We are approaching Star base 179, sir.
- Half impulse, Mr Crusher. - Going to half impulse.
Captain, this is the bridge. We have arrived at Star base 179.
Acknowledged, Number One.
Establish position 090, mark 345 at 27,000 kilometers.
Hailing frequencies.
Star base 179, this is the Enterprise.
Enterprise, this is Star base 179. Ready for transfer on your mark.
Cmdr Data, you have the bridge. Ensign Crusher, you're with me.
Star base 179, we are ready to commence transfer.
Acknowledged, Enterprise. Begin transfer.
Welcome aboard the Enterprise. I'm Cmdr Riker, your First Officer.
Those here as replacements, step outside and follow Lt Lewis.
He will assign you to your crew quarters.
Ensign, you're on the exchange programme. Follow Mr Crusher.
Mordoc, how are you here? You can't have graduated already.
I am not Mordoc. I am Mendon.
Ensign Mendon, from the planet Benzar.
Sorry. It's a friend of mine. You look just like him.
We are from the same geostructure. Naturally, we look alike.
How do you tell each other apart?
We just do.
It's nice to have you here, Ensign.
Briefing and indoctrination begin in 15 minutes.
I want to say how happy I am to be assigned to the Enterprise.
It wasn't just luck. I requested it.
I know I can be of great help to the ship.
Yes. Of course. Just follow Mr Crusher.
Yes, sir.
Cmdr Riker, report to the phaser range, please.
On my way.
I wondered if you had any feelings about
the officer exchange programme initiated by Starfleet.
Just positive ones, sir.
Actually, I just welcomed Ensign Mendon on board.
He seems eager to please.
Well, that's a Benzite trait.
It's been suggested an officer from the Enterprise might participate.
That's probably a good idea.
Well, there is a Klingon vessel in the area.
I don't recall a Federation officer ever serving on a Klingon vessel.
No. Neither do I.
It might prove beneficial.
Having Worf on board certainly has been.
Yes, sir.
Who did you intend to send, sir?
I thought of asking for a volunteer.
- I might be interested, sir. - Damn! Sorry, what was that?
I wouldn't mind the assignment, sir.
Any particular reason?
Because nobody's ever done it before.
I'll inform Star base of your acceptance.
They'll contact the Klingons, make the arrangements.
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds,...
..to seek out new life and new civilizations,...
..to boldly go where no one has gone before.
Captain's log, stardate 42506.5.
We have departed from Star base 179
and are headed for a rendezvous with the Klingon vessel, Pagh.
I have informed the staff of Cmdr Riker's temporary assignment.
I have studied everything about my heritage.
Just the man I need to talk to.
Is it true that a Klingon First Officer must assassinate his Captain?
Yes, sir.
- Wouldn't that bring about chaos? - Of course not.
When or if the Captain becomes weak or unable to perform,
it is expected that his honourable retirement be assisted by his First.
Your Second Officer will assassinate you for the same reasons.
Must take a little getting used to.
The Klingon system has operated successfully for centuries.
It is different.
Many things will be different.
Can I help you, sir?
A wonderful way to maintain constant control over defensive shields.
But I'm sure there's a way to improve response time.
Sorry. Didn't mean to interrupt you.
Just thought I could be of some help.
However, I am correct in what I said.
That is superb designing. Absolutely first-rate.
Yes, it is. Would you care to be more specific?
The input sampling. It's simple, yet efficient enough.
A minor change of the helm read-out
would be more helpful in emergency situations.
We've never had problems with it. Have you seen it work?
Not in a practical exercise.
But in theory - my theory - it would be more than a marginal improvement.
I'll mention it to the Captain.
He is open to astute observations, isn't he?
I've never known the Captain not to listen to his officers.
Outstanding. Soon we'll get things running perfectly.
What is that?
A Klingon delicacy.
Pipius claw. This is heart of targ.
This, of course, is gagh.
- Yes, serpent worms. Like some? - No. Thanks.
I never heard of a Klingon starving on his own vessel, but you might.
