Looking good. I'll go five.
Five... here.
And five more.
I believe the wiser course of action here is to bend.
You mean fold, Data.
That is correct. Fold. To bend. To make compact or to capitulate.
I raise 50.
I do not believe Lt Worf understands all the nuances of betting.
I wouldn't judge. His pile's a lot bigger than yours.
Than any of ours.
The cards have favoured Lt Worf, but that is the result of chance,
thus, a temporary situation.
- You hope. - Talk or play. Not both.
50, right?
50 is the bet. What's the matter? Your feet getting cold?
My cards are getting cold. Here you go.
I'm glad you stayed in. I need the chips.
Talk, talk, talk.
OK, here's the action.
50, ... and another 50.
Fold, fold, fold.
Your 50, and 50 more.
I'd love to play, but not with these cards.
Looks like it's just us, handsome.
I'll see you.
- Beats my straight. - The Iceman wins again.
You took my last chip. At least smile, Worf.
That would break his concentration.
Your deal.
The game is seven-card stud.
After the queen, one-eyed jacks and low card in the hole are wild.
Wait, let me write this down.
I open with 50.
Bridge to Cmdr Riker.
Receiving a class-11 emergency signal from Starfleet Command.
On my way.
50? You were bluffing.
- Klingons never bluff. - Yeah, right.
- Mr Data? - Emergency signal reads as follows.
"Enterprise to divert to coordinates 423 by 112 by 51 immediately."
- "Further orders to follow." - That's it? What's the emergency?
The message did not elaborate, sir.
Not even a hint.
- Course laid in. - Warp eight.
When Starfleet gets enigmatic, I know we're facing a challenge. Engage.
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds,... seek out new life and new civilizations,... boldly go where no one has gone before.
Our destination is a point near the Boradis system.
That area was colonized recently as I recall.
The first Federation outpost was founded 34 years ago on Boradis III.
The Federation has since colonized several planets nearby.
Yet we are not headed for a colony.
The coordinates are outside the system.
- Any problems reported in that area? - None, sir.
What the devil is going on?
Captain, Starfleet Command is hailing us.
About time. On screen.
- Greetings, Capt Picard. - My compliments, Admiral Gromek.
You will soon be joined by a special emissary from Starbase 153.
We are now transmitting the specifics.
We are receiving, sir.
The rendezvous will be tricky,
so you must reach the intercept point on schedule.
Understood. And the mission?
The envoy will fill you in. You are to cooperate fully.
- Can you give me any details? - Negative.
It's rather difficult to prepare for a mission I know nothing about.
I sympathize, but Starfleet Command considers this a top-security matter.
Once the envoy has briefed you, you should understand our caution.
Gromek out.
Data, what ship is transporting the envoy?
Apparently, there were no starships available on Starbase 153.
The envoy is aboard a class-8 probe.
A class-8 probe is just over two meters long.
Yes, that's true, Number One.
With transmitters and sensors removed and a life-support system installed,
there would be room for one person.
And it can travel at warp nine.
By sending the probe to us, rather than diverting us,
they are saving us 6.1 hours.
Starfleet must feel time is of the essence.
But to seal someone inside a class-8 probe and launch it...
What a way to transport a Federation dignitary.
Coming to 31, mark 113.
Our course is now parallel to the probe, sir.
Increase speed to warp 8.9.
8.9, aye.
- Full sensors aft. - Scanning.
Data, project our course beyond the rendezvous. What lies ahead?
From what I can tell, very little.
There are four colonies, and nine outposts throughout the sector.
I have it. Bearing 05, mark 231 . Velocity, warp nine.
- I see it. - Adjust speed to intercept.
Probe is coming up to starboard. Range, 8200. Tractor beam ready.
- Mr La Forge? - Transporter ready, Captain.
Range now... 7500.
Steady as she goes.
- Probe is standing abeam. - Engage tractor beam.
- Transporter beam locked, Captain. - Energize.
- Probe aboard, Captain. - Acknowledged. Number One?
- I'll welcome our visitor. - Resume original course and speed.
Aye, sir.
All yours, Commander.
Something wrong, Doctor?
I'm not sure. The readings are quite interesting.
I greet you. I am K'Ehleyr.
You speak Klingon.
A little. I'm Cmdr Riker. This is Chief Medical Officer Pulaski.
