Sir, we are approaching Klavdia III.
- Take us to impulse power. - Aye, sir, impulse power.
- Bridge, Engineering. - Yes, Lieutenant?
Out of warp. I'd like to use this time
to make some routine adjustments. We're overdue.
- How long will that take? - A couple of hours, sir.
Proceed, Lt La Forge. Standard orbit, Ensign.
Wes, I need an SCM Model 3 from ship's stores. Can you handle that?
- Right away. - Alright.
Magnify, Mr Worf.
Hardly an inviting planet, even for a research establishment.
I would have thought Daled IV would send a future leader
to a more hospitable environment.
For some, security is more important than comfort.
- Yes, but 16 years. - Captain, we're being hailed.
- Hailing frequencies, Mr Worf. - Open.
This is Capt Picard of the USS Enterprise.
I am Anya...
The troposphere is distorting our signal.
- Can you clean it up, Mr Worf? - I'll try. Now.
This is Picard of the Enterprise. Please will you repeat your message?
I am Anya. Have you come for Salia of Daled IV?
That is correct.
- What species are you? - Human.
Bring us aboard. That is all.
Friendly, isn't she?
Friendly or not, Salia has the rank of Head of State,
so let's treat them accordingly.
Number One, Mr Worf, let's go greet our visitors.
- You have the bridge, Mr Data. - Aye, sir.
Welcome to the Enterprise. I'm Capt Picard.
This is Salia of Daled IV.
I didn't feel a thing. Is that normal when one is transported?
Yes, it is.
May I see your matter-energy conversion controls?
Of course.
I can arrange a tour of the ship.
- I'd love that. - That will not be necessary.
Just show us to our quarters, Capt Picard.
Very well.
Your quarters are normally reserved for Starfleet admiralty.
That's a superconducting magnet, isn't it?
Yeah, it's an SCM model. How did you know that?
Study. For the last 16 years I've...
Please, Salia, walk ahead with me.
Be careful, those can rip the iron out of your blood cells.
Commander, who is she?
I think she's a governess.
No! The girl?
I don't know if she'll have time for you, Wes.
She's destined to rule an entire world.
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds,... seek out new life and new civilizations,... boldly go where no one has gone before.
Come in.
You wanted to see me?
Yes. Data, the girl who came on board?
Salia of Daled IV.
Who is she?
Little is known. She was born on Daled IV,
to parents from opposite sides in a centuries-old civil war.
Both died shortly after her birth.
A Federation ship brought her and her governess to Klavdia III,
to raise her in a neutral environment.
And now she's returning?
It is hoped she will unite the factions and bring peace.
Ensign Crusher, report. Are you alright?
- Yeah, I'm fine, I just... - We're waiting for that magnet!
I'm on my way.
Captain, we've laid in a course for Daled IV.
We'll remain on impulse power until Lt La Forge finishes his adjustments.
Mr Worf, did the quarters meet with our passengers' approval?
I doubt anything meets with that woman's approval, sir.
Captain, I'm concerned about our new passengers.
Their emotions do not fit who they are and what they're doing.
Do you suggest they're not who they say they are?
Actually, it's more like they're not what they say they are.
Picard to Salia's quarters.
- Yes? - May we turn on the viewer?
Yes, of course.
- Are your quarters satisfactory? - Yes, very.
Tell me, Captain, who was the young man I met before?
That was Ensign Wesley Crusher.
Thank you for checking on us.
I only hope our quarters on Daled IV will be this luxurious.
Please feel free to contact me at any time. Picard out.
What I sensed hasn't changed.
What puzzles me is how she is expected to bring peace to Daled IV.
Its inhabitants have fought throughout their history.
What do we know about the cause of these wars?
Only that it is the difference between night and day.
Data, you used a colloquialism.
Did I?
What I meant is that Daled IV rotates only once per revolution.
So one side is constantly dark and the other is constantly light.
One might surmise that the two have developed disparate cultures,
which is a major cause of most wars.
This child is supposed to bring them together.
She seems too delicate for such a task.
Do not be fooled by her looks.
The body is just a shell.
How can I be a leader if I don't know anything about my people?
You'll lead because you were accepted by both sides.
- And because it is in your blood. - What is expected of me there?
- You will know. - How?
You just will.
Salia, you must arrive with an open mind,
without preconceived ideas of what you will find,
or the people on either side.
It's very frustrating.
You feel the weight of so much responsibility,
you're not sure you'll live up to the expectations.
It's not only that.
Nobody even asked me if this is something I want.
It is your duty.
And I have no choice.
It won't be as bad as you think.
In fact, it could be quite wonderful.
Besides, ... you are the last and only chance.
