Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds,...
..to seek out new life and new civilizations,...
..to boldly go where no one has gone before.
Captain's log, star date 41153. 7.
Our destination is planet Deneb IV,
beyond which lies the great unexplored mass of the galaxy.
As you ordered, sir.
My orders are to examine Farpoint,
a star base built by the inhabitants of that world.
Meanwhile, I'm becoming better acquainted with my new command,
this Galaxy-class USS Enterprise.
I am still somewhat in awe of its size and complexity.
As for my crew, we're short in several key positions,
most notably a first officer.
But I'm informed an experienced man, Cmdr William Riker,
will be waiting to join the ship at our Deneb IV destination.
You will agree, Data, that Starfleet's orders are difficult.
Difficult? Simply solve the mystery of Farpoint Station.
As simple as that.
Farpoint Station. Even the name sounds mysterious.
It's hardly simple to negotiate an agreement to use the base,
and at the same time, snoop around, finding out why it was built.
Inquiry. The word... "snoop"?
How can you be programmed as an encyclopedia of human information
without knowing a simple word like "snoop"?
Possibility. A human behavior I was not designed to emulate.
It means...
To spy, to sneak.
To seek covertly, to go stealthily, to slink, slither.
- Exactly. - Glide, creep, pussyfoot, gumshoe.
I'm sensing a...
..a powerful mind.
Something strange on the detector circuit.
It registers as solid.
Or a powerful force field. If we collide with either...
Shut off that damn noise! Go to yellow alert.
Shields and deflectors up, sir.
- Reverse power, full stop. - Controls to full stop, sir.
Reading full stop, sir.
Thou art notified that thy kind
hath infiltrated the galaxy too far already.
Thou art directed to return to thine own solar system.
That's quite a directive.
Would you mind identifying what you are?
We call ourselves the Q.
Or thou mayst call me that. It's all much the same thing.
I present myself as a fellow ship captain,
that thou mayst better understand me.
Go back whence thou camest. Stay where thou art!
- Data, call medics. - He's frozen!
He would not have injured you. Recognize this? Stun setting?
Knowing humans as thou dost, would thou be captured helpless by them?
Now, go back or thou shalt most certainly die.
Captain's log, supplementary.
The frozen form of Lt. Torres has been rushed to sickbay.
The question now is the incredible power of the Q being.
Do we dare oppose it?
Captain, thy little centuries go by so rapidly.
Perhaps thou will better understand this.
Actually, the issue at stake is patriotism.
Return home and end the commies. All it takes are a few good men.
What? That nonsense is centuries behind us.
You can't deny you're still a dangerous, savage, child race.
Most certainly I deny it!
I agree, we still were when humans wore costumes like that,
400 years ago.
When you slaughtered millions in arguments
about how to divide the resources of your little world.
400 years before that, you murdered each other over tribal god images.
There are no indications humans will change.
Even when we wore costumes like that we'd started to make rapid progress.
Yeah? Want to review your rapid progress?
Rapid progress,
to where humans learn to control their military with drugs.
Sir, sickbay reports Lt. Torres's condition is better.
Concern for one's fellow comrade. How touching.
A personal request. Permission to clean up the bridge.
Lt. Worf is right. As Security Chief, I can't let...
Yes, you can, Lt. Yar.
Better. And later, on finally reaching deep space,
humans found enemies to fight out there, too.
To broaden those struggles, you again found allies for more murdering.
The same old story, all over again.
No. The same old story is the one we're meeting now.
Self-righteous life forms who are eager not to learn but to prosecute,
to judge anything they can't understand or tolerate!
An interesting idea. Prosecute and judge.
I suppose it turns out we understand you humans only too well.
We don't fear what the true facts about us will reveal.
Facts about you? Splendid! You're a veritable fountain of good ideas.
There are preparations to make.
When we next meet, Captain, we'll proceed exactly as you suggest.
Sir, respectfully submit our only choice is to fight.
- Fight or try to escape. - Sense anything, Commander?
Its mind is much too powerful. Recommend we avoid contact.
From this point, no station aboard
will make use of transmitted signals or intercom.
We'll try and take them by surprise.
Let's see what this starship can do.
Inform engine room to prepare for maximum acceleration.
- Aye, sir. - Record search, Data.
Results of detaching saucer at high-warp velocity.
Inadvisable at any warp speed, sir.
Search theoretical.
It is possible. But absolutely no margin for error.
Using print-out, notify all decks to prepare for maximum acceleration.
"Maximum" means pushing our engines well beyond safety limits.