- Not if I weaken first. - Their beliefs are rather brutal,
but usually what kills us kills them.
That's good to know. Like something to drink?
I'll abstain in honour of your last hour on board.
Your sacrifice will not go unnoticed.
I'm aware of the feast before the transfer.
I've done it dozens of times.
However, I usually made more palatable choices.
Well, these are the more palatable choices.
Thank you.
We know so little about them. There really is so much to learn.
This is a great opportunity.
I envy you, Mr Riker.
Thank you.
An emergency transponder?
Altered to give an omni directional signal and an emergency call.
- You suspect trouble? - A security precaution.
I want to ensure your return to this ship.
Sentiment, Lt Worf?
Efficiency, Commander.
I understand. Thank you.
We have a Klingon vessel approaching.
- Hailing frequencies. - Open.
They are returning our hail in proper language. It is the Pagh.
On view screen.
I'm Capt Picard of the USS Enterprise.
This is Capt Kargan of the Klingon vessel, the Pagh.
Beam your First Officer on board immediately.
We are preparing to do so.
And, Captain, you are getting a fine officer.
Thank you for your opinion, but I will judge that for myself.
Screen off.
Not very hospitable, are they?
That is not your concern. Observe your station, Ensign Mendon.
Didn't mean to offend you.
You didn't. Yet.
Transporter, prepare to beam Cmdr Riker to the Pagh.
Acknowledged, Captain.
- Mr Data, you have the bridge. - Aye, sir.
- Good luck, Commander. - Thanks, O'Brien.
- I wouldn't wanna go. - Why?
- You're not afraid, are you? - No, I'm not.
I would be... Ready, sir.
- Resume course, Mr Crusher. - Aye, sir.
Take over, Cmdr Data. I'll be in observation.
I am Ensign Mendon.
I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am to be aboard.
Yes, of course. Good to have you aboard.
If you have a few minutes, I've noted a few procedural changes
which might speed up bridge operations.
I pick things up very fast.
Of course you do. You have an excellent record.
However, on the Enterprise we use the chain of command.
You will report your observations to Lt Worf.
I beg your pardon. I just wanted to impress upon...
No need to apologize. We should have explained at your indoctrination.
Ensign Mendon.
You may impress me.
- Is something wrong? - No.
It's just...
..I’ve never seen anyone of your species before.
I'm just an average, everyday human who happens to be a Commander.
- Now, what were your orders? - To escort you to the Captain.
- Proceed. - Yes, Commander.
Cmdr William Riker of the Starship Enterprise.
That is incorrect.
I don't understand.
You are Cmdr William Riker,
First Officer of the Klingon cruiser, the Pagh.
Or do you intend to disobey Federation orders?
I have no such intention, sir.
Exactly where are your loyalties, Commander?
I'm afraid I still don't understand, sir.
This ship is equipped with our best weapons and our finest warriors.
We are on a peaceful mission, but can be ready for battle, instantly.
I know I can count on every Klingon warrior in this crew
to serve and die in that battle.
So I ask you again, Cmdr Riker. Where are your loyalties?
I have been assigned to serve this ship and to obey your orders.
I will do exactly that.
Will you take an oath to that effect?
I just did.
This is your Second Officer, Lt Klag.
Something you wanted to say to me, Lieutenant?
Yes, sir.
I do not believe you.
Then you challenge my authority over you?
And your position on this, Captain?
I would say it is your first command decision.
My oath is between Capt Kargan... and myself.
Your only concern is with how you obey my orders.
Or do you prefer the rank of prisoner to lieutenant?
I will take your orders.
And you, Cmdr Riker, will obey my orders.
Of course, Capt Kargan.
Sir, automatic scan has registered an unknown substance
on the aft quarter of the exterior skin, dorsal section.
- Target it and define. - Aye, sir.
I've located it, sir. Dorsal of the Engineering section.
View screen on.
Focus on area.
Magnification factor ten.
Increase magnification to 50.
It appears to be a rare form of subatomic bacteria,
capable of doubling itself in size every 15 minutes.
