Previously on Enterprise.
Today, we have assembled representatives of numerous worlds
to forge an unprecedented alliance.
Almost possible to forget, what she represents.
According to every analisys
this child is the offspring of Commander Tucker and Commander T'Pol.
If you think, Terra Prime is involved, it has something to do with the child.
Find it and we'll have the answers.
I've never been pregnant, Trip. Then, how do you explain all this?
She is not here to do a story on Enterprise, Travis, she is a spy.
I am returning Earth to its rightfull owners.
I've just taken over the veteron array on Mars.
I can now fire on any ship or facility in the system.
I've no intention of using this weapon again, provided that every single non-human in our system
leaves immediately.
I know, there will be questions. We've been dealing with non-humans throughout the century.
Lock that transmision. He is on every frequency.
The signal is going system-wide.
Target the ship,
take out their communications.
If we hit him, it'll take out half of Utopia colony.
Open a channel to Starfleet. Judge the evidence for yourselves...
Everything's jammed.
..the citizen soldiers of Terra Prime will act to protect you
against the most dangerous enemy
that humanity has ever faced.
Do not be deceived.
This is no ordinary, innocent child.
This is an alien-human hybrid,
living proof of what will happen
if we allow ourselves to be submerged in an interstellar coalition.
Our genetic heritage...
I want that transmission blocked. We're trying. We can't break through the signal.
Then find some way to contact Enterprise. I want to speak to Archer.
Terra Prime is dedicated to the protection of life in all of its diversity.
So, for the next 24 hours, we guarantee safe passage to all aliens
leaving our solar system.
So long as non-humans keep to their own worlds, Scan Paxton's ship for Vulcan bio-signs.
Get a transporter lock on the baby and T'Pol.
...but if any alien-- if one single alien remains
after the deadline-- Terra Prime will defend the sovereignty
of every single human being.
And we will begin by destroying the institution
whose blind arrogance
and moral cowardice
have put us all at risk--
Starfleet Command.
We do not seek war,
but if the aliens do not leave,
and force us to fight, I make this solemn promise to all of the sons and daughters of Earth.
Our future will be secure
because humanity will prevail.
He's targeted us with the array.
Apparently they don't like being scanned. Get us out of here.
Massive power surge! We've lost half our relays.
That beam was only 2% of the array's total output. He could have vaporized us.
We'll consider ourselves warned. Set a course to Earth.
If you'll excuse me.
Spontaneous demonstrations have already begun around the Vulcan compound.
Isolated incidents, I'm sure. There are protesters chanting outside the Andorian embassy.
And they're using words that aren't in the universal translator.
It's obvious Paxton's ultimatum is part of a coordinated plan.
Why are we all still here?
We could be obliterated at any second! Paxton's a fanatic, but he's a man of his word.
He won't act before his deadline's up.
The deadline aside, the fact that Paxton has the support
of so many of your people is almost as troubling.
I agree. Earthmen talk about uniting worlds,
but your own planet is deeply divided.
Perhaps you're not quite ready to host this conference.
Paxton's holding two of my officers hostage at the array. We can't attack it.
The Council's aware of that.
If you can't bring yourself to fire on them, another captain can be assigned to Enterprise.
No one will think less of you. It's not just the hostages.
Any attack on the array will trigger a massive explosion
that could kill thousands of colonists.
This wasn't an easy decision for the Council.
The potential for disaster's even greater than you think.
Over the next 30 months, the Terraforming Project has 14 comets set to collide with Mars.
Without the array to divert them toward the polar caps,
the comets could hit anywhere, even the domed cities.
I'll take in a small team. We'll break into the facility and stop them.
Paxton can destroy any ship that approaches Mars.
If he can't see us, he can't destroy us.
It's unharmed, just as I said.
Her medical readings appear normal.
There's nothing normal about it.
She's not an "it".
How did you obtain our genetic material? The child is a binary clone.
They'd need cells from both of us.
The medical freezers on your ship hold bio-samples from your entire crew.
Terra Prime has supporters everywhere. Someone on Enterprise helped you? Who?
I've let you see your daughter. That's my half of the bargain. Now it's your turn.
I need to make modifications on my ship.
I'm listening.
I need you to refine my targeting system.
You really think I'm going to help you turn that array into a weapon?
Do you really think I'm going to give you a choice?
Two meetings in the span of a week.
People might start to talk.
I don't like it any more than you do.
So, you want to go to Mars, and you need my help. You know the situation.
I believe I'm aware of the broad strokes.
I also understand Paxton's tapped into the planetary sensor grid.
No one can get within a thousand kilometers of the verteron array without being detected.
And you're going to tell me how. What makes you think I even have that information?
Because your section routinely thinks about the unthinkable.
And because you never miss a chance to put me in your debt.
