Captain. Doctor. I am honoured by your presence,
but may I suggest you attend the second concert?
Why, Data?
Ensign Ortiz will perform the violin part.
My rendition will be less enjoyable.
I am technically proficient,
but according to my fellow performers, I lack soul.
Telling us why you'll fail before making the attempt is never wise.
But is not honesty always the preferred choice?
Excessive honesty can be disastrous, particularly in a commander.
Knowing your limitations is one thing.
Advertising them to a crew damages your credibility as a leader.
Because you will lose their confidence?
And you may begin to believe in those limitations yourself.
Captain, we're receiving a message from the Sheliak Corporate.
Origin of message confirmed. It is from the Shelia star system.
The Sheliak have not communicated with the Federation for 111 years.
Why are they doing it now?
On screen.
Federation creatures,
there are humans on the fifth planet of Tau Cygna.
This planet was ceded to the Corporate in section 133
paragraph 77 of the Treaty of Armens.
We will begin settlement of this world in four days.
- Remove the humans. - What the...?
Federation creatures, there are humans on the fifth planet...
Cancel message.
Tau Cygna V is in the deLaure Belt.
Heavy concentrations of hyperonic radiation.
Humans can't survive there.
Hyperonic radiation is fatal.
Then the Sheliak are asking us to chase ghosts.
No, Number One.
The Sheliak haven't broken a century of silence
to send us after phantoms.
An investigation is in order. Set course for Tau Cygna V.
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds,...
..to seek out new life and new civilizations,...
..to boldly go where no one has gone before.
Captain, human-life-form readings from the planet.
- The Sheliak weren't hallucinating. - Numbers?
Impossible to get a reading.
Radiation is disrupting our sensors.
Radiation has also made the ship's transporters inoperable.
So are the phasers.
- How can humans survive there? - They must have adapted.
Work with radiation sensitivity suggests it's possible.
Perhaps with extensive viral therapy.
Whoever they are, we've gotta get them off the planet.
By treaty, that world still belongs to the Sheliak.
Who are within their rights to remove these trespassers.
If we don't remove them, the Sheliak will. Forcefully.
How forcefully?
The Sheliak consider humans a lower life form
and would have no compunctions about exterminating them.
Mr. Data, as you're unaffected by hyperonic radiation,
I'd like you to go to the planet via shuttlecraft to commence evacuation.
Aye, sir.
Number One.
Any speculation on what we might find down there?
My guess would be a lone survey craft.
Maybe a dozen or so survivors.
I think it's some sort of shuttlecraft.
- Where's it from? - Look at the markings.
It must be from the Federation.
Greetings, gentlemen.
We saw your ship. You're the first visitor we've had...
The first visitor we've ever had.
You're not human.
That is correct. I am an android.
I am Lt Cmdr Data of the Federation Starship Enterprise.
Our great-grandparents were in the Federation.
You don't wanna waste time talking to us.
You should meet Gosheven. We'll take you.
I'm sure the Federation will be proud of us.
Wait till you see all we've accomplished.
And who precisely is "us"?
Don't you know? Oh no, I don't guess you would.
We're descendants of the original settlers,
from the colony ship Artemis.
Got it. The Artemis. Launched 92 years ago for Septimus Minor.
When they failed to check in, Starfleet began a huge search.
What took the Artemis off course?
My local informant does not know.
In the early days, survival was more important than history.
- Understood. How many are they? - 1 5,253, sir.
1 5,000!
Three days, no transporters. We'll never get them out in time.
Loading all shuttlecraft to capacity,
evacuation will take... four weeks, four days.
We need more time.
Mr. Data, prepare the colonists for evacuation.
Aye, sir.
Get me the Sheliak.
Their homeworld is quite distant. This will take some time.
Gosheven, look what's come.
Lt Cmdr Data of the Starship Enterprise.
- He's an android. - So he is.
Well, now that you're here, what do you want?
My mission is to prepare this colony for evacuation.
Because this planet belongs to the Sheliak.
And who is the Sheliak?
