First Officer's log, star date 41986.0.
We await the return of Capt Picard
who was summoned to Star base 718 for an emergency conference.
Meanwhile, our sensors are monitoring an ancient capsule
which appears to be from Earth.
I wonder how it got out here.
At present speed and heading,
it will enter the Kazis binary system and be destroyed.
I could use a tractor beam to adjust its heading.
I think not. It's just debris.
We only noticed it because we're waiting here.
Let it be. Let nature take its course.
How long until Capt Picard returns?
The last communication indicated several hours.
Request permission to investigate this vehicle.
- Why? It's a derelict. - It is a piece of history.
The opportunity to examine an ancient vehicle does not come often.
And, as you pointed out, we do have the time.
Very well. Be ready to beam back before the Captain returns.
- Thank you, sir. - Lt. Worf, go with him.
Aye, sir.
Minimal oxygen atmosphere.
An ancient solar generator. Still operating.
Commander, look at this.
The on-board computers have ceased functioning.
I may be able to download this disk drive to the Enterprise.
Must be sealed. Probably with age.
Not necessary.
The seal has been broken and the environment corrupted.
Here's another.
This one is empty.
Commander! Look at this.
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds,... seek out new life and new civilizations,... boldly go where no one has gone before.
Were they frozen for an extended journey?
If so, there would be evidence of more sophisticated monitoring.
These containers were designed solely for refrigeration.
The Captain's shuttle is approaching the shuttle bay.
This is the Captain. I want to go when the shuttle is secure.
We'll make all preparations.
Cmdr Data, return to the Enterprise immediately.
We have an unusual situation, sir.
There are people on board. Frozen.
Frozen? How many?
Three. The vehicle has suffered severe damage.
Most of her systems have failed.
Should they be transferred to the Enterprise?
I do not believe we should leave them here, sir.
With your permission, we will return with three containers.
Whatever you do, do it quickly.
Mr. La Forge, set course 058, mark 173.
Number One, staff meeting on observation deck.
Captain, those coordinates will take us into the Neutral Zone.
That is correct, Mr. La Forge. Warp factor eight.
- Aye, sir. Warp eight. - Engage.
Two Federation outposts in Sector 30 have been destroyed.
There's been no communication with Federation star bases in Sector 31
since star date 41903.2.
- Romulans. - That's the assumption.
There's been no contact with the Romulans
since the Tomed Incident.
The questions are, why now? What's their objective?
For 50 years, barely a whisper.
Now, for no apparent reason, they're back with a roar.
All we know of them is based on rumour or conjecture.
The strategic decision... is to send one ship.
The Enterprise.
We could find ourselves greatly overmatched.
True enough. It's a gamble.
This first encounter, coming so suddenly after all this time,
we assume it's a setup?
If force is necessary, we will use it.
But our goal is to establish relations with the Romulans.
If we don't succeed, then to convince them of our resolve.
The feeling at Starfleet is that they are seeking confrontation.
They may want to test themselves in battle
against a Federation starship.
See how we've advanced. If that is so, I need to know it.
I'll need a full profile.
There is limited information, but I will prepare something.
Computer, estimated time of arrival at the Neutral Zone?
19 hours, 28 minutes.
Let's reassemble in six hours.
Stay sharp, no surprises.
I'd rather outthink them than outfight them. Questions?
- What is it, Doctor? - The people from the capsule.
- Capsule? What people? - The people Data beamed over.
- I wasn't aware that he had. - He did. They were frozen.
I thawed them.
- You what? - What else could I do?
The crypts in which they were frozen were falling apart.
- So, what's their condition? - Right now, they're all sleeping.
Each one needed minor medical attention.
Minor now, but then their conditions were terminal.
One had a heart problem.
Another, advanced emphysema, with extensive liver damage.
Most surprising of all, each had been frozen after they died.
After they died?
Cryonics. It was a kind of fad in the late 20th century.
People feared dying.
It terrified them.
So, at the moment of death, they would be frozen,
so that at some time in the future,
when a cure had been found for what killed them,
they could be thawed, healed, and sent about their business.
In the case of this group, it apparently worked.
Mr. Data, report to sickbay.
Look, I am never critical of any member of my staff being curious.
But it's just that the timing is so...
I could not leave them. Their vehicle was deteriorating.
Data, they were already dead.
What more could have happened to them?
I see your point. At the time, it seemed the proper thing to do.
Well, they're alive now.
We'll have to treat them as living human beings.
