Captain's log, star date 41249.3.
We have orbited the two major planets of the Beta Renner system,
taking aboard delegates from those worlds.
Since conquering space, their major life forms,
the Anticans and the Selay, have become enemies.
But both have applied for admission into our Federation.
We are to deliver these delegates
to a neutral conference planet, called Parliament,
in the hope their dispute can be resolved.
I'm Capt Picard. Welcome aboard.
We hope your journey will be pleasant and comfortable.
Arranging that will be Cmdr Riker.
Welcome aboard. I'll show you the accommodations...
We can already smell the Anticans. They were taken aboard first?
Only because their world was first on this heading to Parliament.
Will our quarters be near the Anticans?
About 100 meters apart.
- Is that alright? - No. Unsatisfactory.
We can accommodate your wishes.
We'll rearrange the assignments. Follow me.
And we must be upwind from the Anticans.
Of course, sir.
Neither seem promising Federation candidates, sir.
Even Parliament's peacemakers may find this case difficult.
But do you understand this nonsense between them?
No, sir. I never understood such hostility in Earth's history.
Really? These life forms feel such passionate hatreds
over matters of custom, god concepts,
even, strangely enough, economic systems.
Sir, my sensors are picking up an unusual energy object.
On screen.
Confirmed, sir. My sensors read nothing solid,
but a lot of energy and changing patterns.
Also travelling at warp speed, sir.
Intriguing. I can find no match with anything in our records.
Change course to make a close sensor pass.
Then increase speed to reach Parliament on schedule.
Aye, sir.
Worf, why the interest in this?
It's just routine maintenance on the sensor.
Simple, Geordi.
Our Captain wants his junior officers to learn, learn, learn.
Not just his junior ones.
Hold this relay off line, while I adjust the circuits.
- Security to sensor maintenance. - La Forge here.
We're making a close-sensor pass on an unusual object.
- Any problems? - Not at all.
All equipment on line and functioning.
- Sensors ready, sir. - Life-form reading?
- No life-form readings, sir. - Begin the pass.
Sir, it is changing shape.
- Any readings of matter there? - Negative, sir. Energy only.
Sickbay, we have a medical emergency.
I repeat, this is a medical emergency.
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the "Starship Enterprise".
Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds,...
..to seek out new life and new civilizations,...
..to boldly go where no one has gone before.
What happened?
He got hit by sensor feedback, maybe.
Get back!
- You got it, Doc? - I got it.
Lt. Worf, can you hear what I'm saying?
- Let's get him up. - OK.
Come on, big guy. On your feet. Here we go.
That's it.
Are you OK?
He was monitoring the sensor console when he jerked,
as though something hit him.
What my sensors showed was...
..was a glow, just for a second. I can't explain it.
Could your visor have malfunctioned?
I doubt it, sir. It seemed like what I saw was something real.
Sorry to call you, sir. Not strictly Security.
It's about the dietary requirements of the Antican delegates.
I thought that had been taken care of.
So did we, sir. Live animals were beamed aboard.
We were going to preserve the meat.
But they say to bring it to them alive.
Then do so.
Lt. Yar was... confused.
We no longer enslave animals for food.
But we have seen humans eat meat.
You saw something as tasty as meat, but inorganically materialized
out of patterns used by our transporters.
This is sickening.
It's barbaric.
He's reading normal. How did you manage that?
Yes. Normal.
- Are you alright? - Yes, perfectly.
Both of us. Quite normal now.
What...?! Where am l?
Don't you remember?
You were in the sensor maintenance room.
I remember monitoring the sensor console.
What am I doing here?
That's a story the Doctor will tell you.
You feel it's something we should look at more carefully.
A mystery is only a mystery as long as it remains uninvestigated.
I love a mystery.
But this one must wait till we deliver the delegates to Parliament.
Time and tide, Lt. La Forge. Go to warp eight.
Warp eight, sir.
Hi, Mom. You're back early.
Physical sciences class.
We're studying Dr. Channing's theory on dilithium crystals.