The term is plural.
The Sheliak are a non-humanoid intelligent life form, class R3.
Well, this colony has been here over 90 years.
We've never seen a Sheliak.
I'd say that makes Tau Cygna V our planet.
The original destination of the Artemis was Septimus Minor.
The guidance system failed. Took them far off course.
Our ancestors were lucky to land anywhere.
Then the radiation started killing them.
It killed a third of the colonists before they adapted to it.
Our colony prospered.
Look around. We've brought water to the desert, built a community.
Your accomplishments are truly remarkable.
Yet there is a treaty which makes this planet Sheliak domain.
- Then change the treaty. - That may not be possible.
The Sheliak wish to colonize this planet
and will not share it with humans.
If you are here when they arrive, they will eradicate you.
They'd kill all of us?
They have little regard for human life.
The sensible thing is to prepare a contingency plan
for the evacuation of your people.
We're not evacuating.
- I have not made myself clear. - Yes, you have.
Let me be equally clear.
There's going to be no evacuation.
You've delivered your message, so go back to your ship.
I have work to do.
Nice catch.
Wonderful reflexes.
Sorry to test you like that, but I was curious.
- Found a new toy, have we? - Toy?
This is the most incredible android I've ever seen.
Have you seen many?
Actually, no. You're the first.
Only you would get this excited over a walking calculator.
Cybernetics fascinates me.
- Are your neural paths duotronic? - No. Positronic.
Is that possible? What's your memory capacity?
How many operations per second? I have a million questions.
I have no time to answer a million.
I have a mission to accomplish. I must know about your people.
Gosheven seems unwilling to talk.
I'm Ard'rian McKenzie.
Perhaps I can help you.
Gentlemen, we're giving you an assignment.
One thing we don't want to hear is that it's impossible.
I need the transporters to work despite the radiation.
Yeah, but that's im...
Yes, sir.
Even if we get the Sheliak to talk, they won't be accommodating.
When the treaty was first negotiated,
the Federation sent 372 legal experts.
What do we have?
Thee and me?
No response.
Try them again. Boost the signal strength.
Sheliak Corporate. This is the Starship Enterprise.
Respond, please.
Conversation is neither required nor desired.
Conversation is necessary
if we are to find a solution to our mutual problem.
Our involvement in Federation illegality is not indicated.
Both parties are involved, sir.
Remove the humans from the Tau Cygna system.
Three Earth days remain.
Let us negotiate in good faith.
Negotiate to what purpose? The treaty is signed.
There is a thriving colony on that planet.
Rather than uproot these people, may I offer a compromise?
- Denied. - Why?
The law is paramount. We are entitled.
This is not a law. It is a treaty.
It is designed to smooth relations between races,
not to act as a strait...
You really think we'll have to leave Tau Cygna V?
The possibility exists, yet Gosheven seems unwilling to prepare for it.
- Why? - Maybe because you're an android.
I don't think he likes the idea of machines ordering him around.
I am not ordering him.
I am trying to persuade him to evacuate his people.
Do you think my course of action should be followed?
Of course.
- Despite the fact I am an android? - Because of that fact.
I'm not prejudiced against computers. I like them.
Not that any computer we have is as sophisticated as you.
No, I would say not.
People can be selfish, irrational, stubborn, malicious.
But computers don't have those failings.
And you conclude that I am impartial?
Hence, you accept my recommendations?
Yet Gosheven does not.
Picard to Cmdr Data.
Data here.
- The Sheliak won't bargain. - Understood, sir.
I'm calling for transport. Get those people ready to evacuate quickly.
Aye, sir.
We must speak to Gosheven immediately.
Gentlemen, how's it coming?
- What the hell is that? - Our first attempt.
Keep at it. We need those transporters.
You see this?
Do you have any idea what it is, or what it means?
It is water. A substance composed of two atoms of hydrogen...
It's not water.
It's blood and sweat. The result of 90 years of combined effort.
This isn't a town.
It's a monument to everyone who's lived and died here.