Our hope is to surprise whatever that is out there.
Try and outrun it.
Our only other option...
..is to tuck tail between our legs and return to Earth as they demand.
Engine room ready, sir.
The board shows green. All go.
Stand by.
Velocity warp 9.2.
- Heading 351, mark 11. - Steady on that.
The hostile is chasing. Accelerating fast.
We're now at warp 9.3, which takes us past the red line.
Continue accelerating.
Counsellor, at this point I'm open to guesses about what we just met.
It felt like something beyond what we consider a life form.
Very, very advanced, sir, or certainly, very, very different.
We're at 9.4, sir.
- Hostile is beginning to overtake. - Are you sure?
Hostiles velocity is warp 9.6. Shall I put them on the main viewer?
Reverse angle.
Magnifying viewer image.
Hostiles velocity is 9.7, sir.
Inform the engine room we need more.
Attempting to comply, but...
Yellow alert. Have photon torpedoes on ready status.
Torpedoes to ready.
Hostile now at warp 9.8, sir.
Our velocity is only 9.5.
Projection, sir. We may be able to match hostiles 9.8.
But at extreme risk.
Now reading the hostile at warp 9.9!
Now, hear this. Print-out message, urgent.
All stations on all decks, prepare for emergency saucer sever.
Command the saucer section, Lieutenant.
I am a Klingon. To seek escape when my captain goes into battle...
You are a Starfleet officer, Lieutenant.
Aye, sir.
Make the mark, Data.
Note in ship's log, that at this star time
I'm transferring command to the battle bridge.
Captain's log, star date 41153. 7.
Preparing to detach saucer section,
so families and most of the ship's company
can seek relative safety, while the star drive,
with the battle bridge and armaments,
will turn back and confront the mystery that is threatening us.
Torpedoes must detonate close enough to the hostile
to blind it when we separate.
Understood, sir.
- All decks acknowledging. - Worf, this is the Captain.
At separation, we will reverse power just enough
to get your saucer out and clear.
Torpedoes away, sir.
Begin countdown. Mark.
Starship separation in six,
five, four, three,
two, one.
Separation is successful, sir.
Torpedoes have detonated, sir.
Let's come to a stop. Reverse power.
Reverse power. Decelerating.
Dead stop.
We'll hold this position... and wait for them.
That will bring them here in just minutes.
- Will we make a fight of it? - Lieutenant.
You recommend that we fight a life form that can do all that?
I'd like to hear your advice.
I spoke before I thought.
We should distract them from going after the saucer.
All forward motion stopped, sir.
Thank you, conn.
Commander, signal the following in all languages and on all frequencies.
We surrender.
State that we are not asking for any terms or conditions.
Aye, sir.
All language forms and frequencies.
The prisoners will all stand.
Historically intriguing, Captain.
Very accurate.
Mid-21st century. The post-atomic horror.
All present,
stand and make respectful attention to honored judge.
Careful, sir. This is not an illusion or a dream.
But these courts belong in the past.
I don't understand, either. But this is real.
Get to your feet, criminals!
At least we're acquainted with the judge.
On your feet. Attention!
You are out of order.
The prisoners will not be harmed,...
..until they're found guilty.
Dispose of that.
Can we assume this will be a fair trial?
Yes, absolutely equitable.
Before this gracious court now appear these prisoners
to answer for the multiple and grievous savageries of the species.
How plead you, criminal?
If I may, Captain?
Objection. In the year 2036, the New United Nations declared
no Earth citizen could be made to answer
for the crimes of his race or forbears.
Objection denied. This is a court of the year 2079,
by which time more rapid progress
had caused all United Earth nonsense to be abolished.
- Tasha, no! - I must!
I grew up in a world that allowed things like this court.
It was people like these that saved me from it.
This so-called court should get down on its knees to what Starfleet is.
What it represents.
You barbarian!
- This woman... - Criminals, keep silent!
You have a lot to learn if you think you can torture us into silence!
Will she live?
Uncertain. When he froze Torres, sickbay helped thaw him out.
You will answer the charges, criminal.
For what? For this?
Her death? Or worse?
You promised the prisoners will not be harmed.
We plead nothing if you break your own rules.
I suggest you centre your attention on this trial.
- It may be your only hope. - You're having second thoughts.
If you conduct a fair trial, which was your promise, you may lose.
Yes. Even as judge and prosecutor.
And jury.
Accepted, so long as you keep to your agreement.
Assaulting a prisoner isn't a fair trial!
This is a merciful court.
To continue, I must caution you that legal trickery is not permitted.
