Captain's log, star date 41697.9.
We're en route to Sarona VIII for shore leave.
The entire crew is looking forward to it.
On a personal note, I have allowed myself the luxury of a head start.
I took advantage.
No, no, Lieutenant, the advantage was yours.
Come again.
En garde.
Interesting move. But what technique was that?
The technique of a desperate man.
Interesting move. But what technique was that?
The technique of a desperate man.
Captain, what was that?
- Picard to bridge. - Captain?
Number One, did something unusual just occur on the bridge?
Yes, we experienced some kind of loop where everything repeats itself.
Here, too. I'm on my way.
- Report, Mr. Data. - Sensors show nothing, sir.
But it appears a moment in time repeated itself exactly for everyone.
- Just like déjá vu. - Reports coming in from all decks.
Computers were also affected.
The phenomenon was not an illusion, but occurred in real time.
Number One, find out if anything similar happened in this sector.
I am receiving an emergency transmission
from the Pegos Minor system.
Put it on.
I repeat. This is Dr. Paul Manheim. We are in need of help. Urgent.
All ships, please respond. I repeat.
Coordinates are 66728.9
by 7075...
It is an automated signal. I cannot establish contact.
- This is Dr. Paul Manheim... - Shut it off.
Lay in a course on those coordinates.
You act as if there's a connection
between the time distortion and the signal.
There is.
Paul Manheim.
15 years ago, he went off to work on experiments
relating to non-linear time.
It appears he has achieved some success.
- Speed warp eight. - Aye, sir.
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds,...
..to seek out new life and new civilizations,...
..to boldly go where no one has gone before.
Estimated arrival, Pegos Minor, four hours, 35 minutes, 17 seconds.
- I've never heard of Paul Manheim. - Mr. Data?
A highly respected scientist, considered a visionary,
he had time-related theories.
One regarding time and gravity was intriguing.
But none of his theories received wide acceptance.
15 years ago, he assembled a team of scientists to expand that research.
They disappeared. Haven't been heard from since.
- Did you know him? - I knew of him.
He was teaching at the university when I was in Paris, but...
I didn't have the pleasure. I must change.
Number One, inform me half an hour before we reach those coordinates.
Try to determine if the time distortion
was specifically located on the Enterprise.
- Captain? Excuse me. - Yes, what is it, Counsellor?
I think you would prefer to discuss this in private.
That's not necessary. Go on.
When Prof Manheim was mentioned, you reacted with intense emotion.
Yes. Please get to the point.
I don't want to interfere with your personal life,
but unresolved strong emotion can affect judgement.
Well, thank you for your concern.
As ship's Counsellor, I offer my assistance.
What do you suggest?
Confronting deep personal issues is not easy for you.
You tend to suppress them.
There are a few hours until we arrive.
Perhaps you should use this time to analyze your feelings
and put them into perspective.
Thank you. If I should need you further, I'll let you know.
Bridge. Belay that.
Computer, estimated arrival at Pegos Minor.
Two hours, nine minutes.
Holodeck three.
- Computer, this is Capt Picard. - Holodeck three is clear.
Location, Paris, Café des Artistes,
as it appeared... 22 years ago.
April 9th, 1500 hours, three o'clock.
Warm spring day.
Program complete.
Monsieur, welcome to the Café des Artistes.
- Is this your first time in Paris? - No.
This way.
That table.
Mais, bien súr, monsieur. We are here to please you.
I've been away far too long.
Some wine, some cheese?
I'm not very hungry. I... really came for the view.
Perhaps what you hunger for is not on the menu.
Perhaps not.
It was many years ago. I... had a rendezvous.
I was to meet someone.
Someone... here, at that very table.
Your young lady, she did not come?
Actually, I don't know. I always imagined that she did.
You, however, did not.
Well,... trust Edouard.
I will bring something very special, just for you.
Let's go. We've waited long enough.
Fine. You go. I'll stay a little longer.