- You're talking nonsense. - Am l?
My grandfather is buried on that mountain.
He died in a rock slide surveying for this aqueduct.
This colony exists because of his sacrifice
and the sacrifice of thousands of others.
No, we are not leaving.
The Sheliak will not accept humans on their planet.
They will use force to remove you.
We will not be bullied off our land. Not by you, and not by the Sheliak.
Stubborn and irrational. Now what do we do?
- Are his sentiments typical? - I hope not.
If I can convince people to leave...
Don't you mean if we can convince?
- Come. - Yes, sir.
Three weeks. Starfleet is profuse in its apologies,
but it will still be three weeks until the arrival of a transport ship
equipped with dedicated personnel shuttles.
We can't wait three weeks.
Then the Sheliak must agree to extend our deadline.
They plan to settle Tau Cygna V two days from now.
One of their ships must already be en route.
We're going to intercept that ship.
The Sheliak may see that as hostile.
A risk we have to take.
The Enterprise is going to intercept the Sheliak ship.
Now, your job...
- Well, you know what your job is. - Commander.
In human parlance, I do not believe I can get the job done.
My training prepared me for starship command duties.
As a cultural contact, I am less than exemplary.
- What's the situation? - Their leader will not listen.
He denies my arguments and speaks of structures they have built.
- Try something else. - I have, sir.
In the last three hours, I have spoken with 56 colonists.
Ten refused to believe the threat exists.
22 favour staying and fighting the Sheliak.
1 6 prefer negotiation or some sort of passive resistance.
Only eight considered evacuation. Of those...
Data, I can't help you.
I haven't talked to these people. You have.
Use your positronic brain to carry out your mission.
Sir, if I do not succeed,
how violent is the Sheliak reaction likely to be?
Only the treaty stopped them
from eradicating the colony the moment they discovered it.
- Ah. - "Ah" is right, Data.
The lives of 1 5,000 people are riding on you.
You'd better get innovative. Riker out.
We're having an effect.
People are asking questions. Gosheven has called a meeting.
Has Gosheven changed his position?
No. But you can present your recommendations.
So far, my attempts at persuasion have been ineffective.
- Why did you do that? - You appeared to need it.
Among humans, a kiss usually serves to seal a friendship,
or indicate support, attraction, affection.
In this context, I must assume
that your intention was to express support.
You don't understand human behaviour.
That is an understatement.
Sometimes I don't either. Androids are a lot more rational.
That quality has not helped me to accomplish my mission.
A rational argument isn't always enough.
Maybe, to be more persuasive, you should use reverse psychology.
Elicit a desired behaviour by advocating its opposite.
That implies deception.
A little. But if it helps us get our point across...
Perhaps this is a situation where excessive honesty can be detrimental.
Are we progressing?
- About like you'd expect, sir. - Splendid! Carry on.
He wants the impossible.
That's the short definition of "Captain".
You all know the android from Starfleet,
and you've been discussing why he's come.
I called this meeting
to replace misinformation with cold hard fact.
- I wish to speak. - No. Leave now.
Is your position so weak that it cannot withstand debate?
Let him speak.
You all know of the Sheliak threat.
Starfleet wishes to evacuate you for your own protection.
Yet Gosheven has decided otherwise.
That is his right.
I will not waste time trying to reverse that decision.
I admire your conviction in the face of certain defeat.
Though doomed, your effort will be valiant.
And when you die, you will die for land and for honour.
Your children will understand that they are dying for a worthy cause.
Long after the battle is over,
their courage will be remembered and extolled.
Remembered by who?
Yes, that is true.
There will be no one left alive to remember.
A valiant try, android.
But what a low opinion you must have of us.
I wanted to describe your destruction
in a manner with an emotional effect.
He describes it pretty damn well.
Are you ready to follow this machine? Give up without a fight?
He says we're going to lose. That's his cowardice talking.
What if he's right? Shouldn't we consider that possibility?
This colony exists because generations gave their lives for it.
Many died before we could adapt to the radiation.