It's reacting with two compounds present in the ship's structure.
- Origin? - Captain.
I noticed it when I did an intensive scan of the Pagh.
The Klingon ship.
And whom did you inform?
No one. I have not yet completed my full analysis.
You should report whatever is out of the ordinary.
And I think that falls into this category.
But, sir, I have not completed my full analysis.
It would be improper to report it until then.
How did you come to that decision?
It is a Benzite regulation.
No officer on our ships would report an occurrence like this
without a full analysis and a resolution.
I have simply followed proper procedures.
It is our procedure, Ensign,
to notify command of any possible danger to the ship.
The decision is not yours. Do you understand?
Yes, sir.
Now, continue your analysis and determine the danger,
not only to our ship, but to the Klingon vessel, also.
Yes, Captain. That will take a couple of hours.
Use whatever resources are necessary.
We may have encountered a new life form.
I want to know everything about it, quickly. Cmdr Data, supervise.
Aye, sir.
And then I will instruct you in Enterprise etiquette.
First Officer's personal log.
I have been aboard the Pagh a short time,
but am impressed with the Klingons' abilities and single-mindedness.
Commander, you're not eating very much.
I'm not that hungry.
- Is the food alright, Commander? - Delicious.
The pipius claw was excellent. And the bregit lung.
And the rokeg blood pie?
Good. Then you'll also enjoy... this.
Isn't that gagh?
Very good. You did some research on our nutritional choices.
Yes, but, ...
..it's still moving.
Gagh is always best served live.
Would you like something easier?
Yes. If Klingon food is too strong for you,
perhaps we could get one of the females to breast-feed you.
You're not worried about my weakening, are you?
Look around you. There are no old warriors.
No, sir. I'm sure they all died with honour.
You may live long enough to learn about us.
He is not very attractive...
..but I will have him.
They are inquisitive.
They want to know how you would endure.
Endure what?
One or both?
I may be back for you.
- Is she serious? - Yes.
Commander, would you say you're... a typical Federation officer?
I suppose so. Why?
- Well, you're not what I expected. - In what way?
You have a sense of humour.
I was thinking the same about you.
In all my dealings with Klingons, including our Lt Worf,
the thought never occurred to me of Klingons laughing.
There is much about us you do not know.
- That's why I'm here. - You should ask.
I may. After this tour, I may have some worthy questions.
Questions about what?
About our future? Our future is honour.
Our present is serving this ship.
Like you, I have a mother and a father.
They look like me. I look like them.
Are they still alive?
My mother lives. My father was killed in battle at Tranome Sar.
And your father?
My... father?
My father was captured in battle by Romulans and not allowed to die.
He eventually escaped.
Where is he now?
He is on our planet.
He waits.
He waits for his death.
He will fade of a natural illness and die, weakened and useless.
I will not see him.
He's your father.
A Klingon is his work, not his family.
That is the way of things.
He's your father.
Klingons do not express feeling the way you do.
Perhaps you should.
We would not know how.
Yesterday, I did not know how... to eat gagh.
I can confirm the organisms feed on compounds in the Enterprise's hull.
- And the Klingon ship, the Pagh? - They are more susceptible.
Their hull contains more of the compounds.
At this rate of reproduction, there should be
a 12-centimeter opening in the Klingon hull.
Signal them at once. They may be unaware of it and need help.
Aye, sir.
- Change course to intercept. - Aye, sir.
It will take time to locate them.
They are on manoeuvres in the Pheben system.
Find them.
Tell me, Cmdr Riker, what do you make of this?
I felt no collision. Were we hit by a meteor?
No collision.
- Corrosion, then? - No, not corrosion.
- Science Station, analyse. - We have.
Fortunately, that section could with stand the change in pressure.
Then what is it?
A space organism, eating away at our hull.
What are you talking about? Surely you can repair it?
I'm afraid not.
We estimate that in less than eight hours,
we will have lost too much shell to remain intact.
Our only contact recently was with the Enterprise.
There was no direct contact with the Enterprise.
