Captain, we have arrived at Tanuga IV.
The away team has completed its survey of Dr Apgar's work.
Please. And feel free to examine the work of the other students, too.
Ensign Williams' style is influenced by geometric constructivism.
Lt Wright has fused the incongruities of the surrealists
with the irrationality of Dadaism.
Thank you. In what way?
While suggesting the free treatment of form attributed to Fauvism,
this quite inappropriately attempts to juxtapose
the disparate cubistic styles of Picasso and Léger.
In addition, the use of colour suggests a...
haphazard mélange of clashing styles.
- And the unsettling overtones... - Thank you, Mr. Data!
- If I can further assist... - No! Thank you.
Captain's log, stardate 43610.4.
After making a delivery of dicosilium to the Tanuga IV research station,
our away team has received an update from Dr Nel Apgar on his efforts
to make Krieger waves, a potentially valuable new power source.
Welcome back, Mr. La Forge.
- Thank you, sir. - Where's Cmdr Riker?
He's still down on the station, sir. Dr Apgar wanted a word with him.
Any problems?
Not with the scientific part of the mission, no.
Riker to Enterprise. I'm ready to leave. Now.
I'm sure Cmdr Riker will be able to explain.
Stand by, Commander. Engaging transport.
Transporter room to Engineering, I have a power drain.
Transporter room! Is Cmdr Riker aboard?
Not yet, Captain. I'm having trouble clearing the signal.
Transporter room to bridge. He's aboard.
Why do you sound so surprised?
We weren't sure you left the space station in time.
- In time for what? - It just exploded, sir.
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds,...
..to seek out new life and new civilizations,...
..to boldly go where no one has gone before.
Captain's log, supplemental. Cmdr Riker has informed me
that Dr Apgar was the only one aboard the space station when it exploded.
We remain in orbit, investigating the accident.
I've checked the whole system.
I can't find any transporter malfunction
- to cause an explosion like that. - Why the power drain beforehand?
I don't know, sir.
I shall want an answer to that. I'm sure the Tanugans will too.
The radiation suggests an overload of the reactor core.
Were there any indications of reactor core problems?
- No, sir. - Number One?
Mr. La Forge indicated that this was not an entirely routine mission.
It's a long story, but I'm sure it has nothing to do with this accident.
Chief Investigator Krag of Tanugan security
requests permission to beam aboard.
- Granted. Escort him to the bridge. - Aye, sir.
You had better tell me as much as possible prior to his arrival.
I'm Lt Worf, head of ship's security. I will take you to the captain.
Chief Investigator, welcome.
I'm Capt Picard. This is my first officer, Cmdr William Riker.
Cmdr Riker, I am here to take you into custody.
- Custody? On what charge? - Suspicion of murder.
- Wait a minute. You can't come on... - We are willing to cooperate, but...
Then release the prisoner for transportation to the planet.
Let's continue this discussion in private.
Number One... you have the bridge.
Just what is the evidence against my officer?
Two witnesses have described the commander's threats against Dr Apgar.
Threats? I'm aware they had a private conversation.
Apparently, it was much more than a private conversation.
But he will be given a chance to prove his innocence.
In our system of jurisprudence a man is innocent until proved guilty.
In ours he is guilty until proved innocent
and you are under our jurisdiction.
If I understand Federation regulations on this,
and I did look them up...
I am aware of Federation regulations, sir.
In them you will find the captain decides if extradition's warranted.
- Are you saying it is not? - I am saying,
if there is sufficient cause to warrant a trial
I will release my officer into your custody.
Would you say you are close to your first officer?
- That question is irrelevant. - Really! You cannot believe that.
How can I expect a fair and impartial decision?
I must protect the rights of my officer.
I can appreciate that. But you will do it on the planet, not here.
After all, what if you were to decide to leave this star system?
You have my word as a Starfleet officer that I will not.
Captain, you will turn him over to me for interrogation now!
- Interrogate him here. - We must recreate, step by step,
all the events leading to the explosion.
We will require access to all the witnesses,
as well as the data from the lab's ground computers.
It would be impossible to accomplish here.
Perhaps not. Mr. Data, will you report to my ready room?
Aye, sir.
We may be able to assist you in recreating these events.
Cmdr Data, this is Chief Inspector Krag.
By taking testimony from the away team
and from witnesses provided by the investigator,
could you program the holodeck to recreate events on the station?
It would require construction and design specifications,
full representations of the Krieger equipment,
as well as visual images and voice analyses of the persons involved.
But it is possible.
Very well.