Won't I need more than instinct
to do whatever is expected of me on Daled IV?
Energy depletion level?
.04 percent and increasing.
Wesley, have you found that defocused area yet?
I'm looking.
Yeah, I see the way you're looking.
Sorry, I've got my mind on something.
I can see that.
It's this girl they beamed up. She's perfect. Absolutely perfect.
Now I know why you can't concentrate.
- I'll do better. - OK.
Warning. Resonant field applied.
- What is it? What happened? - Nothing.
I had it on the wrong setting.
I suppose it had to happen. It usually does at this age.
What usually does?
Glands erupting with hormones. It happens to all of us.
Just because I said I think she's interesting?
You said she was perfect.
Come down. You're no use here for now.
Come on down from there. Go... talk to her. Use the ladder.
That's silly, Geordi.
But since you recommended it, how should I approach her?
- What should I say? - "Hi, I'm Wesley Crusher."
- "I'd like to talk to you." - And then what?
Whatever occurs to you.
- What if nothing does? - I don't have time for this!
- You'll have to ask somebody else. - OK.
That is how the Klingon lures a mate.
- Are you telling me to yell at her? - No. Men do not roar.
Women roar.
Then they hurl heavy objects.
And claw at you.
What does the man do?
He reads love poetry.
He ducks a lot.
Worf, sounds like it works great for Klingons,
but I think I need to try something a little less... dangerous.
Then go to her door. Beg like a human.
It should be that simple, Wesley. Judging by her appearance,
it is likely you are biologically compatible.
You may lack histocompatibility of the cell membrane, but...
Data, ... I want to meet her, not dissect her.
- Picard to Salia's quarters. - Yes, Captain?
May I activate the view screen?
Hurry! Go!
We've invited Anya to take a tour of the ship.
- Maybe you'd like to join her? - Very much.
Your escort will be with you shortly. Picard out.
I think I'll go on the tour.
Why can't I?
This is the only chance I'll ever have to see a vessel like this.
No. You must remain here where it is safe.
Salia, do an old woman a favour and obey me for the rest of this trip.
You are no more an old woman than I am a leader.
Yes. Come in.
I'm here to escort you on your tour.
Salia will remain behind. I will be right there.
You are a leader.
And I... am older than you could ever imagine.
What should I say? How do I act? What do I do?
Guinan, could you step over here?
Sounds simple enough.
Your first words are the most important.
You may want to start like this.
You are the most beautiful woman in the galaxy.
But that might not work.
Yes, it would.
- I've longed to tell you that. - But you were afraid? Of me?
- Of us. Of what we might become. - Commander?
- Or that you'd think it was a line. - Maybe I do think it's a line.
You think I'm not sincere?
I didn't say that. It's a nice line, like a knock at the door.
- You're inviting me in? - I'm not sending you away.
- That's more than I expected. - Is it all you hoped?
To hope is to recognize the possibility. I had only dreams.
- Dreams can be dangerous. - Not these.
I dream of a galaxy where your eyes are the stars
and the universe worships the night.
Careful. Putting me on a pedestal, you may not be able to reach me.
Then I'll learn how to fly.
You are the heart in my day and the soul in my night.
I don't think this is my style.
Shut up, kid.
Tell me more about my eyes.
This is the dilithium crystal chamber.
Our Chief Engineer, Geordi La Forge.
What is that? What are you doing?
Nothing to be concerned about. Just some routine adjustments.
I wasn't aware that the deuterium control conduit required adjustment.
I run periodic inspections on all engineering systems.
- And you've found a malfunction. - It's not a malfunction.
Just a minute defocused area. It lowers operating efficiency.
- It may also produce excess prions. - Our computer would detect that.
Unless, of course, it too is malfunctioning.
Look, I really have to get this finished.
Please come with me.
I will be back to check your progress.
Ensign Crusher, what can I do for you?
- Is there a problem? - No.
Can you show me how to work the food dispenser?
Really, it's quite simple.
You tell the computer what you want and it prepares it for you.
What should I order?
I don't know. What do you like?
I'd like something sweet.
I know.
Computer, Thalian chocolate mousse.
It's a wonderful sensation.
On Thalos VII, they age the beans 400 years.
- You've been there? - It's one of my favourite places.
It must be fun to visit a planet like that.
It's the best part of being on the Enterprise.
I've studied about some of them. But to see them would be wonderful.
Tell me about the other places you've been.
There's too many.
The only world I've known is Klavdia III.
It's about time we changed that.
Come with me.
I'll be with you in a moment.
- What's wrong with him? - Andronesian encephalitis.
That disease is contagious!
Very unlikely. Our air-filtering system...
But there is a chance!
If you mean mathematically, yes, the probability is not zero.
