Captain's log, star date 41636.9.
As feared, our examination of the overdue Federation freighter Odin,
disabled by an asteroid collision, revealed no life signs.
However three escape pods were missing,
suggesting the possibility of survivors.
- Ready to orbit Angel One. - What kind of place is this, Data?
A Class-M planet supporting carbon-based flora and fauna,
sparsely populated with intelligent life.
Similar in technological development to mid-20th century Earth.
Kinda like being marooned at home.
Assuming any survivors made it this far.
It is the closest planet, but to go the distance we did in two days,
would've taken the Odin escape pod five months.
Five months, six days, 11 hours, two min...
- Thank you, Data. - ..and 57 seconds.
Receiving an audio signal from Angel One.
Starfleet are adamant we maintain excellent relations with this planet.
Mr. Data, is there any other pertinent information before we reply?
Angel One evolved into a constitutional oligarchy.
It is governed by a parliamentary body of six elected Mistresses,
and headed by a female called "The Elected One".
It sounds like my own planet.
Klingons appreciate strong women.
How current is this information?
A Federation vessel last visited this planet 62 years ago, Captain.
Counsellor, as this is a female-dominated society,
you might wish to make first contact.
- Thank you, sir. - Open hailing frequencies.
Hailing frequencies open, sir.
This is Counsellor Deanna Troi from the USS Enterprise.
I am Beata, The Elected One. How may we assist you, Counsellor?
The Federation has neglected to visit your planet for far too long.
With your permission, we would like to correct that oversight.
We feel in no way neglected, Counsellor.
A diplomatic courtesy call is not expected nor required.
We also come in search of possible survivors from one of our freighters.
A brief visit will be tolerated.
They've broken off transmission.
Ever feel like you're not really wanted?
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds,... seek out new life and new civilizations,... boldly go where no one has gone before.
- Where're you fellows off to? - Skiing in the Denubian Alps.
- Save us some deep powder. - Sure. The holodecks have lots.
The away team's ready.
Angel One's strategic importance in this area may be vital.
Starfleet hopes they may one day join the Federation.
We'll do our best to make a good impression.
Captain's log, supplemental.
Our away team has beamed down to an unusual matriarchal society
where the female is as aggressively dominant
as the male was on Earth hundreds of years ago.
Here, the female is the hunter, the soldier,
larger and stronger than the male,
an arrangement considered most sensible and natural.
I am Beata, Elected One of Angel One.
Representatives of the Enterprise, you wish to petition?
We do. We have reason to hope that survivors
from a damaged Federation freighter may be marooned on your planet.
We are seeking to learn if this is so.
Even a world as remote as Angel One has heard of Starfleet.
Searching for survivors seems a petty task for one of their vessels.
We don't consider even one survivor petty.
Is this man implying that we put a lesser value on life than you do?
Not at all. Our discovery of the freighter was unexpected.
We have a duty to investigate.
I see.
And if you find any survivors, what then?
We would take them with us and reunite them with their families.
Are we to take these strangers at their word?
Good question.
What reason could we have to deceive you?
Another good question.
Are there survivors from the freighter Odin on your planet?
I'm not prepared to answer... yet.
See to their comforts.
What's going on?
You will remain here until summoned.
Is this area secure? Can we talk?
Yes. No listening devices or anything of a threatening nature.
- Good. Troi? - There was much fear in that room.
Paranoia, I'd say. But of what?
I cannot say. But their fear was not focused.
I sensed they were all not concerned for the same reason.
Undoubtedly, there are survivors from the Odin on this planet.
I agree, otherwise why would they be so circumspect?
As Mistress Beata is so fond of saying, good question.
What do we do if they deny there are survivors?
Let's not look for problems.
Have everyone prepare for a trip into the Neutral Zone
as soon as the away team returns.
Trouble, Captain?
Insurance. Romulan battle cruisers have been detected
near one of our border posts.
They've requested our assistance as soon as...
Report, Mr. Crusher.
We finished our ski lesson, sir,... and it kind a just happened.
On the Enterprise, nothing "just happens"... What is that smell?
Hm. Reminiscent of Night-Blooming throgni, Captain,... from home.