Alive and well and ready to be awakened.
Before you wake them I want Security here.
Lt. Worf, report to sickbay.
They're sedated, but they should be up as soon as possible.
Well,... then, we have no other choice.
None that I can see.
Welcome to the 24th century.
I retrieved some information from the ancient disk
I removed from their computer.
Her name is Clare Raymond. Age, 35. Occupation, homemaker.
Must be some kind of construction work.
She died of an embolism. It was probably very sudden.
Otherwise, her physical condition was excellent.
His name is Ralph Offenhouse. Age, 55. Occupation, financier.
Advanced cardiomyopathy.
Inoperable at the time, but easily correctable now.
He must've known his condition was terminal for some time.
Much of his file, we could not retrieve.
His name is LQ Sonny Clemonds.
His occupation had something to do with music.
There was marked deterioration in every system of his body.
Probably massive chemical abuse. Unbelievable.
Sounds like someone who hated life.
Yet he had himself frozen so he could go through it all again.
Too afraid to live, too scared to die.
Doctor, this situation is more suited to your talents.
I'll be on the bridge.
Number One.
Take charge of our guests until we decide what to do with them.
Aye, sir.
Number One,... keep them out of my way.
I know this is very confusing to you, so I'll attempt to explain.
You are on the starship USS Enterprise.
No. The United Federation of Planets. Earth is a member.
What year is this?
By your calendar, 2364.
My heart... Is it...?
It's perfectly fine.
In fact, all of you are now in excellent health.
It worked. I made it.
What is that?
An android.
You mean, a robot?
There is a distinct difference between an android and a robot.
And him? The one I saw before, with the... head?
She means Worf.
He's a Klingon. That takes a little more explanation.
I paid some idiot a lot of money to freeze me when I died.
I just got to hear the words. Am I alive?
Yes. Absolutely.
And the liver that was about to explode in my face?
Perfectly sound.
Excuse me, could someone tell me what's going on here?
About 370 years ago, you died of a massive embolism.
I don't remember anything about that.
You and the others were frozen.
Cryonics, you know? Freeze you now and heal you later.
Yeah, I've heard of it, I just never gave it much thought.
- How did we get here? - You were in a space module.
The wacko that sold me this scam
said that in orbit, there'd be no brownout.
Yes, several cryonics companies fell into disrepute
because power failures adversely affected their refrigeration system.
Their stocks were severely depressed.
The whole deal was a long shot,
but I figured I'd give them the dough instead of my ex-wives!
But, son, I figured it was a bunch of hooey.
As in hogwash, malarkey, jive. An intentional fabrication.
There you go. You got it.
Now, if you didn't contract for this, who did?
It must have been my husband, Donald.
If it was new and foolish, he'd pop for it.
Well, it's the first thing he bought into that worked.
I, for one, never had a doubt.
My stock in this company must have split a dozen times by now.
Actually, the process of cryonics was never more than a fad.
It did not continue beyond the mid-21st century.
I need to make a phone call.
- A phone call? - Yes, I have provided for myself.
I have a substantial portfolio. It's critical that I check on it.
Let the bank know I'm alive and well.
It's gonna be difficult at the moment.
Do you at least have a copy of the Wall Street Journal?
Let's take the Doctor's advice.
Take this very slowly until we've adjusted.
Then we'll talk to the Captain.
As you know, sir, there is little available on the Romulans.
- Anything would be helpful. - They are creatures of extremes.
One moment, violent beyond description, the next, tender.
They are related to the Vulcans, but as each race developed,
their differences grew wider.
They're intensely curious.
Their belief in their own superiority is beyond arrogance.
For some reason, they have a fascination with humans.
That fascination, more than anything, has kept the peace.
One other thing. They will not initiate anything.
They will wait for you to commit yourself.
Counter punchers.
Thank you, Counsellor. That's quite valuable.
I'd like me a thick Kansas City steak
and some country fried potatoes and a mess of greens.
Hell, forget all that.
Give me a martini, straight up, with two olives.
For the vitamins.
Is something wrong?
Wrong? Your computer fixed about the best martini I ever had.
I might get to like this place.
Let's see if the Braves are on. How do you turn on the TV?
- TV? - Yeah, the boob tube.
I'd like to see how the Braves are doing.
Probably still finding ways to lose.
I believe he means television, sir.
That form of entertainment did not last much beyond 2040.
Well, what do you guys do?
You don't drink and you ain't got no TV.
Must be kind of boring, ain't it?
Number One.
