physiology are not all that dissimilar.
From the evidence I have,
there's no reason to believe she's anything but perfectly healthy.
That's good to hear.
You'll also be interested to know she has your eyes...
and T'Pol's ears.
I still can't believe it.
I'm in something of a quandary about it myself...
especially since T'Pol's never been pregnant.
She could've gotten pregnant and not told me about it.
And she had the embryo removed also without your knowledge?
I believe you know the answer to that theory, Commander.
Yeah, I guess I do.
We'll get to the bottom of this soon enough.
Until then, I suggest you keep any such theories...
to yourself.
That's good advice.
You know,
my father always wanted a granddaughter.
He bugged my sister about it constantly.
It seems he got his wish.
In the shadow of this incalculable devastation,
we find ourselves facing a colossal challenge.
There's an entire world to rebuild...
...not only our cities and homes,
but mankind itself!
Now is not the time not the time for timidity and second guessing.
We cannot afford to doubt ourselves.
The Third World War had just ended ...
and the cease-fire was barely 2 years old.
Unless we act decisively,
we will pass on the scars of mutation ...
and decay to future generations.
Colonel Grne.
Colonel Greene.
One of many men history has misunderstood.
For the sake of our children,
and our children's children,
we must reject the impure and cast it out!
Before my father died and left me in this facility,
I was studying to be a historian,
until I had a very verbal confrontation ...
with a certain professor who claimed that Greene....
was nothing more than a genocidal madman.
Sounds like we had the same professor.
Greene euthanized hundreds of thousands who were afflicted with radiation damage.
Their millions of descendants would've endured horrible disease,
yet history history never says anything about that suffering that Greene prevented.
Guess it all depends on who writes the history.
Makes me wonder if I'll be remembered with any more accuracy.
I don't think you're going to be misunderstood.
- Really? - Sometimes,
I'm not certain I understand myself.
We did what we had to do, not what we wanted to do.
I'm sure Greene told himself the same thing.
He was right, and so are we.
Daniel, you are a wise man.
Medical report of the patient.
Her symptoms are gone. She's a 100%.
That's wonderful.
Thank you.
That was some serious flying, trying to keep the warp fields aligned.
Columbia was 50 meters above us.
One wrong move and we would've lost Commander Tucker.
How did you keep your cool?
When I was studying to be a pilot, I memorized something Chuck Yeager said.
"I never let myself be afraid.
" I just focus on the dials and concentrate on flying."
That simple.
Most of the time, simple works best.
These are the shuttlepods.
Which one did you use to penetrate the Sphere in the Expanse?
Shuttlepod One.
- Do you want to see inside? - If it's okay.
Beautiful little ship.
I always thought so.
Unfortunately, we use the shuttlepods less and less.
Getting more comfortable with the transporter.
Makes sense.
It gets you there in a few seconds.
Yeah, but there's no skill involved.
Nothing to fly.
I've always had a tendency to get attached to machines.
It's crazy, but every time we use the transporter,
I feel we're kind of turning our backs on these guys.
Well, you can't make a choice without leaving something behind.
When I saw you at that conference, I started thinking about things...
decisions I've made.
Is it my imagination, or are you actually opening up to me?
- Don't do that. - What?
Whenever things get a little serious, you always turn it into a joke.
It's a bad habit.
I have a lot of those.
There's another one.
When I'm attracted to someone, I can't hide it for long.
You and your bad habits.
The autopsy data confirms what we already knew.
Susan Khouri was killed by phase-pistol fire.
The case file contains very little else in the way of evidence.
Some biographical data on Khouri.
Most of it's out of date.
They don't even know where she'd been living for the past year.
It's like she dropped off the face of the earth.
That may be exactly what happened.
You know something?
Her blood had elevated levels of growth hormone.
I ran some more tests and found traces of myofibrilin.
That's what they prescribe for extended zero-g missions.
It's hardly used anymore outside of military exercises...
not since the invention of artificial gravity.
It is still given to workers in remote places where artificial gravity isn't practical.
Like mining colonies.
The nearest one is Orpheus on the moon.
I have heard that the moon is a hotbed of Terra Prime activity.
You know, I think Travis has a friend who worked on Orpheus.