- This is a court of... - A court of fact.
We humans know our past, even when we're ashamed of it.
I recognize this court system as the one that agreed
with the line from Shakespeare, "Kill all the lawyers".
Which was done.
Leading to the rule "guilty until proven innocent".
Bringing the innocent to trial would be unfair.
You will answer to the charge of being a grievously savage race.
"Grievously savage" could mean anything.
I will answer only specific charges.
Are you certain you want a full disclosure of human ugliness?
So be it, fool.
Present the charges.
Criminal, you will read the charges to the court.
I see no charges against us, Your Honor.
You are out of order!
Soldiers, you will press those triggers
if this criminal answers with any word other than guilty.
Criminal, how plead you?
The court will hear the provision.
We question whether you are abiding by your own instructions.
May Cmdr Data repeat the record?
- No legal trickery. - These will be your own words.
What followed the statement that prisoners will not be harmed?
Yes, sir.
The Captain asked the question,...
Can we assume this will be a fair trial?
And in reply the judge stated,...
Yes, absolutely equitable.
Irrelevant testimony, entirely irrelevant.
We agree, there is evidence to support the contention
that humans have been savage.
So, I say test us. Test whether this is presently true of humans.
I see. You petition the court to accept you and your comrades
as proof of what humanity has become?
There must be many ways to test us. We have a long mission ahead.
Another brilliant suggestion.
But your test hardly requires a long mission.
Your immediate destination offers more challenge
than you can possibly imagine.
Yes, this Farpoint Station will be an excellent test.
All present, respectfully stand.
This court is adjourned, to allow the criminals to be tested.
This honorable court is adjourned.
Stand respectfully.
Captain, you may find that you're not nearly clever enough
to deal with what lies ahead for you.
It may have been better to accept sentence here.
What is present course, conn?
What it's been all along, sir. Direct heading to Farpoint Station.
Confirm. We are on that heading, sir.
Know anything about Farpoint, sir? Sounds a fairly dull place.
We've heard that we may find it rather interesting.
Personal log, Cmdr William Riker.
Star date 41153. 7.
The USS Hood has dropped me off at Farpoint Station.
I await the arrival of the new USS Enterprise,
to which I've been assigned as First Officer.
Meanwhile, I've been asked to the Administrator's Office,
in the old city.
Cmdr Riker, we've still no word from your vessel.
I trust we made your waiting comfortable?
- Luxurious is more like it. - Good.
Is it ungrateful to ask for information?
Fascinating, the advanced materials used to construct this station.
Your energy surplus must be abundant.
Geothermal energy is a great blessing of this planet.
I'll send details to your quarters.
Thank you. But it still seems incredible to me
that you constructed this station so rapidly and so...
..so perfectly suited to our needs.
Would you care for an Earth delicacy, Commander?
If there's an apple...
I'm sorry, Commander.
It doesn't matter. I was saying...
- I'll be damned. - Yes.
There was another selection here.
Groppler, I could swear this wasn't here a minute ago.
Did your failure to notice it make it unwelcome?
Not at all.
I trust it will be the same with Farpoint Station.
A few easily answered questions about it
won't make Starfleet appreciate it less.
And it's delicious. Thank you.
Good morning, Groppler Zorn.
You have been told not to do that.
Why can't you understand?
It will arouse their suspicion.
And if that happens, we will have to punish you.
We will, I promise you!
Dr. Crusher!
Mother. It's Cmdr Riker.
- Hello, Wes. Enjoying Farpoint? - Yes, sir.
- Can I join you for a stroll? - We were about to go shopping.
- I've wanted to visit the mall. - Of course.
If you're wondering about Mom, she's not unfriendly.
She's just shy with men she doesn't know.
Wesley! That means he'd like us to be friends.
I'm willing. Although we're not officially part of the Enterprise,
we can do something useful while we wait.
Useful? How?
Investigating some things I've noticed here.
Gold would be lovely with this.
I am sure there are reasons for a first officer
to demonstrate energy and alertness to a new captain.
But my duty and interests are outside the command structure...
It's remarkable they had exactly what you asked for.
Thank you. I'll take the entire bolt.
Send it to our starship when it arrives. Charge to Dr. Crusher.
Let's see, where were we?
I accused you of currying favor with our Captain. I apologize.
Mom, that gold pattern wasn't there.
Maybe Jean-Luc would like this looked into.
Jean-Luc Picard? You know the Captain?
When I was little, he brought my father's body home to us.
Yes, Wes, long ago.
A pleasure to meet you, Commander. Excuse us.