Arrangements will be made to provide you with all available information.
I shall return shortly with our witnesses.
Commander, escort Investigator Krag to transporter room three.
Ensign Crusher, Mr. La Forge,
we are going to recreate the research station on the holodeck.
I want you to work with Cmdr Data on the preparations.
In addition, Cmdr La Forge and Cmdr Riker,
I want you to give the computer depositions of everything you saw,
everything you heard, while you were on board.
Counsellor, I want you to assist me during this inquiry.
My decision on the extradition
will be based on the evidence presented during these recreations.
Captain, may I have a word with you?
Under the circumstances, Number One, I think that would be inappropriate.
Second officer's log, stardate 4361 1.6.
Programming of the holodeck has taken 18 hours 11 minutes and is complete.
All participants have entered their depositions.
Complete records from the lab's ground computers
as well as Dr Apgar's personal logs have been included.
The recreations will have a nominal 8. 7 percent margin of error.
Is there anything you'd like to say before we begin?
Just this. I'm not a murderer.
I went to the lab as a representative of Starfleet. I acted accordingly.
I was there to evaluate Dr Apgar's progress
in the development of a Krieger-wave converter.
That's all I was interested in.
Computer, load deposition program Riker one.
Run the simulation.
Dr Apgar, I'm Cmdr William Riker. Lt Cmdr Geordi La Forge.
My assistant, Tayna. Let's get on with it, shall we?
Let's not be in such a hurry, dear.
Perhaps our guests would care for refreshments.
- My wife, Manua. - A pleasure to meet you.
- If you're ready to start, we are. - Of course I am.
Why not give me an overview
while Mr. La Forge and your assistant look at the experimental data?
Fine. I must say, Commander, I resent this early arrival.
Starfleet will get its converter. I've had a few setbacks, that's all.
We're not here to pressure you. We just want an update.
Tayna, show Mr. La Forge whatever he wants to see.
- Give full access to our records. - Yes, Doctor.
If you'll come with me?
Our lambda field generator requires a minimum of 5,000 kilometres...
Darling, you're being rude.
Cmdr Riker is willing to sit through all your prattle.
Let's have a drink, Commander, and we'll hear all about Krieger waves.
To your success, Doctor.
And the rewards that come with it.
Riker, what is Starfleet doing here anyway?
My delivery wasn't due for another three months.
We were in this sector anyway.
As you'd asked for more dicosilium, it seemed like a good opportunity.
How interesting. What is this other mission?
It's a study of a proto-star cloud. The Enterprise will be back tomorrow.
The Enterprise just left you here?
We didn't want to inconvenience you. We arranged quarters.
I won't hear of it.
- I insist you stay with us. - I hardly think...
I know you would prefer to be left alone with your very important work
but l, for one, am glad for the company.
I must apologise for my husband's lack of social graces.
He may be one of the great scientific minds of the galaxy,
but he does come up a bit short in other areas.
Wait a moment. Stop!
Computer, freeze program.
Then it's your testimony it was Mrs. Apgar's idea
for you to spend the night aboard the space station?
It's my testimony and it's the truth.
Resume program.
Our guest quarters aren't luxurious, but I've tried to make them warm.
I'll be very comfortable, thank you. Good night.
- Environmental controls are here. - I'm sure I'll find all I need.
And the door shuts by touching this panel.
- Mrs. Apgar... - This is my sanctuary.
Privacy is very important on a small station.
I'm left alone here. Often for hours.
It's late. I am tired.
- Are you still tired? - Ma'am...
Excuse me. I really think you ought to leave.
I knew I'd find you with him.
Did you think I didn't notice how you looked at him?
- I'm not the fool you take me for. - Doctor... !
This has been a terrible mistake!
You won't get away with this. I'll see to it. I swear I will.
Freeze program.
I didn't see Dr Apgar until the next morning. He asked to see me alone.
Cmdr La Forge returned to the Enterprise. Resume program.
If I make a formal complaint your report on my work won't be very good.
Doctor, this will have no impact on my report.
It was a misunderstanding.
We can straighten it all out if Mrs. Apgar joins us.
My wife and my assistant have transported down to the planet.
What will you put in your report?
That there is no justification for the extra dicosilium I requested?
That is why they sent you early, isn't it?
I can explain why I needed it. They don't understand my problems.
- There are explanations for this. - I don't need explanations.
Then we have nothing further to say to each other.
I'll tell my captain to expect your grievance.
Do that.
Riker to Enterprise. I'm ready to leave. Now.
Stand by, Commander. Engaging transport.