Quite stimulating, isn't it?
I don't smell anything. I'm a little congested. The snow.
Don't let this "just happen" again, Mr. Crusher.
Yes, sir.
Interesting. An alcohol-based synthetic,
artificially reproducing a floral scent.
It's called perfume, Data.
And the purpose is...?
Certain cultures consider perfume an aphrodisiac.
I am unfamiliar with that term.
An aphrodisiac is something used to stimulate or enhance...
..sexual pleasure.
How does stimulation of olfactory nerves affect the enjoyment of sex?
The Elected One will see you now.
You say you will remove these survivors from our world.
Are you ready to give your word on that?
We are.
You should know that the vote was not unanimous.
Some of those among us are suspicious.
Yet the majority feel we have to trust you.
We do not understand your misgivings, but appreciate your faith in us.
Make certain that faith is not misplaced.
There are four survivors from the ship you call Odin.
All male. Their leader is a man who calls himself Ramsey.
If you'll deliver them to us, we'll have them off your planet at once.
If they were mine to deliver, I would, without hesitation.
Unfortunately, their hiding place eludes us.
Hiding place? Why are they in hiding?
Because they're fugitives here, and the quicker they're gone, the better.
When these men came to us seven years ago, they accepted our hospitality.
But they gradually became restive,
started making unreasonable demands, went against the natural order.
Using our technology, we might be able to find these men.
I assumed as much. But be warned, Counsellor, these men are dangerous.
Sickbay to Capt Picard.
Picard here.
Wesley and a friend have contracted a respiratory ailment.
A respiratory ailment? Is it contained?
I hope so. I've isolated the 12 students who were on the field trip.
How contagious is it?
Still running tests.
The key is to figure out how the virus is transmitted.
So far, I've ruled out person-to-person contact.
Keep at it. Starfleet has important business for us
once the away team returns.
I don't fancy the idea of my crew being infected.
Data, what's the best way to find Ramsey and the other survivors?
If we can isolate something unique to the Odin survivors,
an element not otherwise found on Angel One,
we can utilize the Enterprise scanners.
Mr. Data will need access to your library.
Our library's far too sophisticated for a man to comprehend.
I am an android, Mistress, though anatomically, I am a male.
An amusing notion.
Maybe you could teach our males something.
Trent, see to the android's needs.
- Bridge to Picard. - Go ahead, Lieutenant.
The away team requests that we scan the planet's surface for platinum.
Have Mr. La Forge break fixed orbit and initiate a search pattern.
Aye, Captain.
- Geordi? - Search pattern initiated... now.
This was delivered for you.
Good. It's for my meeting with Beata.
You're not going to wear that?
Yes. Part of this mission is diplomatic.
I have an audience with a head of state.
I will honour her by wearing indigenous apparel.
I don't believe this. You're going to parade around like one of them?
Why, what is this attitude?
On Kabatris, I wore furs to meet with the leaders. On Armus IX, feathers.
This objection doesn't have anything to do with
Beata being an attractive woman, does it?
This is quite unnecessary. I'm fine.
You're infected with the virus.
In my opinion, you are not able to command this vessel.
That is ridiculous.
I have an away team down in unfriendly territory,
and also have an appointment with several Romulan battle crui...
You have an appointment in your cabin. With your bed.
- Is that an order, Doctor? - Yes.
- I think I may sneeze. - A Klingon sneeze?
Only kind I know.
Lt. La Forge,... you have command until further notice.
- Make the proper ship's log entries. - Aye, sir.
Scanners indicate... a platinum trace.
Shall I notify the away team?
Make it so.
What do you think?
I gotta say, it's... kind a sexy.
Thank you, Lieutenant. Actually, it feels quite... comfortable.
How handsome you look.
Thank you.
The Enterprise reports a possible location for the survivors.
- So soon. I'm impressed. - I'm suspicious.
You don't believe me?
Not yet. I hear the words, but not the sincerity.
You objected earlier, Ariel. You were in the minority.
After seven years, the great ship Enterprise
comes to repatriate a small group of insignificant people.
Mistress Ariel, I hear the words, but not the sincerity.
You should listen more carefully. Excuse me, Mistress.