My pleasure, Doctor.
- Wes. - Sir?
See you on board.
Yes, sir.
Sir, the Enterprise is arriving...
Is this an official report?
Sorry. Lt. La Forge reporting.
The Enterprise arriving, but without the saucer, sir.
- What happened? - I don't know.
Capt Picard wants you to beam up.
Our new Captain doesn't waste time. It's a good idea.
- Thank you, Lieutenant. - Aye, sir.
Enterprise, this is Cmdr Riker at Farpoint Station.
Standing by to beam up.
Lt. Yar of Security, sir.
Capt Picard will see you on the battle bridge.
With no saucer, I assume something interesting happened.
Battle bridge. That's for the Captain to explain, sir.
Do we have clearance?
- Aye, sir, standard parking orbit. - Make it so.
Cmdr Riker, sir.
Riker, WT, reporting as ordered, sir.
- Is the viewer ready? - All set up, sir.
We'll bring you up to date on our little adventure. Then we'll talk.
Welcome aboard.
This way, sir.
Thou art directed to return to thine own solar system.
Go back, or thou shalt most certainly die.
You can't deny you're still a dangerous, savage, child race.
Message from the saucer module, sir. It will arrive here in 51 minutes.
Inform them we'll connect when they arrive.
Send the Commander to me when he's finished.
400 years before that, you murdered each other over tribal god images.
There are no indications that humans will change.
There are preparations to make.
When we next meet, Captain, we'll proceed exactly as you suggest.
He calls that a little adventure?
Not exactly a run-of-the-mill happening.
It seems we're alive only because we have been placed on probation.
A very serious kind of probation.
The saucer module now entering orbit with us, sir.
Cmdr Riker will conduct a manual docking. Picard out.
You reported in. You are qualified?
- Yes, sir. - Then I mean now, Commander.
They say you will be doing this manually, sir.
- No automation. - As ordered.
Velocity to one half-meter per second.
Adjust pitch angle. Negative, three degrees.
Watch your roll angle, conn.
All stations, prepare for reconnection.
Thrusters to station keeping. All velocity zero.
Her inertia should do the job.
Lock up. Now.
A routine maneuver but you handled it quite well.
Thank you, sir. I hope I showed some promise.
I have some questions for you.
I thought you might.
I see in your file that Capt DeSoto thinks very highly of you.
One curious thing, you refused to let him beam down to Altair Ill.
In my opinion, it was too dangerous to risk exposing the Captain.
I see. A captain's rank means nothing to you.
Rather the reverse. But a captain's life means a great deal more to me.
Isn't it just possible that you don't get to be a Starfleet captain
without knowing whether it's safe to beam down or not?
Isn't it presumptuous of a first officer
to second-guess his captain's judgment?
Permission to speak candidly, sir?
Having been a first officer yourself,
you know that assuming that responsibility
must include the safety of the captain.
I have no problem following your rules,
short of compromising your safety.
You won't back off from that position?
No, sir.
One further thing.
- A special favor. - Anything, sir.
Using the same strength you showed with DeSoto,
can you keep me from making an ass of myself with children?
- Sir? - I'm not a family man.
And yet Starfleet has given me a ship with children aboard.
- Yes, sir. - And l...
I don't feel comfortable with children.
But since a captain needs an image of geniality,...
..you're to see that's what I project.
Aye, sir.
Welcome to the Enterprise, Cmdr Riker.
I've heard of your case. The visor you wear...
Is a remarkable piece of bio-electronic engineering
by which I see much of the EM spectrum
ranging from heat and infrared through radio waves, et cetera,
and forgive me if I've said and listened to this a thousand times.
- You've been blind all your life? - I was born this way.
You always had pain from using this?
They say it's because I use my natural sensors in different ways.
I see two choices.
The first is painkillers.
Which affect how this works.
No. And choice number two?
Exploratory surgery. Desensitize the brain areas troubling you.
Same difference.
No, thank you, Doctor.
I understand.
See you.
- Yes, sir? - Where will I find Cmdr Data?
Cmdr Data is on special assignment,
using our shuttle to transfer an admiral to the Hood.
- An admiral? - He's been checking medical layout.
Why a shuttle? Why not beam over?
I suppose he could, but the Admiral's a rather... remarkable man.
Have you got some reason you want my atoms scattered all over space, boy?
No, sir. But at your age, why put up with the trouble of a shuttle craft?
- Hold it right there, boy. - Sir?
What about my age?
- If that subject troubles you... - Troubles me?
What's so damn troublesome about not having died?
