Medical log, stardate 42437.5
Ira Graves is arguably the greatest human mind in the universe.
He lives in near isolation on a remote planet,
devoting full time to his research.
Eight hours ago, his assistant urgently requested medical aid.
I only hope we can reach him in time.
Any response from Gravesworld?
Not since their initial communication.
They ask for help, then cut off transmission,
so they can't tell if any help is on the way.
Ensign, what's our ETA at the planet?
36 minutes to orbit, sir.
Starfleet considers Graves's molecular-cybernetics work
to be at a critical stage. They consider this a priority-one action.
A man is ill. Treating him is my priority one,
regardless of who he is.
- Why does Data want to see us? - He mentioned his new image.
- He's been acting kinda strange. - How so?
If I didn't know better, I'd say he was showing signs of insecurity.
But you do know better. Androids don't feel such things.
Sometimes I think he's becoming more human than any of us realise.
Come in.
- Data? - Geordi? Is Counsellor Troi there?
Yes, Data. Geordi said you wanted to see us.
Indeed. Or, stated more correctly, I wanted you to see me.
- Can we come in? - Please.
Did you damage your face, Data?
It is a beard, Geordi. A fine, full, dignified beard.
One which commands respect
and projects thoughtfulness and dignity.
Well? Opinions?
It's very... different.
When I stroke the beard thusly,
do I not appear more intellectual?
I'm sorry. I have to go now. Goodbye.
Why was she laughing?
We are receiving a transmission from Gravesworld, sir.
It's unfocused, not directed specifically at us.
On viewer, Mr Worf.
If anyone can hear me, please send a doctor. Things are getting worse.
Try and raise her, Mr Crusher. Tell them we're only minutes away.
It's no good, sir. They're not receiving us.
She and Graves live on the planet alone, sir.
Then what scared her?
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds,... seek out new life and new civilizations,... boldly go where no one has gone before.
Captain, I am picking up a signal, but not from the planet.
On screen, Mr Worf.
- The signal is weak. Audio only. - Pipe it through.
This is the USS... requesting assistance.
The outer hull breached, environmental systems compromised.
The Constantinople is in that vicinity.
She's a transport ship, used to ferry settlers.
I'm showing 2,012 colonists aboard.
Outer-hull breach. Must be an internal explosion.
If so, they'll all be prone to severe hypoxia.
Their lives are at risk. We've got to help them.
What about Graves?
He is one man.
Why not execute a long-range transport of an away team
to assist Graves?
We'd be out of warp long enough to energize the beam.
A touch-and-go down-warping?
- Ensign, prepare to make it so. - Aye, sir.
Engineering. Mr La Forge? We'll execute a near-warp transport.
This may be tricky. I want you to do it.
Yes, Captain. I'm on my way.
Assemble an away team. Include whoever the Doctor needs.
Sir, hundreds on the Constantinople may need emergency attention.
- I should be there to supervise. - Who will replace you?
Lt Selar. She has my complete confidence.
Worf, let's go.
Phaser on stun, Mr Worf.
We don't know the situation. Don't take chances.
- Agreed, sir. - Now, remember.
In a near-warp transport, the effects may be unusual.
- What do you mean? - You'll see.
- Energize. - Wait. I don't understand.
You do now.
For a moment, I thought I was stuck in that wall.
For a moment, you were.
- Data to Enterprise. - I read you, Commander. Go ahead.
We are inside Graves's home.
All is quiet, but no one knew we were coming.
Use caution but protect Graves's health at all costs.
Understood, sir. I suggest we see if anyone is home.
No need, Commander.
You heard me. Thank God.
I'm Kareen Brianon, Dr Graves's assistant.
We're from the Enterprise.
We monitored your call but you never acknowledged us.
Sorry. I couldn't take the chance.
Chance? What chance?
The chance I might find out someone was coming.
Kareen knew I would not be pleased, to put it mildly.
I had no choice. I refuse to just watch you deteriorate.