I have matters to attend to elsewhere.
With permission, we'd like to begin our search immediately.
By all means.
But I'm sure Counsellor Troi and the others can see to that without you.
If I recall, you had a gesture of goodwill for me.
That can wait until we've recovered the survivors.
Are you suggesting the women in your party
cannot accomplish that without a man?
Not at all. Lt. Yar and Counsellor Troi are completely qualified.
You're very generous with your praise.
Inform them that you will remain here with me.
Riker to Lt. Yar.
This is Yar.
For diplomacy, I'll stay with Mistress Beata
while you conduct our search.
- Commander? - You have your instructions.
Relax. We have much to discuss.
- Set phasers to stun. - I wish they weren't necessary.
A justified precaution, Counsellor.
Mistress Beata observed that Mr. Ramsey and his men are dangerous.
- Yar to Enterprise. - Go ahead.
Three to beam to that platinum trace.
- Coordinates set. - Energize.
I've been expecting you.
Picard to bridge.
La Forge here.
- Status report. - 82 more cases of the virus, sir.
Dr. Crusher's converted the holodeck into an isolation ward.
And... the away team?
Well, no recent contact, sir,
but I informed them of our medical situation,
and of the growing Romulan threat to our Neutral Zone outpost.
Keep me advised. You have the bridge... until Cmdr Riker returns.
Engineering reports a computer mal...
I'm sorry.
I'm getting sick.
Half the ship knows that by now.
Report to sickbay, Lieutenant.
Engineering to bridge.
La Forge here.
The computer won't accept the climate controls.
On my way.
With respect, Lieutenant, there are people to do that job now.
La Forge to Engineering.
Lt. Wong knows that system. I'm sure she can resolve all problems.
Thanks for the advice.
How did you... find me?
Actually, it was quite simple.
Angel One has no platinum. Enterprise scanners did the rest.
Platinum, was it?
My wings. I kept them for their sentimental value.
Where are the other survivors, Mr. Ramsey?
They're nearby. They're packing, since we can't remain here.
Seven years on an alien planet,
and I sense no anticipation, no excitement at being rescued.
What do you think you're rescuing me from?
My shipmates and I have taken wives. A few even have children.
You can't rescue a man from a place that he calls his home.
Why were you so hesitant to tell us about the survivors?
Because Ramsey and his men are anarchists.
I had to be sure you weren't here to fuel their struggle.
I like the way your eyes pick up the colour of your tunic.
We do not interfere in the domestic affairs of other societies.
But you can interact?
Of course. Otherwise, how can we learn?
Is that why you're here with me tonight? To learn?
- About our society? - Yes.
Well, in our society, it is the men who are the fortunate ones,
enjoying all life has to offer...
..while we women devote ourselves to the obligation of making life work.
In our society, we share the responsibilities and pleasures.
Which is why I am here with you while the women look for Ramsey.
Remind me to thank them when they come back for giving us this time.
You resist. Don't you find me attractive?
Yes, I find you very attractive.
You attract me like no man ever has.
It's not my function to seduce or be seduced
by the leader of another world.
- It's not the reason. - No.
But will you still respect me tomorrow?
I hope so.
Thank you, Trent.
You may go.
Compliments of the USS Enterprise.
It's called an Albeni meditation crystal.
Very impressive.
Now I must repay you in kind.
Five months in a rescue pod no bigger than this room
is an eternity I hope none of you will ever have to face.
When we finally made it here,...
..we thought we'd died and gone to heaven. You've seen the women here.
They're tall and strong and very lovely.
But after the newness wore off, we saw how the men were treated.
There's no votes. There's no opinions.
There's no respect.
None of which is your concern any longer, Mr. Ramsey.
Call the others in, please. It's time to leave.
Despite their problems, we like it here on Angel One.
We're not going anywhere.
But Mistress Beata...
Be damned. Her wish is not my command, and neither is yours.
You can't force us to go.
Mr. Ramsey is correct.
The Odin was not a starship,
so her crew is not bound by the Prime Directive.
If he and the others wish to stay here, there is nothing we can do.
Bridge to sickbay. How are you doing, Doctor?
We have more sick than we do beds.