How old do you think I am anyway?
137 years, Admiral, according to Starfleet records.
Explain how you remember that so exactly.
I remember every fact I'm exposed to, sir.
I don't see no points on your ears, boy, but you sound like a Vulcan.
No, sir. I'm an android.
Almost as bad.
I thought it was accepted
that Vulcan’s are an advanced and most honorable race.
They are.
And damn annoying at times.
Yes, sir.
Well, this is a new ship, but she's got the right name.
- You remember that, you hear? - I will, sir.
You treat her like a lady.
And she'll always bring you home.
Did you signal the Hood?
Your exact message. Bon voyage, mon ami.
What was the reply, computer?
You're wasting time, Captain. Or did you think I was gone?
Lieutenant! Do you intend to blast a hole in the viewer?
If the purpose of this is to test humans,
Your Honor, we must proceed in our own way.
You are dilatory. You have 24 hours.
Any further delay and you risk summary judgment against you.
- Sorry, sir. - You reacted fast, Mr. Worf.
But futilely.
I will learn to do better, sir.
Of course you will. We've a long voyage ahead of us.
What do we do, if they're monitoring our every move and word?
We do exactly what we would if this Q never existed.
If we're going to be damned, let's be damned for what we really are.
Personal log, star date 41153. 8.
Of the 24 hours Q allotted us to prove ourselves,
1 have now passed without incident.
And yet I cannot forget Q's prediction
that we will face some critical test.
This planet's interior heat provides an abundance of geothermal energy.
And this is what made it possible for them
to construct this base to Starfleet standards?
Yes. They must have been trading surplus energy
for the construction materials used here.
Many of the materials are not found on this world.
It's like those incidents you describe in your report
as "almost magical attempts to please us".
Those events did happen, sir.
None of it suggests anything threatening.
If only every life form had as much desire to please.
Ready to beam down? I look forward to meeting this Groppler Zorn.
I have a feeling there's more to it than trying to please us.
As if it's something Q is doing to trick us?
Over here. I've asked the Counsellor to join us in this meeting.
May I introduce our new First Officer, Cmdr William Riker.
Riker, ship's Counsellor Deanna Troi.
Do you remember what I taught you, Imzadi?
Can you still sense my thoughts?
A pleasure, Commander.
Likewise, Counsellor.
Have the two of you met before?
We have, sir.
I consider it important for my key officers
to know each other's abilities.
We do, sir.
We do.
I, too, could never say goodbye, Imzadi.
We need more information
before we can make recommendations to Starfleet.
No objections to that.
But I'm puzzled over you bringing a Betazoid to this meeting.
If her purpose, sir, is to probe my thoughts...
I can sense only strong emotions, Groppler.
I'm only half Betazoid. My father was a Starfleet officer.
Well, I have nothing to hide, of course.
Good, since we admire what we've seen of your construction techniques.
Starfleet may be interested in your constructing star bases elsewhere.
We are not interested in building other facilities.
If I may, Captain.
Then, a trade. Some things that you need
in return for lending us engineers who can demonstrate your techniques.
Bandi do not enjoy leaving their home world.
If Starfleet cannot accept that small weakness,
then we will be forced, unhappily,
to seek an alliance with someone like the Ferengi.
Counsellor? What is it?
Do you want it described here?
Yes. No secrets here if we're to be all friends. Agreed?
We ourselves have nothing to hide.
Terrible loneliness.
I'm not sensing Groppler, or any of his people,
but it's something very close to us here.
The source of this, Groppler. Have you any idea?
No. No, absolutely not.
And I find nothing helpful or productive in any of this!
And that's it? No other comment?
What do you expect of us? We offer you a base designed to your needs.
Luxurious by even human standards.
While evading our simplest questions about it.
We'll adjourn for now,...
..while we all reconsider our positions.
The Ferengi would be very interested in a base like this.
Fine. Let's hope they find you as tasty as their past associates.
Ensign, could you help me find Cmdr Data?
He's somewhere on this deck.
This way. You must be new to these Galaxy-class starships.
Tell me the location of Cmdr Data.
Lt. Cmdr Data, now located in holodeck area 4J.
And as you can see, it's pointing you that way.
- Thank you. - You're welcome.
The next hatchway on your right.
Thank you.
You're welcome, Cmdr Riker. And if you care to enter?
I do.
How easily humans do that.
I still need much practice.
There's some puzzles down on the...
..down on the planet, that the Captain wants answered.
He suggests that I take you with me.
I shall endeavour to function adequately.
When the Captain suggested you, I looked up your record.