- What symptoms have you noticed? - Pain. Shortness of breath.
- Irritability. - Ridiculous!
I'm as healthy as a Rigelian ox.
He's not himself, believe me. His temper is out of control.
- Nonsense! - Ira!
I am a doctor. Lt Selar.
No offence, but I don't want you touching me.
I don't like people much and I like doctors even less.
I thought most doctors were people.
You're wrong. Ask any patient.
Though, for a doctor, you're not a bad-looking woman.
What have we got here? Another lovely specimen of womanhood.
I thought you didn't like people.
Women aren't people. They're women.
I'm Deanna Troi. It's an honour to meet you.
Of course. This is one of the great moments of your life.
Excuse me, sir, are you a Romulan?
- Hardly. - He's a Klingon, Kareen.
Kareen's lived here since her father died when she was young.
I taught her all she knows of unhuman races.
Klingons and Romulans don't look much alike, Kareen,
even though they act much alike.
Must I stand here and be insulted?
No insult intended, Mr Klingon.
You see, Doctor, there's nothing wrong with my hearing.
Lt Cmdr Data...
Absolutely no aesthetic value whatsoever. Looks like Soong's work.
Correct. Did you know Dr Soong?
Know him? I taught him everything he knows.
You could say that I was the father of his work.
Which kinda makes me your grandfather, sonny.
Damn doctors! Always sneaking up on one.
Attacking from the rear.
Go on, gorgeous. Spit it out.
Whatever it is, I can take it.
I've checked twice to make certain.
You have Darnay's disease.
I'm sorry, Dr Graves. It's in its final stage.
Can't you do something for him?
In all cases, Darnay's is terminal.
Captain's log, stardate 42437. 7.
We've repaired the stricken liner, Constantinople.
46 of her people suffered injuries, mostly minor.
They have been treated and supplied with medicines.
We are heading back to Gravesworld at speed.
- I have noticed, Doctor... - Call me Grandpa.
Seems more touching in my final hours.
I have noticed, Grandpa,
that you keep repeating a musical phrase I am unfamiliar with.
It's an ancient little tune called If I Only Had A Heart.
A plaintive lament sung by a mechanical man
who longs to be human. It's his only wish.
- What happens to him? - He finds out he's human after all.
Always was. Just worried so much, he never realized it.
A happy ending. The mechanical man gets his wish.
Stories often have happy endings.
It's life that throws you for a loop.
It must be so hard for you, to be so close to being human
and yet never really knowing what it's like to know pain.
..pain is unpleasant, is it not?
Pain. Lust.
Do you know what desire is, Data?
Desire? To long for, to crave, a wish, a request.
Do you know what desire is?
No. I do not suppose I will ever really know.
I feel pity for you.
Your existence must be a kind of walking purgatory.
Neither dead nor alive. Never really feeling anything.
Just existing.
Listen to me.
A dying man takes the time to mourn a man who will never know death.
Funny, isn't it?
I have had great difficulty determining what funny is.
I've had the same difficulty most of my life.
We're much alike.
I'd say he has a week. That's an estimate.
The disease attacks the brain and nervous system.
We can expect more erratic behaviour of the kind you've noticed.
His feelings towards you are very warm.
He is attracted to you in many ways.
I know I've felt certain feelings from him. And for him.
Had I been older, perhaps we could have been...
That's not the way it worked out.
And now it's like he's afraid to face me.
The only one he talks to is your friend, Data.
You mentioned your impending death, Grandpa.
You face it with remarkable courage and stoicism.
That is because I am an incredible man,
possessing an iron will and nerves of steel.
Two traits that have helped me become the genius I am today
and the lady-killer I was in days gone by.
You condone homicide, sir?
It's an expression, Data.
It means I was once as beautiful as I am smart.
- Really, Grandpa? - No, not really.
But, what the hell? I'm dying.
I can remember my life any way I want.
But I'll let you into a little secret, sonny.