So far I've had to confine over 300 to their private quarters.
We're going to be badly undermanned if we engage the Romulans in battle.
The Romulans are your problem, Lieutenant.
Finding an inoculant is mine.
This virus mutates every 20 minutes.
But we haven't had any fatalities... yet.
If this continues, there'll be no one to run the ship.
If this continues, Lt. La Forge,
nobody will be healthy enough to care.
Yar to Enterprise.
Enterprise here. Go ahead.
Prepare to beam three to our previous location.
After re-grouping with Cmdr Riker, we'll return to the ship.
Make that on the double. We have a medical emergency brewing here.
One third of the crew is down, and word from the Neutral Zone is
more Romulan vessels are converging there.
I'll inform the Commander. Yar out.
One thing before we go.
You said you were expecting us. Why?
I can't answer that.
We wish you well, Mr. Ramsey.
They're gone.
How refreshing, to be with a man who knows what he wants.
And doesn't have to be told by a woman?
I knew you were bright enough to understand.
See, women, by our very nature, want only what is best for their men.
Men are not objects to be possessed, Mistress Beata.
Of course they're not.
It was merely a figure of speech.
What is so important that you intrude upon my privacy?
They have returned, Mistress, but without Ramsey or the others.
Your advanced technology has proven inadequate?
What happened?
Mr. Ramsey and the other survivors refused to leave.
You gave me your solemn word.
I'm sorry, there's nothing else we can do.
I'm sorry as well.
Since you refuse to take them with you,...
..l am left with no choice but to sentence them all to death.
It looks horrible,... tastes worse,
but it's absolutely guaranteed to make you feel better.
I knew you'd like it. Are you wearing cologne?
Like something I smelled earlier, something... Klingon.
Lt. Worf and I... detected the same scent...
when we bumped into your son... at the holodeck.
It's that smell.
That's how the virus travels.
An airborne particle whose sweet scent inspires deep inhalation.
And once inside the body, it becomes that damn virus.
I have work to do.
You are excused, Doctor.
What's the latest on the medical situation?
Dr. Crusher feels the virus will run unchecked through the entire ship.
Attempts to develop an inoculant have ended in failure.
Lt. La Forge still has bridge command, pending your return, sir.
And the Romulans entering the Neutral Zone?
The outpost reports seven Romulan battle cruisers within sensor range.
The USS Berlin answered the distress call.
However, if hostilities erupt,
the outpost and the starship will be out-gunned.
They feel the Enterprise's presence will be a vital show of force.
Some show of force. The Enterprise could fly on autopilot,
but with that virus around, we'll be in sorry shape if things turn ugly.
It's time we leave.
It doesn't feel right with Beata determined to execute those people.
She has to find them first. They've been fugitives for years.
They must be good at evading capture.
Something's wrong.
Before you go back to your ship, there's something I want you to see.
We were no harm to anyone. Why did you tell them where we were?
You brought this upon yourself,... you and the traitor.
One does not need technology to follow Mistress Ariel
sneaking out to warn her husband.
Let her stand with him now.
For tomorrow, they will die together.
Your "advanced society" uses executions
to suppress those who reject your views?
- I don't expect you to understand. - Why, because I'm only a man?
You'll accomplish nothing with that attitude.
Mistress Beata,...
..if you had an alternative to executing Ramsey and his followers,
would you take it?
Is that not the way of an advanced society?
Then let us meet with them one last time.
Let me try to convince them to leave with us.
Will you include others here
who choose to follow Ramsey and his group?
Yes, all of them.
Mistress Beata is willing to give you a second chance.
We're prepared to take your entire group with us.
That's very kind of you.
But we're not going.
Haven't you been paying attention, Ramsey?
You're scheduled to be executed tomorrow.
We don't want to die.
We don't want to leave either.
There's no time to debate the issues. You're leaving, like it or not.
Excuse me, Commander, but removing these people against their will
would violate several regulations, including the Prime Directive.
I realize that, Mr. Data.
I'd rather face a court-martial
than live with the guilt of leaving these people to their death.
- Cmdr Riker to the Enterprise. - Enterprise. Crusher here.
Must be worse there than we thought.
Doctor, where's Lt. La Forge?