Freeze program.
Then I returned to the Enterprise.
And you have nothing further to add? Nothing about firing a phaser?
I never fired a phaser on the station.
That's odd.
Very odd. Capt Picard, is it not true your sensors detected an energy drain
- just as Cmdr Riker began transport? - That's correct.
- Have you been able to explain it? - Not to my knowledge.
We have.
Our readings are quite clear about it.
Information from the lab's ground computers
indicates that an energy pulse was fired
just as Cmdr Riker began transport.
Furthermore, by analyzing the angle and trajectory
we determined that it came from the very spot Cmdr Riker was standing.
So then, will you allow me to show you
my recreation of the end of this story?
A speculation, if you will.
Computer, run hypothetical Krag one.
Riker to Enterprise, I'm ready to leave. Now.
Stand by, Commander. Engaging transport.
Freeze program.
Three seconds later, the space station exploded.
He's right. Something was fired at the reactor core.
The energy signature does indicate a phaser-like blast.
It wasn't the commander's phaser! There's another answer.
We're just not seeing it.
Could anything else in the lab create this kind of energy discharge?
Not that I saw. Besides, how could it come from Cmdr Riker's exact spot?
- I should have stayed with him! - Commander...
Sensors indicate a radiation burst on deck 39 outside cargo bay 1 2.
- Source? - Unknown, sir.
Computer, identify type of radiation.
Emission is not consistent with any known radiation.
It is subsiding, sir.
What kind of radiation could do this?
- Make any sense to you? - No. Not even the main deflector
- puts out that kind of spillage. - Where's it from?
I don't know, but whatever it is, it can put a hole in solid duranium!
In a sense we have already met Mrs. Apgar,
so we shall dispense with introductions.
Mrs. Apgar, you understand the purpose of this hearing?
We understand how difficult this will be for you.
If you need a recess, please don't hesitate to ask.
Would you like to make a statement before we begin?
I just know he did it. He killed my husband.
Computer, load Manua simulation one.
Run program.
If you greet them with such a long face
they'll assume something is wrong with the experiment.
I just need a little more time.
I'm certain they'll give you all you need if you just show a little charm.
You do that so much better than I do.
Manua, some day I'll be able to reward you for all your patience.
I'll get you everything you ever dreamed of.
I have all the reward I need.
Now go on. I'll be right in.
Dr Apgar?
Cmdr William Riker. Lt Cmdr Geordi La Forge.
My assistant, Tayna. Let's get on with it, shall we?
Don't be in such a hurry, dear.
- Our guests might like refreshment. - My wife, Manua.
A pleasure to meet you, Manua.
- I'm anxious to get started. - If you wish.
I resent your early arrival. I have much work to do.
I'll try and make this as painless as possible for both of us.
- Do you assist your husband? - No, I'm no scientist.
No, neither am l.
But I find this all fascinating.
Mr. La Forge, take a look at the doctor's experimental data.
- Later you can give me an overview. - Fine.
Starfleet will get its converter. I've had a few setbacks, that's all.
I'm not trying to pressure you.
I'm sure my report will underscore the need to support your research.
Tayna, I'll call up the records. Show the commander's assistant
whatever he wants to see.
Yes, Doctor. If you'll come with me?
Our field generator on the planet requires a minimum of 5,000 km...
Let Tayna take care of that. I'm sure Cmdr Riker wants to hear your report.
I'll pour you both a drink and you can talk all about Krieger waves.
- To success! - Success!
Well, in a way I suppose it's good that you're early.
It gives me a chance to show you the progress we've been making.
I'd appreciate it if we could stay here until the Enterprise returns.
It's a little inconvenient.
It would help to accelerate the process.
Well, if you wish, Commander.
Where shall I start?
Well, first of all, you should know
that I am very close to being able to columnate a Krieger field.
- Our guest quarters are modest. - Very charming.
It has your touch.
We don't often have guests. I use this as my sanctuary.
Who do you need sanctuary from?
The environmental controls are here.
Commander, please. It's late and I'm tired.
A man more interested in Krieger waves than you! How is that possible?
My husband is one of the greatest minds in the galaxy
and we love each other very much.
- Please! Don't! - It must be very lonely.
A princess in a very high tower.
- My husband will be looking for me. - Your sanctuary, remember?
Commander, don't!
She's lying! That never happened.
- Freeze program. - Please!
Captain, you know I would never act like that.
Cmdr Riker!
This isn't me. I didn't close the door.
I didn't proposition her and I certainly didn't try to rape her.