He might be able to get a couple of us inside.
We could pay a little visit undercover.
I want to be a part of that visit.
I'd like to volunteer as well.
Tell Travis to see what he can do.
Captain's Starlog, Supplemental.
With help from Travis's contact,
Trip and T'Pol have been processed into the Orpheus Mining Facility.
This is the second time we've been through here.
We've seen all this before.
We still have 20 minutes before we have to report to the foreman.
Maybe you downloaded an outdated map.
The map is correct.
Maybe you're reading it wrong.
We could ask for directions.
Give me that.
I think I know what the problem is.
- What? - We're lost.
Let's try that direction.
It's the only tunnel I don't recognize.
- Trip... - I think we're getting there.
I know you're not convinced I've told you the truth...
about the child.
What do you mean?
You think I might have gotten pregnant without your knowledge.
I never said that.
I know.
You been talking to Phlox.
No! Have you?
Look, it's because you're Vulcan,
- isn't it, thatyou know all this. - I believe so.
I am sick and tired of this "bond" we've got.
I don't particularly enjoy it either.
Listen, for the last time and for the record...
I do believe you.
And if you get anymore "feelings"...
There it is...
C'mon, let's go.
I'm glad we finally left the shuttlepod.
I thought you liked shuttlepods.
I like flying them.
sure felt like we were flying.
I have a rule...
if I'm in bed with someone, they have to be in bed with me.
What was that?
are not here.
I'm just worried about some friends of mine.
You want to talk about it?
I'm under orders not to talk about it.
That's the last thing you should tell a reporter.
Let's change the subject.
How come you haven't settled down?
I'm never going to settle down...
but that doesn't mean I'm not going to get serious ...
with someone if the right circumstance comes along.
What constitutes the "right circumstance"?
I'll know it when it happens.
What did you mean earlier about ...
reconsidering some decisions you've made?
I've spent my whole life in space,
going from one place to the next.
Seeing you...
I was wondering, maybe the next challenge,
at least for me, is to stay in one place for a while.
No word yet from Trip or T'Pol.
Is there anything I can help with?
Six of the universal translators started confusing Rigellian with Andorian.
There's a glitch somewhere, but I can't find it.
Carry on...
Fresh off the boat?
One of the S-K models...
they only give 'em to grubbers.
I guess you found me out.
What brings you to this dump-site?
change of scenery.
Yeah, that's what I was after, too.
Only it wasn't the landscape I got sick of...
Least there aren't as many of 'em up here.
Seems like everywhere you go, humans are getting to be an endangered species.
Know what you mean.
Bad enough you can't walk down the street ...
without some freak-show scaring the hell outta your kids.
Now the government's making treaties with them.
Sometimes I wonder where it's all gonna end.
It's gonna end with human beings becoming second-class citizens...
on their own world.
Well, someone's gotta make a stand.
Yeah, that's how I feel, too.
Some of us are meeting tonight at 2200.
Level seven, junction 4.
I think you'll like what we have to say.
- I'll try and make it. - I'll look for you.
I've learned something...
One of the locals isn't very fond of Vulcans.
- You were saying? - A doctor from one of the medical facilities...
was found dead yesterday. They think it was a cave-in.
You're not buying it.
He worked at the same clinic as Susan Khouri.
I think we each know what we're doing tonight.
7 million people wiped out by aliens.
Did the Xindi even apologize?
No! No!
Did our government ever demand an apology?
And where are the reparations for the families of those 7 million?
And now, those same leaders want to form a "Coalition" with Tellarites,
Andorians, Rigellians, Coridanites and Vulcans!
Vulcans who, not too long ago, massacred 45 humans working at the Earth embassy!
Nathan Samuels claims that future generations will look back on this era with pride.
But if things keep going the way they're going,
there won't be any future generations...
at least not human.
I love humanity too much to sit by and let that happen.
It's estimated that there are at least...
5,000 unregistered aliens on Earth.
Now another study puts that figure at 10,000.
This insanity is the direct result of our government's policy...
and the enforcers of that policy: Starfleet!
We need to send a message to the people in power.
And there's someone here tonight who is going to help us do just that.
Commander Tucker...
...of the Starship Enterprise!