Tell me about it.
Really? You never seemed interested in warp theory before.
Dr. Channing thinks it's possible to force dilithium
into even more useful crystals, if, as shown here,
matter and antimatter could be aligned efficiently.
Would that affect navigation?
This is engineering, not helm control.
Oh, yes. The helm's located on the bridge.
Is something wrong?
This is the helm.
Unless there's been some changes I don't know about.
Lt. Worf is much improved, ready to return to duty.
What was the diagnosis?
A temporary mental aberration.
When such a diagnosis concerns a bridge officer,
I expect a better explanation.
Then I will have to run crosschecks on the library computer.
Klingons are so unusual in their reactions, aren't they?
Use science station two, Doctor.
Intriguing, Doctor.
What does helm control have to do with medical crosschecks?
Why am l...?
Is something wrong, Doctor?
Are you alright?
I'll do my work in my office.
That's where I should be.
Do you want someone to accompany you?
Captain, there is a malfunction in this station.
I cannot bring any information up on it.
Science two does not function either, sir.
Engineering to Capt Picard.
Something's wrong with warp-drive circuitry.
Transporter room six to bridge.
Transporter console malfunction, sir.
Data, this ship is less than a year out of space dock.
What are the chances of this occurring?
It is a virtual impossibility, sir.
So, what the hell is going on here?
And there are no explanations for these malfunctions?
All the department heads have reported the damage repaired.
That was not my question. What caused the malfunctions?
I believe it was a rampant electronic short
that jumped from system to system.
- But the only thing is... - Yes, Mr. Singh?
That shouldn't be possible.
The affected systems don't interact with each other.
And where they do, it wasn't an interlink that was malfunctioning.
Have you spoken with Chief Engineer Argyle about this?
With all Engineering staff, sir. They're just as puzzled.
I'm not satisfied.
I want an explanation by the time we reach Parliament.
But, sir...
By the time we reach Parliament, Mr. Singh.
These weapons were taken from two of your people.
They were loitering near the Selay delegation's quarters.
Care to explain, sir?
These are not weapons. They are tools.
We use these to dispatch the animals we consume.
Your food is not on the same deck as the Selay delegation.
And these could kill.
I admit some of my people are impulsive.
And we all have reason to hate the Selay.
They appear to have the same feelings about you, sir.
The nature of politics.
You're on notice that all your weapons,
no matter what their function, are being confiscated.
Violence will not be tolerated on the Enterprise.
Of course not.
And if any occurs, I assure you,
it will not be we Anticans who start it.
Thank you, sir.
But... we will finish it!
- Sir, warp power is fading. - Picard to Engineering.
What is the problem?
We have lost the warp-engine computer tie.
Warp five, four, three, two.
State-of-the-art vessel?
Data, signal Parliament we'll be delayed.
We will send a new arrival time as soon as it is determined.
Sir, subspace radio is out.
Alright, gentlemen,
your theories on this sudden vulnerability in our systems.
If the Enterprise were so fragile, she never would've left space dock.
Her systems' failures are not endemic to the ship
but are the result of the actions of an adversary.
- We have a saboteur aboard. - I believe I said that.
Gentlemen, the question is, who?
It can't be one of our own people.
Agreed. It must be someone from either alien delegation.
If the Ferengi bribed even one of them, that's all they'd need.
Ferengi contacts have been detected on both Selay and Antica, sir.
Can either of you suggest any other suspects?
You're sounding like a private eye.
Private eye?
A private consulting investigator, Data, who solves crimes.
Most interesting occupation.
In the world of fact, probably not.
However, in literature,
criminal detection can be a fascinating exercise.
Sherlock Holmes would have an interesting view of our mystery.
But I'm afraid we'll have to find our solution
without history's greatest consulting detective.
How about here, Mr. Singh?
If the control network breaks off here...
It leads warp-engine commands off into dead ends.
I can handle it from here, Mr. Crusher.
But, sir...
You are scheduled for class work now. Sorry.
Yes, sir.
But I don't learn nearly this much in school.
