Another Coco-no-no?
No, thanks, I think I've had enough.
Yeah. Me too.
I almost forgot.
I'm sorry. I think I'd better go back.
Too chilly? I can turn down the breeze.
It's been a lovely program.
- Yeah. - You're a terrific guy.
I just don't feel that way about you.
Knock it off.
This was the final battle, wasn't it?
Neither side expected Orelious IX to be the decisive conflict.
There's not much left.
The destruction is remarkable, considering the primitive period.
I beg your pardon?
Geordi had a big date with Christi tonight.
He spent days working up the perfect program.
Looks like it ended early.
- Cmdr Data to the bridge. - Acknowledged.
We're picking up a signal, coordinates 21 1 mark 61 .
It would seem to be an ancient interplanetary code.
- Mr. Data? - Confirmed, sir.
Survivors on Orelious IX, after all this time? Not possible.
Well, hardly possible, Number One.
Lay in a course for the source.
- Approaching source, Captain. - Put it on the viewer.
A Promellian battle cruiser?
With its Lang-cycle fusion engines intact.
Sensors indicate no life signs aboard, Captain.
I should hope not. That ship belongs in a museum.
I'm afraid we're a little late.
That call for help was probably initiated...
..over a thousand years ago.
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds,... seek out new life and new civilizations,... boldly go where no one has gone before.
Captain's log, stardate 43205.6.
We have arrived at Orelious IX to chart the battle
in which the Menthars and Promellians fought to extinction.
Among the ruins, we found a Promellian battle cruiser
that has withstood the centuries.
Indulge me.
I would prefer it if I could run a security sweep.
No. Captain's prerogative. This one's mine.
We have examined every conceivable risk.
The risks on a ship this old and fragile are inconceivable.
Ghosts, perhaps?
Number One, have you never dreamed...
of climbing inside the bottle?
The ship in the bottle.
Model airships.
I used to build them as a child.
I bet I had a Promellian battle cruiser.
- Ready to beam down? - Locked on, Captain.
Certain about the atmosphere?
There is adequate oxygen for life support.
It is exactly as they left it. In the bottle.
The ship... Good Lord,
didn't anybody build ships in bottles as boys?
I did not play with toys.
I was never a boy.
I did, sir.
Thank you, Mr. O'Brien.
I did. I really did.
Ships in bottles. Great fun.
- What's that? - The power bus may need adjusting.
Keep me posted.
They died at their posts.
You'd expect the bridge layout of this era
to be clumsy, awkward.
But look at this.
It's a model of simplicity.
Elegant. Functional.
They built this craft for generations, and it worked.
Don't you have anything stronger, Guinan?
- Yes. - Would it help?
Tell me something. You're a woman, right?
Yes, I'm a woman.
- What do you want in a man? - Personally?
As a woman, what's the first thing you look at?
- His head. - His mind.
- Of course. - No, his head.
I'm attracted to bald men.
- Seriously? - Seriously.
Maybe because a bald man was kind to me once
when I was hurting, took care of me.
- I'd like to do that. - I take care of myself now.
I mean, take care of somebody.
I just don't get it. I can fieldstrip a fusion reactor.
I can realign power-transfer tunnels.
Why can't I make anything work with Christi?
It's like... I don't know what to say.
- You're doing fine with me. - You're different.
No, you're different.
- But I'm not trying now. - That's my point.
What is it?
The main power returner is acting weird.
Define weird.
I'm getting fluctuating waveguide readings.
- Run a maintenance sweep. - Right.
Activating power pack, Captain.
Mr. Worf, get tricorder images of their tactical display.
Aye, sir.
The source of the distress signal is coming from up there.
Let's end their last cry for help.
I believe this is an information storage device.
A crude analogue of our isolinear optical chip.
Crude by our standards today, Data.
But when this ship was built, humans were perfecting the mechanical clock.
Still using steel crossbows in battle.
- Any way to see what's on this? - Questionable.
I believe I can supply power to its playback unit.