A wise procedure, sir.
Your rank of Lieutenant Commander is honorary?
No, Starfleet class of '78, honours in probability and mechanics.
Your file says you're a...
Machine. Correct. Does that trouble you?
To be honest, yes, a little.
Understood, sir. Prejudice is very human.
That does trouble me. Do you consider yourself superior to us?
I am superior in many ways,
but I would gladly give it up to be human.
Nice to meet you,... Pinocchio.
A joke.
You'll be an interesting companion.
This woodland pattern is quite popular
because it duplicates Earth so well.
Coming here almost makes me feel human.
These simulations seem so real.
Much of it is. If the transporters can convert our bodies
to an energy beam and then back...
Yes. Rocks and vegetation have simpler patterns.
Correct, sir.
- The rear wall. - I can't see it.
We're right next to it.
Cmdr Riker, isn't this great?
This is one of the simple patterns.
They've got thousands more. Some you can't believe.
Careful, the next rock is loose!
Mr. Data has agreed to join me on the away team.
Very good.
Maybe I should get something to wipe this water up.
Good idea.
There's a low-gravity gymnasium, too.
It'd be hard to get bored on this ship.
Mom, could you get me a look at the bridge?
- That's against Captain's orders. - Are you afraid of him, too?
I certainly am not.
But Capt Picard is a pain, isn't he?
Your father liked him very much. Great explorers are often lonely.
No chance to have a family.
Just a look at the bridge. I'll stay in the lift when the doors open.
You are asking for trouble, Wes.
We'll see what we can do.
Someone could begin by examining the underside of the station.
Our sensors do show some passages.
- Perhaps you and l? - Tasha, you and the Counsellor.
And, Geordi, I want your eyes down there.
You and I will start topside.
Noticed anything unusual?
I can't see as well as Geordi, but the material seems ordinary.
- Construction records? - Almost identical to Starfleet's.
Team leader?
We've found something interesting.
We're in a passageway directly under the station.
These walls are something I've never seen before.
- How are you examining them? - In every way.
Microscopically, thermally, electromagnetically.
- None of it is familiar. - What about you, Troi?
I've avoided opening my mind.
Whatever I felt in Groppler's office became very uncomfortable.
I'm sorry, you must. We need more information.
Such pain!
I'm coming. Enterprise, lock us on to her signal.
I'm sorry. Close your mind to the pain.
Terrible despair.
I don't know.
No life form anything like us.
What in the hell kind of place is this?
- Geordi, what do you see? - Well, it's of...
It's of no material I recognize or have even heard of.
What the hell?!
Children are not allowed on the bridge.
Permission to report to the Captain.
- Dr. Crusher. - Captain.
Sir, my son is not on the bridge, he accompanied me on the turbo lift.
- Your son? - His name's Wesley.
You last saw him years ago when...
..as long as he's here...
I knew...
I knew your father.
Want to look around?
But don't touch anything!
Try it out.
The panel on your right is for log entries,
library computer access retrieval, screen control and intercom. Here...
The backup ops panels, plus shield and armory controls.
The forward view screen is controlled from the ops position.
High-resolution, multi-spectro sensors.
How do you know that?
Perimeter alert!
I'm sorry.
Get off the bridge! Both of you!
- You have a perimeter alert. - As my son tried to tell you.
Picard. Go ahead.
Sensors have detected a vessel approaching this planet.
No ship is scheduled at this time.
Have Riker and his team beam back up.
Security, is it the Hood returning?
It does not match the Hood's configuration.
Put it on main viewer. Identification?
Vessel unknown, configuration unknown.
Hail it.
We've been trying. No response.
- Raise shields, phasers at ready. - Shields up, sir, phasers ready.
Get me Groppler Zorn.
Continue greetings on all frequencies.
This is Zorn, Captain.
An unidentified vessel has entered orbit with us.
Do you know who it is?
No ships are scheduled to arrive until...
I asked you if you knew who it is. You mentioned the Ferengi Alliance.
But we've had no dealings with them.
It was only a... a thought.
- Are you certain? - I promise you.
We were making an empty threat. I wanted your cooperation. Forgive me.
Entering orbital trajectory.
It measures 12 times our volume.
Sensors say we were just scanned.
Pain again?
- You've been at it enough. - No.
I feel close to an answer of some kind.
Something down here is shielding our communicators.
Yes, that's the feeling I've been reading,
as if someone doesn't want us to be in touch with our ship.
Let's get to the surface.
There is no computer record of any such vessel, sir.
Nothing even close.
No response. We've done everything but threaten them.
