Brother John Bates,
is that not the morning which breaks yonder?
I think it be;
but we have no great cause to desire the approach of day.
- Who's there? - A friend.
- Under what captain serve you? - Under Sir Thomas Erpingham.
Pray you, what thinks he of our estate?
Even as men wracked upon a sand,
that look to be washed off the next tide.
He hath not told his thought to the King?
No: nor it is not meet he should.
For, though I speak it to you,
I think the King is but a man, as I am:
the violet smells to him as it doth to me:
in his nakedness, he appears but a man.
Therefore his fears, out of doubt,
be of the same relish as ours are.
Yet no man should possess him with any appearance of fear,
lest he, by showing it, should dishearten his army.
He may show what outward courage he will,
but I believe, as cold a night as 'tis,
he could wish himself in Thames up to the neck.
Methinks I could not die any place
so contented as in the King's company,
his cause being just, and his quarrel honourable.
That's more than we know.
Or more than we should seek after.
If his cause be wrong, our obedience to the King
wipes the crime of it out of us.
But if the cause be not good,
the King himself hath a heavy reckoning to make:
for all those legs and arms and heads, chopped off in a battle,
shall join together at the latter day
and cry all, "We died at such a place."
The King is not bound to answer the endings of his soldiers,
the father of his son nor the master of his servant.
Splendid, Data.
- You're getting better and better! - Freeze program!
Thank you. I plan to study the performances of Olivier,
- Branagh, Shapiro and Kullnark. - Data.
You're here to learn about the human condition.
There is no better way of doing that than by embracing Shakespeare.
But discover it through your own performance, not by imitating others.
- Riker to Picard. - Go ahead, Number One.
An unidentified craft is in the Neutral Zone,
heading toward Federation space.
We're on our way. Picard out.
We'll get to the rest of the act another time.
Computer, file program and clear.
Captain, why should a king wish to pass as a commoner?
If he is the leader, should he not lead?
Listen to what Shakespeare tells you about the man.
A king who had true feeling for his soldiers
would wish to share their fears with them on the eve of battle.
Sir, will I be able to schedule a performance for the crew?
Let's not rush it, shall we?
Sierra VI confirms our readings. A Romulan scout ship.
- Bearing 270, mark 1 4. - A scout ship.
This far into the Neutral Zone?
Shall we transmit a warning to withdraw?
- Open a hailing frequency. - Aye, sir.
Captain, the Romulan is hailing us.
- Visual. - Not within range yet.
Open a channel.
Federation ship, do you read? I require urgent assistance.
- This is Capt Jean-Luc Picard... - Please help me!
Requesting asylum. Under pursuit.
- Pursuit? - Visual range. On screen, Captain.
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds,... seek out new life and new civilizations,... boldly go where no one has gone before.
Red alert. Open a channel to the warship.
- Cut to intercept course. - Channel is open.
When do they reach Federation territory?
- 41 seconds. - Romulan war bird,
this is Capt Picard of Federation vessel Enterprise.
You are in the Neutral Zone and are engaged in hostile action.
Explain yourself and your intent.
- No reply, sir. - Hail the scout.
- Responding. - On screen.
Federation craft, please! You must help me!
We are moving to intercept. Maintain course and power.
Scout ship is damaged. Engines inoperative, shields down.
- Position? - Coordinates 1 40 by 205, sir.
- Federation space. - Move to within five kilometres.
Extend our shields around the scout ship.
The shields won't take much punishment.
- Five kilometres, sir. - All stop!
- Extend shields. - Shields in place.
We've got the scout ship.
Weapons on the war bird are powered.
- Lock phasers. Open a channel. - Ready.
Romulan vessel, you are in Federation territory.
Unless you withdraw...
No argument?
The war bird is in the Neutral Zone, heading for Romulan territory.
Power failure to the scout ship.
All systems going off-line, including life support.
Prepare to beam the occupant of the scout ship aboard.
- Aye, sir. - Mr. Worf.
Mr. Data, lock on to the scout ship. Take it in tow.
- I must see your captain. - First we go to the sickbay.
This cannot wait! I have information vital to your survival.
Captain's log, stardate 43462.5.
We have beamed aboard an apparent Romulan defector,
who claims to be a low-ranking logistics officer
with extraordinary information about a secret offensive.
Their defeat at the Battle of Cheron has not been forgotten.