He's not coming, Gabrielle.
No, after last night, I know he will.
Then he would be here.
You are making a fool of yourself, and I will not watch.
- Do we know each other? - No.
Do I remind you of someone?
Yes. You do, somewhat.
He's not coming.
Why? What did I do to drive him away?
Maybe you did nothing. Maybe he had no choice.
Maybe he was afraid.
Of what? Of me?
Of being... connected. Rooted.
Perhaps if he's as young as you are, he doesn't know what he wants to do.
Enough of this self-indulgence. Exit!
We received communication from the Lalo,
and from a farming colony on Coltar IV.
Both described the time distortion.
The captain of the Lalo called it a hiccup.
- Hiccup? - That may be an incorrect analogy.
How so?
A hiccup is an inhalation with closure of the glottis,
accompanied by a peculiar sound.
If we use the analogy of a body function, what occurred...
Enough, Data. Have you learned any more about the Manheim project?
Only what you already know. Manheim was concentrating on time-gravity.
Captain, we've reached the coordinates specified.
- There's nothing here. - I'm receiving new coordinates.
It's a relay signal. Same source as before.
What are they?
664.8 by 1323.7 by 4949.9.
Very remote area, sir, in the Vandor system, a binary-star system.
Main star's a B-Class giant, the companion star's a pulsar.
Set course for the new coordinates.
Why is he making it this difficult to find him?
Hopefully, he'll tell us, Number One.
We have reached the coordinates.
Sensors indicate it is Vandor IV,
a planetoid in elliptical orbit around a binary system.
- Standard orbit, Mr. La Forge. - Aye, sir.
Give me a visual.
View screen on. There's a small force field on the planet.
Latitude, 20 degrees, nine minutes north.
Longitude, 40 degrees, two minutes east of the present terminator.
- Penetrable? - No, sir.
- Open hailing frequencies. - Frequencies open, sir.
This is Captain... This is the Captain of the USS Enterprise
responding to your call for help.
Thank you for hearing us. Where are you?
We're in orbit around Vandor now.
You can help me. I don't know what to do.
It's only the two of us left. He's having convulsions. Please.
Can you lock on to her coordinates?
No, the force field is preventing any contact other than audio.
- There is a force field. - I know.
Good. But it is preventing us from helping you.
You must find some way to shut it down.
I'll try.
Force field is off.
Good. Lock on to their coordinates. Beam them to sickbay.
Dr. Crusher, prepare for a medical emergency. Two to beam up.
- We'll be ready. - That's where I'll be.
I'll help.
I've got his legs.
- How long has he been like this? - Several hours at least.
He was in his lab, so I'm not sure.
I need to do some tests.
I thought the voice sounded familiar.
I should have known.
Who else would have charged to my rescue?
This is my First Officer, Cmdr William Riker.
Lt. Cmdr Data.
This is Jenice... Manheim.
- A pleasure, Mrs. Manheim. - Thank you.
I have a number of questions for you.
I hope I can be of some help.
Why don't we sit down here?
What happened to the rest of the crew?
They were working at the second lab.
Something happened there a few weeks ago. They were all killed.
It was a terrible accident. I don't know what happened.
So many brilliant, wonderful minds... just gone.
Do you know the nature of Dr. Manheim's work?
Paul's interested in time.
He's never believed that it was immutable, any more than space is.
He came to believe that we reside in one of infinite dimensions,
and what holds us here is the constancy of time.
Change that, and it would open the window to those other dimensions.
Which begins to explain what happened.
Have you experienced something up here?
Yes, what is emanating here
is having repercussions light years away, maybe even further.
That would explain his anxiety.
I had no idea it had gone so far beyond Vandor.
Why this place? Why Vandor?
Paul and the team searched for two years to find it.
Vandor's exactly what they needed. A planetoid around a binary star.
Because of the pulsar's gravity.
Did your husband ever attempt to define these dimensions
- to show you what he expected? - No.