Its components are quite old.
I will amplify the image with my tricorder.
I am Galek Sar,
Captain of the Promellian cruiser, Cleponji.
I wish anyone who finds this to know...
my crew has behaved courageously.
I want it recorded for all time
that I alone
am responsible for the fate that befell us.
I have failed as a captain...
..and as the man responsible for all the souls aboard my ship.
- Picard to Enterprise. - Go ahead, Captain.
I think we have seen all there is here.
At Mr. O'Brien's leisure, we're ready to return.
Aye, sir.
That was... absolutely thrilling.
And I was right. There were ghosts on board. One spoke to us.
- A friendly one, I hope? - My own counterpart.
The captain's final message, praising his crew.
I hope you'll be as thoughtful.
Mr. Data, revise the annexe.
This should be catalogued and then retrieved.
I'm sorry, it's just a rare pleasure to see this side of your personality.
Mr. Crusher, set course for the original coordinates.
Captain, we are experiencing a two percent drop in energy reserves.
We were having problems...
We are being bombarded with high-intensity radiation.
- Shields up! - Captain, energy loss increasing.
- Yellow alert. - Aye, sir.
Energy loss increasing.
Mr. Crusher.
Reverse course. Full impulse power.
No response, sir.
- Increase speed to warp one. - Engines aren't responding.
Mr. La Forge, warp power now!
Matter-antimatter mixture-ratio settings
at optimum balance.
Reaction sequence corresponding to specified norms.
Magnetic-plasma transfer to warp-field generators as specified.
Commander, we should be going like a bat out of hell.
- Power loss now 1 2 percent. - Red alert.
Radiation intensity increasing.
We'd better slow these engines down before we burn out.
To idle, Geordi.
Is it possible...
that we've fallen into the same snare that killed them?
A 1 ,000-year-old booby trap?
Even with the engines idling,
our reserves will be depleted in three hours.
We won't hold our shields.
Mr. Worf, have you identified the source of the radiation?
The radiation field is too strong for our sensors.
And no explanation for the energy loss?
No, sir.
Is there anything in the history books, Data?
Fascinating records of Menthar battle strategy.
They were exceptionally innovative.
They were first to use the Kavis Teke elusive manoeuvre,
as well as strategy comparable to Napoleon's...
- Any situation like this? - No, sir.
I recommend I return with a team.
- They didn't have much success. - But they knew their enemy.
They may have known what caused this.
Agreed. The impact of lowering shields to get the away team out?
- Negligible. - And our energy conservation?
Cmdr La Forge, keep the Enterprise up and running.
Data, join the away team. Find out what happened on that ship.
So why can't we move?
As we increased power, was there any counter-reaction?
The opposing force grew in direct proportion
to the power output of the Enterprise.
So, it kept us from forming a subspace field?
That is correct.
Who is this... L Brahms?
Dr Leah Brahms, engineer.
Daystrom Institute Theoretical Propulsion Group.
Galaxy-class starships. Team seven, junior member.
Junior member?
Looks like she wrote the book on propulsion.
Call up subspace design logs.
Select menu. Visual records or L Brahms' voice entries.
Voice entries.
Theoretical propulsion logs,
Federation Starship Enterprise. Galaxy-class.
Heading, Subspace. Author, Leah Brahms.
Geordi La Forge. How are you doing?
- Specify program. - Yeah. Down to work.
You're absolutely right.
I recommend we evacuate all non-operational areas
and group crew on the odd-numbered decks.
I'd like to set up an area for treating radiation symptoms.
After the shields fall, how long before fatal exposure?
30 minutes. After that, there is nothing that can be done.
Away team to Enterprise. Captain, we may have found something.
There's a file of memory coils here.
They are identical to the coil we found earlier.
- Captain's log? - That's what we were thinking.
- Mr. Data, are they working? - I believe so.
We can enhance them through the image processor.
- Good. Return at once. - Aye, sir.
Generate a cross-section of the dilithium-crystal chamber.