Riker, here.
Would you and Mr. Data report to the bridge?
At once, sir.
With whom were you speaking?
- The Captain. - Good.
Would you tell him I'd like to see him as soon as it's convenient?
What'll happen to us? Do we stay here? Go back to Earth?
- That's up to the Captain. - Well, get him in here.
I have to phone Geneva about my accounts.
The interest alone could be enough to buy this ship.
The Yankee's right. Get the big boy in here.
I'll pass along your request. Excuse us.
Duty calls. I understand.
Come back later on. We'll find a couple of low-mileage pit woofies
and help 'em build a memory.
- What is to be done with them, sir? - I don't know.
Commander, a low-mileage pit woofie?
This time you've got me. I haven't a clue.
They are the most unusual humans I have encountered.
From what I've seen, there's not much to redeem them.
How did our species survive the 21st century?
We are six hours from the Neutral Zone.
I have been unable to make contact with any Federation colony here.
- How many outposts are nearby? - Nine.
We should assume they've been destroyed.
- By the Romulans? - It fits their historical pattern.
We've had no contact with the Romulans
for 53 years, seven months, 18 days.
We must consider our information out of date.
So the information they have about us is also out of date.
I think it's that lack of information that this is about.
Go on.
The Romulans want a confrontation. Specifically with us.
- The Enterprise? - Not by name, but the Federation.
They know the Federation will send their best,
enabling them to see how far we have advanced in technology and technique.
- What are you recommending? - I've no specific recommendation.
Perhaps we should assume the initiative.
I agree. This may be our only opportunity.
We should seize it.
Mr. Data?
The strategy is built on a single premise. Their hostile intent.
If the premise is sound, so is the proposal.
If their intention isn't hostile, what is it?
Capt Picard?
This is Capt Picard. To whom am I speaking?
Ralph Offenhouse.
I need to talk to you.
Number One, did you give him permission to contact me?
No. He must have seen me use the comm panel.
Listen, Mr... Offenhouse, we're in a very important conference.
I'm sick of being put off
by you and your staff! This is the worst-run ship I've been on!
You should learn from the QE2. That's an efficient operation!
Data, identify. What is a QE2?
It was a passenger liner, which travelled Earth's Atlantic Ocean
in late 20th, early 21st centuries.
He's comparing the Enterprise to a cruise ship?
Capt Picard, I demand that you see me!
I think I have been very, very patient.
I demand a phone, or a radio, or whatever else you have!
Frankly, enough is enough.
Especially considering what I paid for this procedure!
I must contact my law...
I'm Capt Picard.
Excellent. Maybe we can get some things straightened out.
Indeed. Those comm panels are for official ship business.
So, why don't they need an executive key?
Aboard a starship, that is not necessary.
We are capable of self-discipline. You will refrain from using them.
Just a minute...
We are in a serious, potentially dangerous, situation.
I'm sure it seems very important to you,
but my situation is far more critical.
I don't think you're aware of your situation.
Or of how much time has passed.
I'm fully cognizant of where I am and when.
But I have more to protect
than a man in your position could possibly imagine.
No offence meant,
but a military career was never considered to be... upwardly mobile.
I must contact my lawyer.
Your lawyer's been dead for centuries.
Of course, I know that.
But he was a full partner in a very important firm.
Rest assured, that firm is still operating.
That's what all this is about.
A lot has changed in the past 300 years.
People are no longer obsessed with the accumulation of things.
We've eliminated hunger, want, the need for possessions.
We've grown out of our infancy.
You've got it all wrong. It has never been about possessions.
It's about power.
- Power to do what? - To control your life, your destiny.
That kind of control is an illusion.
I'm here, aren't l?
I should be dead, but I'm not.
What is it?
I don't know. It just started and it won't stop.
I keep thinking about my boys.
Counsellor Troi, will you report to the guest lounge?
Captain, we are approaching Science Station Delta 05.
Slow to half impulse. I'm on my way.
Captain, I need to see that pretty little Doctor of yours.
I'll inform her.
I didn't mean to come on so strong.
It's just I've built my whole life on knowing what's going on.
For the first time I feel...
..completely out of touch.
It's making me crazy. You can understand that.
It's the first thing you've said I do understand.
I'll see what I can do. And please stay off the comm panels.
Counsellor, will you get those people under control?
We can't afford this continuing distraction.
Yes, sir.
My name's Deanna.
They sent you here to settle me down?
I'm the ship's Counsellor. I thought you might want to talk.