Sensor scans, Mr. Worf.
Our sensor signals just seem to bounce off.
Something's happening, sir.
- They're firing on Farpoint. - Photon torpedoes to ready.
They're hitting the Bandi city, not Farpoint Station.
- Those stairs are where we entered. - Here it becomes ordinary stone.
- God! Was that a phaser blast? - Negative. But something similar.
You, Tasha, Geordi, beam up to the ship.
I wanna see what's happening.
Don't! lf you should be hurt...
You have your orders, Lieutenant. Carry them out.
Yes, I'm sorry, sir.
Enterprise, three to beam up.
Enterprise! Enterprise, come in!
Help us! Please!
What shall we do?
Enterprise, help us! Please!
Tune that down. Cmdr Riker, come in. Can you hear me?
Riker to Enterprise, come in.
Cmdr Riker, come in. Where are you?
With Data, on the edge of the old city.
It's being hit hard, sir.
Farpoint Station? Any damage there?
Negative on damage to Farpoint.
They're avoiding hitting the station.
It's from an unidentified vessel that's entered orbit.
No ID, no answer to our signals.
The old Bandi city's being hit hard.
- Many casualties very probable. - Understand, Commander.
Would you object to your Captain ordering an illegal kidnapping?
No objection, sir.
Groppler Zorn may have the answers we need. Bring him here.
Aye, sir.
They're forcing a difficult decision on me.
Protecting the Bandi won't violate the Prime Directive.
True, they are not allies, but...
We are in the midst of diplomatic discussions with them.
Lieutenant, lock phasers on that vessel.
Phasers locked on.
Typical. So typical.
Savage life forms never follow even their own rules.
Get off my bridge!
Interesting, that order about phasers.
Standing by on phasers.
Don't let me interfere. Use your weapons.
We've no idea who is on that vessel. My order was a safety precaution.
Really? No idea what it represents?
The meaning of that vessel is as plain
as the noses on your ugly little primate faces.
And if you were truly civilized,
wouldn't you be doing something about the casualties down there?
Captain to CMO, are you reading any of this?
Medical team preparing to beam down.
Compliments on that, Doctor.
Any questions?
Starfleet people are trained to render aid...
- But not trained in clear thinking. - Let's consider your thoughts.
You call us savages. Yet you knew those people would be killed.
It is your conduct that is uncivilized.
They're firing on the planet again.
Go to maneuvering jets. Position us between that vessel and the planet.
- Force fields full on. - Aye, sir.
Impulse power to...
We have no ship control, sir.
It's gone!
Are you undamaged?
Yes. You?
All systems operating.
Please! Make it stop!
You can drive it away!
Drive who away?
- I don't know. - Unlikely.
Our records show you supervised all Bandi contact with other worlds.
We've done nothing wrong!
If we can learn nothing from you, we'll leave.
No! Oh no, please, don't leave!
I'll... try to explain.
First Officer to Enterprise.
We've lost Zorn.
Something like a transporter beam has snatched him away.
Question, sir. Could it be this Q?
None of you knows who transported him.
You're running out of time.
Captain,... suddenly I'm sensing something else.
- Enormous satisfaction. - From the same source as before?
No. That was on the planet. This is much closer.
Excellent, Counsellor. He's such a dullard, isn't he?
Captain from transporter room. Riker and Data have beamed aboard.
Excellent. With more little minds helping...
That is enough!
We have an agreement.
Which you are breaking by taking over our vessel,
interfering with my decisions.
- Either leave or finish us! - Temper, temper, mon capitaine.
I'm merely trying to assist a pitiful species.
I will leave if Riker provides me with some amusement.
Do nothing that he asks.
But I ask so little and it's so necessary if you're to solve this.
Beam over there with your... what is it? Your away team.
I'll risk no one on that unknown.
You should know what you'll find. Perhaps it's too adult a puzzle.
With all respect, Captain, I want to beam over there.
You show promise, my good fellow.
Have you understood any part of what he's tried to tell you?
Humanity is no longer a savage race.
But you must still prove that.
You impressed him, Number One. That's hopeful.
Thank you.
If he's not open to evidence in our favour,
where will you go from there?
- I'll attend to my duty. - To the bitter end?
I see nothing so bitter about that.
Can I help you?
I didn't want you thinking me harsh.
- Cold-blooded. - Why would I ever think that?
I didn't welcome you aboard personally, professionally.
I made you come to me on the bridge, I yelled at your son.
Who, as you pointed out, was quite correct.
He seems to have a very good grasp of starship operations.