The new leaders vow to disregard the treaty
and claim the Neutral Zone. Nelvana III is just the first step.
A base has already been established there?
Within 48 hours, the reactor core will be on-line.
The Federation sensors that monitor the Neutral Zone just missed it?!
It would seem so.
In two days, a fleet of Romulan war birds
will be within striking distance of 1 5 Federation sectors.
The Federation will not permit that!
Then it is war that we're talking about, isn't it?
Destroy the base now and the threat is over.
I'm sure you are fatigued by your ordeal and require medical attention.
Lt Worf, conduct Sublieutenant Setal to the sickbay.
We will attend to your quarters.
No doubt you will wish to question me further.
No doubt.
- He tells a hell of a story. - You don't believe it?
The Empire knows we'd never allow it to build a base in the Neutral Zone.
That would not be an atypical Romulan ploy.
In their long history of war, Romulans rarely attack first.
- They test their enemy's resolve. - I think he's a plant.
If we go into the Neutral Zone, we look like the aggressors.
The Romulans would have an excuse to respond in force.
Also not an atypical Romulan ploy.
It's always a game of chess with them, isn't it?
He's given us a chance to look at some Romulan technology close up.
Mr. La Forge, lead the away team.
Commander, you and Troi will conduct Setal's interrogation.
Captain, permission to observe?
No, Mr. Data. I need you on the bridge with me.
We have less than 48 hours to prevent a war.
Or perhaps to start one.
This will depend on establishing the truth...
I set the autodestruct before I left the ship.
Wouldn't you, to prevent your ship being captured?
I'm confused. I thought you were defecting.
I'm not a traitor.
All you can see is the opportunity to exploit me.
The Federation credo, exploitation.
You couldn't get aboard my ship fast enough. Strip it down.
"What secrets might it reveal that we can use?"
You're a short-sighted people.
Can't you understand? I came to stop a war.
If you could just hold still?
With your metabolism, this will heal in a few moments.
Thank you, Doctor.
How fortunate that you know something of Romulan medicine.
I had a chance to gain some experience recently.
The incident at Galorndon Core, the two officers.
You are aware of a great deal for a logistics clerk.
It was common knowledge.
I can show you my rating code.
Forged credentials are simple for a spy.
How do you allow Klingon pahtk
to walk around in a Starfleet uniform?
You are lucky this is not a Klingon ship.
We know how to deal with spies.
Remove this tohzah from my sight!
Your knowledge of Klingon curses is impressive.
But, as a Romulan might say, only a veruul
would use such language in public.
Mr. Worf, please see to the security for our guest's stay.
Aye, sir.
You find something amusing?
Lt Worf. I like him.
To be more accurate, I understand him. A warrior, proud,
fearless, living only for combat.
Exactly the type that will get us all killed, if we're not careful.
This is the food station.
You can reach me through the comm panel.
Later, we'd like to ask you a few more questions.
- Computer? Water. - Temperature?
12 onkians.
This system is calibrated to the Celsius metric system.
Any temperature, on the cold side of your system.
There is no unusual activity in the Nelvana system.
Let's isolate and magnify that system.
Nothing on the sensors.
It's hard to believe in what one cannot see.
And yet conceivably, with their cloaking technology,
a fleet of Romulan war birds could be passing before our eyes.
There must be some way to neutralize this advantage.
Priority-one message from Starfleet coming in on secured channel.
In my ready room. Computer, delay time?
Two-hours-22-minute delay from transmission
from Starfleet Command on Lya III.
Computer, key access 41 2, mark 80.
Picard, Jean-Luc, Starfleet priority code Gamma. Decode.
Begin message.
We have received an official protest from the Romulans,
demanding the defector's return.
Obviously, we're refusing to comply.
I join in your scepticism, but if it is a deception,
the Romulans are making a good show of it.
The Federation Council will hold an emergency session.
I have no doubt this will eventually fall on your shoulders, Jean-Luc.
You've got him. You must decide if he’s telling the truth.
For now, I suggest you proceed along the Neutral Zone border,
toward a Federation position proximate to Nelvana Ill.
- Picard to Lt Worf. - Yes?
- Please come to my ready room. - Aye, sir. On my way.
Slow playback.
Display engine logs and power data for both vessels.
Now, watch what happens at 095433 on the clock.
The scout has engine damage. He slows to 0.61 5 impulse power.