You're a good judge of character.
The grid was designed to function in the planet's original atmosphere,
but terraforming's made the air much thicker. How does that help us?
Sections of the grid continually need re-calibration and they're prone to false signals.
You can exploit that weakness. The good news is with terraforming,
there's no more need for pressure suits in the lowland. Oxygen, yes. Thermal garments...
According to this, if we keep our altitude less than ten meters above the surface,
Paxton won't see us.
You'll still need to reach the surface undetected. That part's taken care of...
without your help.
So the student has surpassed the teacher.
When you're finished with Mars, why don't you come work for me?
I've got quite enough to keep me busy on Enterprise.
And if Archer's coalition is formed, Enterprise could be busier than ever.
Indeed. Well, then I imagine this'll be the last time we meet.
Always the optimist...
Good luck...
Comet Burke... deflected by the array eight years ago.
Set to hit the north pole of Mars at dawn.
You're not serious. I have experience with comets, sir.
Compared to penetrating Xindi defenses,
this'll be a walk in the park. That's only 14 hours from now.
What happens if this plan of yours doesn't work?
Enterprise will destroy the array as ordered.
All the rocking in the world will not make that child Vulcan... or human.
Human and Vulcan genes produced this child.
Which indicates our two species have more similarities than differences.
Don't you realize that baby is,
that baby is as much a threat to your species as it is to mine? She is not a threat.
That child is a cross-breed freak.
How many generations before our genome is so diluted that the word "human"
is nothing more than a footnote in some medical text?
The same thing could happen to your people, or don't you care about that?
Neither of our species is what it was a million years ago, nor what it'll become in the future.
Life is change.
"Change" in this case means extinction. And I, for one, will not let
that baby bring humanity to that point.
I won't let you hurt her.
I won't have to.
What does that mean?
We're within range.
Bridge to Engineering.
Kelby here.
We're coming up on the comet. I'm on it, sir.
This is it, people. Cycle the ports.
Ensign, rig the intakes for cometary debris. Yes, sir.
Engineering is good to go, sir. You've got full impulse and warp standing by.
All right, Travis,
let's hitch a ride to Mars. Aye, aye, sir.
Thank you for seeing me. What's so urgent?
I never got my lawyer. You'll have to talk to the Captain. Apparently, he's busy. We all are.
That's it?
I don't work for Terra Prime.
I work for Starfleet Intelligence.
That's not possible.
You are not the only one who wants to serve his people.
If you were an S.I. agent, you'd be out of this brig with one call to your division head.
And then everyone on Enterprise would know who I am-- including the real Terra Prime operative.
[communicator beeps]
Mayweather. Go ahead.
We're ready for you in the launch bay. On my way.
You know I'm going to tell the Captain about this. He won't believe you.
Probably not. Why... why are you telling me this now? You're going after Paxton.
If someone on Enterprise is working for him,
he could know you're coming.
So you're revealing all of this because you're worried about me.
I'm touched.
Travis, wait!
You're not going to manipulate me again.
Keep the sensors locked on the array. The moment it powers up... I won't hesitate, sir.
I remember when you used to jump every time the engines hiccupped. I still do.
I'm just better at hiding it.
Don't get too used to that chair.
I'm going to want it back. Understood.
You know, I never used to like Vulcans all that much myself.
They always seemed so smug.
Making us jump through hoops for every little advance in warp technology--
and they knew the answers all along.
So what was it with you?
The ears?
The fact that they're vegetarian? They're not human.
Well, you can't deny that.
And they sat by while millions of our people died.
World War Three. We didn't make contact with the Vulcans until ten years after the war.
They were up there... with their superior technology.
They could've stopped it, but they didn't.
I think it suited their plans. A devastated Earth was much easier for them to control.
Is that the kind of paranoid crap Paxton's been feeding you?
Get back to work.
You ever actually met a Vulcan?
Your friend-- she's the first.
If you got to know some-- actually took the time to talk with one...
You obviously did more than talk.
And look at what you got for your trouble-- some half-human thing.
Go ahead.
You're a traitor.
A traitor to humanity.
Hull plating's steady at 94%.
What's wrong with the inertial dampeners?
We need to maintain an erratic flight profile, so we look like a chunk of the comet.
30 minutes to the atmosphere.
I'm taking us closer to the nucleus. It's going to start getting a little rough. Start?!
Would you like me to give you something? I've already had the maximum dosage. Here's a bag.
There's nothing aliens like better than to see us fighting one another.
Where're T'Pol and the baby? They're together. You'll eat as soon as you finish your work.
I am finished.
All you've done is try to sabotage the targeting system. I don't know what you're talking about.
Please. I've been monitoring your work from the control center.
To be honest, I'd have been disappointed if you hadn't tried to sabotage the array.