But he did say that he was very close to proving his theories.
And then the accident.
Did he anticipate that these experiments might be dangerous?
I didn't think so.
But now, in retrospect, he probably did.
That would explain the unusual precautions he began taking,
even before the accident.
The force field, the elaborate security system.
When he started a new experiment,
he insisted I stay in what he called a protected room.
That's why you weren't affected.
He would never knowingly do anything to hurt anyone.
Yes, I believe that.
But as he saw his goal getting closer, seeming possible,
he became more obsessive.
Maybe that clouded his judgement.
This is not how I imagined seeing you again.
Nor I you.
You've done well. A great starship on the far reaches of the galaxy.
It's everything you'd hoped.
Not exactly. Nothing works... just as you hope.
If you can't tell us any more, I need to send a team to the lab.
You can't. It's protected.
One of the scientists made sure no one could get in.
- Excuse me. - Is he worse?
He's resting, but you should undergo some tests.
My nurse will start them.
Thank you for your kindness.
She's an old friend.
I gathered that. It's her husband I'm more concerned with.
- What's the prognosis? - I believe he's dying.
His neurochemistry's been affected, but I don't know how or why.
- How long does he have? - Maybe a couple of days.
I can only maintain him until I find out what's causing the damage.
- Can we talk to him? - Not now. Not yet.
Incidentally, the effects of the time distortions
are now being felt in the Ilecom system.
Manheim has turned vague theories into a practical application.
But without his help, I doubt we can pose any intelligent questions,
let alone come up with any solutions.
Incidentally, the effects of the time distortions
are now being felt in the Ilecom system.
It's us before we stepped into the turbo lift.
It's happening again.
I feel no disorientation.
Nor do l.
What was that?
I believe the Manheim Effect is becoming more pronounced.
This is where we started... if we are us.
We are us, but they are also us.
Indeed, we are both us, at different points along the same time continuum.
- What have you learned? - We've scanned the planet, sir.
The second lab is completely destroyed.
Unable to determine what caused it. Little to clarify the situation.
Sensors show an immense volume of energy within the planet
near Manheim's remaining laboratory.
- How's the energy used? - No idea.
- Its source? - I cannot be sure.
But I believe Manheim can harness energy from the pulsar.
We've learned everything we can from here,
and we are no closer to understanding it.
Manheim is unable to help us, but hopefully he kept notes.
- I need to study the records. - We'll have to go down there.
What about the defence system?
When the shield was lowered, it may have been turned off.
If not, we'll deal with it.
- Prepare your team. - Aye, sir.
- Coordinates set? - Yes, sir.
There's a lack of integrity.
I'm losing them.
Bring them back. Now!
What's going on?
There seems to be some kind of strange bouncing effect.
I can't get them to materialize. My readings aren't complete.
Keep trying.
Why are we back here?
You're lucky you made it back at all.
Where am l?
Thank God. You're on the USS Enterprise.
- They answered your distress signal. - I sent one?
Paul, you're going to be fine.
No. I am not fine. I'm not even close to fine.
Bridge, Prof Manheim is conscious.
It was worth it, what happened.
What will happen, all of it. It was all worth it.
Again. It's changing again.
- What is? What do you see? - I'm having difficulty.
With what? Are you in pain?
I have been on the other side. I have touched another dimension.
Part of me is still there.
Help him.
Try to stay calm. It won't help you, struggling against it.
My mind is floating between two places.
It is difficult to know which is which.
There is no way to explain it.
I'm Capt Picard.
The same one?
She has told me about you. Not all. But enough.
We need your help. The situation is not good.
- It will get worse. - How do we stop it?
I'm having difficulty holding the moment.
Doctor, this is Lt. Cmdr Data. Will you explain the situation to him?
I am fully versed on your theories on time and gravity.
How is that possible?
I am not fully versed on all my theories.
I am an android.
Android? On a Starfleet vessel?
- I am the only one. - Your knowledge is useless.