He's right here, but he's in bad shape.
Notify the transporter room I have 14 to beam up.
I can't allow it.
This virus is totally out of control here.
Doctor, these people are facing their deaths down here.
They might be facing the same here.
Until I have a better idea of what this is, no one beams up.
I'm sorry, Will, but you must wait.
Understood. Doctor, would this virus have any effect on Mr. Data?
Not likely.
You're going back there alone.
Get the Enterprise into the Neutral Zone before it's too late.
This is Data, standing by to beam up.
What of them?
I don't know.
Mistress Beata invites you to witness this morning's reaffirmation
of Angel One's moral imperative.
Is that the civilized word for murder on this world?
You send Mistress Beata our regrets.
- The Elected One will not... - Enterprise to Cmdr Riker.
- They're still here. - Riker here.
I said to go to the Neutral Zone immediately. Explain the delay.
Actually, sir, you ordered me to reach the Neutral Zone
before it is too late.
After relieving Lt. La Forge, I computed the length of time
the outpost and the USS Berlin can withstand a Romulan attack,
and deducted our time to destination at maximum warp speed.
That leaves Dr. Crusher 48 minutes
to develop an inoculant to the virus.
- So we still have time to act. - 48 minutes.
47, sir.
Perhaps, Data, perhaps.
Thank you for following my orders so precisely.
On second thought, Trent,
we would be honoured to witness your moral imperative in action.
We have determined that the heretical teachings of Ramsey and his followers
are inconsistent with harmonious life on Angel One.
Our patient efforts to silence revolutionary voices have failed.
Therefore, we are left with none but the most final alternative.
As you can see, we are not without compassion.
Your deaths will be swift and painless.
Mistress Beata, before we see living examples of your compassion,
may I speak?
Is this a plea for leniency?
Nothing of the sort.
As the governing body here,
you're entitled to execute your laws, or your citizens, as you see fit.
Make your point so we can proceed with this unpleasant business.
When you spoke of the prisoners, you used the term revolutionary.
Indeed, death has been known to stop revolutions.
But I suspect it's not a revolution that Angel One is hoping to stop.
It's evolution.
Mr. Ramsey and the Odin survivors
did not initiate the waves of dissent rippling through your planet.
Their presence here merely reinforced
the change in attitudes between men and women that was already under way.
They became symbols around whom those with similar views gathered.
You may eliminate the symbols,
but that does not mean death to the issues those symbols represent.
No power in the universe can hope to stop the force of evolution.
Be warned.
The execution of Mr. Ramsey and his followers
may elevate them to the status of martyrs.
Martyrs cannot be silenced.
We will adjourn to consider your words.
Thank you.
I don't know if it was enough.
- Sickbay to Bridge. - Go ahead, Doctor.
Bingo, Data.
Bingo? I fail to see the relevance, Doctor.
Is that not an ancient Earth game?
It's also a reference to success. I've got the inoculant.
Excellent, Doctor. We still have 17 minutes left.
I will inform the away team immediately. Enterprise to Riker.
We are now ready to beam you up, Commander.
Data, Ramsey and the prisoners are with us in the Great Hall.
Lock in the transporter. Prepare to evacuate the entire group.
- But for now, stand by. - Understood, Commander.
On consideration, this legislature has voted to stay the execution.
Their children will be returned immediately.
Do not rejoice prematurely.
Ramsey and his followers are to be exiled
to a distant and unpopulated region.
Life will be difficult there,
with little time for revolutionary... or evolutionary upheaval.
As some observed, we may not be able to stop evolution,
but perhaps we can reduce it to a slow crawl.
For a man, you can be very clever, Cmdr Riker.
Riker to Enterprise.
Belay my previous order, Mr. Data.
There will now be only three to beam up. Energize.
Welcome home.
It's good to be back.
- Are they recovering? - Slowly, but yes.
And the Captain?
The Captain is fine, thank you.
Mr. Data has been briefing me on the away team's comportment, Number One.
We... improvised, sir.
I look forward to your reports.
- Time to pay the Romulans a call? - Set course for the Neutral Zone.
Warp six.
Coordinates set. Warp six. On your mark, sir.

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