The local shrink?
- I'm not familiar with that term. - It doesn't matter.
You're feeling profoundly sad.
I can't stop crying.
I miss my sons.
And then I think, I'm here, but... they're gone.
Donald, that's my husband...
I love that man, but,
good intentions aside, he'd mess up a free lunch.
Why on Earth he ever decided to do this...?
He must have thought you would've wanted it.
No, I can tell you what happened.
He couldn't think about going on alone.
I died and he couldn't face it, so he had me frozen.
In his mind, I wasn't really gone.
It sounds crazy, but you had to know Donald.
I wish I knew what happened to my children.
Did they marry? Did they have kids?
Let's see if we can find out.
Computer, this is Counsellor Troi.
Request personal history on... What are their names?
Tommy, he's eight, and Eddie is five.
Full names, date and place of birth.
They were born in Secaucus, that's in Jersey.
Can this really work? Can this tell me what happened to them?
There must be a record somewhere. There's a good chance we'll find it.
Well, whether we do or not, I want to thank you for trying.
Date of birth... Tommy was born February 17th.
I need something to jump-start the morning
and something else to shut down the night.
You have no medical need.
It ain't a matter of need, darling. It's a matter of survival.
Well, old Watosh'll scuffle along best he can.
Where's that fella with the strange face?
I beg your pardon?
Whats his name. The android fella.
- You mean Lt. Cmdr Data? - That's the one.
- I'll tell him you want him. - Much obliged.
You're just about the prettiest doctor I ever seen.
Much obliged.
This is amazing. It's all right here.
Ten generations of your progeny.
Everyone I've ever known is dead.
Do you mind? I'd like to be alone.
No. Not at all.
You asked to see me?
I'm about to go outta my mind. Sitting here just don't get it.
- What say you and I put on a party? - A celebration?
Nothing that fancy. Just some folks, some suds, and some sounds.
It's just something to do.
- I will speak to the Captain. - Great! Do that.
Inquiry. You are not having as much difficulty
adjusting to your circumstances as the others.
You mean being on this tub, 400 years from where I started?
Heck, it's the same dance, it's just a different tune.
Does anybody here have a guitar?
No. But the computer can replicate one.
I want one while I still remember the chords.
We're approaching the Neutral Zone. Report to the bridge.
I must leave.
What's this Neutral Zone?
A buffer between the Romulan Empire and the Federation.
- Why does that make me nervous? - I do not know.
We won't be inviting these Romulans to our party.
No. That would not be... appropriate.
Captain's log, supplemental.
We have arrived at the edge of the Neutral Zone.
We will have an opportunity to learn firsthand
what happened to our distant outpost.
Captain, there is nothing left of outpost Delta 05.
Must have been one hell of an explosion.
Sensors indicate no evidence of conventional attack.
Can you determine what happened?
The outpost was not just destroyed.
It's as though some great force scooped it off the planet.
Could it have been a natural phenomenon?
Insufficient information, sir.
Set the course for the next station.
I have spent my entire career being able to tell
when the other guy's mouth is dry.
There is something going on here. Something serious.
The tension level on this ship has jumped up.
Even if you are right, what can we do?
These old boys don't need us telling them where the bear sits.
Look what that fella made for me.
How did he do that?
He called it pattern replication. It plays real good, too.
I tell you, there is a situation developing that directly affects us.
All you can talk about is that guitar!
They don't need us swimming in their soup.
So relax and let 'em do their jobs.
That may be alright for you,
but I am not willing to allow my fate to be decided by others!
I want to know what is going on.
We are approaching Tarod IX.
The condition is identical.
Everyone and everything is gone.
I strongly recommend we go to red alert.
If the Romulans have improved their cloaking,
and we'd be fools to doubt it,
we should assume a more defensive posture.
I agree. I recommend we go immediately to battle stations.
I appreciate your advice, but it is no time for rash actions.
There are three other stations to visit.
Let's proceed in an orderly manner.
May we at least go to yellow alert?
Yes, Number One. Make it so.
All decks, yellow alert.
Let's see...
I want to go to the...
Where would the Captain be?
Capt Picard is located on the main bridge.
Well, then, take me to the main bridge.
Captain, my sensors indicate a disturbance.
It is large and moving. I cannot get a lock.
Nor can I get it on the view screen.
Shields up.
I recommend we transfer power to phasers and arm the photon torpedoes.
Wait. If it is Romulan, they will read our intent.
It'll force them into taking a similar posture.