I tend to agree, but the Captain's orders on this are very clear.
Solve any new problems today?
I was starting to, maybe. Mr. Singh sent me off to class.
You're only an acting ensign.
You gotta let commissioned officers do some of the work.
Mom, I've learned a lot more than they understand.
For example, the dilithium-crystals theory I was telling you about?
When were you telling me about that?
This morning. Don't you remember?
Honestly, I don't remember.
Engineering to Capt Picard. Security alert.
I just found Mr. Singh. He's dead.
Captain's log, star date 41249.4.
I've ordered an immediate investigation
into the death of Assistant Chief Engineer Singh.
We continue to run on impulse power.
He could've been working there, restoring warp power.
According to these readings, we could go back to warp speed now.
Those aren't the same readings as when I left.
Singh probably repaired it just before he was killed.
He couldn't have. The problems were inside the engines.
Who else could have corrected it? Inform the bridge of engine status.
Engineering to bridge. We now have warp capacity, sir.
All power on line.
Well done. Warp engines ready on previous heading.
Warp factor six.
I tolerate these questions, Lt. Yar,
because I need this vessel to get us to Parliament.
Your shipboard problems do not concern me.
They should. Our delays are your delays.
The peace conference will wait for us.
I must ask where you were during this vessel's Earth hours
of 1800 last night and 0700 this morning.
Sir, we're talking about hours here.
It was a large meal, Lt. Yar.
And a very interesting animal.
You wanted me, Doctor?
Yes, concerning your memory block-out.
I still don't remember having one.
The same thing happened to me.
I want to try hypnosis on both of you.
It may restore your memory as to what happened.
One thing is clear.
Almost all of the peace delegates answered our questions with lies.
Imprecise, Lieutenant.
They omitted certain truths, which, in itself, tells us something.
We can learn something from nondisclosure?
Indubitably, my good woman.
It's something the Captain mentioned. Sherlock Holmes.
Indubitably, Data has been studying him.
Has studied, sir. Every case.
As Holmes would've pointed out,
during the time in question, something was afoot.
While both sets of delegates say they were in their quarters,
our crew locator sensed them passing here and here.
It doesn't show where they went. We're still in the dark.
On the contrary, my dear colleague.
On their return, they drew medical supplies,
appropriate to the treatment of minor wounds on these life forms.
Which leaves one conclusion.
Exactly! They were too engaged in their affairs
to disable the ship and murder the engineer.
Given the choice, they would rather kill each other than any of us.
It's elementary, my dear Riker.
Beverly, can you hear me?
I want you to go back in your mind
to the moment when you first recall the sensation of memory loss.
Picture it exactly as it occurred.
He's lying on the hospital bed, sedated.
I'm walking up to him.
How do you feel as you lean over to take the specimen?
I... feel someone... else.
There's someone else who's there.
Not... alone.
Get out. Get out of my mind!
That's almost exactly what you said.
As though there were something else inside you.
It confirms the feeling of duality I sensed earlier in both of them.
Why didn't you report it?
Because, sir, I assumed at first it was the kind of duality
that we Betazoids feel in all of you.
Even you, sir.
When you approach a decision
and ask yourself which direction to go, who are you talking to?
Your hypnotism revealed another form of duality.
Yes, sir. I believe something invaded them.
It seems the only possible conclusion.
Let's proceed without the pipe.
Yes, sir. If you wish, sir.
But I ask if you'd take it as incontrovertible
that it cannot be a family member, or one of the crew.
Yes. Very unlikely.
Then our investigation was worthwhile.
We've eliminated the delegates and the ship's complement.
What are you suggesting?
I'm referring to the great detective's credo, sir.
I quote,
"We must fall back on the old axiom
that when other contingencies fail,
whatever remains, however improbable,...
..must be the truth."
That engine computer net wasn't repaired, sir.
It just suddenly became alright.
Sometimes, it's the result that counts.
What the...? Oh, no!
- What is it? - Helm control's down. No response.
Bridge to Captain. You're needed immediately.