Our work has made most of those theories obsolete.
Then you have harnessed a dynamic energy source.
Then you do understand. Yes.
We located an energy source in the centre of this planetoid.
We learned to enhance it, to focus it.
Everything worked too well.
The energy from the pulsar, the energy from the planetoid...
We opened a crack,... a window into another dimension.
The time distortion we felt.
Felt? Then... it is not confined to the planetoid?
The range is at least several thousand light years.
It must be stopped.
You must help me to execute a controlled shutdown of my experiment.
Get my notes. They're in the lab.
How do we bypass the security system?
I'll give you the coordinates to beam safely down to Vandor,
and the codes you need to bypass security systems to get into my lab.
If what the Professor has given me is accurate, we can repair the damage.
But it must be timed to coincide with another time distortion.
- Can we predict it? - I believe so.
We have to. This other dimension will rip into the fabric of the galaxy.
Reality will not be the same.
Lt. Worf, I want those codes that Manheim gave Mr. Data
rechecked and checked again.
No one beams down unless we're sure they can get through.
Aye, sir.
I'm sorry for intruding. I was told I'd find you here.
You're not intruding. We're just finished. Come in.
I knew you wouldn't come to me.
No. Not under these circumstances.
- We have unfinished business. - Yes, we do.
Why didn't you come to meet me that last day in Paris?
- I was afraid. - I didn't want this.
- What? - The truth.
- You want me to lie? - Of course.
A nice, soft, painless lie.
I got the days confused. I thought it was Tuesday, not Wednesday.
I went to the Café Moulin instead.
That's better. It was raining. You couldn't find a cab.
I waited all day.
And it was raining. It rained the rest of the week.
I went to Starfleet headquarters, but you'd already shipped out.
So,... come on.
Let's hear the truth.
It was fear.
Fear of seeing you, losing my resolve.
Fear of staying,... losing myself.
Fear that neither of these choices was right and that...
And that either would have...
For a long time,
not a day went by that I didn't look up into the sky,... and wonder.
Each time that I returned to Earth, my thoughts were filled with you.
I've thought a lot about this over the years.
Perhaps you're leaving out your greatest fear.
- The real reason you left. - Which was?
That... life with me would have somehow made you ordinary.
You're wonderful. And am I that transparent?
Only to me.
I wish I could talk to you.
I bet you were really something.
I wanted to see how he was doing.
The same.
Nothing I do seems to make any difference.
That's not why you're here.
I thought I was the empath.
- Are you alright? - Why wouldn't I be?
I have one of the medical wonders of the galaxy dying in my sickbay.
That's not what I meant.
I don't want to talk about what I think you mean.
I can't compete with a ghost from his past. No one could.
She's not a ghost. She's here right now.
She may be in the here and now, but it's the ghost he sees.
Excuse me, I have to get back to my patient.
How soon, Mr. Data?
If Dr. Manheim's information is correct, by my calculations,
the next time distortion should occur between 28 to 47 minutes.
Bridge, this is sickbay.
Dr. Manheim is awake, and asking to speak to you, Captain. Alone.
On my way, Doctor.
You asked for me.
I am not sure I remembered all the codes for the security system.
You should warn anyone going down there.
Thank you. I'll tell them to be cautious.
What I really wanted to talk to you about is Jenice.
I did not come to discuss your wife.
It is only this...
If anything should go wrong, please... take care of her for me.
Of course.
She never would admit this,
but she has had a terrible time these last years.
Had we not been so isolated, she might have left me.
I never would have known, at least not right away.
Perhaps I'm not a man who should have a woman like her.
She deserves better.
You underestimate her.
I know, because I once did.
In both cases, the time distortions occurred along the same continuum
as a preview or reprise of a specific point in time.
Where we are, were, and where we will be.
Data, I want this to be an away team of one. You.
There's no reason to risk anyone else.
It is reasonable, sir. After all, I am a machine and dispensable.