But you did, which proves you're a man of principle.
And that is why I know you're going to refine the array just as you promised.
I told you I'd make modifications to your ship-- not your weapon.
In two hours, I'm going to fire a veteron beam directly at Starfleet Command.
Now with this targeting system the way it is, I will hit Starfleet,
but I'll also take out half of San Francisco along with it.
I need a scalpel, not a bludgeon.
I don't care what you need.
Starfleet's been warned, if that's what concerns you.
Now you can either help me,
and a few empty buildings will be destroyed, or you refuse me,
and millions may die.
You told Starfleet when you're planning to fire the array?
And you don't think they're going to blast this facility off the face of the planet?
If you are so eager for a bloodbath,
a bloodbath is what you will get.
Put him in detention.
And make sure he has a news screen.
I want him to see the bodies when they start to pull them from the rubble.
I'm your mother.
You're going to need a name.
We should discuss that with your father.
The gravity's starting to tear the comet apart.
We're picking up ionization from the upper atmosphere.
What was that?! The engines shut down, but there were no warning lights. The console's locked up.
Hull plating's off-line.
Hull temperature climbing! We're coming in too hot!
Bypassing auto flight control.
Switching to manual! At this speed?! We're out of options!
Ground proximity?
Five seconds to impact!
Well, that was fun. Can we do it again?
A Mark Three interlock.
The closer we get, the more we risk being spotted by Paxton's sensors.
Get close to that ridge line. I was thinking the same thing.
You'll want to keep your arms inside the vehicle at all times.
This is the 32-nd planet I've set foot on.
The verteron array is on the other side of that rise. We'll head through there.
I'm told you have something to say to me. In private.
I keep no secrets from my men.
You and I both know that's not true.
Josiah, give us the room.
I'll be outside.
My daughter's ill.
You will arrange for medical care at once.
No one leaves this facility. You will provide immediate transport for my child,
Commander Tucker, and myself.
The hospital at Utopia Colony will be suitable until Enterprise arrives.
What, have you been inhaling the atmosphere?
What makes you think you can dictate terms to me?
Taggart's Syndrome.
Since you obviously didn't die by age 20, you're receiving treatment--
Rigellian gene therapy. You're not a doctor.
The very thing you're warning humans to avoid is what's keeping you alive-- alien knowledge,
freely shared.
You're not only a terrorist, you're a hypocrite.
This is not a time for timidity and second guessing. We cannot afford to doubt ourselves.
Colonel Green also said: To be human is to be pure.
Under his rule, you would have been euthanized for having a genetic disorder.
I'm not the first significant leader who failed to measure up to his own ideal.
You're not significant! History will determine that.
So go ahead, tell my followers what you wish. See if they take the word of an alien over mine.
What's wrong with your child?
Elevated white-blood cell count, low-grade fever.
Well, its two halves are warring with one another.
Alien and human-- conflict was inevitable.
Your child and the coalition of planets...
both doomed from the beginning.
Ten meters.
Paxton's deadline is up.
We have to face an unpleasant reality. Captain Archer's mission has failed.
Paxton will need two minutes to power up the array before he can fire.
Two minutes? It's enough. I'm not prepared to take that chance.
Your estimates could be wrong.
I won't destroy the array unless we have no other choice. I understand your reluctance.
I'm following orders. I'm giving you new orders. Do it now.
I'm sorry, sir.
I can have you relieved of duty.
Actually, I can only be relieved by a higher ranking officer in my chain of command.
Open a channel to Admiral Garner. Belay that order.
I won't risk exposing our position by breaking radio silence.
You're risking the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.
I know what I'm doing.
The guard's still walking away.
There's another guard approaching.
Took you long enough. Where's T'Pol? Crew quarters. Paxton's getting ready to fire the array.
If he powers it up... Enterprise has orders to destroy the complex.
I've spoken to our operatives.
There's no indication that the Vulcans have withdrawn from their consulates in Canberra or Berlin.
I never expected them to comply.
Let's get this done.
I'm picking up a power surge in the array. You're out of time. Destroy the complex now.
Take us in. Full impulse.
Charge weapons.
Josiah, begin the firing sequence.
Target locked.
Give the order!
Coordinates locked in.
Two minutes to pulse activation.
Step away from the controls. Jonathan Archer,
the man who delivered us from the Xindi. Well, look at you now. Archer to Enterprise.
Go ahead, Captain. We're inside the control room.
Standing by.
Shut it down.
The main controls are in there.
90 seconds to pulse activation.
The room's depressurizing! Get Malcolm out of here!
The plasma grid.
The control panel.
I know the reason you turned your back on humanity.
I blame your father.
He wanted the secrets of warp technology so badly, he allowed the Vulcans to turn him into their pet human.
And you, well...
the sins of the father...
Plasma grid offline.