Many more died bringing water to this desert.
- My grandfather... - ..is buried on that mountain.
Who'll be left to bury you?
Have you considered what this evacuation means?
Everything we have, we abandon.
Everything that we have built turns to dust.
Everything that we have accomplished means nothing. I say no.
You elected me your leader. Follow me now.
I don't think our chances are as hopeless as he says.
And I'm willing to stake our lives on it.
Any objections?
Because here we stand.
- Aye. - We stand with you.
Then here you die.
Mr. Data, I want you to know that Gosheven doesn't speak for all of us.
I see no reason to die needlessly.
And you?
I'm not sure. Gosheven's done well for us.
But I want to hear more of what you have to say.
Others feel the same,
but they are uneasy about confronting Gosheven.
Get them together and we'll meet at my house.
With other non-humanoid races,
there's always been some point of reference.
Not so with the Sheliak.
We must have something in common. We communicate.
Barely. They have learnt several Federation languages,
but theirs continues to elude us.
- Telepaths. - Attempted and failed.
Actually, the fact that any alien race
communicates with another is quite remarkable.
We are stranded on a planet.
We have no language in common, but I want to teach you mine.
- S'marith. What did I just say? - Cup?
- Glass? - Are you sure?
I may have meant liquid, clear, brown, hot.
We conceptualise the universe in relatively the same way.
Point taken.
In your talks, you must be extremely accurate.
The treaty is 500,000 words.
The length was to accommodate the Sheliak.
They consider our language irrational
and wanted this level of complexity to avoid future misunderstandings.
Captain, we have the vessel carrying the Sheliak on visual.
On my way.
So, it begins.
- Hailing frequencies. - Open.
This is Capt Jean-Luc Picard of the Starship Enterprise.
Your purpose, Enterprise?
We desire face-to-face negotiations to settle the crisis on Tau Cygna V.
We're entitled to consultation under paragraph 653, subparagraph nine.
- Was that an invitation? - I am taking it as such. Counsellor.
You have the bridge, Number One.
Helm, maintain relative position.
Mr. Worf, tell transporter room two to stand by.
Aye, sir.
Once the Federation resettles us, we'll be left alone?
If you so desire.
We do. We like to do things on our own.
The Federation will offer as little or as much help as you want.
Kentor, are you with us?
Yes. The question is how do we convince Gosheven?
Why do we need to?
He's respected. Most people will do what he says.
They respect you, too. If you take a stand, they'll fall in line.
I don't know. Gosheven's got a lot of supporters.
Don't forget that.
I'm disappointed. I thought we'd settled this.
Apparently, that is not correct.
Still stirring up trouble?
Since when is talk trouble?
It's over. Don't you get it?
You had your say. You lost.
I appear to be reversing that defeat.
No, you're not.
You're just stubborn. Well, let me tell you something.
- So am l. - Damn you, Gosheven!
- You killed him! - I killed no one.
I merely shut down a machine.
That's it, everyone. It's time to go home.
You'll see that I'm right.
Advance and speak.
..we will comply with your request
to remove the colony from Tau Cygna V,
but we need time.
The given time has elapsed.
We carry the membership.
We will proceed with their debarkation.
The temporary presence of humans won't interfere with your plans.
Unacceptable. You must remove the creatures.
I'm trying, but the ship isn't available for three weeks.
Then you are in violation.
I have admitted that.
I am only asking for a little flexibility.
Section 501 , paragraph 71 6, subparagraph five.
"Unwanted life forms inhabiting H-Class worlds
may be removed at the discretion of the Sheliak Corporate."
We will remove them, but you must grant us the time we require.
You need time, Picard? We will save you time.
We will eradicate the human infestation.
They are not vermin! I will not permit this outrage.
Intelligent converse is impossible. You do not discuss. You gibber.
Between intelligent species of goodwill...
I take it the Sheliak just hung up on us again.
I was afraid your neural pathways were scrambled.
I have diagnostic circuits
and am able to correct many malfunctions.
I'm not surprised at Gosheven.