I hope your trip wasn't too unpleasant.
Klingons do not mind hardship, but I am delighted I'm out of that coffin.
I don't blame you. It's not the most luxurious accommodation.
Whoever said "Getting there is half the fun" never rode in a probe.
How are you feeling? Your vital signs are atypical for a Klingon.
Because I am only half Klingon.
Yes. My father was Klingon. My mother was human.
Captain, allow me to present Special Federation Emissary K'Ehleyr.
Welcome aboard. I'm Jean-Luc Picard.
This is Counsellor Troi. Lt Cmdr Data.
- And this is Lt... - Worf.
So this is where you've been hiding. I told you we'd meet again.
- Aren't you going to greet me? - I have nothing to say to you.
Haven't changed a bit.
Well, I missed you, too.
Two days ago, Starbase 336 received an automated transmission
from a Klingon ship, the T'Ong.
That ship was sent out over 75 years ago.
When the Federation and the Klingons were at war.
The message was to Klingon High Command.
It said that the ship was going home and was nearing its awakening point.
Suggesting that the crew were in cryogenic sleep for the journey.
- Exactly. - And when they're revived?
We'll have a ship full of Klingons who think the war's still going on.
So our task is to find the ship and tell them they're not at war?
Why us? Wouldn't a Klingon ship be better?
A Klingon ship, the P'Rang, is two days behind us. It may be too late.
Why too late?
The T'Ong crew will awaken near several Federation outposts.
There are 13 colonies in that sector.
Nice, ripe targets for a Klingon warship.
And you think you can convince them that humans are now their allies?
No, not a chance.
I think talking will be a waste of time.
Klingons of that era were raised to despise humans.
We'll try diplomacy, but I promise you it won't work.
Then you'll have to destroy them.
No? Captain, these Klingons are killers. You'll have no choice.
We shall find another choice.
I want options before we encounter the Klingon ship.
Lieutenant, ... I'm assigning you to help the Emissary.
I will escort you to the guest quarters.
Sir, I suggest Cmdr Riker or Data can better serve the Special Emissary.
Any personal reasons you don't want the assignment?
Any professional reasons?
- I withdraw my request, Captain. - Good.
I didn't know humans and Klingons could produce children.
Actually, the DNA is compatible, with a fair amount of help.
Rather like my parents.
I know what you mean. My father was human and my mother is Betazoid.
Really? It was the other way round for me. My mother was human.
You must have grown up like me, trapped between cultures.
I never felt trapped.
I tried to experience the richness and diversity of the two worlds.
Perhaps you got the best of each.
Myself, I think I got the worst of each.
- I doubt that. - Yes.
Having my mother's sense of humour is bad enough.
It's gotten me into plenty of trouble.
And your Klingon side?
That I keep under tight control.
It's like a terrible temper, not something I want people to see.
- Everyone has tempers. - Not like mine.
Sometimes I feel there's a monster inside of me, fighting to get out.
And it frightens you?
Of course it does. My Klingon side can be... terrifying.
Even to me.
It gives you strength. It's a part of you.
That doesn't mean I have to like it.
You are late.
Sorry. Had to make myself beautiful.
I fail to understand why.
Worf, we're alone now. You don't have to act like a Klingon glacier.
I don't bite.
Well, that's wrong. I do bite.
Shall we proceed with our duties?
You weren't this aloof six years ago. Or don't you remember?
Nothing is wrong with my memory.
Something is wrong with you. You're not even looking at me.
I am familiar with your appearance.
And it gives you no pleasure to see me again.
It isn't as if we tried it and it didn't work, you know.
You never gave it a chance.
I never?
I mean, as I see it,
we have some...
..unfinished business, you and I.
Not as far as I'm concerned.
According to the library computer, the Captain of the T'Ong is K'Temoc.
There is nothing on the ship's mission.
Probably some secret military objective.
Perhaps. But we have no evidence of that.
Why else would there be no record of the mission?
The records may simply have been lost.
What does it matter? Our concern is the present, the possible threat.
To contend with that threat, we need information.
We have all the information we need.
That is foolish. Knowing their mission may help us understand them.
There is nothing to understand. These are Klingons. They'll attack.
In their minds, we're the enemy, and we can't talk them out of that.
And I do not appreciate being interrupted.
And I do not appreciate wasting my time!