You've just won this mother's heart.
But, now, your assignment here.
I would... consider... and approve
a transfer for you.
You consider me unqualified?
Hardly. Your service record shows you're just the CMO I want.
- Then you object to me personally? - I'm thinking of your feelings.
For you to work with a commanding officer
who would continually remind you of a... terrible personal tragedy.
If I had had any objections,
I wouldn't have requested this assignment.
You requested this posting?
My feelings about my husband's death
won't affect the way I serve you or this mission.
Then, welcome aboard, Doctor.
Riker to Picard. We're ready to beam over.
I... hope we can be friends?
Thank you.
Phasers on stun.
Most interesting, sir.
It's the same construction we saw in the underground tunnel.
But no sound of power.
No equipment.
How does this ship run?
What is it?
Is it the same as you felt down there?
This is much more powerful.
Full of anger!
- Toward us? - No.
It's directed down towards the old Bandi city.
Most intriguing again.
The place this vessel was firing upon was not the Farpoint star base,
but the home of those who constructed...
Sorry, sir.
I seem to be commenting on everything.
Don't stop, my friend.
Enterprise, Riker.
This is turning out to be a very long tunnel or corridor.
No ship's crew in sight.
No sign of mechanism or circuitry.
No controls or read-outs.
This is nothing like any vessel I've seen before.
Groppler Zorn, sir.
A great fear just ahead.
There's a different feeling here than in the tunnel.
Very different.
No! Please! No more, please!
Make it stop! Please!
Please! Make it stop!
No! Please! No more!
- Please! - Zorn, can you hear me?
The pain!
- No! - Has the alien communicated?
- Please! No more! - That's it, sir.
It's just one alien I'm sensing here.
Please! I don't understand what you want!
Not true, he does know.
Transporter Chief, yank them back now!
Riker, acknowledge!
Your time is up, Captain.
Transporter Chief, do you have their coordinates?
- He can't hear you. - Transporter Chief, come in!
I have people... in trouble over there, Q.
Everyone at ease. That's an order.
Q, my people are in trouble.
Let me help them, please.
I'll do whatever you say.
You'll do whatever I say?
It seems I did make that bargain.
The agreement isn't valid. It wasn't Q that saved us.
Save yourself. It may attack you now.
It was that which sent us back.
It is not merely a vessel. Somehow it is alive.
She lies. Destroy it. Make phasers and photon torpedoes ready.
- No, do nothing he demands. - That thing was killing my people!
- Was there a reason? - It's an unknown. Isn't that enough?
If you'd earned that uniform,
you'd know it's the unknown that brings us here.
A wasted effort, with human intelligence.
Let's test that. Begin with the tunnels under Farpoint.
Identical to those on the space vessel life form over there.
Why was it punishing you?
In return for some pain you'd given another creature?
We've done nothing wrong. It was injured. We helped it.
Thank you.
That was the missing element.
Lt. Yar, rig main phaser banks to deliver an energy beam.
Aye, sir.
You're right, Captain. It has to be conceivable that in this galaxy
there could exist creatures able to convert energy into matter.
And into specific patterns of matter, as our transporters do.
You... captured something like that, didn't you?
Warn my people to leave Farpoint Station immediately.
He lies. Shouldn't you let his people die?
Transmit the message, "Leave Farpoint Station."
It was a pair of creatures I was sensing.
One down there in grief and pain,...
..the other up here filled with anger.
And firing not on the space station,
but on the Bandi and their city.
Attacking those who had captured...
..captured its mate.
Energy beam ready.
Lock it in on Farpoint Station.
I see now it was too simple a puzzle.
Generosity has always been my... weakness.
Let it have whatever it can absorb.
Now getting feedback on the beam.
There'll soon be no Farpoint Station, if I'm right about this.
A lucky guess.
We meant no harm to the creature. It was starving for energy.
Which your world furnishes.
We did feed it.
Only enough to keep it alive,
so you could force it to shape itself into whatever form you needed!
A feeling of great joy.
And gratitude.
From both of them.
..do you use other life forms for your recreation?
If so, you've not provided the best.
Leave us! We've passed your little test.
Temper, temper, mon capitaine.
- Get off my ship! - I do so only because it suits me.
But I will not promise never to appear again.
Captain's log, star date 41174.2.
The agreement for rebuilding Farpoint Station
has been completed per my instructions.
- All stations? - Ready for departure, sir.
Some problem?
Just hoping this isn't the usual way our missions will go.
Oh no, Number One, I'm sure most will be much more interesting.
Let's see what's out there.

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