All that stuff I said about leaving the ship...
Of course it's off the record.
While you're on duty, you mind if I stay here and work a bit?
I need to speak to Gannet.
- Something wrong? - Come with us.
What's going on?
She's not here to do a story on Enterprise, Travis.
She's a spy for Terra Prime.
- Are you all right? - I think so.
What did you do to her?
Not nearly enough.
It's not worth it, Romeo.
Juliet's in good hands.
The two star-crossed lovers.
I can't help but wonder whether your little drama will end happier...
than that famous double suicide in a medieval tomb.
Who the hell are you?
John Frederick Paxton.
I run this facility.
Not for long.
You're right there, Commander.
My mining business is about to take a turn for the worse.
Daniel, get started.
You're behind this.
Behind this? No.
I lead this. And proudly, too.
Before you ask, your child is safe and sound.
Finally sleeping through the night.
I'd forgotten how much trouble a newborn can be.
- I want to see her. - No.
And "no" is a word that Starfleet better get used to hearing from now on.
Because up until today, it's always been "yes" hasn't it?
"Yes, yes, go right ahead. Roam the stars.
"Yes, inform potentially "hostile species of the whereabouts of Earth.
"Yes, entrust the entire future"...
" of our world to non-human creatures who don't even feel like we do."
"Yes, promote the total degradation of mankind"
by encouraging alien-human...
Well, "yes" is a word that ends ...
here and now.
I'm returning Earth to its rightful owners.
I am giving Earth back to humanity,
back to human beings.
It is my life's work.
It is what I was born to do,
and there is no one not an alien, not a human..
that will stop me from achieving it.
My father designed this facility.
He knew that mining was an unpredictable business.
Mines tap out, veins dry up.
Everyone's aboard, sir.
Go to launch mode, Daniel.
You're an engineer.
I think you'll appreciate this.
Take a good long look.
Where are we going?
For you, this'll be like a walk across the street.
Lock it up.
You better hang onto something. She gets a little rusty out of the gate.
You reconfigured your universal translator ...
to record messages from all the other translators.
You were spying on the delegates.
You accidentally triggered an ID protocol in the network.
I tracked it back to the source.
I don't know what you're talking about.
You sure know what everyone else was talking about.
Maybe she was after a story.
It doesn't mean she worked for Terra Prime.
We did a background check.
In the last month, you made 3 trips to the lunar colony.
Is that a crime?
Depends on what you were doing there.
- I was on assignment. - For?
My news agency.
Your editor claims he never sent you.
- Look, if I'm under arrest, then... - Two of my crewmen...
are at Orpheus Mining Complex.
We've lost contact with them.
I don't know anything about...
- your crewmen. - Are they in danger?
I want to speak with counsel.
Take her to the brig.
Get her whoever she wants.
Bridge to Captain Archer.
I'm sorry, Travis.
A large vessel is taking off from the mining facility.
- Can you identify it? - Sir, sensors indicate...
it is the mining facility.
- We're being hailed. - It's Starfleet Command.
Ignore them.
- Reactor status? -Ready.
- You're going to warp? - Five second burst.
Inside the system.
We'll be lucky if we don't fly apart.
I plan on luck.
Ten seconds.
Hail them.
Pursuit course, Travis.
No response, sir.
Tell Starfleet Command we're going after them.
We're Mars orbit.
All systems functioning.
That was a magnificent piece of flying, Daniel.
That is yet to come.
Impress me again.
Taking us down.
Let's see it.
Slowing our descent.
Tie us in.
It's ours.
Let's take in the view.
This is where it all begins.
They're on the surface.
They've landed near the verteron array.
It's used to redirect comets.
They're sending a subspace message on all frequencies.
My name is John Frederick Paxton.
I've just taken over the verteron array on Mars.
I can now fire on any ship or facility in the system.
He's targeted Earth's moon.
I have no intention of using this weapon again,
provided that every single non-human in our system leaves immediately.
A new era is at hand,
an era that will expose the concept of interspecies unity ...
as an absolute and vicious lie.
An era that will witness the advent of a human-centered consciousness...
that will place our world before all others.
As of this moment, mankind casts off the shackles of alien interference ...
and now determines its own fate.
Terra Prime...

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