What about re-orienting the crystal?
It is possible to re-orient the crystal.
The key lies in adjusting the lattice-structure direction.
This modification will be integrated in the next-class starship.
Sorry, can't wait.
You and me, Leah, we've got two hours to figure this out.
You know what I need to do?
I need to get inside there.
I need to be able to turn it inside out.
Computer, is there a cross-section we can replicate on the holodeck?
Select menu. Design specifications or prototype schematic.
Prototype? Elaborate.
A development-stage prototype schematic at Utopia Planitia.
Drafting room five of the Mars station, stardate 40174.
Perfect. Recreate it in holodeck three. Stay with me, doc.
Ready, Computer?
Holodeck three program is ready.
Right back where it all started.
This is incredible!
Leah, did you design this?
The dilithium-crystal chamber was designed at Outpost Seran T-One,...
..stardate 40052.
Some of the Federation's best minds
participated in its development.
That's the visiting-dignitary talk. What's the inside story?
Off the record.
Access denied. Personal logs are restricted.
Great! Another woman who won't get personal with me on the holodeck.
I want to supplement the energy supply
to the ship and the engines.
Could we alter the matter-antimatter paths?
Theoretically, yes.
The system should accept reactants
at a faster rate of injection.
Well, this is your baby. Show me which ones.
Computer, did I ask for a simulation?
Affirmative. You asked Dr Brahms to show you
which system could accept reactants at a faster rate.
By accessing available imagery,
an adequate facsimile was possible.
I did do that, didn't l?
OK, well... It's good to see you, Leah.
Continue with your analysis.
Systems L-452 through L-575 will accept reactants,
providing all other systems are calibrated to an equal factor.
Then, if we use multiple streams hitting more than one facet,...
..we could do it, hold our own.
Leah, you're beautiful. La Forge to Picard.
Go ahead.
We found a way to extend the energy supplies.
- Well done. - Can you get us out of here?
Sorry, Commander, the first priority was to maintain the shields.
- Acknowledged. - We'll get to work on it.
Pass my congratulations to your team.
Thanks, Captain. We're all smiles down here.
Captain, we've been able to verify
that these coils are the logs of the Promellian captain.
But most of them have decayed and cannot be repaired.
Any playback?
On most, there are brief sections which may yield information.
Do your best. Let's hope we can get the section we need.
The Promellian must have logged the cause of the death.
All in an open locker? He wasn't too concerned with security.
452 through system L-575.
Adjustments to dilithium-crystal chamber complete.
Impact analysis, Computer.
Warp energy has increased 14 percent.
Reactants per unit time remaining steady.
Yes! Alright!
Do you have any,...
you know, personality on file for Dr Brahms?
Starfleet personality profile analysis, stardate 40056.
Did she ever debate at the intergalactic caucuses on Chaya VII?
Dr Brahms attended the caucuses on the following star dates...
Never mind the dates. Computer...
If you add data from all these sources,
could you synthesise a true representation of Dr Brahms?
There would be a 9.37 percent margin of error
in the interactive responses from the facsimile.
I can live with that.
Do it.
- Dr Brahms? - Geordi, it's me, Leah.
Don't call me Dr Brahms, or I'll call you Commander.
- Right. - Now...
We've maintained energy but we can't leave it
without burning out components. So we need to move.
- Are you with me? - Yeah.
We have been stripped of all propulsion
and our weapons are useless.
We cannot move
and we cannot fight.
The ship is being lashed with lethal radiation
from the aceton assimilators concealed in the wreckage around...
- Aceton assimilators? - Primitive generators
which drain power from distant sources.
It would not be difficult to modify them
to convert energy into radiation.
The Menthars hide them in debris.
An unsuspecting ship flies in.
Instant booby trap.
Now we're supplying the devices with the energy to kill us.
- No. - Listen to me!
You can't boost power that way.
You increase the speed of the subspace field processor...
I want enough power to barrel out of here, not blow us up.
This is my design we're talking about.
I don't care if you built it with your bare hands.