The warship should overtake. But it doesn't.
2.6 seconds later, the warship slows to precisely the same speed.
Three speed fluctuations. The warship kept its distance.
They didn't want to catch up.
Yet, they fired on him. They could've killed him.
Not necessarily. The Romulans have the same capability
to direct the impact of their weapons as we do.
Is there a possibility the wound could be self-inflicted?
They're very bad burns. I hardly think...
A possibility.
Captain's log, stardate 43463. 7.
We're at the Neutral Zone border, proximate to Nelvana Ill.
If our guest is telling the truth,
there are 21 hours until the Romulan base becomes functional.
The Monitor and the Hood are headed your way
but will arrive too late to help.
Warnings have gone out to all outposts along the border
and to several independent vessels nearby.
No one here wants a war.
But we will take them on, if that is what they want.
All Federation starships are on yellow alert.
You wanted to see me?
I want you to prepare a class-1 probe.
Set it for maximum scan.
I want every metre of Nelvana Ill monitored.
I will start my calibrations.
Is there something else you require of me?
Your clarity of thought.
Your objectivity, as always.
Sit down.
It's very possible that we are about to go to war.
The repercussions of what we do during the next 24 hours
may be felt for years to come.
I want you to keep a record of these events,
so that history will have the benefit of a dispassionate view.
I will begin immediately. Is that all?
How is the crew's spirit?
They are concerned, of course, but confident.
Do you not see that, sir?
Data, unlike King Henry, it is not easy for me
to disguise myself and walk among my troops.
That'll be all.
"Now, if these men do not die well,
it will be a black matter for the king who led them to it."
Why waste time playing this game?
There's more than you're telling us. You're holding back.
I have told you everything about Nelvana Ill.
- I don't mean the base. - The base is all that matters!
- You're lying. - Go to Nelvana Ill, you'll see.
We will go nowhere without the truth. You're a spy.
- No! - Then prove it.
Tell me the location and strength of the Romulan fleet.
- I don't know it. - A logistics officer?!
For one sector!
- Your superior? - Jarok.
- Where are the bases in the Zone? - I don't know.
In your sector? The number of troops under Jarok?
Irrelevant! Irrelevant!
I guess you're right. It's not worth playing this game.
What a fool I've been!
To come looking for courage in a lair of cowards.
Message from security officer, Klingon vessel, Bortas.
Mr. Worf, handle this at Security station, deck nine.
Aye, sir.
Sensors are configured for probe. Ready for launch.
Probe on course. Sensors are functioning.
Coordinate with Mr. La Forge. I want this report with dispatch.
My gut tells me we ought to be listening to what he tells us.
Your gut?
It's just a feeling. An instinct, intuition.
Those qualities interfere with rational judgement.
Sometimes they do.
Then why not rely strictly on the facts?
Because you can't rely on the plain and simple facts.
Sometimes they lie.
They can lead to the wrong conclusions, but they cannot lie.
Yeah? What do you think? Is he a defector or not?
The facts lead to the conclusion that he is not.
I think we'll catch the Romulans
with their pants down on Nelvana Ill, just like he says.
- With their pants...? - A metaphor.
Catching them in the act.
- Because your gut tells you so? - Exactly!
You can't always go with your gut either. It's a combination, Data.
I'll put it this way.
These feelings that get in the way of human judgement,
that confuse us, make us second-guess ourselves,
we need them to help us fill in the missing pieces,
because we never have all the facts.
So a person fills in the missing pieces of the puzzle
with his own personality, resulting in a conclusion based as much
on instinct and intuition, as on fact?
Now you're getting it.
But what does one do if he has no instinct or intuition?
Data. Look at this.
The facts just took a left turn.
As the probe went into orbit,
it began picking up low-level radio emissions.
Could they be naturally occurring?
No. The patterns are clearly artificial.
It was so faint, our sensors couldn't read it.
- Can we decode it? - We're trying.
We can't be sure it's Romulan. And there are ionization disturbances.
Cloaked Romulan ships could produce that effect.
And the planet's surface?
Reading nothing but barren rock.
They may be able to hide a base from our probe.
The only way we'll know for sure is if we go down and take a look.
That'll be all, gentlemen.
I take it you have never seen a Romulan before.
That would be an incorrect assumption.
Then why do you invade my privacy?
I was trying to ascertain what my guts tell me about you.