We were instructed to find options.
There aren't any. The assignment's hopeless.
- There are always options. - Are there?
Tell me, whatever happened to that wonderful Klingon fatalism of yours?
My experiences aboard this ship have taught me
most problems have more than one solution.
Starfleet hasn't improved you one bit. You're as stubborn as ever.
Are you going to carry out your duties, or aren't you?
Alright. I will.
Upon due consideration of the problem
and careful examination of all possible options,
my original recommendation stands.
Meeting adjourned!
You're upset.
Your finely honed Betazoid sense tell you that?
Well, that and the table.
I warned you about my Klingon half.
May I make a suggestion?
I thank you, Counsellor, but I don't want any counselling.
I was going to suggest something else.
I find the exercise programs on the holodeck
rigorous enough to take my mind off most frustrations.
And it'll keep me from wrecking the ship.
That, too.
- Enter program. - Show me the exercise menu.
Callisthenics program of Lt Worf.
Program complete. You may enter when ready.
Status, Mr Data?
Based on the last position of the Klingon ship,
its trajectory and estimates of its speed,
we should be within scanner range in 15 hours, eight minutes.
Special Emissary K'Ehleyr has... declared a short recess, sir.
I wish to run a test on tactical backup equipment.
- We just tested all those systems. - I wish to check them again.
I commend your diligence.
However, I'm concerned that you're working yourself too hard.
Sir, given the unknowns we will face...
- Lieutenant, I order you to relax. - I am relaxed.
Yes, sir.
I've never before seen the Lieutenant so... unsettled.
The Iceman's finally melting.
Not much of a program.
Computer, ...
..level two.
Some callisthenics programs are better than others.
You still can make jokes.
- You don't like a sense of humour? - I did not say that.
Worf, you're the perfect Klingon. The ultimate minimalist. Talk to me.
I've noted that some people use humour as a shield.
They talk much, yet say little.
Whereas others take a simpler approach.
Say nothing.
When one does not have the words.
Or is loath to speak them.
Why didn't we do this six years ago?
- We were not ready. - I was.
No. We were both too young, too... unaware.
We lacked commitment.
Perhaps we lacked courage as well.
No longer.
Wait. You can't mean...
We are mated.
Yes, I know. I was there. But...
Now we must solemnize our union with the oath.
I am not going to become your wife.
You already are.
Don't give me that Klingon nonsense.
You would dishonour our sacred traditions?
They're not sacred. They're absurd.
Marrying you is out of the question for a million reasons.
They didn't stop you earlier.
Worf, it was what it was, glorious and wonderful, and all that.
But it doesn't mean anything.
That is a human attitude.
- I am human! - You are also Klingon.
So that means we should bond for life?
It is our way.
Yours. Not mine.
I will not take the oath.
Then this night had no meaning.
And that... I will not believe.
Believe what you will.
- Approaching the coordinates. - Slow to impulse.
Short- and long-range sensor scans negative.
Lay in a standard search pattern.
- Search pattern laid in. - Full impulse. Engage.
I hope we find them before they end their nap.
No outpost in this area could defend itself from a Klingon warship.
I'm working on our assignment, trying a few computer simulations.
Your devotion to duty is commendable... if belated.
Unwilling to be alone with me?
I asked Cmdr Data to help us analyze the alternatives.
An android chaperon.
Android, of course, is correct. But...
..I fail to see how chaperon is applicable here.
Never mind.
I guess I can't blame you.
Tell me one thing. You'd have gone through with the oath, wouldn't you?
Regardless of the consequences to our careers, to our lives.
Honour demanded no less.
What do you want? Is honour all you care about?
Don't you feel anything else?
No comment?
Poor android. Whose behaviour do you find more perplexing?
Human... or Klingon?
At the moment, I would find it difficult to choose.
So would I.
OK, when we locate the T'Ong, there are two possibilities. First...
We find the ship before it reaches the awakening point
and simply keep them asleep.
- Is that feasible? - We can override their controls.
That way we await the arrival of the Klingon ship P'Rang.
So when the T'Ong's crew awakens, they are surrounded by Klingons.
- That would be ideal. - But there's the second possibility.
That the crew of the T'Ong has already revived.
They see this is Federation territory and attack an outpost.
Theirs could be a scientific voyage.
Klingons of that era doing research for its own sake?