I don't really believe I will be dying.
- But the Doctor... - I'll die.
But I won't really be dead.
You see, I believe I've learned
to transfer the wealth of my knowledge into a computer.
Before I die, I plan to transfer my great intellect into this machine,
thus cheating the Grim Reaper of his greatest prize.
But what would you know of death?
It is a subject forever alien to you.
That is not necessarily true. I do have an off button, if you will.
Its activation robs me of my consciousness,
therefore rendering me dead.
I do not enjoy contemplating it.
I can understand that.
Just where would Soong position such a device? Don't tell me.
Let me guess.
Captain to away team. We're standing by.
I do not wish to interrupt Data and the Doctor.
They have a rapport. But the Enterprise is in orbit.
I'd like to transfer Graves to the ship.
That will not be necessary, Doctor. He is gone.
It happened a few moments ago, in my arms.
Ira Graves... is dead.
Captain's log, supplemental.
I leave Gravesworld with the knowledge
that our mission was unsuccessful.
Whatever scientific secrets Ira Graves was about to unlock
have been lost for ever.
Our priority is to reach a star base
so that Graves's assistant can get on with her life.
Why didn't you contact Dr Selar
when you saw that he was beginning to go?
It would have been pointless. All things must pass.
- May I go now, sir? - Yes, of course.
We will try to honour him
in the manner in which he specified?
I said we would, Data.
I am glad, sir. It was his dying wish.
Hello, Data. It's good to see you again.
The stars are so beautiful from space.
You always did love the sky.
A stargazer. That is what you are.
Did Ira tell you that?
I guess he's right.
I used to spend hours just lying on a hill, looking up.
Ira never told you how beautiful you were to him.
He never told you, did he?
He could not tell you. Do you understand?
Yes. I understand.
But he wanted to.
Every waking moment.
He wanted you to know that.
You were everything to him.
He was a fine man.
A man of rare gifts...
..and great accomplishments.
He will be sorely missed.
Anyone else have anything to say?
I have a few words to say, sir.
Just look at that face.
The face of a thinker.
A warrior.
A man...
..for all seasons.
Yes, Ira Graves was all that and more.
But he was not perfect.
Perhaps his greatest flaw was that he was too selfless.
He cared too much for his fellow man,
with nary a thought for himself.
A man of limitless accomplishments...
..and unbridled modesty.
I can safely say that to know him was to love him.
And to love him...
..was to know him.
Those who knew him... loved him, ...
..while those who did not know him...
..loved him from afar.
- Data. - I'm almost finished, sir.
You are finished.
We now commit the body of Ira Graves to the timeless depths of space.
I am sorry, sir.
Perhaps my admiration for Grandpa got the best of me.
That is how I think of him. My only living relative. No longer living.
I was only trying to carry out his wishes, sir.
I wanted to keep my promise to him.
I know that, Data. Look, I realise you've been studying
the human equation with great alacrity,
but perhaps you've been working at it too much.
Don't try so hard to be human. Just be yourself.
Yes, sir. I will work on staying within myself.
You're dismissed, Mr Data.
Thank you, sir.
Captain's personal log.
Data has assured me that his odd behaviour will return to normal,
but I think something went wrong on Gravesworld.
I'm still concerned, Captain. I've never seen him act like this.
Could it be the grandfather analogy that Graves planted in his head?
Data is an orphan, in a manner of speaking.
Is it possible that the loss of Graves might have affected him?
Touched him on some emotional level we didn't know he possessed?
I hope you're right.
I hope that's all it is.
That was a great speech, Data.
"To know him is to love him is to know him."
Verbal composition at its most sophisticated level.
Your childlike mind cannot appreciate the wisdom of my words.
Childlike mind?
When you get to be my age, you will understand.
Your age?
Data, chronologically, you're not much older than I am.
You are only as old as you feel. Try to remember that, boy.
Are you turning into a philosopher?
I am many things. Scholar, artist, philosopher, ...