Wes, alert Engineering from your panel, alright?
I'm trying.
Helm is down, sir. There's no apparent reason.
Captain, we've just dropped to impulse power.
Sir, are you alright? I thought I just saw...
I'm fine.
Everything is fine now.
Why the drop to impulse power, Lieutenant?
The helm is malfunctioning.
Malfunctioning? You're wrong. Look again.
Captain, I was ju...
Mr. La Forge?
There's nothing wrong now, sir. Everything is as it should be.
In that case, make our heading... 925, mark three... seven.
You have a problem with that heading?
You wanna double back on our course?
Isn't that what I ordered?
Yes, sir.
Sir? I'm puzzled by your reversing our course.
That energy cloud. I believe it important we have another look at it.
We're behind schedule for Parliament.
A very important scientific discovery awaits us on this heading.
Perhaps you'd like to share your reasoning on that.
Yes. Since we obtained minimal information on our sensor pass.
Right, Data. We must go back to learn more.
Counsellor, do you believe a ship captain should explain every order?
Of course not, sir.
I demand to see the Captain!
Stop! Return to your quarters!
What is that doing on our deck?
I demand to know why this starship has changed its course.
Please, return to your quarters, delegates.
A mere change of direction hardly justifies mutiny.
Exactly what do you believe you're sensing from him?
It's just the feeling that...
Well, that he's closed part of his mind to me.
I just feel that the Captain has become...
..perhaps dangerous.
If he's dangerous... If...
He'd have to be relieved of command.
Which you could do, but it's trouble if you're wrong.
And it is all pure speculation.
He has done nothing to subject the Enterprise to danger.
I'd need a medical log, citing clear evidence of incapacity.
You could do it without that problem.
Only if all command officers agreed it was vital to do so.
But he has not shown any overt unusual behaviour.
Ultimately, I believe he will.
As second-in-command, it's still in your corner.
I'll order medical and psychiatric exams.
You'll have to back me up somehow.
First Officer's log, supplemental.
After meeting with senior officers,
Dr. Crusher and I will approach the Captain
regarding his recent behaviour.
I'd like you to come to sickbay for some examinations, Captain.
I'll be glad to when I'm free.
I'd like to conduct them now, sir.
What can I do for you, Number One?
Sir, Troi has recommended the examinations.
Same question. Why?
It is my duty to inform the Captain
we believe he may be under some alien influence
which may constitute a danger to this ship.
I consider it equally possible
that the two of you, and Counsellor Troi,
are overworked, and possibly suffering hallucinations.
This is an order.
You will arrange medical and psychiatric exams
both for yourself and them.
Doctor, are you aware that everyone is behaving strangely?
I'm concerned that you've changed the ship's course.
What's happened to your mind?
The search for knowledge is always our primary mission.
I'm sorry, l...
I really am too busy for this kind of nonsense.
Do I have to call Security to force you to report to sickbay?
No, sir.
What the hell... !
Sorry. Wrong species.
Riker to Security Chief.
- Yar here. - Security guard to Engineering deck.
Selays are playing hide-and-seek with the Anticans.
I want them returned to quarters under guard.
Right away, sir.
What do you want?
Here are the results from the exams you ordered, sir.
You don't care to inspect them?
Please,... are you Jean-Luc?
He is here.
- The Jean-Luc I know? - And more.
- The "more" frightens me. - And elates us.
We wish you could understand the glorious adventure ahead.
You and...?
Soon we'll both be home.
First Officer's log, supplemental.
On the orders of Capt Picard,
we have returned to the energy-pattern cloud.
I am convinced that something from this cloud
now shares the Captain's mind.
But there seems to be nothing we can do within regulations.
We're approaching the cloud, sir.
Very well, Mr. La Forge.
Bring us to within 10,000 km and hold us there.
Aye, sir.
Shall we begin the scientific tests?
They're already under way.
I have an announcement for the entire bridge.
As many of you suspected,
when our ship passed through the edge of... this,
it accidentally carried away a sentient being.
Much like these energy patterns we're seeing here.