- But they may be reasonable. - That point is beside the point.
These are Klingons, at war with us.
Whatever their mission, once they see a Federation target, they'll attack.
Can they be disabled rather than destroyed?
We could knock out their engines without damaging the ship.
No use. Disable the ship and K'Temoc will destroy it himself.
Klingons do not surrender.
If we don't reach it before they wake up, you have no alternatives.
I can't accept that.
There must be some way to make the Klingons listen.
- If we convince them... - Captain, we've detected a ship.
Bearing 316, mark 42.
Extreme sensor range.
Lay in intercept course. Go to yellow alert.
Shields are up.
Better lock in phasers. It may be your only chance.
Intercept course laid in.
Hold position. Let's see if they've spotted us.
Magnification, 100.
Mr Data?
Life forms are aboard. Unable to ascertain whether they are awake.
Their propulsion is inactive, so I hypothesize that they are asleep.
However, I could be in error.
Shields holding.
They've cloaked themselves.
Well, Captain, you've had your chance.
Transferring Engineering to the bridge.
Can you find them?
I think so. Those old shields weren't too efficient
at blocking gamma-ray output.
If I can tune the sensors to a particular band...
There, got 'em. Transferring coordinates to helm.
- Intercept. Warp two. - Warp two, sir.
Let them die like Klingons, in battle. They deserve that much.
I have another option.
Captain's log, stardate 42901.3.
Despite their cloaking shields, we have located the Klingon vessel.
In an effort to avoid confrontation, we plan to implement the option
presented by Lt Worf.
The T'Ong has changed course to 32, mark 81 . Increasing to warp three.
- Standard evasive manoeuvre. - Stay with them.
Yes, sir.
The T'Ong is now on a heading of 42, mark 113, accelerating to warp five.
- They're making a break for it. - Overtake, warp eight.
Put us right in their path. Come to a full stop. Full power to shields.
We've thrown down the gauntlet. Let's see if they pick it up.
Slowing to impulse, sir.
Phaser hit on forward shields. Brimming up now. No damage.
I guess we've piqued their interest now.
Give them a chance to look their enemy in the face. Ready, Lieutenant.
- Open hailing frequencies. - Open, sir.
What... ? What is this?
Captain K'Temoc, have you lost your mind?
Halt your vessel and drop your shields!
What treachery is this? By whose authority?
I am Worf, commanding the Enterprise.
And it is you who have committed treason by firing on this vessel.
I have standing orders to fire on all Federation ships.
You fool!
Did it not occur to you that the war would be over by now?
- I have no proof of that. - Trust your eyes.
Or is your brain still stuck in its long slumber?
How do I know this is no Federation trick? How can I be sure?
Captain, as you are new to this century, I have tried to be patient.
But I will tolerate no further insubordination.
- Drop your shields immediately. - And if I refuse?
Then die in ignorance. I can waste no more time on you.
Phasers to full power.
Aye, sir. Phasers ready. Target locked.
You dare not destroy us.
We are on a crucial mission for Klingon High Command.
Has the T'Ong dropped its shields?
No, sir.
Very well. Fire all phasers.
Lower the shields.
I yield command of the T'Ong to you, Capt Worf.
Long live the Klingon Empire.
A wise decision, Captain.
Cmdr K'Ehleyr will board and take command.
The Klingon cruiser P'Rang will soon arrive and escort you home.
- And Captain... - Yes?
Welcome to the 24th century.
I return command to you, Captain.
Thank you, Lieutenant. Congratulations.
A very fine first command. Well done.
How did you like command?
Comfortable chair.
And you wore it well.
One to beam aboard the T'Ong.
All set.
I relieve you.
Yes, Lieutenant.
The Klingon P'Rang will rendezvous with you in three days.
And I'll begin the assimilation of these Klingons to our era.
Is there anything else you require?
No. Nothing else.
Damn you, Worf.
You'd let me go without saying another word, wouldn't you?
What needs to be said?
Nothing. Everything. We're about to go our separate ways again.
And that disturbs you?
I hid the truth from you. Last night did have meaning.
I was tempted to take the oath with you. But it scared me.
I've never had such strong feelings toward anyone.
Nor have I.
Then it was more than just a point of honour.
Maybe someday, when our paths cross again, ...
..I won't be so easy to get rid of.
I will not be complete... without you.

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