..lover, genius.
Data, what's wrong with you?
How beautiful!
I thought you'd enjoy the bridge.
I'm aware of your interest in science.
I'm aware of your interest in her.
What was that, Commander?
Nothing, sir. Nothing at all.
These are the science stations.
From the command centre, we have control of the science stations...
Data, what are you doing?
I detest hypocrisy. I wish they would just admit it!
Admit what, Mr Data?
That your interest in Kareen is not purely professional.
Try as you will, you cannot win her heart.
She does not care for older men.
Or men of limited intellect.
Mr Data, you will come with me now. Do you understand me?
I understand. I understand all too well.
Removing the competition will not help you, Picard.
Excuse me.
- Do you know what that was about? - Jealousy.
Intense, burning jealousy.
A human emotion and it was coming from Data.
If you wish to apologize, I am prepared to listen.
You expect me to apologize to you?
You were a bit rude to me.
Might make you feel better if you said you were sorry.
Data, something is wrong with your circuitry.
Ridiculous. I'm as healthy as a Rigelian ox.
I wish I could believe that.
I would accompany you to sickbay but I doubt if that would help.
- Are you ill, Captain? - I'm getting there.
I'll have Engineering run a full physical on you.
That will not be necessary. I can run a circuit check on myself.
It will immediately determine any abnormalities.
Do it. That's an order.
As I expected, I am fine. Could not be better.
For the first time since I've known you, I don't believe you.
Try and hold still, will you, Data?
Data, wait for me in the corridor.
Why should I? This concerns me more than you.
You will wait for me in the corridor.
His insubordination is growing by leaps and bounds.
I could use discipline, but I'd rather try and help him.
I wish I knew what to suggest. I can't find a thing wrong with him.
Perhaps we're looking in the wrong place.
- Meaning? - If his physical health is good,
perhaps his mental health should be addressed.
Are you saying Data's losing his mind?
With your permission, Captain, there is a way to find out.
You remember the psychotronic-stability examination?
We all had to take it before graduating.
It was a waste of time then. It's a waste of time now.
It will gauge your reactions to the images it projects.
Watch the screen and let your mind go blank.
The device will do the rest.
It's safe to say that you're his best friend.
Is it possible to speculate about what's happening to him?
Well, sir, it's just a guess, but...
..sometimes he wants to be human so badly, he can taste it.
I think he gets confused when his human qualities surface.
Go on.
Witnessing Graves's death may have been a catalyst for the...
I have the test results. I ran them several times to be sure.
To be sure of what?
There are two disparate personalities within Lt Cmdr Data.
Each distinctly different. A dominant and a recessive.
He's an android. Is that possible?
It must be. The dominant personality is unstable.
Brilliant but vain, sensitive yet paranoid.
I believe it is prone to irrationality.
Of course.
- Sir? - Nothing. Go on.
It seems to have an especially strong hatred of you, Captain,
or to a lesser degree, any authority figure.
And the worst part is, it's growing.
How do you mean?
The alien persona is getting stronger
and gobbling up what is left of the weaker ego, the Data we know.
If something isn't done to stop it immediately, ...
..we will lose our Data for ever.
Captain's personal log. We have arrived at Star base 6,
where Miss Brianon will await transport back to Earth.
I am greatly troubled by Cmdr Data's behaviour
and fear it is related to the experiments of Ira Graves.
- Where is Data? - He should be in his quarters.
You ordered him not to leave.
Tell me, where is Lt Cmdr Data?
Current location, ten-forward.
Lt Worf, will you go to ten-forward and keep an eye on Data?
Don't interfere with his actions unless you hear from me.
Worf here, sir. Acknowledged.
I want to know more about what happened on Gravesworld.
Lt Selar, report to the Captain's ready room.
Hello, Kareen. Don't you think it's time we stopped pretending?
You know who I am.
You're Data.
You do know who I am.
It is me. I am here.
I am alive.
I deactivated Data and transferred my mind into his frame.