You're the android.
I know a host of Romulan cyberneticists
that would love to be this close to you.
I do not find that concept appealing.
Nor should you.
I am told by various crew members
that this viewport is their favourite on the ship.
I thought it would bring me some comfort.
But these are not my stars.
Even the heavens are denied me here.
Synthetic swill.
Would your food terminals be capable of producing a Romulan ale?
That would require the molecular structure of that beverage.
As you are aware, our knowledge of your planet is limited.
The loss is yours.
For I have visited over a hundred different worlds,
and none possessed the awesome beauty of Romulus.
Am I correct in assuming you regret your decision to come here?
What I did had to be done.
But never again... see the firefalls at Gal Gath'thong.
And the spires of my home,
as they rise above the Apnex Sea at dawn.
It's a bitter thing to be exiled from your own home.
It is unlikely you will be allowed to return to your planet.
The cold reaction of an android.
But perhaps we can bring Romulus to you.
- Program complete. - Run program.
After you.
The Valley of Chula! I know it well.
You are free to stay here as long as you wish.
I no longer live here.
Turn it off.
Cancel program.
This is my home now. My future.
I have sacrificed everything.
It must not be in vain.
Arrange a meeting between myself and Capt Picard.
Tell him Admiral Jarok wants to see him.
We have confirmed that you are holding Admiral Alidar Jarok.
He was commander at the massacre at the Norkan outpost.
The Council strongly advises you consider Jarok
an unreliable source of information.
Bring him in.
Ensign, will you wait outside?
- Have a seat, Admiral Jarok. - Captain, there is no more time.
Admiral, have a seat.
You see, I'm just not convinced that you are telling the truth.
What must I do?
You must convince me.
If I had irrefutable evidence...
You did not bring irrefutable evidence.
You brought no evidence at all.
Now, here, you are not the man you claimed to be.
Admiral, your credibility is stretched beyond belief.
A Romulan defector is almost a contradiction in terms.
But Admiral Jarok crossing the lines?
I explained my motivations to your interrogators.
Yes, yes. Peace in our galaxy.
Except, you are not a man of peace.
Your military record, what we know of it, is clear.
Which is why I chose an alternate identity here.
The massacres in the Norkan outpost, for example.
What you call massacres
were called the Norkan Campaigns on my world, Captain.
One world's butcher is another world's hero.
Perhaps I am neither one.
On what basis, Admiral, am I to decide?
Your good word?
Will you help us overpower the war birds we may encounter?
Will you help us detect them through their cloaking shields?
Well, you see my problem.
You ask us for faith,
in circumstances hardly possible to believe,
compounded by lies and your refusal to tell us what you know!
- I cannot betray my people. - You already have.
You've made your choices, sir. You're a traitor.
If the bitter taste of that is unpalatable to you, I am sorry.
But I will not risk my crew because you think you can dance
on the edge of the Neutral Zone. You've crossed over.
You make yourself comfortable with that.
Do you have any children, Capt Picard? A family?
Then you have sacrificed too much for your career.
Yes, this is all very interesting.
There comes a time in a man's life that you cannot know,
when he looks down at the first smile of his baby girl
and realizes he must change the world for her.
For all children.
It is for her that I am here.
Not to destroy the Romulan Empire, but to save it.
For months, I tried desperately to persuade the High Command
that another war would destroy the Empire.
They got tired of my arguments.
I was censured, sent off to command some distant sector.
This was my only recourse.
..will never see my child's smile again.
She will grow up believing that her father is a traitor.
But she will grow up.
If you act,
if we stop this war before it begins...
I can't.
And I won't.
Unless I have unequivocal cooperation.
Admiral Jarok has provided me with the locations,
strengths and tactical plans of the Romulan fleet.
Mr. La Forge, he will give you data regarding engines,
weapons and the cloaking systems of the war bird-class starship.
But his experience as a field commander
will be more valuable strategically than technically.
Any edge will help.
Don't depend on it. He may be lying. We shall find out soon.
Number One, set course for Nelvana Ill.
Second Officer's log, stardate 43465.2.
We have entered the Neutral Zone, violating the Treaty of Algeron.
If the Romulans are monitoring us,
we expect heavy resistance as we approach Nelvana Ill.
- Tactical? - Nothing on sensors.
I don't like it. I would've expected a greeting party.
You echo another noteworthy commander.