It's gonna go... And we'll go with it.
I am not used to being questioned.
And I'm not used to dying.
OK, look. You worked in a lab on a static model.
This is a working machine.
It's got tens of thousands of light years on it.
- True. - Damn right.
We'd never be certain that the circuit paths are sealed.
You're good.
- Very good. - I know my ship. Inside and out.
Then you know me inside and out.
Cos a lot of me is in here.
I always wish a chief engineer was present when a ship is built.
Yeah. Designers never get out in space.
Well,... you're there now.
- Cmdr La Forge to the bridge. - On my way, Commander.
Don't go away.
I mean...
Computer, save program.
How many devices are we dealing with, Data?
To create this radiation field
would take several hundred thousand.
They've been out there a long time. Deterioration?
There is no way to calculate that. It is likely.
Is there any indication of weakness in the field?
- Nothing substantial. - Of any kind.
Well, there is a 0.1 percent dip in the radiation field at...
21 mark eight by 42 mark zero.
- I want that 0.1 percent. - Fire at those coordinates.
We won't maintain energy reserves. We might even lose a few circuits.
Critical losses?
Not enough to shut down but I don't know about the shields.
There is also the possibility that the phasers will supply
what they need most. Energy.
I imagine a similar discussion taking place on our neighbour ship.
Over 1 ,000 years ago.
Let's hope our decisions are more successful.
Mr. La Forge, return to Engineering and continue without delay.
Mr. Worf.
Prepare the phasers.
Phasers locked on coordinates.
Radiation levels increasing.
Eight percent.
Ten percent.
Energy reserves are dropping rapidly, sir.
Damn you.
Wouldn't that increase the output to gain a quicker response time?
The processors can handle the extra input.
But how do we reconfigure?
Energy reserves reaching critical.
Standard procedure requires termination of all simulations.
Override standard procedure.
- Override authority restricted. - What?
The crystal lattice is breaking down.
We'll repair it at a starbase.
The optimist of the group.
How long do we have shields based on current calculations?
Under two hours. The radiation field has increased by 1 7 percent.
What impact on fatal exposure?
Down to 26 minutes.
If we resist, we die. If we don't resist, we die.
Mr. La Forge, have we shut down non-essential energy?
Yes, sir. I need some back for a program on holodeck three.
- For what purpose? - Well...
I've gone back to the beginning, to the earliest entries.
I've created a propulsion design model to assist me.
I believe we're making progress.
Computer, reinstate holodeck three program.
Holodeck three program is reinstated.
Mr. La Forge, your best suggestion in one hour.
Picard out.
Computer, holodeck three program.
Enter when ready.
There isn't much time left.
We have to get out of here. The booby trap eats energy.
How do we fool it, block it, shut it down?
OK, we know that for every move the Enterprise makes,
there's a countermovement by the energy field.
Can we use that to our advantage?
Maybe. There must be a time differential
between force and counterforce.
If we can adjust the link-ups before the counterforce reacts,
we might just move this bucket.
Leah, do you like Italian food?
Like it? Wait till I make you my fungilli.
OK. Fusion reactor uplink to navigation processor.
Then we have to adjust the vector processor and the drive coils.
This is impossible.
- Don't do that. - I thought it would feel good.
I don't want to feel that good right now. What time is it?
Coming up on 1 600 hours.
God, what am I supposed to tell the Captain?
It's possible and yet it's not possible.
Everything says we can't adjust it but if we could, it might work.
I could do it.
Data couldn't even do it. It'll take a thousand adjustments a second.
How will you do it? It's humanly impossible.
I'm not human.
You... You mean the computer could do it?
Captain, this is...
This is a simulation
of the expert who designed the engines, Leah Brahms.
I've been examining the force- counterforce response times,
trying to create linkage at maximum power.
There's a...
There's a chance we could if we turn the ship over to the computer.
- What chance? - I don't know.
We could program it and try it out.
- And this is the only way? - I think so, sir.
Any word from La Forge?