I never imagined how much of myself I would retain.
My feelings, my dreams...
They won't let you get away with it. They'll try to stop you.
How can they? It is my body now. It is out of their hands.
How much time did Data spend with Graves?
Most of the time we were there.
- Always alone? - Yes. Always.
Doctor, what was your impression of Graves?
He seemed brilliant, egocentric, arrogant, chauvinistic.
Sound familiar?
Something wonderful has happened.
I can take a deep breath now without feeling stabbing pain.
I will never have to face death again.
Think what I will accomplish over the next 1,000 years!
I know what you're thinking. There is no need to worry.
I will create an android body for you, too.
We can witness the end of time together.
Why are you crying, Kareen? I can love you now.
The way I always wanted to.
It was not right before.
I was too old for you, too weak.
Now I can be everything you want me to be.
I won't let you put me in a machine. I want to live my life.
I won't let you take it away from me.
Ira, you're hurting me!
Worf to Capt Picard.
Data has left ten-forward.
- Should I follow? - Negative. I'll handle this.
He was an expert in cybernetics?
Our memorial service may have been premature.
What an achievement.
"So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
So long lives this...
..and this gives life to thee."
He was working on bridging the gap between man and machine.
It seems he built that bridge. I may be forced to tear it down.
I can hear you coming, Captain.
My ears are better than the average dog's, you know.
I know who you are and what you've done.
Of course you do.
I came here to talk to Data.
I cannot allow that.
I understand your desperation.
The shock of learning you were dying.
But you had no right to do what you have done.
I had every right, Captain. I am man, he is machine.
There is no question who must live and what must die.
What of Data?
Before me, he was nothing.
Just a walking tin can with circuits for intestines.
Pathetic. Without heart, a man is meaningless.
I would not come up if I were you, Captain. I might not like it.
You are most fortunate, my dear Captain,
that I am not a violent man.
Not a violent man?
This is not my fault.
They told me I should not be here. They should not have done that.
Graves, listen to me.
No one denies the significance of your transformation.
But I don't believe this was part of your plan.
Encountering Data was mere coincidence.
One that offered you more than you could have dreamed.
But something has gone wrong. Look here.
This experiment must be terminated.
This is idiotic!
- Picard to sickbay. - Yes, Captain?
How is Miss Brianon?
Her left hand is fractured in two places. We've begun treatment.
I'm afraid there are two more injuries in Engineering.
I'm on my way.
Who's next?
These were all accidents. I did not intend...
How many more accidents? You must leave this body.
No. I live here now.
Every man has his time. Every man, without exception.
But you've cheated.
You have extended your life at the expense of another.
Graves, give Data back. Give him back.
- Data is dead. - No.
He must not be lost. He's not simply an android.
He's a life form, entirely unique.
Data is not human! He is...
He is different, yes.
That does not make him expendable, or any less significant.
No being is so important
that he can usurp another's rights. Set him free!
How many...
How many more accidents?
- Data, where is he? - Just take it easy.
I can't afford to take it easy, Doctor.
Tell me, where is Lt Cmdr Data?
Data, can you hear me?
- Geordi. - Yeah.
- May I ask a question? - I think you just did.
Correct. Then may I ask another question after this one?
You can ask me anything you want.
Why am I on the floor in an undignified position
with you four standing over me, with expressions of...
I've heard more than enough. You're you again.
Captain, look at this.
He's in there. Ira put himself in the computer.
Captain's log, supplemental. We said goodbye to Kareen,
hoping that her future will be bright.
The intellect of Ira Graves is now in our computer.
There is knowledge but no consciousness.
The human equation has been lost.
- You don't remember anything? - Not a thing.
"To know him is to love him is to know him."
Perhaps it is best that I do not remember.
I trust I did nothing unbecoming to a Starfleet officer?
Does wrestling with a Klingon targ ring a bell?
Mr Crusher, take us out of orbit.
Aye, sir.
Did I win?

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