A countryman of yours. George Armstrong Custer,
when his 7th Cavalry arrived at the Little Bighorn.
- May we have better luck. - Approaching Nelvana.
Engage impulse engines.
Nelvana Ill on screen.
Still no signs of them on sensors.
In a way, I'd rather be fighting through this. It's too easy.
Prepare to enter standard orbit.
- Data? - Scanning the planet, sir.
No life forms, no power sources, no weapons.
- No indication of a base at all? - No, sir.
The signal the probe detected? The ionization disturbances?
I am picking them up, but I cannot identify the source.
They seem to be moving in an orbital path with an 800 km apogee.
Lt Worf, bring the Admiral up here.
Aye, sir.
Maybe they abandoned the planet after he defected.
There is no scarring on the surface to denote heavy construction.
A cloaking device to hide the entire base?
A cloaking device would be given away by visible distortion effects.
Perhaps you would explain why we are here, Admiral.
There doesn't appear to be a base.
I don't understand.
Nelvana Ill ! No base!
No weapons! No sign of any life at all!
But I saw the tactical communiqués.
The records. Timetables for completion.
An entire legion was assigned to this section.
Could they have been feeding you disinformation?
You had been censured. Reassigned, four months ago.
They knew of your dissatisfaction.
Could all this have been to test your loyalty?
It's impossible.
They let you escape with an arsenal of worthless secrets.
What other explanation is there?
Permission to leave the Neutral Zone?
At your earliest convenience.
Helm, bring her round. Geordi, get us out!
I hear you, Commander.
Two Romulan warships uncloaking. Coordinates...
Shields holding.
- Damage? - Damage to the secondary hull.
Power transfer fields may be pinched off. I'm working on it.
- Captain! - Not yet, Mr. Worf.
This is just a tap on the shoulder, or we wouldn't be talking about it.
- The Romulans are hailing us. - On screen.
Capt Picard. I hardly expected to see you again so soon.
This time, you are the one who has made an aggressive move
across the Neutral Zone.
Cmdr Tomalak, as I'm sure you already know,
we were responding to warnings of Romulan incursions at Nelvana Ill.
But, Captain, as you can see, there is no incursion.
The unidentified radio emissions, the ionization disturbances?
You must mean our orbiting probe.
We are studying Nelvana Ill for archaeological research.
With a cloaked satellite?
Really, Captain. Would you have us believe
this satellite is an excuse for your charge across the Neutral Zone?
Believe what you wish.
- We will be on our way. - Without even an apology?
If an apology will do, then I offer it.
I'm afraid it won't. I'll save you the humiliation.
Get to it, Tomalak!
You see, after we dissect your Enterprise
for every precious bit of information,
I intend to display its broken hull
in the Romulan capital as a symbol of victory.
It will inspire our armies for generations,
and serve as a warning
to any other traitor who would create ripples of disloyalty.
All the communiqués,
all the timetables, all the records. They were all fiction.
Written for my benefit. A test.
A test of my loyalty.
And you used me
to lure the Enterprise into the Neutral Zone.
First, Captain, you will return the traitor, Jarok.
Then you will surrender as prisoners of war.
Do you expect me to accept those terms?
No, Capt Picard.
I expect you won't.
You have 30 seconds to decide.
- I do not require one, Tomalak. - I urge you,
Capt Picard, surrender.
Consider the men and women you would lead into a lost cause.
If the cause is just and honourable,
they are prepared to give their lives.
Are you prepared to die today, Tomalak?
I expected more from you than an idle threat, Picard.
Then you shall have it. Mr. Worf.
Aye, sir.
Klingon warships armed and ready, sir.
What shall it be, Tomalak?
You will still not survive our assault.
You will not survive ours.
Shall we die together?
I look forward to our next meeting, Captain.
Romulan disruptors are powering down, sir.
Cancel red alert.
Mr. Worf, extend the appreciation of the Federation
and my personal gratitude to the Klingons.
Aye, sir.
Take us back, Number One.
I did it for nothing.
My home.
My family.
For nothing.
He ingested a Felodesine chip.
He must've brought it with him. There was no antidote.
A letter to his wife and daughter.
Sir, he must have known it would be impossible for us to deliver it.
Today, perhaps.
But if there are others with the courage of Admiral Jarok,
we may hope to see a day of peace when...
..we can take his letter home.

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