Tactics Officer, report to Cmdr Riker.
The Enterprise did conduct an extensive scan of this vessel.
Normal procedure.
What type of beam did the Enterprise use to cause this damage to us?
None. Why would they? We're allies.
My logs show that the Enterprise directed an intense scanning beam
at this specific area, for a duration of two minutes.
Explain that.
I can't.
It could be a weapon.
It's no weapon.
The Enterprise has no reason to do that. It makes no sense. Why?
Why is no longer important.
What is important is our response to this attack.
Engage cloaking device. Set course to intercept the Enterprise.
What do you intend to do, Captain?
Intend? There is only one response.
I intend to attack the Enterprise and destroy it.
You're making progress.
You've eliminated half the possibilities already.
Thank you. But I seem to have become efficient after it was needed.
It was my responsibility to learn and adapt
to the Enterprise's regulations. And I didn't do that.
Not really. You just made an error.
Capt Picard may not like them, but he knows they turn up sometimes.
I've failed. I had an opportunity to show the Captain
my superior capabilities and I failed.
I can never recover from that.
Mendon, it was a mistake.
You didn't put the organism on the hull, you discovered it.
You were trying to analyse it and messed up on protocol a little.
I realise you are being nice to me, and I appreciate it.
What I don't understand is why.
Why not? I thought you could use a friend.
Thank you.
I hope I can learn your ways before I mess up again.
I imagine my methods must seem foolish to you.
They're... different.
But that's what this exchange is all about.
You learn how we do things and take that back to your command.
It's up to them to decide which is better.
You're right. I'll do it your way.
I'll work even harder than before and I'll succeed brilliantly.
What is the status?
Unchanged. The rate of increase continues.
Cmdr Riker, check the organism growth with Engineering.
Keep him under scrutiny.
Captain, I'm not convinced Riker knew of any plot against us.
If he did, why would he have come on board?
- Because he was ordered to. - To die?
It's the expectation of any officer to be ordered to die at any time.
For a Klingon, perhaps.
But Riker's people do not volunteer for death so easily.
He may be a spy, ...
..but he's no coward.
That only proves that he's intelligent.
And you might not be as strong as you used to be.
I've picked up the Enterprise.
So soon?
The Enterprise is on an intercept course with us.
You almost had me believing this was a misunderstanding.
The Enterprise has changed course and is following us. Why?
- Ask them. - The reason is obvious.
Their intent is clear.
- How long before we make contact? - Less than 15 minutes.
Put the ship on full battle alert. Arm all photon torpedoes.
Let them charge into their destruction.
Captain, bearings show we should be in contact with the Pagh now.
- Slow to impulse. - Aye, sir. Impulse speed.
Hailing frequencies are open. There is no response.
Continue transmission.
The Pagh is either cloaked or destroyed, sir.
Conduct an intensive scan of the area.
Enterprise has slowed to impulse. It is making an intensive sweep.
Hold your position. Let them come to us.
They may be here to help you. Don't be a fool.
Do not forget my rank.
I haven't. I am simply trying to help you understand.
I understand fully.
Now, you understand. I am still Captain of this vessel.
You are still crew and sworn to obey me. You gave me your oath.
Yes, sir, I did.
Then fulfil that oath and serve this ship as you swore to.
Tell me of the surest method of attack against the Enterprise.
I won't.
You must. It is a matter of honour and loyalty to your oath.
I will not surrender the secrets of the Enterprise to you.
If your word is no good, then how can we ever trust Starfleet?
I will not break a vow I made in the past.
I also made an oath to your ship. I will not break that.
- They are in conflict. - No, sir, they are not.
I will obey your orders. I will serve as First Officer.
In an attack against the Enterprise, I will die with this crew.
But I will not break my oath of loyalty to Starfleet.
If you had told those secrets about the Enterprise,
I would have labelled you a traitor and killed you where you stood.
But instead you will die with us.
You'll die like a Klingon.
Sir, I have something to report immediately.
- Go ahead, Ensign. - I have isolated the organisms.