Terrifying for any intelligent being.
As if a great claw had scooped one of you from your homeworld.
Drawn into the energy circuits, it found you, Worf.
Frantic at being taken from its homeworld,
and recognizing you as sentient, it pleaded for help,
but in ways you couldn't understand.
Desperately going from person to person,
and then discovering the computer intelligence
in this ship's memory circuits.
Simplistic intelligence, but it furnished it enough
to slow this... Enterprise thing that had captured it.
And it very much regrets the accidental death of Engineer Singh.
..do you exist in combination with this entity?
Is it in control of you, sir?
Soon after we combined, we learned much about each other.
A passion for the unknown. We found we had similar dreams.
It offered your Captain
a way to realize them beyond human expectations.
Captain, I must speak to you privately now.
I understand.
As an energy pattern, free of the limitations of matter,
he might travel anywhere at any velocity.
Captain, do you hear me?
Sir, I see no way for you to journey with an energy form.
Isn't there?
He's planning to beam himself and the entity into that cloud.
The transporter need not pattern your Captain into matter.
We'll beam energy only.
We will become a combined energy pattern of our life forms.
A resignation from Starfleet has been recorded.
I refuse to allow this, sir.
How does this resignation threaten the ship or crew?
You are relieved of duty!
I judge you to be disabled and mentally incapacitated.
Red alert!
Restrain the Captain!
Where is he?
This is blinding me!
Captain! I'll help you if you'll let me!
Someone restrain the Captain!
First Officer's log, supplemental. More than an hour has passed
since the Captain beamed out, energy only.
Every effort has been made to determine his whereabouts.
We have no idea what the coordinates were.
He's just floating around? How can we settle for that?
Give me a choice then.
Still no readings. No sign of anything.
Mr. La Forge,...
..it's time to set a course for Parliament. Warp eight.
- We're really leaving him? - Commander? Wait!
It's the Captain. But only the Captain.
He's out there alone.
The entity... Has it abandoned him?
No. But the combination wasn't possible out there.
He's in trouble. We have to beam him back.
As what? He's nothing but energy now.
Sir, the entity was caught in the ship's circuitry.
The Captain might try to get in the same way.
Bring us in closer, La Forge.
Moving in, sir, but where?
There's no way to know.
Let's hope he can come part way himself.
Troi, is there any way you can get a message to him?
I wish I could.
Sensors monitoring the perimeter,...
..ship's circuitry, sir. Nothing.
- Bring us into the edge of it. - Aye, sir.
Sir? On my sensor controls.
There's something here. I feel it.
Just as before, going to Worf first.
Something crazy on my panel.
Commander Riker...
- P for Picard? - He's in the ship's circuitry.
Come to the transporter room, please.
There might be a way, sir. Hurry!
Is it a wild theory, Data?
We have the Captain's physical pattern. He was the last to beam out.
- Is what you're thinking possible? - Unknown.
I hope the Captain remembers his pattern is here.
If he has, his energy will be in the transporter relays now.
I wish we had some sign that he was here.
I guess we've no choice but to risk it.
Energizing, sir.
What the devil am I doing here?
Sounds like our Captain.
But confused. This Picard pattern was formed before he went out there.
What's happening to me, Number One?
I was preparing to... beam out... to somewhere.
I remember there was talk of an entity?
But it all seems so vague.
I believe the Captain is now his separate self, sir.
Much of what happened is missing.
What are you talking about? Is this still Sherlock Holmes?
Indubitably, sir.
At least you got rid of the damn pipe.
Dr. Crusher has asked me to steer you past sickbay.
She said you've been looking tired.
- Captain! - Yes, Lieutenant?
Sorry, but Security Team Two
reports they discovered blood outside the Selay quarters...
Lieutenant! This couldn't have waited a moment?
It's good to see you, sir.
The problem is, a cook has been asked to broil a reptile for the Anticans,
and it looks like the Selay delegate.
Riker, what with the peace delegates and all,
I think I do need a rest. Take charge, Number One.

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