Firing sequence aborted.
My father never asked anything from anyone.
His mining operations transformed the moon...
...from a mere colony into a completely self-sufficient world, and that is how we should go to the stars--
taking the worlds we need
and taming them
with human hands and human minds
and human souls.
That might've worked for the moon...
but the galaxy's a lot more crowded than we thought. That's not our problem. It's an opportunity.
It's over, Paxton.
We're each his father's child.
[hissing sound]
I've been a miner all my life. You get used to low oxygen.
Firing sequence resumed.
Pulse activation in 30 seconds.
Pulse activation in 15 seconds.
Ten, nine...
I've locked the sequence. You can't stop it from firing.
I locked it. ...four, three, two, one.
Pulse activated.
Terra Prime... forever.
Looks like Paxton's aim was off.
With a little help... from you.
Maybe a little.
She's dying.
Captain's Starlog, January 22, 2155.
Enterprise is returning to Earth.
Paxton is in custody, but the consequences of his actions
continue to affect us all.
I guess we shouldn't keep calling her "she".
My sister would've liked that.
It appears my initial prognosis was incorrect.
It's genetic.
The Vulcan and human DNA
aren't compatible.
Is there anything you can do?
I'm attempting to stabilize her nucleotides, but there's never been a child like her.
Her name is Elizabeth.
I can't figure out why the console locked up at the same time the engines shut down.
It does seem a bit coincidental.
Flight control and engine power are routed separately.
until they reach...
...that junction.
The panel's open.
If ionized gas got in here, it could've melted the primary circuits of both systems.
It could've been knocked loose by an impact. No.
It's been forced.
This was deliberate.
[door chimes] Come in.
On your feet, sir.
Shuttlepod One was sabotaged.
Sabotaged? We nearly crashed! Is this your signature?
You think I had something to do with it? Is there any reason why we shouldn't?
That's a shuttlepod maintenance log.
Commander Tucker took me off that team when he came back from Columbia. Who replaced you?
Ensign Masaro.
They really want to postpone the conference? "Postpone" is a diplomatic way of saying it's dead.
Paxton's unnerved them, and there's not a lot I've been able to say to change their minds.
[communicator beeps] Excuse me, sir.
Sato, go ahead.
It's Archer.
Are you still with Samuels? We're in the mess hall.
Is Ensign Masaro there?
No, I don't see him, sir. We think Masaro may be working for Terra Prime. Samuels may be in danger.
Reed and Mayweather are on their way.
Wait here, sir.
Samuels is in here. He's safe.
You don't want to do this. I have to.
Give me the phase pistol.
That's an order. I can't, sir.
I wanted you to know...
I'm sorry.
I believed in what we were doing.
Tell my parents...
I'm sorry.
I never wanted anyone to get hurt.
[shot fires]
[heavy sigh]
I wish I could do more.
I know.
When you invited me to join this crew,
I thought it would be an interesting diversion for a few months...
some time away from the complications of family...
which, on Denobula, can be extremely complicated.
I didn't expect to gain another family.
It hurts as if she were my own child.
Make something good come from this, Captain.
Fellow delegates.
This last week
we've seen what humans can be
at their worst,
but we cannot, we must not
use that as an excuse to end the dream that began here,
for then the demons of our past will have won.
Instead, I want to look to the future
and begin by honoring the people responsible for our being here tonight.
They represent all of us
at our best.
Up until about a hundred years ago,
there was one question that burned in every human,
that made us study the stars and dream of traveling to them,
"Are we alone?"
Our generation is privileged
to know the answer to that question.
We are all explorers,
driven to know
what's over the horizon,
what's beyond our own shores.
And yet,
the more I've experienced,
the more I've learned
that no matter how far we travel,
or how fast we get there,
the most profound discoveries
are not necessarily beyond
that next star.
They're within us...
woven into the threads that bind us,
all of us, to each other.
A final frontier
begins in this hall.
Let's explore it together.
I hear the conference is back on track. It's a first step.
The Captain says it's going to take years to work out the details.
But it'll happen,
and you're part of the reason why. Just doing my job. So was I.
I know.
If Vulcans and Andorians can get along...
you think we could?
A lot of details to work out.
Isn't this the fast way home?
The least I can do is give you a ride.
The launch bay's this way.
[door chimes]
Come in.
The, uh, delegates
at the conference, they've, uh, asked
about the service for, um...
for Elizabeth.
They want to attend.
She was important.
There's something else.
I spoke with Phlox.
It turns out there was a flaw in the technique
that Paxton's doctors used
in the cloning process.
Human DNA
and Vulcan DNA...
Phlox says there's no medical reason
why they can't combine.
So, if a Vulcan
and a human
ever decided to have a child...
it'd probably be okay.
That's sort of comforting.

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