They are a submicron form,
capable of breaking nuclear bonds in the tritanium.
Can they be removed from the hull?
Yes. They are controllable and can be removed from both ships
by using a tunnelling neutrino beam.
Thank you, Ensign. Well done. Initiate that procedure.
Lieutenant, add that information to the hailing messages.
Aye, sir.
The Enterprise has changed hailing message.
It promises help in cleaning the organisms and in repairs.
I told you, they're here to help.
I do not believe them.
Arm all weapons. Prepare to attack.
Captain's log, stardate 42507.8.
Although our search has been extensive
we are still unable to locate the Klingon ship,
or any evidence of its destruction.
Considering the absence of debris,
one must assume the Klingon vessel is in the area and cloaked.
Since we do not know its intent, I recommend we go to red alert.
- Make it so, Lieutenant. - Aye, sir.
The Enterprise has raised its shields.
A normal procedure in a suspicious situation.
It's not an act of aggression. They will not fire first.
Then they are fools.
For we will.
- You'll get only one shot. - We'll only need one.
Stand by on phasers and torpedoes. Prepare to fire them simultaneously.
I recommend you don't fire until you're within 40,000 km.
To cut down their response time.
You are honouring your promise to serve us?
Would you do less?
You will give the order to fire, Cmdr Riker.
Call out distances.
Any questions, Mr Riker?
I'd like to say I question your judgement.
In my opinion, your reason for this confrontation is not valid.
Are you finished?
Yes, sir.
Commence with attack, as ordered.
55,000 km and closing.
Is that a weapon, Commander?
No, sir.
Give it to me.
We are receiving an emergency signal from a command transponder.
Location 035, mark 313.
Frequency and code designate Cmdr Riker.
Chief O'Brien, lock on to that signal.
Yes, Captain. We're not yet in safe range for a transfer.
- Defensive shields remain in place. - We may have to stretch it.
We must know what's going on, and only Cmdr Riker can tell us.
Beam him directly onto the bridge on my command.
Yes, sir. I'll wait till 40,000.
Transporter room, stand by.
- You control the shields. - Ready, sir.
40,000 kilometers.
Prepare to drop cloaking shields and fire when ready.
Transporter room, energize.
Hold where you are, Klag. I've relieved Capt Kargan.
He was acting in an irrational manner.
I'm your Captain now.
Where am I?
Aboard the Starship Enterprise.
Riker has no honour.
He tricked me.
- He is only dazed, sir. - Well, that's fine, ...
..but where's Cmdr Riker?
Cloaking shields off.
- Obey my orders. - We will be destroyed.
If we are, it will be in battle, and I will die with you.
So I repeat, cloaking shields off.
It is the Pagh, sir.
It has all armament locked on us and ready to fire.
Hold position. Hailing frequencies.
Enterprise to Pagh. We are here to assist. Do not fire.
They will not believe you.
Pagh, we're here to assist. Do you read me?
Enterprise, this is Capt William Riker of the Klingon vessel, Pagh.
I order you to lower your shields and surrender.
Lower shields.
Surrender, as ordered.
I demand to be beamed back aboard my vessel.
Transporter Chief, prepare to beam Capt Kargan aboard the Pagh.
Aye, sir.
Capt Riker, we can carry out your repairs immediately.
Thank you, Capt Picard.
- You should have killed me. - I don't want your command.
- But you tricked me to get it. - Either way, you can have it back.
Then return to your station.
Get him off my ship.
Yes, Captain.
You understand the Klingons better than I thought, Commander.
Thank you, my friend.
Almost the shortest assignment in the history of Starfleet.
Wrong, Number One. It was almost the longest. Well done.
Thank you. I learned quite a bit.
Apparently, not when to duck.
When not to duck would be more accurate.
Welcome aboard, Number One.
Lieutenant, conduct the Commander to sickbay.
Aye, sir.
Your little toy worked. Thanks.
I'm glad it did.
You come from a very brave and unique people.
I'm glad you're with us on the Enterprise.
Thank you, Commander. And...
..welcome home.

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