But Kentor and the others said they were with us.
I guess words don't mean much.
Perhaps that is our difficulty. Words are all we have been using.
Humans seem to take much stronger notice of actions.
I require a phaser.
- What's a phaser? - A type of weapon.
Unfortunately, it does not function around hyperonic radiation.
I will have to be innovative.
Hyperonic radiation randomizes phaser beams.
I think I can improvise a circuit which will compensate
by continuously recollimating the output.
You're using your own neural processors to build a smarter phaser.
Essentially correct.
Get word to Gosheven.
Tell him I am coming to the pumping station.
Tell him I am going to destroy the aqueduct.
He'll try and stop you.
I sincerely hope so.
- Go to yellow alert. Shields up. - Aye, sir.
Riker, keep close to the Sheliak vessel. Match any move she makes.
- Aye, sir. - Mr. Worf, hailing frequency.
They are not responding.
They don't have to answer. They just have to listen.
Sheliak vessel, you will have to get past me
to get at the colony on Tau Cygna V.
- No response. - Close channel.
Get me that treaty.
They've beat us over the head with it for three days.
Let's find something in it that we can turn to our own advantage.
That was the stun setting.
This is not.
I can reduce this pumping station to a pile of debris,
but I trust my point is clear.
I am but one android with a single weapon.
There are hundreds of Sheliak on the way.
Their weapons are far more powerful.
They may not offer you a target.
They can obliterate you from orbit.
You will die never having seen the faces of your killers.
The choice is yours.
There are other places, other challenges.
Yes, listen to Kentor.
I really was willing to stay here and die for this.
I know that.
This is just a thing, and things can be replaced.
Lives cannot.
This is hopeless.
Fighting would be preferable.
- That's it. - I don't follow you, sir.
- Mr. Worf, get me the Sheliak. - Yes, sir.
Coming through, sir.
Pursuant to paragraph 1 ,290,
I hereby request third-party arbitration of our dispute.
You have the right.
Furthermore, pursuant to subsection D3,
- I name the Grisellas to arbitrate. - Grisellas?
Unfortunately, they are hibernating now.
They'll awaken in six months, at which time we can settle this.
Now, do you want to wait or give me my three weeks?
Absurd. We carry the membership. We can brook no delay.
Then I hereby declare this treaty in abeyance.
Wait! Negotiation is permiss...
- You enjoyed that. - You're damned right.
Captain, they are hailing us.
On screen.
You may have your three weeks, Picard of the Enterprise.
Thank you.
Captain, we can do it. We can modify the transporters.
It'll take 1 5 years and 1 00 researchers.
Mr. La Forge, I believe we will postpone.
Yes, sir.
Lt Cmdr Data to Enterprise.
I am about to leave Tau Cygna V and await rendezvous instructions.
Acknowledged. Stand by.
Hi. The evacuation plan is going well.
When the ship arrives, we'll be ready to leave. You succeeded.
I only succeeded with your support and insight.
- I am grateful for your assistance. - Good.
- Then you won't forget me. - I am incapable of forgetting.
I will remember every detail of my visit with perfect clarity.
But nothing more?
I do not understand.
I guess what I really want to know is...
..do you have any feelings for me?
I have no feelings of any kind.
No, of course you don't.
What was that for?
You appeared to need it.
So you saw that I was unhappy
and did what you concluded
would make me feel better?
Rational to the last.
- Welcome home. Well done. - Thank you, sir.
The good Doctor provided me with a recording of your concert.
Your performance shows... feeling.
As I have recently reminded others, sir, I have no feeling.
It's hard to believe. Your playing is quite beautiful.
Strictly speaking, sir, it is not my playing.
It is a precise imitation of Jascha Heifetz and Trenka Bronkin.
Is there nothing of Data in what I'm hearing?
You see, you chose the violinists.
Heifetz and Bronkin have radically different styles and techniques,
yet you combined them successfully.
I suppose I have learned to be creative, sir.
When necessary.
Mr. Data, I look forward to your next concert.

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