- Why are you doing this? - It's exactly what happened.
Will, come on, sit down.
Resume program.
I knew you'd try this. Do you think I didn't notice how you looked at her?
I'm not the fool you take me for!
You won't get away with this. Your career is over.
I'll see to it, I swear I will.
If you report this, you'll be making a terrible mistake, Doctor.
Freeze program.
Your career was safe. He was a scientist.
In another day some more technical trivia
would have distracted him.
He would have forgotten about you and his complaint to Starfleet.
Excuse me.
We'll... we'll take a short recess.
Why would she lie like that?
She was lying. You could tell.
Will, I didn't sense any deception from her.
- Then you think that l... - No!
Of course not. I know you. You don't have to convince me of anything.
We can't both be telling the truth.
It is the truth, as each of you remembers it.
But her version puts a noose around my neck.
This is healing beautifully. You can work on strengthening those muscles.
Security to Dr Crusher. Evacuate. Repeat: evacuate.
Radiation emissions are indicated in sickbay.
This is definitely the same radiation that penetrated deck 39.
Highly focused, very powerful, but of unknown origin.
If this should happen near the engine core we'd be in big trouble, Captain.
Do you have any theories?
Data's noticed something too strange to be a coincidence.
The two radiation events on board
occurred five hours, twenty minutes and three seconds apart.
The science station exploded at almost four times that interval.
There's a .001 4 second variance we haven't been able to explain yet.
So there's a connection between the radiation bursts and the blast?
We do not have the evidence to support that conclusion at this time.
If they're right, we should be able to predict the next event.
We're expecting it in five hours.
Take every precaution to protect the ship's vital areas.
If we haven't found the source before the time is up, we'll leave orbit.
If you perceive any further danger, advise me immediately.
We'll figure it out, Commander.
After the... fight, Dr Apgar came to find me. He was very upset.
And he told you what happened?
Yes, he told me everything that happened.
Based on Tayna's deposition, we have recreated the incident
as Dr Apgar described it to her.
- Computer... - Inspector, this is hearsay.
She wasn't a witness to this incident.
But Dr Apgar is dead.
Her statement is admissible in Tanugan law
and I insist you consider it.
We'll watch this... evidence and we'll weigh it accordingly.
Computer, run Tayna simulation three.
I knew it. Do you think I didn't notice how you looked at each other?
I'm not the fool you take me for.
I'm going to report this, Riker. You can count on that.
You're a dead man, Apgar. A dead man!
Freeze program.
And then Dr Apgar came to find you?
Run Tayna simulation four.
I want you to take Manua and beam down to Tanuga immediately.
If he threatened you, you shouldn't stay.
I'm not leaving him here. I've got to protect our work.
- I'll contact the authorities. - No! I'll take care of that.
Doctor, be careful.
It'll be alright. Go on.
Freeze program.
- Then what happened? - I left the station with Manua.
The next day, when I heard the station had exploded,
I knew what had happened. He'd killed Dr Apgar!
Thank you. You are excused.
Captain, I have established motive, method and opportunity.
In any court in the Federation that is sufficient
to warrant the extradition of the accused.
I await your decision forthwith.
I don't see any alternative. Do you?
- We both know Will's innocent. - Of course he's innocent!
But I can't allow myself the luxury of yielding to personal feelings.
The evidence warrants a trial. I'll have to allow extradition.
Do you think there is enough evidence to prove his innocence?
Captain, we have found the radiation source.
- Can you join us on the bridge? - Acknowledged.
We are looking for a phenomenon that reoccurs every five hours,
- twenty minutes and three seconds. - The interval between bursts.
We have found one such phenomenon on the planet.
The field generator Apgar used during his research emits an energy pulse,
then takes five hours, twenty minutes and three seconds to recharge.
It must have been left on after the explosion.
Why would a generator affect the Enterprise in this way?
It should not be. It is a harmless lambda field generator.
But we knew that somehow it was related to our radiation bursts.
We now know what is causing the bursts and why the station exploded.
And we also know who killed Dr Apgar.
Chief Inspector, we've watched these events replayed over and over again
and... I am impressed and admittedly dismayed
by the body of evidence against Cmdr Riker.
But isn't it remarkable that with all the witnesses,
all the different points of view of the events aboard the space station,
we haven't seen what really happened?
- I do not understand. - Allow me,
with the help of Mr. La Forge, to explain.
Computer, load Manua program one, time index...
..1 4-4-1 .
Play program.
Starfleet will get its converter. I've had a few setbacks, that's all.
Mrs. Apgar, this is from your deposition.