I cannot rely on your primitive technologies! Kill the patient.
Destroy the patient. Immediately!
Now, you calm down.
If you won't take action, then I will!
Security to sickbay! Hurry!
Wait! Hold your fire!
What is she? Keep her away.
Do not interfere.
She wants to kill Hennesey.
His disease threatens Salia.
Captain, there is no chance of contagion.
- The situation is under control. - That's not good enough!
Well, it will have to be.
Your powers are infinitesimal compared to mine.
Yes, that may be, but you will obey my orders.
You will remain in your quarters, and in your present form,
for the rest of this voyage. Is that clear?
- Very! - Keep her under guard.
Aye, sir.
Wait for me.
- What kind of creature is she? - I've never seen anything like her.
There is mention in the galactic zoological catalogue
of a species called allasomorph,
which possess the power to alter their molecular structure
into other life forms.
Such a creature would make a perfect protector.
I want a Security team stationed outside sickbay.
Aye, sir. Captain, what if Anya transforms?
Can a place so remarkable truly exist?
Yes. There are many more.
All of them are different.
I've learned about them.
That's all I did on Klavdia III was learn.
I know so much, ... but I've seen so little.
Think of all you have to look forward to.
This is a great time to be alive.
- For you. - For both of us.
This is all just beginning.
We've only charted 19% of our galaxy. The rest is out there just waiting.
Look what we've already discovered.
I have never seen anything so wondrous.
Computer, Rousseau V.
It's breathtaking!
And you've been to this place?
Someday, you'll visit Rousseau V,
and many other places, all more spectacular.
If only it were possible.
- What is it? - In a moment,
the resonance from the neutrino clouds will become synchronous.
It's so beautiful!
It's like this place has a voice and is trying to speak to us.
Thank you for sharing all this with me.
Someday, you'll see it for yourself.
Look over there.
Remain here. You are restricted to quarters
for the remainder of this voyage.
You are the protector of this ship, are you not?
I am in charge of Security.
You must understand my duties as well.
If you confine me to this cell, I cannot protect Salia.
There is no need for concern. She is safe on this ship.
You must understand that I cannot make such an assumption.
You haven't any choice.
- You must trust me to protect her. - No!
A protector cannot have two charges. Your responsibility is to the ship.
My duty is to Salia.
My responsibility to the ship includes protecting Salia.
You know I'm stronger than you.
I was unprepared.
You underestimated me in your sickbay. That is usually fatal.
Still, you are here, confined to your room.
I ceased my struggle by choice, not because of you or your Captain.
I would have stopped you. If not me, someone else.
No. You cannot control me.
We will see.
We've brought a very dangerous life form on board.
I want to minimize the chance of any incident.
Whatever life form Anya is, emotionally she's Salia's mother.
The most dangerous animal is a mother protecting her young.
- Exactly. - Captain, this is Anya.
- Yes? - Salia is gone. Where is she?
This has all been so wonderful. I'm not even sure it's real.
Believe me, ten-forward isn't an illusion.
Not that.
I mean the way I feel.
You won't find a better dish of chocolate anywhere.
I'm sure I won't.
Is something wrong?
I've had a great time being with you, Wesley.
And that makes you sad?
When I was on Klavdia III,
all I could think about was leaving that isolation.
It makes me sad having to face it again
after seeing what else is possible.
Is that what awaits you on Daled IV? Isolation?
I thought you were going there to reunite two warring parties.
What else do you know?
Very little. The ship's computer doesn't have that much on Daled IV.
How will you stop the fighting?
I'm not certain. I only know I will have many responsibilities.
Your language has no word for the position I'll hold.
In many ways, I'll have even less freedom than on Klavdia III.
You could stay.
- On the Enterprise? - Why not?
Because I can't.
Just because a girl runs out
doesn't mean she doesn't wish you to follow.
What is it? What happened?
Stay away from me!
I'm sorry.
I don't understand.
I can't stay here!
I can't have this life!
I want it more than anything, but I can't have it!
Salia, nothing is impossible.
Not for you.
There's a way! I know there is!
Leave her alone!
Ensign, step away from her.
Come with me.
Energy depletion level?
- La Forge to bridge. - Yes, Lieutenant?
I've completed my final adjustments. Thanks for the time.
- Warp engines are now available. - Very good.
Number One, get us to Daled as quickly as possible.
Ensign Gibson, go to warp 8.8.
- Warp 8.8, sir. - Estimated time?
Three hours, nine minutes.
Crusher, when you're done in Engineering, report to my ready room.
- Yes, sir. - Take the bridge, Number One.
Aye, sir.
The woman, Anya, is not what she appears to be.
She is... an allasomorph.
A shape-shifter?