"Indispensable" is the appropriate word.
But you seem more able to control the effects of the time distortion.
I see. That is quite true, sir.
I see time as a constant, whereas humans perceive time as flexible,
hence the expression "Time flies when you're having fun",
which until now has always confused me.
Well, I want you to put a stitch in time and save much more than nine.
If other members of the away team became disoriented,
it could create additional problems, and perhaps increase the danger.
I will go immediately, sir.
Good luck, Data.
Alright, we have the coordinates exactly as the Professor specified.
I am proceeding to the lab, sir.
- Maintain an open frequency. - Aye, sir.
Mr. Data, what's going on?
Dr. Manheim forgot to mention one of his security precautions, sir.
I am proceeding into the laboratory.
This channel will remain open. Please continue to report.
This appears to be the instrument Dr. Manheim described.
It should confirm when the next time effect will occur.
Do you have enough information to decipher the security code?
I will know in a moment, sir.
According to calculations,
the next time effect will occur in one minute, 30 seconds.
What's the next step?
I need to add antimatter to rebalance and align the system.
Will that plug the hole?
Theoretically, yes. In reality, I do not know.
When the effect hits, the force fields will align,
opening a clean, straight path to the other dimension.
Whatever the time distortion,
I must add the antimatter at the appropriate moment.
Geordi, if the Professor was right, I need a 27-second countdown.
You got it.
Captain, I now have the antimatter,
and am moving towards the opening at the end of the lab.
The next time distortion should occur within seconds.
Geordi, begin countdown on my mark.
27, 26, 25, 24, 23, 22, 21, 20...
Captain, there appear to be three of us.
Should I drop the antimatter or wait for one of you?
Only one of us is at the correct time continuum.
Which one?
Me! It's me.
Five, four, three, two, one. Now.
Data? Report. Are you alright?
- Yes, sir. - Is it closed?
It is well patched, sir.
"Closed" means permanent, which I cannot guarantee.
Patched is good enough. Well done. Beam back immediately.
With pleasure, sir.
This is amazing. All your readings are completely normal.
- Where is my wife? - She's right here.
The effect has been reversed. I can feel it. We're safe.
- How is he? - He needs rest.
There may be residual effects. Other than that, he'll be alright.
I feel like I'm coming out of a long tunnel.
It's there. Not at all like I thought it would be. Different.
- Describe it. - I can't. Not yet.
The only words that fit are too pale because the images are so vibrant.
It's not like anything anyone has experienced before.
There was... No. No, there is this kind of life.
Not like us. Not like this.
What's the condition of my lab?
Intact for the most part.
Don't tell me we're going back?
Jenice, we are so close.
We have learned so much to walk away.
Besides, we owe it to the others, our friends.
There have been so many sacrifices by so many good people.
- We'll be going back. - Yes, I can see that.
The Federation will want to help in any way it can.
Thank you.
This time it will be different, I promise.
It always is, my love.
You said my life would never be dull,... and it never has been.
Thank you.
Computer, this is Troi. Request access.
Terminate the current program?
- No, continue the program. - Enter when ready.
The Captain is waiting for you inside.
How's this possible? It's Paris.
Madame, this way. The Captain is waiting for you.
- This is so real. - Bien súr. Pour quoi pas?
Don't tell me how you did it. I don't care.
It's perfect.
It's as if we were really there.
I wanted to say goodbye properly this time.
I shall always picture you here.
I expect you to always come charging to my rescue.
I'll do my best.
Goodbye, Jean-Luc.
Be well.
And you.
Thank you for Paris.
Well, so much for my dramatically romantic exit.
- Is anything wrong? - No, sir.
Set course for Sarona VIII.
As I remember, we were on our way for much-needed shore leave.
- Course plotted and laid in, sir. - Warp five.
I've been there once. There's this club.
I don't remember the name. They serve blue concoctions.
It's across the square from the dance palace.
It's called the Blue Parrot Café, and you're buying.

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