He has something that may give us a chance,
if we stay out of it.
He proposes to turn the ship over to the computer
because it is capable of quicker adjustments than a human being.
Computers always impress me with their ability to take orders.
I'm not as convinced of their ability to give them.
You know, Number One, you missed something not playing with models.
They were the source of imaginary voyages,
each holding a treasure of adventures.
Manning the earliest spacecraft,
flying an aeroplane with only one propeller to keep you in the sky.
Can you imagine that?
Now the machines are flying us.
End simulation. Fatal exposure.
Computer, reduce thrust levels another four percent.
Adjust trajectory angle to compensate.
Begin simulation again.
- There you go, we got out. - Repeat simulation, same levels.
End simulation. Fatal exposure.
Same variables, only the computer didn't quite make it.
Deflector shield failure. Lethal radiation levels.
Fatal exposure in 26 minutes.
- It might work. - It might not.
I can't turn the ship over to a computer.
It's all we've got.
- Picard to La Forge. - Captain.
Two minutes. Give me just two minutes.
There is another way, Captain. Two minutes, please!
Two minutes, Mr. La Forge. Picard out.
- Geordi, there's no other way. - Listen.
Turn it around. Come at it from the opposite direction.
God, it's so simple it might work.
OK. Computer, new simulation.
We've only tried overpowering the trap.
More energy, faster adjustments.
That's what we can't do because we're supposed to do that.
That's the booby trap.
The answer lies in our own computer. The mind.
The best piece of engineering ever.
Didn't your research indicate we need a thousand adjustments per second?
Not if we shut everything off.
One blast of everything for a microsecond to beat the inertia
and then we shut down, except for life-support and two thrusters.
No impulse engines. No computer.
One propeller?
Deflector shield failure. Lethal radiation levels.
Fatal exposure in 12 minutes.
Have you analyzed the risk?
The numbers say even.
It's no better than the computer, but no worse.
Forget the numbers. The computer can't compensate for human intuition.
- Experience. - And the wish to stay alive.
Make it so.
I've run the simulations. I'll take the con.
Thank you, Mr. La Forge. You've done your job.
I relieve you, Mr. Crusher.
Yes, sir.
All hands, we are about to engage engines for a short burst.
Inertia dampeners are on manual.
They may not compensate for the acceleration. Brace yourselves.
Deflector shield failure.
Lethal radiation levels.
Computer. Discontinue radiation warning until further notice.
- It's all yours, sir. - Thank you.
Firing impulse engines.
Impulse engines down.
Shutting down all systems.
Velocity is 1 35 metres per second.
We enter the debris field in eight seconds.
Starboard thruster.
Coming to. Heading three-four-zero.
Mark one-zero.
Thruster is off.
Captain, that large mass may contain an assimilator.
Port thrusters firing.
No reaction from the assimilator.
Over the first hurdle.
Sir, object to port!
Port thruster is firing.
Sir, the gravity of the various masses
has reduced our velocity by eight percent.
By my calculations, we can no longer clear the debris field.
Thank you, Mr. Data.
The asteroid's gravitation is drawing us closer.
Velocity is increasing.
Velocity is still increasing. Now at 21 9 metres per second.
Starboard aft thruster.
You used the asteroid's gravitation as a slingshot.
We're out. We got through.
You have the con, Mr. Crusher.
Yes, sir.
Full restart. All systems back on line.
- With pleasure, sir. - Number One.
Make sure that booby trap doesn't bother anyone again.
Mr. Worf, ready photon torpedoes.
Set to detonate on impact with the Promellian vessel.
Aye, sir.
I've always thought technology could solve almost any problem.
It enhances the quality of our lives.
Lets us travel across the galaxy. Even gave me my vision.
But sometimes you just have to turn it all off.
Even the gypsy violins.
Different program.
We made a good team.
Maybe we can again.
I'm with you every day, Geordi.
Every time you look at this engine.
Every time you touch it, it's me.
Computer, exit holodeck.
End program.

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