It suggests that your husband had failed to create Krieger waves.
- Yes, but he was very close. - He said he needed more time.
He was upset by our early arrival.
But in fact I maintain that he had already made that breakthrough
- and that he was lying to us. - On what basis?
For several hours we've experienced unusual radiation bursts.
We've identified them as Krieger waves.
Krieger waves? But that's impossible. From where?
Right here. Inside the holodeck.
We have recreated your science lab in every detail.
Essentially, what was in the original lab is here.
Including the converter Dr Apgar claimed didn't work. Except it does.
Your field generator has been sending out harmless energy charges,
which this facsimile has been converting into Krieger waves.
- But the holodeck can't do that. - Well, it didn't.
When you get down to it,
the converter is just a series of mirrors and reflective coils.
Energy from the generator reflects off elements in the converter,
which turns it into highly focused Krieger waves.
And those waves have been striking different areas of our ship
as we orbit the planet and our angle to the generator changes.
Why would Dr Apgar lie about his success?
Computer, run Manua program one, time index 1 4-3-8.
Manua, some day I'll be able to reward you for all your patience.
I'll get you everything you ever dreamed of.
- I have all the reward I need. - Freeze program.
Computer, run Riker program two, time index...
..1 6-1 -0.
- To your success, Doctor. - And the rewards that come with it.
- I never said that. - Nevertheless, it seems clear
that your husband was motivated to earn the rewards that pleased you.
What's wrong with that?
He wouldn't have earned great profits from Starfleet.
We only wanted a new power source.
But if he could turn this into a weapon,
it would be worth a lot to the Romulans and a few others.
The extra dicosilium Dr Apgar had been trying to order is an indication
he was trying to create larger reflective coils.
When the away team arrived early
he must have been worried that Starfleet was becoming suspicious.
He needed more time to finish his work.
Apgar said that in all three versions.
No doubt he was afraid Cmdr Riker might learn the truth...
..and cut off his support prematurely.
Discovering Cmdr Riker with his wife didn't help matters.
I submit he decided to murder Cmdr Riker.
- Ridiculous! - Is it?
Computer, run Tayna program four, time index...
..1 8-1 -4.
- I'll contact the authorities. - No! I'll take care of that.
Tayna, what exactly is Apgar doing here?
- Activating the planet's generator. - Why would he do that?
Maybe he was going to work on the converter. I don't know.
Maybe he was thinking ahead to his next confrontation with Cmdr Riker.
Computer, play Riker program four, time index...
..24-1 .
What will you put in your report?
That there's no justification for the extra dicosilium?
That is why they sent you early.
I can explain why I needed it. They don't understand my problems.
- There are explanations. - I don't need explanations.
It must have seemed Cmdr Riker was confirming Apgar's worst fears.
And I believe it was now he finally decided to kill him.
You forget. We know that the energy pulse which blew up the reactor
originated from Cmdr Riker's position, not Dr Apgar's.
We are hypothesising that Dr Apgar energized the converter
at the moment of Cmdr Riker's beam-out,
hoping to make his death look like an accident.
But unexpectedly the energy pulse hit the transporter beam
and reflected back to the reactor, which caused the explosion.
An interesting hypothesis, but impossible to prove.
Not really.
We know the field generator has been repeating a discharge like clockwork,
except the explosion occurred
.001 4 seconds after the initial discharge.
That variance is the time it would take the energy pulse
to bounce from the transporter beam to the reactor.
We've arranged a demonstration. Mr. La Forge, I think it's about time.
Computer, load program La Forge one.
Coordinate auto-engage time sequence.
The next discharge is scheduled to occur in just a few moments.
We've aligned the holodeck to recreate the final events
as Cmdr Riker described them, only this time,
our facsimile will process the energy charge from the planet and reflect it
just as the original converter did before the explosion.
If we're correct, we'll know it instantly.
Auto-engage time sequence synchronized.
Then we have nothing further to say to each other.
I'll tell my captain to expect your grievance.
Do that.
Riker to Enterprise. I'm ready to leave. Now.
Stand by, Commander. Engaging transport.
Dr Apgar killed himself during his attempt to kill Cmdr Riker.
Based on this new evidence,
I withdraw my request for Cmdr Riker's extradition.
Commander... my apologies.
Number One, have we any further business in the Tanuga system?
Not that I know of. I'd gladly put it behind me.
Then perhaps you would get this ship under way.
With pleasure, sir. Ensign Crusher, set course for Emila II, warp three.
- Course laid in, sir. - Engage.

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