She's not only a governess, she's also the girl's... protector.
Now, I don't care to interfere
in the personal relationships of those under my command.
But in this case...
You want me to stay away from Salia?
Yes, I do. For the good of the ship and the safety of everyone on board.
I will do as you ask.
Why won't you let me have a friend?
It is my duty to protect you from danger.
There's no danger here.
There is always danger from one who is not your kind.
Salia, he's confusing you. Remember your responsibilities.
Whether or not I see Wesley is for me to decide.
It is not!
I raised you, I protected you,
and I intend to deliver you to Daled IV!
Maybe what you want doesn't matter any more.
Salia, please.
I know it's difficult for you.
But you must do what you're destined to do.
- Standard orbit. - Aye, sir.
Hailing frequencies, Mr Worf.
Captain, I'm encountering the same interference as on Klavdia III.
The troposphere must be distorting our signals.
It is fascinating, Captain.
Klavdia III and Daled IV have almost identical atmospheres.
Magnify. Times 20.
How could anyone exist
in an environment so totally hostile toward human life?
Mr Data, override the interference. Let's complete our mission.
Come in.
- You shouldn't have come. - You want me to leave?
- I didn't say that. - Then you want me to stay.
- Does Anya know you're here? - That doesn't matter.
I'm glad you came. I thought Anya would keep you with her.
- I have certain rights. - So you slipped out.
While she was asleep. I hope you didn't get trouble from your Captain.
No, I haven't gotten in trouble yet.
- Anya thought you would corrupt me. - With my wild way of life?
With the normal things people do... when they like each other.
- Wesley, get out of here! - What's going on?
- Just go! - Security, crew quarters!
- You should not have disobeyed me. - I had to.
I warned you to leave her alone.
Captain's log, stardate 42568.8.
Since Anya's powers enabled her to escape her guards unnoticed,
we have sealed her quarters with a force field
that will contain her no matter how small a form she may take.
- I'm receiving an audio signal. - Audio on.
Enterprise, this is command headquarters of Daled IV.
- We have been expecting you. - Sir, the communication originated
from a terawatt source on the planet.
That's more power than our entire ship could generate.
It is needed to penetrate the atmosphere.
Which means we lack the ability to respond, sir.
Sir, beam-down coordinates are encoded in the carrier signal.
I'll arrange for our guests to beam down.
Force field off.
Come in.
We have arrived.
Salia will be with you in just a moment.
- You're not going? - No.
My duties have been completed.
I have done all that I could.
I hope it was enough.
You've raised me well, and I thank you for that.
I would not have harmed the boy. I only wanted to frighten him.
I know.
You are ready for what awaits you and you will do well.
I know I've been hard on you,
but I wanted to prepare you for anything you might have to do.
Will I ever be able to leave Daled IV?
Probably not.
But anything is possible.
That's what Wes said.
I hope he's right.
Where will you go?
The third moon is within range of these transporters. I'll go there.
It was my home before we went away.
I'm going to miss you.
I know.
I am ready now.
I will escort you to transporter room six.
You will be happy to see me leave.
No. You are a worthy opponent.
Thank you. At heart, we are very much alike.
Yes, we are.
Perhaps we shall fight again.
On the same side.
It would be an honour.
Shall we go?
Come in.
Wesley, I have to go now.
Was it fun?
What do you mean?
Playing humanoid. Was it fun?
Wesley, look at me.
Right now, this minute, this is what I am. A humanoid girl.
What are you really?
- Does it matter? - Yes!
Our natural state is unlike anything you can imagine.
So, you took this form for our benefit?
That's why you asked what species we are.
I'm sorry I hurt you. I didn't mean to.
I loved you.
I love you, too!
Can you?
I have the same feelings, the same emotions as you.
You must believe me!
Please go.
Wesley, let's not say goodbye like this.
Prepare to beam Salia to the specified coordinates.
Our world is grateful for the courtesy you have extended.
I hope someday the Federation and Daled IV will have formal contact.
That is my wish as well.
- Coordinates input, sir. - Proceed.
A taste to remember me by.
I wish there was something I could give you.
You already have.
I'm glad you came to say goodbye.
Thank you, for everything.
- I want you to leave now. - Why?
I cannot arrive on my planet in this form.
And I want you to remember me as I am now.
Don't worry, I will.
Seeing her on the transporter pad, it was like seeing pure light.
I miss her.
I feel... empty.
I know that sensation.
But there'll come a time when all you remember is the love.
I'm never going to feel this way about anyone else.
You're right.
I didn't expect you to say that.
There'll be others. But every time you feel love, it'll be different.
Every time, it's different.
Knowing that doesn't make it any easier.
It's not supposed to.

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