- We don't want battle. - This is sufficient evidence.
Outposts have been destroyed. Countless lives lost.
I have a positive lock.
They're disengaging their cloaking.
They'll only be vulnerable for an instant as they become visible.
Captain, this may be our only chance.
- Where are they? - The signal is weakening.
I've lost them.
Mr. Data, are your sensors picking up anything?
You should be detecting a disturbance.
Negative, sir.
We wanted to know if they'd improved cloaking.
We have our answer.
They wanted to determine our intent. To see if we would fire.
Who the hell are they?
Get that man off the bridge. Now!
I'm not going anywhere.
They're back.
I never thought I'd see a Romulan vessel so close.
Last time we encountered them was decades ago.
Cost thousands of lives.
I can believe that.
Stay calm, everyone.
Open hailing frequencies.
Captain, these are Romulans.
They are without honour.
They killed my parents in an attack on Khitomer
when they were meant to be our allies.
They believe humans and Klingons are a waste of skin.
Control your emotions. Please, open hailing frequencies.
Hailing frequencies open.
Romulan vessel, this is Capt Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise.
Sensors indicate all of their systems are armed, sir.
But they've not fired.
I am Cmdr Tebok.
Commander, you have crossed the Neutral Zone.
This is Federation territory.
It was necessary.
It might be viewed as aggression.
If our intent were aggression, you would not be here now.
If we go to war, let us be sure it is for the right reason.
We are here because our outposts, which border on the Neutral Zone,
were also attacked.
Destroyed in the same manner as your own.
Even so, what gives them the right to enter Federation space?
Silence your dog.
Lt. Worf's question is valid.
To even ask such a question implies that we need permission.
We do not.
Do you think that we attacked your outposts?
Once we realized the level of destruction,
we knew it could not have been you.
Who is responsible?
They haven't got a clue.
They're hoping you know. But they're too arrogant to ask.
- You're out of line, mister. - But it's a correct assessment.
We do not know who is responsible.
Why entire outposts, on both sides, have been carried off.
I would like to offer a proposal.
An alliance? Between the Romulans and the Federation?
Nothing so grandiose. Just this. Cooperation.
There was an intent here.
Whoever or whatever did this, is more powerful than either of us.
Let's collaborate.
Let's share whatever we learn about what has happened here.
Agreed. On this one issue.
And only if it is convenient and appropriate at the time.
Because your actions are those of a thoughtful man,
I'll tell you this.
Matters more urgent caused our absence.
Now,... witness the result.
Outposts destroyed.
Expansion of the Federation... everywhere.
We have indeed been negligent.
But no more.
Commander, we have made some progress here.
Let's not ruin it with unnecessary posturing.
Your presence is not wanted.
Do you understand my meaning?
We... are back.
I think our lives just became a lot more complicated.
Get him off my bridge.
I've found something.
I've located a family living just outside Indianapolis.
The man's name is Thomas Raymond.
That's my son's name. Tommy.
Computer, let us see Thomas Raymond.
Oh, my God!
That's Donald. That's my husband.
Actually, it's your great-great- great-great-great-grandson.
He's the spitting image.
Well, I have his address. When you get back you can visit him.
No. I'll be out of time. A relic.
Perhaps. But it's a place to start.
After all, he is family.
There's no denying that.
Here's what I propose.
I have arranged a rendezvous with USS Charleston, bound for Earth.
- They'll deliver you there. - Then what will happen to us?
There's no trace of my money. My office is gone.
What will I do? How will I live?
This is the 24th century. Material needs no longer exist.
Then what's the challenge?
The challenge, Mr. Offenhouse, is to improve yourself.
To enrich yourself.
Enjoy it.
Well, one good thing is,
since everyone's forgotten everything I ever did,
it'll all be brand spanking new.
I'll be a bigger hit than I ever was.
Perhaps so. Anything is possible.
What say you, son? You'd make a helluva sideman.
That offer does present a certain fascination.
Captain, I've plotted a course to intercept the Charleston.
But they say they're making an extended stop at Arloff IX.
Your point, Mr. La Forge?
We could have our guests at Star base 39 Sierra in five days.
Take months off their journey.
The extra time will allow them to acclimate before reaching Earth.
It's a pity we can't take them.
Having them here is like a visit from the past.
That would take us in the wrong direction.
Our mission is to go forward. And it's just begun.
Set velocity. Warp six.
Aye, sir. Warp six.
There's still much to do.
Still so much to learn.

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